Bandits Bandera again recognized as "heroes"

Bandits Bandera again recognized as "heroes"

Regular “good news” came from independent Ukraine - the district administrative court of the city of Kiev recognized as lawful the decree of the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko recognizing the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as participants in the struggle for Ukraine’s independence and freedom. By this act, the Ukrainian court actually legitimized the so-called. Orange brown rematch.

The administration of Yanukovych has once again confirmed that it is not going to change the disastrous course of Westernization of Little Russia. And he does not want to part with even the most shameful phenomenon - the “glorification” of gangsters and murderers. By this, Yanukovych again betrayed his voters.

Natalya Vitrenko, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, was the plaintiff in this high-profile case; in 2010, she demanded that this decree be declared illegal. The gangsters and murderers, Hitler's accomplices, who participated in the massacres of Poles, Jews, Russians, were again legalized and can be “honored” at the state level, and not somewhere in the hangings and back streets of Galicia. According to the new mythology of the Second World War - the associates of Stepan Bandera, were so-called. "Third force", which "fought for the independence of the country." At the same time, their gangster “exploits” and terror are “forgotten”, and not only against “alien elements” - like Poles and Jews, but also against their fellow tribesmen. So during the so-called Volyn Massacre in 1943-1944, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army-OUN (b) in the territories of the Volyn-Podolia General District was destroyed, according to various estimates, from 50 to 80 thousand Poles, and approximately 20 thousand Ukrainians, the main blame for the death of which also lies on the organizations of Ukrainian nationalists. The facts of creation and subordination of the “Ukrainian” units, such as the Nachtigall, Roland battalions, the SS division “Galicia”, by the German command, their actions against the Red Army are forgotten. The fact that Berlin was never going to give Ukraine “independence” was forgotten, considering that its territory would be a “living space” for the German nation and did not hide this fact. That is, the leaders of the OUN-UPA consciously served the Germans, were their loyal dogs, and after the defeat of the Nazis began to look for other owners, including British and American intelligence.

To say that the Ukrainian court is independent and does not take into account the views of the presidential administration is not necessary. In addition, in the judicial and law enforcement system of Ukraine, the positions of supporters of the final “de-Sovietization” and “de-Russification” of Little Russia are quite strong.
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