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Islamists have published a video of the execution of an American journalist

The radicals of the Islamic State movement published a video about the decapitation of an American journalist James Foley, who went missing in Syria about two years ago, reports NEWSru with reference to the Western press.

Islamists have published a video of the execution of an American journalist

Laid out on social networks video terrorists entitled "Message to America." The representative of the US Security Council Caitlin Hayden said that the authenticity of the record is now checking intelligence.

“If this record is genuine, then we are outraged by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and express our deepest condolences to his family and friends”, - quotes Hayden's words "BBC News".

The President of the United States has been informed about the shocking video.

“The President received information from Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Assistant. He will continue to receive regular updates on this issue. ”- White House spokesman Eric Schultz said.

Journalist Foley disappeared on November 22 2012. Prior to that, he had covered events in the Middle East for five years, working for publications such as NBC News, GlobalPost and PBS NewsHour. Once in Libya, he was captured by the rebels, and stayed there for about a month.

“PBS NewsHour” on its website posted a text describing the execution of a journalist. At first, Fowley, under duress, read out an appeal to the United States, condemning pinpoint airstrikes on the positions of the IS militants in Iraq. These actions of the American military were called “the last nail hammered into the coffin lid” of the journalist. The video ends with a man with a closed face beheading Fowley.

The representative of the "Islamic State" warned that if the United States did not stop the air raids, another American journalist would be executed - Stephen Joel Soltoff. “His life depends on your next step, President Barack Obama”, - said the masked man in the video, holding the prisoner, who, according to him, is Soltoff. As noted by the Reuters edition, she said “mask” in good English with a British accent.

Stephen Soltoff disappeared in July 2013 in northern Syria. He wrote for Time magazine and Foreign Policy.

Recall the day before the Islamists promised to "drown America in blood" if the air strikes did not stop.


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  1. Gorinich
    Gorinich 20 August 2014 10: 17
    They simply did not pay for them? Two years in captivity to be executed later ...
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 20 August 2014 10: 35
      An attempt to spread panic in the US population.
      1. bulvas
        bulvas 20 August 2014 10: 39
        Quote: Giant thought
        An attempt to spread panic in the US population.

        It is time for the US population to think carefully about who has power:

        Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Committee, said today that President Obama "really should consider" the immediate return of his Nobel Peace Prize medal.

        Jagland, surrounded by four other Committee members, said that they had never asked for a peace prize to be returned before, "even from a damned war criminal like Kissinger," but "Guantanamo is still open."

        1. WKS
          WKS 20 August 2014 10: 46
          After all, this scum was nurtured in the same way as ukrfashistov on money allocated by the United States.
          1. Oleg14774
            Oleg14774 20 August 2014 11: 43
            Quote: wks
            After all, this scum was nurtured in the same way as ukrfashistov on money allocated by the United States.

            And therefore, they will do PR on this (about the corrupt puppet American government). They do not care about their people, but it seems that they do not care about anyone.
            Recently, Poroshenko, Obama, Camiron, etc., remind me of brainless, inhuman machines working under programmed settings.
      2. Coffee_time
        Coffee_time 20 August 2014 10: 40
        And what America generally wanted, with its behavior on the world stage, some wars of suffering and destruction, they (the Americans) will be caught in the Middle East, of course it is a pity for a journalist.
        1. TURKISH
          TURKISH 20 August 2014 12: 04
          Here are the full texes. Freelance photographer Fowley accuses the American authorities of dying of his death.

          “I urge my friends, family and loved ones to rebel against my real killers, the US government. All that will happen to me is the result of their narcissistic and criminal actions. My message to parents: keep your dignity and do not accept any compensation for my death from those people who hammered the last nail into my coffin, recently launched a military campaign in Iraq, ”he said.

          At the end of the statement, Foley regrets being an American.
          1. Uncle
            Uncle 20 August 2014 12: 46
            Quote: TURKISH
            against my real killers, the US government

            Did the US public reach his appeal? I think hardly ....
      3. armageddon
        armageddon 20 August 2014 10: 55
        Damn, the methods of Islamic radicals coincide with the methods of dealing with journalists with ukrovoyak !!! Opa full !!!
      4. Bastion ammur
        Bastion ammur 20 August 2014 14: 56
        Let me guess - urgently send troops, find and punish. Doesn't it remind you of anything?
    2. Svetlana
      Svetlana 20 August 2014 11: 09
      I also thought it was stupid. There is no video of the execution on the Internet, there is only the speech "before death". Where is the execution? And why wait 2 years? Perhaps it was the Americans who edited themselves and composed the necessary speech to the characters to justify their bombing. And the relatives immediately rushed to confirm the death of the guy so that no one had any doubts. In my opinion, this is another distribution of the Americans on the principle of found chemical weapons.
      1. Woolfy
        Woolfy 20 August 2014 11: 46
        There are shots of execution there. Only blurred. One grunt from the throat. Sorry for him of course. But the Americans themselves supported this war. Now let them slurp a full spoon! I’ve already spoken about this somehow. I asked how ISIS will respond to the bombing attacks on their positions? Now you can see how ..... After all, Al-Qaeda, in comparison with the cruelty of ISIS, is just a flower. But the majority of Americans supported this course. I do not remember which of the ancient thinkers said. Be afraid to be strong, for there will always be someone who wants to measure their strength with you! I think that this is not the last action. We will see how this drama develops.
        1. Walking
          Walking 20 August 2014 12: 13
          America itself is growing its enemies.
    3. Skif83
      Skif83 20 August 2014 17: 57
      Actually, nothing surprising. So far, Yuso.skaya propaganda and the media are only worthy of this. Don't fucking carry your "values" around the world.
  2. Passer
    Passer 20 August 2014 10: 18
    Strict censorship.
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 20 August 2014 10: 19
    The journalist is sorry, but his blood is entirely on the US government and the leadership of this country. By the way, they are outraged by their own atrocities against Saddam, you see, they weren’t ...
    1. matross
      matross 20 August 2014 10: 43
      Quote: Stiletto
      The journalist is sorry, but his blood is entirely on the US government

      We are sorry, we are Russians. And the US government is not. And this one was executed and the next one is executed according to the old American scheme. They need to once again scare and anger their American stupid bullshit (people), so as not to ask questions - why are we bombing Iraq? And then they are planning a new ground operation. So we will still see enough of "Islamist horrors" from Uncle Sam. "Good English with a British accent."
  4. Wels75
    Wels75 20 August 2014 10: 20
    Of course, sorry for the human reporters !!! Not p-manly this is a captive cut heads !!! Vile and cowardly.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 20 August 2014 10: 23
      Well, these are not really journalists. The first, so in the same Iraq, he fought quite well, serving against the ISI and other insurgents in the US Army.
      1. Scandinavian
        Scandinavian 20 August 2014 11: 07
        Actually, I think he once shot a bunch of Iraqis and even civilians. And then with experience I went to journalists. But paid.
        1. mole
          mole 20 August 2014 11: 39
          Most likely, being a retired military man, he worked undercover for the U.S. intelligence community. For which he paid !?
          1. Uncle
            Uncle 20 August 2014 12: 51
            Quote: Mole
            For which he paid !?

            He is a prisoner, do not forget about it. If he is a spy, then the Geneva Convention does not apply to him. If he is a civilian, then he should not be executed under any circumstances.
        2. TURKISH
          TURKISH 20 August 2014 11: 56
          I agree with you 100 percent.
          1. Ural guys
            Ural guys 20 August 2014 16: 13
            A good journalist with a gun. And this while our Russian journalists are running across rough terrain to the sound of shots from "Akatsii" with a camera.
            Maybe we should also send a couple of these "journalists" to San Luis?
  5. svp67
    svp67 20 August 2014 10: 21
    Islamists have published a video of the execution of an American journalist
    Sorry for the guy ... and in this world the question becomes sharper, WHERE and WHAT with OUR JOURNALIST ANDREI STENIN?
    1. starhina01
      starhina01 20 August 2014 15: 30
      against the backdrop of this incident, our Foreign Ministry needs to join efforts on the rights of journalists, make a fuss about this incident, recall that our journalists in the south-east of Ukraine are in the same situation, condemn these crimes, etc.
  6. Sirocco
    Sirocco 20 August 2014 10: 26
    “If this record is genuine, we are indignant at the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and express our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones,” BBC News quoted Hayden as saying.
    Something I don’t hear indignation from the United States, about the deaths of residents of Donbass, silence and about Boeing, about A. Stenin are not so outraged. Again double standards.
  7. uhu189
    uhu189 20 August 2014 10: 27
    Another thing is surprising - a man stuck in captivity, the devil knows how many, but for some reason the vaunted US special forces did not attempt to free an American citizen from captivity for such a long time. Apparently the United States has ceased to bother with such trifles, their affairs are more important ...
    1. Ayujak
      Ayujak 20 August 2014 10: 37
      Maybe they tried. Only failed apparently. They don’t write about it. There is such a mess of terrorists. All against everyone. Or maybe they’re just afraid to stick up.
      1. mole
        mole 20 August 2014 11: 41
        He is not Private Rain. This is not a movie where everything according to the script with special effects develops and finishes perfectly.
  8. lexx2038
    lexx2038 20 August 2014 10: 27
    Somehow, he pushes his speech very vigorously before his death, or a dicked one, or a peasant really has steel eggs.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 20 August 2014 10: 28
      Good day to all hi
      Video in the subject.
      1. Svetlana
        Svetlana 20 August 2014 11: 13
        Where is the severed head? What the pro-American militants did in Libya - did not hesitate to place on YouTube, but here - somehow they too regretted the faint of heart. I do not believe!
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 20 August 2014 11: 23
          ISIS fake does not remove. They just censored the channels already and did not allow showing. The initial version is removed from everywhere by the way, even from Livetvik, where quite a shock to the content lies for years.

          Here is your head from the ISIS tweeter.
  9. skeptic2999
    skeptic2999 20 August 2014 10: 28
    Quote: Veles75
    Of course, sorry for the human reporters !!! Not p-manly this is a captive cut heads !!! Vile and cowardly.

    I'm sorry for the guy. Life is life. Interestingly, the State Department expressed condolences over the death of Russian journalists in the so-called zone. ATO? Or concern about the fate of Andrei Stenin? Colleagues from America spoke about Andrei. Life is life. But I do not believe in the concern of the US authorities about the fate of journalists. For them, they are all pawns in the game, a bargaining chip.
  10. Veteran of the Red Army
    Veteran of the Red Army 20 August 2014 10: 29
    “If this record is genuine, then we are indignant at the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and express our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones, ”Hayden quotes "BBC News."

    I sympathize and express my condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.
    And what were the Russian journalists in Ukraine guilty of being tortured with your blessing?
  11. Belopolyak
    Belopolyak 20 August 2014 10: 36
    I seem to be a kind person, but I felt schadenfreude from this news .... their journalists would have remembered better about the terrible massacres of entire settlements ... but no, the same "peaceful" and "correct" militias are fighting the "bloody regime" of Assad ..... take a bite, or else there will be.
    1. Severomor
      Severomor 20 August 2014 10: 48
      I, too, am not outraged somehow. Chel is a former military pro, an American correspondent. Surely he submitted the "most objective" reports. Where are the pros American journalists in the Southeast? How many people died America knows? All FSUs. And he probably knew how his work could end.
  12. sem-yak
    sem-yak 20 August 2014 10: 38
    “The president received information from his deputy national security assistant, Ben Rhodes. He will continue to receive regular updates on this matter, ”said Eric Schulz, representative of the White House,” said Eric Schulz, representative of the White House.

    He will continue to receive regular updates on this occasion!?

    that is, the United States is planning more than one-time killings of this kind?

    But this provocation of the United States is not a reason to untie your hands!
    I remembered something on September 11th!
  13. Wiruz
    Wiruz 20 August 2014 10: 40
    Maybe this all would not have happened if the West, at one time, had not gone to the Crusades to the East.
  14. sogdianec
    sogdianec 20 August 2014 10: 40
    Sory, I wanted a plus.
  15. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 20 August 2014 10: 43
    Animals, only euthanize them. It would be better for us instead of sanctions because of some kind of Ukraine to better unite with Europe and the States in the fight against such fanatics.
  16. Wiruz
    Wiruz 20 August 2014 10: 44
    It’s a pity for a human journalist, but damn, why did the US remain silent when they killed Christians in whole villages in Kosovo?
    1. fairmen
      fairmen 20 August 2014 11: 05
      Because they are Jehovah's Witnesses back in the days of Neuron, the Jehovahs executed executions to Christians
  17. va3610
    va3610 20 August 2014 10: 49
    Can we do that too?
    1. lexx2038
      lexx2038 20 August 2014 10: 55
      Quote: va3610
      Can we do that too?

      And whom shall we kill? Have thoughts?
  18. sever.56
    sever.56 20 August 2014 10: 53
    The Americans themselves raised such a monster. May now reap the benefits. Soon, in the states themselves, it will begin that the twin towers seem like a children's toy.
  19. Magad
    Magad 20 August 2014 11: 00
    "He gave his life, trying to show the world the suffering of the Syrian people"- said in a message to the mother of Fowley Diana, posted on the group" Find James Foley. "She said she was proud of her son.

    Here are the former defenders of the Syrian people from ISIS and killed him.
  20. Tigrus
    Tigrus 20 August 2014 11: 01
    They would do fights with knives, and so cowardice of fighters to shoot and decapitate, to fight in a battle, not prisoners to be executed, well, if the Americans didn’t buy the guy what can I say .... SHAME!
  21. k1995
    k1995 20 August 2014 11: 07
    America has enough enemies, namely enemies, but Russia is not an enemy to it, it is necessary for the residents of the states to think where the authorities are leading them, it is necessary not to produce orange revolutions around the world, but to fight enemies. Then peaceful people will not perish. Condolences to the relatives of journalists.
    1. Bekas
      Bekas 20 August 2014 11: 52
      Guys, this is stupid money, just money. Very, very large. And the search for an external enemy and the Orange Revolution - these are just business projects in which the life of anyone, the children of Syria, Palestine, Donbass - is NOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  22. MrsNastya
    MrsNastya 20 August 2014 11: 10
    not long left the world to exist in the form in which it now exists ...
  23. trophy
    trophy 20 August 2014 11: 10
    What goes around comes around.
  24. Freeway_3007
    Freeway_3007 20 August 2014 11: 11
    islamic nonhumans
  25. julfyjd
    julfyjd 20 August 2014 11: 13
    America will pay for everything
  26. new lod
    new lod 20 August 2014 11: 19
    I don’t understand the journalist for what ??? I think it's mean and low. It’s another thing to shoot down a plane and camera them off with threats, and so is a sign of weakness and savagery ....
  27. Gardamir
    Gardamir 20 August 2014 11: 26
    On the one hand, I feel sorry for the journalist. But now at 11.00 the News begins with the words "The whole world is grieving ...". And I want to curse why the whole world does not grieve for the murdered children of Donbass?
  28. Artybyrd
    Artybyrd 20 August 2014 11: 31
    for some reason I remembered Wang with his last black US president
    but in general, if we disengage, the analogy with Satan in the person of the black president does not leave me for a long time) It is clear that the true minions of the prince of this world are sitting in the shadow of a barracks, but he is just like their symbolic personification Yes
  29. donavi49
    donavi49 20 August 2014 11: 33
    In general, there things are still stably bad. A couple of point strikes on American howitzers, a couple of missions to support the attack on the dam, will not do.

    Here are the Kurds chopped:

    And who managed to escape, they caught up:

    Fresh trophy, the latest APC M1117 made in the USA:

    Well, new orders:

    Mosques of the wrong system, it’s good that Samarra, together with Iran, defended, otherwise Shiite world shrines would have been in their place, and this would have led to unpredictable consequences:

  30. denosaur
    denosaur 20 August 2014 11: 43
    In any case, this is to blame for the GDP .... it is strange that Psaki is still silent
  31. r4geee
    r4geee 20 August 2014 11: 45
    Somehow he’s not very like 2 years in prison
  32. Bekas
    Bekas 20 August 2014 11: 49
    "If this entry is genuine, then we are outraged at the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and express our deepest condolences to his family and friends," said US Security Council spokesman Caitlin Hayden. Look, they are outraged. And when watching a video where the legitimate President of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, was beaten by a crowd, and then mocked at the corpse, what was Hillary Clinton doing? She whinnied with joy, almost pissed herself. Scum !!! Not all Americans, no, but the entire US state apparatus for sure.
  33. rul
    rul 20 August 2014 11: 52
    The main thing is to sow panic in the minds of Americans. Their population, unlike ours, is not homogeneous, for the most part, strongly torn apart by contradictions and the basis is made up of emigrants of different periods, different nationalities and ways of life. There is a formed stratum of pseudo-Americans who consider themselves indigenous and therefore more respected and correct. But the point is that only the Indian tribes and their descendants who existed here before the arrival of the "tourists", the rogue marauders, can consider themselves more respected and correct in this land. One has only to remind the "tourists" who proclaimed themselves Americans, who-is-who, and to raise the self-esteem of the indigenous population, as one zip will remain of the modern American society. The difficulty lies in the fact that less than 1% of the indigenous population remains and this figure is deliberately kept artificially. WHAT IS ATTRIBUTED TO THE USSR AND PERSONALLY TO STALIN: THE GREAT Oppression and Resettlement of Whole Peoples, Repression, Rule and Destruction in the State, With the Winning Democracy, the United States Succesfully Succeeds. IT'S TIME TO END THIS RUNNING AND RESTORE JUSTICE. HOW IT HAPPENED IN BOLIVIA, VENEZUELA, NICARAGUA AND EVEN IN SOUTH AFRICA, where the indigenous people of the countries came to power after many years of atrocities by the state business mafia.
  34. sem-yak
    sem-yak 20 August 2014 12: 02
    how did you switch the problem on time!

    Is it to tear the public from Fergison?
    and to prove the necessity of "peaceful" bombing strikes?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 20 August 2014 12: 18
      What's in Ferguson? So far, it is not even 1/3 of the Los Angeles riot, but then quite quickly and "democratic" they crushed everything, shooting especially violent and closing 12k protesters in prisons in different states.

      There is still no close scope. And Ferguson is not Los Angeles in meaning and sensitivity. They will ask precisely, the question is only very tough or not very tough.
  35. Wolka
    Wolka 20 August 2014 12: 24
    Islamists are doing everything to incite the Yankees to invade, apparently they learned to fight
  36. dzau
    dzau 20 August 2014 12: 25
    This is for Chechnya.
  37. Tor hummer
    Tor hummer 20 August 2014 12: 40
    the most peaceful religion in all its glory - the time will come and a world court will be held over this misanthropic religion, as over Hitler's National Socialism.
  38. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 20 August 2014 12: 49
    The new Taliban in general ...
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 20 August 2014 14: 01
      Take a look at the jumpsuit (the ones worn by the prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison) of Nick Berg, who was executed in the same way in 2004 in Iraq. Organization "Muntada al-Ansar", now part of the ISIS campaign. Let the Americans investigate and think what has changed over these 10 years? Have you won?
  39. q_556
    q_556 20 August 2014 12: 52
    Peace be upon him.
    Of course, the Americans are to blame for the fact that they untied the hands of the Islamists, but this does not justify violence against civilians, including journalists. Now our journalist, Andrei Stenin, is held captive by the SBU, and may God help him so that he does not share the fate of James.

    Comrades, do not gloat, remain human.
  40. Tima
    Tima 20 August 2014 14: 26
    You have to pay for everything, even for the good (Iraqi bombing)
  41. RF-23
    RF-23 20 August 2014 14: 30
    The chaos created by the USA in the Middle East became uncontrollable.
  42. special
    special 20 August 2014 14: 52
    Sounds like a production video ... Where is the full recording? what
  43. Vorlon
    Vorlon 20 August 2014 16: 49
    I have not watched this video. But I remember how the video showed how the militants cut off the head of Our soldier almost live on some central channel (I don’t remember). The end of 98-99. So here. They showed without any squares and dives. After this video (if I have to) I will not surrender to anyone! Not Bandera is not ISIS. The last grenade for yourself and your closest enemy.
  44. Lock
    Lock 20 August 2014 22: 18
    Another provocation of mattress covers, justifying the introduction of mattress troops. How - Americans have spread.