General's rebellion?

The ministry of defense is facing serious personnel problems.
Several influential generals decided to end their careers in the department by writing resignations to the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant Serdyukov, and also to the manager of the furniture store.

Among them were seen:
head of operational management (GOU) - General Tretiak,
Chief of General Staff- Deputy. The Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces (SV) - Lieutenant-General Skokov, Major-General Ivanov-Head of the Electronic Warfare Directorate (EW), as well as several other high-ranking military personnel.

Interestingly, the most capable generals, about fifty years old, decided to end their career. All of them have combat and staff experience, and recently were listed in the reserve of the General Staff. In the absence of a sufficient number of well-trained military men in the country, they could have been in the service for at least ten more years.

What is the reason for such a sharp step?

The reasons for their dismissal are ignored by the generals.
However, an interesting pattern is traced; all the positions that the generals leave are considered the most crucial in the ministry.
For example, the State Educational Institution is considered to be the brain center of the army, and the General Staff of the High Command fully conducts and organizes training of the armed forces.
It is Skokov who is responsible for the introduction of a network-centric model of hostilities in the army, in which the “Unified system of command and control in the tactical link” is used. It is very strange, but the implementation of this system is an interesting and useful work for the country. However, Skokov also decided to resign ...

Prior to this, the main culprit in the complete collapse of the Russian armed forces, everyone believed Lieutenant Serdyukov. True, there was a rumor in the armed forces that the generals who decided to end their career in the ministry did not agree with the methods of command and reform of the army, which General Makarov, who is the chief of the general staff, uses. During the entire time that General Makarov taxis the General Staff, the Russian army is in an incomprehensible state of constant experiment. The main military combat regulations and prescriptions are under development for three years, all because the General Staff cannot determine these three years and approve their final version. Also, until now, the General Staff did not approve decisions on the structure of the types, as well as the types of troops and the places of their deployment. That "Magnificent" combat readiness of the army, about which the media constantly repeat, as well as the Chief of the General Staff personally, is pure Kremlin propaganda and empty words that they constantly want to impress upon the inhabitants of the country.

Having decided to clearly follow the path laid by the “advanced” president of Russia, the chief of the General Staff outlined to seriously automate all management processes. With perseverance, General Makarov lobbies to automate the interaction of officials, as well as command and control bodies. At the same time, it will not come to him that these systems were created as a result of the end of the Second World War. In all these senseless dances with Makarov's tambourine, enormous managerial and financial resources are used, which already reduce the state's leaky budget. Apparently one of the reasons why General Skokov and a number of his colleagues decided the question so radically, this was precisely what happened.

The resignation of the generals, of course, will not remain without consequences in the future, since it is hardly possible to find an equivalent replacement for the generals. The entire procedure of dismissing the military will be carried out by presidential decree. However, the amateur of I-Phonov and Twitterov is apparently not able to adequately assess the essence of what is happening, for him the personnel security of the state will remain as nano-significant as everything else in Russia ...

"General's revolt" was fake

Noisy sensational news spread around the country: “because of disagreement with the methods of military reform by the Chief of the General Staff, Army Generals Nikolai Makarov” three defense ministries immediately put reports on the Defense Minister’s table: Chief of the Operational Directorate - Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant-General Andrei Tretyak , Chief of the General Staff - First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Lieutenant General Sergei Skokov and Head of the Radio-Electronic Struggle Department of the General Staff Major General Oleg Ivanov.

And to add pepper to news, this general's demarche was immediately attached to a gloomy label of "rebellion".

Our military observer Viktor Baranets spent four hours tormenting his informers in the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, trying to get to the bottom of what had happened (the figures themselves are scandalous stories by phone were unavailable).

But let's start with official explanations. Here is what the press service and information department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports:

“The Russian Defense Ministry is surprised by reports of a number of media about allegedly“ scandalous dismissals ”of several high-ranking military leaders and refute this kind of information as false. The three generals mentioned in the materials at different times (from April to June of this year) addressed with reports to their immediate superiors with a request to consider the issue of their dismissal from military service for health reasons. Final decisions on their dismissal will be made based on the results of the military-medical commission. We also draw the media’s attention to the fact that at present the planned certification of commanders is taking place in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Based on the decision of the Central Certifying Commission of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, a number of military officials, including senior officers who have served in the Moscow region for more than 5 years, are planned to be transferred to relevant military posts in military districts. ”

This, I repeat, is the official version of events. As for the unofficial one, my sources in the Defense Ministry and the General Staff do not deny that the relationship with Makarov in the whole trio of generals who requested to retire was “not easy”.

But all problems were solved "behind closed doors", without a mat and throwing reports on the table.

But when Makarov began to offer not only generals, but also colonels "to leave Moscow and go to the air to the troops," then serious sores and a desire to put a tunic on a retirement nail began to be revealed to the officers.

One of my sources says:

- I am well aware of this situation from the inside and I am confident that the early dismissal of high-ranking military personnel is primarily connected with the disagreement on changing the place of service within the framework of the planned rotation. And not with dissatisfaction with the ongoing reforms. Of those who filed a report on early dismissal from the army, almost one in three did so after he was asked to change his position in the metropolitan region to equivalent positions in military districts.

Such dismissals are, as a rule, painful and often subsequently presented as a “special position” in relation to the reforms carried out in the army.

Here you have the whole "rebellion" ... But you can not, of course, exclude other reasons for the group demarche of the generals. "KP" will continue to investigate this "exotic" events ...

It is important to know the opinion of the defendants themselves. Although there is no certainty that they will be frank. Although who knows ...

For now it is necessary to "collect" versions and legends. One of them says: the Chief of the General Staff came to the Minister of Defense and presented a plan of reform measures. With deadlines. The terms seemed to the Minister to be very long and therefore he reshaped them and “squeezed”.

And when the NGSH at the meeting announced the deadlines and the scope of the tasks to the generals, approved by the minister, some military leaders opposed and began to grumble

"Unreal!". - Oh, unreal? - said NGSh, - then it will be made by those for whom it is real! And you - "ventilate" by rotation. But from that day everything, they say, began ... And the rumor spreads a rumor that the NPP without enthusiasm met the reports of the troika and asked Yegorych - "Didn't you get excited?" ...

Just another one of my sources reported the answer of General Tretiak to the question about his participation in the "riot".

I quote words close to the text:

- My decision to dismiss is in no way connected with the issues of reforming the Armed Forces, much less with some “disagreements - disagreements” with the NGSH. All this is absolutely not true. I am surprised where the author’s material could take this information much like gossip ...

Victor Baranets,
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  1. Gosta
    Gosta 13 July 2011 08: 56 New
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    Well, in principle, the situation is familiar, when renaming the police to the police, many young employees left the department where I worked, they didn’t see bribes, but all who just had to be fired should remain ....
  2. Siberian
    Siberian 13 July 2011 09: 27 New
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    Rotation is, of course, good. Honestly, I don’t know how many years General Skokov has been in the position, but if a person has been appointed responsible for the implementation of this management system, then to which x * r to rotate him? Moreover, the troops and military schools did not even hear about her. And the generals won’t bother the correspondents. At least until they quit.
  3. figwam 13 July 2011 12: 31 New
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    The mess goes on.
  4. Smirnov Vadim 13 July 2011 13: 15 New
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    Who from this page sends error messages, write to me: [email protected]
  5. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 13 July 2011 13: 35 New
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    It is necessary to serve where the Motherland sends, so to speak .... Show your military talent and ingenuity on the Russian-Chinese, or some other border, or district. It’s hard .... One place was so torn so that I could get to Moscow ..... Talking, not bags to grieve ...... It's hard ... it's hard ...
  6. datur 13 July 2011 15: 58 New
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    fussing spiders in the bank.
  7. Ivan35
    Ivan35 13 July 2011 22: 23 New
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    but I heard that Serdyuk was set to be watched so that money would not be stolen - he was simply a confidant of Putin to cut down and look after the big grandmothers who now decided to swell into the defense. Truth?
    1. Marat
      Marat 13 July 2011 23: 43 New
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      Yes, I also heard or read such a version. It would be nice if so!