Moldavia Secrets of 7 April

Moldavia Secrets of 7 April

I. Moldova

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century is nothing more than a testing ground of various psychotechnologies with political overtones.

Reliably, however, that the events of April 7 put the Moldovan society before the very dilemma of the existence of the state. We specify not 7 of April, but the post of 7 of April. “Children's Orange Revolution” April 7 is not as dangerous as trying to convince society. Mental processes in the masses of people post 7 April are dangerous. The mental processes of Moldova’s political class post 7 of April are dangerous.

The “speed” with which the Alliance and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is looking for “scapegoats” rather speaks of the desire to hide the truth in the veil of verbiage, in the hope that society will accept the half-truth-half-way. The issue of civil confrontation is not removed from the agenda, and therefore there is a danger that society will be drawn into a new round of tensions.

At the junction of truth and lies, there is the border that is followed by social collapse. The public consciousness has already clarified that it is impossible to live according to the old, but it is impossible to live according to the “new”. “Kyrgyz Syndrome” is a reality that Moldavia approaches. There is no doubt that it will accept the postulates of those political forces who are really ready to take society out of the crisis, having in their arsenal, including the truth about April 7.

Understanding the delicacy of the topic, the authors will not interfere with either one or the other competing in “red-raffling”, especially as the required psychological effect is not observed.

This publication presents a new independent look at the 2009 events.

7 April 2009 will determine the further alignment of political forces in Moldova, the unstable geopolitical and military situation in the region of the flesh to 2014 year.

Ii. Moldova's political class

The period of 2000-2011 g. Is essentially, fanariotes, who are in the service of SUPER-POWER. Undoubtedly, a great geo-political game is played by Moldovan pocket politicians, who with varying success drag the rope. A common feature of Moldova’s political class is extreme greed, arrogance and ingenuity, a kind of Ostap Bender made in Moldova who know 400 of legal methods of deceiving the electorate. One thing is certain, that having alternately milked their sponsors, and therefore not having fulfilled their obligations to customers, they leave the political arena. It is surprising, however, that both parties continue to maintain loyalty to each other, and the customer, in turn, retains influence on Moldovan internal policy, by petty blackmail of ex-politicians. You can talk about the so-called "legal agents" or "agents of influence", most of which are the country's political elite, with minor exceptions. In a normal state, such relations are called betrayal of state interests and are usually criminalized. Here we come to the main postulate that determines the independence and sovereignty of the state - the existence of the Concept of State Interests, which in Moldova, of course, is absent. And the fact that it is issued for it-essentially lobbies the interests of other countries.

Preparations for the fall of the communist government began in 2005, not without the participation of ex-politicians. In this context, it is necessary to note the mistake that the Communists themselves committed, by allowing the US military intelligence, to be accommodated in one of the wings of the General Staff Building of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, putting the power ministry under the technical and information control of a foreign state. The US military intelligence was not particularly bothered; they received information from the first hands of the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Service, through the Department of External Relations of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova. All of this, of course, happened in front of the military counterintelligence department of the NIB. The result for 10 years of any US military intelligence was not disclosed for the simple reason that they are legalized de facto. In fact, not only the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, but also the entire political leadership of the country fell under the doctrine of the United States, which was the ultimate goal of the offensive military doctrine of the White House. One of the postulates of this doctrine is the world order without the Communists. It is precisely the US offensive strategies that lie at the root of the fall of the communist rule in Moldova. It was the United States that, using information and its diplomatic capabilities in Moldova, skillfully influenced Moldovan pocket politicians, hiding behind the mask of Bucharest, summed up and prepared the political class of Moldova for the April 7 events. It should be noted that the secret scenarios of the White House, allow the manifestation of riots in Moldova, against the backdrop of a chronic electoral crisis. This scenario provides that in the event of electoral riots, the puppet government of false-democrats will turn to the world community (and NATO) for help to restore order in the country. Thus, having concluded a logical chain of US geo-political claims. Which will essentially advance the US and NATO further east.

For this purpose, all prerequisites have been created in Moldova:
- puppet government of the Alliance,
- strong opposition in the face of the CPRM,
- economic and political crisis,

- social tension and unresolved, chronic hidden aggression post April 7,
- a corrupt political class.
- power structures of Moldova demoralized and deprived of an internal core.
- crisis of the concept of patriotism in Moldova.

It is against the background of mass social unrest in right-bank Moldova that the Transnistrian issue can be solved in one fell swoop. It is here that one can manipulate the “new right of the Alliance” and the “red left of Voronin”. But it is not a secret that their NEOs appeared in Gagauzia with a national touch.
Examples of the US offensive doctrine in the world are plural, Yugoslavia, Iraq and others, where expansionist goals were pursued under the pretext of defending democratic values ​​and establishing a world order. This is the outer side of the coin.

The other side of the medal is the skilful manipulation and use inside the country, of the old Soviet party part, who, after retirement, have retained enough compromising information on current politicians. Exactly at the junction of ex- politicians and ex-elites of special services, one must look for the roots of the political and financial redistribution in Moldova, which ended with the events of April 7 2009. The so-called 7 revolution of April was prepared and carried out with skill (with financial support from the Soros, McCain funds and various false Western-style institutions) whose ultimate goal is not only the internal financial redistribution, but also the geopolitical transformation of southeastern Europe. For this, the scenario and the mechanism of the democratic color revolution, worked out in many countries, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc., are most suitable.

The question was whether Voronin and his close associates knew about it. No doubt he knew, but he decided to beat a more subtle version, to discredit the so-called "democrats" before the country and the world community. Without a doubt, we can say that the April 7 revolution was directed and controlled by V. Voronin from beginning to end. Even the appearance of Moldavian skinheads "Noua Dryapte" is not accidental. But they appeared in 2 before 7 in April of 2009, when the entire world community believed in the inviolability of the communist regime. Undoubtedly, Nouya Dryapte ,, - the shock force of 7 of April was led by the leaders of the Alliance, but nevertheless was under the control of special services V. Voronin. An investigation into the events of 7 on April was entrusted to 2 by the agents of the opposing groups, Vladimir Turcan and Vitaly Nagachevsky. What they faced, shocked them. Awareness of the depth and mutual interweaving of events and actions of the authorities and the opposition led them to realize the scale of the crime and the looming collapse of the political class of Moldova, and the country as a whole. To tell the truth about April 7 means to completely expose the political field of Moldova. And the Alliance is much simpler. It accumulated the forces of the right-wing radicals during 2 years, precisely for actions at the time of X. Voroninsky specials. the services kept the radicals under control. As a matter of fact, on April 7 not only political parties and their leaders met in front of the parliament, but also the 3 power wings dressed in civilian dress- right-wing radicals V. Filat, special. detachments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and few numerical special groups of the NIB. The goal is to entice the right-wing radicals to violent acts, to the point where they become independent authors of the pogroms. This was done. Later Voronin intended to accuse the Alliance of pogroms, but such a delicately conceived operation was not developed to the very end. As a result, the society received a pogrom worth tens of millions of lei — essentially accomplished by the hands of the Alliance and scenario control by Voronin. We must pay tribute to the fact that, being people of honor, both V.Turkanu and V.Nagachevsky are aware of this, that is why their resignation from the investigation took place. Such a large load of truth is easier to keep silent than to risk your own life. There is no doubt that both political characters are decent people, against the authors of these investigations.

The demarche of Moldovan and Romanian neo-fascists on the National Assembly Square 31.08.2010 is a demonstration of the intention of the right-wing forces to continue to use force actions and destabilize the political situation in Moldova. Both V. Voronin and the Alliance had to pretend that they were going to have “sharp investigations”, because the world community was thrown into shock by the wild behavior of peace-loving Moldovans. The shock occurred not on April 7, but after it. V. Voronin did not expect the world community to defend the hysterical Alliance, which realized the collapse of its political line. In fact, neither the Alliance nor Voronin realized the general collapse due to the perversity of V. Voronin’s thinking, multiplied by the perversity of the thinking of the leaders of the Alliance. In fact, this clan redistribution has nothing to do with the values ​​of democracy and the slogans of April 7. Each defended the future of their capital, under the guise of democratic slogans.

And what is the role of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the NIB and the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. There is no doubt that those and others, even in the face of a change in the country's leadership, have sufficient information about the events of April 7. But the crux of the matter is that the officers of these structures that carry out orders, then on the one hand, on the other hand, will be forced to initiate criminal cases against each other, sometimes against a neighbor in the office, as well as the political elite who ordered these investigations. And this is the collapse of the entire law enforcement system and the political elite of Moldova. An interesting fact is that the so-called elite, caring for its integrity, in reality does not think about the welfare of the people and democratic reforms. Therefore, it was decided to make a scapegoat in this stories MIA, as the most corrupt law enforcement system in Moldova.

In terms of the current political elite, the truth about 7 April ordered to live long. Everything is much simpler, beyond the financial redistribution of ,, Moldovan thieves in law ,,, there is a great geo-political game.

And the SIB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the GP are partners and a successful mechanism for covering the genius and the biggest fraud of the 21 century in Moldova, which will cost the ordinary voter eventually more 1, 5 billion euros.

Iii. Immediate prospects

The new political scam called REFERENDUM in case of its success or failure, in fact, will not change the welfare of the ordinary voter. It should be borne in mind that the next 4 year will be a transitional period, without apparent success, both rights and left forces.

The current presidential candidates do not carry to the voter a trustful and truthful installation, neither right-bank nor left-bank Moldova. There is practically no one to elect. The political field of Moldova is privatized. The newly elected President will essentially be busy settling accounts and relations between the “old” and “new” oligarchs. Mezhdu oligarchs and the political elite, against the backdrop of pressure from the IMF and other transnational actors. The state of permanent elections at this stage is the most profitable investment and the laundering of capital. The merger of the political elite and oligarchic capital is an axiom of modern Moldova. And most importantly in the next 4 of the year, the oligarchs will determine the political atmosphere in Moldova. Oligarchy is inherently stateless. For them, Motherland and Patriotism is a financial unit. If in this area you can download money, this is the birthplace. Pumped out — changed the place- changed the homeland — you swing further. But they are ready to invest large finances to support false patriotism in the minds of voters. Maintaining a permanent hope for a bright future is this food that you need to constantly nourish the people and voters. It is this tale about euro integration that the AEI chose.

A voter for them is a means of investing and accumulating capital. And as an electoral one, how is needed an ephemeral Motherland, national heroes, historical sagas, legends, ballads, promises of euro integration and the euro of Moldova’s future. It’s not for nothing that the biggest oligarchs on the planet are, in fact, citizens of the world ,,. For them, the next investment in a particular country is not a concern for ordinary people; it is a concern for the finances invested, which are multiplied every day. It is this model of relations with the world and the country that our Moldovan Oligarchs adopted. He invested in a certain politician, led him to Vlasti, then swing finance and tell tales to the duped people about Stephen the Great and Mioritsa. Fools love fairy tales. And they also love when they are praised ... they say what they are patient, hardworking and hospitable ... That is why the sons of the party and specials did not participate in the military conflict of 1992. elite, they have a different understanding of the motherland. That is why, during the economic and political crisis of 1992, against the background of mass unemployment, without any difficulty, using false patriotic slogans, it became possible to press the broad masses of the people under the gun and direct them to a fratricidal conflict, which in essence was a regional financial redistribution. Initially having programmed their consciousness to a military failure, from which Moldova will not be able to recover even 50 years. Socio-psychological attitudes are erased from public consciousness slowly.

In this situation, Moldova in the coming years may be in the position of Colombia. In a country where 2 coexist alongside parallel structures, the state and the drug mafia. Which sometimes fight, smash, blow up.

It is evident in modern Moldavia mimicry from red to green shade of neo-fascism.
As a result, I would like to note that in fact the secret of APRIL 7 does not exist.

There is a scenario crime committed by the hands of Moldovan politicians and security officials and there is a duped people.

The new Moldovan President who does not realize this will be in the position of V. Voronin 2009. And there will always be the forces and means to remove the arrogant, popularly elected, who will not observe the conditions of the oligarchic capital and the clan system of the “chosen” geopolitical master of the situation,
The public consciousness is increasingly leaning towards finding a new political force that will bring new social attitudes. It’s impossible to live with the Communists, but it’s impossible to live by the laws of the Alliance. Some political tourists, having sensed changes in the vector of thinking, are already trying to present themselves as the 3 political power, in the hope that they will be able to deceive the trustful Moldovan electorate again.
You can't hide behind the finger and the king is naked.
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