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In the heat of the army will wear shorts and Panamas of different colors

In the heat of the army will wear shorts and Panamas of different colorsIn the military, they developed a new uniform for wearing at high temperatures: the soldiers would look like boy scouts.

As Life News was told in the Ministry of Defense, the set includes 5 items - special berets "with holes", T-shirt, Panama, shorts and a baseball cap.

According to the order of the commander of the unit, they will dress in this form if he decides that it is too hot on a street for a typical summer uniform, the military said.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the lowest air temperature for this form is 20 degrees Celsius, but the uniform will be changed for 30 and higher servicemen.

Last year there were several accidents, when the soldiers fainted from the heat, and this pushed the military to develop a lightweight form.

At the moment, the first sets have already entered military units, which are located in the southern regions of Russia and other countries where our armed forces are located - in the Astrakhan region, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Chad.

Uniforms for these countries sand color. But for other regions, the colors may be different - dark green, camouflage, black and any other, depending on the wishes of the command.

Recall that all recruits during the autumn draft were provided with new uniforms. And during 2011, it is planned to change all soldiers and sergeants of military service into military uniform, the military department said.

Nearly a quarter of a million citizens called up for military service in the fall and winter of the 2010 of the year received uniforms at the assembly points and in military units. The same will happen in the following appeals. Thus, by the end of 2011, it is planned to provide all conscripts with a new military uniform.

It will take more time to completely change the military wardrobe of the officer corps. “Today, mainly graduates of higher educational institutions receive a new officer uniform. The rest of the officers are given new-form kits gradually as the old uniforms wear out, ”said the source.

New military uniforms began to be created since May 2007. Leading Russian designers took part in its development: Valentin Yudashkin, Igor Chapurin. They were assisted by specialists from the Central Scientific Research Institute of the Clothing Industry, the Central Research Institute of Leather and Footwear, as well as the Central Apparel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

A source in the Ministry of Defense also said that “military clothing was taken as the basis forhistorical colors of outerwear, colored pockets of caps and field shoulder straps, but taking into account modern design solutions of fashion designers. ” According to him, the main differences between the old and the new form of clothing are in the details. So, shirts and tunics will no longer have patch pockets. The caps will not look bulky, as the tulles are made two centimeters lower. And from the hats removed double-headed eagles. Now, as before, the armed forces of the Armed Forces again began to differ in the color of decorative elements - caps of caps, edgings, gaps on shoulder straps, stripes.

It was noted that the new clothing for the military is not as expensive as some suggest. “Contrary to the rumors about the unimaginable cost of army upgrades, military-clothing prices seem to be fairly balanced. For example, the cost of the average annual wear of clothing and equipment is for generals - 53,17 thousands of rubles, for colonels - 18,6 thousands of rubles, for other officers - 13,13 thousands of rubles, ”a source said. It is also known that the uniform for soldiers and sergeants under the contract costs 11,16 thousands of rubles, and the cost of a complete set for conscripts is 17,14 thousands of rubles.

The scandal that flared up not long ago in connection with the complaints of the soldiers' mothers (the recruits allegedly had caught a cold and became ill in Yudashkin’s form), the source did not mention.
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  1. Gosta
    Gosta 9 July 2011 10: 42 New
    At least something, I would only change clothes after 26-27 ... but in general it would be possible to make a uniform out of normal material, and not out of a bag wink
  2. MaxArt
    MaxArt 9 July 2011 23: 02 New
    "They began to create a new military uniform in May 2007." It really amuses me, to be honest! So now - we started to develop a baseball cap. Sounds so beautiful! Personally, I served in the field of cotton in any heat, and I will not say that it was difficult. He rolled up his sleeves at worst, unfastened and, in principle, you can live. Another thing is that the form must be made of good materials and quality.

    And in all conscience - what for shorts and baseball caps. This draws maximum for a quiet, quiet summer time, watering the cabbage. They are not going to, I hope, in serious conditions, men in shorts dress up. Crawl in such nettles and weeds, have fun.
  3. Mapk
    Mapk 10 July 2011 13: 38 New
    And the following sentence amused me: "Peaked caps will not look bulky, since they made two centimeters lower." Officers arriving from Moscow and other large cities, where there are normal military ateliers, bring such caps-airfields ... !!! What are there "2 centimeters lower"? Whom to make fun of? I would like to look at least at one general who put on a cap from a warehouse! Have a laugh
  4. One of many
    One of many 10 July 2011 13: 48 New
    there is such a sign. "the larger the cap, the weaker the army."
  5. datur
    datur 10 July 2011 14: 14 New
    Well, all all the enemies are afraid to see ours in shorts, especially our current generals. just imagine a kind of bun in sand shorts with a wide stripe on the side, a huge star on the belly and in a panama hat --- the enemy will die of laughter.
  6. figwam
    figwam 10 July 2011 15: 34 New
    A trunks probably from Yudashkin will
    1. dimon34
      dimon34 17 July 2011 10: 22 New
      Yeah, thong camouflage !!! wink wink wink
  7. PSih2097
    PSih2097 10 July 2011 22: 07 New
    I immediately recall the uniform of the British colonial troops, a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and a cork panama ...
    with new trends there should still enter: knee pads, elbow pieces, unloading ... why. I don’t know to hold the holster, but I think Yudashkin will figure it out ...
  8. Max79
    Max79 11 July 2011 11: 39 New
    Yes, it really looks like the English of those times. I don’t know I didn’t wear this uniform (Yudashkinsky), but really, as commentators noted here, the uniform should be made qualitatively. For example, I used to wear a glass (who served, knows). excellent! (it’s not for nothing that the officers wore it, and not a new "green"). I just want to say that if everything is done qualitatively, the body will "breathe" and not "suffocate" and the pockets with buttons will be in place, not on earth.
    In general, of course, the idea is not bad to introduce a new light form, but I wanted it to be not clown, and high-quality and military. I suspect that not one boss (official) will “weld up” on the new form, which upsets the most.
  9. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe 11 July 2011 12: 44 New
    I think this is an everyday form and not a field
  10. Basilevs
    Basilevs 23 March 2012 16: 07 New
    Amer in Afghanistan, poor people, freeze and go. All packed by the eyes. And the pants are long, and the sleeves are on the hands. I didn’t see a baboon in shorts and a T-shirt in any shot ... Yes, and I wear a maximum of one sleeve elbow at the training ground. Nobody has yet canceled the sunburns, and run bare calves along the thorns and all sorts of hogweed. I think in shorts you can cut through the city, and not at the training ground or in battle.
  11. miller66
    miller66 16 August 2014 19: 41 New
    But why did you forget about camouflage shales?