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We don’t need a foreign land, but we will not give it to anyone!


"Was the person born on Earth, the sun warms up the person who would subdue our strength? .. We don’t need someone else’s earth, but we don’t give it to anyone! Let them know everything - it will always be like that! Forever and ever! While the sun is shining !"

Video. From the film "Vasily Buslaev", 1982 year


Recently, the media slipped news that the national guard battalion "Azov", sent to the reserve "Khomutovskaya Steppe" (Donetsk region), bit the poisonous snakes. Rumor spoke about God's providence, and someone even remembered the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious, the conqueror of snakes and the patron saint of the Orthodox army.

To photo: “Having heard the inhuman verdict on the extermination of Christians, once at the trial, St. George was kindled with compassion for them”

It is noteworthy that from 17 to 21 in November 2013 of the year (21-st started Euromaidan) the right hand of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious was in Donetsk Diocese Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In general, the shrine was transported across Ukraine from October 30 to December 5 (at the very initiative of the Maydanov action). And before that, 6 May (on the feast day of St. George) 2013 of the year, in a church named after him in Cyprus, zamotochil form. Whose? The patron saint of this temple. In other words, the crying icon pointed to where tears would soon flow? ..

Photo from

Photo: Hand of St. George the Victorious in the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral in Donetsk, 2013 year

Orthodox Saint on a white horse trampling a snake with a spear considered to be Moscow's Heavenly Patron and protector of Russia. His Face is depicted on the coat of arms of the Russian capital. A prayer in front of the icon of St. George the Victorious helps soldiers of all ranks: conscripts and professional soldiers, soldiers and generals, recruits and retired.

We don’t need a foreign land, but we will not give it to anyone!

In the photo: the coat of arms of Moscow

By the way, the famous two-color St. George Ribbonestablished by Catherine the Second, got its name from the name of St. George. And now the question of backfilling: who is against the St. George ribbon? That's right, snakes and all kinds of reptiles.

Incidentally, Swastika - also on the snake part. It is a kind of emblem of the snake kingdom. For example, in ancient times the Scythians "played about" images of the serpent swastika. And today, many Ukrainians are seriously breaking their heads over the dilemma: are they Slavs or descendants of the very Scythians?

Snake swastika on a Scythian brooch

In the photo: Snake swastika on a Scythian brooch

Hitler adored swastika. He even approved it in 1920 as a symbol of the "National Socialist German Workers Party". The spider cross was painted on the Nazi flag of Germany.

A similar snake (although bent into a “karalka”) can also be seen on a commemorative coin issued by the National Bank of Ukraine at the start of the 2013 of the year. Silver money is dedicated to the year of the "black water snake" - this is exactly what 2013 was in, according to the Eastern calendar. And it was in 2013 that the bloody Independence revolution sprang.

Commemorative coin. Ukraine, 2013 year

To photo: The coin also posted a small state emblem of Ukraine

But this recognition Poroshenko a few years ago sounded quite ridiculous. However, today is no laughing matter.

But again I will return to St. George the Victorious. "The Donetsk dweller has his own snake picker. This monument was installed in Donetsk in 2011 year. The monument was donated to the city by the regional society of Georgians, and therefore the corresponding flag on the right of the ball. In 2003, Georgia experienced the rose revolution, after which the American defender and noble tie Saakashvili came to power. It is symbolic, isn't it? .. And now notice where the serpent sits. True, in Ukraine. And from its western part.

Monument to St. George the Victorious in Donetsk, photo taken in 2012 year

On the photo: Monument to St. George the Victorious, cracking down on the reptile. Donetsk, 2012 year

In continuation of the theme of the coat of arms of Ukraine: many residents of the Square attributed to the trident, depicted on state symbols, a relationship with Neptune - the ancient Roman god of the seas. True, why - no one can clearly explain. There are residents of the Square and those who sincerely believe that even in 501 BC. er Ukraine became Great Ukraine with state symbols - a blue-yellow flag and "Trisuttyam". The historian who opened the eyes of the Ukrainian people to this truth is called Mykola Galician.

Well, let us drop the whim of Ukrainians and look closer at the flag of the fascist UPA. In the photo on the left - UPA fighters, on the right - the emblem of modern Ukraine. As you can see, the trident is drawn on the standard ("Bandera's trident"), almost the same as on the small coat of arms of the Square.

Yes current Ukrainian chants "Glory to Ukraine!" (in the full version: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!”) also became widespread during the UPA. Prior to that, in Ukraine, people greeted each other: "Glory to Jesus Christ!" German historian G. Rossilinsky-Liebe writes:

"With the beginning of the Second World War and the fall of Poland, Bandera is released from prison and travels to Krakow. At this time, there is a greeting" Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! ", Copied from Nazi counterparts. This Hitler greeting was used at the 2nd Congress about the Second Great Assembly of the OUN, convened by the Proander’s breakdown of the OUN-revolutionary, future OUN-B - Auth.) in Krakow in April 1941.The published brochure describes that when you greet, you should stretch your arm just above the head, like this Grzegorz several times prodemon He sent a Nazi greeting to the audience, accompanying him with the slogan "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!" - Auth.) ... And the red and black flag is the analogue of the Nazi "Blood and soil."

Also, it is impossible not to notice a certain similarity of the trident with the letter "Y". In the old Russian writing "tail", "U" was located not from the side, but in the center. Therefore, the trident then was associated with this letter. And the name The soup (one of the founding princes of Kiev and the brother Kyi) begins with the letter “Sh” and means “serpent”.

Kievans even perpetuated Schea in the monument, together with the other three founders of Kiev. According to the legends of the chronicles of the XI-XII centuries, Chorey, Kyi, Schei and Lebed formed three settlements, later united in the city of Kiev..

In the winter of 2010, the day before the inauguration of Yanukovych, the memorial to the founders of Kiev fell apart in half. In the same way, Ukraine itself has now split into two parts. From the monument, then they "got down" to the earth. The serpent - the serpent - and Horey - the guardian of the world of the dead..

However, another unkind sign occurred at the inauguration of Yanukovych. Right before the nose of the former head of Ukraine, the doors closed when he entered the Verkhovna Rada. You know what happened after that, four years later ... Mysticism happened to Poroshenko’s inauguration. As you remember, at the feet of the oligarch coolly walking along the blood-red path the soldier fell, along with his carbine. In addition, the festival was scheduled for the memorial Saturday, and the entrance doors were happy (for safety purposes, so to speak) were carefully secured ... as when the dead man was being carried out.

In the other side of Ukraine, in Lugansk, in the area of ​​the grave "Ostry", the legendary T-34 from the times of the Great Patriotic War came off its pedestal.

The grave "Ostraya" - a memorial dedicated to the hardest battles during the Civil War (1919 year), as well as victory in the Great Patriotic War. By the way, quite a curious fact: in 1992 year on top of this grave, a rock with a cave crypt was discovered. According to one of the versions, the record says that there was an altar of the god of war Ares. He was worshiped by the ancient Scythians and continually plagued human sacrifice.

However, they blasphemed in those lands not only in antiquity, but also in modern times. Here is an interesting correspondence on one of the Internet forums (for 2011 year). It shows that the memorial was regularly attacked by black diggers and other defilers.

No name:
"I got out today for a couple of hours, digging around the memorial of the" Sharp Grave ", so these finds jumped out of the broken-out-of-out-of-battered trenches ..."

Photos from

Tov. Sukhov (nickname):
"Dear, you dug in the territory of the memorial "Sharp Grave". You're lucky you weren't detained for a cop on the territory of the memorial, whose protected area is 20 ha. Dig in the forest, and you will have no complaints, and the memorial, on the site of which only one of the warring parties died before 700 in one day, don’t touch ... From the commission of inquiry on the mass execution of Soviet citizens in Voroshilovgrad from 13 April 1943 (book "Lugansk region during the Second World War"): "The commission found here a dump of corpses tortured, shot and sprinkled with a small layer of earth so that parts of the human body (arms, legs and heads) were visible on the surface.
When examining the corpses, medical experts found injuries to various parts of the body, face, head, eyes, and broken skulls. Some corpses had several injuries. The corpses of children wore traces of hand, foot, punctured eyes and other injuries indicating acts of preliminary mockery ... The Commission in an anti-tank ditch in the Ostro Mohyla region calculated 1800 people - men, women, children and old people. In addition to this grave, another grave was found in 150 meters, from which 75 corpses of women and children were counted, in 30 meters from the first grave 26 of corpses of tortured and shot citizens of the city were found in the anti-tank ditch, of which 2 are women and 24 are men. Thus, victims of the Nazi terror 1901 people were discovered ... In another part of the city, in the Ivanishchev Yar area, a pit was also found with 56 men’s corpses, only a few people were dressed in military suits, the commission found the whole bodies of 1957 people tortured and shot people "

No name:
"In fact, there are no signs indicating any prohibitions ... As for the detention by the bodies, this is complete nonsense. How do you imagine it? In the area where I dug, people organize picnics and make children right before their eyes ... In landing, not in the forest, as was said, in the direction of the cemetery, there are also trenches, but really crap ..."

monument on the grave "Sharp", Lugansk

In the photo: Monument at the grave "Ostraya", Lugansk

Today in the area of ​​this memorial, as well as in Lugansk, and throughout the Donbas, battles are fought again. As in the 1941 year, 22 June fell again on Sunday and, surprisingly enough (such a coincidence happens several times in 500 over the years), on the feast of All Saints, in the land of Russia that shone… The Omen?

А Victory in the Great Patriotic War came at Easter, which in 1945 was celebrated on May 6, Formally, 7 May in 2: 41 of the night was signed the act of unconditional surrender of Germany. On the same day, May 6, the entire Orthodox world honors the memory of St. George the Victorious(!).

November 21, 2013, on the day of the Cathedral of Archangel Michael (and "other celestial forces of the disembodied"), Euromaidan started in Kiev. On the square under the monument with the Archangel Michael (which is somehow black in color) for several months people raged and rivers of blood flowed.

In the photo: on the left is the Archangel Michael in Kiev, on the right - in Donetsk

The original sculpture of Michael of Donetsk (also black) was installed in the Ukrainian capital, on Independence Square. But then, in 2002, Kiev presented a statue to Donetsk, on its 350 anniversary. Although at first they wanted to present the monument to Kharkov, they changed their mind ...

January 19, 2014, on the day of the Twelve Bright Feast of the Epiphany, in Kiev, a popular assembly takes place, which then gathered several tens of thousands of people. Holy Epiphany passed amid riots.

A few days later Pope Francis from the window of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican released a pair of pigeons (after the end of the prayer for Ukraine). However, raven and gull attacked the birds of the world.

Video. Raven and gull attacked the pigeons

If you touch the symbolism again, seagull is a sign of sea powerand the raven may belong to this locality:

Coat of arms of Galicia

To the photo: The coat of arms of Galicia depicts a bird from the family of corvids - the jackdaw.

21 February 2014, on the eve of Ecumenical Parental Saturday, in Kiev, an agreement is signed between Yanukovych and the opposition. But February 22 Ukraine is moving closer to the abyss ...

18 March 2014, the day of the acquisition of the relics of St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea, considered the patron saint of Crimea, signed an agreement on the entry of Crimea and Sevastopol into Russia.

Troops entered the Donbass on Palm Sundayand then followed bloody clashes in the Slavyansk region.

For the forest "Ostrastka" I can add that in the 2013, and in the 2014 years in Kiev gus Holy Fire ...



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  1. siberko
    siberko 18 July 2014 08: 20
    God sees everything ... everyone will be rewarded ..
    1. bmv04636
      bmv04636 18 July 2014 08: 32
      or else it says god marks the shame
      1. WKS
        WKS 18 July 2014 09: 07
        And he will die from his horse ...
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 18 July 2014 08: 52
      You can’t argue against God, God will punish all villains.
      1. nils
        nils 18 July 2014 13: 25

        It was Saint Sergius, Abbot of Radonezh, who blessed Demetrius Donskoy for the Battle of Kulikovo, predicted victory for the prince and - in violation of all customs and rules, as a visible image of the participation of the Russian Church in the struggle for the freedom of the Motherland - gave him two monks-warriors, Peresvet and Oslyabya, fallen in the battle in the Don fields next to countless nameless Russian warriors who went to their deaths for the Faith and the Fatherland, defending Holy Russia from the domination of the "filthy".

        Russia ... Holy Russia ... House of the Blessed Virgin ... What is behind these names? Without understanding what the real, thoughtless content of thousand-year-old Russian history is, what Russia was in our own eyes and before the face of God, we will not eliminate the present pernicious disorder.

        Metropolitan John Snychev: "Deprived of religious and moral supports, the Russian national identity will either collapse under the pressure of cosmopolitan UNPURITY, or degenerate into an unjustified national HERE. Both are DEATH for Russia. Not seeing this danger can only be BLIND.
    3. Duke
      Duke 18 July 2014 14: 18
      Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill called holiness the ideal of the Russian people. About this, as reported by Interfax, the patriarch said during the liturgy in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.
      “The ideal of our people was holiness. It was a nationwide idea. And therefore, those who achieved holiness, who realized this national ideal, became heroes, heroes of the spirit, ascetics, lamps, those whom people looked like, ”said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).
      According to him, the ideals of other peoples of the world are connected with earthly life - wealth, power and power.
  2. mig31
    mig31 18 July 2014 08: 22
    And yet, this is a miracle ...
  3. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 18 July 2014 08: 24
    God is on the sidelines and is waiting at the elevator, for someone up and someone down! But the moral suffering of war criminals is necessary in life! It’s vital to turn into a stranger’s woman + constantly humiliated by BBQ popkars!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Yellow white
    Yellow white 18 July 2014 08: 26
    Quote: siberko
    God sees everything ... everyone will be rewarded ..

    Hurry, already, and some here were delayed!
  6. paul1992
    paul1992 18 July 2014 08: 34
    during the Battle of Stalingrad, steppe rodents gnawed wiring in Goth’s tanks, this is good, but these phenomena (snakes and gophers) should not be erected, almost, into biblical truth ...
    1. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson 18 July 2014 09: 11
      By the way, these same rodents carried a sea of ​​infections, with which Scoop successfully dealt with for the twentieth year, and the Germans had never heard of.
      1. pvn53
        pvn53 18 July 2014 10: 34
        Minus for "Scoop". For me and for many, it was the great and mighty Soviet Union.
      2. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 18 July 2014 23: 25
        So the "scoop" about which you so scornfully speak, was much smarter, more educated and more cultured than the so-called "enlightened Europe". Why did the Soviet Union win!
    2. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson 18 July 2014 09: 11
      By the way, these same rodents carried a sea of ​​infections, with which Scoop successfully dealt with for the twentieth year, and the Germans had never heard of.
  7. 0255
    0255 18 July 2014 08: 40
    In short, there will be no more Ukraine ...
    1. mkpu 73-77
      mkpu 73-77 18 July 2014 10: 14
      Of course, there will be no more former Ukraine! And what will happen? What is expected in Kherson, Kharkov or Odessa? Whose Russian or there will take a little, or banderlog so scared everyone? Or do we need to fill them with coffins from the Donbas, so that they understand who got to the throne of Kiev?
      So far, only women and few peasants are seen demanding the return sent to the East. Although there is a suspicion that they are being demanded back because there is no one to make money on loans ...
  8. inkass_98
    inkass_98 18 July 2014 08: 48
    The article is rather chaotic and contradictory. I will not talk about this, I just would like to clarify something.
    According to the legends of the chronicles of the XI-XII centuries, Chorey, Kyi, Schei and Lebed formed three settlements, later united in the city of Kiev.

    The founders of Kuev, according to legend, however were Kiy, Schek and Horeb and their sister Lybed.
    In the photo, not a brooch, but rather a brooch - a clasp for a cloak and in general outer clothing, to be worn on top.
    And any symbolism, it seems to me, has a completely subjective character, although sometimes the coincidences are quite impressive. Dixi
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 12
      Kyi, Schek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid - it sounds in Ukrainian. The sound in Russian is written in the article ... And about the brooch ... you are right ... this is a button ... this is a purely ancient Scythian button for Lybed
    2. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 18 July 2014 11: 05
      The article is generally incomprehensible, they put everything together, sort of with good intentions, but inconsistencies - the sea.
      And today, many Ukrainians seriously puzzle over the dilemma: are they Slavs or descendants of the very Scythians?
      The Slavs are the descendants of the Scythians.
      there was an altar of the god of war Ares. The ancient Scythians worshiped him and every now and then he was seduced by human victims.
      Ares, he is Ares, he is Mars the Greek god, and not Scythian. And with bloody victims bust. request Muddy article. hi
      1. GRAMARI111
        18 July 2014 11: 15
        On the cult of the god of war Ares and his role in the life of the Scythians:


        denie-velikogo-tsarstva / 45


        In the Mythological Dictionary, ed. Meletinsky, in Ares' article, we read: "... The "Scythian Ares", which, along with Artimpasa, Oytosir and Targitai ("Scythian Hercules"), belonged to the third category of the gods of the seven-legged Scythian pantheon, was revered in the guise of an ancient iron sword erected on the top of a quadrangular brushwood altar ... The identification of this Scythian god with the Greek Ares and the forms of his cult indicate that he was the god of war. and at the same time it is connected with the middle zone of the Cosmos: the sword erected vertically in the center of the quadrangular platform is one of the incarnations of the world axis. Lucian's message can be associated with this deity that the Scythians, as gods, worship the wind and the sword as a dual unity of principles that give and take away life. Similar to the Scythian worship of a vertically stuck sword in the ground as a deity, identical to the Roman Mars, is noted among the Sarmatians. "

        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 18 July 2014 12: 21
          Quote: GRAMARI111
          The identification of this Scythian god with the Greek Ares and the forms of his cult indicate that he was the god of war.

          From your link - "The Scythian god, which is represented by Herodotus in the Greek clearly depleted interpretation by Ares" Everywhere it is said only about identification, that is, an analogue of Ares, and not about Ares himself. It is about the god of war.
          Quote: GRAMARI111
          Were the Scythians ancestors of the Slavs? None of the historians today can say this with accuracy.

          The history is being rewritten, and in particular in order to deprive the People of the memory of their great ancestors. There are plenty of examples. In any history textbook, there is practically no information about the Russians before the adoption of Christianity, but there is a lot about the Greeks and the Ebipians. The official story is a mixture of facts and fiction, selected to please those in power. But here are interesting footnotes, with links to DNA research - "Aryans, Scythians and Eastern Slavs are the same people, in their natural chronological dynamics. Most of them belonged and belong to the same genus - R1a.",
          P.S. Have you read Veles’s book?
          1. GRAMARI111
            18 July 2014 12: 31
            from my references it turns out that Ares, in the understanding of the ancient Scythians, to whom they offered human sacrifices, is the god of war. and the fact that the name of the god coincides with the ancient Greek Ares (also the god of war) can be attributed to the similarity of motives in the myths of the Scythians and Greeks
            1. Ingvar 72
              Ingvar 72 18 July 2014 14: 02
              Quote: GRAMARI111
              and the fact that the name of God coincides with the ancient Greek Ares
              The name is just mentioned in Greek sources. Most likely they named it in their own way, as an analogue of their god Ares. There are no Scythian sources. Perun in the Baltic states is called Perkunos.
              Please do not mention human sacrifices anymore, the question is very controversial, and there are no direct facts, unlike Celtic rites.
              The fact that the wives were burned with the deceased husband is easily explained by the voluntary departure to Iri with him.
              Quote: GRAMARI111
              Again, the Black Sea coast ... Greeks ... Crimea ... and nearby Scythians
              And also Scythian mounds in Altai. laughing
          2. GRAMARI111
            18 July 2014 12: 33
            Again, the Black Sea coast ... Greeks ... Crimea ... and nearby Scythians
      2. GRAMARI111
        18 July 2014 11: 20
        Were the Scythians the ancestors of the Slavs? belay None of the historians today can say this with precision. Scythian times are about 1 a millennium before ne ... so don't make me laugh
      3. Corsair
        Corsair 18 July 2014 11: 28
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        Muddy article.

        Fine... laughing ! Everything is as in life yes laughing ...
  9. 3vs
    3vs 18 July 2014 08: 49
    I do not understand what all the coat of arms of Ukraine is called a trident.
    It is clearly seen that this is the coat of arms of Rurik - the attacking falcon, the bird's head, torso and two wings.
    No begin to carry all nonsense.

    By the way, about the monument donated by the Georgians - Crimea needs to be sawed off.
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 11: 27
      this is just a guess. I mean dogma. There is no clear and precise evidence that the emblem of Ukraine implies the heraldic sign of Rurik, or the Danish king Rurik. This is the version. Another version of many others. No more. Especially the heraldic symbols of Rurikovich were no longer used in the 13 century.... Ukrainians slyamzili coat of arms of Rurikovich ... right here swung ... lol
  10. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 18 July 2014 08: 52
    We are waiting for the continuation of "research", one thing is not clear, if this is to raise the spirit, then in Russia snakes were called reptiles. Please use historical expressions when talking about history. And so a plus for interesting parallels !!!
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 15
      and did not notice that the word "bastards" in the article is repeated several times? .. well, the author will not pile up oil ... it would be necessary to dilute the reptiles with snakes
  11. komrad.klim
    komrad.klim 18 July 2014 08: 52
    It of course, I have nothing against the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious
    But who exactly is this? And who do they palm off in the form of a face of an icon?
  12. DPZ
    DPZ 18 July 2014 08: 58
    signs can be found in everything. this is from the series: stumbled upon the exit of their porch - do not go to work! and the interpretation can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the interpreter. surely the Khokhlyat side, all this set of circumstances can be stated differently.
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 15
      are you about yourself?
    2. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 17
      well, the Ukrainians, well-known, the wise descendants of the great ukrovs ... they interpret everything differently ... in a special way ... ukrovsky

      Kolomoisky's BradTV Channel: "Putin has liquidated Metropolitan Vladimir and wanted to appoint Filaret." The essence of the video is as follows: on the personal order of Putin, who declared "if we lose the church, we will lose Ukraine," Metropolitan Volodymyr, who had died the other day, was liquidated. In the place of the deceased, Putin allegedly planned to put, just do not fall, - anathema-defrocked Misha Denisenko, who calls himself Filaret. Putin, together with Patriarch Kirill, promised to give him the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Autocephalous Church and other graceless religious entities, on the condition that he agrees to return Soviet status and become the Patriarchal Exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  13. Andrey57
    Andrey57 18 July 2014 08: 58
    By the way, the swastika is also on the snake side. She is a kind of emblem of the Serpent Kingdom. For example, in ancient times the Scythians "indulged" in images of the serpentine swastika. And today many Ukrainians are seriously puzzling over a dilemma: are they Slavs or descendants of the very Scythians?
    Also, one cannot fail to notice a certain similarity between the trident and the letter "Щ".

    Full salad! "Those same Scythians" actually spoke and wrote in Russian, moreover, on each of the 1600-1800 plates sewn onto the "scaly" armor of the Scythians, as a rule, there is an inscription in 0,2mm font about which temple of Yar made armor, inscriptions in Russian. Photos of these inscriptions on armor plates can be viewed on the website of Prof. Chudinov. All this is known to "historians". just does not fit into their theories, because they are quietly silent about it.

    As for the swastika, it has nothing to do with snakes, it is an ancient symbol of our ancestors, which was tainted by the Nazis. And in Asia and India, this same swastika at every temple.

    As for the "trident", it has nothing to do with the letter "Щ", it is generally the coat of arms of Rurikovich, a stylized image of a falcon - this is the only bird of prey that never attacks from behind and from ambush, always attacks head-on,

    In general, a bunch of different information is far-fetched in one bowl fellow .
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 18
      Those same Scythians "actually spoke and wrote in Russian

      they also knew English ... without a dictionary
    2. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 23
      yes, yes, yes ... Rurikovichs once patented the brand U, so no one else could use it wassat
  14. 2224460
    2224460 18 July 2014 09: 22
    By the way, the swastika is also on the snake side. She is a kind of emblem of the Serpent Kingdom. For example, in ancient times the Scythians "indulged" in images of the serpentine swastika. And today many Ukrainians are seriously puzzling over a dilemma: are they Slavs or descendants of the very Scythians?
    They are not the descendants of those same GADOV
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 09: 25
      just think about it (!): according to legends, one of the founders of Kiev was Shchi, I mean Serpent ... is this from whom the people of Kiev are of their own kind?
  15. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 18 July 2014 09: 39
    I fully agree with Andrey57. I'll add my own 5 kopecks. Scythians, Sarmatians are associations of people both by ethnicity and by way of life. And many peoples are trying to lead their kind from the Scythians. About Kiy-Shek-Khoriv. Cue is a title, a designation for headship. Shchek is Cech, who went with his people to the west. Horev (also called Horovato) is Horvat. By the way, according to the latest genetic research, Croatians are much "closer" to Russians and Little Russians than Serbs.
  16. Terminolol
    Terminolol 18 July 2014 09: 48
    Yeah ... interesting and somewhat drawn out (Andrey57 agrees with the comment). There was a bust with the swastika; back in Russia, the swastika was of a religious nature, not a nationalist one.
    1. alexv-d
      alexv-d 18 July 2014 13: 07
      I completely agree! The swastika has to do with the sun, and Hitler only blamed it.
      1. Irokez
        Irokez 18 July 2014 13: 26
        Quote: alexv-d
        I completely agree! The swastika has to do with the sun, and Hitler only blamed it.

        In the Germans, they were also former Aryans, so he seized on this symbol. And the swastika was always and not only among the Slavs a good symbol.
        1. GRAMARI111
          18 July 2014 13: 28
          and the swastika and the trident come from India. Veda. arias. moreover, the Sumerians, in whom the trident was one of the first, according to some assumptions, could have relations with the Aryans
          1. Irokez
            Irokez 18 July 2014 13: 56
            Quote: GRAMARI111
            and the swastika and the trident come from India. Veda. arias.

            And in India, it came from the ancient Aryans or Oryans.
  17. Web
    Web 18 July 2014 10: 21
    And yet, accidents are not accidental ...
  18. Support
    Support 18 July 2014 10: 44
    I apologize, but I think that the same swastika is a purely Slavic symbol. In the end, under the symbol of a star in the 1920s (after the revolution) the genocide of the Russian people took place. In general, this is a very strong amulet, and since Russia has always been considered a swastika country, it has protected it. And in World War II, including (mainly) the Spirit of the Russian people won ....
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 11: 39
      if we delve into the history of the roots of the swastika, then it is clearly not the Slavs. roots go far back to India and China
  19. KBR109
    KBR109 18 July 2014 12: 17
    By the way, according to the latest genetic studies, Croats are much "closer" to Russians and Little Russians than Serbs. [/ Quote]
    God forbid such friends as the Croats, but I can handle the enemies myself ...
  20. andrew42
    andrew42 18 July 2014 12: 21
    The author has the same compote in his head as the admirers of the ancient ukrov. The swastika is the oldest symbol of the Aryans, our ancestors. Our galaxy has the shape of a swastika with 4 arms lying in the plane of rotation of the galaxy. This is a symbol everywhere - from Altai and the Baikal region - to the most western regions of Europe, from Karelia to Hindustan. The fact that the forces of darkness dress up in the garments of Light is not surprising. The swastika survived to the Russian banknotes of the beginning of the 20th century, even came across the uniform of the Red Army, whose commanders are hard to suspect of love for solar symbols, there was "all as one will die in the fight for IT." There are hundreds of swastikas in European and Asian cultures and subcultures. And the fact that Adolf chose only one of them, the black swastika counter-slope ("Fash-destroyer") - this is not accidental, was chosen just one of the few symbols of general destruction. However, on the other hand, there is a logically improved and more ancient version of the black cross of the Teutonic Order. I recommend that the author develop his horizons before attracting swastikas and tridents by the ears. The lightest symbol can be defiled by the deeds of the non-humans who have worn it. There is no doubt that the current Kiev junta, Bandera, Hitlerites are the personification of evil. By their deeds we are judged. and symbolism is the third thing.
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 12: 36
      I will disappoint you, but if you start from the very beginning, then the history of the swastika is from Asia, namely, the Vedas - India
    2. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 12: 50
      let's start by saying that the word "swastika" is Sanskrit. Veda. arias. India = Iran = Europe is an Indo-European family of languages. The history of the Aryans is so vague and confusing ... there is an opinion that they generally initially represented a separate linguistic race ... that is, they came from nowhere and as if by themselves ...
  21. andrew42
    andrew42 18 July 2014 12: 33
    Quote: GRAMARI111
    if we delve into the history of the roots of the swastika, then it is clearly not the Slavs. roots go far back to India and China

    A strange statement. That is, if I drive Renault, then I'm French ?! :) For your information, the territories of today's North China have never been "Chinese" before, the area of ​​residence of the ancient Taoists, and later the Han people - the territory south of the Yellow River. The same about India, the ruling castes are monotonously Indo-Europeans, and look at the Sikhs. "Arctic ancestral home in the Vedas" by Tilak, help you. "All are looking for your root in the midday side, but the sunset side. But the root is here!" - Perun hit the ground with his staff, it smelled of ozone. "(" Tower of Birds ", Oleg Korabelnikov), if I am not mistaken, such is the quote in the topic.
  22. Observer2014
    Observer2014 18 July 2014 12: 33
    The author of article five with a plus. I read an interesting and informative article with great interest. I want to add an article copied for the story
  23. ..Dmitry..
    ..Dmitry.. 18 July 2014 12: 36
    But what about this?
    and here
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 12: 41
      and this clearly belonged not to the Slavs, but to the Khazars and Turks. so that the coat of arms of the Rurikovich was staked even before the Rurikovich themselves
    2. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 13: 07
      the trident is a symbol of power. therefore, everyone drew it for themselves ...

      The presence of the trident symbol is noted in many ancient cultures:

      Among the ancient Sumerians, the trident owner was the goddess Inanna, the central female deity in Sumerian mythology and religion.

      Another owner of the legendary trident attribute in Sumerian – Akkadian mythology is Ishkur (Adad) - the god of thunder, storm and wind, the son of the sky god Anu. Also, water elements, such as floods and fertile rains, were subject to him. One of the epithets of this god is “Lord of the dam of heaven” [2]. In the case of Sumerian mythology, we are already faced with the transformation of the symbol - the original symbolism of the water is still preserved, but refers to the rain element (and the accompanying element of a thunderstorm). This transformation, obviously, is associated with the relocation of the ancestors of the Mesopotamian Sumerians from a certain “water” region to the continental - which gradually led to a rethinking of the original symbolism of the trident and its adaptation to new habitats. It is also interesting that in addition to the trident, the emblem of Adad was also the two-prong (we will meet similar dualism in the future).

      In the images of the Hittite god Teshub, a trident also acts as his attribute. (The analogues of Adad and Teshub in other ancient Eastern cultures are Taru / Tarhun, Baal Haddad, Ramman)

      The trident is also the emblem of the ancient Minoan civilization (his images are found in Knossos and Festus). This is completely logical for a maritime power, which since ancient times dominated the Mediterranean Sea and owed its strength and prosperity to maritime trade.
    3. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 13: 08
      The trident symbolism was widely used in ancient India. One of the main gods of the Vedic pantheon was the god of world waters Varuna. The cult of this God originated in ancient times and was brought to the territory of India by Vedic tribes. For a long time, Varuna occupied a leading role in the Indian pantheon, but, gradually, under the influence of his image, the pastoral tribes of India formed the image of Shiva who owns the trident (and this trident, called trishula, is even depicted as a mark on the foreheads of his followers). The trident also became an attribute of the warrior goddess Durga - the wife of Shiva, who became the personification of the creative and destructive forces of nature. The ancient Indian god of fire Agni is also armed with a trident (this is a further transformation of the symbol, which, obviously, took the baton from the symbolism of showers and thunder) [3-6].

      For Buddhists, the trident already has a meaning abstracted from the natural elements and is embodied as the Triratna (“Three Jewels” of the Buddha). This sign is found in the mysticism of tantric yoga. Buddhists claim that it is a monogram of the Buddha or a symbol of the law (dharma) [7].

      One of the notable holders of the trident sign is the ancient Bosporus kingdom in the Northern Black Sea region. The Bosporus kings used the image of a trident as a sign of royal property in the 3rd century BC. The choice of this symbol as a royal sign was motivated by the origin of the kings of Bosporus from Poseidon (along the line of the mythical hero Eumolpus, son of Poseidon). The first holder of the trident sign in the Bosporus kingdom (in the form of a mark on the tile) was Tsar Spartok III. Later, this sign is found on coins and memorial stone slabs of the Bosporus Kingdom as a symbol of the legal dynasty of kings [8-10].

      In the Bosporus kingdom, the trident's subject sign is being transformed into a stylized symbol, already distracted from its original semantic content, and having the meaning of the symbol of tribal affiliation, a kind of generic sign of the aristocracy. The ancient Turkic concept of “tamga” is the most suitable for characterizing this purpose of the symbol.

      It is known from history that for many centuries the nomads of Eurasia had special signs - tamgas, which modern business cards could serve as an analogue. These are signs of various forms that have been passed down from generation to generation. The tamga sign was a symbol of the kind, a kind of totem, and was endowed with a sacred meaning. In some cases, it acts as a symbol of state power, a military emblem, and credentials in international relations. In later times, "splitting" of the main tamga into a number of child symbols began to be observed. As a rule, a descendant of a certain kind borrowed the tamga of his ancestor and slightly modified it in form or added some additional element to the main character (for example, about 200 varieties of the trident sign that existed in ancient Russia have been identified to date). Thus, when the primitive clan was divided into communities and families, the clan emblems turned into family emblems, and later into personal ones. But all this intrageneric diversity of characters was based on the original sign, which was the basis. And this initial basic tamga served as a generic sign that distinguished this genus from others, and testified that the carriers of this sign had a common origin. Some researchers believe that initially tamga reflected not only a generic ethnic meaning, but also a geographical meaning, that is, the carriers of one tamga were countrymen having a common homeland.

      The trident in the Bosporus kingdom (possibly, under the influence of the Sarmatians) becomes just such a tamga-like sign.
    4. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 13: 08
      This sign is known in Tanais in the middle of II - middle of III century. AD It is carved on a marble pedestal from Chersonesos. Images of the Tridenes prevail in the accumulation of tamga-like signs on the slab of the Lion Barrow. A variety of this tamga-trident is found in the middle of I - middle of II century. AD in the Kuban and in the middle of II - middle of the III century. AD in the territory of Western and Central Crimea]. It should be noted the curious fact that this tamga sign is already found in the VIII centuries. BC. on bricks in Khorezm [11].

      At the beginning of the Sarmatian period of the history of the Bosporus, a combination of the Bosporus and Sarmatian traditions occurred in the formation of tamga-shaped patrimonial signs (“emblems”) of the Bosporus kings. The lower (dynastic) part owes its origin to the image of the trident - one of the ancient symbols of the Bosporus dynasties, and the upper (nominal) parts of these emblems are rooted in the nominal Sarmatian emblems brought to the territory of the Bosporus by the Sarmatians [12].

      One of the bearers of the trident sign was the dynastic representatives of the Varangian clan of the Rurikovich. Initially, according to the researchers, the princely sign of Rurik, Igor and Svyatoslav was a trident, but along the line of Vladimir it was already a trident (we have already mentioned the symbiosis of the symbols of the trident and trident above, with reference to the ancient Sumerian civilization. The same combination of symbolism of the trident and trident is observed and in the Bosporus tradition; at the same time, curiously, in the images of both groups, the main circuit is a double-tooth).
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 18 July 2014 13: 24
        And the Russians have the greatest meaning of the "trident". In the sense of thinking for three laughing Ukrainian coat of arms - ordinary pitchforks. Although trident. It was a cold weapon. And Poseidon is portrayed with the same. The first harpooner, damn it! laughing
  24. GRAMARI111
    18 July 2014 13: 11

    Goddess Inanna is the central female deity in Sumerian mythology and religion. Do you recognize the trident of the Rurikovich and the Khazars?
  25. GRAMARI111
    18 July 2014 13: 15
    Some researchers believe that this is just an image of a cactus. According to another hypothesis, the figure depicts the constellation of the Southern Cross.
  26. siberalt
    siberalt 18 July 2014 13: 17
    And here is another very-terrible green serpent. laughing
    1. GRAMARI111
      18 July 2014 13: 21
      this is Tymoshenko expresses itself
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 18 July 2014 13: 27
        Bravo, comrade !!!
  27. GRAMARI111
    18 July 2014 13: 25
    Menorah (Menorah) - Jewish ritual candlestick
  28. GRAMARI111
    18 July 2014 13: 26
    Hammer and sickle
  29. GRAMARI111
    18 July 2014 13: 26
    Alchemical sign of mercury.
  30. Rigla
    Rigla 18 July 2014 13: 41
    In short, this is our land and point.
  31. Echo
    Echo 18 July 2014 14: 03
    If God wants to punish a Russian, He turns this Russian into a Svidomo vukraintsya.
  32. laogun
    laogun 18 July 2014 14: 39
    Kievans, allowing on the main square a bacchanal of lawlessness of their children, destroyed the sanctity of this myst. This is no longer a symbol of the fatherland of Russia, but the Turkish Maidan .... And this city will fall and be destroyed, like Sodom and Gomorrah.
  33. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 18 July 2014 14: 56
    And according to human laws and according to the Divine! If God is with you, it doesn’t matter who is against you.
  34. Yozhik
    Yozhik 18 July 2014 15: 33
    I am very far from religion, and other things that, according to V.I. Lenin (Ulyanov) is "an opium for the people", but the author is definitely "+" for his works and an interesting selection.