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The Russian army continues to "encroach." Do armies need "military chaplains" (polling)?


Do armies need "military chaplains"?

- Yes - 247 (38.65%)
- No - 365 (57.12%)
- I do not know - 27 (4.23%)

Patriarch Kirill called deviation from military duties a deadly sin. 31 said this at a meeting with students of the military academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and A. Serdyukov, the head of the Ministry of Defense, also attended. The main phrase of the patriarch at this meeting, in my opinion, was the following: “And the most important priority is the fear of God - fear is not emotional, not adrenaline, but fear as a moral category, as a system of values. Then man realizes that it is impossible to act against the will of God, that treachery is a deadly sin, evasion of one’s direct duties or violation of the oath is a deadly sin; and this understanding penetrates to the depths of the human soul. " In addition, it was reported that 240 military clerics were introduced into the staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and they would be taken by priests of the Orthodox Church, as well as representatives of other religions traditional for the Russian Federation. Thus, the process of reviving the so-called. "Chaplaincy Institute".

The Patriarch proposed to allocate "chaplains" special premises in the territories of military units, so that the military priest could, apart from educational work with the military, perform services, "confess, commune, pray."

The myth of the Great Patriotic War, the Stalin era, which Cyril supported and introduces the Church into the minds of the parishioners

- The myth of the Reich as a high-tech adversary, and the USSR is backward, remembered the image that the liberoids loved - the “three-ruler for two with one cartridge of cartridges” and further even more fun “people went towards tank wedges with the same three-ruler for two or three. " The patriarch, apparently, mixed up the First and Second World Wars - “rifle” and “shell” famine, it was in the First World War. When they just fought "For Faith, Tsar and Patronymic." By the time of the Great Patriotic War, the USSR was not inferior in technology and industrial capacity to the Third Reich, which is why Magnitogorsk beat the Ruhr.

What the patriarch said is true

“Russia, as a state with countless riches, a unique geopolitical position, with enormous opportunities,“ has always been a desired object for those who would like to use for themselves all the advantages that God wished to give to our people ”.

- There are few states in the world that, like Russia, “were subjected in their stories so powerful manifestations of external aggression. "

What does this message mean?

- First, Moscow repeats the mistakes of the Russian Empire, realizing the project “Petersburg-2”. The church is still trying to replace the popular idea of ​​the Russian civilization with its dogmas. The very ideas of Christ have long been forgotten, Leo Tolstoy tried to remind people of this. So, and the current novostroi (temples), foreign cars and a full life of the church hierarchs, their silence 20-year-old about the genocide of the people, against the background of disasters of the masses, sheer hypocrisy and pharisaism. The result will be the same as in the 1917 year. Russian will not be "slaves of the Lord".

“The patriarch is lying that“ the most important priority is the fear of God, ”while our ancestors said the opposite — not for fear, but for conscience. Fear is one, or even the main sin and weakness of a person. According to him, the army must fight "for the fear of God" and not for the Truth, the Motherland ?! Fear is from the animal origin of man, it gives rise to lack of will and lies. It is by fear, horror (terror) that the rulers and the “world behind the scenes” control people, introducing the so-called “electronic concentration camp” on the planet. Our ancestors, the Rus-Russ, were famous for their fearlessness, they were ready to die for their Ideals, for the Truth, for not retreating from Conscience.

How little remained in the Russian Church from the spirit of Sergius of Radonezh, in fact, the church has become a business shop that helps in selling Russia, an instrument of breaking the Russian Spirit. It is unfortunate that the Church at the present time cannot give birth to the titans of the Spirit, who would be able to give a life-giving impulse for Russia, to clean the Augean stables of the present Church, mired in greed and thoughtless formalism.

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  1. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 12: 39 New
    I believe that religion itself has already outlived itself, all its myths about the end of the world, about the executions of Egypt, about the flood and so on, are a huge exaggeration, and not only Christianity, but also Muslims, Jews, Indians, Buddhists, and others- lead the world to chaos and destruction, I believe that atheism and law will lead the world to the future faster than constant wars and killings for the glory of the Almighty
    1. theist
      theist 11 June 2011 20: 13 New
      By the way, in the West, the ideologists of atheism have always been Jews.
      "atheism and law will lead the world to the future," to which? The outward triumph and prosperity of Israel? The power of the "golden calf" and the "golden billion"?
      1. frame5
        frame5 11 June 2011 20: 18 New
        Oh my God, Jews again.
    2. Kite
      Kite 21 November 2011 19: 18 New
      Quote: atheist
      ........ religion itself has already outlived itself, ........

      faith in any teaching is religion (at least in the theory of relativity), a group of people united by any complex of moral laws is the church. It is impossible to completely reject religion, unless, of course, you equate yourself with an elementary particle of matter in universal chaos. Consciousness may be a phenomenon of matter, but in this case, it does not represent any value from itself.
      So what to rely on a warrior without ideas and consciousness?
  2. Michael
    Michael 11 June 2011 15: 08 New
    To build an EMPIRE on an old (religious) basis, alas, the idea is nonsense. And the army, which is the basis of this Empire, in fact, cannot be monolithic due to various religions. An idea is needed that does not take into account the religious foundations of the Empire. Build it on the stolen wealth of units and the impoverishment of all the rest - garbage, As for me, then only one thing - all invested in the Empire - the Empire honestly with all paid off the protection of its citizens, money earned, etc. Utopia? Do you like the foundations of modern crap democracy?
  3. Owl
    Owl 11 June 2011 15: 27 New
    There should be Commanders in the Army. It is possible to build and equip premises for religious events (which do not interfere with military service) at points of permanent deployment, and God must be in the soul of every person.
  4. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 16: 10 New
    democracy in its essence is a normal phenomenon, but as always there are excesses (the USA, NATO), or inflections (the rise to power of radicals, fascists, Islamists), or its absence (the USSR before Khrushchev, Germany-1935-1945, Africa, Belarus), need average value as in china
  5. forsilon
    forsilon 11 June 2011 17: 02 New
    Only those who serve there can truly say who is needed in the army, those who have to put their lives in real danger. And what a person needs at this moment, only he knows. One needs a copellan, which can give peace and confidence, the other, as the Owl writes, has God in his soul and he can ask Him for help, for the third God is his conscience and the fear of God is fear of his conscience. Everyone himself knows better than anyone who needs the code. One thing I know for sure that in difficult times, and especially in the matter of life and death, a person needs support. Probably it was not in vain that Sergius blessed Dmitry on the Kulikovo Field, and before the battle of Borodino they carried out the removal of the icon of the Mother of God. In order to answer correctly, and not just be smart, you must have experience of such "troubles". I am sure that Copellan will not preach cowardice, cowardice, betrayal, etc. but quite the contrary. So today we are talking neither about the Bible, nor about Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, nor about ungodly priests, but about a soldier and Someone incomprehensible to our mind. With respect to all. Forsilon /
  6. konsul
    konsul 11 June 2011 17: 15 New
    Mr. Samsonov, in this way you arranged a survey that an uninformed person would unequivocally answer “no,” while putting everything upside down. Are you so naive that you think there is no pressure on the bishops? Our (Orthodox) church has been yelling for 20 years about the state of our people (do you think they will let it talk on TV about this?) hear. In our village there are 2 churches destroyed by order of the rulers of the state, who should restore them? People have no such incomes, and there are almost no such people. They were built by the whole world (they gave the last one). Now about a well-fed life, the clergy of the church feed only on arrival, the state does not pay them any salaries. I know because in our village the priest’s income is one and a half to two thousand rubles (if there is a holiday), and even Moreover, he doesn’t have a car. Accordingly, in the cities the situation is different, which is possible and allows you to buy a foreign car. However, you do not say that the Church provides shelters for children, helps those in need, including those who are in prison, read Orthodox media not a single number that would not talk about the problems of our people. And, by the way, the patriarch does not lie talking about the fear of God. You confuse panic fear with fear of committing a sin before God (and we always go before Him), in this case "fear God's "and" for conscience "synonyms.
    Give at least one example that the Church is a business shop selling the interests of Russia and an instrument for breaking through the Russian Spirit. I know that you will not. I am an Orthodox Christian and praise God for this. A.V.Suvorov (the same generalissimo) is the compiler of the penitential canon read by anyone who is preparing for the sacrament. Admiral Ushakov had a monastery charter on ships. How many defeats did they suffer? Or maybe pagan priests or mullahs presented the army with the Dmitry Donskoy tank column during the Second World War? What do you know about our Church ? People, according to St. Paisius Svyatogorets are divided into 2 species-bees and flies. A bee among, excuse me, shit-sees a flower, and a fly among flowers-only-removed swearing. Although you may just be an influence agent on this site that interferes truth and falsehood, to please your superiors.
  7. Stephen
    Stephen 11 June 2011 18: 08 New
    May our Holy Russia rejoice.
  8. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 18: 09 New
    Comrade Consul, you are so stupid (flies as bees see with equally faceted eyes, as a biologist say), like most religious figures all over the world, you think that there is the Almighty, criminals are all believers, but you saw at least one atheist, the army needs training, good weapons , proper nutrition, knowledge of the enemy and the area, then the army will be invincible, and not because of some kind of Almighty,
    temples are the owners of slaves, due to which they live,
    why help the criminals who killed, raped, stole, scoffed, -you say that they repented, ha, they will come out and start again (97%)
    the church became rich (in all countries) thanks to the government (or was the government itself)
    but I agree that it helps children, but at whose expense?, of course, at the expense of those oligarchs who launder their sins
  9. forsilon
    forsilon 11 June 2011 19: 00 New
    Dear atheist, you are too rude towards the consul. He did not explain the principle of insect vision to you, but very clearly informed that a bee always flies to honey, and a fly flies to impurities.
    . And how this happens is the tenth question. You object that the army, first of all, needs a high spirit, and then everything that you wrote forsilon.
  10. theist
    theist 11 June 2011 19: 11 New
    The Freemasons freak out ...
  11. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 20: 01 New
    Comrade Forsilon, you are also wrong, there are flies that drink nectar, but in general they fly to the smell of decomposition, and not just to sewage, and there are also oil flies
    I’ll also revive you, if the army does not have what I have listed, then there will be no fighting spirit, even idealists and ardent patriots-fools will not have enough to raise it to others
  12. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 11 June 2011 20: 01 New
    The chaplains will not solve anything, a complete mess reigns in the army of the Russian Federation, and the appearance of bearded uncles with unclear, unwritten powers will bring even more confusion, besides now DAGovshchina and devilry are spreading in the units, as the POPA comrades are going to eradicate it - by substituting a vest crying "spirit"?
    But political officers (Commissioners), professional sergeants, are very necessary!
    Credentials? Yes, like the Soviet comrades in the 20s and 30s. They themselves must be responsible for the entrusted division of the head in the literal sense of the word, for his devotion to the fatherland, political literacy, combat readiness, for the moral character and discipline of the personnel.
    Unfortunately, this is no longer possible under the Edrosovsky government ...
  13. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 20: 23 New
    Priests are needed, like mullahs, if Muslims serve, in the amount of one per unit, without funding from the Ministry of Defense.
    In the platoon, company, battalion, their functions should be performed by comrades sergeants, exclusively contract soldiers, only the amounts in contracts and the age of sergeants should be changed in the direction of a significant increase. It's not about drunks who have not found themselves in civilian life.
  14. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 20: 28 New
    no, no mullah, no priest, no other clergyman should be in the army, this will only lead to discord between religions and atheism, and I agree with klibanoforos, except for the 20-30s, each nation should serve at home
  15. Eric
    Eric 11 June 2011 20: 30 New
    Cyril will be on the guillotine! Apostate! Traitor! Hence all his undertakings! The church should be separated from the authorities on the principle of the USSR in due time!
  16. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 20: 45 New
    as for Gundyaev (Cyril), then I agree with you. But here the topic is something else. About priests (chaplains incorrectly) in the army. In the Russian army, as you know, both Tatars and Bashkirs serve. And if these people pray before the battle to one God, but in their own way, what is bad here. Before the revolution, it was in the glory of the Fatherland, everyone prayed to their gods, but everyone died the same way. You fall into war, involuntarily cross yourself. In general, I am for priests.
  17. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 20: 51 New
    Mitrich, therefore more people died than enemies, it is better to have high-tech equipment than a believer, getting to the war not before baptism,
  18. frame5
    frame5 11 June 2011 20: 52 New
    Religion is not needed neither in the army, nor in school, nor in power, nor in the institute.
    1. Kochenov S.Yu.
      Kochenov S.Yu. 12 June 2011 09: 08 New
      Of course this is beneficial ..... at 12 years old it is difficult to find a girl for the bride .... whatever it would be a shame to walk around and would not poke a finger and laugh ... right? about identity ..... not to mention other human moral values ​​and patriotism ....
      1. frame5
        frame5 14 June 2011 13: 42 New
        what the person wanted to say is incomprehensible.
        It is expressed vaguely so ... ambiguously ... some children are dragged ...
  19. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 21: 12 New
    Not true, ATHEIST, not true. A man with faith in his heart, call it whatever you like, to your homeland, Stalin, anyone, rushed under the tanks, closed machine-gun nests. The Russians defeated all “high-tech" equipment with their spirit. Such examples are full during the Second World War, and Afghanistan, and Chechnya. Do you think Stalin was a fool to open churches during the war? You do not confuse the business of Cyril with faith. A specific pop, even a senior one, and our faith are two different things.
  20. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 21: 40 New
    I don’t support Stalin, this tyrant, fool and tyrant who put thousands of unnecessary human waste both before the war and after,
    I would look at you after a week of dehydration and hunger, and how you will fight, but you will not go far on bare enthusiasm, and do not confuse willpower with a religion that is nothing good, like millions of victims and backwardness in progress
    1. war
      war 11 June 2011 22: 01 New
      this tyrant, fool and tyrant

      He’s a good fool, he built a Super empire from Berlin to Kamchatka. You yourself ... punch.
  21. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 21: 53 New
    how could you look at me after a week of dehydration and hunger if you were not there. For you, what is eating the best incentive to fight?
    Do not insult Stalin, simply because he was smarter than you and me.
  22. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 22: 07 New
    there would be a particle
    I can’t and I won’t fight without water, food and other things, Stalin was dumber than me, I don’t know how about you, I would have been clever to end the war in 1 year, and with small losses,
  23. Slipfar
    Slipfar 11 June 2011 22: 17 New
    What are you divided into two camps? The soldier NEEDS good equipment, the army must constantly develop and train, no one argues, but if the soldier is also TRUE believer, then he will be really strong in spirit on the battlefield. And atheists (one of By the way, they were Stalin, even though he studied at the seminary, from where he was kicked out for blasphemy and the like) they are inclined to commit brutal acts to one degree or another (of course, not all atheists will do this, but our history of the USSR, in particular, the Stalinist era, gives a good example) because every true believer knows that he will have to answer for all his sins, and not before people, but before God himself, and atheists INITIALLY have nothing to lose, because their understanding can be done by anything, and there will be no answer for this, since after death they will die and nothing more will happen to them.
  24. atheist
    atheist 11 June 2011 22: 28 New
    1) I will answer about the empire, he did not create, but simple soldiers and Lenin, Stalin usurped power and ruined everything
    2) I personally did not see more than one atheist criminal, but the criminals are all believers, and their words are the same, we do not care, we live according to the concepts, and the Bible does not say anything about pedaphilia or about murder with a special cruelty, and atheists live by the law, and I do not want to spend life behind bars
    3) I don’t need to say that religion is good-war under the pretext of religion, the witch hunt, and sorcerers who slowed down progress for hundreds of years
  25. Slipfar
    Slipfar 11 June 2011 23: 53 New
    Hahahaha, have you seen a single criminal atheist? Do you know how many prisoners and former "convicts" are there in Russia? Have you interviewed all of them or something? You write that all criminals are believers. Did they tell you everything? All these millions ? If you are an atheist, how can you reason what is written in the Bible and what is not? YOU ARE AN ATHEIST, which means you either did not read the Bible at all, or speak from the words of some "other people", then why DO YOU reason at all on this subject ?. You write that atheists live by law? And the deputies? Officials? Our valiant police? There are almost all atheists, because. true believers do not engage in lawlessness.
  26. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 00: 09 New
    laughter of a moron, but I didn’t see, didn’t interrogate, but familiar convicts said, everyone starts to believe in the Almighty when they give a long term,
    do you think that I couldn’t read the bible, the enemy must know in person and look for weak places, your deputies and officials, and the police, about whom you speak are believers, and honest people are atheists, I study with true believers and what- alcohol is their friend, to fuck, anyway with whom, hemp, is it okay, do you think it’s good? -Then you are imbecile, street gopniks are also believers, but for some reason they take away money and phones
    And who are you, in general, to forbid me to talk about something,
  27. Slipfar
    Slipfar 12 June 2011 00: 36 New
    I would advise you to choose expressions, I disagree with you, but I do not allow myself any harsh expressions in your direction. And by the way, I’m not friendly to you, so please contact me as “you”, as I am talking to you, this is the principle of politeness, if YOU did not know. With regard to faith, I will repeat once again that TRUE believers do not engage in lawlessness, and debauchery shun and do not accept.
    I can’t forbid you to argue, but I can point out to you that you are too radically discussing a topic that you ABSOLUTELY disrespect and do not accept, therefore it is not necessary to talk about rational statements in your words.
    Do you have any convicts you know, and do you communicate freely with them? Then in what kind of society do you revolve yourself? What can be your level of understanding of the world?
    By the way, I am an honest person, this is my quality and I value and support them very much, but this does not stop me from being a believer.
  28. Engineer
    Engineer 12 June 2011 02: 44 New
    There are 2 sides of the same coin.
    1. Probably with a belly on the embrasure of the bunker, or on the ground attack aircraft against the tank, faith is needed (in Christ, Allah, the Tsar, Stalin, ....).
    2. And if you competently bypass the enemy, lay in an excellent ambush, kill a person you have never seen before and quietly hit the road with a silent and ultra-long-range rifle. This is probably all the same cold-blooded murder, which does not fit in with faith and justice.

    And it is not up to us to decide what principle of war to confess to either the author or Cyril.
  29. forsilon
    forsilon 12 June 2011 07: 17 New
    Atheist, you are just rude. Apparently this is because you have many familiar "convicts", hence the lexicon. Pay attention to how politely people treat you as believers and how rude and unchecked you are. Here is the difference between you even in this. Just in your head you have a confusion and a hurricane. On the spot watching the discussion, I would deregister you for being rude and insulting.
  30. Sergey Yurievich
    Sergey Yurievich 12 June 2011 09: 00 New
    [spoiler] I would put this Sokolov on a stake with pleasure ........... for stupidity and hatred of Russia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the country has left to be proud of is the army and the church ..... and even that, corrupt generals and nachfins began to pour mud over the army ......... what educational work can the polit departments offer as an alternative, - thieves concepts? for whom should the boys go to death in the Caucasus, for happiness and prosperity on the ruble? and the General Staff, meanwhile, released militants from the trap, and then they took hostages and blew up houses .... did one general or colonel go to court for betraying the motherland?
    and I know a priest in the only church in Grozny who sacrificed his life to protect the church of Mikhail Archangel in Chechnya, how the militants tortured him and shot him ... proud that he baptized my son there .............
    an atheist is a dummy, like a blank, in which it is obligatory (in American usually) to write either Satanism or fascism or God, DOLLAR, which fills a spiritual void by any means .... a holy place is never empty ..... As a result, either a traitor to the Motherland turns out or utter scum without a concept of honor ............................... so it is now. ..
    and how many souls will the priest save in the army? families and mothers will thank for the return of traditions to the people whom advice was robbed morally and financially .................. the author of the article is the same from those ...... zombie Ilyich. ...
  31. forsilon
    forsilon 12 June 2011 10: 28 New
    Sergey Yuryevich, BRAVO! ! !
  32. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 11: 56 New
    you all believe in something that is not there, and this is a scientifically proven fact, and you call yourself smart, you are worthless if so, and if not, you are lying, the Believer is just a herd of rams, slaves, and critters (as the Bible says) , and I’m not going to be like you are slowing down progress, science, it’s stupid to go with a machine gun to a tank, and killing in a war is killing, there either you or you
  33. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 12: 33 New
    Our atheist was small and stupid, and did not see large halls ... n.
    Sorry, ATEIST, it's just the first thing that came to mind. I have nothing against you, to believe or not to believe, is your personal business, you just do not have to offend the feelings of believers.
    There is such a wonderful Belarusian ensemble "Lyapis Trubetskoy", which has an equally wonderful song "I believe." Listen to her, and you will understand much on the subject of how a person feels in a war.
  34. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 12: 49 New
    I want humanity to think and develop more progressively, otherwise they say that the Almighty will not work, I killed, so what, the Almighty judge is me, and not you, etc., War is a constant work on which they die, and there’s no time to talk about who or not, here are the generals and those who are outside the front can talk about it,
    There is such an anecdote — the ship is sinking, people are being saved, and one, praying, says, the Almighty will save me (a true believer) -
    1) a boat is sailing, they tell him to jump to us, he answers, no, the Almighty will save me
    2) an inflatable raft is floating, the same thing, the Almighty will save
    3) a log is floating, a man screams at him, jump another 1 place is, he-no, the Almighty will save me
    the ship sank, the Almighty is before it, and the man asks, I believed in you, but you didn’t save me, he answers him, I gave you the boat, the raft gave you, the log gave, so what are my questions ??
  35. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 13: 00 New
    Do you give the right to think in an advanced way only to unbelieving people? I know a large number of people of science, real techies, whom science does not bother to go to church at all. I repeat once again: to believe or not to believe is your personal affair. Nobody is forcing this right on you.
    But your comments smack of "militant" atheism. Well, as in the 1920s, when Komsomol volunteers destroyed churches and forcibly shaved beards to priests. You have to be more tolerant of people, brother.
  36. Eric
    Eric 12 June 2011 13: 07 New
    That father is not a noble demotivator father! I advise everyone to watch "Live and Believe" and "Peacekeepers" the second film was shot by the Pelican studio, I don’t know the first ...
  37. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 13: 11 New
    They impose their religion on me, even the leading ones said that atheism is a disease and it needs to be uprooted, therefore they brought me down at the session, because of this I have constant scandals and enemies in my group, these stupid people believe in God and do not believe in aliens, and they say, ha, you believe in green men, well, t, d, and accordingly, why in space, there is nobody there, but there is justice they have filled up on the theory of evolution,
    I don’t see the point of tearing down buildings, it’s better not to build churches, but to give this place for the construction of apartments for state employees
    and the last one, I’m not your brother, even though scientists (atheists) proved that 7 out of 10 people came from one ancestor (women) - obtained by the presence of mitochondria,
  38. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 13: 21 New
    the people who laughed at you at the institute about your views are just stupid people. You transferred your personal bitterness to everyone in a row. And I imagine, I believe and believe in aliens too. And I also believe in S-300.
    Sorry for my brother, in general, I didn’t impose on your relatives. This appeal is so friendly.
  39. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 13: 30 New
    I just try to talk to everyone the same way, or reciprocate, and still religion has been a cause of war for thousands of years, think Rome, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Turkey, balkans, Armenia, Chechnya, Egypt (now
    ), Israel, and how much more will be
  40. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 13: 57 New
    There was such a border guard fighter (I don’t remember my last name). The cross was worn, but more so, for pro forma. He was captured by the "spirits" in the first war. Let them break it, accept, they say, our Islamic faith, we won’t even cut your pussy. Just be called Abdullah or Jabrail, then you will live. He refused. They scared the guy terribly, after which they buried him alive in the ground. Now he is ranked among the saints by the Russian Orthodox Church. This is not a legend, but the true truth.
    As I understand it, an ATEIST in this case would accept all the conditions. And what? I don’t believe in anything. And I want to live like that ...
    If you are Russian and live in Russia, then in any case you should be tolerant of the church, if only because it is very important for many, it is, in fact, our historical plan, Orthodoxy.
  41. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 14: 33 New
    I heard this story, I would not ACCEPT it, only because I would be forced to, but the believer would accept what difference does it make to whom to worship, because there is only one idol, and that he loses nothing, and the ATHEIST will not (as I wrote above ) WORSHIP and be a slave,
    That is, if you are RUSSIAN and live in Russia, then you must be an atheist, and from the side of history Russia is a multinational and religious country, and tolerance, where you saw it, the historical side of any country is paganism, and our country too
  42. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 12 June 2011 15: 47 New
    I consider it logical, in terms of determining faith in God, to wonder about the root cause of the entire universe. The idea clearly begs if something (for example: man, space) exists and has an end, then there was clearly a beginning, the beginning of all beginnings, but there must also be the one who launched this very "beginning". Since, based on normal logic, it is difficult, as well as difficult to deny the existence of (cosmos, man), looking into each other's eyes, and give the status of ABSOLUTE POWER to the creator of everything.
  43. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 15: 50 New
    only faith will destroy us in the 3rd world war under the flag of death is unfaithful and protect us from this terrorism and oppression of the rights of people in the world of Islam where there is gas or oil
  44. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 16: 09 New
    keep on swaggering as I glance. In my opinion, you are simply unsatisfied with life (and feminine affection), a young man who stubbornly adheres to the once chosen line and does not want to turn off it. Now you are definitely not my brother.
    And about I DO NOT AGREE you, sorry, fucked up. When they put a crooked knife to your thin neck, and even swear in a loud and scary voice, you will not only accept Islam, you will also circumcise yourself with your right hand. I’ve seen such heroes in my lifetime, how many do you know? You are an open book for me, like AHMET on the forum about Ukraine.
  45. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 16: 30 New
    and I’ll see that you’re still trying to prick me, but a loser like you is not destined to come true, but about women, not for you to judge, you can see for yourself,
    it’s better to leave the wrong path yourself, otherwise it will be worse, you will die and that’s it,
    And about the fact that I’ve fucked up like you, someone who’s, it's the believers who abandon their religion rather than atheists, if you think that a bunch of unwashed, bearded, hungry militants scare me, you’re mistaken, I also saw such heroes how do you move them once and everything is ready
    if we were talking about books, then for me, the yellow press is interesting, but it makes no sense, only now I don’t live 100 years, maybe I won’t live up to 50
  46. forsilon
    forsilon 12 June 2011 16: 30 New
    Atheist, YOU are getting great lessons today. One MITRICH won how much time he spent. But so far unsuccessfully. Learn one thing - no one is going to remodel you. It is just useless. Only a man himself can remake himself if he wants. Do not believe and do not believe in health. Yes, believe and do not. One needs to know what the Supreme Mind is. And in order to know this, you need to think and dig a lot, look for an explanation of everything that surrounds, what appears. Those. a person must be with a different level of knowledge and different thinking. It is probably no coincidence that the largest scientists of the present and past times: physiologists, physicists, chemists, techies, doctors, etc. unequivocally come to recognize the existence of the Supreme Mind. And they come to this not in the church, but in science. And if you, as I understand it, are a future biologist and know about the facet structure of insect eyes, then think about who arranged it so wisely. You will say: "Nature." And I will immediately agree with you if you endow it with reason. For nothing can be reasonable from a dead person who does not have reason. Fruitful thoughts for you, ATEIST.
  47. mitrich
    mitrich 12 June 2011 16: 39 New
    waited for your answer, and then laughed. Your answer is just a confirmation of my innocence. Frankly, I thought you’d answer smarter. I won’t write anything more to you, I’ll just say - you’re still young.
  48. atheist
    atheist 12 June 2011 16: 49 New
    I just expressed my point of view, you’re wrong, I agree with Forsilon, but the higher mind (for us) is the aliens who have learned to move from planet to planet, just like we are the higher mind for Aboriginal popups — new Guinea, I think our civilization is not 40000 years old, or maybe 100, or 1 million, who knows, people discover everything new and new, or maybe we are not from this planet at all, so religion speaks of a higher mind thoughtlessly
  49. Max79
    Max79 12 June 2011 20: 28 New
    Perdyuk-Taburetkin’s place in the photo is not in the center, but in the bucket. angry
  50. Fisher0
    Fisher0 12 June 2011 23: 40 New
    Well, guys, you have piled up .. One who sincerely believes in God is a weak man, he needs a backup. And I wouldn’t give him a weapon, nor entrust my fate. One who believes "for money" is a vile person, for he uses someone else's weakness for personal gain. And the one who tryndit about God and faith without knowing anything about it is a stupid person.
    The attitude of the Russian people towards religion is determined by the proverb: "Hope for God, but don’t be fooled by yourself." Very healthy attitude.
    Now about the army: a soldier in a war needs supplies and command, no pop outfit, weapons and ammunition will not replace.
    But the clergymen in the army were already (re-read Schweik who forgot) - nothing else will come of it.
    And anyway: what garbage to do - it would be better to establish a connection in the army. The benefits are greater.