On the submarine


Writes Mikhail Mikhin

Multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL) pr.971, class "Leopard"

The multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL) pr. 971 (class "Bars") was created by the design office "Malachite" (Leningrad) by order of 1976, based on the nuclear submarine pr. 945 using the existing tactical and technical tasks without preliminary design. According to the TTZ, the noise level of the new submarine Ave 971 should be no less than 5 times less than the noise of the most advanced generation of domestic torpedo boats 2. The technical design of the new submarine was approved in September of 1977. Later, changes were made to it, due to increased requirements for sonar and armament. The project was completed in 1980, and the boat received a new digital hydroacoustic complex with enhanced characteristics and an armament control system ensuring the use of cruise missiles of the “Granat” type.

The multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL) pr. 971 is intended for carrying out independent operations against submarines and surface ships, attacking coastal targets, conducting anti-submarine defense of warships and convoys, fighting on communications with the aim of hampering enemy shipments, etc. The submarine pr. 971 has a comprehensive automation of combat and technical equipment, while the control of the ship and its armament is concentrated in a single center - the main command post. Integrated automation has reduced the crew of the boat to 73 people, incl. 31 officer (crew of the American submarine of the type "Los Angeles" 141 people). Compared to the new submarine of the 671РТМ project, the living conditions of the new submarine have been improved.

The submarine pr. 971 is a two-hull single-rotor submarine with high fodder plugs, on which is mounted a fairing for a towed antenna. The body, made of high-strength steel with a yield strength of 100 kgf / mm2, has an anti-acoustical coating and is divided into 7 compartments. A single-shaft one-reactor nuclear power plant, type OK-650B, is used as the propulsion system. Great speeds are provided by the main turbo-gear unit GTZA, and the silent ones when searching for a target - the rowing electric motor. The noise level of the submarine Ave 971, which was determined during the tests, determines the qualitatively higher level of acoustic secrecy.

The nuclear submarine pr. 971 is distinguished by powerful percussion weapons, which by the number and caliber of torpedo tubes, the total rocket and torpedo ammunition, far exceeds the potentials of similar domestic and foreign submarines. The nose torpedo-missile complex includes four 533-mm and four 650-mm torpedo tubes with a total ammunition load of up to 40 units: torpedoes - 28 533-mm of USET-80 type and XGNUMX 12-650-mm of 65-76 type; anti-submarine guided missiles "Waterfall"; Sea-based cruise missiles "Granat"; anti-ship missiles "Turquoise".

Hydroacoustic complex (GAK) МГК-540 “Skat-3” (developed nasal antenna, 2 long-range on-board antennas, towed extended antenna in a container on vertical tail) with a digital information processing system features a powerful sound-finding and sonar system. Provides target detection at a distance of 3 times as large as generation 2 boats with a significant reduction in the time required to determine the parameters of the movement of the target. In addition to GAK NPS, pr. 971 has a highly efficient, unparalleled, system for detecting submarines and surface ships of the enemy along the wake, the equipment of which records such a trace many hours later after their passage.

According to the NATO classification, nuclear submarines of 971 are designated as Akula. Therefore, by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy from 10.10.1990, the K-317 boat was given the name "Panther". Later on, other submarines of this project received names. The boat K-480 received the name "Bars", which has become a household word for all nuclear-powered ships, pr.971. In December, 1997, at the request of Tatarstan, Bars was renamed Ak-Bars. According to the chief designer of the project G.N. Chernysheva (died in 1997), Bars has great modernization capabilities, which allows, in particular, to increase the search potential of a nuclear-powered ship approximately 3 times.

Each boat pr. 971 is capable of creating a threat and forging a significant sea grouping of the enemy. Even in the most favorable hydrological conditions of the Barents Sea, in the winter, these submarines can be detected by Los Angeles-type boats with GAK AM / VQQ-5 at a distance of no more than 10 km, and under worst conditions, submersibles of the Bars class submersible can be found. is impossible. According to the head of the operational department of the US Navy, Admiral D. Burd, the American ships are not able to accompany these boats when moving at speeds of less than 6-9 nodes. In his opinion, the improved submarine of the 971 pr., According to the noise characteristics, meets the requirements for 4-generation boats.

On the pier at the submarine BBB is on duty - armed upper watch.

The crew consists entirely of contract soldiers. There are no sailors of military service on the "Panther". This can be easily explained - professionals should serve in the forces of constant readiness. In the crew of the sub, professionals need real ones. Not fake. Inquired from fellow sailors at the expense of hardship and deprivation. Submariners for the beginning kept silent, then they thought and said: you cannot smoke on a submarine. And on a long hike, too, is impossible. Non-smokers do not understand, and smokers do not need to explain.

And now the impressions and the results of the observations: what surprised right away is the cabin, which rises above the hull - “uninhabitable”. Inside it is a bit dark, whole sheaves of pipes stick out everywhere, some valves are poked everywhere, small square hatches are cut through in some places, a special steel flooring that looks like a footpath under my feet. The metal "path" led the vigorous Moscow traveler to the hatch leading into the bowels of a combat submarine ship. Luke, generally speaking, is of normal diameter, but I am somewhat abnormal. Plus - thermal underwear, sweatshirt, thick jacket - “Alaska” with a hood, special pants, mittens, hat and backpack with photographic equipment.

About to climb inside with a backpack on his shoulders - there could be no question. It is impossible to lower it down in any way, the hatch is high, the backpack is heavy, the load inside is fragile. Throwing someone down is dangerous. Hands will break, glass will beat. I made a willful decision to put the backpack on my head and go down without seeing exactly where. So did. I barely squeezed through. It was very funny to go down. To rise, of course, was even funnier, but why not do it for the sake of a rare frame!

In the central post.

Inside the submarine, it should be noted, everything looked completely different. Than outside. Not to say that the circle has become very spacious, but I have not noticed the narrowness. Having looked around in the central post, admiring the views of Gadzhiyevo through the commander's periscope, I went on an improvised excursion accompanied by the assistant commander. So that no one uncontrollably dangled anywhere, sailors were positioned everywhere, politely directing the lost to the true path. A very correct line of conduct, I think.

Found a rest room and psychological relief for the crew, examined live plants in the niches and a small sauna. Upon reflection, he headed, of course, to the galley. To be honest, as the theater begins with a hanger, so the press tour to the fleet or into the army begins with a galley. So - in the galley reigns full order, food is always tasty, varied, four times. Red wine crew also gets it true. They say it has nothing to do with the conclusion of some mythical radionuclides, but it is quite suitable for psychological relief after a watch. For a sweet crew, for example, chocolate. One of the chocolates managed to get out as a souvenir. A small tile with the inscription "Guards" (he then comraded voutsen_cv). I drank a seagull, boiling, of course, right on the atomic reactor. And went further.

The commander of the submarine, captain 1 rank Sergei E. Starshinov at the commander's periscope.

On the submarine
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  1. Eric
    10 June 2011 10: 21
    The boat is of course incredibly beautiful ... Such a monster and at the same time such a beauty ...
  2. 0
    10 June 2011 13: 17
    boat thing and crew see what you need! but overalls ostentatious apparently issued for the session.
    1. 0
      April 9 2019 14: 39
      Well, you loshara. Pay attention to overalls two letters RB. Radiation safety. Except as you have no right to work in it on a boat. And go home in it too. You may be surprised, but their shoes on boats are special — sandals with holes.
  3. snek
    10 June 2011 13: 37
    Quote: "The crew of the boat consists entirely of contract soldiers. There are no conscripts on board the Panther. This is easy to explain - professionals must serve in constant readiness."
    Hmm, what about our good old song about the fact that contract soldiers are mercenaries who will flee at the first danger, and the real defender of the Motherland is, by definition, a conscript?
  4. 0
    10 June 2011 13: 55
    Hmm, what about our good old song about the fact that contract soldiers are mercenaries who will flee at the first danger, and the real defender of the Motherland is, by definition, a conscript? ------ But how drawbar, where you turn it will be.
  5. rumpeljschtizhe
    10 June 2011 16: 16
    on the interiors such wretchedness (I'm on the design of the premises)
    normal cubicles cannot develop ... nor any ergonomics
    it is necessary to apply technologies from civil shipbuilding.
    judging by the idiotic lockers there to open a Bosko once to spit.
    1. Dmitriy
      10 June 2011 23: 41
      Lockers, highchairs and other switches on the boat and on civil ships of Russian construction are identical. I don’t know what the trouble is. I worked on the Pulkovo tanker (built by Peter 1996), it's just scary. =) Regards, Dmitry.
  6. olifus
    10 June 2011 23: 24
    Quote: rumpeljschtizhe
    in interiors, such wretchedness (I’m talking about room design) can’t develop normal cubicles ... nor use any civil engineering shipbuilding ergonomics.

    this boat surrendered to the fleet in the late 80s and early 90s, what you want, then it was very good, especially in asceticism always prevailed in army life.
  7. rumpeljschtizhe
    11 June 2011 10: 18
    I know that the boat surrendered in the early 90s
    For some reason I’m sure that the new type of Northwind is not better with the design of the premises.
    Dmitry, I suggested using a design style not from Soviet civil shipbuilding :-)
    there are many companies developing boats, yachts with design there are all right in the cabins.
    (I do not call for chic rich decoration of the premises on the nuclear submarine)
    people are in it for half a year in difficult conditions and brighten up their life is important
  8. Stefano
    11 June 2011 18: 03
    This is a real rations, so it’s necessary to feed all the soldiers.
  9. provodnikbdsm
    11 June 2011 23: 00
    I was not on Panther, I was on Barca in 1992, but they are identical.
    Overalls are not window dressing, the form is such a RB. on all boats. by the way very comfortable, and slippers.
    On boats 971pr. conscripts, and so it was absolutely nothing, so it’s quite possible to call officers and midshipmen contract soldiers.
    The interior design is normal. Because the shift is 4 hours after 8. Changed and sleep, sometimes (daily) you fight for survivability by training anxiety, so the simpler the better, it’s not distracting.
    I definitely won’t say for 971pr. But the standard autonomy for 667bdrm in the nineties was 75 days, but the products were loaded for 120. About the most difficult conditions .... No more difficult than everywhere. (2 autonomous units left) So the interior doesn’t have to be redone for sure, worked out for years, there this removable skin is still a bunch of electrical panels and all sorts of ventels and spare parts.
    The rations are really for slaughter, even in the famine of the coup of 91
  10. +1
    11 June 2011 23: 11
    provodnikbdsmWell tady frets !!!!!
  11. rozzacka
    13 June 2011 02: 35
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  12. rumpeljschtizhe
    14 June 2011 09: 44
    in the yard 2011
    yes, let's leave everything as is the interior of the 70s in the cubicles
    on ..n air conditioners on tanks, etc. strange psychology
    then a new generation will have to serve on boats and what is bad if cubicles were similar
    asceticism and squalor are two different things
    1. 0
      13 July 2020 20: 33
      The interiors are wonderful. Compared to ours, 1st generation, it's just chic.
  13. cabin boy
    15 June 2011 04: 11
    rumpeljschtizhe before criticizing, you must at least live in such interiors at the pier, not to mention going to sea. And the correct addresses to give, not curves.

    datur they wear such jumpsuits all the time, but they have taken a bad habit to sew on collars on the "front RB".

    provodnikbdsm hello to the northerners from Kamchadal
    1. 0
      13 July 2020 20: 36
      He served on the project square 675 for 23 years, he never sewed collars to RB. The bunks were covered in white - it was when the mission was handed over or the high command arrived on board. And the collars never.