The forgotten regiment: Vozdvizhenka airfield in Primorye

Russia continues to destroy its army. In Primorye, the “preserved” airfield Vozdvizhenka, on which the 444 heavy bombing regiment was based, became the target of the marauders. There are still 18 Tu-22М3 bombers, which removed all the equipment.

The forgotten regiment: Vozdvizhenka airfield in Primorye

444-th bomber regiment conducts its history since July 1941. In 1941-1945, it was based at the Khabarovsk Large Airport. During the war with Japan, his pilots flew Il-4 bombers. In the 1945-1948 years, the regiment was located in Korea.

In 50-80's, the regiment pilots flew Tu-4, B-25 and Tu-16 aircraft. According to the plan, the regiment was to switch to the Tu-1969 back in the 22 year, but the first flight on this machine occurred only in the 1991 year. Flights on the Tu-22М3 went up to the 2007 year, but then military reform put an end to this. Part of the aircraft was transferred to Siberia, the rest were left for disassembly.

Radar stations, engines, cockpit equipment and aft shooting installations were removed from the bombers, and square holes were cut across the entire surface of the fuselage by the impeller. Now these planes are completely non-operational.

Now the airfield is formally preserved, but no one protects it, which is used by non-ferrous metal hunters.

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  1. rumpeljschtizhe
    4 June 2011 11: 21
    It's time to create an analogue of the American Davis-Monten Air Base
    1. s1н7т
      17 October 2012 22: 09
      H'm. Why do we need American counterparts? And then, when the army is cut "alive", no analogs will save! And no one needs it, it seems.
  2. +3
    5 June 2011 00: 10
    18 planes for 100 - 150 kk $ if not more, each destroyed ... Preservation, flyers with techies will come to de-preserve, but here it is ... I x ... u ...
    Surrender, destroy, we will remember you. Retribution is inevitable ...
    1. Angariya
      12 June 2011 14: 21
      Hmm ... once again confirmed - the fuck is an army outside the Garden Ring (or the Arbat Military District). That's su ... ki, not the rulers ...
      1. s1н7т
        17 October 2012 22: 11
        Gee! Precisely - "rulers"! They rule as they want, damn it.
  3. Michel
    5 June 2011 08: 22
    Empire Broken Sword ...
  4. Michael
    5 June 2011 14: 07
    Yes, for this J. Stalin would have personally shot and would have been RIGHT!
  5. Stavr
    5 June 2011 19: 47
    For this, Stalin, having risen from the coffin, would simply shoot Taburetkin personally, along with his protege. And grandfather Lenin would have uttered again his sacred phrase, which new Russians so relish today: "hang up, my friend, hang up and hang up! .."
  6. Vladimir
    21 June 2011 10: 32
    All this because of Serdyukov turkey, a shit.
    1. 0
      9 March 2012 14: 52
      Quote: Vladimir

      All this because of Serdyukov turkey, a shit.

      Look deeper. Gorbachev, Yeltsin
    2. s1н7т
      17 October 2012 22: 13
      No, he doesn’t even know what the Tu-22M3 is. He stupidly does what they said.
  7. adrei
    15 December 2011 19: 33
    yes ,,, the wings of the homeland of Putin Medvedev Serdyukov at stake
    1. s1н7т
      17 October 2012 22: 15
      It's cool that there are those who are minus something like that!
  8. 0
    9 March 2012 14: 46
    Yes .. For this, many need to shoot their heads ..
  9. 0
    17 October 2012 22: 34
    Hair stand on end! And if you look, then nothing unusual - everything develops according to certain laws. Empire collapsed!