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Russia enters an unknown river. Replica of Alexander Prokhanov

Russia enters an unknown river. Replica of Alexander Prokhanov

There was a sensational speech by President Putin at the economic forum. It took place on a very disturbing background. The Russian public, the people of Russia are alarmed. Everywhere there are misfortunes, from everywhere there are misfortunes.

And here is the crisis in Ukraine, where blood is being shed, where the guns are roaring very close to the Russian ear. This is a tremendous unprecedented pressure from the West. Economic, political and even military, because NATO sends its representatives very close to the borders of Russia, to the Baltic countries, to Poland. People wanted to hear words of encouragement, explanations of problems, confused problems. And the president had to answer these problems. The basic idea was that the Americans' attempt to establish a unipolar world, to return to the relapse of 90, when indeed America, having destroyed the Soviet Union, was the most powerful, most indestructible power of the world, turned out to be worthless today. It was she who plunged the world into these catastrophic procedures, into these catastrophic recessions and crises. In response to a unipolar, outdated, old-fashioned and aggressive concept, the world offers a concept not just of a multipolar world, but a world in which many centers of power and many centers of weakness, by the way, will be put into a common security system, harmony and symphony, as philosophers say. The world requires a completely new model. Not only economic, but also philosophical, ideological. This model is groped during Putin’s last visit to China.

How to be in a downturn in our production? This is the biggest trouble. There is a feeling that we did not just stop, but crossed this line and began to drop our industry. Putin proposed to the forum and together the whole country the concept of accelerated economic development. This is a long-awaited Putin's spurt, when in the shortest possible time we must overcome the lag and reduce the negative processes of the economic crisis. This breakthrough is multidimensional. It assumes an economic theory, an economic concept, a new system of organizing the management of industry. He proposes, especially this was evident as a result of Putin’s visit to China, super-projects, super-production, huge mines and gas and oil-producing fields, which we intend to develop with China. It is considered that Russia is a raw materials appendage. What to be a raw material power is simple and unprofitable. But this is a delusion, because creating a resource base in permafrost conditions, inconvenience, lack of roads, and in the most diverse dangers is a tremendous civilizational economic, political and military task.

What is worth, for example, ensuring the safety of our developments in the Arctic, which have already begun and provide the first gas tons? And what about the creation of a gas flow control system? A unique, universal, all-Russian gas supply system was proposed both in the east and in the west. Creating the world's largest gas development complex in Eastern Siberia. And on the basis of this huge giant field, this construction site - the creation of cities, roads, settlements, new technologies. Is this not a locomotive that drags a huge number of industries, large and small, thin and elegant, as well as strategic, such as railways and highways. All this is possible not just by creating a favorable investment climate, it is not easy when creating new personnel, new engineering and scientific schools.

This is only possible with a common business philosophy. When we all together consider that the work on the modernization of our economy, our technical revolution in the conditions of crisis, in the conditions of attacks, in conditions of deformation - this is our huge, national task that captures not only gas industry workers, not only economists and financiers, but all, and rural schools, and writers, and priests. This philosophy of the common cause has been proclaimed. This is a long-awaited call for the people to unite, finally, in the face of external and internal difficulties.

And how is Ukraine? How many attacks on Russia for interfering in the affairs of Ukraine and not leaving this supposedly unhappy republic alone? It was said that the NATO attempt was the culprit in today's crisis, having overthrown Yanukovich, to establish here full Western control, up to and including missile defense systems in Ukraine, up to nuclear and military-strategic missiles near Kharkov. That is why as a result of these brazen disgusting and violent methods, a coup d'etat was completed and this terrible war was unleashed in the south-east of Ukraine. And the Crimea, which Putin literally snatched from under the noses of the NATO generals, was rescued from the monstrous Odessa fires, from the monstrous crematorium, which the Kiev authorities carried out in the Odessa House of Trade Unions.

Much has been said about the so-called reboot. How many illusions were hung in the air at the moment when Hillary Clinton came here, pressed some kind of stupid plastic button. It seemed that here came the eternal long-awaited peace and cooperation. Nothing like this. All this was again broken, all this was again plunged into dust as a result of this treacherous, arrogant, unstoppable and irreversible Western American policy of domination. Once, I repeat, dominance was possible. But not now, when the Russian state, when the self-consciousness of the Russian people turned out to be so strong and powerful, that it does not allow such manipulations with itself.

Putin’s speech at the international forum was harsh, calm. It was not aggressive. Leave a huge field for further negotiations. It was ironic, when several times quite risky jokes, the president made the audience laugh. Today’s time of change, when Russia enters an unknown river, is potentially dangerous. And at the same time potentially creative, potentially educational. Listening to the President of Russia, it seemed to me that I guessed in his intonations, in the expression of his face, many of those experiences, hopes, as well as fears and fears that ordinary Russian citizens feel, I myself experience.
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  1. dmitriygorshkov
    dmitriygorshkov 24 May 2014 06: 31
    My mother’s acquaintance returned the other day from Solovki. There, one priest prophesies war and hunger for the winter!
    Is the world so crazy that it goes to self-destruction?
    I hope that those on whom the decisions depend will come to their senses, at least at the last line!
    1. Combitor
      Combitor 24 May 2014 06: 55
      Quote: dmitriygorshkov
      There, one priest prophesies war and famine for the winter

      During the Great Patriotic War alarmists and defeatists were shot on the spot. It is not yet known what this "priest" is. If in a cassock, it does not mean that he is a servant of God.
      1. KC4E
        KC4E 24 May 2014 09: 25
        It’s not a matter of panic, but of the fact of information. Moreover, there is no question of defeat. Personally, in case of what, I’m not going to hide in holes.
      2. 222222
        222222 24 May 2014 10: 17
        Shoot right away? Which YOU !!!
        Shoigu 23 05 14 g
        “The process of formation of a new polycentric system of international relations is not easy, accompanied by an increase in global instability.
        So far, it has not been possible to significantly advance in the formation of a single space of peace, security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic.
        Tensions remain in the Middle East and North Africa region. Serious risks are associated with the situation in Afghanistan.
        Obviously, modern challenges and threats require a rejection of the archaic logic of geopolitical games with zero results, attempts to impose their own recipes on other nations
        and value orientations, including through the "color" revolutions. ""

        ((On May 23-24, 2014, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation holds an international conference on strengthening global security and possible solutions to existing regional crises with an emphasis on military-political analysis.))
    2. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 24 May 2014 08: 58
      Quote: dmitriygorshkov
      My mother’s acquaintance recently returned from Solovki

      daughter of an officer?
    3. KC4E
      KC4E 24 May 2014 09: 21
      "Everyone will talk about the war in the spring, but it will not start ... in the summer, but it will not be there yet .... Everything will start in the fall ..." I also read this from Orthodox prophets. But all the prophecies only warn and we have the ability to fix something (I think so).
  2. obraztsov
    obraztsov 24 May 2014 06: 40
    Russia enters an unknown river and it will cross it! And everyone who lies, hypocrisy, meanness, duplicity will try to prevent us from staying in this river.
    1. MBA78
      MBA78 24 May 2014 14: 39
      not a river but rather a sea
      history repeats itself, and it already was ... Moses also led his people across the Black Sea and drowned the persecutors ... here the main thing is Vera
  3. sergerz
    sergerz 24 May 2014 06: 54
    Many times I had to enter an unknown river. And nothing came up.
    Do not be afraid of this. We must enter. Russian inconveniences: permafrost, taiga, swamps, of course, are loaded with difficulties, but they must be overcome in order to use the riches contained in these inconveniences. And they are endless. And they must be taken, and not be afraid.
  4. ochakow703
    ochakow703 24 May 2014 06: 57
    Not knowing the ford, do not pop into the water. I am sure that our president, with his hardening scout and analyst, felt all the pitfalls. So we, ordinary citizens, need to be with him in the same team and strongly support his course. After years of horror and damnation, finally pride in the soul seethes in my soul. To plow, to plow and to plow again! And this is not a slavish exclamation. We lounged for a long time, at best we traded stolen goods. It's time to roll up our sleeves, all together, to build a prosperous country for our children.
  5. Old Siberian
    Old Siberian 24 May 2014 06: 58
    It’s impossible to understand Russia with intellect; it’s impossible to measure common arshin
    She’s special to become, you can only believe in Russia.
    1. creak
      creak 24 May 2014 11: 33
      Already time mother edrena
      understand Russia wisely ...
  6. Dimy4
    Dimy4 24 May 2014 07: 21
    How many illusions were hanging in the air at the moment when Hillary Clinton came here, pressed some kind of stupid plastic button.

    Didn't harbor any illusions about our "friends", especially when we managed to take a closer look at this button. It was all a poorly played farce.
    Py.Sy. One might think that there was no translator in the states of the translator, they translated with a stylus.
  7. zavesa01
    zavesa01 24 May 2014 07: 28
    Paraphrasing can say so. RUSSIA HAS NO EASY OR DIFFICULT WAY, IT HAS ONE - THE NICE WAY. We are not the first to pave new roads. We CAN do this because we are RUSSIAN. The rest can drag in the tail and whine.
  8. 24 May 2014 07: 36
    Listening to the president of Russia, it seemed to me that I guessed in his intonations, in the expression on his face many of those experiences, hopes, as well as fears and fears, that ordinary Russian citizens experience I feel myself. Replica of Alexander Prokhanov

    Ecstasy from merging?
  9. Umnichka
    Umnichka 24 May 2014 08: 11
    Something in recent weeks is only verbiage from GDP. Someone like - I began to doubt very much whether we were traitors. Kolomoisky, Lyashko and Yarosh have already brutally destroyed many hundreds of our people - will we still guess the intonation and experience something there? And do not have enough to praise ourselves for the Crimea, drove through. Really, with competent guidance (and it suddenly turns out), they can drown Donetsk and Lugansk in the blood. Will write solid notes of protest? The war is going on in Ukraine, which means that the West is holding us by the throat, and not we. Something puzzles do not add up ...
    1. Commissar of the NKVD
      Commissar of the NKVD 24 May 2014 10: 21
      The West cannot get what it wants, this is already clear. There is a war going on, and losses in a war are inevitable. It so happened that the front of the geopolitical front is the South-East. And you don't have to fight with the army, there are many other ways. Well, to the question of who is killing whom, I will answer - yesterday the Yaroshevsk battalion "Donbass" was smashed into meat. We do not know the losses of the Ukrainian army, but we can assume that there are no longer hundreds.
  10. Yarik
    Yarik 24 May 2014 12: 50
    KC4E Today, 09:21 ↑
    "Everyone will talk about the war in the spring, but it will not start ... in the summer, but it will not be there yet .... Everything will start in the fall ..." I also read this from Orthodox prophets. But all the prophecies only warn and we have the ability to fix something (I think so).

    Very interesting. And who will fight with whom is not said? There is nothing to fight with some, it’s enough to draw on the horizon within sight. IMHO. laughing
    1. 00xxx00
      00xxx00 24 May 2014 15: 14
      Do not believe charlatans and do not go crazy.
  11. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 25 May 2014 11: 33
    It’s better to enter an unknown river than to r ... to Geyropu)))
  12. KC4E
    KC4E 25 May 2014 15: 44
    Quote: Yarik
    Very interesting. And who will fight with whom is not said?
    It is said. And quite accurately. In what year, they do not say.
  13. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 25 May 2014 23: 57
    Put a minus. Since: The signing of a contract with China is presented as an achievement "No figas!", But it is not. And to cover it up at the end of the topic of Ukraine sad. Putin's speech (so far with a large crying ) on the forum water-water and under the nose "I want at least some order" ie elections are recognized. I understand his words so request