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China took Pakistan under its "wing"


Islamabad continues its policy of “cooling off” relations with the United States, seeking closer cooperation with China, looking for alternative allies. This is confirmed by all the latest news - The recent arrival of Pakistani President Zardari to Russia; sharp criticism in Pakistan of US actions to eliminate bin Laden; the shelling of a Pakistani military by an American helicopter; a statement by the Pakistani defense minister about the need to build a PRC naval base in the country; under pressure from Islamabad, the United States will reduce its force grouping in Pakistan.

The main reason for the "cooling" between the United States and Pakistan

The United States is currently engaged in “igniting” Eurasia in order to divert attention from its problems, which the States may lead to a repetition of the fate of the USSR, collapse, outbreaks of violence, and, if resisted, will cease to be a superpower. Therefore, the group of "patriots" among the elite of the States is actively pushing their problems to the whole world. Here you can sacrifice the old allies. Washington in this regard continues the policy of London, it has “permanent interests”, but there are no eternal allies. Substitute the European Union - the war in Libya, the waves of migrants, the growth of nationalism. They provoke a war on the Korean Peninsula, unrest in the Arab countries, in the South Caucasus, across Eurasia.

Pakistan in this regard is an “ideal target”: permanent conflict with India, a mass of dissatisfied and poor people, powerful positions of radical Islamists, a government between Scylla and Charybdis - between popular discontent over cooperation with the West and the United States and the States who accuse them of harboring terrorists (for example, the murdered bin Laden).

In the case of the Islamic Revolution or the civil war in Pakistan, Washington is in complete advantages: they will remove the “Moor” - Pakistan at one time helped a lot in the war with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan; will deliver a simultaneous blow to their potential enemies - China, India, Iran, Turkey, Russia; gain time to solve their problems. In the “controlled chaos” we will further strengthen our positions; it is always easier to “work” with new state entities.

Back in 2006, the so-called “Peters Card” appeared, according to which Pakistan will be split: Balochistan will be allocated, the lands of Pashtuns will go to Afghanistan. Another important factor is the struggle of the American and Pakistani special services for control of drug trafficking, the Americans control a significant part of it, but they want to get everything, these are huge profits. Another reason for the split of Pakistan is energy, considerable energy reserves are concentrated on the Baloch lands (approximately 40% of the country’s territory, the most sparsely populated, deserted, uninhabitable part of Pakistan) - from about 25,1 billion cubic meters of natural gas 19 billions concentrated in Balochistan, there most Pakistani oil is concentrated. There must pass the strategic gas pipeline Iran-Pakistan-India, plus the port of Gwadar. The US secret services together with the British (those traditionally have strong positions in this region) created the Forces of Liberation of Balochistan from scratch almost from scratch.

In 2009, the US plan was announced to invade Pakistan and seize its nuclear arsenal should the threat of “extremists” come to power.


Naturally, the Pakistani military-political elite, at least its part, understands all this. Here Pakistan and "turns like a frying pan," trying to strengthen its position. Even the old enemy, their president arrived in Russia and made a lot of proposals, including the admission of Gazprom to the development of the state's mineral resources.

The country's defense minister, Ahmad Mukhtar, said: "We would be ... grateful to the Chinese government if the naval base ... was built in Gwadar in Pakistan." This port, which was built with the participation of China, was opened in 2007 year. But after this, the idea of ​​locating the Chinese naval base in it was frozen. In addition, during the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yusuf Reza Gilani to the People's Republic of China, an agreement was reached on the accelerated delivery by the Chinese side of an additional batch of JF-17 Thunde fighter jets to 50 units. This is the second batch of these fighters - Islamabad has already acquired a batch of Thunder fighter jets from 50, they are being assembled in Pakistan - two squadrons of 18 aircraft are already in service.

On May 19, China called for respect for Pakistan’s sovereignty and independence, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu said. According to the Indian press, they cite Pakistani diplomatic sources, and Beijing’s 9 may, through the Chinese delegation in Washington, “unequivocally warned that any attack on Pakistan would be viewed as an attack on China.”

In addition, under pressure from Islamabad, the United States began to reduce its military presence in the country, special personnel are mainly in Pakistan, he was engaged in training Pakistani military and law enforcement services. The US has already begun their withdrawal.

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    generally Pindos play their games. the truth will be bad for everyone.
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      Do you want Russian war?
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    Normal fray, as always in politics, is nothing new ...
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    When will this America fall apart?