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Who came to Ukraine as an observer from Canada?

In those days, when the upcoming election of a new president of Ukraine was announced in Canada, the ruling Canadian conservative party in a hurry announced the sending of an assault landing on the so-called "democratic" procedure to the West. It was also said loudly that, due to the special nature of the situation, an entire unit would be thrown at the observational battle - 500 man! Here is a link to the latest article on expedition details:

I have been living in Canada for over 20 years and have been following anyone for a long time the newsrelating to my former homeland - the USSR. And then almost the second coming - the collapse of Ukraine!

My suspicions were caused by several positions, which at one time or another were mentioned by the Canadian media. The first “swallow” is the new composition of the delegation, which was previously formed on the basis of a local company. But not today!

The second "bird" is my personal close acquaintance with some manifestations of the character of the Ukrainian diaspora. Especially - her stubborn Russophobia.

So, all the same old question - who are the judges? In the first lines of the news we see the name of the senator from the province of Saskatchewan - Mrs. Raynell Andreychuk. Surprise catches the breath - who is going to watch democracy in Ukraine? Ukrainians!

Let's look at the service record of dear Mrs. Andreychuk: http://raynellandreyrey

From the text of her biography follows the conclusion about her long-standing and rather active participation in various events in Ukraine. Medals and orders, the title of "heroes" in Ukraine, are presented not only to former SS henchmen, but also to respected Canadian senators. And what is not a pity!

Lovers of facts and foreign languages, I invite all of you to carefully read the details of the biography of Madame Andreychuk. Especially it is necessary to analyze its activity in the framework of various Ukrainian organizations. I, unfortunately, have no time or political experience for this.

I am a simple man. But the questions before me arise not at all simple. For example, isn't this the direct influence of one state on the affairs of another? Is it not from here that the legs of anti-Russian statements grow not only in the comments of “ordinary” Canadians on local media sites, but also from the representatives of the highest echelon of state power (right up to the prime minister and foreign minister)?

My simplicity makes me ask even more difficult questions.

Why did Canada hurry to give 220 millions of dollars to the Kiev junta in the very first days of the coup? By the simplicity of my soul, I expected a pleasant surprise and immediately called my sick mother in Lviv - did she finally get her money frozen for all ordinary Ukrainians in the last millennium? No - not received, and it seems not to receive.

Where did the big money go? Are those new APCs that the junta boasted in the Southeast? Anti-Russian propaganda on Canadian TV today crosses all moral boundaries.

Because it is war. And in war, all means are good. Here, many shout about our gulag. They are afraid ... But at the same time they are modestly silent about concentration camps for the civilian population of their own country. During the war, all Canadian Japanese were driven there. Just for the sake of calming maple syrup. For the genocide of the Indians, only recently someone said in a whisper “sorry ...” It’s not that - flowers. Here, after all, Russia is threatening to advance from the North!

In short, dear reader, do not play Canadian political hockey. We don't need such hockey!
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  1. mig31
    mig31 24 May 2014 07: 01
    Canada is a refuge for all trash, fascists, and criminals of all stripes, the delegation will be "worthy" from the given "nation" ...
    1. from punk
      from punk 24 May 2014 09: 50
      Quote: mig31
      Canada is a refuge for all trash, fascists, and criminals of all stripes, the delegation will be "worthy" from the given "nation" ...
    2. _my opinion
      _my opinion 24 May 2014 11: 17
      And you know, Canada’s position has not surprised me for a long time ...

      It’s enough to know that Canada is essentially a colony of England (Canada is a state included in The British Commonwealth as Dominion (Kingdom of the Commonwealth), whose head of state is the British Queen. The Queen's official representative in Canada is Governor General). recourse

      Australia has a similar situation (the head of state, Queen of the Australian Union, is Elizabeth II. Queen claims Governor GeneralThe Governor-General is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Armed Forces, representing the Queen in this position. The Prime Minister is elected on behalf of Governor General. Australia Cabinet appointed Governor General.). recourse

      And here is another interesting info:
      exists in the Pacific Ocean ("not far" from Japan) Northern Mariana Islands, Interesting form of government - Unincorporated organized territory, freely Associated State to the USA, President Obamacitizens have US passportsbut they do not have voting rights in the election of the President of the United States, Senate and House of Representatives of the United States. Currency unit - U.S. dollar.
      So in essence we have another US state, the presence of which is not advertised anywhere. belay
      1. avg
        avg 24 May 2014 11: 53
        the ruling party of Canadian conservatives in a hurry announced the dispatch of observers for the much-needed West "democratic" procedure.

        Why spend money in a crisis. After all, the entire "world democratic community", "free world", "people of good will" and other scum have long recognized the elections as exemplary. One Yulka stsuka disagrees. Well, yes, this Baba Yaga is always against it. yes
      2. Vladimir 23rus
        Vladimir 23rus 25 May 2014 23: 29
        So in vain over the frame (Yes, with a little laughing ) laughed. This is me about 57 states. Anything can be. If you count all the mattress makers standing in the "SZ" position, then how sad it is to get over a hundred states.
    3. yushch
      yushch 24 May 2014 12: 18
      As an independent state, Canada never existed. Its main role is to be a mongrel and to start barking at the time.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 24 May 2014 12: 50
        Quote: yushch
        As an independent state, Canada never existed. Its main role is to be a mongrel and to start barking at the time.

        Yes, of course Canada is another US state.
        But the prerogative to bark at Russia and to defend interests, for the sake of the USA, the Baltic States have earned so long
        I am honestly surprised - Canada has surpassed the Baltic states!
    4. Sterlya
      Sterlya 25 May 2014 01: 55
      There is no such country as Canada. This is like one of the states of the United States.
      all their mouse fuss on the training of mattresses. only an ignoramus can think that Canada can make independent decisions as a country
  2. 24 May 2014 07: 05
    For some reason, this west is jammed, they all do not like people! The war is called democracy, where people live quietly, there is a dictatorship! Or maybe it's time to remove the shit from the world map ??? good
  3. ochakow703
    ochakow703 24 May 2014 07: 08
    For a long time belonged to Canada quite smoothly. Well, there is a country very similar, climatically, with Russia, well, Canadians live there comfortably, play hockey well, I also adore it, like that. Well, there was no reason to delve into the depths of truth. But it turns out that everything is true! Still waters run deep. It is their well-being that hides the horns and tail. But the moment of truth came, and the horns popped out. One thing I can say about the behavior of Canadians - friends, do not be like pigs. You have three cases in your very sinful deeds. And it’s not for you to claim power, for Russia you are just a s.ra. North American country.
    1. 24 May 2014 07: 11
      Canada-colony of the United States, and therefore does not have an independent opinion !!! good
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 24 May 2014 07: 56
        That's why I did not like investing in the Canadian dollar.
      2. Predator
        Predator 24 May 2014 09: 29
        English! And it doesn’t matter how the mongrels remained, they would have sent better than the Indians, they are well versed in democracy!
      3. Blondy
        Blondy 24 May 2014 10: 38
        Also earned pluses. Canada is still formally considered a constitutional parliamentary monarchy within the British Commonwealth.
        Until 1982, it was generally the dominion of the British Crown, with a formal British governor. At least it would be possible to look into Wikipedia before.
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 24 May 2014 07: 55
      Such a topic there, for there are many immigrants in Canada from the west of Ukraine.
  4. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 24 May 2014 07: 13
    They're going to check where their money went, for a "good" deed! If the elections don't go as planned in Canada, there will be a showdown.
    It remains to hope for the prudence of the Ukrainian people!
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 24 May 2014 07: 30
    Read. Canada faithful jackal among amers. Ready for anything for the owner.
  6. Horn
    Horn 24 May 2014 07: 35
    Canada simply does what its owner, Naglia, is “embarrassed” to do for some reason. And that's all. And the small-breds have been the antagonists of Russia for many centuries.
  7. Counter
    Counter 24 May 2014 07: 41
    Well, why be surprised! Canada has the largest diaspora of immigrants from Ukraine. And at the same time, the huge part of this diaspora is precisely those thoroughbred Benderawho fled from the Ukrainian SSR in the 50s. Today it is their direct descendants!
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 24 May 2014 07: 45
    Let's remember the history! The first wave of "migrant workers" with memory - back at the beginning of the 20th century, traveled to Canada for a happy life. The second wave - fugitive Bandera and Nazi henchmen. The third wave - here already from different parts of Ukraine - specialists, engineers, scientists - again for a long ruble, although the representatives and heirs of the first two waves, who came from the east of Ukraine and Kiev, do not even consider Ukrainians.
    And so - as many as 500 observers from Canada, and only 1000 will arrive! You know who you are. And observers from Canada will be delighted to see how elections are held at gunpoint! oh it's me! Under the protection of the Right Sector! That PS will observe the order! Any questions? No questions! I thought so!
  9. lexx2038
    lexx2038 24 May 2014 07: 49
    Already tired of everything! Maybe a swag?
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 24 May 2014 11: 06
      Maybe a swag?
      Be sure to bang! And more than once! The whole world is in ruin. But after good
    MAGGNUM 24 May 2014 07: 56
    Yes, they would walk in the forest !!! Elephant and pug. They won’t do anything else, because dear and beloved Uncle Sam is nearby, whom you can’t argue against. So I don’t even pay attention to the blathering of Canada, and, in my opinion, the leadership of our Great Country does the same !!!
    By the way, Andreichuk is again a woman in politics, and apparently not quite young, they took out these theft, the sensations that the brain was 0. Who controls the world ??? Nuland, Psaki, Andreichuk, Tymoshenko - is there at least one adequate? No! Correctly Zhirinsovsky once said about the menager from the White House - we must put her for the night in the barracks of the Taman Division !!!
    A senator with Ukrainian roots - this is the whole essence of the nation, that the USA, that Canada - Ukrainians, French, Irish, Arabs, Africans - but there is no nation, Americans or Canadians - there are Indians, the rest is fiction of their inflamed brain.
  11. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 24 May 2014 08: 18
    Canada, one of the many countries that say petty nasty things to Russia, they are capable of big nasty things, but they are afraid to get snot, and this can be painful. A minor dirty trick is always welcome in any assortment.
  12. 24 May 2014 08: 21
    A.M. Gorodnitsky:
    The sky is blue over Canada
    Between birches, slanting rains ...
    Although it looks like Russia,
    But still - not Russia.
  13. 24 May 2014 08: 21
    Quote: lexx2038
    Already tired of everything! Maybe a swag?

    Mandatory, but then !!! bully And there’s no way out anymore, they don’t want to talk in good terms, so you’ll have to bang !!! am
  14. jekasimf
    jekasimf 24 May 2014 08: 28
    As usual: Put Fox as a guard in the chicken coop, a goat, a watchman in the garden, and Canadian, hohlonatsiks, to monitor the correctness of the elections in Ukra.
  15. siberalt
    siberalt 24 May 2014 08: 49
    And what's the use of going then? They won’t get into Crimea. laughing
  16. kyznets
    kyznets 24 May 2014 09: 04
    Well, let the Volks-Ukrainians go to the Andreechuk to inspect the election of the new Führer in Vaterland. To us what. What will it change? Add legitimacy to the regime, elections? Putin has already said that this is an election under a vibrant, healthy and legally legitimate president until next year and, in general, contradicts the Ukrainian constitution. After the election, Ukraine will become a two-headed mutant. And the doubtful legitimate inspectors will control the birth of the second head.
    But Canada and Canadians should not be called names and personalities - this is a bad manners, especially in relation to the author, who is against the Ukrainian Bandera and Canadian Volksbandera, being himself a Canadian.
  17. shurup
    shurup 24 May 2014 09: 07
    Yes, and the flag in their hands.
    For some reason, Canadians like to come and take a break in Moscow, temporarily forgetting Russophobia. They bring only maple syrup with them for lack of more than to treat.
    So the free shopping tourism in Kiev combined with observation is the reason for the size of the delegation.
  18. Starshina wmf
    Starshina wmf 24 May 2014 09: 09
    In general, Canada as a country does not represent anything. Rather, it is another state of America. They do not have their own.
  19. Alexgs
    Alexgs 24 May 2014 09: 13
    I'm not a fan of Putin, even more so ... But it was epic .... I just take off my hat .... This is the president.
    1. free
      free 24 May 2014 10: 21
      My bow, comrade president!
      1. leshachok64
        leshachok64 24 May 2014 12: 54
        I agree. Well cut.
    2. VSC
      VSC 24 May 2014 23: 06
      That would always be so.
    3. VSC
      VSC 24 May 2014 23: 06
      That would always be so.
  20. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 24 May 2014 10: 22
    I talked somehow with a Canadian. He looks like an educated person. There was a conversation "for politics." He told me about Russia's aggression, about defenseless Georgia, about "freedom to the North Caucasus" - in general, "a complete gentleman's set." In response, I asked him one question and made one suggestion:
    Question: - And you were in Halifax, I saw a cemetery there under the signboard "SEVASTOPOL". Who invaded whom?
    And the sentence - give freedom to Quebec ...
    You would see an absolutely mutton-gate expression on his physiognomy.
    1. Horn
      Horn 24 May 2014 11: 39
      Quote: VD chauvinist
      Question: - And you were in Halifax, I saw a cemetery there under the signboard "SEVASTOPOL". Who invaded whom?
      And the sentence - give freedom to Quebec ...
      You would see an absolutely mutton-gate expression on his physiognomy.

      - Well, you can't do that! Literally an encyclopedia of a pristine brain! Little by little it is necessary, otherwise the Mosk will overlap with information that runs counter to the "general line of the party" ...
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 24 May 2014 11: 53
      Quote: VD chauvinist
      And the sentence - give freedom to Quebec ...

      That's it! As soon as Quebec stammered that he would leave Canada, they immediately made French the second official language! And this despite the fact that 70% of Canadians will never think of going to Quebec. But both languages ​​are taught everywhere. And here more than half speaks Russian, and the second state to do it - horseradish! am
  21. Giant thought
    Giant thought 24 May 2014 11: 18
    In Canada, there are enough Ukrainian Nazis, so they rushed to Ukraine to help the local Natsiks seem to formally seize power.
  22. Barakuda
    Barakuda 24 May 2014 11: 18
    So I think I’ll go to the polls, but why are there no graphs against everyone? I’m finishing a count like Donbass-Putin-brothers Slavs .. and the circus will continue .. This is not an election, but some kind of rnukha.
    And about Canada, it’s possible to somehow live there only in the French provinces .. The rest is full There’s nothing to even talk to anyone about.
    Hi, bye, how are the children, wife, OK? If there are Indian colleges teaching Indians with Australians, what is it about.
  23. fox21h
    fox21h 24 May 2014 11: 20
    Quote: punk
    Quote: mig31
    Canada is a refuge for all trash, fascists, and criminals of all stripes, the delegation will be "worthy" from the given "nation" ...

    It’s like we have in the 90s - an alcoholic or a bald one with a stain, only worse, with Ukrainian characteristics
  24. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 24 May 2014 12: 18
    No, I'm in foreign lands, and just talking to foreigners, I try not to touch politics especially. All their worldview fits into several stamps. And if the conversation comes, then I just propose to come to Russia in the winter and pick up the bear from the den. Presented? Also with Russia, the Russian bear can be lured out of the den, it’s not a tricky business. First, figure out how to put him back to sleep! laughing
  25. Valter1364
    Valter1364 24 May 2014 12: 22
    From life:

    Stood like that in the port of Quebec. The Ukrainian diaspora in Canada is huge. Time, early 90s. I am talking with a sales representative about the procurement and delivery of supplies and provisions on board the vessel. The conversation flows smoothly from the bridge to its wing. Shipchandler turns out to be Ukrainian, born in Canada. Suddenly, his face changes abruptly, and, switching to the international Russian mat, declares: "Well ... how much we help them, but they still hang their flag upside down." I look at the flagpole of a neighboring Ukrainian dry cargo ship, and it really hangs, but hangs with a yellow stripe up.
    1. chelovektapok
      chelovektapok 24 May 2014 12: 37
      Valter1364 I walked, knows. In the 90s and 0s, he was engaged in physical control of the foreign merchant fleet. Communicated with Sailors of different nations. "Under the flag" no one else. Ukraintsy-type of Arabs. While talking to you, the nut will be unscrewed with your foot to steal. We are especially happy (from conversations) if a wealthy woman was found while staying in Porto. Well, drunk, the eggs are empty, like ping-pong balls. And the MAIN thing is free. I didn’t spend $. Cool crafted ... laughing Russian sailors, that’s who caused respect. I ask, for example, Captain, they say restlessly, how will you go? Do you have a weapon? Answer: There are no weapons. Due to PERSONAL COURAGE and Trench Tool. So let's go. bully
  26. Barakuda
    Barakuda 24 May 2014 12: 38
    Quote: Valter1364
    but hanging with a yellow stripe up.

    he should have been hanging like that, beguiled. Nobody has taught history! The sun is confused with the Sea and the Dnieper. And wheat has nothing to do with it. A thousand years ago, hawali rye breads ..
  27. Anti-ukra
    Anti-ukra 24 May 2014 13: 21
    If anyone wants to provide real assistance to the Army of the Southeast, here is the link there you will see everything + a receipt for the transfer. Http://, pdf ---------- this is a receipt. It is necessary to soak the boys manenko.
  28. skifd
    skifd 24 May 2014 13: 40
    A friend left in 1995 for Canada. There is a large Russian diaspora and even more Ukrainian. I won't talk about Russian, but when, in a bad way (Soviet - all brothers!) I poked my head at the ukram ... Then he wrote to me that I was not "correct" x .... l, there he saw "real" ones. If he met "normal" immigrants, at best, from the 70s, and those with Jewish mixes ... Now I have lost contact with him, and it is a pity, I would have had first-hand information.