Washington and its allies will continue to fan the flames of the "world revolution"

Washington and its allies in the Western project will continue to kindle the fire of the "world revolution." This is confirmed by the speech of US President Barack Obama about the attitude to the Arab unrest, delivered by 19 in May, and the multinational exercises of the armed forces of the States, NATO states and allies from Southern Europe, North Africa, codenamed "Phoenix Express", that began in May in the Mediterranean .

What is confirmed and reported by Obama

In principle, it was quite obvious before that revolutions and unrest fully met the interests of Washington and its allies — Paris and London. After the outbreak of events, information appeared that in the same Libya events were being prepared long before the start of the “revolution”. Exercises were held, worked with leaders of separatists, Islamists, CIA agents, special forces soldiers, penetrated the country, there was active work in social networks. That is, in principle, there was no “rebellious people”: there were groups of specially trained “p-revolutionaries” who opposed the Gaddafi regime for purely selfish purposes - someone wanted to get to the state feeder, others dreamed of their “little Libya” the third supported Islamization and so on. The greater part is the inflated "extras," more precisely, the "rams" who went after the provocateurs. They worked with such methods in Syria, “snipers” were also identified there, only in Syria, the authorities reacted faster and harder, while the country was stopped before a possible civil war.

In his speech, Obama confirmed the US policy of turning Eurasia into a "sea of ​​fire". Naturally, he did not say this, but he said other important things. The US president said that the world has seen 6 months of extraordinary changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa, “... people are rising, demanding basic human rights. Two managers left their posts. Others may follow. ” He said that "the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa took their future into their own hands." Does the USA with other countries, apparently, help them with rockets and bombs? It was said about "freedom", about "self-determination". But what will the “free” and “self-determined” Arabs of Egypt eat in the fall ?! The influx of tourism has collapsed by two thirds, the country's currency reserves have already fallen by a third and continue to fall, food prices are being pumped up - what will eat 80 million Egypt in the fall is a big question. Unless it will get into even greater debts, but this is a temporary measure, and then it is necessary to give it away. With what?

Obama: "The policy of the United States will be to promote reforms across the region and support the transition to democracy." That is, the "transition to democracy" is provided by Libya and other countries in the region, where Washington decided to change the elite - in Yemen, Syria, Iran, and so on. I wonder why not bring Sunni monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula to "democracy", they are much more archaic than the secular militarized regimes in Iraq, Egypt, still exist in Libya, Syria. With human rights, things there are very gloomy. For some reason, Obama didn’t remember about them, except for Bahrain, but there wasn’t any talk about changing the government, he said only about organizing a dialogue with the opposition.

He repeated the lies of the Western media that "Gaddafi launched a war against his own people", that he does not control his country, about the fact that "the opposition has organized a legitimate and authoritative Interim Council." He declared the following about Syria: "... the Syrian regime has chosen the path of murder and mass arrests of its citizens." The question is, why did Obama not recall that “peaceful oppositionists” killed and injured soldiers, innocent people? He demanded from Assad to lead the transition to "democracy" or leave. He also touched Iran, accusing him of helping Syria, of repressions, of “oppressing its people.”

He promised help "to stabilize and modernize the economy of Tunisia and Egypt," for this purpose, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be involved. Egypt promised to exempt from paying debts in 1 billion dollars and loans in 1 billion dollars. Launch a loan program worth 2 billion to support private investment in this region, support private entrepreneurship in Egypt and Tunisia. What does this mean for these countries? Even more financial and economic dependence on the West.

Another provocation - a speech against Israel, the words about "the borders of 1967 of the year."

Western coalition is working out the landing

23 May began military exercises "Phoenix Express", they solve two main tasks: a demonstration of cohesion of the Western coalition and preparation for landing operations in Libya and, possibly, in Syria, Algeria. The exercise program is fully in line with NATO’s new strategic concept and states that the alliance must have “a unique and powerful set of political and military capabilities to deal with the full range of crises - before, during and after conflicts.” "NATO will actively apply the necessary combination of such political and military means to help manage the development of crises that have the potential to affect the security of the Alliance." It is quite clear that Libya was the first to experience this concept, following, according to the logic of the “democratizers,” Syria, Algeria, Iran should become ... So, Hillary Clinton said: “I think it will be fair to say that we are going to urge the Syrian government to responsibility. What is happening now, the very chronicle of events, is, in general, a manifestation of our work ... ". Syria has already been subject to sanctions by the European Union and the United States.

The scenarios for deploying contingents of multinational "peacekeeping" forces, according to the "Yugoslav scenario", are being worked out. From the same series news about the fact that London and Paris are sending dozens of attack helicopters against Libya - in fact, the operation is getting closer to the land. Gaddafi could not be broken only by the Air Force and the strikes of sea-based missiles. Apparently, for this purpose the other day the Western coalition struck the Libyan navy, destroying several ships so that they could not prevent the landing of the "peacekeeping contingent".

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