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NATO wants to take Georgia "to be friends against Russia"

NATO wants to take Georgia "to be friends against Russia"Against whom are we friends? .. This absurd, at first glance, phrase is most often pronounced as a joke. But only on the everyday, simple human level. If it comes to politics, and especially military politics, the phrase often acquires a very real meaning filled with unkind content.

In this case, we are talking about such a military-political monster, like NATO.
As you know, the North Atlantic Military Union was formed in 1949 year as a force designed to counter the "Soviet threat" to the Western world. There was that “threat” or it was only invented - God be with him, with the deeds of bygone days! The confrontation between the East and the West existed, and now we will not speak about the ideological background.

Again, it is well known that soon after the formation of NATO, the Soviet Union asked to be accepted into this organization. However, this proposal was followed by a refusal. What is failure in this situation? The designation of the purpose against which the organization is created.

The next step of Moscow was not difficult to foresee. In 1955, a new structure appeared on the military-political map of the world - the Warsaw Pact Organization, designed to oppose NATO.

The confrontation between NATO and ATS was largely determined by the international situation in the second half of the 20th century.

Today the "Soviet threat" is gone. The Warsaw Pact was scattered. No more Soviet Union ...

So against whom is the Western world now friends?

Yes, the Soviet Union is no more. But Russia has remained! Let a weakened, torn by internal contradictions, with an economy breathing incense, an endlessly weakening ruble ... And yet still trying not to give up its position as a strong power, trying to escape from the protracted crisis, Russia has innumerable treasures!

It is the desire to possess our treasures and is the cornerstone of the structure, whose name is NATO.

However, if it is taken by and large. If, in particular, each member country of the military-political bloc has its own goals. If the United States strives for world leadership, then many small states, like sticking fish, simply wish to get into the community of strong ones in order to be drunk with crumbs from the master's table.

Illustrative example. By initial position, each member state is obliged to allocate two percent of its GDP to the needs of NATO. In reality, this condition is fulfilled by only a few states, the rest of the costs of maintaining the unit have been reduced. So it turned out that today 72 percent (this is according to official data, and according to some data, and more) the funds in the NATO budget come from the US. Already this circumstance shows who is primarily interested in the existence of the block.

So, the North Atlantic bloc in its current form was formed over the years 65. Since the collapse of the USSR, its borders have made a breakthrough to the borders of Russia, and today they are crawling on our country from several directions.

And on the issue of the expansion of NATO to the east, Georgia occupies a special place.

Today, Georgia has the status of "participant in an expedited dialogue." That is, it is a kind of candidate for joining NATO, but this seems to be by no means guaranteed. Like, let Tbilisi fulfill all the demands made to it, and then we will see what to do next.
Why should the leadership of Georgia join this structure, of course. This raises the status of the state, it activates contacts of the political and military elite with foreign colleagues, it allows you to place foreign bases on your territory, which automatically means the creation of new jobs and replenishment of the state budget. For the average person, an increase in the country's security is declared, to which the average person is usually conducted, but only then the grandmother said it in two. However, during the January 5 referendum, 2008 of the year, 77 percent of the country's population voted to join the Alliance.

Why Georgia’s entry into NATO is beneficial for the United States is also understandable. Georgia would become the most eastern member of the Community, it would become the outpost of American influence in Transcaucasia, it would cut off Armenia from Russia, and indeed Washington would have a new lever of pressure on Moscow ...

However, NATO is not a pocket toy of the United States. It is an organization in which there are 28 member states; and not all of them agree to play the role of Obama's Bologna.

First of all, the admission of Georgia to the Alliance contradicts the 10 article of the North Atlantic Agreement, according to which only European states can join NATO. Although the Agreement is so not serious, it is possible to make additions-changes to it. There are obstacles and more difficult.

A state that becomes a member of NATO, in fact, is under the protection of all the military power of the Alliance. However, the stick - about two ends! The alliance must also be sure that it is replenished with an adequate articulate member, whose actions are predictable and controlled, and therefore will not lead to any surprises. As for Tbilisi, Brussels has no such confidence here - one has to expect anything from the hot Caucasian guys. And this is today! And what can happen when especially zealous Georgian politicians feel that power behind their back?!.

And hence the question ... What is the interest of France or Germany to quarrel with Russia because of Georgia’s unpredictable ambitions? .. Well, there’s no reason! Therefore, they are not thrilled by the fact that the Caucasian factor will not be predictable in NATO.

The current events in Ukraine, attitudes towards them from Europe clearly show for whom the West is ready to unite, and who cares less. Georgia is clearly in the second category.

However, you should not flatter yourself. Recent events near the Russian borders show that our ideological work in neighboring countries, unfortunately, has slipped too often lately. Today, when the attention of the whole world, in any case, a significant part of it, is riveted to the events in Ukraine, it's time to stretch the decision on Georgia under NATO, for example.

You shouldn’t indulge yourself with illusions: if such a thing happens, a serious blow will be dealt to Russia's interests in the South Caucasus. After all, this act is automatically materialized into bases, which will be targeted by the entire Southern Federal District; today, Tbilisi is begging from its Western patrons of the air defense system. As mentioned above, Armenia and the contingent of the Russian army and the Border Troops located on its territory will be even more isolated. If we take into account that Yerevan is already subjected to constant political pressure from the West, that there are many pro-Western politicians in Armenia who advocate weakening Moscow’s position in the region, an additional factor in the hands of anti-Russian forces may well play its negative role for us.

But even this is not important! The main thing will be the fact that there will be a precedent of violation of NATO's statutory documents restricting exit from Europe. Already today, NATO headquarters has individual partnership plans with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan ... And although I don’t want to believe in a similar scenario of development of the situation, life shows that it is better to be ready for anything. The coverage of the North Atlantic bloc of Russia from the South to the Chinese border is an extremely undesirable, but by no means impossible, prospect of the development of the situation in the case of the implementation of the option with Georgia.

But back from the hypothetical future to the real present.

And the current reality is that on May 2, Georgia and the OSCE signed a memorandum of understanding. It is, of course, the OSCE - this is not NATO. However, this event is quite an indication that, on the one hand, Georgia is aggressively seeking contacts with the West, and on the other, the West is ready for such contacts. Moreover, the very name of the organization contains a geo-referencing - the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which, pegging, is easily overstepped in order to achieve political goals.

Today, Russia's task is to hinder Georgia’s intention to join NATO in every possible way. In order to achieve this result, Western politicians should realize for themselves the danger of such a decision.

The most important thing is that the situation in Georgia itself, as well as at its borders, is too unstable. The situation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia is widely known - after the military conflict that entered history as the “08.08.08 War”, these republics declared their independence, which was recognized by Russia and just a few small states. However, the situation in Ajaria is heating up.
Georgia is a country with an overwhelming predominance of the titular nation. Of the approximately 4,5 million inhabitants of the country, almost 85 percent are ethnic Georgians. Yes, even more than a half million settled outside the country - but this is so, by the way.

So, in Georgia, as usual in the states with an overwhelming numerical superiority of one nation, all its key posts are occupied by its representatives. Accordingly, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, representatives of other nations are disadvantaged; and especially for Russians.

The presence of foci of ethnic tensions, both existing and potential, greatly alarming the West. Many NATO countries have similar problems, and why should they voluntarily add an extra headache to themselves?

Again, we have to remember the global crisis, which makes tightening the straps and the state with a developed economy. Meanwhile, they are the ones who have to pay NATO expenses for themselves and for that guy. As for Georgia, its economy today is completely collapsed. 10,5 billion dollars of debt, 16 percent of unemployed, 31 percent - below the poverty line ... What contribution can it make to the collective piggy bank of the Alliance? .. And who needs such a freeloader? ..

But politics, politics! .. It was she who makes NATO bureaucrats shut their eyes to all these risks. Pressure on Russia should be continued and increased - this principle guides Washington and Brussels. And they do it too often. Especially now, during the growing civil war in Ukraine.

As already mentioned, three quarters of the Georgian population were in favor of joining NATO. Accordingly, the remaining quarter should be the basis for holding in society the idea of ​​the destructive course of the country's accession to the militant alliance. To solve this problem for Russia is a must.
As well as to prevent the point of view of the need for Georgia’s participation in the alliance to win in NATO itself.

If this happens, Russia will suffer another political defeat. And God forbid that only political.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 22 May 2014 06: 24
    In this case, we are talking about such a military-political monster, like NATO.

    It's right...
    GEORGIA will not be able to join NATO for purely legal reasons ... for this they will have to recognize the independence of NORTH OSSETIA and ABKHAZIA ... WHAT IS COMING CLOSE TO GEORGIA.
    1. aleks700
      aleks700 22 May 2014 07: 07
      If the contract clause interferes with it or will be completely removed or altered.
    2. Thompson
      Thompson 22 May 2014 20: 10
      I think that for the sake of drawing Georgia into NATO, they (NATO) will sacrifice both Ossetia and Abkhazia.
      The main thing for them -TAPE THERE!
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 22 May 2014 06: 26
    small states, like sticky fish, simply want to get into the community of the strong, so that they themselves can catch crumbs from the master's table. yes it's cool to have in the patrons of a fat high school student! wassat
  3. Humpty
    Humpty 22 May 2014 06: 35
    Put a plus article. To a certain extent, the aspiration of Georgians to "Europe" and NATO is understandable, the kinship (or rather ugliness) of souls. Both Europe and Georgia showed the world the possessed Fuhrer, and 3,14-ditch in Georgia, as well as in Europe, is traditionally too much.
  4. Kuvabatake
    Kuvabatake 22 May 2014 06: 35
    I would say failed states (suckers for the simple reason) Always crawl under someone more, hoping to be participants in something significant (in their opinion).
  5. voveim
    voveim 22 May 2014 06: 37
    As for Georgia, its economy today is completely ruined. 10,5 billion dollars of debt, 16 percent of the unemployed, 31 percent - below the poverty line ...

    And one more thing: almost half of these genatsvals hang around here, in Russia. About "thieves in law" and without a law I am not saying - whoever you do not poke, he is either Gogi Tbilissky or Dato Kutaissky. Well, what the hell, you ask? It is enough for the FMS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to press only on these two points (that is, to throw out both of them from our land), as bare-assed Georgia will crawl on all fours and forget about all kinds of NATs. Yes, only the FMS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not work without a command from above ...
  6. mig31
    mig31 22 May 2014 06: 40
    The disease has been neglected, and it’s dangerous to let it go on the brakes, it can break and go into all the hardships, we need a flexible policy with the attraction of Russian influential Georgians, in general, our own program for the rehabilitation of Russian-Georgian relations ...
    1. taseka
      taseka 22 May 2014 07: 16
      Yes! I agree! We have to start all over again - otherwise we just got a bunch of thieves-in-law from Georgia - to start them all out of Russia !!!
  7. mamont5
    mamont5 22 May 2014 06: 47
    Yes, the United States is trying its best to revive NATO, which has pretty much relaxed over the past 20 years and to look after it, of course, is necessary. Pull off when it drifts too much. But I think that the end of NATO is a foregone conclusion due to the fault of its creator. The United States replayed with its sanctions and forced Russia to take a series of turning points. This is a move away from the dollar, which will result in the destruction of the Amer’s financial system and, as a consequence, the United States itself, and our turn to the East (to China and other countries of the region). If the EU does not come to its senses and does not stop dancing to the tune of Amer, then its ruin and collapse are just around the corner.
  8. Per se.
    Per se. 22 May 2014 06: 54
    Rodents in NATO are not the worst, legalization of American puppets in Ukraine this Sunday is much more dangerous. Who doubts that the elections will take place (even if only one Bandera member comes to them), the pro-American candidate will win, and the US and the EU unanimously recognize these elections? Then, even without Ukraine joining NATO, we can get "peacekeepers" from NATO to protect the same gas pipeline to Europe from the southeastern "terrorists", and the legalized government will no longer hesitate to kill the recalcitrant. Have we merged Ukraine? Fuck knows, one thing is undoubtedly, we have exactly the same oligarchs, "godlike inhabitants of heaven", who keep their "treasures" not in Russian rubles, and not in Russian banks, which means they are dependent on the Americans. Hope that the resistance in the southeast will withstand the West and the Bandera, and even liberate Kiev ... I would like to believe that.
  9. Alikovo
    Alikovo 22 May 2014 07: 18
    joining NATO will come sideways.
  10. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 22 May 2014 07: 39
    Well said! The Americans do not want to harm one, because they are looking for their companions. Like yourself.
  11. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 22 May 2014 08: 17
    08 year. The proud and brave Georgians fled ...
  12. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 22 May 2014 09: 01
    If the Georgians are not tired of their stupid position ... let them be friends with the United States ... this is their choice.
    And we will strengthen friendship with Abkhazia ... although there are enough forces oriented to Turkey.