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Russian church opposed the "eternal flame"


The Russian Orthodox Church criticized the way Victory Day is celebrated in Russia. Advisor to the Russian Orthodox Church said that the "eternal flame" is a pagan symbol, unrelated to the memory of the fallen soldiers. Earlier, the official church publication "Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate" wrote that the celebration of Victory Day is similar to the "civil religion", which is based on "pagan values".

Experts believe that, on the one hand, the church thus expresses dissatisfaction with how Victory Day is celebrated recently in Russia, on the other - this may be a manifestation of resentment of the church against Soviet power.

"Thank the granfather for the victory"

Sergei Chapnin, editor of the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote in his article that the celebration of victory looks like a "civil religious act." "At the heart of this civic religion are pagan values ​​and symbols, which were partially modernized by communist propaganda, and the ritual forms of this religion, in part, provide for the universal worship of fire."

A Moscow journalist, member of the Public Chamber of Russia Maxim Shevchenko, in an interview with the BBC Russian service, said that the celebration of Victory Day in recent years seems like a national show and has become another gullet for Russians, and this is what the church condemns. "I think that the hysteria we observe on 9 in May goes beyond common sense. People write on their cars," Thank you grandfather for the victory, "they order a dance in Moscow strip clubs, to the exclamations," Thank you grandfather for the victory, "the journalist said. In his opinion, this does not concern the people “who fought in the ruins of Stalingrad”.

Insulting church

At the same time, historian Alexander Dyukov notes that Russia is a secular state and does not understand why the church makes claims to secular events. He recalls that the Orthodox Church has long been "specifically" related to the Great Patriotic War. He believes that such statements are a manifestation of the resentment of the church against the Soviet power. “Certainly, these are echoes of resentment, this is an attempt to take revenge after many years for their sufferings, but the fact that the church is doing this now and in this form looks, to put it mildly, not very reasonable,” said the BBC historian.

USSR or church?

Observers note that during the reign of Vladimir Putin in Russia at the state level, a policy of glorification of the Soviet past. Russian leaders often talk about the greatness of the USSR, of which Russia is the successor. Polls indicate the growing popularity of the figure of Joseph Stalin among Russians. At the same time, in Russia in recent years, the number of believers of the Orthodox Church has also significantly increased. Observers believe that the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church was especially strengthened after it was headed by Patriarch Kirill. He is considered one of the most influential figures in Russian politics. The church usually fully supports the Russian leadership.

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    SMERSH 21 May 2011 09: 43
    The country is generally a piip, there are no other problems!
    Better to be a Gentile than a SLAVE!
    The Roman Empire paid tribute to the Gentiles in gold, so that they did not attack, and these whine SLAVES CHRIST!
    People read the real story! Russia is more than tens of thousands of years, and these christian craps are 2 thousand years old!
    Somehow it cost WITHOUT A JEWISH TALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. gojesi
      gojesi 21 October 2012 22: 12
      Quote: SMERSH
      People read the real story! Russia is more than tens of thousands of years, and these christian craps are 2 thousand years old!
      Somehow it cost WITHOUT A JEWISH TALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      be careful with such statements. For such a phrase, only expressed in a milder form, I was demoted from "generals" to "colonels" belay laughing
  2. figwam
    figwam 21 May 2011 11: 53
    So I think so, cunning Jews forced the world to believe in their fairy tale in order to own it.
    Previously, people were independent of the church and prayed at home. The church again wants to equate itself with the state and intervenes where it is not necessary. The church is jealous of Victory Day. a lot of people go to celebrate otot day, but they don’t go to them so much, so they start to come up with reasons to crap a bright holiday and drag people to themselves.
    Probably every day people use fire, and without it death, we will freeze!
  3. Born in the USSR
    Born in the USSR 21 May 2011 13: 34
    Those clerics with a mentor show-off were gouging, for starters, they could refuse tax exemptions, otherwise they were completely fattened, through one persistent signs of excess weight.
  4. mitrich
    mitrich 21 May 2011 14: 15
    Himself Orthodox, although I rarely go to church, on major church holidays (Christmas, Easter). The problem is not in religion, but in its vehicles (i.e. priests, muftis, rabbis). Remember the proverb: "God is God, but Caesar is Caesar's"? So it should be in life.
    In the last 10 years the state has begun to actively replace the state-patriotic ideology with the church-patriotic one. What for? Did our parents teach us, bringing up: "Kill, steal, commit adultery"? For such simple concepts, you do not need to be an adherent of any of the religions. You just need to be a normal, sane person.
    On the news topic: after the intronization of V. Gundyaev (Cyril), the Orthodox Church really began to allow itself too much. Here you and the requirements of deductions of the church from the budget of a third of the state. income, and attempts to dictate to youth what clothes to wear, etc. And now, since May 9th ... Yes, let him celebrate as he wants, the main thing is not to forget at all what happened 66 years ago.
    There should not be too many churches. This is too personal. In the north. Too many churches (Islam) have gone out in the Caucasus, and many stupid people have misunderstood the Prophet's covenants.
    In general, this topic is very slippery and explosive for our country. Ideally, it should be like in newsreel footage of the First World War: there is a huge line of soldiers, the commander spoke before the attack, then the priests approached, each to his flock: Orthodox to his own, Muslim to his, Buddhist to his. Russians crossed themselves, Muslims prayed on rugs, Buddhists beat tambourines. And then "Forward, attack!" But before God there are no Orthodox and Muslims, everyone is equal.
  5. Script editor
    Script editor 21 May 2011 16: 10
    I don’t understand, these clergymen have completely gone crazy? At such a time, people divide and push among themselves! Just for the sake of some ghostly revenge? We must live today, and not rake the past!
  6. Escander
    Escander 21 May 2011 20: 50
    When the general advised us on the exploits of the heroic deeds in the dashing 90s, that was normal, but when the priest dressed in black, with a deplorable face, began to hand over icons to everyone, it seemed that they already started to funeral ...
    In my opinion, one must feel the measure everywhere.
  7. Sirius
    Sirius 22 May 2011 08: 54
    Script editor,
    I like that. No kidding.
  8. konsul
    konsul 22 May 2011 12: 43
    DO NOT UNDERSTAND what write (.
    1. Script editor
      Script editor 22 May 2011 22: 08
      Then please tell me what the salt is.
  9. frame5
    frame5 22 May 2011 16: 41
    Let them not dare to touch the eternal flame. Not built about them and not according to their interests.
    They have no right to poke their nose at him.
  10. slan
    slan 22 May 2011 22: 51
    Well, why publish cheap provocations? She really spoke out, it’s against)) It's like farting at one end of the village, at the other level of your level, journalists write that they crap))
  11. unit669
    unit669 23 May 2011 02: 21
    "... The Russian Orthodox Church criticized the way Victory Day is celebrated in Russia." lol Are you Russian or where .. ?? Learn native speech. This is first.
    And secondly, if some "adviser to the Russian Orthodox Church" said something there after getting drunk and other "blah blah blah", this does not mean that the Orthodox Church "opposed the eternal flame." site magazine "Murzilka" do. And so all the delirium is enough.
  12. solodova
    solodova 24 June 2011 09: 59
    If the church is against the fact that there is still sacred in our country ... then it is not from God ... And people didn’t become better after the collapse of the Soviet regime, I'm sorry, but despite the influence of the church (and maybe partly thanks to it) the main god is money now, and demanding a third of the state budget, a multi-confessional, I must say, the Russian Orthodox Church proves this. Why would any Muslim or Buddhist pay for the whims of our priests from their pockets. It is not necessary for Christians. We see on cars driving around ... It would be better if they gave money to the orphanage or hospital in the rural area.
    I’m a Christian, but I don’t accept the Russian Orthodox Church’s policy, it divides us, the Victory of the 45 is one of the few left from the brotherhood of nations, and a common blessed memory, and if the Russian Orthodox Church ever encroaches on the holy ... one will at least become a Christian, but I'm not the only one ...
  13. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 24 June 2011 11: 11
    The eternal flame is a memory of that - thanks to which we in general can reason about anything.

    They should not touch the fire, it's just the memory of our fathers ...
  14. dobrik10
    dobrik10 23 November 2011 14: 26
    But is politics and social life a charitable cause?
    With such a fright in the Russian Orthodox Church decided to dictate to the people how to celebrate a national holiday?
    I don’t remember that at the meeting of the State Duma, the question of postponing, abolishing or changing any church holidays was put on the agenda because it is not in their jurisdiction, so let the Russian Orthodox Church do what it is supposed to
  15. gojesi
    gojesi April 3 2012 23: 47
    that rare case when AMAZING UNIFORMITY !!! I did it all! ALL !!!
    Russia expressed its attitude to Orthodoxy in 1918. According to Socrates, you cannot enter the same water twice! We, Rus and we will return to our clan gods, who are many tens of thousands of years old, and for whom we are not slaves, but children and grandchildren, and who love us, help us and protect us !!!
  16. chotkiperats
    chotkiperats 21 October 2012 19: 57
    I read komenty and ofigel, some believers gathered. They wrote you a duck and you believed. Here's what actually happened: Orthodox journalist Sergei Chapnin, editor of the Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate, called the tradition of "eternal flame" a pagan ritual. Church officials, including the chairman of the Synodal Information Department, Vladimir Legoyda, hastened to refute his statement, urging not to consider secular action as a religious ritual and recalling that it was based on an attempt to Soviet understanding of the church tradition of lighting candles. Enter in the search engine and read the full text. And read about the SLAVES, and the story only from different sources that would not work as in this article. Regrettably friends ....