Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Ukraine will be extremely painful

How do prophecies come true on the Ukrainian question of the author of the "Red Wheel"

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Ukraine will be extremely painful

More than once we have addressed the expert community to hot and eternal topics, and together we thought: how can we equip Russia? It is not by chance that we are now turning to the thoughts of Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn, until the last days - August 2008 — the former reader of the “RG”.

What the writer foresaw half a century ago is amazing today. In The Gulag Archipelago, he wrote: "It will be extremely painful with Ukraine." In those deeply Soviet years, he prophetically did not exclude the secession of Ukraine, but: “maybe each region will need its own plebiscite,” given the Lenin’s patterns that were used to cut lands that never belonged to historical Ukraine ... And a quarter of a century ago, I wondered: when in Western Ukraine they demolished the monuments to Lenin, why "Ukrainian nationalists with armor stand behind these sacred borders, granted by priest Lenin" ...

He saw the growth of dishonesty, the damage of souls, and the destructive passions around the Russian-Ukrainian issue. Fanatical suppression and persecution of the Russian language was called simply a brutal measure already in 2006 year.

He had no doubt that through the "color revolutions" the complete encirclement of Russia was being prepared, and then the loss of its sovereignty. These are thoughts in one of his last interviews.

What will happen tomorrow?

Read Solzhenitsyn today that he wrote yesterday.

Written in 1968, published in 1974 (ARCHIPELAG GULAG, Part Five, chapter 2):

... It pains me to write about it: Ukrainian and Russian are united in my blood, in my heart, and in my thoughts. But the great experience of friendly communication with the Ukrainians in the camps revealed to me how sad they were. Our generation cannot avoid paying for the mistakes of the elders.

Stomp your foot and shout "mine!" - the easiest way. Immeasurably harder to say: "who wants to live - live!" Surprisingly, the predictions of the Advanced Teaching did not come true that nationalism is withering. For some reason, he flourished in the age of the atom and cybernetics. And the time is right for us, whether we like it or not, to pay all promissory notes on self-determination, on independence, to pay ourselves, and not to wait for us to be burned at the stake, to drown and behead in rivers. Whether we are a great nation, we must prove not with the vastness of the territory, not with the number of trust nations, but with the grandeur of actions. And the depth of plowing what remains for us minus the lands that will not want to live with us.
Ukraine will be extremely painful. But you need to know their total heat now. If it has not been settled over the centuries, it means that it has become prudent for us. We are obliged to give the decision to them - to the federalists or the separatists, who will convince anyone of them. Do not give in - madness and cruelty. And the softer, more tolerant, the more explanatory we will be now, the more hope to restore unity in the future.

Let them live, try. They will quickly feel that not all problems are solved by the department. (Due to the fact that in different regions of Ukraine there is a different ratio of those who consider themselves to be Ukrainian, and who are Russian, and who do not consider it to be anyone, there will be many difficulties. Maybe in each region you will need your own plebiscite and then preferential and caring attitude to everyone who wants to move. Not all of Ukraine in its current formal Soviet borders is really Ukraine. Some left-bank regions are definitely to Russia. And the Crimea has attributed Khrushchev to Ukraine with oak. And Carpathian (Chervonnaya) Rus? Check it on her: demanding cn to be kind to yourself, how will the Ukrainians to the Carpathian Russians be just?)

April 1981. From a letter of the Conference on Russian-Ukrainian relations in Toronto to the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute

Dear Sirs!

Thank you so much for inviting me to the conference. Unfortunately, for many years the intensity of my work does not allow me to travel and take part in public events.

But your invitation gives me a reason and the right to express some thoughts in writing.

I completely agree that the Russian-Ukrainian question is one of the most important contemporary issues, and in any case is decisively important for our peoples. But I think that the heat of passions, the temperature that swells around it is destructive.

... In the current heightened passion - is there an emigre disease, loss of orientation? .. And if your conference starts a thorough dialogue about Russian-Ukrainian relations, you should not lose sight of it for a minute: relations between nations, not between emigrants.

... I have repeatedly spoken and I can repeat that no one can hold anyone with herself by force, violence can not be applied to any of the disputing parties either to the other side, or to one’s own, or to the people as a whole, or to any the small minority included in it - for each minority has its own minority ... In all cases, local opinion must be recognized and exercised. And therefore, all questions can truly be resolved only by the local population, and not in distant emigrant disputes with deformed sensations.

... I am especially hurt by such fierce intolerance of the discussion of the Russian-Ukrainian issue (destructive for both nations and useful only for their enemies) that I myself am of mixed Russian-Ukrainian origin, and grew up in the joint influence of these two cultures, and never I saw and did not see the antagonism between them. I often had to write and speak publicly about Ukraine and its people, about the tragedy of the Ukrainian famine, I have many old friends in Ukraine, I always knew the sufferings of the Russians and the sufferings of the Ukrainians in a single series of sub-communist sufferings. In my heartfelt feeling there is no place for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and, if God forbid us, it would reach the edge, I can say: I will never, under any circumstances, neither I go nor my sons commence Russian-Ukrainian skirmish, no matter how insane their heads were to us.

Note: Published in Russian thought, 18.6.1981. In Russia, the text was first printed in the magazine "Star", 1993, 12.

Written and published in 1990 ("How can we equip Russia?):

Word to Ukrainians and Belarusians

I myself - almost half Ukrainian, and in the early years I grew up with the sounds of Ukrainian speech. And in the mournful Belarus, I spent most of my front-line years, and to the shrillness I fell in love with her sad poverty and her meek people.

I appeal to those and others not from the outside, but as my own.

Yes, our people were divided into three branches only by the terrible misfortune of the Mongol invasion and Polish colonization. This is all - the falsehood invented recently, that almost from the 9th century there existed a special Ukrainian people with a special non-Russian language. We all together expired from the precious Kiev, "from where the Russian land began to eat," according to the chronicles of Nestor, from which Christianity was revealed to us. The same princes ruled us: Yaroslav the Wise divided the sons of Kiev, Novgorod and the entire stretch from Chernigov to Ryazan, Murom and Beloozer; Vladimir Monomakh was both a Kiev prince and a Rostov-Suzdal one; and the same unity in the ministry of the metropolitans. The people of Kievan Rus and created Muscovy. In Lithuania and Poland, Belarusians and Little Russians were conscious of themselves as Russians and fought against opolyachenya and okatolychenya. The return of these lands to Russia was then recognized by all as a reunion.

Yes, it is painful and shameful to remember the decrees of the times of Alexander II (1863, 1876) to ban the Ukrainian language in journalism, and then in literature, but it did not last long, and it was from those mind-blowing ossifications in the administrative and church policies who prepared the fall of the Russian state system.

However, the vain-socialist 1917 Rada of the year was compiled by an agreement of politicians, and was not elected by the people. And when, stepping over from the federation, announced the withdrawal of Ukraine from Russia - she did not interrogate the popular opinion.

I already had to answer the emigrant Ukrainian nationalists, who insist that America "communism is a myth, not the communists, but the Russians want to seize the whole world" (and now the "Russians" have already seized China and Tibet, and 30 has been in law for years US Senate). Communism is a myth that both Russians and Ukrainians have experienced on their necks in the dungeons of the Cheka with 1918 of the year. Such a myth that the seed in the Volga region even sown seed and gave 29 Russian provinces to drought and the endangered famine 1921-22 of the year. And the same myth treacherously pushed Ukraine into the same merciless famine of 1932-33. And together, having transferred from the Communists the general knuto-factional collectivization, are we really not connected by this blood suffering?

In Austria and in 1848, Galicians also called their national council - "Head Russka Rada". But then, in the seized Galicia, with Austrian subtraction, a distorted non-popular Ukrainian language was developed, which was written in German and Polish words, and the temptation to wean the Carpathians from Russian, and the temptation of complete All-Ukrainian separatism, which among the leaders of the current emigration erupts in disastrous ignorance. "was ukrainets", then already irresponsible heat: Communism is not so lively, Muscovites have already perished!

We would not share the pain for the death throes of Ukraine in the Soviet era. But where does this swing come from: to cut off Ukraine by living (and the one where the old Ukrainian nature was not, like the “Wild Field” of nomads - Novorossia, or Crimea, Donbass and almost to the Caspian Sea). And if the "self-determination of the nation" - so the nation should determine its own destiny. Without a popular vote, this cannot be resolved.

Today, separating Ukraine means cutting across millions of families and people: what a mixture of people; whole areas with a Russian advantage; how many people find it difficult to choose from two nationalities; how many are of mixed origin; how many mixed marriages - yes, nobody has considered them “mixed” so far. In the thickness of the main population there is no shadow of intolerance between Ukrainians and Russians.

Brothers! Do not be this cruel section! - this is the darkening of the communist years. Together we have been overwhelmed by the Soviet era, together we have fallen into this pit, and together we will get out.

And for two centuries - what a lot of outstanding names at the intersection of our two cultures. As formulated by MP Dragomanov: "Indivisible, but not mixable." With friendliness and joy, the way of Ukrainian and Belarusian culture should be open not only on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus, but also on Great Russia. No forced Russification (but no forced Ukrainization, as from the end of 20), unrestricted development of parallel cultures, and school classes in both languages, as chosen by the parents.

Of course, if the Ukrainian people really wished to separate - no one would dare to hold it by force. But - this vastness is diverse, and only the local population can decide the fate of their locality, their region, - and every newly formed national minority in this locality must meet the same non-violence towards itself.

27 October 1990 of the year. Answer to Svjatoslav Karavansky

Dear Svyatoslav Iosifovich!

Deeply respecting you for all the overwhelmed and for your steadfastness in trials, I am glad to hear your soft voice now, despite the fact that your countrymen, from the rostrum of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to distant émigré newspapers, were the only ones to withdraw from my article that I: Great Russian chauvinist, a colonialist, a henchman of imperial tyranny and a "smoking imperialist" ("Homin of Ukraine", 10.10.90). Such obviously deliberate deafness and dishonesty are amazing, but they are also alarming: what do they want to cover up with this literal growl?

To you - I can appeal with the hope of mutual understanding, which they refused me.

Your historical arguments, starting with the share of the reflection of the Tatar invasion (if you think Chervonnaya Rus is not Rus), could be answered extensively, but they all completely overlap with the strongest argument you don’t cite beyond its clarity: what if the hearts of Ukrainians Today offices are thirsty - there’s nothing to argue about. Enough of this movement of hearts! - and I said exactly that in my article. And I wrote about this in the Archipelago (Part V, ch. 2), so my current appeal is not at all "unprecedented." However, you didn’t say that with such a thirst I don’t argue with the separation of Ukraine ...

But - in and out of Ukraine.

Now, when monuments to Lenin are being felled in Western Ukraine (they are dear to them there!), Why do Western Ukrainians most passionately want Ukraine to have exactly the frontier borders granted to it by father Lenin when he was looking for -to convince her for the deprivation of independence-and she killed the former Ukraine’s New Russia (Yugorossia), Donbass (tearing the Donets basin from Don “counter-revolutionary” influences) and large parts of the Left Bank to her from the century. (And Khrushchev with a blunder "presented" and the Crimea.) And now the Ukrainian nationalists are armor behind these "sacred" Lenin borders?

I write in the article (as if no one has read): “Of course, if the Ukrainian people really wanted to secede, no one would dare to hold it by force. But this vastness is diverse, and only the local population can decide the fate of their area, of their region.” And for that I am a "smoked imperialist"? And those who prohibit the will of the people and even for some reason are afraid of him, those are democrats and freedom-lovers, right ??

In such an enraged situation, it is impossible to discuss the most complicated question, where our two nations have grown together in millions of families, in hundreds of places.

And another argument that, to my amazement, you also bring: that the choice of children's language should not be a “whim of parents”, but the government of the republic should decide. This is an astounding argument. Then the choice of the Christian faith, the baptism of children - all the more should not be a "whim of the parents", but wait in that state instruction? “Non-Ukrainians are free in their choice,” you write; will only the number of schools be cut off? And Ukrainians are not “free to choose.” So - again, violence?

No, this dictate is not necessary, let any culture grow, as it naturally is.

Note: Svyatoslav Karavansky, a long-time prisoner of the GULAG, a Ukrainian, wrote "An open letter to Alexander Solzhenitsyn" ("Russian thought", 19.10.1990) after publishing the article "How do we arrange Russia?" The answer of the writer is published in the "Russian thought", 2.11.1990. In Russia, the text was first printed in the magazine "Star", 1993, 12.

7 October 1991. Appeal (to a referendum in Ukraine)

With stunnedness, our peoples are chosen out of communism that has finally collapsed. People are deservedly waiting - and how long can we wait? - decent, not painful life. But for now we are in a chaos of mischief. So far, people have not given arable land, nor even small plots. And before primitiveness, our industry is running. And - the whole environment of life is poisoned. In the meantime, some dodgers have time to quietly sell or permanently mortgage our riches that have survived, our future, and what will remain for us? and, most importantly, our children? And for those who work, everything around is only more expensive and more expensive, the wall. And what a general increase in conscientiousness, what a spoil of souls!

But in this catastrophe, at least now, with our own hands, we would not have piled up new injuries for people, new injustices for the future. Here, after the barricades in Moscow, after the Moscow August collapse of communism - for the first time a real opportunity has opened for the republics to become separate states ... God grant each new state to get on its feet safely. (The confederation of independent states is an empty sound, it cannot live.) However, it will not be good if the very first steps of independence are accompanied by the suppression of parts of the population - the newly formed national minorities. Complaints are already rushing from different places - where there is mass violence, where people are dismissed from work on a national basis, and then will minorities not be deprived of the right to teach their children in their native language, like the Communists were deprived? Our common, bitter Soviet experience convinced us enough that no state sense can justify violence against people. Everyone should be provided with an unrestricted quiet life.

It is great that a referendum was appointed in the territory of the former USSR. But only if it will be held fairly. And I urge everyone on whom it depends and who can influence:

- that the question in the bulletin should stand quite clearly (not like in the past March in the USSR), giving the voter true freedom of choice, without vague distortion;

- so that, according to world standards, there would be neither pressure on the voters, nor falsification, and, if possible, observation of neutral commissions;

- for the result of the referendum to be taken into account separately for each region: each region must decide for itself where it belongs.

Different regions have completely different historical origins, a dissimilar composition of the population, and the fate of the region’s inhabitants cannot be decided by a weighted average of the vast 50-million republic. Those who in Lviv and Kiev finally bring down monuments to Lenin - why are they worshiped, like sacred, fake Leninist borders, at the bloody dawn of Soviet power in many places drawn only in order to buy stability to the communist regime? With Ukraine’s determination to fully secede, to which its right is certain, such a gross vote count within these boundaries may be irreparable for the fate of many millions of Russian people. And create stressful zones for the future.

Provide an undistorted free vote — and everyone will submit to it. Give true freedom to all of you - and then, whatever the result, it will be respected self-determination, and we warmly congratulate Ukraine on the resumption of its state and cultural path.

We should always be neighbors. We will be good neighbors.

Note: On the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, a referendum on its sovereignty was appointed on December 1 on December 1991. Text printed in Trud, 8.10.1991

From an interview with V.T. Tretyakov for the weekly Moscow news"(printed on 28 / Apr / 4 May 2006)

V.T .: Personally, I believe that if the three main subjects of the Euro-Atlantic (Christian) civilization, namely the North American Union, (Western) European Union and Eastern European (Russian) Union (or the United States, the United States and the United States of Russia) will not enter into a strategic alliance between themselves (with supranational bodies), then our civilization will sooner or later disappear. What do you see as the salvation of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, if it needs it?

A.S .: Alas. The global political process is not moving in any direction you want. The United States places its occupying troops in one country after another. This is the actual situation in Bosnia for 9 years, in Kosovo and in Afghanistan - for 5 years, in Iraq it is 3 for a while, but it will be delayed there for a long time. NATO's actions and individual US actions differ only slightly. Clearly, seeing that today's Russia does not pose any threat to them, NATO methodically and persistently develops its military apparatus - to the East of Europe and to the continental coverage of Russia from the South. Here and open material and ideological support for "color" revolutions, the paradoxical introduction of the North-Atlantic interests - in Central Asia. All this leaves no doubt that the complete encirclement of Russia is being prepared, and then the loss of its sovereignty. No, Russia's accession to such a Euro-Atlantic alliance, which leads to propaganda and the violent introduction of ideologies and forms of today's Western democracy to different parts of the world, would lead not to the expansion, but to the decline of Christian civilization.

V.Т .: What is your attitude to what is happening in Ukraine? In this regard, what is your attitude to the problem of the division of the Russian nation (the largest divided nation in modern Europe)? Should Russia, albeit not politically, but at least intellectually, raise the question of the reunification of the Russian and Russian lands in the case of the obvious withdrawal of Ukraine by the Ukrainian elite to the European Union and especially to NATO?

A.S .: What is happening in Ukraine, even from the falsely constructed wording for the 1991 referendum (I already wrote and talked about this), is my constant bitterness and pain. The fanatical suppression and persecution of the Russian language (which in previous polls was recognized as its main more than 60% of the population of Ukraine) is simply a brutal measure, and even directed against the cultural perspective of Ukraine itself. - The vast expanses that never belonged to historical Ukraine, like New Russia, Crimea and the entire Southeast Territory, are forcibly squeezed into the current Ukrainian state and its eagerly desired entry into NATO. For all the time of Yeltsin, not one of his meetings with the Ukrainian presidents has done without surrender and concessions on his part. The Black Sea fleet from Sevastopol (never, under Khrushchev, not surrendered to the Ukrainian SSR) is a base, malicious abuse of the whole Russian history of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

Under all these conditions, Russia in no way dares indifferently betray the multimillion Russian population in Ukraine, renounce our unity with it.
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    1. +60
      19 May 2014 15: 34
      Just do not need to sculpt the son of the Fatherland out of this unprecedentedly false yggding. He is not the son of the Fatherland, he is an ordinary rootless sss.kin son, without honor, conscience and Fatherland.
      This creature has done everything possible and impossible for the destruction of our state. Regardless of what it was thinking about, all of him and the members of his pack were fighting communism, in which they supported all our worst enemies of our country. in fact, it was directed precisely against the Russians.
      Only one of these ... found the courage and conscience to admit that "they were aiming at communism, they got to Russia." Solgatnytsyn had neither courage nor conscience.
      And to refer to his pathetic books, the truth in which is a little less. than anything one could be ashamed of. Or forgotten. How did this "cleverest" shout about 60 million shot by bad Stalin, about a hundred million Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War?
      1. 225chay
        19 May 2014 16: 28
        Quote: smile
        Just do not need to sculpt the son of the Fatherland out of this unprecedentedly false yggding. He is not the son of the Fatherland, he is an ordinary rootless sss.kin son, without honor, conscience and Fatherland.

        Wow! Surprisingly, this time I probably for the first time in my life on the side of Volodya-Zuboskal ...
        I read his forbidden "One Day of Ivan Denisych" I could barely read this nonsense to the end, and the Gulag didn’t come in at all ...
        Aleksandr Isaevich possessed too "high literary style" that for us mere mortals it is simply impossible to master his "masterpieces".
        He’s a stranger to Russia
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          19 May 2014 16: 46
          :))) Well, we’ve survived, have already sank to the point that I’m a scoundrel, agreed ... :))) I bring my Zuboscali condolences ... :))) See, it’s possible to get to such a fall that You will begin to be friends with me, and I will teach you bad ... :))))
          By the way, are you really a supporter of some Poles, Balts, or our home-grown marsh brothers, Maydaun, for whose kick I have a certain "weakness" ...? :))) Something I can't believe .... :)))
          1. 225chay
            19 May 2014 17: 32
            Quote: smile
            By the way, are you really a supporter of some Poles, Balts, or our home-grown marsh brothers, Maydaun, for whose kick I have a certain "weakness" ...? :))) Something I can't believe .... :)))

            I have many friends among different nations, including a wonderful neighbor and a classmate of Polish descent from a repressed competent and sensible associate professor of some department of the Institute for Advanced Studies ... has a Pole card, the head of a Polish-Russian society or vice versa friendship.
            By the way, I'm not a nationalist,
            many friends of different nationalities, Georgians, Azerbaijanis of Dagestanis many friends of the good Tat guys (Caucasian Jews), I live in the North Caucasus Federal District among the Circassians of Turks and others ...
            Yes, and I have enough blood mixture
            So do not drive me!
            Living in the Caucasus, I studied various peoples and their habits, I know from whom you can expect
            But if I feel or see sly ... puffs who make attempts to drive on someone else's horseradish or "put on shoes" instantly and sometimes politely send the fuck out.
            And so, I am for peace and friendship among peoples)
            But do not abuse trust and tolerance ...
            1. -4
              19 May 2014 18: 04
              Sorry, I didn’t know that you have no sense of humor. I did not drive you, why the hell did you surrender to me? ... :)))
              When I talked about Poles and Lithuanians, I didn’t mean nations, but governments and their nationalists, with whom I too often communicate personally.
              And I don’t need to promote peace between nations - I don’t undermine it, and you look funny when talking about your friendship with a Pole, given that I am a quarter Pole and in Poland and Scotland I have most of the relatives I know ... and imagine. I am also "friends" with them - I have an hour's drive to Poland and about the same to Lithuania ... My parents live in Lithuania, hence the love for the Baltic nationalists. And I'm also half Vainakh, so that with the Caucasus you are also somehow ... unconvincing ... and I communicated not only with my dad ... :)))
              Well, and the fact that I’m also a quarter Ukrainian is not so important anymore, right? :))) in general, I hope. it even reaches you that oligophrenic can only call me a nationalist.
              And the question, your repeated statement about your incredible coolness, that you politely send someone to hell, is it because of insecurity in your abilities, that you are incredibly dangerous, or are you out of stupidity? :))) You can consider that politely sent to your favorite place, due to the fact that I'm extremely scared. :)))
              1. 225chay
                19 May 2014 21: 32
                Quote: smile
                And the question, your repeated statement about your incredible coolness, that you politely send someone to hell, is it because of insecurity in your abilities, that you are incredibly dangerous, or are you out of stupidity? :))) You can consider that politely sent to your favorite place, due to the fact that I'm extremely scared. :)))

                Well, Vova, you have already turned upside down ... ooy everything I said. there is no "coolness" in me, I am a man of age, it seems to be not interesting to me, and you can politely send cunning people just ignoring them. Because of your upbringing, you did not know about this. By the way, I did not offend anyone in my message ... but your self-esteem is too heightened. in short, I don’t know what kind of nokhchi you are, I don’t think absolutely close. found something to boast about
        2. -1
          19 May 2014 21: 22
          One thing is not clear to me: is he still alive?
          1. -1
            19 May 2014 23: 05
            Quote: Basarev
            One thing is not clear to me: is he still alive?

            Yes, for six years I have rested. The fact of the matter is that what Solzhenitsyn wrote and talked about Ukraine in the 80's and 90's has now come true ...
          2. -4
            20 May 2014 00: 44
            because of such as this under-fucking intelligentsia of the USSR, it’s gone, and now, like scavengers, we’d like to spin around the country,
            1. 0
              20 May 2014 03: 22
              If you refer to "grandpa" you mean Solzhenitsyn, he died a long time ago.
              1. +1
                20 May 2014 04: 27
                Quote: vlad_pr
                If you refer to "grandpa" you mean Solzhenitsyn, he died a long time ago.
                some about this ghoul with a skull broken through (sorry not completely) do not even know, for that they are talking to him ... laughing
              2. +1
                20 May 2014 07: 51
                I fully admit - did not track whether this sub-on-ok is alive or notlittle interest
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        19 May 2014 16: 51
        I support !!! And Nemtsov, Novodvorskaya, dog, bald, little piece, bulk, filthy broom to their homeland, where they pay, in the United States! And before leaving, sterilize, especially the little ones, tend to breed even with the legs of a bush !!! laughing
      3. +2
        19 May 2014 18: 40
        Quote: smile
        He is not the son of the Fatherland

        Smile, you are, as always, in your repertoire. That Nicholas 2 pour mud, now Solzhenitsyn. Wasserman does not read your comments, just as you do, he considers Solzhenitsyn a genius.
        1. -3
          19 May 2014 19: 21
          I have no idols, and the opinion of Wasserman that I respect about the lieutenant will not affect my opinion, although my opinion is often similar to that of Wasserman. But I have it my own. Do you prefer not to have your own opinion? :)))
          And most of all, he poured mud on a nicholas in his own diaries. Finally, try reading (if you don’t know, it’s sometimes useful), you will laugh at how small the little man was.

          And you have chosen yourself worthy idols - Nikolashka and Solzhenitsyn. Bravo. This is a diagnosis. :)))
          1. +3
            19 May 2014 20: 18
            About the diagnosis: which side to look at. To read his journalism, historical research, not to mention epic novels such as the RED WHEEL (which, again, are based on historical events) and at the same time "laugh"? Is this not a diagnosis?
            1. -4
              19 May 2014 21: 07
              My quote:

              "And most of all he poured mud on Nikolashka himself in his own handwritten diaries. Try, finally, to read ..... laugh, how small the little man was."

              Question. Where did I write about Solzhenitsyn here? Where am I asking? :))) Why so clearly juggle? Or are you unable to prove anything by lying? :)))
              And stating that his writings are based on historical events, you are right - based ... but these events have been carefully, meticulously, to the smallest detail, distorted by him.

              Admit why you will be lying, or are you following Solzhenitsyn’s habits in this? :)))
          2. 225chay
            19 May 2014 22: 20
            Quote: smile
            I don’t have idols and the opinion of Wasserman that I respect regarding the lieutenant will not affect my opinion,

            Quote: smile
            And you have chosen yourself worthy idols - Nikolashka and Solzhenitsyn. Bravo. This is a diagnosis. :)))

            I think that you are a pit bull, an evil, non-caring and bile person in your life, not for nothing that you have chosen this auto truck for yourself.
            you have time to run everywhere in all respects and shut up everyone’s mouths boasting of their well-readness.
            prudently turning to everyone on you have time to be rude, well, in principle, expected from such a person.
            I think that even your friends are standing considering the grumpy and even quarrelsome character most likely there are practically no people and even the neighbors don’t want to communicate with you because I managed to bite with everyone.
            Keep up the good work!
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              20 May 2014 01: 06
              You know, you almost always hit the sky with your finger :))) I am very peaceful, cheerful and sociable, the soul of the company. Can you rejoice for me :)))) With almost any person I can find a common language, even with you, can you imagine? :)))).
              And I do not boast of being well-read, what's the point? What for? Just if I know something, and to express it, in my opinion, in a topic, then I do not consider it necessary to hide it. Or do not you tell me? :))) Yes, and I do not shut up anyone’s mouth, this is impossible in principle .... I justify my opinion, if someone shuts up from this, it’s not my fault. :)))
              Yes, here in one you were, oddly enough, right. I don’t communicate with neighbors on the porch at all ..... I just don’t have a porch ... and there are no neighbors .... and not because I blew up the porch and shot all the neighbors :)))) I just have my own house . :))))
              Well, since you instruct me to continue in the same vein, I will definitely fulfill it. :))))
        2. 52
          19 May 2014 19: 42
          Respected! and you could master at least one work of this "obusroitel Rossii" to the end point? After "Bodania" and "One Day" I realized that I shouldn't waste time on, better on whores, by God!
      4. -2
        19 May 2014 19: 23
        I agree with you! The mere sounding of a certain "Ukrainian question" throws this nest away from Russia.
      5. 0
        20 May 2014 01: 07
        Yes - not an example to follow. Pseudo-Russian is an American who is thirsty (as he himself wrote when he saw an American bomber flying over the zone, and asked him to strike bombs on our land) of a blow to Soviet Russia. Why, then, is he better than the Vlasovites and other traitors?
        "Yes, it is painful and shameful to recall the decrees of the times of Alexander II (1863, 1876) about the prohibition of the Ukrainian language in journalism, and then in literature" Here it is - the blind intelligentsia! I wonder how many percent of Ukrainians in those years, in general, somehow knew how to read?
        "But where does this swing come from: to chop off Ukraine alive (and the one where there was no old Ukraine, like the" Wild Field "of nomads - Novorossia, or Crimea, Donbass and almost to the Caspian Sea)." From there, from the "non-speaking" letter "eg" the nerus Lenin, the enemy of everything Russian.
    2. nvv
      19 May 2014 15: 37
      He is not a prophet, he is part of this project, called the Dallas project.
      1. -12
        19 May 2014 15: 43
        Yes, he is not a prophet, but he must listen to the elders. I think that it’s not so easy to wake up with the Tatars in Crimea.
        1. +10
          19 May 2014 15: 49
          Whom to listen to? This real, without any stretch, a traitor to the homeland? Can we also listen to Goebbels - will he be any older than this professional liar?

          Here. what is this creature. sitting with fascist henchmen wrote:
          “And while walking in the yard, we threw our heads back to the whitish-hot July sky. We would not be surprised and not at all afraid if a wedge of foreign bombers crawled out into the sky ...
          We inflamed each other with such a mood - and .... we shouted to the guards from the depths: “Wait, you bastards! Truman will be on you! Throw an atomic bomb on your head! ”[898]"
          1. +6
            19 May 2014 16: 07
            We have more to read and that there is nobody but this camp rat !?
          2. +14
            19 May 2014 16: 07
            Someone at the top is actively trying to shove SLEZHENITSyn, both into the school curriculum, and as a kind of messiah ... but in fact SOLZHENITSyn is a camp informer, a grant-eater and a rare s..ka with hypertrophied megalomania, he even his friends of dissidents surrendered, like his ex-wife, he never had a strict penalty in the zone, which means that the person is either a camp s..ka or Sec.Sot. in his Gulag he made so many inaccuracies and mistakes that starting from 33 It can already be caught without much effort on lies, and about 60 of millions of repressed and You don’t have to say, although later, in an interview with Spanish television, he already called 120 of millions of repressed. Take a look at a short film about how dissidents hate it and explain why.

            PS The first law that drove the first nail into the coffin of the USSR was the law on glasnost, through which, on the immature and accustomed to believe their television and print the minds of citizens, a flood of lies poured, so the information war began.
          3. -3
            19 May 2014 21: 26
            And would you shout Glory to Stalin in the Gulag?)))))) In Soviet times, so adored by you, on a youngster, if your mother came on a date in something red, the convicts turned around and left!))))
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. +3
              20 May 2014 01: 04
              If you knew the truth from the prisoners of the Gulag themselves, then maybe you would have believed this noodle less. I am familiar with a legalist, a very old man, 1924 of birth, a smart man, speaks Argo (for those who don’t know, the old camp jargon) first a trip to 1940 for a collective farm barn, and so he always said only one thing that everyone was sitting for work and about work. If you don’t know, then at construction sites and special facilities, prisoners worked for additional rations, reviewing the term of imprisonment and some savings to the account of savings banks, there were practically no refuseniks, except with long deadlines, and indeed the country really lacked workers, so own the information, not watch the broadcasts, you haven’t come up with better archives yet. Even if we take into account that he is an anti-adviser, then this is a struggle with the system, but if based on the fact that the Soviet system was socially oriented, that is, children received proper care (leisure, employment, health, education for FREE, etc.) adults, work and a decent salary, medical care (plus tours, palaces of culture, raising and variety of leisure, opportunity without country ha live on your land and be socially protected for FREE) the country has developed science, agriculture, engineering, aviation, space, shipbuilding, etc. The state tried for the general well-being of the people, and like any other system (for example, the capitalist), it did not tolerate dissenters and rebels within itself and
              Thus, it turns out that all the anti-Soviet fought against the happiness of children, for unemployment, for social inequality, for the destruction of science, agriculture and so on.
              PS Before you say something, think carefully with your head.
            3. +1
              20 May 2014 07: 42
              And in the Gulag, I think they believed in Stalin for the time and motivation was appropriate at that time ... and there is nothing to interfere with the youngster as an indicator, it’s not the fact that the whole population acted like youngsters ... criminal traditions are also unshakable and when to eat I really wanted these Shantrapai shards to not squint on the sausage ... so the example is incorrect ...
          4. +1
            19 May 2014 21: 50
            Whom to listen to? This real, without any stretch, a traitor to the homeland?
            Yes, it seems that he only worked for his homeland, sometimes, as in the case of his wife and Ivan Viktevich, he “worked it over”. And the chatter about airplanes - this is probably a legend before the former Bendera supporters, otherwise they would have been soaked for preventing a riot in Kazakhstan. So "Veterok" plowed like a Stakhanovite.
            1. +1
              20 May 2014 01: 13
              He wrote about that. that he was waiting for the American nuclear strikes against his country after he had already served in a calm comfortable atmosphere, when not a single Bandera was even close. By the way, he spoke very well about the Bandera people themselves; he did not feel any negative attitude towards those who destroyed their own people in the service of the Germans. After all, so what, that the Russian people were destroyed, but they fought with the Communists. :))))
          5. The comment was deleted.
        2. 0
          19 May 2014 17: 51
          thanks for the cons. you, even more confirmed my opinion that young people read little and know little about the past. it's a pity.
          1. +1
            19 May 2014 18: 21
            Quote: v245721
            thanks for the cons. you, even more confirmed my opinion that young people read little and know little about the past. it's a pity.
            If young people read writers like this and judge the past by its "pearls", then the young people will have a complete living in their heads and they will flock to the Swamp rallies !!!
          2. +3
            19 May 2014 20: 08
            I am not a minuser, not youth, I know the story, I read Solzhenitsyn ...
            IMHO - TRAITOR! His place is not in the school curriculum, but in his usual Gulag.
      2. +6
        19 May 2014 16: 13
        Quote: nvv
        He is not a prophet, he is part of this project, called the Dallas project.

        Meanwhile, on September 9, 2009, the “Gulag Archipelago” was included in the compulsory school curriculum in literature for high school students [7], and this is already with GDP.
        1. 0
          19 May 2014 16: 48
          If this is true, then I have no words, some obscene interjections ...
          1. 0
            19 May 2014 20: 35
            Quote: smile
            I have no words, some obscene interjections ...

            This is an indicator of intelligence.
            1. 0
              19 May 2014 21: 12
              If in this way you are hinting that you are much smarter than me, then calm down, I'm not going to argue with you. Where can I get a syroma before you ..... :))) Are you satisfied? :)))
      3. +4
        19 May 2014 16: 51
        Quote: nvv
        He is not a prophet, he is part of this project, called the Dallas project.

        Yes, he is not a prophet, moreover, he is an anti-Soviet, but Otto von Bismarck, often quoted on the forum, was not only a communist, but in no way was he a Russophile, and Solzhenitsyn cannot be attributed to Russophobes. I think when he got into the Gulag and became an anti-Soviet, he had never heard of the "Dulles Plan", but at that time very few people knew about it.
        The article is not at all about the political views of Mr. Solzhenitsyn, but about his view on the Russian-Ukrainian question, and he turned out to be pretty close to the opinion of many members of the forum, regardless of our attitude to Solzhenitsyn himself. We are not banderlogs, not fascists, not Western hypocrites, and should not like to refuse to listen to the opinion of a person, in this case on the national question, to agree with him or not, just because we don’t like this person for his political views.
      4. +2
        19 May 2014 18: 44
        Quote: nvv
        called Dallas project

        Dallas is a city, Dulles is a character. "They confuse everything, and the name and the names, and you, Vanya, they had Vanya" laughing
        1. +1
          20 May 2014 07: 46
          Dallas, Dulles ... everything is true, but the essence and the abomination does not change .. the dictum of sapienti sat, so to speak.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. +3
    19 May 2014 15: 26
    Yes, Solzhenitsyn is right, the painful and invisible end to what is happening in Ukraine.
  3. +6
    19 May 2014 15: 30
    SOLZHENitsin (what a surname he is!) Is never an imperialist — he is a liberal, that is, a traitor ...
    His opinion is another volley of information in an undeclared war with our country (he, bl & veteran - began to shit in the little things even in World War II).
    1. +5
      19 May 2014 15: 43
      I agree ..... During the Patriotic War as an officer, I realized that keeping the line allocated to his unit, there was little chance of survival. In the camp this chance was ten times higher, then the NKVD consciously substituted itself. At least that is what war veterans claimed. They know better where there were then more chances to live to the 21 century.
      So that cowardice and narcissism pushed him to it. And he reiterated his high morality, the liberals declared him "the conscience of the nation". Well, what is a man who chooses such heroes.
      1. tokin1959
        19 May 2014 16: 47
        During the Patriotic War as an officer, he realized that holding the line allocated to his unit, there was little chance of survival.

        dear, what are you talking about?
        Solzhenitsyn served in sound reconnaissance.
        his unit was not close to the front - 10-20 km from the front.
        once it seemed as if with a sudden advance of the Germans it was almost behind their rear. and that’s it.
        found a "fighter" - Solzhenitsyn.
        lied, lied and slandered.
    2. -3
      19 May 2014 15: 52
      Quote: Morgan
      Solzhenitsyn (what a surname!)

      You can Solzhenitsker. So truthful.
      1. 0
        19 May 2014 16: 05
        Let the devils sort in hell!
    3. -8
      19 May 2014 15: 55
      Is Solzhenitsyn a traitor? Shit in the Second World War ??? Well, you and MORGAN! negative
      1. -2
        19 May 2014 17: 20
        For information minus!
        On June 12, 2007, President V. Putin visited Solzhenitsyn and congratulated him on being awarded the State Prize.
        1. 0
          19 May 2014 18: 12
          So what? Do we need to respect everyone with whom the president meets for political or propaganda reasons?
        2. 0
          20 May 2014 07: 06
          This is what ... Under Yeltsin, Nicholas II managed to be practically counted among the saints. What is just not happening. You look and fig.

          And real heroes are poured mud.
      2. Kubanets
        19 May 2014 17: 34
        No, he didn’t shit. But until the age of 43 he avoided the front line in every possible way. “I managed to get into the officer's school with incredible efforts ...” Solzhenitsyn. And this is with higher education at the beginning of the war, a ready-made reserve officer. no, no, he is a banal coward, an opportunist and a "master of the first spit" in his Fatherland. It is regrettable that the products of this moral invalid are studied at school and are sometimes referred to as a national authority. The "prophet" is dead, but his deeds live on — that's the trouble.
        1. +1
          20 May 2014 07: 08
          Grandfather died, but the business lives on. It would be better on the contrary ...
      3. 0
        20 May 2014 07: 04
        I agree during the war years, he did not shit. He just abandoned his soldiers. For the sake of saving his cheap soul, he "substituted" himself under the camps, where the chances of survival were many times greater. He started shitting later. Under Khrushchev.
  4. 0
    19 May 2014 15: 31
    And here the troops have already been withdrawn from the Ukrainian border according to the latest information, there will be nothing to threaten with maydanut. It's a pity!
    1. +1
      19 May 2014 15: 39
      So, on the 25th of May, exercises are planned on the border. Therefore, now we take it away, on the 25th we bring it down.
    2. +1
      19 May 2014 15: 40
      Giant thought
      Well, where were they taken? To Antarctica, and the transport was taken away? Do you really think that if the need arises, it will be impossible to "bring" them back? Well, they were not disbanded in the end ... :)))
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. +5
      19 May 2014 15: 50
      And here the troops have already been withdrawn according to the latest information from the Ukrainian border, and there will be nothing to threaten with maydanut
      Of course they took, far, far wassat ...........
      “Wait, you bastards! Truman will be on you! They will throw an atomic bomb on your head! ” ("The Gulag Archipelago", volume 3, part 5, chapter 2)
      “There is no nation in the world more deserted, more despicable, more alien and unnecessary than the Russian” (ibid., Vol. 2, part 3, chapter 6).
      In the subject: “A pen cannot be trusted with this person - an evil madman who is obsessed with the events of 1937 will do great harm to all readers and young people especially” (a letter from MA Sholokhov to the Union of Writers of the USSR, 1967).
      in the end, we threw Solzhenitsyn on their heads .......... he says half the truth, as time has shown, they really aimed at communism, and got to their homeland, which, probably for nothing, kicked their boot
    5. +2
      19 May 2014 16: 56
      Quote: Giant thought
      And here the troops have already been withdrawn from the Ukrainian border according to the latest information, there will be nothing to threaten with maydanut. It's a pity!

      We always have something to threaten, even Washington. Our troops do not have to hang around on the administrative border of the Ruins.
    6. 0
      19 May 2014 18: 10
      Russia has strong air forces. In second place in the world after the United States. The approach time is very short. In addition, operational-tactical Iskander missiles can be used for targeted attacks on military targets in the center and in the west of an independent one. Ukrainian air defense will not bring down a single one of our aircraft if ours competently use electronic warfare troops (electronic warfare troops). Once again I write: targeted attacks on the Nazi guard and on the authorities in Kiev. Dill hates us anyway - they won’t hate us anymore.
  5. -6
    19 May 2014 15: 35
    Solzhenitsyn loved his country, foresaw the current sad situation in Ukraine, and in no case did not want a split between the two peoples.
    1. +9
      19 May 2014 15: 45
      Yes, with such "love" no hatred is needed. This extremely deceitful creature, being in fact in the service of the most bitter enemies of our country and the Russian people, caused such damage to his Motherland that not every enemy managed to inflict. And it does not matter what it wanted or did not want, it is important to whom it served and in whose favor it lied. I repeat - this pathologically deceitful creature had neither honor, nor conscience, and it was precisely such as he led to what is now happening in Ukraine.
  6. +2
    19 May 2014 15: 36
    Interestingly, he predicted or read out Masonic plans.
  7. +3
    19 May 2014 15: 37
    He foresaw a lot, predicted a lot. It is a pity that few read it ..
    1. nvv
      19 May 2014 15: 57
      In the 90s, the book GULAG Archipelago fell into the hands of. Overnight swallowed. I was shocked. Time passed. Understood everything. And now I think, what a naive durrrak I was!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +1
      19 May 2014 16: 00
      What is there to read? An unimaginable lie? His little books. devoid of even a hint of talent, they are remarkable only by a systemic lie about everything that he writes.
      And it is read either by someone who believes that the enemy should be known in person, or those who sacredly believe such Giants of thought and lies, like pigs, cutters and runicoes.
      1. +1
        19 May 2014 20: 44
        Quote: smile
        the enemy must be known in person

        Who constantly shouts to the left and to the right "Enemy Enemy ..." is the very enemy!
    4. AVIATOR36662
      19 May 2014 16: 27
      None of the members of the forum argue with Solzhenitsyn’s argument, since they are all correct and truthful. But the general tone of 99,9% of the members of the forum addressed to the writer is again negative for some reason. their ignorance. In the same way, a whole generation of nationalists-Bandera, persistent in their ignorance, has grown up in Ukraine. Neither one nor the other, apparently, is going to learn anything. And the picture does not change. These Russians are strange! This is the softest thing that can be said in this case.
      1. parus2nik
        19 May 2014 16: 51
        And what to argue with him? These phrases are taken out of context .. But interestingly, his statements are not given from the same Gulag Archipelago, where for him Bandera fighters against the Soviet regime, and not collaborators ..
      2. +3
        19 May 2014 17: 06
        Yes, yes, yes, and some giants of thought have appeared, like you, who think that since someone does not like the low-grade art of this professional liar, they are the Sharikovs. Lovely ...
        Don't you think that those who read all of his writings evaluate the most negatively his "creations"? With what arguments Solgatnytsyn we need to argue? With his hypocritical regrets that his Ukrainian dissident colleagues don't like Russians? So he didn't know who he was serving? Its owners fostered Bandera. Yes, and he sat with them in the camp, and waited with them when Truman began to nail at us with atomic bombs ... I’ve quoted this above ... I posted it, too lazy to insert it here ... Of course, you must have a titanic mind, to understand that when they are launched into Ukraine, there will be nothing good there.
        One thing I agree with you - we have people who do not have basic knowledge available to anyone who knows how to read, who would let them understand that Solzhenitsyn is lying to them impudently .... but people do not want to read, that's how you, for example. You, since you like Solzhenitsyn, practically do not understand the history of your own country, you are not able to even approximately evaluate the artistic value of the book. To read. Apparently, you are too lazy .... but arrogantly broadcasting about the Sharikovs, not noticing that they themselves turned into it ... this is the softest thing that can be said in this case. :)))
        1. +2
          19 May 2014 20: 53
          Quote: smile
          .i there is a quote above this ... posted, too lazy to insert it here ...

          Ignorance is the mother of malice, envy, greed and all other low and gross vices.

          Galileo G.
          1. +1
            19 May 2014 21: 18
            Therefore, are you ignorant? I welcome your self-criticism. :)))
            Tell me, do you approve of Solzhenitsyn's passionate hopes for a nuclear strike by the Americans in the USSR? And after all, he himself admitted that no one pulled his tongue. Is this not an enemy? And then who is the friend?
      3. +1
        19 May 2014 18: 49
        Quote: AVIATOR36662
        An entire generation of Sharikovs has grown up, building themselves up as patriots and steadfast in their ignorance.

        Exactly, Smile, for example. A sort of smiling balls.
        1. +1
          19 May 2014 19: 13
          And indeed, where am I to you, unsmiling genius ... :)))

          Do you want one more ballpoint to quote? You should like this one more than me. :))) Get:
          Solgatnitsyn, trying to somehow justify his lies, sometimes referred to that. that the famous people provided him with accurate information. He also referred to Shalamov.
          Shalamov Solzhenitsyn himself could not stand it and even wrote in his notebooks: “I forbid the writer Solzhenitsyn and all who have the same thoughts from getting to know my archive.” :))) Hey Genius, do you know who Shalamov is? :)))
          Do not blame others for that. what they themselves are soiled over the ears. So, I regard your statement as a compliment. When the likes of you begin to praise me, it’s time for me to shoot. :)))
          1. +2
            19 May 2014 20: 16
            Shalamov is a writer, Solzhenitsyn is a traitor ... People, enough about the g & o bearded, in fact
            1. +1
              19 May 2014 21: 18
              And what Shalamov that wrote another? So why is Solzhenitsyn a traitor, but he is not?
              1. 0
                19 May 2014 21: 48
                I deliberately cited Shalamov’s opinion to show that even those have a bad opinion about Solzhenitsyn. who agree with him in something. The personality and work of Shalamov was not discussed, right?
          2. +1
            19 May 2014 20: 56
            Quote: smile
            When something like that starts to praise me

            Incompetent people tend to reassess their own abilities.
            1. ks
              19 May 2014 23: 04
              And this is called the Dunning - Kruger effect.
      4. 0
        19 May 2014 20: 49
        Quote: AVIATOR36662
        An entire generation of Sharikovs has grown up, building themselves up as patriots and steadfast in their ignorance.

        Ignorance is twilight, evil prowls there.

        Hugo V.
      5. +1
        20 May 2014 00: 54
      6. +1
        20 May 2014 07: 16
        But the old generation, which was deceived in the 80 and 90 years, has now seen the majority of its sight. And the Sharikov generation was really raised, and on the books of Solzhenitsyn, who FORCED to study at school and taught to be ashamed and hate their country .... And what else could a cowardly traitor who wanted a nuclear strike on Russia, our mothers and fathers teach?
      19 May 2014 17: 25
      Quote: SS68SS
      He foresaw a lot, predicted a lot.

      Found Nasr-dame-sa! Read The Red Wheel, good literature? The opportunist A.T. Tvardovsky gave a wave to Bald Maize and pulled this one out of literary oblivion. I read all of his opuses and did not admire them.
  8. +8
    19 May 2014 15: 37
    The seer and so on, so on, so on .... And on the very same - as m.r.a.z.- the only title which suits him. He predicted evil and filth, and part of his predictions came true thanks to him, his kind, and his followers. If the fifth column had been strangled in time, the leader and banner of which he was, then the Soviet Union would have been alive, in which there was no national question or other pre-list of the deRmocratic world.
  9. +3
    19 May 2014 15: 43
    Well, from Solzhenitsyn, I wouldn’t sculpt a prophet or a patriot .... So, embittered man ..... although the pen, of course, masterfully owned, I admit ....
    1. 0
      19 May 2014 16: 02
      His writings have no artistic value. At all. He is an extremely weak writer - he was simply not a writer, but a virtuoso of artistic lies.
      1. +1
        19 May 2014 16: 49
        Well, I don’t know what exactly you read from his works, but "Matryonin Dvor" and "One Day ..." goose bumps ...
        1. 0
          19 May 2014 18: 19
          I read this at school. together with the gulag. The last thing I read was "Two hundred years together." I read it not because I liked it, but because, figuratively speaking. the enemy must be known by sight. I remain with my opinion - a low-grade scribble, even if you do not pay attention to the pathological lies. Even literary critics who praise him for his struggle "against tyranny", when it comes to the artistic value of his writings, language, become very careful and "streamlined" in their statements, and praises disappear somewhere .... :)))
          1. 0
            19 May 2014 18: 58
            well, I'm not a "literary critic", so I naturally won't praise Solzhenitsyn for his "fight against tyranny" ..... But even his weakest (in my not sophisticated opinion) book - "The Archipelago ..." is easy to read ....
            by the way, I haven't read "200 years ...", I will definitely find it and read it .... thanks for the information ....
            1. 0
              19 May 2014 20: 12
              The archipelago reads normally, the question is not the ease of reading, but the artistic value of the work. No value.
              Of course read. Dvuhtomnik was the leader in sales in Israel for obvious reasons.
              The mass is of factual material, so that it is useful regardless of the opinion of the author. And this is the main difference from his earlier writings, where there was no factual material at all. In this two-volume book he doesn’t lie as brazenly as he lied in the Gulag - he just wrote it not by order, to see.
              Our liberals and admirers of Solzhenitsyn with us "Two Hundred Years Together" preferred not to notice. :)))
              1. +1
                19 May 2014 21: 19
                And you did not confuse the Gulag with 200 years together?
                1. 0
                  19 May 2014 21: 53
                  No, I didn't. About 200 Years Together I have a mixed impression. Although, of course, some statements are common lies. :)))
          2. -1
            19 May 2014 21: 21
            So you and 200 years did not like because of a lie?
  10. +3
    19 May 2014 15: 44
    A myth is ever destroyed, humanity creates it and it destroys it ...
  11. +5
    19 May 2014 16: 07
    "And a quarter of a century ago I was perplexed: when monuments to Lenin are being demolished in Western Ukraine, why" Ukrainian nationalists stand up for these sacred borders given by Father Lenin with armor "..."

    Rightly noticed. The same can be said to the Poles, who are now demolishing and transferring monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators: "If you think that these soldiers are not heroes and did not die for a just cause, then give up those lands that were generously cut off from Poland. losers of this war. " No, the Poles don't even stutter about it. At that time, in Poland, even the worst enemies of the communists went to their service. So they liked the new division of the land.
  12. +3
    19 May 2014 16: 21
    He sat, scum beyond the hillock and scribbles, pouring mud at home wrote, taught us how to live, drinking coffee in Germany.
    1. -1
      19 May 2014 18: 51
      Quote: Tima
      Sat scum over the hill

      And before that, in the gulag, released to die of cancer.
      1. +3
        19 May 2014 20: 51
        Yeah, and then he lived, sickly, for another 50 and a few kopecks ... What a strong medicine was in the 54th year ... After serving in the "terrible gulag", having got cancer (1954 !!!), he lived to be 90 years old. And after that, someone believes him?
  13. 0
    19 May 2014 16: 35
    A sign of double-mindedness is verbosity. "It will hurt with Ukraine", "part of my blood and soul" ... How pathetic! But here ... If you have a flux (for example). You go to the dentist, suffering that a rotten tooth is part of the blood, body and soul .... And that it will HURT! But are you going? Or do you prefer to die in a purulent intensive care unit? Historically, Ukraine (in the current sense) is artificial education. Most of the lands of Novorossiya were annexed thanks to the Bolshevik policy of "decossackization" and the transfer of the Army lands. Crimea is generally a "nenke" corn plant. Zapadenschina to Stalin "thanks". Unviable "artificial" against HISTORY cannot be trampled on, and you cannot build on "gifts". Objective processes of History - subjective and artificial formations always win.
    1. 0
      20 May 2014 01: 39
      The enemy is inveterate and disguised as verbiage. Well, this is their brother - he can! It’s not without reason that it is bad_R_ talking on the mailbox from morning to evening, even jump out of the screen.
  14. parus2nik
    19 May 2014 16: 37
    Two-faced comrade .. He praises the fact that monuments to Lenin are being felled, but that they had already begun to sing laudatory songs to Bandera and other Nazi accomplices in Ukraine ... Bandera’s did not shoot him in the back ..
  15. +1
    19 May 2014 16: 57
    Solzhenyak on the shank, and in the ass him a stroller! Two-faced rat and not a man
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. 0
    19 May 2014 17: 11
    With False Nitsyn, the surname hints))))) I was always amazed how highly moral liberals like to talk about good and evil, although they themselves do not see the difference in these concepts, confusing everything in a heap .... the main thing is to blurt out, kindle, excite , do not give rest!
  18. 0
    19 May 2014 17: 16
    To many local "thinkers" before Solzhenitsyn, as before China ... He destroyed the Soviet Union !!!! ??? And what do you know about the Soviet Union, especially about its beginning. That was a real Russophobic satanic project !! And what was good about it, besides our youth? Should the union republics continue to be fed at the expense of the Russian people? Given that, as Solzhenitsin correctly noted, with different population growth in the republics, after a certain period of time, Russians would be in smaller numbers !!!! And who would have kept it?
    Armed with German and Jewish money, a perfect revolution illegally eliminated imperial power, becoming illegitimate. Justice was to triumph !!! It is a pity, of course, that we Russians, as in 17th, again believed the hollow sins, this time to the liberals. Someone get acquainted with the names of the then figures, especially the shoulder cases of the masters, they have the same names as the current liberals! The same Posner, Vayner, Gozman! Yes, the Russians by the end of the 80s digested this Russophobic regime, it only cost us several hundred million Russians !!!!
    1. +2
      19 May 2014 17: 49
      And youth was good, but how to define a Russian? Measure the skull or otherwise define it. Russian is rather a state of mind and nationality is secondary.
      1. +2
        19 May 2014 21: 00
        No need to juggle this in the best Jewish traditions! Certain forces destroy us, so ask them what they determine by their skull or by state of mind! I have my own opinion on this, but I will not express it now!
    2. +2
      19 May 2014 17: 49
      And youth was good, but how to define a Russian? Measure the skull or otherwise define it. Russian is rather a state of mind and nationality is secondary.
    3. 0
      19 May 2014 19: 31
      Brilliant ... :)))) You try to think about it. what you write. Say good. that the republics separated and Russia stopped feeding them :)) That is, they destroyed the Russophile Union? Therefore, now you consider the further collapse of Russia. so as not to feed the bad aliens? In happiness, we will roll over. when Russia will remain within the borders of the 15th century ..... :)))

      And your masterpiece accurate calculation of the victims of the bloody Soviet regime is quite in the spirit of lies .... :))) Are you also a pathological liar, or do you say that out of thoughtlessness? :))) So how many hundreds of Russian milion did the "press" cost us, can you be more precise? :))) It will be funnier this way ... :)))
      1. 0
        19 May 2014 21: 15
        Dear you are even a marshal here, but do not include the coolest in history, you are a complete zero! The USSR, of course, Russophobes collapsed, but I'm sure that for Russia it is only good. Solzhenitsyn, by the way, wrote back in the 80s that we needed to unite with Ukraine. Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, the rest of the republics are only ballast. Nationalist sentiments in Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Baltic states have always been strong. We did not succeed and will never succeed in making people close to us in spirit from the Central Asians. The mentality is too different. I lived in Uzbekistan, in Ferghana (not for long) I know what I’m talking about! Moreover (I will repeat it specially for you), with a constant increase in the population of national republics and, accordingly, an increase in their percentage in the population of the USSR, the death of this state could be foreseen! Or do you naively think that they needed it?
        Now, as for my masterpiece counting! You, what is seriously unknown about the calculation of the true patriot of Russia, a member of the Black Hundred, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev? According to his calculations, the population of the Republic of Ingushetia should have reached 50 million by the age of 60-500, while maintaining the rate of increase in population growth typical of the reign of Nicholas II !!!! So where did 250 million go? if the population of the USSR at the beginning of the collapse was 250 million, exactly half of the estimated!
        1. -1
          19 May 2014 22: 20
          1. The population of the USSR in 91 exceeded 290 million, at least that's you. how "incomplete zero" should have known .... :))) And now you, by chance, do not want to secede from us the Caucasus, Bashkiria, Tatarstan and other national republics of Russia, in order to get rid, in your words, of ballast?
          2. Certainly a brilliant chemist, D.I. Mendeleev was not a brilliant demographer, and he could not know about world trends in the birth rate. and referring to his opinion on this subject to count the victims of the bad leaders of the USSR is ridiculous. It is especially funny that people like Svanize and Mlechin give such calculations ... do you also consider them to be crystal-honest historians and Russian patriots? As for the Black Hundreds, their modern counterparts have clearly demonstrated their true face by waving rags with a swastika, speaking on the Swamp shoulder to shoulder with liberals, pederasts and other white puppies, as well as supporting Ukrainian Russophobes. Are they all adherents of the interests of the Russian people? :))) And so, for reference, take an interest in changing population growth rates in developed industrial countries. and the impact of urbanization on them. By the way. and you were not told anything about this at school in Economic Geography. or did you carefully study the history of Solzhenitsyn and Rezun at that time?
          3. I bow to your historical knowledge and acknowledge your genius. :))) Are you satisfied? :)))
          1. -1
            20 May 2014 01: 35
            And how many women didn’t do much after the war, and what if we spread it over generations? That shortage will pop up!
        2. -1
          20 May 2014 01: 32
          As Stalin said - "For a commander like Zhukov - 600 million people need ...". And I respect Mendeleev, because he accurately calculated the degree of vodka, and wrote that a person needs to work a day - no more than 8 hours, rest 8 more hours and sleep 8 hours.
    4. +1
      20 May 2014 07: 21
      The most surprising thing is that with the several hundred million Russian unborn and deceased you bring, the population growth in Russia was many times greater than the current one. According to my estimates, do you think that komunyaki forced every year to give birth to all women from 14 to 60 years? Pore ​​funny nonsense))))))))
  19. +2
    19 May 2014 17: 20
    Issaac Lazhenitsyn. None of them said to me has any practical and spiritual significance. Brehlo, which in old age tried to acquire indulgence. There is no him and the dog with him.
    1. +2
      20 May 2014 01: 26
      Why doesn’t it? Even very, very. By the reaction to this body, people can be easily recognized. Especially implicit.
  20. 0
    19 May 2014 17: 27
    Oblivion to Solzhenitsyn goes through our fifth column. His "Archipelago" can be easily smashed to pieces, even because he could not know the real statistics. Or do we know that now? Yes, not really!
    That's what he wrote about. And the fact that the majority in the USSR knew about Ukraine and Russia, but not all the writers or readers of his works, as it were, are kept as fools. And who in the USSR blessed the CPSU? Art. 6 of the last Constitution of the USSR completely killed the people's faith in the Power of the Soviets. Mixing the dictatorship of one party with the Soviet regime was one of the main reasons for the collapse. According to Solzhenitsyn, the councils were supposed to move away from the party dictatorship to local self-government. Who would have allowed it then? And now it has become even steeper. Instead of "decorative parties" for elections to democratic "toys", it is run by an international oligarchy in the Russian division.
    1. 0
      19 May 2014 17: 35
      We know something about real statistics, for example. For example, under Stalin there were not so many people sitting for a long time as usually under Brezhnev. Yes and the dates under Stalin were shorter.
      Even the West-fed dissidents did not dare to call Brezhnev a dictator.
    19 May 2014 17: 38
    The fact that SMERSH “figured out and cleaned it up” in a timely manner confirms that non-cinematic “noteworthy sadists and drunkards” worked in the said body. He blurted out in his "Archipelago ..." that he cut himself off from general work. V. Shalamov did not really like him. "Russia and the Jews. 200 Years Together", generally the work is below the plinth level.
    1. Adzhimushkay
      19 May 2014 21: 03
      There is an opinion that he deliberately substituted himself under the special forces in order to get down from the front. At the front you can stretch your legs every day. and under investigation can carry.
    2. 0
      19 May 2014 21: 23
      And I really liked 200 years! No wonder Shafarevich in his book inserted many quotes from there!
  22. +5
    19 May 2014 17: 45
    For me he is a petty dirty trick. All Tolstoy portrayed himself.
    He built of himself, the ruler of thoughts and the prophet of Russia.
    Only Russia for some reason did not notice it. And he so wanted her supportive attention.
    This is his sentence.
    And they still read "Hadji Murad" or "Cossacks".
  23. +4
    19 May 2014 17: 59
    A man who has slandered his Motherland all his life, raised by the liberals to the level of a "living classic", has appointed himself the messiah! Just don't raise these indigestible scriptures from hell!
  24. -2
    19 May 2014 18: 10
    Solzhenitsyn is great in everything ... both in his insights and in errors.
    Regarding Ukraine, Ukrainians and our relationship ... deeply right.
      19 May 2014 20: 21
      Quote: silberwolf88
      Solzhenitsyn is great in everything ... both in his insights and in errors.

      Watch on YouTube his performances at the "triumphant return" to the MOTHERLAND, which was destroyed with his participation. This is in A.S. Pushkin's "Boris G. .." - "the people are silent." We have people with their backs to him, making "historical" speeches, zero attention, although, probably, some New Bondarchuk will "complete" the historical footage. According to your logic, A. Hitler is great and delusional.
    2. +1
      20 May 2014 01: 22
      Even in those years when he wrote this, any drunken man in a pub would tell you the same thing, but not so "literary".
  25. VSC
    19 May 2014 18: 12
    Unfortunately, this "personality" was not finished off, but it was necessary.
  26. dFG
    19 May 2014 18: 24
    Quote: smile
    Just do not need to sculpt the son of the Fatherland out of this unprecedentedly false yggding. He is not the son of the Fatherland, he is an ordinary rootless sss.kin son, without honor, conscience and Fatherland.
    This creature has done everything possible and impossible for the destruction of our state. Regardless of what it was thinking about, all of him and the members of his pack were fighting communism, in which they supported all our worst enemies of our country. in fact, it was directed precisely against the Russians.
    Only one of these ... found the courage and conscience to admit that "they were aiming at communism, they got to Russia." Solgatnytsyn had neither courage nor conscience.
    And to refer to his pathetic books, the truth in which is a little less. than anything one could be ashamed of. Or forgotten. How did this "cleverest" shout about 60 million shot by bad Stalin, about a hundred million Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War?

    a surprisingly accurate assessment of this person who received a salary in the USA and wrote "truth" about Russia and the USSR with this money ... he attributed to the minuses from the pluses
  27. 0
    19 May 2014 18: 38
    I despise this so-false Nitsyn. My definition of Solzhenitsyn: a coward, a scoundrel, an opportunist.
    1. +1
      20 May 2014 01: 19
      No-ee -... It's a shame, you know, when the whole Motherland of his talent, a nugget, offended! Oooooo ... I will take revenge on my homeland with dirty tricks!
  28. +1
    19 May 2014 19: 26
    Uh-huh a fucking prophet. His books in the West are obligatory for studying in their universities - the school of Russophobia. They then think of us from his books. Type "One day ..."
  29. 0
    19 May 2014 19: 27
    All these Suvorovs, Solzhenitsins, Vishnevsky-Rastropovichs. They teach us life and create our new history for dollars. They bring us "the morality we have lost." You will recognize by their fruits ... What did Solzhenitsyn and others like him build? Is there at least one of the dissident writers who did at least something for our Motherland, for the future of our children? "It will be extremely painful with Ukraine!" So there was no need to be seven spans in the forehead. Any nationalism and breakdown-division will hurt. But he cleverly wrinkled his forehead and a prortek from Vermont or Montana, I don't remember where he lived there. Unhappy people who have lost their homeland, roots, people are citizens of the world. Here is Makarevich, hastily mincing after them, trying to catch up, another classic. Sit at home, gentlemen, teach your wife to cook cabbage soup!
    1. 0
      19 May 2014 20: 09
      They also forgot to include a bunch of names of such ghouls. Unfortunately, too many of them divorced at the moment! It's time to clean up.
      19 May 2014 20: 23
      Quote: kyznets
      All these Suvorov,

      ...rezuns - "Suvorovs"...
  30. serge
    19 May 2014 20: 24
    They also found authority - the American hiring Solzhenitsyn. Traitor - he is a traitor. Let's refer to the opinion of the English agent Rezun-Suvorov.
  31. 0
    19 May 2014 20: 32
    Well, srach ... did not expect so much dirt to pour on him .. I do not know the whole truth and I can’t know, but it seems to me that this man at least loved his country no matter what. I read his books, I had to kill him somehow. In general, do not judge and you will not be convicted.
    1. +1
      19 May 2014 21: 25
      What's so surprising about that? For half a century this man poured dirt and lies on the country, on all of us, and now he should sing praises to him? And what, he lied to his homeland solely out of love for her? Yeah, truly "I love Russia, but with a strange love" ... :)))
  32. calocha
    19 May 2014 20: 53
    What did this Solzhenitsin do for Russia besides the mud that he had been pouring all his life? Okay, I would have served in the camp with dignity, so I knocked the "heavyweights" to escape and at the same time merged the opera ... More than 20 souls went to heaven! They were shot, and Solzhenitsyn (Vetrov) was given a vacation ...
  33. 0
    19 May 2014 21: 08
    Alexander II is right: it is easier to ban the Ukrainian "language" than Russian. Let Mova live and live among the people, as an original dialect. And so: the false language formed false values ​​and led to fratricide.

    Solzhenitsyn is an offended writer, hence the abominations of being in works. I do not like "Chernushka" in the books. Byaki and in life Vyaku enough, why the devil to write about this in books?
    1. 0
      20 May 2014 01: 15
      When my wife switches the box to some sort of show discussion, I always ask you to switch somewhere, arguing that there is enough der_ma and around us, to look at the horse-radish about it too.
  34. 0
    19 May 2014 21: 15
    If the crowd judges sometimes justly about worthy people, then it is more to the honor for the crowd than fortunately for such people.
    Mark Tullius Cicero
  35. +2
    19 May 2014 21: 32
    My mother was a teacher. One student (as it were a double student) wrote the following composition on the theme "War and Peace" by Tolstoy: "It was long ago and not true." All. They put 2 points. And in my opinion - talent.
    1. 0
      20 May 2014 08: 15
      homosum20 (4) SU Yesterday, 21:32 PM New
      "My mother was a teacher. One student (like a double student) wrote the following essay on the theme" War and Peace "by Tolstoy:" It was a long time ago and not true. "That's all. They gave 2 points. But in my opinion - talent."
      They were scared by his thought ... all the more, everyone had their own truth ... I remember myself ... was dying from a novel in French ...
  36. +1
    19 May 2014 21: 42
    Solzhenitsyn betrayed his homeland when the United States destroyed the USSR!
  37. ks
    19 May 2014 22: 48
    There is nothing ingenious in this prophecy, so it will be with any artificial state sooner or later.
  38. +4
    19 May 2014 22: 49
    I can't understand why argue about completely obvious things? All Nobel laureates in literature received the prize for political reasons only. The only exception is Sholokhov. But even in this case, he was given the prize not for "They fought for the Motherland", "Virgin Land Upturned", "The Fate of a Man" but for "Quiet Don", where the line of the White Cossacks is clearly traced. Let's go through the names: I.A. Bunin is a White Emigrant. Were there no more talented writers at that time? I do not believe. BL Pasternak - (liberal-Jew-Mason) received an award for the anti-Soviet "Doctor Zhivago". His prose and poetry does not touch the soul much. Why wasn't he given an award for his absolutely phenomenal translations? The next Solzhenitsyn - no comment, everything has already been said by previous speakers. Brodsky I.L. received the award "for an all-encompassing creativity, imbued with clarity of thought and passion of poetry" As for clarity of thought, they were clearly excited. But giving a prize to a dissident is a competent political decision. That Brodsky is the best Russian poet after Pushkin and Lermontov? (I generally keep quiet about Pasternak). And after that these "prophets" like Solzhenitsyn sitting in the States and sipping "Mojito" will teach me how to equip Russia with a salary of 20 wooden ones. They went to .. hoo!
    19 May 2014 23: 05
    given the Lenin’s patterns, the lands that never belonged to historical Ukraine were cut ...

    The only thing is right!
  40. 0
    20 May 2014 01: 10
    Well, God gave the surname ...
  41. +1
    20 May 2014 01: 38
    Is this the one who wrote Paskvili dictated by the CIA ..? The KGB did not finish ...
  42. +1
    20 May 2014 07: 34
    I am glad that so many people understand who and what this Solzhenitsyn is. I wanted to write a comment and answer some fans of his "talent", but it turned out that they answered for me, and often in the same words as they wanted.
  43. nvv
    24 May 2014 11: 35
    Quote: Uncle
    Quote: nvv
    called Dallas project

    Dallas is a city, Dulles is a character. "They confuse everything, and the name and the names, and you, Vanya, they had Vanya" laughing
    Thanks for the educational program. From me a huge plus.

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