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At the walls of the Kremlin discussed the "humanitarian perspectives of Nazism"

At the walls of the Kremlin discussed the "humanitarian perspectives of Nazism"

According to the news agency Rex 5 in May, an expert hearing “Humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” took place in Moscow at the Hotel National, which were eventually devoted to the coup d'état and the civil war in Ukraine.

In this regard, it is indicative of the fact that no other Russian news agency reported on this event, despite the urgency and relevance of the current situation in Ukraine. And this in itself testifies that these “expert hearings” were nothing more than yet another campaign meeting between a group of people with a predetermined biased position, trying to get a new portion of PR and mental agony in the crest of a wave of public interest to the problem of the Russian and Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. transactions. If there was something else, then the pro-Kremlin television channels and publications would surely spread the news of these experts to the whole world, but for some reason they did not show the slightest interest to them, which clearly reflects the level and quality of the content of this event, as well as the attitude to him by the official authorities of Russia. It is for this reason that the participants of these “expert hearings” have to be content with the fact that their personal opinion is distributed by the Rex news agency, and not by the leading Russian and world media.

And how could it be otherwise? Ponder the title of this event - “The Humanitarian Perspective of Nazism”. Does Nazism, condemned by the International Nuremberg Tribunal back in 1946, have at least some kind of “humanitarian perspective”? And is it not blasphemous to seriously discuss this topic in Russia, which 70 years ago defeated Nazism during the Great Patriotic War. Moreover, to raise and discuss such a discourse on the eve of the Victory Day? I think that the organizers of these permissions to say “expert hearings” are not all right with common sense and historical memory. If it were different, they would have come up with some other name more appropriate to the reality and realities of modern Russia for their event. In the meantime, it turns out that they not only welcome the resuscitation of Nazism in Ukraine, as well as in other parts of the post-Soviet space, but also “with a scientific look of a connoisseur” absolutely seriously discuss whether he has and what kind of “humanitarian prospects” not only closest to Russia abroad, but also in Russia itself. Is this the reason why the event fell under the complete information blockade or “ignore”, speaking the modern content language of the Internet, from the official mass media of our country? Even the foreign policy opponents of the current Russian leadership, ready to cling to every word, just to blacken the plans and actions of our country, even the pro-Maidan Ukrainian media, have ignored the fact of this “expert hearing”, since even it seemed to them absurd and deliberately brutal. And only IA Rex, fulfilling the will of the organizers of the discussion of the “humanitarian prospects of Nazism”, was forced to inform the world about what happened.

The backstage and even closeness (in the Hotel National, right at the very walls of the Kremlin) of expert hearings “The Humanitarian Perspectives of Nazism” are not in doubt. Had the Russian public been aware of them at least a little, our patriotic fellow citizens would surely ask for participation — various kinds of antifa, Cossacks, searchers, Afghans, young activists of the pro-Putin groups Nashi, Molodaya Gvardiya, and United Russia. ”And so on, which are necessarily and very intelligibly, what is called“ on the body ”, would explain to the representatives of the“ expert community ”gathered there and the journalists of the Rex news agency who joined them, what kind of“ humanitarian perspectives ”does Nazism have today and in Russia. But this event, I repeat, was closed, almost “for the elect”, and there the questions of the “humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” discussed how, in the Soviet years, it was customary to speak ironically about backstage actions and decisions of the party-communist nomenclature, “a narrow circle of limited people".

The intellectual limitations of the representatives of the “expert community” who gathered at the National Hotel for a hearing can be clearly illustrated by the example of the speech of the representative of the “national liberation movement” of the Talysh people Fakhraddin Aboszoda, the text of which is published on his portal IA Rex. It begins with a very unambiguous verbal passage about the need to introduce a totalitarian regime in Russia. How else to interpret the following quotation of the author: “I can hardly be accused of a special love for“ 1937 year ”, but at the same time it is obvious that without 37 there would not have been 9 of May! Therefore, the leadership of Russia should immediately begin to address a number of urgent measures in order to “clean up” the internal field of the country in order to consolidate all sectors of society in the face of the impending external threat. ” We will not play wordplay and will not ask this person what exactly "special love" differs from "just love" in intensity of expression and perception. However, taking this opportunity, we remind him that every manifestation of nationalism, and Fakhraddin Aboszoda himself, without even hiding it, is a Talysh nationalist, in 1937 was a qualifying sign of “bourgeois counter-revolutionary activity”, punished in accordance with the notorious 58 article of the Criminal Code RSFSR imprisonment for a term of 3-s to the death penalty inclusive. At the same time, he should remember that he did not provide for the sanction of this article for additional qualifying signs differentiating punishment. In other words, the punishment measure depended not on the composition of the criminal act, but on the personality of the person against whom criminal repression was applied. Simply put, since Mr. Aboszoda spoke aloud about Talysh nationalism or about the self-determination of any territory on a national basis, in 1937, only one prospect waited for him - shooting, as happened that year with many leaders of the Soviet government in Transcaucasia, whose political roots went back in time to the activities of national socialist parties, ranging from the Azerbaijani “Gummet” to the Armenian “Gnchak”, not to mention the overtly nationalist “Musavat” or “Dashkantsut youn.
Therefore, before calling on the political leadership of the Russian Federation for the restoration of the 1937 regime of the year, Fakhraddin Aboszoda should have thought several times with his (and not someone else's) head that after his speech at 5 on May at expert hearings about the “humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” in specifically, the historical conditions of 1937, he would not even have been sent to air the brains of nationalist nonsense to logging or gold-bearing mines in the area of ​​Magadan, but simply to knock them out with a soft revolver bullet in the basements of Lubyanka . Probably, Mr. Aboszoda never in his life read the words of Georges Jacques Danton, spoken to him before the execution of the guillotine, that “the revolution devours its children”, which in the years of the Great French Revolution, read. Otherwise, he, relying on someone else's historical experience, would not have called for preventive reprisals on the heads of other people, remembering that the situation could change drastically, and he himself would fall under the flywheel of ““ cleaning ”the internal field. But this is not the point, this author has more interesting “revelations”.

Two paragraphs below, Fakhraddin Aboszoda writes: “... today the greatest danger to Russia is not those people whom we call champions of fascism. The real enemies of Russia in such conditions are those people who occupy high seats in the power system and special services in the center and in the localities, which can safely be classified as national traitors. ” This quote once again shows that its author is extremely poorly acquainted with the history of the Great Purge of the 1937 of the year and the essence of the charges brought against it by repressed people. Let him know that almost all the “national traitors” who were exterminated in the 1930’s by the investigation or the court were somehow caught in counter-revolutionary relations with either the imperialists or the Nazis (namely, the Nazis and not the Nazis, as Mr. Aboszoda writes because the German Nazis laid the foundation of their power in the National Socialist Party, and the Italian fascists in the unions). In those years, between the champion of Nazism (but not fascism) and the "national traitor" an equal sign was unequivocally put. The lack of understanding of this fact by Mr. Aboszod clearly indicates a true understanding, or rather, a complete lack of understanding of the most important nuances of the political and legal history of mankind.

Immediately after the passage quoted above, Fakhraddin Aboszoda writes: “With such a huge army of national traitors, the leadership can only rectify the situation with the help of the new“ McCarthy Law ”. It is difficult to understand exactly what this person has in mind when he speaks of the “McCarthy law”. Any university law graduate who more or less seriously studied the history of state and law in foreign countries is aware that supporters and followers of the ideology of the American Republican senator from the state of Wisconsin Joseph Raymond McCarthy passed two laws: in June 1952, the Bill of Restriction Bill Migration and Communist Control Act 1954. None of these US laws bore the name McCarthy, although the second of them was sometimes called that, but only in Soviet propaganda publications. Fahraddin Aboszoda should have studied better those aspects of the general history on which he wants to speak with his “expert opinion”. Ratuya about transferring the practice of McCarthyism to the political life of modern Russia, because of his own lack of education, he does not even understand how this will turn out for him personally. If necessary for the state bureaucracy of Russia, the justification for obtaining Russian citizenship, by analogy with the norms of McCaren-Walter Bill on restricting migration, can easily be questioned, after which he will be deported to his historic homeland - to Azerbaijan, where he will be provided with a comfortable single room in remand prison MNB AR. I do not think that such a “humanitarian perspective of Nazism” will correspond to the life plans and aspirations of Mr. Abosszod, but he should always remember about it when he once again calls on the “witch hunt” on the heads of Russian citizens. After all, "" cleaning "of the inner field" can begin personally with him ...

The use of the phrase “McCarthy's law” in the political science context chosen by Mr. Aboszod in relation to the realities of modern Russia is devoid of any common sense, since this law (this is the “Communist Control Act of 1954 of the Year”) will not be directed against national traitors, but against the Communist the party of the Russian Federation, which today, as you know, firmly stands on the positions of great-power patriotism, and in no way national betrayal. Essentially, Mr. Aboszoda, in his unconscious enthusiasm, unwittingly, calls for organizing administrative reprisals against Russian citizens on a party political basis, which not only contradicts the provisions of Art. 19 of the Constitution of Russia, which guarantees its citizens formal legal equality, including regardless of their party affiliation, but also forms the composition of the criminal act provided for by Art. 1 of the Federal Law No. 114-FZ “On Countering Extremist Activities”. It is difficult to guess how the leader of the Russian Communists, Gennady Zyuganov, will relate to the verbal passages of Mr. Abosszod, but the reason for initiating judicial and investigative prosecutions against this man, and at the same time regarding IA Rex and the group of organizers of the expert hearing on the theme “Humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” in him has already. And if he suddenly wants to realize such an opportunity, then the probability of being in the detention center of the Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Lankaran with Fakhraddin Aboszod after deportation from Russia increases many times.

There are already plenty of grounds for bringing him to criminal responsibility for political extremism after being deported to their historic homeland. Whoever doubts this, can see the second part of his speech at the expert hearing “The Humanitarian Perspectives of Nazism”. We will not retell all his statements and conclusions here in order not to fall under charges of extremism. At the same time, there is one more quotation in the speech of Mr. Aboszod, who did not pass by our attention, namely: “... with respect to such states as the Azerbaijan Republic, Russia should conduct a rather decisive, I would say, even aggressive policy. Such states, created artificially at a certain stage in the history of Russia, have no right to continue their existence. ” Agree strongly said. At the same time, these words, published in the electronic mass media, themselves form the corpus delicti provided for in Art. 354 of the Criminal Code, which establishes criminal liability for "public calls for the outbreak of an aggressive war." It is difficult for us to say what Fakhraddin Aboszoda was guided by, uttering these words at the expert hearings on “The humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” we do not understand why these words were decided to be posted on his portal by the Rex news agency. But it is quite obvious to us that these gentlemen, as they say, have already “got” into a criminal article regarding themselves. Russian human rights defenders of any party or ethnicity who wish to make themselves socially positive PR on this blatant fact, it’s enough to apply to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and the FSB of Russia to get the appropriate publicity for themselves.

We can only wonder at the nonsense, thanks to which Fakhraddin Aboszoda, IA Rex and the organizers of expert hearings “The humanitarian perspectives of Nazism” at the National Hotel themselves created an evidential base of criminal prosecution against themselves. And sincere confession, as you know, is a direct road to prison.
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  1. MG42
    MG42 14 May 2014 15: 59
    Battle cry of the elite banderlog army: “Whoever doesn’t ride, that’s” wassat
    1. Ased
      Ased 14 May 2014 16: 05
      I poorly understood what "Humanitarian Perspectives" is, but there is no place for Nazism and Fascism in the world. Let's tear it up!
      1. Kievan
        Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 08
        Few will argue with you. Nazism is evil. The trouble is that deceitfully hanging labels of fascism on objectionable scoundrels are herds of sheep in the direction they need.
      2. Duke
        Duke 14 May 2014 18: 58
        Presidential candidate of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has compiled a list of Russian regions, the visit of which should be prohibited to the President of Russia. Tymoshenko’s list included: The Federal District of Crimea - “aggression against Ukraine”; Kuril Islands - "aggression against Japan"; part of the Pskov region - “aggression against Estonia”; Kaliningrad region - “aggression against Germany”; part of Karelia and the Leningrad region is “aggression against Finland”. Yulia Tymoshenko promised that she will seek support from the international community in this matter, since such visits by Putin, in her opinion, are “directed against the entire democratic world.”

        Complete nonsense
        1. varov14
          varov14 14 May 2014 19: 39
          It is a pity for the poor woman - here she is, Western democracy in action, in prison the poor thing was completely beaten off in prison.
    2. Kievan
      Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 05
      WHAT IS FASCISM (определение из Большой Советской энциклопедии).
      Signs of fascism (in their totality):
      1. Racial justification for the superiority and exclusivity of one dominant nation proclaimed by virtue of this;
      2. Intolerance and discrimination towards other “alien”, “hostile” nations and national minorities;
      3. Denial of democracy and human rights;
      4. The imposition of a regime based on the principles of totalitarian-corporate statehood, one-party system and leaderism;
      5. The assertion of violence and terror in order to suppress a political adversary and any form of dissent;
      6. The militarization of society, the creation of paramilitary groups and the justification of war as a means of solving interstate problems.
      Fascism leads to the complete denial of human rights and freedoms; it carries a potential and real threat to the peace and security of mankind.

      Now think, where are more of these signs - in Ukraine, or Russia?
      1. Kievan
        Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 11
        In fact, the Nazis are Russians. It is no accident that Hitler, in his last interview, said that Nazism would revive in the future in Russia, and Churchill wrote that the Nazis of the future would call themselves anti-fascists.
        Russian propaganda is so deceitful and cynical that even the frankly criminal fact of Russia's aggression and the annexation of part of the territory of Ukraine looks like a good deed in the minds of intoxicated Russians. Putin uses the same rhetoric as Hitler used during the annexation of Austria and Poland, and the people of Russia believe him Russian "tourists" and neo-Nazis are going to Ukraine in droves, and under the guise of Ukrainians they imitate the struggle against mythical fascists. There are no Fascists in Ukraine. Even the "Right Sector" and "Svoboda", which have ONLY 3% of the support of the population and DO NOT HAVE REAL POWER, do not speak about the racial superiority of Ukrainians, DO NOT PROMOTE INTOLERANCE AND DISCRIMINATION TOWARD OTHER PEOPLES (these are the main signs of agitating for Nazism) FRIENDLY attitude towards national minorities that do not harm Ukraine (GO TO ANY OF THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITES AND DO NOT READ FALSE FORCES). All other parties, incl. having a majority in parliament, generally do not care who wanted what nationality. IN RUSSIA, NEONAZI CHAUVINIST ORGANIZATIONS ARE GROWING IN AN EXTREME FLOWER, EVERY YEAR NEONAZIS KILL ABOUT 20 "FOREIGNERS", and in Ukraine the last time ONE person was killed 4 YEARS AGO, and that because of a national reason, not a quarrel for something wrong. IN UKRAINE THERE ARE NO NAZIS AT ALL !!!
        There are signs of fascism in Russia, not in Ukraine
        Odessa separatists are trained by a neo-Nazi from St. Petersburg
        Who are Orthodox fascists? Ziguyuschie Russians.
        Fascism in Russia legalized by Putin
        Arrested pseudo-governor Gubarev turned out to be a seasoned Russian Nazi
        Russian Black Hundred urges Putin to send troops to Odessa
      2. Good cat
        Good cat 14 May 2014 16: 34
        Look what a troll wound up, everywhere under different flags, of course in Ukraine a troll
        1. Ased
          Ased 14 May 2014 16: 39
          Quote: Good cat
          Look what a troll wound up, everywhere under different flags, of course in Ukraine a troll

          Why deleted it? I wanted to answer comrade that we even know where without labels. We trust our eyes.
          1. Bayonet
            Bayonet 14 May 2014 22: 07
            And what was there? There is no way to sit at the computer all day! Would be deleted the next day.
      3. woron333444
        woron333444 14 May 2014 16: 49
        Kiev citizen you do not often change the flag? Like a prostitute.
    3. Kievan
      Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 12
      And the facts are simple:
      1. Russia grossly amended the norms of international law, using military force, annexed part of the territory of the sovereign state of Ukraine.
      2. Russia has done this treacherously violating international obligations to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, which it gave when it viciously deceived Ukraine’s nuclear weapons. The moronic excuses that supposedly in Ukraine had changed the government will make the whole international community laugh. Obligations are given to the country, not the government, and are given on an ongoing basis, and not for a couple of years.
      4.1. There were no oppressions of Russian speakers in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, not a single Russian was injured, no one forbids them to speak Russian, 500 RUSSIAN SCHOOLS AND ONLY 5 UKRAINIANS (which, by the way, they are trying to close now) are open for the whole Crimea. And on the contrary, there is full of facts of frenzied oppression in Crimea of ​​all non-Russian. Russia has long been financing the development of pro-Russian neo-Nazi organizations in Crimea, cultivating hatred of everything Ukrainian - the capture of Crimea was planned long and carefully (the “older” brother Cain had long been holding up a knife in his sleeve, rather than using it spontaneously).
      4.2. An attempt to justify their criminal actions allegedly by the fact that fascists came to power in Ukraine, some junta felts, is false and baseless for two reasons:
      a) In Ukraine, the main body of power belongs to the parliament, as provided for by the Constitution. And this parliament is legitimate and legally elected back in 2012. Nothing has changed here. The only change is that after the shooting of more than a hundred unarmed demonstrators, Yanukovych washed off, although no one drove him, he could stay and try to fix what he had done. Naturally, the parliament appointed acting President, it is legal and there is no alternative to this, and appointed ELECTIONS. If the president died, became seriously ill, ran away, and does not fulfill his duties, then they will appoint the acting President, AND ELECTIONS WHAT IS UNDERSTANDED? WHAT IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE ELECTION? The junta and the usurpers of power do not call elections; their goal is the opposite - to maintain power. DO YOU WANT ANOTHER POWER - JUST VOTE FOR TIGIPKA, DOBKIN, TSAREVA, why use violence and shed blood.
      b) Russia does not have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state because it does not like who came to power. Even if the "fascists", but - there are no Fascists in Ukraine. Even the "Right Sector" and "Svoboda", which have ONLY 3% of the support of the population and DO NOT HAVE REAL POWER, are campaigning for a FRIENDLY attitude towards national minorities that do not harm Ukraine (GO TO THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITES AND DO NOT READ FALSE FORGES) All other parties, incl. having a majority in parliament, generally do not care who wanted what nationality. Key positions in the government are held by proteges of Yulia Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna party. Why did they suddenly become "fascists"? UNDER THE POWER IN GENERAL, THE MAJORITY IS NON-UKRAINIANS.
      IN RUSSIA EVERY YEAR NEONAZIS KILL ABOUT 20 "FOREIGNERS", and in Ukraine the last time ONE person was killed 5 YEARS AGO, and that was because of a quarrel on ethnic grounds and not just because he was not Ukrainian.
      1. sscha
        sscha 14 May 2014 16: 19
        Scatter out of here, the marsh moss smells! I am only with a censor. Go there and zombie your own, a Romanian Englishman, judging by your flags. am
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. Duke
      Duke 14 May 2014 18: 48
      Battle cry of the elite banderlog army: “Whoever doesn’t ride, he

      FASCISM (Italian fascismo, from fascio - bundle, bundle, unification) - ideology, political movement and social practice, which are characterized by the following features and traits: rationale on the basis of racial superiority and exclusivity of one, proclaimed by virtue of this ruling nation; intolerance and discrimination towards other "alien", "hostile" nations and national minorities; denial of democracy and human rights; the imposition of a regime based on the principles of totalitarian-corporate statehood, one-party system and leaderism; asserting violence and terror in order to suppress a political enemy and any form of dissent; the militarization of society, the creation of paramilitaries and the justification of war as a means of solving interstate problems.
    5. Roman1970
      Roman1970 14 May 2014 19: 49
      I’m "" ... And I am proud of it! And the jumpers ... Well, let them jump, if you like ...
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 14 May 2014 16: 02
    Here it is - the humanitarian perspective of Nazism:
  3. Kievan
    Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 03
    About the junta
    In Ukraine, the main body of power belongs to the parliament, as provided for by the Constitution. This parliament is legitimate and legally elected back in 2012.
    What has changed in Ukraine:
    a) After the execution of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in parliament, almost all turned away from Yanukovych. Many members left the party of regions, as a result a new majority was formed, and the regionals were in opposition. FORMING A NEW MOST IN THE PARLIAMENT - A NATURAL AND LEGAL PROCESS IN ANY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.
    b) Yanukovych washed off, although no one persecuted him, he could stay and try to correct what he had done. Naturally, the parliament appointed President and appointed ELECTION. This is legal and there is no other way. If the president died, became seriously ill, ran away, and does not fulfill his duties, then they will appoint the acting president, AND ELECTIONS. WHAT'S NOT CLEAR? WHAT IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE ELECTION? THE JUNT AND THE OWNERS OF AUTHORITIES DO NOT APPOINT THE ELECTIONS, THEIR PURPOSE TO SEE AUTHORITY. DO YOU WANT ANOTHER AUTHORITY - THERE ARE THE ELECTION - JUST VOTE FOR TYPES, DOBKIN, TSAREV.
    But the truth is different - those traitors to the motherland who deceitfully shout about the junta and the mythical coup actually seek to commit an armed anti-Ukrainian coup in the interests of the enemy state - Russia, which committed a treacherous military intervention against Ukraine.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 14 May 2014 16: 16
      Kievite stop lying. Even the reluctance to refute all the nonsense that you wrote here.
      1. vadimN
        vadimN 14 May 2014 16: 32
        Judging by the style of presentation, the so-called "Kievlyanin" broadcasts from the territory of the US base in Bahrain, where the unit is located, imprisoned for information warfare on the Ukrainian front ... The well-known "Crimean woman, daughter of an officer" and a number of similar comrades ... so don't take it seriously ...
    2. woron333444
      woron333444 14 May 2014 16: 52
      in Ukraine, a fascist junta is now in power, which came to power as a result of a coup. You get your 30 pieces of silver from the State Department. So flows from you de_r_mo.
  4. Giant thought
    Giant thought 14 May 2014 16: 13
    To hold all participants in this event accountable for the propaganda of Nazism.
    1. thinker
      thinker 14 May 2014 16: 32
      Great offer! For those from the "narrow circle of limited people."
    2. maxxdesign
      maxxdesign 14 May 2014 19: 52
      all the more so in the Russian Criminal Code that is already stated!
  5. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 14 May 2014 16: 20
    There are a lot of meetings on the principle of PPR (they sat ... whether ... they dispersed) ... they can be treated differently ... basically it’s not interesting ... that is, absolutely nothing ...
  6. Kievan
    Kievan 14 May 2014 16: 33
    Watch the Rashi lies:
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 14 May 2014 16: 37
    I don't understand one thing. The law is there, the precedent is obvious. Where is the FSB looking? Why weren't these "figures" wrapped up with their flippers and sent to the bullpen?
  9. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka 14 May 2014 17: 01
    and after all "National" is sooooo expensive hotel ... I wonder at whose expense this event was held? ....
  10. arch_kate3
    arch_kate3 14 May 2014 17: 29
    Strange article ... very. Why is it written? For whom? Conspirology ...
  11. VSC
    VSC 14 May 2014 17: 42
    Why, in no article, are the names of these "assessors" indicated? It is imperative to call them by name so that the people know who and what kind of people they are. And, if possible, cut off their path to power!
    1. maxxdesign
      maxxdesign 14 May 2014 19: 53
      I think Makarevich with Novodvorskaya was definitely there
  12. asar
    asar 14 May 2014 18: 02
    From such cretins the bacillus of the 5th column grows! This is the first thing! Secondly, I agree with Al_lexx! The very name of the "event" is "Humanitarian Perspectives of Nazism", plus the topics that the "members" "considered"! It doesn't matter if it is at the walls of the Kremlin or at the walls of a shed in the suburbs! Where is the reaction of the authorities, as far as I remember, the propaganda of Nazism is punished seriously ?! What a nonsense ?! Something strange!
    1. Apollo
      14 May 2014 18: 15
      quote The intellectual limitations of the representatives of the "expert community" who gathered at the National Hotel for hearings can be clearly illustrated by the example of the content of the speech of the representative of the "national liberation movement" of the Talysh people Fakhraddin Aboszoda end of quote

      Well, this political prostitute lit up again. At one time this one with his accomplice Alikram Gumbatov tried to organize a mutiny in the south of Azerbaijan. The mutiny was suppressed together with local residents of the south of Azerbaijan, the events took place in the city of Lankaran. They were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. Subsequently, at the insistence of the Council Europe and the OSCE, were pardoned ?! Alikram fled to gay Holland and this fagot Abasszada found refuge in Russia ?!

      Quote: asar
      Where is the reaction of the authorities, as far as I remember, the propaganda of Nazism is punished seriously ?! What the hell ?! Something is strange!

      It’s strange for you, Rustem, but I’m generally shocked !!!
  13. sv68
    sv68 14 May 2014 18: 08
    the enemies are at hand in power, special services such provocations must squint very harshly and even cruelly, if necessary then fire for steam without hesitation
    1. varov14
      varov14 14 May 2014 19: 59
      And you do not find that you are calling for the same thing as Aboszoda? ---- That is after reading this article and agreeing with it, we are all essentially faced with a choice - don’t dare to touch all the evil spirits of the 5th column, if that doesn’t work out. Fascist is a forum or not, but the grain is clearly not separated from the chaff.
  14. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 14 May 2014 18: 31
    I don’t understand where the power is, because now is the time to easily raise the rating by means of massive landings of all this liberalism. There are all laws and no lawyer will stop them, and there is only benefit to the people-spectacle and the state.
    1. varov14
      varov14 14 May 2014 20: 07
      We need to think more broadly, comrade, and read it, but I didn’t understand a damn thing, it’s clear, it is said that we don’t need 37 years, 5 columns can sleep peacefully, and the forum is like that - an example for example.
  15. Valter1364
    Valter1364 14 May 2014 18: 45
    There is such a tactic, to keep everything under control, and for the time being, for the time being, pretend that they simply do not exist. This is also very disappointing, especially for sponsors. Indeed, in this case, the "liberal" rabble have to show themselves more and more unattractive in the eyes of the people. A healthy society cleanses itself and rejects foreign elements. Russia is recovering! They didn't have long.
  16. b.t.a.
    b.t.a. 14 May 2014 18: 57
    I considered myself not a stupid person, but after reading the title of the article I fell into a stupor. As far as I understand humanitarian is from the word humanism? But then what does Nazism have to do with it? What is the article about? Whoever is about "explain to the sirom.
    1. Polarfox
      Polarfox 14 May 2014 19: 15
      Quote: B.T.A.
      Whoever is about "explain to the sirom.

      Do not worry, everything is in order with the roof. And the humanitarian perspectives of Nazism are black snow and sweet horseradish, which is sweeter than even radish. They themselves did not understand that they blurted out. However, the law on the propaganda of Nazism has already been adopted. Or not?
      1. arch_kate3
        arch_kate3 15 May 2014 10: 36
        UN Resolution
        On December 20, 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution proposed by Russia, which urges member countries to fight against the glorification of fascism. The USA is the only major power that voted against the resolution, which 129 countries supported and adopted (the vote against is explained by the constitutional right to freedom of speech - US diplomats are not allowed to sign resolutions that are contrary to the US Constitution).
    2. varov14
      varov14 14 May 2014 20: 16
      and about everything. It seems like you won’t wake up the moloch, it will eat you up, but on the other hand, do not touch the opponents of Russian statehood, let everything flow as it is, and where it will lead and the curve is written by order of the powerful, but explicit anti-statists.
  17. 14 May 2014 19: 13
    A muddy little article, just for the seed of a "discussion", where everyone babbles about their complexes. Moskau, panimaash ... "National" ... "fascismus" .... Minus, I no longer participate in the discussion of this article.
  18. natakor1949
    natakor1949 14 May 2014 21: 15
    After reading the article, I came to the conclusion that the state from Azerbaijan arrived in a "narrow circle of limited people" in Russia, the center of the meeting with whom is in the National Hotel (the password is "expert community") with the aim of reconnaissance whether such people are alive and in action. great revolutionaries of modern Russia such as: Alekseeva, Novodvorskaya, Germans, Pusiki, Kasyanov, Makarevich, and so on. Scum and scum of Russia, otherwise, apparently, there are no such abscesses in Azerbaijan and there is no one to talk to.
  19. grandfather_Kostya
    grandfather_Kostya 14 May 2014 23: 27
    The event is very similar to the 1st out of 7 steps of the amerovskoy manual "how to make what you want from the forbidden."
  20. Sterlya
    Sterlya 15 May 2014 01: 55
    Shoot such need. until the roots took root
    1. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 15 May 2014 02: 24
      The article just emphasizes that you can’t shoot, but cameras for provocateurs of all stripes are always ready. Well, warning all these provocateurs not to tempt fate.