Revenge of the "fifth column". Liberals return threatens Russia with destruction

Revenge of the "fifth column". Liberals return threatens Russia with destructionThe socio-economic problems of our country are growing. And the matter is not in the Ukrainian crisis, not in the remaining insignificant sanctions and not in the cold war declared to us by the West: the fact is that a principled and consistent rejection of development even theoretically leads to a single result - destruction. And for the individual, and for the whole society.

And the liberal policy now being implemented in exactly the same way as the 90's and in the “zero” policy is precisely the refusal of development. Consistent and principled.

Russia beats in the "loop of Kudrin"

The enthusiasm caused by the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the apparent helplessness and mendacity of the West, the self-disclosure of its liberal “fifth column” in Russia and the uprising in eastern Ukraine, is gradually fading away.

The point is not the absence of an active foreign policy of the Russian state, posing as a punching bag of the West in the worst late Soviet traditions.

The liberal course, aimed at realizing the interests of global business against the interests of our people, continues to be implemented as consistently and steadily as in 90, and in 2000.

State windfalls from the export of raw materials go not to the development of the country, but to support the financial systems of its strategic competitors, which directly characterize Russia as an "enemy." The best enterprises have the opportunity to borrow in these financial systems their own money, previously paid by them to the Russian state in the form of taxes; the rest are deprived of this opportunity and, in fact, cut off from the loan.

Its high cost undermines the competitiveness of the economy just as well as accession to the WTO on knowingly enslaving, in fact, colonial conditions.
At the same time, the external credit dried up even before the West started the “information war” against Russia: due to the growing comparative attractiveness of the USA, on the one hand, and the deterioration of the economic situation in our country, on the other, financial flows began to bypass our country.

The key reason for this deterioration in the conjuncture is the artificial “money hunger” organized by the liberals, undermining the economy and blocking the activity of even the secured sector of the economy: choking on money, prosperous structures do not know who to give them - for neither reliable borrowers nor attractive investment projects simply have no place to take.

Regulation of speculation and production is almost the same, resulting in the latter decay. The shortage of not even specialists, but simply people with normal labor motivation is ubiquitous: a liberal education reform aimed at eliminating professionals and punching "qualified consumers" from the youth who can only take out a loan but not think about its usefulness and prospects for return, is completely successful.

The only way to support the economy, available in the framework of a liberal socio-economic policy, is the weakening of the ruble. However, it is not carried out simultaneously, but for a long time (from mid-October to mid-March), in the interests of not the country as a whole, but speculators, which maximizes not only the incomes of the latter, but also the destructive consequences for society. At the same time, the negative effects of devaluation already outweigh the very limited positive ones.

In particular, the real incomes of the bulk of the population are falling. It is estimated that since last summer, and after the start of devaluation, the extent of the impoverishment of people began to manifest itself also in official statistics. The possibilities of expanding trade and, accordingly, reviving the economy by lending to the population are practically exhausted: a significant part of Russians are driven into hopeless "debt slavery", trying to take new loans not to improve their lives, but to pay off previously taken.

A full-fledged budget crisis is organized in the regions: the federal center imposes on them all new responsibilities, without accompanying them with money. As a result, the destruction of the social sphere and the very fabric of everyday life has become the norm of life in the vast spaces of Russia.

Despite a slight improvement in the situation in the first quarter, economic growth (0.8%, and this success) will not reach the minimum necessary to maintain socio-political stability in the framework of the current model of the pace in 5,5%. So, the "influence groups" will suffer from unsatisfied appetites, tear each other and the long-suffering population, "swinging the boat" like no other revolutionaries have dreamed of - and Russia as a whole will slowly swell into a systemic crisis and disintegration similar to those of Ukraine .

With the difference that we, instead of Bandera, will most likely be Islamists - with the unconditional support of hipsters, desperate office people, ruined by the crisis and corruption of businessmen and under the general guidance of a West-based liberal clan.

Euromaidan in Kiev fervently believed that after the overthrow of Yanukovych, the West would immediately give Ukraine 150 or 160 billion euros. Maidan in Moscow will be piously believing in the same nonsense - simply because desperate people believe in everything that the "enemies of their enemies" tell them.

Economy sentenced to decline

This perspective is so transparent that it is already alarming in the Russian leadership. But so far, attempts to even shy changes for the better are rejected unswervingly in the corporate reformist style.

So, at Putin’s famous nightly meeting, after Medvedev’s fabulous speech in the State Duma after Putin’s fabulous speech, the idea of ​​softening the “fiscal rule” was rejected, making it possible to send more than 3 trillion to the development of the economy. rub. for 3,5 of the year.

The fact that such mitigation is necessary is evidenced by the fact that the author of this idea was the liberal Ulyukaev, Gaidar’s faithful ally who now heads the long-suffering Ministry of Economic Development. He and Putin’s assistant, the best Russian macroeconomist Belousov, opposed the united front of government liberals led by Prime Minister Medvedev, reinforced by “expert” Kudrin.

This meeting put an end to many hopes. The Russian state made a principled choice, refusing development in favor of continuing the destruction of its country and strangling it in the “Kudrin loop”. We are confidently moving towards destabilization according to one or another scenario, and ultimately to a new Maidan.

Now there is no doubt: already this year, Russia from a fading economic growth will turn into an increasing economic recession: a decision on this, in fact, has been made.

Of course, the aggravation of social and economic problems will increase the president’s attention both to them and to the liberal members of the government and the leaders of the Bank of Russia. But for now he demonstrates full confidence in the people, the preservation of which in power will easily turn them into grave diggers not only of the whole country and people, but also of Putin himself.

The secret of their survival is simple: any leader is engaged in what he considers most important. The main thing becomes either threatening to catastrophe, or promising strategic success. All the rest is entrusted to trusted people - and, if everything is in order, an ordinary manager evaluates them by result, without delving particularly into the nature of their activities and not trying to separate their contribution to this result from the impact of objective factors.

Perhaps Putin sincerely believes that it was precisely the liberals who were perfectly able to advertise themselves, and not the insane rise in oil prices, that gave him a decade of strong economic growth and super-profits - and simply believes that story proved them right. They have simple human gratitude on their side, and still enormous authority of the West for our ruling party.

Therefore, a turn from liberalism to common sense, with all the inevitable personnel problems (for building a country after a quarter of a century of national betrayal is a hard task, and those who like to cut budgets will not be tempted) for Putin is extremely difficult both for psychological and organizational reasons.

Meanwhile, he has less and less time for such a turn.

The continuation of the liberal policy of plundering and destroying the country for 2014-2015 years dramatically increases the risk of a breakdown in a systemic crisis: the positive economic and psychological inertia of many years of growth is already exhausted, and this year will definitely come to naught.

Meanwhile, the transition to development policy in 2015, although possible according to the principle “all of a sudden”, as it was in 1998, under Primakov, Maslyukov and Gerashchenko, requires very substantial organizational preparation. It is necessary to radically rework the budget, and this is at least a month of work. And after that, you need to work out the most significant issues with the implementing agencies and regional authorities: this is at least another month. And, finally, personnel improvement is also not an instant affair: new leaders must accept affairs, get comfortable with the apparatus (and free it from incurable liberals), get used to each other: also not less than a month.

Thus, in order to begin the complex development of Russia in the 2015 year, for purely technical reasons, the government and the Bank of Russia need to be rehabilitated, clearing them of the liberals who remained forever in the 90s and dream of returning Russia there before October October of this year. Otherwise, in 1, the policy will have to be changed in an emergency mode, reshaping it “live”, and this, as the experience of saving the country from the consequences of the 2015 default of the year shows, leads to a loss of opportunity, time and painful mistakes.

Putin has only a little over four months.

What to do?

I will make a reservation right away: in this article I will describe only urgent measures that will bring immediate results.

At the same time, they will have to “launch” a lot of absolutely necessary transformations that will not immediately improve our life.
Their list is obvious to everyone: first of all, it is a judicial reform that will bring the independence and professionalism of the courts to at least Soviet standards, which today, unfortunately, can only be dreamed of.

This is the normalization of education and health care, which should once again become tools for the creation of a nation, and not its cynical robbery. They should be available, which in a country with 80% of the population that cannot buy durable goods, means "free or almost free for most", but, above all, they should be. Today, quality health care and education are as few for the majority of Russians as justice.

Housing should become free again or almost free for the majority: the severity of the housing crisis today can only be compared with the post-Stalinist period or the period of the First Russian Revolution.

Government regulation must stop brutally suppressing the conscientious observance of the norms established by it and tacitly encourage scammers who sneer at them and those who follow them. Rampant crime, invisible due to the distrust of citizens to the law enforcement system, should be mercilessly suppressed.

Work in these areas should begin immediately to improve the state, but the necessary rapid effect will provide another: return "from reforms to normality" in the socio-economic policy.

First of all, the state should begin a comprehensive modernization of the infrastructure: first, roads and utilities, then power supply, then the rest. Infrastructure is the only sphere in which the state is insured against inevitably unfair competition with business: the effect of investments made by one goes to everyone, therefore, with the exception of information technology, investments in infrastructure are beyond the power of even the largest business.

Modernization of infrastructure will drastically reduce the costs of society, and on the other hand, it will create a huge “front of work”, will present enormous demand for all kinds of creation: from strategic planning and creation of new technologies to ordinary honest work.

However, to begin the modernization it is necessary to fulfill four categorical conditions.

The first is a fundamental limitation of corruption: otherwise, modernization instead of the Russian infrastructure will affect elite settlements in fashionable countries that decry the very idea of ​​protecting Russia of their interests, perhaps because Russian corrupt officials are used to exporting the loot to them.

Contrary to common myths, reducing corruption to a safe level (as opposed to its complete eradication) is quite a doable thing, even in the conditions of a deep decomposition of law enforcement agencies, courts and politicians.

It is necessary to break the mutual responsibility relating the bribe taker to the briber: for this, following the example of Italy, release the latter from responsibility in the case of cooperation with the investigation. Do not mitigate the punishment in the event of a coincidence of opinions of the investigator and the judge, as is the case now with us in the form of "active repentance", but reliably and precisely free from responsibility! This makes the bribe taker, in fact, the hostage of the one from whom he extorts a bribe, and works very effectively.

The second means of easing corruption should be borrowed from the United States: confiscation from the family of a member of organized crime who does not cooperate with the result of organized crime of all faithfully acquired (that is, legalized) assets while maintaining a minimum sufficient for a very modest life. This destroys the economic basis of the mafia (and with it, corruption), since there is not enough common fund for everyone (it’s not created for that), and much of the captured mafia and corrupt officials prefer to risk their lives, cooperating with the investigation for the welfare of their loved ones.

Of course, reducing corruption to a safe level takes time (in the case of New York, where corruption united all power into a monstrous mechanism - from a street policeman and district judge to the creators of "political machines"), but the situation will improve and be noticed by society right away.

The second step necessary for the modernization of infrastructure is the restriction of the arbitrariness of monopolies: otherwise, instead of the goal set, as was the case with Medvedev’s “inaccessible housing,” we’ll get price inflation for everything related to its achievement.

The key point here is the fundamental empowerment of the antimonopoly service. It should become an analogue of the KGB in the economy, receiving, on simple suspicion of abusing the monopoly position, all the financial and economic information of any firm (of course, bearing responsibility for non-disclosure of trade secrets until the latter is proven guilty).

In case of sharp price fluctuations, the antimonopoly service should, according to the German experience, get the right to return prices first, and then investigate the validity of their changes, since the investigation can last months or even years during which damage to the economy can become irreparable.

By the way, it is worthwhile to adopt the German attitude to private property, whose holiness and the very right to exist are recognized only as long as it serves society. If private property begins to harm society, it is mercilessly and without any sentiments limited.

An important tool to limit the arbitrariness of monopolies is to provide access for producers (especially agricultural products) to free access to the markets of large cities. You may have to resort to even the armed forces, but the solution to this problem is absolutely necessary.

Finally, to curb communal monopolies, it is necessary to subsidize all payments for utility services that exceed 10% of household incomes. To subsidize from local budgets, but with a lack of funds in them - from regional and federal. This will make the victim of communal monopolies not a scattered population, but an all-powerful Ministry of Finance, and will force the government to curb their appetites. And where the local and regional authorities are so professional that they can normalize the appetites of the housing and utilities sector, the intervention of the center is not required.

Price issue

However, curbing monopolies is not enough for the successful modernization of infrastructure. After all, funds aimed at it should revive the Russian economy, create jobs in our country, and not in China and Germany. So, for successful modernization, reasonable protectionism is needed - at the level of at least the European Union.

Accession to the WTO on knowingly indentical conditions has already confirmed the old rule that either goods or investments enter the country: investment growth was replaced after this growing recession, and capital outflows broke all out-of-crisis records long before reunification with Crimea.

The situation needs to be corrected, but citizens, not migrant workers, should occupy jobs: otherwise, instead of Russia, Outer Manchuria and North Tajikistan will emerge. And for this, the salary should not be below the subsistence minimum, and this minimum should be sufficient and guaranteed to all citizens.

This is not a question of economics, but of a Constitution: does the state recognize the right to life guaranteed to its citizens? And if he does, then why does 11% of the population pay so much that their lives turn into slow dying, almost like in a concentration camp?

The cost of saving the lives of our fellow citizens is small - about 600 billion rubles a year, much of which will be returned to the budget in the form of taxes. With unused balances in the federal budget accounts in 7,5 trillion. rubles are not critical expenses. Yes, and curbing the arbitrariness of monopolies, reducing prices, will reduce the cost of saving people, and the last of the steps necessary for the successful modernization of infrastructure.

In addition to it, tax normalization is needed: today, the richer a person is, the less he gives to the state. The remuneration of the majority, even if it is below the subsistence minimum, is cut by the state by 39.2%: first 30% of compulsory social contributions, and only from the rest - 13% of the notorious "flat income tax". Not used almost anywhere except in Russia, where a wealthy person can use the simple manipulations to pay the state only 6%.

As the country is turned into a tax haven for the super-rich, the tax burden on the poor is excessive - and people are "dropping into the shadows" en masse. It is this process that is the main cause of the pension crisis, about which the authorities are chastely silent.

A reasonable way out is the introduction of a flat scale of compulsory social contributions at the rate of 15% (to which the business agrees, but not the officials), in conjunction with a moderately progressive income tax scale. Incomes below three living wages should be exempted from taxation in general (for it is embarrassing), and from 700 thousands of rubles per month (these are the savings that the state guarantees to citizens in banks) and higher - to take 20%. It’s just that people who, by virtue of their incomes, have greater than average opportunities to influence society, also feel their greater responsibility towards them.

Important and inheritance tax. Of course, it’s not necessary to take tax from a regular apartment and, all the more, cars. But from the palace and the Maybach collection, not to mention corporations, is necessary, and this tax must also be progressive.

There is no need to talk about deoffshorization - it needs to be done: to cancel the regime of avoiding double taxation with offshore companies and declare any assets, property rights to which will not be withdrawn from offshore companies for six months, as confiscated.

Russia will never put up with predatory privatization, the consent to which was purchased from the then generation for the free privatization of apartments and the voucher mirage. That generation is being replaced by new ones that are doomed to poverty: they will not get what they have created by their ancestors. Compensation tax on the basis of privatization in the form of the difference between the value of the property at the time of privatization and what went into the budgets should be charged with blocks of shares, so that enterprises would not cause damage, and society would regain the commanding heights in the economy.

Finally, a non-speculative small business should be free: it should be exempted from all taxation of its production and trade, and in the Far East and Transbaikalia this rule should be extended to medium-sized business.

Each of these measures is self-evident - and each is absolutely unacceptable for Russian liberals. Purification of power from them is not a question of progress, but the simple survival of Russia.
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  1. +43
    13 May 2014 18: 38
    Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you
    1. +24
      13 May 2014 18: 46
      Quote: Silkway0026
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you

      You don’t have to beat anyone. There was a good math teacher from Khodorkovsky. And other activities can be found!
      1. jjj
        13 May 2014 20: 08
        Sometimes Delyagin will do such a thing that even take out the saints
      2. +4
        13 May 2014 21: 41
        Read citizens The book "The Way of Russia" There is everything about democracy, liberals and what to do!
    2. +7
      13 May 2014 18: 54
      Less attention should be paid to them!
      They piled on Navalny, duck on the anniversary of the Swamp pair of hundreds of people and remembered him! laughing
      1. +25
        13 May 2014 19: 50
        how not to pay attention, they are in power! Navalny can only verbiage, and Medvedev's army decides the fate of Russia. How boorishly behaved Medvedev in the Duma on the government report, just did not laugh in full voice when the deputies spoke about the unsatisfactory work of the government. These bastards can easily bury the remnants of the country's industry and surrender us to the quiet slave west.
    3. platitsyn70
      13 May 2014 19: 13
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you
      it is not Putin who needs to clean up, but we must show society who the boss is in the house, beat them with bits wherever they are going.
      1. +22
        13 May 2014 19: 49
        Right Comrade Where lIberasta saw, there crush him! Putin has only two legs, and two arms. Help the president!
      2. 225chay
        13 May 2014 22: 36
        Quote: platitsyn70
        beat them with bits wherever they are going.

        )) in Maidan? and what happened next? Again broke through to power ...
    4. +3
      13 May 2014 19: 28
      Yes, it’s hard to answer anything right away, Precisely such words liberals of all stripes repeat for the layman as a mantra, They say but there are no significant changes, Liberals from the elite have perfectly learned what to preach to the people and what to do really, I found someone to compare with Germany, They’re with a magnifying glass they’re looking for a small clue to howl all this to fail at home, And then they themselves will live there in this Germany and all the poor will be told that soon everyone will live like that, No need to shake the truths it’s not for our government there its truths,
    5. Validator
      13 May 2014 19: 40
      Quote: Silkway0026
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you

      There will be no revenge. All sane people after Ukraine, it became clear where the liberals are leading and with any attempt to arrange something like this, we will tear them up without any riot police. I personally have long itchy fists
      1. +2
        13 May 2014 21: 58
        There would have been more sane ones, and then you can look calmly into a hopeless future.
      2. +1
        14 May 2014 00: 03
        Oligarchs and liberals- THREAT to national security.
    6. 225chay
      13 May 2014 22: 34
      Quote: Silkway0026
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you

      Definitely support! +++
      and more than two dozen business-grabber-merchants-merchants-grabbers who have promoted the article will put the wheels in wheels.
    7. +5
      13 May 2014 22: 43
      Quote: Silkway0026
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you

      Interesting: there were precedents to take and ate a pack of wolves? It seems that it eats grass ... Like the article? Not everyone, as I see it. And everything could have been presented more gloomily, an overview of the state of the Russian economy in this historical period - I mean. Delyagin didn’t "twist", but softened and tried not to frighten. Please note, gentlemen are good! The existing economic order is established according to the templates of the department in Langley and not the university in the American town of Cambridge. (Do not confuse with English ...) Enough with me on the topic of economics. Nauseous. But as long as the current order exists, Russia will not be a very kind mother for its citizens, but to feed the bastards - cuckoos, which are already ready to devour her itself ...
    8. +1
      14 May 2014 03: 32
      Quote: Silkway0026
      Putin, bring order, hit the bastards, the people will support you

      "Do not make yourself an idol!" The people, perhaps, will have enough "to lick the ghop to Putin." If the worst forecasts are confirmed, the current "ghopolises" "will shout louder than anyone else" that GDP is "Govnyuk" and a traitor.
  2. +34
    13 May 2014 18: 39
    industrialization and the return of confiscation and capital punishment will return everything to their places
  3. Arh
    13 May 2014 18: 41
    Traitors to send from Russia or to prison !!!
    1. +2
      13 May 2014 21: 22
      Quote: Arh
      Traitors to send from Russia or to prison !!!

      I did not understand that in Russia all roads have already been built or all channels have been dug, because they cannot find a place for liberals to make efforts
      1. +1
        13 May 2014 22: 30
        Unskilled labor is not profitable now, unless, of course, it is a budget-friendly gastor-byte rolling business (the persons involved in the article clearly do not have qualifications in "simple" specialties), it will take more money to provide security, the life of a convict, and other expenses than the economic effect of their work with a pick and a shovel, and no one will entrust them with equipment, they stupidly do not know how .. Consequently, the confiscation of everything and everyone and at a expense.
        1. Arh
          14 May 2014 00: 13
          Yes Guys On Their Full On !!!
  4. Ivan 63
    13 May 2014 18: 43
    As I have said more than once, there is only one way out: capitalism, especially in Russia, is doomed. Still have to dig out Yeltsin and shoot ashes in the direction of the west.
    1. +20
      13 May 2014 18: 48
      Quote: Ivan 63
      Still have to dig out Yeltsin and shoot ashes in the direction of the west.

      and bury the humpback in a freed hole until he himself has died. and concrete the redhead instead of the monument to the liberals
  5. +4
    13 May 2014 18: 45
    I’ve already read today, I’m a native Muscovite, daughter of an intellectual. Drive Putin out of your heads. In Ukraine, everything is fine
    1. +20
      13 May 2014 19: 00
      Quote: punk
      1st native Muscovite, daughter of an intellectual.

      she is?
      1. Reasonable, 2,3
        13 May 2014 19: 03
        No need to spoil Muscovites. I have nothing to do with this creature.
      2. +4
        13 May 2014 19: 07
        To sting nits or to the bonfire of the holy Inquisition as a witch ........
      3. +7
        13 May 2014 19: 24
        She needs a beard and Eurovision.
        1. +1
          13 May 2014 20: 04
          Yes, and a beard is not necessary, and so it will ride, if you take what kind of physical anomie
      4. +4
        13 May 2014 19: 40
        Probably not one I would like to dip this semblance of a woman in a basin with shit head
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          13 May 2014 19: 51
          Yes, I look at it with such a "jerk" that my wife asks, call an ambulance? I will soon lose interest in disgust for women (just kidding). But this is a stranglehold. Without touching only.
      5. +6
        13 May 2014 19: 44
        Quote: andrei332809
        she is?
        she is the daughter of a toad and a torn condom!
      6. sPS
        13 May 2014 19: 55
        laughing wassat lol CHEAPED FROM LAUGHTER good
      7. +1
        13 May 2014 20: 31
        Quote: andrei332809
        she is?

        This toad, even in a liberal get-together, is being held for a saber. She does not even give the State Department money. And if it were not for the illiterate patriots, Lera would have sunk into oblivion. Do not feed the troll, and it will die.
        1. 0
          13 May 2014 20: 42
          Quote: Karabin
          Lera would have sunk into oblivion. Do not feed the troll and it will die

          sorry ... it will be boring recourse
      8. +6
        13 May 2014 21: 19
        lol Somewhere I already saw her ... Who is it? Whose daughter is she? ... wassat
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          14 May 2014 03: 38
          Quote: Balu
          I have already seen her somewhere ... Who is this? Whose daughter is she?

          Maybe she is the daughter of a lawyer and a prostitute? It hurts some kind of behavior with a genetic marker. feel
      9. 0
        13 May 2014 22: 14
        The one who lives in one place in the third generation, that is, in one place was born himself, his father and grandfather! At the moment in Moscow the indigenous inhabitants of the unit !!!
  6. lord
    13 May 2014 18: 45
    do not allow them to go to the media. In programs, they throw poop into the country at the people of the president and Harut Putin must leave. You ask who his place is.
  7. +7
    13 May 2014 18: 45
    Quite sensibly, I completely agree ... In general, the state should adopt the principle "you live yourself, let others live", otherwise much in the internal policy of the state looks like pharisaism. Because of this, it is difficult to sympathize with Putin when he does something inside the state ... Sores are simply smeared with a greasy layer of makeup (or foundation) ...
    1. +3
      13 May 2014 19: 13
      Quote: Altona
      Very sensible, I completely agree ..

      Delyagin is an economist literate. I also recommend watching A. Fursov, he is also in the Izborsk club. Http: //
      Wow! hi
      1. +1
        14 May 2014 00: 09
        Yes, Fursov A.I. is a wonderful analyst, patriot and brave man!
  8. +2
    13 May 2014 18: 46
    If they are going to return, then the graves for them are already ready.
    1. +4
      13 May 2014 20: 05
      Quote: WIN969
      If they are going to return, then the graves for them are already ready.

      After Ukraine, it’s better to get by with a little blood right away, just those who push it ...
      If it happens again, what happened in the swamp, when the liberals tried to arrange a buch. That, I’ll go to riot police to help
  9. vazat
    13 May 2014 18: 51
    To begin with, simply introduce the confiscation of all stolen from the state from all close relatives, so many grandmothers will return to the people.
  10. +6
    13 May 2014 18: 51
    The government, while doing everything right. And with the fifth column, there is no need to stand on ceremony, but to treat them like the Americans do with dissidents.
    Although the fifth column is not dissenters, these are outright traitors.
  11. +5
    13 May 2014 18: 52
    Liberals have already noted a minus. lol "On the thief and the hat is on fire." Axiom.
  12. +3
    13 May 2014 18: 56
    Kudrina to take for curls and throw out of the economy
  13. +6
    13 May 2014 18: 58
    Russia beats in the "loop of Kudrin"

    I always thought and said that Kudrin is one of the main enemies of the people and Russia, this bastard did not allow Russia to develop for several years, redirecting money to American securities, explaining that the money goes to the stabilization fund. Who calculated: how much Russia lost on US securities in 2008, and if another economic crisis breaks out, all that we have in US securities will simply disappear with the stabilization fund.
  14. 0
    13 May 2014 18: 58
    The return of the liberals threatens Russia with destruction

    Is Silenok enough for Hodor and Co. to do what the Hitler and the State Department could not do from the prison squad? In a different status, no one here needs them for nothing.
    ZY I wonder if they have a melody on their phone for incoming calls? "Going to Magadan"?
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 19: 48
      Quote: Rattenfanger
      Do they have a melody on their phone for incoming calls? "Going to Magadan"?
      this is not a melody this is a tariff plan, internet and roaming for 10 years without the right to correspondence!
    2. +1
      13 May 2014 21: 56
      In the garden, elderberry, and in Kiev, uncles ..............
  15. +18
    13 May 2014 19: 01
    I look at these liberals and are increasingly asserting that Stalin was absolutely right about them. The best cure for liberalism is the construction of the national economy. Well, how else can such patients be cured? What do they want Russia-doom ?.
  16. +5
    13 May 2014 19: 02
    president give the law allowing people to fight the 5th column and point them out, surname!
    1. 225chay
      13 May 2014 22: 43
      Quote: free
      president give the law allowing people to fight the 5th column and point them out, surname!

      "firing list of Russia's enemies" ...)
  17. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 02
    crush the 5th column, re-useless, just crush .....
  18. 0
    13 May 2014 19: 02
    drive out of the country
  19. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 03
    First you need to hang everyone who came up with vouchers and privatization, those who have democratized laws, those who sell land to foreign buyers, and much more, so that others wouldn’t be hurt, they would have returned everything .... in general completely agree with the article.

    It is necessary to do this sharply thought out in a short time, so that they do not have time to change their minds and did not do anything in return.
    1. sPS
      13 May 2014 20: 02
  20. Palych9999
    13 May 2014 19: 04
    A very reasonable article.
    First I ascertained this fact, and then I looked at the author and made sure that everything was just that, I trust his ec-analyzes.
    Everything is so, foreign policy "successes" will not hide the internal stupid financial and credit policy, half-measures in investments, the absence of a tax strategy, the hope for two "pipes".
    As always, everything comes down to that old "asshole" who squeaks, but drives and therefore they are afraid to do something cardinal - they suddenly crumble, but it seems to be driving ...
  21. +4
    13 May 2014 19: 04
    "Russia beats in" Kudrin's loop "

    It seems that it is Kudrin who is one of the key figures in the dollar-long lobby, which previously blocked many national initiatives. It was he, when he was his Minister of Finance, during the period of the global crisis, who invested our foreign exchange reserves not in the Russian economy, but in Western and American projects.
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 21: 31
      Quote: mamont5
      It seems that Kudrin is one of the key figures in the dollar-long lobby,

      Late in the evening on Tuesday, April 22, the Russian president gathered representatives of the government, the chairman of the Central Bank and the head of his administration in the Kremlin to discuss pressing issues of the country's economy. 1263
      23.04.2014, 09: 41
      The Russian government
      According to the press service of the presidential administration, the meeting was attended by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Kremlin head Sergey Ivanov, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Central Bank head Elvira Nabiullina, Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukaev and Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov.

      In addition, the ex-Minister of Finance attended the meeting as an expert. Member of the Presidium of the Presidential Economic Council; Head of the Civil Initiatives Committee, Alexei Kudrin.

      Read more on NTV.Ru:
  22. +3
    13 May 2014 19: 05
    Well, we all know how it came to the regiment, where the wind was blowing ..... intelligentsia aha wassat
    1. SVT
      14 May 2014 06: 41
      it would be necessary to go out on May 18 to the square of YOUR city, and even with friends, comrades, and suddenly, in our city there are right-wing homosexuals, so we will help them))))
  23. +3
    13 May 2014 19: 05
    good wishes however, to this day nothing has been done about the aforementioned in the article and will not be
  24. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 08
    I agree with the opinion of the author of the article.

    Recommendation: Kudrin and other liberals - "Gastgel!" (c) V.I. Lenin
  25. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 09
    It’s high time to solve internal problems, I hope, as successfully as the foreign policy. Putin alone will not rake everything. A bunch of silent opponents are sitting inside.
  26. 0
    13 May 2014 19: 11
    Either we or they, the third is not given otherwise there will be super-Ukraine.
  27. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 13
    Russia will never put up with predatory privatization, the consent of which was bought from the then generation for free privatization of apartments and a voucher mirage.

    When Putin came to power in 2000, many expected the abolition of predatory privatization to be canceled, I remember that for sure, and that in total - as we see nothing.
    It is now difficult to organize the Maidan in Russia on a national basis; looking at Ukraine, people will not buy it, although we know that it was the 5th column that moved in this direction, fomenting passions in the Caucasus and the mass migration of Asians.
    This means that the 5th convoy will take advantage of popular indignation against predatory privatization, for this the people need to be lowered to utter poverty - THIS IS AND WILL BE DONE IN THE COMING SOON.
    1. +2
      13 May 2014 19: 29
      Quote: Sergg
      When Putin came to power in 2000, many expected the abolition of predatory privatization to be canceled, I remember that for sure, and that in total - as we see nothing.
      Sergey, do you really believe that this is possible ??? Putin works as the President, not the Lord God ... If now (even though Putin's position is stronger than ever) try to take away "honestly" privatized, it will fill Russia with blood so that Ukraine will seem like a fairy tale .... I'm afraid that this is no longer possible ...
      1. 0
        13 May 2014 20: 03
        try to take away the "honestly" privatized, it will flood Russia with blood so that Ukraine will seem like a fairy tale .... I'm afraid that this is no longer possible ...

        Quite right. And not only because the "capitalists" will not approve of this, but because this is the same revolution with a limit.
        Another question is about the movement of capital, which is now working in Russia, but against it. "Natural" monopolies should direct a fixed portion of their revenues to state programs. True, the performing discipline should "slightly" differ from the execution of the President's "May orders".

        Actually, it's time to start pressing on monopolies. Delyagin is right, although, in terms of timing, he resembles Gaidar's "HUNDRED DAYS".
        1. +2
          13 May 2014 20: 23
          Quote: GrBear
          ... Delyagin is right, although, in terms of timing, he resembles Gaidar's "HUNDRED DAYS".
          Unfortunately, I am not strong in the economy, but I have a feeling that Putin is moving the country in the right direction and that the main obstacles are not from the outside, but from the inside ... And maybe it seemed to me, but a clear leap forward came after the appointment of Shoigu .. It seems that the balance of power in power has changed in Putin’s favor ... Although these are just my feelings ...
          1. 0
            14 May 2014 06: 25
            The balance of power has changed, but so far the economic policy has not changed. The proceeds from export are not invested in the economy, and infrastructure is not developing. The tax system is outdated. Now, having SUCH confidence of the people, Putin can carry out any reforms. Is there political will for this?
        2. SVT
          14 May 2014 06: 53
          In general, monopolies should not be pressed, but returned to the bosom of the state. Tougher alcohol production, I personally will not mind the fact that on the shelves, instead of all today's diversity, there will be only 3 types of vodka, metropolitan wheat, and Moscow, or whatever, I don’t drink, I don’t know, but
          1 it will be of high quality (produced ONLY at state enterprises)
          2 ALL SUPER PROFITS will go to the state

          and the collapse of Russian Railways ????
          pulling it into a bunch of small private shops? this continues now, which of the small shops will invest in R&D? Yes, they don’t need this, they only need money, and let others do R&D or buy in the West.
          And the collapse of RAO UES? on the same bunch of companies, power plants separately, the network separately, it's just WRECK.

          generally nationalize monopolies, and let them prove that a planned economy is bad.
  28. +2
    13 May 2014 19: 18
    We need sanctions, serious ones, not the EU’s bullets,
    It will immediately make the government move
  29. +4
    13 May 2014 19: 18
    The economy does not always go on its own. The trouble is that there is no ideology. And this lack of ideology in our country is in itself an ideological weapon of the West.
    Why did the country so stir up after reunification with the Crimea - they felt the strength of the state.
    So you need to develop this feeling, until you have been debased once again. A state with a strong identity and real citizens will increase, and the economy will grow.
    In the meantime, we need to step up the fight against petty media. First of all.
    Today I hear "Business-FM". And there they are happy to shout that the law on foreign agents has failed, none of the organizations have registered, as they received money from the States, they get it, as they shit and shit. This is how long to endure?
  30. +1
    13 May 2014 19: 19
    Quote: andrei332809
    industrialization and the return of confiscation and capital punishment will return everything to their places

    I agree completely !!!!!!!!
  31. +10
    13 May 2014 19: 22
    It’s time for some to get used to benefit society. I really liked the article.
    1. 225chay
      13 May 2014 22: 49
      Quote: Andrey from Tver
      It’s time for some to get used to benefit society. I really liked the article.

      Sawing my friend and mines with mines are very useful money bags)
    2. +1
      13 May 2014 23: 36
      Hysterical photography - Abramovich behind a lathe! wink
  32. Gl00mDaem0n
    13 May 2014 19: 23
    All in all a good article. From myself I would add the following:
    1) Instead of or in parallel with the road infrastructure, it is necessary to develop high-speed railway infrastructure and not towards Europe from Moscow, but vice versa. The country is large and travels to many regions and is expensive and long.
    2) To modernize the communication infrastructure, since calls to remote regions of the country are quite expensive and sometimes more expensive than using IP-telephony in the USA. Fiber optic cable is very cheap now and with the help of the state it is possible and necessary to entangle the whole country with it. This will allow having a low and uniform tariff throughout the country, and also remove the barrier to communication between citizens, as well as between business representatives.
    Developing infrastructure in this way can virtually make the country smaller and more efficient.
  33. +1
    13 May 2014 19: 32
    Delyagin well done. As always sensible and evidence-based. Only our officials will not go on a progressive scale. Only with a hint of its necessity they wring their hands and shout that then we will not collect taxes at all and the existing system is the best that can be thought of in our time. Only the question arises: why mix economic feasibility and social justice with the efficiency of the tax service and the judiciary? In general, they do not want to share.
  34. 0
    13 May 2014 19: 44
    Article -. A competent man, but he wrote butter. Megillah. So much has been written about kickbacks and the judiciary in the states, ours are not even so envious. This is not the main problem. For economic growth it is necessary to overthrow the occupiers - the usa. These are: the nationalization of the Central Bank, the creation of its own payment system, the abandonment of the dollar, and further on the little things: the refusal to replenish the Treasuries, the sale of gas for rubles, etc. ... Is he "not in the municipality?" Another thing is a direct challenge to the invaders, those. war in a hot phase.
  35. 0
    13 May 2014 19: 52
    There are a lot of all kinds of "scarecrows" that, here, here, that's all ... fall apart! It may be so, but it's not all about the judicial reform, with which the author wants to start, and not after the medical one. This mountain gives birth to a mouse!
    It all starts with a small business! We didn't have it, and we still don't! As it was all blah, blah, blah, it remained. It is small business that creates the middle class and ensures import substitution and industrial growth. And as we had this type of business in the pen, it remained. Officials or he is "bureaucratic" so that "I can no longer", or, if in spite of their efforts he has developed, they are taken away by raider seizure. Fortunately, it is not necessary to compose a decision of someone from the Yamalo-Nenets district court. This is the beginning of the rise of any state. In the East, this type of business is encouraged. Give families on lease plastic presses. And they rivet car parts on them and supply them to assembly plants. All work from home! We have God forbid! At this rate, there will be no 20 million jobs in the foreseeable future.
    And roads are needed, but existing ones can be dispensed with. You just need to start repairing them without stealing. Finally, enact a law on huge deadlines for sitter officials. To equate the homeland with treason and confiscate everything that they find in the family.
    In general, you need to start with the government! Finally clean it from the liberals of the Gaidar draft! Without this, the porridge will not cook either from the ax or from the cereal.
  36. Leshka
    13 May 2014 20: 01
    hrien them and not revenge angry
  37. +2
    13 May 2014 20: 01
    1. 225chay
      13 May 2014 22: 53
      Quote: Horst78

      Right Glory! Well said...
      1. 0
        14 May 2014 20: 21
        Quote: 225chay
        Well said...

        hi My parents and teachers are correct. They didn’t teach to think differently. smile RUSSIA ABOVE ALL! GLORY OF RUSSIA !!!
  38. donechin
    13 May 2014 20: 01
    I think our president is at such an age when it is necessary to think about how to go down in history as a person with a capital letter, I believe VV Putin, he will achieve what we are experiencing, it is very difficult to fight alone with these masked werewolves.
    1. +2
      13 May 2014 20: 54
      Quote: donechin
      it’s very difficult to fight alone with these disguised werewolves.

      Why alone? For 14 years could not create a team? I will never believe, because otherwise Putin is a useless organizer. Simple logic suggests that Medvedev, Ulyukaev, Dvorkovich, Golikova and others are the Putin team, and the liberal model of the economy is the Putin model.
  39. +1
    13 May 2014 20: 01
    I read and wept. The budget is already laid out and approved. This is the usual LA_LA_LA. Really, only if the State Duma returns everything in the ass. Do you believe that ???? Me not. Let's live. If Putin, in the light of newly discovered facts, returns everything, then it is completely. We will wait.
    1. +2
      13 May 2014 20: 33
      Quote: Signaller
      If Putin, in the light of newly discovered facts, returns everything, then it is completely. We will wait.

      Will not return. The next attempt. We will wait. Did not return. And so two terms.
  40. +7
    13 May 2014 20: 18
    An article is a set of thoughts, although in many respects correct. There are disadvantages. Nobody argues with this. But I want to believe in the best.
    As for the "fifth column", liberals and the like, I starting to think about Stalin (although not his fan).
  41. +2
    13 May 2014 20: 28
    the fifth column should be simply eliminated completely and irrevocably. maybe it is cruel, but the country needs to be saved from collapse at any cost
  42. +3
    13 May 2014 20: 32
    All liberal freedom must be destroyed, like enemy agents in wartime, no pity for them, because they all wish us our death. Here the question is an edge - either we, or they, and no sentiment, in war as in war.
  43. w2000
    13 May 2014 20: 39
    According to Delyagin, the hydra should strangle itself. But this does not happen. The anti-people, liberal-capitalist regime led by Putin will not do anything for the country and people. Putin does not hide the fact that his policy is carried out in the interests of large capitalists and industrialists, and there is enough oil and gas for Russia for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The people will only get worse and worse, who was poor will become a beggar.
  44. 0
    13 May 2014 20: 40
    What can I say? Yes - we have many problems, but still they began to solve them slowly. The matter is not fast, but it is moving ahead!
  45. +2
    13 May 2014 20: 46
    The article is, of course, a huge plus, But this is only an article, and not a real implementation of at least 50% of what is described above, watching all the moments of Real life in my region (and I know that in others it is the same), I see: sheer arrogance and lack of jurisdiction of officials, ineffective work of the police (especially in the fight against economic crimes) and courts (everything is decided not by the Law, but by the proximity to the feeding trough, high-occupied posts and just big money), intimidation by the dismissal of a huge number of working citizens requiring decent wages and social guarantees by the management of enterprises with this living without hiding it as princes, visible to the naked eye bribery and kickbacks in the implementation of any projects when the tender is won not by the one who quickly and efficiently performs, but the one who will be closer to the state feeding trough or unfasten a larger kickback (for this, even the police do not everything just needs to climb out), when many around me absolutely support Putin in the foreign political arena, but simply give up themselves in the country and not because they are weak and weak-willed, they just have families and children who need to be fed, but opposing themselves to the existing system simply doom themselves and their families to the brink of survival, and there is no need to talk about evidence, justice and truth at the local level you will be "eaten with bones" unless of course you do not call the president on the air. recourse
  46. +10
    13 May 2014 20: 50
    Here I read and understand only one thing, how well the propaganda of the GDP has been set, it is one for the country and the people are fighting like the Malchish-Kibalchisch (having at the same time all presidential powers and rights and the ability to disperse all the bad guys to a straight hair dryer) and a bunch of these bad guys leading Russia to death. Almost like 1905, a good king and bastards ministers, we can write a petition and file a petition (since the anniversary will be 110 years old). I just can’t understand if the head of state cannot deal with his subordinates (and what ANYONE does boss with such a guessing category those with 2-times) -So he or odiot (what I believe) or it is the same as they are.
    I already asked if anyone could list the GDP projects (10 years of presidency + 4 premierships) that ended positively. Answers, not a single tilko minus (as always when there is nothing to say). I'll try it myself
    1 Ideology. All attempts to create something (even a national idea) ended in failure. In general, as in the international, we will destroy the old world to the ground.
    2. The economy is almost the same international. Go beyond the MKAD and see what is in the regions (especially in single-industry towns) with industry, and accordingly with salaries and living standards. According to the Ministry of Finance, from 19 donor regions in 2012 there are half-2013 in 10 , from 4 cities, only 2 (Moscow and St. Petersburg)
    3. Secondary and higher education. Everything is clear. Especially with higher, continuous woodworking - accept oaks - produce linden.
    4. Science. A bit to the question of education. Speaking of Skolkovo. Having spent a lot of money and time, they created a yotophone (I have an association with a whispered phrase), but the main project is a little lightening on the chip of the population. It’s just developed. Everything in science, first on dogs, then on people. First, a passport and health data, then surveillance, and then isombation. In general, a necessary and timely project.
    4 healthcare. Enough phrases from the joke - we will treat or let him chew.
    5 Army. At the moment, the number is not much higher than the army of the Red Army in 1926 (about 530 thousand). There are less than 40 military schools left, an indicative enrollment in 2014 is 12500 male cadets 200 girls (as a rule, 10% less will be graduated). According to Gen. the prosecutor in 2013 in the army revealed embezzlement for 6 BILLION rubles (more like an army of thieves). I will not write about the contract, Machiavely wrote about this in "Sovereign" (read if not lazy)
    6. Social sphere. Last year, many powers (medicine, education, etc.) were transferred from federal to local ones. However, they "forgot" to redistribute tax revenues. The result is budget deficits at all levels and their debts are growing by leaps and bounds. For example, debts the budget of the Tulkoy region for 7 billion (a little more plundered in the army). Why such deficits lead, think for yourself, you, too, are pressing in such cities.
    7. Corruption. And who first put Serdyukov, and then covered him.
    I don’t even want to write about Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, a separate topic.
  47. komrad.klim
    13 May 2014 20: 51
    Putin is without a doubt a decent man. But there is a main trouble! Putin is part of a vicious system with a degenerated consciousness of not only the elite, but also ordinary members of society, a society with a lack of a positive ideology. Societies with a complex mechanism of functioning of a huge power. A mechanism that does not optimally use resources, both human and natural, at all levels of life.
    remark - if everything were all right in Russia, or at least a concrete light was seen in the tunnel of future events, then Ukraine (practically all of the people of Ukraine) has long since "surrendered" to Russia.
    What to do?
    It is urgent for Putin to assemble a monolithic real team of like-minded people. Under this command, develop a strategic line for concrete creation for the benefit of the whole society, and not for the elite. It is natural to build a positive ideology under this constructive line.
    Only in this way will Russia have a great future.
    Otherwise, Russia, as a mono-power, will not be able to compete with other positive systems that exist or are being formed. (with)
  48. dik-fort
    13 May 2014 20: 54
    As a person associated with agricultural production, I will say the following in order for production to develop, one main condition is necessary for it to BE FAVORABLE TO PRODUCE. Then the investment will go, and everything else will follow. At the moment it is FAVORABLE to steal budget money (to master), pump mineral resources and engage in speculation. There are NO conditions for cost-effective production, i.e. at best, costs are equal to revenue, and there is a sales problem, for example, there are Polish apples in some online stores, some foreign ones, that apples do not grow in Russia, they grow, only the domestic producer has no access to retail chains.
    1. komrad.klim
      13 May 2014 21: 01
      therefore, we must stop diving in US banks for loans. and in his own country to stop money-grubbing ideology!
  49. Calter
    13 May 2014 21: 04
    any leader is engaged in what he considers the main thing. The main either becomes a catastrophe, or promising strategic success. Everything else is entrusted to trusted people.

    This is fundamentally wrong. A good leader is, first of all, a good personnel officer. He selects people for positions based on their personal and business qualities, accepts and evaluates the results of work. Well, the general course sets. In this sense, Stalin is fat +: after all, who knew Zhukov before the war? Rokossovsky? Konev? At the helm of the military machine were such "thinkers" as Shaposhnikov, Voroshilov, Timoshenko, who had more ideology in their heads than sober thoughts. And when it got hot, and even so, they went crazy - Stalin began to slowly remove them from the command of the troops. And they sat on the priest exactly in the General Staff.
    Now what? Chubais first robbed the whole country, then RAO UES collapsed ... and now he has taken on RosNano. Ugh! .. request
    1. SVT
      14 May 2014 07: 03
      Comrade, do you at least read the story or something, and not scroll through the comics, G. Zhukova Before the war, they knew perfectly well (who played for the blue in 1940 at the headquarters exercises, who taxied at Khalkin-Gol), Rokosovsky was known no less, etc.
      and only about Shaposhnikov, so his Vissarionykh was almost the only one to call his middle name, and this is Stalin’s phrase that Shaposhnikov is the brain of the army, so go ahead to learn the mathematical part, that is, read only textbooks, as well as monographs and memoirs and more not from one source, but preferably from 2-3 positions on this issue.
      juo yes, there was a cult of personality, but there were also PERSONALITY. something like this.
  50. +5
    13 May 2014 21: 05
    Liberasty, you can remember me. If you, creatures, have to destroy you, I personally promise to bring you down as much as I can, from Hodor to Benedict, from bulk to Nemtsov. Creatures, everything is scolded by you
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 22: 17
      Quote: Ugra
      , from Hodor to Benedict, from bulk to Nemtsov.

      Poor to bring down a simple business. And the puppeteers?
  51. koshh
    13 May 2014 21: 16
    Цитата:"Возможно, Путин искренне считает, что именно прекрасно умеющие рекламировать себя либералы, а отнюдь не безумный рост цен на нефть, подарили ему десятилетие уверенного экономического роста и сверхдоходов — и просто считает, что история доказала их правоту."

    Мы что, в детском саду живем? Искренне... Вы что, ВВП за кого держите?

    Цитата:"...после феерического выступления Медведева в Госдуме"
    Это у Вас очень юмористично получилось, согласен, все как в цирке.
  52. +2
    13 May 2014 21: 20
    Прочитал статью и комментарии. Красной нитью проходит тезис: в правительстве либералы,пятиколонная ,висящая гирями на встающей с колен России, но Путин вынужден будет от их избавится (по Делягину), борется и обязательно победит в будущем ( по данным многих комментаторов). И автор и комментирующие априори считают ,что Путин против либеральной модели, против премьера Медведева, Улюкаева, Голиковой ,Кудрина. Граждане с чего вы взяли? Из каких источников? Почему все додумывают за ВВП, ищут в его словах,выступлениях,публикациях скрытый смысл. Забейте в поисковик Путин:- о ВТО, -приватизации, -правительстве, -Медведеве,-Чубайсе, Сердюкове,-Кудрине, экономической ситуации. Прочитайте первоисточники. Поверьте написанному и сказанному президентом, а не тому ,что вы, за него нафантазировали, и картина полностью будет соответствовать либерально-экономической действительности.
  53. 0
    13 May 2014 21: 30
  54. Andrey82
    13 May 2014 21: 53
    Очень хорошая статья. Спасибо. Главные причины наших бед показаны очень хорошо. Но, к сожалению, правительство и элита до сих пор продолжают в немалой своей части состоять из верных гайдаровцев. И конца и края этому не видно. А времени и вправда уже нет!
  55. Bowless
    13 May 2014 22: 14
    Хочу надеятся, что события на Украие, станут прививкой от либерастии. Я в 2012 году сам ходил на выборы голосовать против ЕР и ВВП, т.е. за КПРФ. Теперь понятно , что я поддался на провокации в сети, но проголосовал все равно за существующую власть. what
  56. 0
    13 May 2014 22: 23
    Предлагаю их теперь "ЧИКЕНАМИ" называть. А что, прилично и понятно. Вот обоснование: либерал-либераст-пидераст-петух-чикен. И по образу похоже...
  57. 3vs
    13 May 2014 22: 25
    Автор человек грамотный.
    Правильные слова говорит.
    Ну так есть концепция -
    Дядя Вова человек вменяемый, возможно что-то учтёт.
    Главная беда у нас - кто все эти красивые планы будет воплощать.
    Любителей "взять всё и попилить" у нас достаточно, а вот честных,
    грамотных государственно мыслящих людей ой как искать надо.
    1. +1
      13 May 2014 22: 36
      Все кругом- это один большой бизнес. Вступили в болото и выхода найти не можем. И не сможем. Что за общество где каждый зарабатывает себе...гавне а не общество. И имя этому болоту-Капитализм.
  58. +1
    13 May 2014 22: 45
    Правильная и хорошая статья, сегодня 14 мая правительство снизило прогноз по ВВП, с 2,4% до 2% они там могут только снижать, ни какой политики развития страны, её продвижения вперёд не видно. Правительство расписалось а своём неумении работать, тупость и бездарность, граничащая с преступной халатностью. Где рост экономики в стране обладающей более 30% мировых природных ресурсов. где развитие передовых технологий, одни разговоры мальчики в коротких штанишках с сосками во рту.Зажравшаяся кучка олигархов и коррумпированных чиновников.
    1. 0
      13 May 2014 23: 03
      Quote: I.P. Stalnov.
      Правительство расписалось а своём неумении работать, тупость и бездарность, граничащая с преступной халатностью.

      Every nation deserves its government
  59. 0
    13 May 2014 23: 49
    Очень правильная статья!Плюс однозначно!И тов.Басмач правильный комментарий оставил!Согласитесь,если крмандир полка не знает,что у него делается в полку и мер не принимает,если надо,то он уже не командир полка,а так статист.Так и в масштабах страны-статист или за одно с либералами.Не хочется третьей гражданской войны,если что пойду в партизаны.
  60. +1
    13 May 2014 23: 51
    <<<Россия бьется в "петле Кудрина">>>
    И сколько она еще будет биться в либес..альной петле? Уж оооочень долго мы запрягаем! Понятно стремление верховной власти сохранить социальный мир, но вместе с тем уже очевидно, что на капитанском мостике далеко не все в порядке, команда (общество) больна и общее положение только ухудшается и постоянные попытки капитана его улучшить с помощью "косметических операций" и "тератии" результатов НЕ ДАЮТ! Спасти может только ХИРУРГИЯ! Либес..альную раковую опухоль надо УДАЛЯТЬ всесте с распространившимися метастазами!
  61. 0
    13 May 2014 23: 51
    Вообще-то Новодворская давно не либерал, - она конкретная фашисткая жаба, которую в молодости никто не отоварил как женщину, поэтому и злая такая...( для справки: " Жаба очкастая - вымирающий вид, существует в России в единственном экземпляре ). Ну ничего, найдётся у нас свой Дуремар с сачком, который закатает её в банку со спиртом...
  62. barakyda
    14 May 2014 00: 13
    нужен новый премьер типа Шойгу тогда будет правильное движение вперед страны
  63. 0
    14 May 2014 02: 13
    Стагнация промышленности уже видна не только по теоритическим выкладкам. Утверждение полугосударственных корпораций и ОАО типа РЖД, газпрома, Русгодро и т.п. и приводит к отсуствию желагний у их руководств в развитии этих предприятий ( бизнеса). Зачем что-то развивать и идти на риски если от их руководства требуется только рапорты и жалобы об отсутсвии достаточных вложений от госказны? Ими непосредственно руководят лица от правительства и администрации президента, а потому эти руководители никогда ни в чём не виновны. Ведь они выполняют волю ВЫСШУЮ, а потому их грехи ненаказуемы. Для нас это оборачивается оптимизацией и всё более стареющими основными фондами. Зарплаты им положены "достойные" только потому что их предназначение - исполнять волю групировок , в настоящее время имеющее влияние на власть. Отсюда цены на газ, электроэнергию, бензин и т.д. будут расти всё более. Все расходы за неэффективное руководство и полураспад производв оплатит население. Автор прав. Ни какой пятой колонне никогда не добиться развала власти и страны, без постоянной работы( бездеятельности) нашего великого менедмента.
  64. 0
    14 May 2014 02: 54
    шники восстанут))) смешно!!
    Если будут буянить Надо будет собирать народ и вырезать этих тварей, если государству слабо то народ сможет!
  65. soyuz-nik
    14 May 2014 03: 33
    Здравствуйте, уважаемый Автор и Форумчане!

    "Самая большая ошибка - повторять предыдущие ошибки" (Конфуций).

    Есть такая "формула": "Бей ... - спасай ....".
    Варианты (примеры):
    "Бей жидов - спасай Россию",
    "Бей попов - спасай ..... ",
    "Бей кулаков - спасай ....",
    "Бей кибернетику - спасай ....",
    "Бей генетику - спасай ....".

    Теперь актуально "Бей либералов - спасай Россию", а на Украине - "Бей ей (колорадов, , я нацистская морда,ов и т.д.) - спасай державу (мову, краину и т.д.)". Такое ощущение, что на протяжении столетий главная национальная идея в в России, в СССР и др. республиках бывшего Союза - это поиск "врагов народа" (пятой колонны и т.д.).

    Трижды согласен с тем, что приватизация в начале 90-х была проведена бездарно, грабительски и несправедливо, и что акционирование предприятий работниками этих же предприятий также было кампанейщиной и в конце концов превратилось в оболванивание населения.

    В нынешней России стало общим местом "пинать" либералов и либерализм, а равно вешать ярлык "либерал" и "либерализм" на все, что ни попадется. Что считать либерализмом? Кого считать либералами? По каким критериям? Какую политику считать либеральной? Данную тему "разом" не объять, и чтобы в ней разобраться, надо, на мой взгляд, подходить к разбирательству с умением отделять "зерна" от "плевел".

    На мой взгляд, Западная модель общества тем и сильна, что в ней имеет место либерализм. Другое дело, что "все есть яд, и все есть лекарство - главное - доза". Конечно, Запад - не идеал, и там от страны к стране модель построения общества разнится.

    Некоторые Форумчане сетуют на то, что чиновничество гнобит малый бизнес в угоду самого же чиновничества вкупе с олигархией, но, если я не ошибаюсь, основной постулат либерализма - это приоритет (примат) индивидуума (его прав и интересов) над государством, чтобы интересы каждого "индейца" (дикого и гордого) могли быть защищены Законом в справедливом Суде.

    Если вор НЕ сидит в тюрьме, то это не либерализм, а безответственность (как минимум!). Если гробится образование и здравоохранение, то это тоже не либерализм, а безответственность (как минимум!). Почему воры НЕ в тюрьме, а "социалка" в загоне? - другой вопрос, и думаю, что в меньшей степени здесь должны быть претензии к либерализму.

    Не все так просто и однозначно. Либерализм в каких-то вопросах имеет сильные стороны, а в каких-то - слабые. Отсутствие либерализма порождает иждивенчество (государство, помоги! Путин, помоги!). Другая крайность - полный либерализм чреват социал.дарвинизмом.

    Не исключаю, что я в некоторых аспектах заблуждаюсь, но думаю, что уважаемый Автор "сгреб" в одну кучу кровь, и сало. В то же время я нахожу в статье здравые мысли и понимаю, что у Автора болит душа за Страну и за Народ.

    May the Force be with us!
  66. 0
    14 May 2014 03: 48
    Quote: Alexkorzun
    drive out of the country
    С какого перепугу гнать??? Для того что бы скрывшись на западе, или ещё где, спокойно и не торопясь гадить в сторону России? И при этом пользуясь всесторонней поддержкой местных властей, и прочих "друзей"? Здесь, и только здесь трудом и может быть кровью, отдавать долги стране и народу! Как? А вот это уже другой вопрос. Хотя мысли на эту тему какие то конечно есть....
  67. 0
    14 May 2014 03: 49
    Да много чего написано. Но главное-провести зачистку на местах.У нас саммит когда был? А гостиницы для него до сих пор достраивают, вваливая миллионы.Потом, каждая самка губернатора под себя выбивает игрушку. Одной театр оперы и балета, другой филиал Эрмитажа... А у нс до сих пор нет морга нормального и на очистные денег не хватает.
  68. +1
    14 May 2014 04: 20
    Все пропало, все пропало. Караул. Все хреново... Что дальше?
    1. Образование. Да, большинство школ - деревообработка, но есть такие, где родители занимают очередь на собеседование ночью. Пацан в такой учился. И поступил потом без взяток. В 80 х на класс был 1-2 отличника, 5-6 двоечников, остальное болото. Сейчас можно найти сильный класс.
    2. Армия. Пацан служил два года назад. РЭБ часть ГРУ. Поступает новая техника и наряды типа по столовой не было. Занимался только своим делом.
    3. Медицина. Не скажу, в больницах общаюсь только со стоматологами (пока).
    4. Производство. Да, проблемы. Но все зависит от собственника и его аппетитов, но то что руководители поскромнее стали, факт.
    5. На местные органы власти есть областные, и многое сейчас меняется, но не так быстро.
    6. Брат по программе обмена между производствами, без блата, получил образование за границей по переработке нефти.

    ПО Сравнению с 90 ми многое изменилось в лучшую сторону. Не все. но многое. Я считаю, что стакан наполовину полон hi
  69. ole
    14 May 2014 08: 55
    У многих звучит царь хорош бояре плохи , что мешат Пу заделатся Грозным или Сталиным , ничто -вывод в целом его все устраивает , экономика токо подводит поэтому все останется по старому разве что попытется сделать очень небольшие изменения. По всенму правлению ВВП видно что комуто надо чтоб Россия оставалась целой неразделенной страной , но очень слабой.
  70. 0
    14 May 2014 12: 01
    Не надо брать грех на душу! Собрать всех в 24 часа и "Филосовский пароход" №2 ! К товарищу Киму в Корею на годик-два. Правда заплатить придется братскому народу. Поживут там-кормить только за работу! А потом половина из них на Родину попросится -Как это было с теми философами.
  71. 0
    14 May 2014 15: 07
    И кто же будет бороться с Кудринскими монополистами? Верные кудринцы?
    А с коррупцией будут бороться госслужащие?... ага-ага.... черви против яблок....

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