Nikita Mikhalkov: events in Odessa divided our life into “before” and “after”

In the new edition of his author's program "Besogon" Nikita Mikhalkov will read the essay of the writer Yevgeny Grischkovets: "after the tragedy in Odessa, I have nothing to breathe." Nikita Sergeevich gave his assessment of the events in Odessa, which divided our life into “before” and “after”.

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    1. +8
      10 May 2014 07: 00
      It is not for nothing that the commanders of the Donbass resistance note that the strengthening of PATRIOTIC MOOD after Odessa. People have begun to better understand the "FEATURES OF NATIONAL POLICY."
      1. Reasonable, 2,3
        10 May 2014 07: 09
        The clown "for the tsar" was drawn. Can you put him behind the citadel? But remember other films. Especially the first one. This is not the 5th column.
      2. +5
        10 May 2014 07: 19
        as "Poroshenko" said, they only understand the power, and so it is necessary to kill the junta Kievskaya. The army after the referendum on the U-V-ke must go over to the side of the people or they will be the same criminals as the junta.
      3. +2
        10 May 2014 07: 47
        surfed the forums in Ukraine. Here is a guide for your reference:
        7 May A question that has bothered many today: why did Putin take the maneuver and postpone the referendum? The answer is on the surface. 1. Putin needs all of Ukraine, not part of it. To divide the country into parts and to get rid of it means working for the anti-Russian plans of the world behind the scenes. 2. There is technically no possibility to hold a referendum on May 11. The militias do not control the entire area, there are no funds and tools to conduct it. 3. The junta did everything to provoke Moscow to send troops into Ukraine. Why does she need it? To survive and consolidate the nation on anti-Russian slogans. The junta intends to present itself as holy righteous men and fighters, etc., covering up its stupidity and failure. 4. Sacred murders in Odessa and murders in Slavyansk are provocations in the hope of getting a Russian invasion. 5. In "Batkivshchyna" split. The split between the junta and the radicals, the split within the radicals themselves, etc. Why give them the opportunity to unite? But the most important thing is not even that. Most importantly, a real war will unfold between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko at the end of May. Putin reached an agreement with Poroshenko and will clean out the junta with his hands. Pariah of Regions and many adequate players inside the country are betting on Poroshenko. Oligarchs are betting on Poroshenko.
        1. +1
          10 May 2014 07: 48
          Part 2
          Why substitute if everything can be decided by someone else's hands? Yanukovych's team pursued the same policy in winter. The leader of the Batkivshchyna party and the presidential candidate of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko says that it is she who will be able to defeat the dominance of oligarchs in politics and make a "neat operation" to separate big business from governing the country. She said this on May 6 during a press conference in Nikolaev, a REGNUM correspondent reports. "I don't want to be held responsible for the failure of the revolution anymore. But if the country chooses another president, and, in fact, I have one competitor today (apparently, I mean the leader of the presidential race in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko - IA REGNUM), I think that we I will have to go to the third circle of the revolution. Because I do not see a chance for any changes there. I just know all these people, "Tymoshenko said, in particular. The politician said that Ukraine needs a radical change in the relationship between entrepreneurs and the authorities, as well as the upbringing of a "new generation" that will create a "new country." We are waiting in late May for the mutiny of Tymoshenko's supporters and his tough clean-up. May 25 - June 6, mass shooting is expected at individuals such as parubians and others. The junta will actively shoot at each other. The Americans will also support the sweep to free themselves of unnecessary witnesses. With Poroshenko, they are also on the ointment. Only an external enemy and separatism can save the villains. This "salvation" is taken from them and, in fact, put up against the wall. Actually, Tymoshenko was released at the end of February with one sole purpose - to identify the fifth column in Ukraine and disorganize it. And the main thing is to substitute her patrons in the West. The junta has a narrow field for maneuver: 1. They can unleash a massacre in Slavyansk using heavy weapons. Then the anger of the world community will fall on them. The events in Odessa drew the world's attention to Ukraine. All are closely watching the development of events. There is NO information blockade now! 2. Lose elections (which is obvious) and start a rebellion against the Ukrainian constitution. Then they again fall under the blow of the world community. Don't think that the West will tolerate everything. They also have a threshold of perception, but they could not create an information curtain. The fight between Timoshenko and Poroshenko will definitely provoke a drop in confidence in the Maidan throughout the world. Talking about a gangster regime will not work, this is definitely a struggle for power. Putin's team has once again proved its high professional level.
          More details:
    2. +7
      10 May 2014 07: 02
      The first impression ... Nikita Sergeevich, everything is correct, but ... To what place to screw the "Citadel" ???
      1. +10
        10 May 2014 07: 04
        Painfully smart-ass this "patriot".
        Cases speak for a person. And the fact is that his films only cause vomiting.
        1. +3
          10 May 2014 07: 22
          Tricky ass, cunning ... Not cunning - with white ribbons or in Bandera red-black.
        2. Reasonable, 2,3
          10 May 2014 07: 43
          Own among your own, a stranger among your own, a bad film? Excuse me. And its production with Myagkov? You're wrong.
          1. Reasonable, 2,3
            10 May 2014 09: 50
            Wrong written, sorry.
        3. +3
          10 May 2014 13: 12
          Is "one of us among strangers, a stranger among our own" also calls? sad
          1. 0
            11 May 2014 04: 28
            "At home among strangers, a stranger among friends" was filmed in 1974. The film is good, no doubt about it.
            To please the regime, so to speak.
            His last creations are clearly in favor of another regime, in my opinion.
            In other words, an adaptationist Migalkin. Cunning ass, moreover, as already mentioned.
        4. +2
          10 May 2014 14: 33
          PR Nikita Sergeevich, blah blah blah and nothing more. No.
      2. +9
        10 May 2014 07: 07
        And to what place to attach Shevchuk's "I lit all the candles in the churches .."? You can make a disgusting film and stay with your country. And you can write great songs - and become a banderlog.
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          10 May 2014 08: 19
          Compare-jo ... poo with a finger. On Mikhalkovsaya "Dowry" children learn at school. And, Shevchuk-songs of our youth, no more. He, with his antics, and dirtied them. Do not compare.
          1. 0
            10 May 2014 22: 50
            What? What should those who have not watched Citadel do? But I watched the video from Odessa. What did he say wrong? What is wrong?
            Not long ago I tried to submit an article - it did not pass. Hooked the words in it - if You are a Patriot - die for Russia, kill for Russia. The bell of Ukraine is ringing for you and for you. Next you.
    3. +2
      10 May 2014 07: 02
      You and I have one root
      We are Orthodox with you
      Our brain seems to be very sick
      He began to scoff at fate.
    4. +5
      10 May 2014 07: 13
      In general, the Kiev junta differs little from the Pinochet junta.
      The very logic of these formations, in principle, is geared towards suppressing DISSENSE ... REMEMBER the endless ones who don’t skip that mosk .. l ... or on the knives of all mosk .. l.

      Therefore, the elections will be held independently or the methods will not be held, and the goals of the Kiev junta will remain unchanged ... this is the creation of a unitary state where a person of a different nationality (not Ukrainian) does not have the right to his language, his history, his way of life.

      While in the current government of the Kiev junta there are odious individuals such as FARION, PARUBIY, YAROSH, TURCHINOV and other trash of peace in the multinational community, today there will not be called UKRAINE.

      And for ODESSA .... (ODESSA KhATIN) .. Ukrainian Natsiks will answer according to all the rules of the war declared by them to the RUSSIAN PEOPLE ..
    5. +1
      10 May 2014 07: 20
      Bravo Nikita Sergeevich !!!! Better to say is not possible !!! I think that we are witnessing the punishment of the real perpetrators of the drama in Odessa, and throughout Ukraine!
    6. +3
      10 May 2014 07: 26
      Alien koment:
      The massacre, organized by Bandera in Odessa, lies entirely personally with the German Foreign Minister - Steinmeier, the Polish Foreign Minister - Sikorsky, as well as the French representative - Fournier. So - this is the fault of those countries that acted as the guarantor of the legal resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.
      And they, stsuki, are also sanctions !! am
      1. 0
        10 May 2014 12: 18
        Quote: Michael177
        And they, stsuki, are also sanctions !! am

        What else should they do? And we need to bend our line.
    7. +2
      10 May 2014 07: 34
      Grishkovets credible actor. I watched his performances. Not for pop. It makes you think deeply.
    8. 3vs
      10 May 2014 07: 40
      Actually, brave writer Evgeni Grischkovets.

      Nikita Sergeevich is certainly a patriot of his country.
      He is more interesting to me as an actor than as a director.
      For me personally, his best work is the film "At home among strangers, a stranger among friends."
      1. alin12
        10 May 2014 07: 53
        You shouldn't have read this article by Grishkovets, but he had "enlightened" citizens on the Maidan two months ago! Thanks to such idiots, Odessa happened. For me, he died as a writer. In the furnace of such writers!
        1. 3vs
          10 May 2014 08: 07
          Everything in our life is changing, two months ago there was no Odessa, there was no
          Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Donetsk with Lugansk.
          At one point, a reassessment of values.
          This comes to someone earlier, to someone later, to someone,
          unable to revise their stereotypes does not come at all.
          Grishkovets was obsessed with the worldview of Odessa,
          but the Turchinov, Yaenyuk, Kolomoisk, Yarosh and others like them change their worldview only change the rope around his neck.
      2. -1
        10 May 2014 08: 12
        Quote: 3vs
        Nikita Sergeevich is certainly a patriot of his country.

        The Patriot cannot make films like Anticipation and The Citadel. And what he is saying now ... so N.S. just a weather vane, that's all. Tomorrow the wind will change and Mikhalkov will sing completely different songs.
        1. 3vs
          10 May 2014 08: 34
          Well, as they say, "everyone can offend an artist."
          He sees our story like this, Fyodor Bondarchuk in another way ...
          It seems to me that Nikita Sergeevich is more than shooting his paintings on
          Western public than for their own.
          Well, if their brain is not able to perceive reality,
          such a feed is perhaps more accessible to them.
          Maybe I'm wrong.

          I suggested the GDP to make a big documentary about actions
          Bandera with ~ dragging from the Great Patriotic War to the present day,
          with testimonies of still living witnesses, photos, video materials
          those years, declassified documents extremely harsh and cruel.
          Rent this movie in Russia for free, around the world, to
          a relaxed world shuddered at what they want to impose on everyone
          a miserable but very influential bunch of arrogant Saka American Satanic sects.
          It would also be interesting to disclose who the grandfathers of the same Yushchenko, Tyagnibok, Yarosh, Turchinov, Avakov, Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko, Poroshenko, Nalyvaichenko, nicknames, Kolomoisky, Farion were during the war.

          To plant forcibly maidanut teenagers both in our country and in
          liberated Ukraine in cinemas and forced to watch it,
          so that something in the brain is delayed.
          1. 0
            10 May 2014 09: 41
            Quote: 3vs
            It seems to me that Nikita Sergeevich is more than shooting his paintings on
            Western public than for their own.

            But he removes his "pictures" with money from the Russian budget. Mikhalkov wants to make a film about how " he sees our story like that", even if he is looking for Western sponsors.
            Any film is the propaganda of certain thoughts, images, actions, events. This is a kind of message, what is bad, what is good; how it should be, how it should not, etc. Well, why N.S. "sent" by your * ysery? Shit shovel ...

            Quote: 3vs
            He sees our story like this, Fyodor Bondarchuk in another way ...

            In my opinion, their "vision" of our history does not differ very much.
            1. +1
              10 May 2014 13: 39
              We are waiting for the master's new masterpiece - "Burnt by the Maidan".
              1. +1
                10 May 2014 14: 36
                Ruled out. NSM overworked by the sun on the Cote d'Azur - "uf". stop
    9. 0
      10 May 2014 07: 58
      OK said.
      And now the inhabitants of Odessa, and everyone who knows about the tragedy - this is not a city of humor and a city not free in spirit.
    10. -1
      10 May 2014 08: 00
      The text is the strongest. He was on the Maidan and woke up. With awakening. Dreams are not a nightmare. Life is a nightmare. Take off your pink glasses and take your weapons.
    11. 0
      10 May 2014 10: 37
      Strong! Grishkovets is a talented artist and my contemporary. Whoever watched or heard his performances knows how he knows how to see the essence of what is happening. Just look at his work "How I ate a dog." I am very glad that a pseudo liberal veil is falling off among such people and an understanding comes that we are not on our way with these "American" and "gayropean" values! I think that he will erase from his life many more similar Odessans or similar creatures. With awakening Zhenya!
    12. rumatam
      10 May 2014 10: 53
      100% point to point.
    13. 0
      10 May 2014 11: 44
      I liked the essay itself, it’s spelled correctly, and Mikhalkov just
      cling to.
      1. 0
        10 May 2014 15: 36
        I think he didn’t cling to himself, but was the mouthpiece to which people are not indifferent. Someone who is negative, who reacts positively to his words.
    14. 0
      10 May 2014 14: 36
      Nikitushka, wasn’t you one of the first Americans to buy you for an Oscar? Then, in some New Year's day, instead of congratulating the people, you cried that you weren’t given the second time to suck a sweet candy? Or maybe remind you of a story with deductions for each DVD video?
      Your business, clowns, is to amuse the people. You (like athletes) are not suitable for politics because of your corruption and lack of principle. Whoever dumped more money is the master. Although, perhaps, the owners are now hiring those who will broadcast their will from the stands ...
    15. 0
      10 May 2014 15: 32
      people are poisoned, an antidote is needed. and the antidote is only made from
      poison itself. The conclusion will still be Maidan, but only not in the direction of geyvropy and the West as a whole and not in the direction of Russia, but simply from hopelessness.
    16. natsyk
      10 May 2014 19: 29
      this clown is not making a bad movie !!
      interesting, he himself served in the army ????

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