People's elect in Ukrainian

People's elect in UkrainianWho are the people's representatives, that is, everyone, everyone knows. New times generate new terms.

In connection with the latest events in Ukraine, a new type of these very chosen ones has appeared. People's Mayor. Or the people's governor.

In itself, this phenomenon is not new. Even in the Novgorod veche, about a thousand years ago, the "elders" were called out. And it was the people’s assembly that decided who, how and by whom it would lead.

And so, many years later, the practice of our ancestors resumed. There are new, truly people's choices. Aksenov, Chaly, Pushilin, Kuzmenko, Ponomarev. Unlike mayors and governors left over from the “old” times or appointed by the new illegal government, their main task is not flirting with the people and feeding them with promises, but protecting the interests of the people.

My opinion is that these people deserve not just respect. People's mayor = folk hero. It is easy to imagine what will happen to the people's choice Vadim Ponomarev from Slavyansk, if the city is still captured by the forces of the Kiev junta.

The choice of the people in this form is the greatest reward and responsibility. And the role of a suicide bomber in case of failure. For such elected representatives, the concepts of immunity and immunity are absent. At best, death in battle, at worst ... Maidan, everyone saw.

And so they coexist in Slavyansk - Nel Shtepa, who fled to Kiev on the first night of the uprising in Slavyansk and Vadim Ponomarev, who is in charge of the defense of the city. Who to lose? Mrs. Shtepa fled in panic from the city on the very first day of the uprising of the city. And told in Kiev about the atrocities of marauders in Slavyansk. And then, having already “pereobuvshis”, as they say in Ukraine, declared on television that the people would still win.

Truly said that each time - their heroes. And it's good when these heroes are just there.
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  1. +7
    April 25 2014 08: 06
    Now the time has come when the masks are removed and the true faces of people are revealed. Who is who?
    1. +4
      April 25 2014 09: 09
      Quote: mamont5
      Now is the time

      So far, only in Ukraine.
  2. Validator
    April 25 2014 08: 06
    Normal men from the people. They will do their job - they will return power to the people and most likely will leave
    1. +1
      April 25 2014 11: 48
      How did the measures of Sevastopol go ...
  3. Gagarin
    April 25 2014 08: 22
    The moment of truth has arrived.
    Now more than ever you can see in people who really is worth something.
    Strength of Spirit to New Heroes!
  4. +9
    April 25 2014 08: 45
    Washington must be destroyed !!!
  5. +2
    April 25 2014 08: 54
    We look at Ukraine, we see what the board of a gang of corrupt officials and grabbers led to. Now we look at Russia. We have the same power, also thieves and traitors to the people. And they also, in which case, will faithfully serve overseas owners. But how to get rid of this spider pack? To the riddle! ..
    1. +2
      April 25 2014 09: 15
      Quote: erased
      But how to get rid

      Is this a provocation for a "dispute"? Or a wish to know what is already known? Comrades Marx, Engels and Ulyanov long ago gave a recipe based on the elimination of the main social contradiction. Bakunin and Kropotkin proposed their own version. Take your pick.
    2. +2
      April 25 2014 09: 40
      You are what, and ... recourse
    3. 0
      April 25 2014 23: 26
      You need to start with Serdyukov! Putin is afraid in vain, the people will forgive him now for communication with Serdyukov, only he needs to go to the end ...
  6. +2
    April 25 2014 09: 03
    All right said. The people's choice is a leader and that person who first of all takes care of others, and to himself last of all. But at the moment in the world it’s the other way around - at first for yourself, and then for people not to growl.
    But those who are elected are not a privilege for life, but hellish labor, for their position obliges to take care of the rest and always be at the center of the analysis of situations and problems, and not every normal person agrees to be a manager and a leader because it is hellish work and nerves.
    Given this, it can be assumed that those people who are striving for power at this time are not afraid of difficulties and are eager for power, but not for work, but for position and privileges (look at all the election campaigns in the world - you would choose some promises).
    A true leader and patriot comes at a difficult time when everyone has fled or continues to parasitize their position. And just from the practice it is the leaders and commanders who are shot or bought out first because for the first time everything rests on them, and only then the people beat the fallen power.
    As they say in our Russian fairy tales "Fire, water and copper pipes", fire and water are understandable - obstacles, difficulties, fears, hardships, but copper pipes - glory (star fever), greed, selfishness.
    So may our leaders always be with the people and for the people strong and wise, incorruptible and fearless. Even in the Bible (I don't remember exactly) "You will see them by their deeds" or "Judge them by their deeds." So, the first thing to look at is business, and let the chatter go deafening, because if you accept it, then the brains will all screw up and do not adequately perceive the situation. If a person talks a lot and promises, this should be alarming.
    1. +2
      April 25 2014 09: 20
      Correctly say, Comrade Indian!
      Quote: Irokez
      So may our leaders always

      It remains to ask the ancient Greek with a candle if he found those he was looking for. As in a boring advertisement: "No, son, this is fantastic!"
  7. +1
    April 25 2014 10: 09
    Well done Vadim Ponomarev, took the fight without a "pick" ...
  8. 0
    April 25 2014 19: 08
    People’s mayor-crisis managers of modern Ukraine, without any immunity and an alternate airport, they promote the desires of ordinary people, voice their opinions. When the situation changes unpredictably and the life of the people is poisoned by fascist elements, or even just provocateurs, there is no time for bureaucracy, but everything is done within the framework of the Constitution, but not by hasty decrees written at the sight of radicals. To stabilize the situation and hold legitimate elections, such managers will either leave or be elected in the usual way, but now they unite anti-fascist forces, they stand for an independent country living in peace with neighbors, but in light of recent events, the patriots have no other choice but to ask for help from Russia.
  9. 0
    April 27 2014 23: 26
    Respect is worthy of those ... who, understanding all danger ... defend their beliefs.
    Well done. The future is yours and the truth.

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