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Secret Stories - Action. Retribution is inevitable

The special services of Russia at one time identified a list of approximately 70 leaders of Chechen gangs to be neutralized. To date, only a fourth part of this list of current field commanders remains: many have been destroyed, some have been taken prisoner, and some have decided to leave Chechnya. The Russian special services began hunting for militant leaders by eliminating the first president of Ichkeria, Dzhokhar Dudayev, then neutralizing Salman Raduyev, Khattab, Ruslan Gelayev, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, Aslan Maskhadov, and finishing this list with Shamil Basayev. For the head of this man, the FSB has appointed the largest award in stories Russia - 10 million dollars. The circumstances of the death of some of the militants are still very mysterious. Many, for example, believe that Dudayev is alive. The film's authors will attempt to restore the circumstances of the secret operations of the Russian special services to eliminate the most odious leaders of the Chechen gangs. Participants in the film will be diplomats and politicians, former and current employees of the Russian special services, as well as those who were directly involved in the liquidation of the militants.

Author: Nikolay Korolev
Director: Dmitry Bushny
Operators: Yuri Kryuchkov, Nikolai Zhutnik
Text reads: Boris Mironov
Production: Russia (RenTV)
Duration: 40 minutes
Released: 2007

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