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Tank Tiger

Tank Tiger

History tank The tiger began many hundreds of thousands of years ago when several species of large felines decided to abandon long saber-shaped fangs that did not go out of fashion and did not meet modern conditions, acquire tails and start applying new camouflage schemes. Despite the ridicule of their arrogant saber-toothed relatives, they patiently grew long tails and carefully examined various types of masking color. After several tens of thousands of years of hard work, the first tiger finally sharpened its claws on a palm tree and until the thirties of the twentieth century it was more or less settled down.

Meanwhile, A. Schicklgruber came to power in Germany, colloquially referred to as Hitler. And without having prozloderivovav and five years began to realize their voimooglomaniyanie fantasies. Not left aside and Panzervaffe. The first German tanks, of course, were not pedal, as some unscrupulous researchers say, but, nevertheless, only frankly biased people called them tanks. The Fuhrer wanted something more ... At the end of January 1937, the company Henschel received an order for the design of a unit, bashfully called "fighting machine". The first manufactured sample was not a tank and was generally assembled from two parts on bolts. His running gear was completely normal and nothing foreshadowed the horror that thousands of German technicians had to experience in 43-45. At that time, progressive Soviet methods of managing the design process were not used in Germany. They consisted of placing entire groups in special, tightly closed rooms where they had all the conditions for productive work, so when representatives of Panzervafe came to see an experienced tank, they quickly showed something without a tower loaded with rails.

- Where is the tank? - asked the tank crews.

- And here, - the designers answered.

- It???

“Well, actually, this is not a tank yet.” This is the first conceptual experimental prototype of an experimental machine.

- And at once it was impossible to make an experimental car?

- Well, uh, in such a case haste to anything. In addition, we tried on it some interesting ideas.

Then one of the officers of the Pancervaffe said that he has acquaintances who work in the Gestapo, so if this continues, then some interesting ideas on pain thresholds, strengths of joints and joints and anatomy in general will also be tested on the designers. Less than a year, as the designers presented the second prototype. In order to avoid raids by tankers and the Gestapo, they quickly pushed a tower from PzKpfw IV on it and proudly showed them to Pancerwaffe.

- Well? - Representatives asked

- Here! the engineers answered proudly.

- What is "here"? - Guderian, who was part of the group hissed ominously, reaching for a holster.

Guderian was dragged away in the direction of Goth and Manstein, after which, to raise the morale of the first two engineers, they were quickly shot. This unusually cheered the rest and a new prototype appeared literally a year later. He did not have a tower, but he had something else ...

Among the employees of the company Henschel was a dark legend about the childhood of the engineer Knipkamp. The evil stepmother forced the poor boy to wash, wipe and arrange dishes on the shelves from morning till night. The endless rows of plates - that is what remained in the memory of the unfortunate child. For the time being, Knipkamp, ​​advisor to the imperial arms control, coped with his complexes, although his project of an automatic cannon that fired flat disc-shaped projectiles at one time frightened the management of several heart attacks (eyewitnesses said that the current model most resembled a mad dishwasher, and water cooling the barrel , which gave clouds of steam, only aggravated this impression). Therefore, unsuspecting chief designer Erwin Aders instructed the engineer to design the chassis. It is said that after seeing the first sample, Aders ate two packs of validol. Then he hid his three engineers in the office of the strongest, put his personal P-38 in his jacket pocket and called Knipkamp for an explanation.

- What's this? - the hands of the Chief Designer noticeably trembled.

“Experimental model of a new progressive chassis,” the unhealthy shine in the eyes of the engineer frightened Aders to such an extent that he forgot about the gun.

- But why four rows ??? !!!

- Because! So! It is better! Smooth! Go - catching hysterical notes in the designer's voice,

the engineers in the closet quietly fainted.

- But in a month we have to rent a car! - groan Aders, wondering whether to send him to a concentration camp, or immediately shot.

“Everyone will be delighted,” Knipkamp assured him.

I must say that after the display of the second sample, the arms control decided not to take risks and commissioned the development of a heavy tank to Porsche too. Fortunately for the anti-Hitler coalition, Porsche had his own cockroaches in his head. Ferdinand Porsche was very fond of all kinds of electrical gadgets, so he chose not a primitive Maybach as an engine for his monster, but built a whole chain of a gasoline engine, a generator and an electric motor. In order for the picture to be complete, it should be added that each of the driving wheels was supposed to have its own electric motor, therefore the total number of engines and generators in the tank reached six. According to rumors, after the presentation of the project, part of the company's employees, which is smarter, volunteered to the Wehrmacht and, terribly pleased with themselves, went to Poland. The most intelligent fled to France and became members of the Resistance. Meanwhile, Germany attacked the USSR. In early July, Porsche and Aders were urgently called to Kummersdorf. Right by the car, they were met by Guderian, who had flown in from the front for half an hour, and, tenderly embracing him by the shoulders, led him into some kind of hangar.

- Well, gentlemen, what do you say to that? - Heinz's voice could be spread on bread instead of jam.

- Donnerwetter! - Aders sat where he stood, and Porsche grabbed his heart.

In the middle of the hangar stood a sooty monster without caterpillars, with armor that resembled a lunar landscape.

- What is it? - hoarsely Porsche.

- It? - Guderian's voice was sweeter than saccharin. - Ooo, it's a very interesting thing. This is a Russian heavy tank. Half of the 6 Division fired at him, and he stopped only when he ran out of fuel. There was a tantrum with Leeb ... And now !!!!

The temperature in the hangar dropped ten degrees, Aders looked longingly at Manstein's eyes ... Guderian pulled Speer and Todt. He broke out and yelled

- Arsch mit Ohren !!! These four years Bierfickeren make toilets on tracks and call them heavy tanks! Mit solchen arschloecher werde ich bald fertig! Todt, bitch, let me go, I'll tear them arsch! While the German people under the leadership of the great Fuhrer ...

With these words, Todt and Spee made Heil Hitler, releasing Guderian at the same time, and he kicked the designers a little. Charter, he straightened his uniform and said: So, Arschlochen. Russian tank you saw. If in six months my eagles are not the same, only better, I will tear both of you to Eier. Or not, I will call Himmler and say that both of you are hidden Jews.

Designers wiped the bloody snot and made conclusions. The work went at an accelerated pace. Very soon, it turned out that the promising 75-mm gun that was to be mounted on the Aders tank was, of course, a very good weapon, but it has a somewhat exotic armor-piercing projectile containing 1 kg of tungsten. Wolfram in Reich was such a strategic raw material that the gun designers were immediately sent to the Eastern Front, and Aders had a very unpleasant conversation with Grandfather Muller. I had to go to Porsche and beg for a spare tower from him. In this tower stood 8.8 cm tank gun, which in the previous life was anti-aircraft gun. It was a very powerful weapon, but the tankers more than once noticed that it was over the battlefield to appear to the enemy plane, as the Tiger inexplicably began to pull up the barrel and twist the tower. 20 April 1942. One sample from each company was brought to Hitler’s headquarters in East Prussia. Already when unloading, the brave Porsevtsy thrust their tank into the ground. The cunning Henszhelevets unloaded their 70-ton crane, which caused an attack of inexplicable anxiety among the tank crews present, especially the technicians. The tanks showed Hitler and he immediately awarded Porsche with the Cross for military merit. After that, the tanks traveled a bit. Porsche Tank went quickly, but, turning, laid the turns wider than the "Lancaster". Henschel's tank went slower, but it turned around. It is true that the engine he had heated so that he had to rinse with liquid nitrogen. For further testing, tanks were taken to the landfill in Burke. The electric transmission of the Porsche tank was constantly failing, the plugs were constantly knocked out, the fuses were burning and the insulation was burning from the tank. After inspecting the Fuhrer again approached the designers.

“Ferdy, what's the engine on your tank?” - Fuhrer gently patted on the shoulder of his pet. Porsche began explaining his electric transmission system. The Fuhrer slightly changed in the face.

- Electric? Ferdy, did you have a roof? Yes, on your elephant batteries in the whole of the Reich will not save enough? What is his stroke range? 50 km ??? And then what, the charging station to him customized? Ah gasoline engines? FERDINAND, WHAT ARE YOU IDIOT ??? Two engines on the tank ??? Not two? SIX??? Give me the carpet!

The Fuhrer gnawed the rug brought by the adjutant, calmed down a bit and gave his handkerchief to the sobbing Porsche:

“Well, don't cry, anyway, I love you.” That you just overtired. Take a trip to the Alps or Paris, take a rest, and then I'll give you another thing, I have one idea ... "Little Mouse" is called - the Fuhrer chuckled and went up to Aders.

- Well, sir, what have you got here ... IS THAT WHAT ???

“Rollers,” Aders reported with hysterical vigor.

- I see that the rollers! Why four rows!

- For a better ride! Developed by our engineers under my supervision! The fruit of the Aryan genius! Allows the tank to shoot on the go!

- And before that, it was impossible to shoot? - puzzled asked the Fuhrer.

Aders knew very well that a tank could shoot even on the move, even in the fall, even if it was turned upside down, there would be a shell in the cannon. Because shooting and hitting are fundamentally different things. But it was too late to back down:

- It is impossible, my Fuhrer! When a tank bounces on the move, the projectile can twist in a cannon!

Since, to all the tankmen present at the conversation, Aders had previously bored well and promised to otmazatsya from the Eastern Front, they confirmed the words of Aders in chorus and the tank was put into service. From that moment began the misadventures of allied tankers and German repairmen, but that’s another story ...

The first four Tigers were produced by August 18 1942. Hitler immediately set out to send them somewhere to war. It was a long time to get to Stalingrad, in Africa Rommel drove the British with a towel, so it was decided to send tanks near Leningrad.

“Imagine,” the Fuhrer chuckled. - Sit Russians, and here - ONCE !!!

Tankers had their own opinion, but only Guderian expressed it:

- But my Führer, firstly, there are Russian swamps there ...

- So what?

- Uh-uh, how to say so ... Tank - it is very heavy. Accordingly, if he goes through the swamp, it can get stuck.

- But the Russians drive!

- Russians are children of nature! They eat moss, sleep under the open sky, know all the paths and drag

their tanks on hand. And then, is it not better to wait a little for two months and RRAPZZ - to enter a hundred Tigers in Moscow?

The Fuhrer defiantly ate a little palace and Guderian admitted that he was wrong. Four tigers were sent near Leningrad. Tigers, in principle, were not stupid animals, so already in the first attack, two of them had a sharply broken gearbox, and the third one caught fire. The tanks were towed to the rear, after which the specially arrived Gestapo officers showed them pictures of the work of the press for processing scrap metal at the Krupp plant. Tigers convulsively swallowed and said that the conclusions were made.

The next attack was in two weeks. Tigers handed 170 Infantry Division. The division commander was scratching his head for a long time, wondering what to do with four elephants. The tigers, in front of which the picture of the working press stood before them, expressed in their wholeness their uncompromising determination to crush and crush.

“Dingsda of some sort,” he said at last. “Okay, go down that path.” What you find - you can crush. Our kind there is not. If you enter Petersburg, call me.

- And the infantry? - timidly asked one of the Tigers

- What is the infantry? What are you talking about? - the division commander indignantly indignant.

“Yes, we are about nothing,” the Tigers dropped and, encouraging each other, drove along a narrow path in the middle of the swamp.

On that day, the hungry Russian artillerymen were especially angry - the shag at the position had not been delivered for a week already. When the commander of the anti-tank battery saw four huge tanks moving along the road, he did not, as expected, run around in circles and shout: "We give up! Right now we will only shoot the commissars!" Instead, he spat out a goat's leg, in which, instead of a shag, a motel was wrapped in half with a straw and with the words: “Everything, kozzles, you dokokrekalis” personally rose to the panorama. First Russian Tiger simply knocked down. The other three were not ready for this turn of events and panicked. As the Russians continued to shoot, they quickly broke down and pretended to be dead. At night, they were dragged in tow. From the remaining dead Tigris Russian scouts screwed everything they could for souvenirs. Souvenirs selected in a special department and sent for further study. A little later, the number of Tigers near Leningrad was brought to seven. In response, the Russians killed five of them, although the Germans themselves claim that the three Tigers committed suicide solely out of contempt for the Russians. After killing the first Tigris, Soviet soldiers walked around for a long time and scratched their heads, until someone offered to send the carcass to Comrade Stalin.

After reviewing the Tiger, Comrade Stalin gnawed up the phone and called Designer Kotin from Tankograd.

- Tavarysch Kotyn, what do you say to that?

- ... your mother, he said, - the most intelligent Joseph Yakovlevich.

- Budam schytat, cheto vi said it about Adolf Hitler, - the Leader smiled wisely.

Kotin grabbed the tank from the tracks to the muzzle brake and gloomily stretched out before Stalin.

- In general, Comrade Stalin, one of two things is either a mutant or ...

- What "either"? - gently encouraged designer Comrade Stalin

“Or - full zvizdets,” said Kotin firmly, who knew perfectly well that he would not be shot exactly by the end of the war.

- How gavaryl tavarysch Lannyn, such a star’s star, who would be a ne perezvizzdely balshevyki.

- We will try, Comrade Stalin, - the designer stretched.

“Of course you will,” the Leader said without any accent, and Kotin understood that the jokes were over.

Meanwhile, summer was inevitably approaching. The German command was preparing to suddenly cut off the Kursk ledge. The Soviet command was preparing suddenly to stop it. In complete secrecy, the Germans concentrated enormous forces on the bases of the protrusion. The Russians diligently pretended that they didn’t know anything about it, and they were digging trenches just like that, for nothing to do. Schools of thirty-fours crawled to the front line at night, lying in the ravines during the day. Those that came across the eyes of German aerial reconnaissance took the most carefree look, frolicked, chased each other and tried to look as unsuspecting as possible.

By the beginning of the Oryol-Kursk operation, which the German command, who already had an idea of ​​the level of awareness of the enemy, called the “Citadel” with grim humor, 146 tigers had slipped to the Kursk Arc. On the night of July 5, the command of the Central and Voronezh fronts ordered to shoot a little at the positions of the German troops - just to hint that everything is ready and you can begin. The Germans, for some reason, started with some delay. German tanks went to the Soviet position. The Tigers were crawling in the front row, unusually proud of the honor they had been accorded. At first, the honorable task of slaughtering German armored animals was assigned to anti-tank artillery and infantry. Despite the losses, artillery and infantry more or less coped with the task. The treacherous Soviet artillerymen, knowing that the Tigers' armor was impenetrable, got the hand to shoot the poor little animals with anything that stands out beyond the limits of the armored corps - from guns to long-suffering rinks. In addition, the Russians used the vile and depraved tactics of "flashing guns". To do this, a few guns loomed in the hills and, seeing the Tigers, they began to wink at them unbridledly with a panorama, inviting them to set down the bed and generally attract attention. When the gullible German tanks rushed to meet them, a whole crowd of anti-tank cannons tumbled out of the bushes and with a shout: "And who is crawling to honest women!" arranged an ugly fight.

The Russian infantry, in a tricky way, maneuvered around the tanks, hiding, now being and seizing the moment, in order to put a bunch of grenades or a bottle of gasoline on the lid of the engine compartment.

Unusual difficulties were delivered to the Germans by the so-called impudent mining. In the midst of the offensive, the shabby Russian truck suddenly stopped in front of the German tanks that were attacking, and several unshaven personalities of a reprehensible type began busily digging something into the ground right on the road.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing there,” cried the head Tiger indignantly

“You don’t see something - we are doing road works,” the older Russian replied brazenly, continuing to dig neat holes.

- And what are you then digging into the ground?

- I do not know. We were ordered - we bury.

- It's outrageous! We, by the way, are advancing here! We have a schedule! We have to go to 12: 30 to the village, as it is called ... "Burning".

- And we have a plan. To 12: 15 to dig forty holes.

- We will complain! Who is your commander?

“Military secret,” the Russian sappers replied sarcastically.

- Well, all right, guys, let's make it good. Is there a detour here?

- Of course there is. Look for that baloque, - somehow Russian agreed too quickly.

Tigers left in the indicated direction only to return in half an hour:

- You guys are what? It is also impossible! There are some mines! Dietrich, out, blown up!

“Oh, guys, forgive me,” crystal clear tears of remorse drew into my eyes the Russian sapper. - Again, we have something to crack. In any case, we finished here, so you can safely go.

- Break a leg! - shouted Russian sappers, getting into the truck.

- To hell! - Tigers answered in unison

“To him, to him, darling,” the Russians muttered, turning for the nearest hillock.

Nevertheless, the moment came when the Soviet tankers had to go on the offensive, and here the Tigers finally turned around. A typical tank battle between the thirty-three and the Tigers was as follows.

“Something is somehow quiet,” said the Soviet commander concerned.

- BAMMMM !!!!

“Oooh, your mother,” said the Soviet tank crews, getting out of the broken tank.

“Oooh, oh, my mother,” said the thirty-four who survived, saying who was hiding.

The tigers on the horizon were rather grinning. It quickly became clear that the mighty tank attacks, which had been able to work with great difficulty before, were now completely impossible. Especially our tankers resented the fact that the Tiger does not break through not only into the forehead, but also into the board.

“It’s not fair at the end of the convoy,” they shouted to the Tigers. - Where are you then tamper?

- And nowhere, - mockingly laughed Tigers. - We are like all of you.

Our only need was to gnash our teeth.

When Zhukov gave a report on the results of the Battle of Kursk to Comrade Stalin, Comrade Stalin almost swallowed the phone:

- Tavarysch Zhyukov, vi, kanechna, kammunyst, but god paboites! What are six hundred padbyty mounds?

“Well, of course, here we exaggerated a little ...” Zhukov sighed. - Eighty pieces we hit.

- And our fallen paddy?

- You will not beat?

“I won't,” said the leader without an accent, and Zhukov silently put another sheet in front of him.

“Uh-huh,” the leader grunted, ramming the tobacco in the pipe. - How do you explain this, Comrade Captain?

- Well, so we, that, that, and they, that, that ... - the brave tankman answered.

“Their tanks are more powerful,” Zhukov translated.

- As far as I heard, tanks with tanks do not fight! - instructively raised a finger Stalin.

- It is, of course, true, but sometimes that way! - objected Captain.

“It happens in every way,” Zhukov translated. - And when this “in every way” does happen ...

“You know, comrades,” Stalin began thoughtfully, “when Comrade Stalin was in Turukhansk exile, he once went to the bear ...”

Zhukov and Captains look skeptical

“And so that you know, comrades,” Stalin continued, pretending that he did not notice anything — the most difficult thing at the same time is to lure the bear out of its den. While he is in the den - hell get it ... But if you lure ... In general, comrades, it is more flexible. To lure the fascist beast from his lair, and even better - to lure into ours! Clear?

- Yes sir!

Actually, the units have already come to the same conclusions. Wall-to-wall fights with Tigers quickly became unpopular, instead all sorts of Asian tricks went into action. For example, near Kharkov, tankmen of the 1 th mechanized corps used the following tactical method: Tiger (reads from the phrase book): Polye is clean! Tash, don't you give me a poet? Vyhoti plague Russian tank for a fair fight, on the b .. c ... c ... backdated!

T-70 (from the bushes): Well, my, sho say you say that? Shobi vi knew, tanks with tanks do not fight. Tanks are fighting with the infantry, I apologize. And you see all the time you climb to us ... We know what, tanksexual?

Naturally, from such insults a tiger broke the tower and he rushed into the bushes to deal with the abusive ... And he left the tower for real. In another place, T-34 with the inscription: “Tank of the Hero of the Soviet Union, twice a Jew of the Soviet Union of Moses Abramovich Finkelshtein.” Fascists, I apologize, are homosexual. Despite the fact that the inscription was completely false (the tank commander was actually called Yevgeny Solomonovich Rabinovich, he was an ordinary Jew and the GSS at that time had not yet become, and even not many fascists were homosexuals), the brave tanker managed to lure into a minefield two Tigers. An interesting trick used once tanker Peter Heroes. Caught, by chance, alone with the Tigris, he began to drive very quickly around him. The tiger began, respectively, to turn the tower, trying to get impudent. The tank of Peter Geroyev rushed faster and faster, the Tiger tower was spinning faster. Then she suddenly stopped, the Tiger commander got out of her, got on all fours, after which he vomited violently. The rest, as it turned out, vomited right in the tank. However, the most effective is the indirect defeat of the Tiger battalion near Fastow. The battalion was transferred to the front to eliminate the breakthrough. Before reaching the front line, the Tigers saw a broken German column. In the middle of the rout, a pillar hammered into the ground stood on which the note was white: "They broke through the front line, now we are wetting you, goats, in the outhouse. If not weakly, we are waiting for you at 235.7 height. Two hundred Russian tanks." Having traveled twenty kilometers, and dropping two malfunctioning vehicles on the road, the Tigers found a crushed German battery at 235.7 and a new note: "They were waiting for you, they were waiting for us, we were in the village of Killed. We’ll wait for you there if you have time. Two hundred Russian tanks" having traveled forty kilometers, and having lost four more tanks, the Tigers arrived at the village of the Killed. In the village, they found only a German car park, plowed up with caterpillars and the third note: “Well, you and Sykuny! Two hours waiting for you, pissed off! Straining the forces, the Tigers crawled to Fastov on the last drops of gasoline, leaving six more damaged cars on the sidelines, where they found the last note: “Gy-sy, are we killing you cool? The Red Army has already moved a hundred kilometers not two hundred, but only a hundred! " The remaining tigers committed suicide from shame and distress.

Nevertheless, the Tigers were an extremely dangerous opponent, but, fortunately, they still had one weak point. This place was their running gear ... Do not count the epithets with which the brutal German mechanics awarded the engineer Knipkamp, ​​changing the rollers on the monstrous colossus. Since it took up to a day to replace a single rink from the inner row, many could not stand it, let the foam out of their mouths and rushed at the Tiger with a crowbar, banging on something innocent car for what it was necessary. It is known that tankers who fought on the Tigris until their death could not only eat from plates, but also see them. The appearance of a stack of plates could have hardened a warrior who had gone through a Russian campaign and prison camps to a heart attack. The monstrous in size and cruelty fight between the officers of the Luftwaffe and Pantservafe, which occurred in May 1944 in the Drei Ferkels and Sieben Gnomen Bar in Berlin, a fight that caused three months of the failure of two Geshwaders and one Shverepantserabtelungs to fail for three months for a seemingly completely innocent joke. Drunk together with the pilots, standrtenführer, the SS sent on their behalf to the tank crews a slide of plates stacked in a staggered manner ... (The investigation did not establish the identity of the Standartenführer. The Luftwaffe officers in the hospital recalled that Otto called him Otto, ... They could not recall any more. However, everyone agreed that he reminded them of someone). As a result, tankers and pilots were separated with the help of firefighters, and the fighters did not even notice the thousands of American bombers that had attacked.

But, it must be admitted, the Tiger was very easy to manage. It could be managed by any crew member, and, in general, the position of a Tiger driver was considered in Pancervawe under-prestige. Commanders, wanting to shame their negligent drivers, said: "Well, you are a shoemaker! You only manage the Tiger." In addition, the Tiger had very powerful weapons, which allowed individual German tank crews to collect unimaginable personal accounts. So, for example, once the six Tigers 101 heavy tank battalion under the command of the SS obershurtmührer Michael Wittman in half a day destroyed three hundred Soviet tanks, which is approximately twice the cash tank fleet of the Red Army in this sector of the front. Not satisfied with this, the next day they destroyed another two hundred Soviet tanks, and only a sudden attack by thousands of Soviet tanks forced the heroes to retreat.

However, the Allies did not want to understand that they should, by definition, lose to such wonderful and formidable vehicles, and continued to advance and even sometimes destroy the Tigers. By 1 March 1945, of the 1200 produced by the Tigers, only 185 survived. Survivors after the capitulation were slaughtered according to its conditions.

It remains to note an interesting phenomenon that took place in the Soviet Union. The legend of the invincible and impenetrable German Tank is so deeply rooted among Soviet tanks that several T-44 even created a Historical Reconstruction Club dedicated exclusively to Tigers. They dressed in Tigers, painted themselves in German color, put German identification marks (admittedly, rather ineptly) and arranged reconstructions of battles with the participation of Tigers. It ended with the fact that after demobilization they were invited to Mosfilm and took part in the filming of many historical films, both in our country and abroad.
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        Well, the conclusion to this article from the author:

        According to the memoirs of Guderian, Middeldorf, Mellenthin, Manstein and Tippelskirch

        1) Hitler interrupted us. Hitler was d.urak. The German soldier was rulez. The German commander was like the Great Frederick, but without vicious propensities.

        2) Russians overwhelmed us with meat. The Russians had a lot of meat. The Russian soldier is a child of nature, he eats what he cannot run away from him, sleeps standing up, like a horse, and knows how to leak. The author has repeatedly witnessed how entire Russian tank armies were leaking through the front line, and nothing betrayed their presence - it would seem that yesterday, the usual artillery preparation, bombing, the Russian offensive, and suddenly once !!! - in the rear is already the Russian tank army.

        3) SS sometimes a little over the top. That is, if everything were limited to the usual robberies, executions, violence and destruction, which the German soldier sometimes practiced from an excess of valiant power, many more people would accept the new order with pleasure.

        4) The Russians had a T-34 tank. It was not fair. We did not have such a tank.

        5) The Russians had a lot of anti-tank guns. Each soldier had an anti-tank gun - he hid with her in the pits, in the hollows of trees, in the grass, under the roots of trees.

        6) The Russians had many Mongols and Turkmen. Mongols and Turkmen, backed up by the commissioners is a terrible thing.

        7) The Russians had commissars. Commissars is a terrible thing. A-priory. Most of the commissioners were Jews. Even the Jews. We have not destroyed our Jews in a businesslike way. Himmler was du.rak.

        8) The Russians used a dishonest method - they pretended to give up, and then - RRA! and shot the German soldier in the back. Once, a Russian tank corps, pretended to surrender, shot a whole heavy tank battalion in the back.

        9) Russian killed German soldiers. It was generally a terrible zapad, because honestly, it was the German soldiers who had to kill the Russians! Russian all k.ozly, polls.

        10) Allies betrayed us. In a sense, the Americans and the British.
        1. bakhshiyan rachik
          bakhshiyan rachik 17 February 2017 18: 16
          good very funny
  4. Sasha Major
    Sasha Major April 17 2014 10: 31
    It's a shame that the author forgot about self-propelled guns su 152 and ISU 152 which, even when fired by a blank, immobilized German tanks !!! but in general it’s funny to the author !!!
  5. Orc-xnumx
    Orc-xnumx April 17 2014 10: 32
    Yornichanie like Begemotova. Negative!
    1. Committee
      Committee April 17 2014 11: 37
      Quote: Orc-78
      Yornichanie like Begemotova. Minus
      I support, the rhetoric of the 90s. Not to laugh.
  6. kare
    kare April 17 2014 10: 38
    Great humor, thanks to the author
  7. Amet Khan Sultan
    Amet Khan Sultan April 17 2014 10: 40
    The original form describes all the advantages and disadvantages of the tank, as well as the history of creation and application. Laughing to tears.
  8. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 17 2014 10: 41
    It is ridiculously finite, but it is an infection, so many of our tanks and tankers have destroyed.

    Question to experts, were we armed with trophy tigers?
    1. Committee
      Committee April 17 2014 11: 39
      Quote: Kornilovist
      we were armed with trophy tigers
      The Tiger tanks were not in service with our army.
    2. Fedya
      Fedya April 17 2014 21: 05
      What for? We got IS-2! But he, with his shortcomings, was still better than a tiger!
  9. 020205
    020205 April 17 2014 10: 44
    Funny and interestingly written)))
  10. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux April 17 2014 10: 45
    Well done author! I have never heard of such an unusual interpretation of the development of Panzervaffen in my life! laughing
  11. Bakht
    Bakht April 17 2014 10: 46
    Instead, he spat out a goat leg, into which, instead of makhorka, reindeer lichen was wrapped in half with straw and with the words: "That's all, kazzzly, you've finished the call" personally stood up to the panorama.

    War. The Germans in the trenches. Russians go on the attack. Commander: - For the Motherland, for Stalin, hooray !!! The Germans are in a panic, about to flee, only the old Fritz says: - It's not time yet. And gives a machine gun queue. The Russians lay down. After a while again: - Homeland, for Stalin, hooray !!! The Germans are again in a panic, about to flee, again the old Fritz says: - It's not time yet. And gives a machine gun queue. The Russians again lay down. And then the commander gets up, mug in shit, and says: - I do not understand ??? !!! Old Fritz: - And now it's time to roll up !!!
  12. erased
    erased April 17 2014 10: 59
    Written in the style of "The Adventures of Stirlitz". Sometimes it's funny. But in reality, the Tigers were a terrible enemy. even when we had the IS-2 and T-34-85 and the SU-100 and ISU-122/152. So laughter laughter, but these "animals" drank a lot of blood.
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf April 17 2014 11: 11
      So laughter laughter, but these "animals" drank a lot of blood.

      Not surprisingly, in the Top 10 of the best tanks in the world, he takes the 3 place.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 April 17 2014 11: 40
        Quote: Ruswolf
        So laughter laughter, but these "animals" drank a lot of blood.

        Not surprisingly, in the Top 10 of the best tanks in the world, he takes the 3 place.

    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Committee
      Committee April 17 2014 11: 47
      Quote: erased
      in reality, the Tigers were a terrible enemy
      while it was a very complex unit. By the way, my colleague, the entire list of our tanks you have given, could withstand him quite effectively. In general, the firepower of the Panzerwaffe is due to the use of a very successful Rheinmetal gun in the design, it was also installed on the Panther. An interesting fact: the technicians of our UDTK said that they always considered the most serious tank and still consider it to be the Panther.
      1. Normal
        Normal April 17 2014 16: 03
        Quote: Committee
        due to the use of a very successful Rheinmetal gun in the design, it was also installed on the Panther.

        On the Tiger and on the Panther were completely different guns. Or I'm wrong?
        1. zennon
          zennon April 17 2014 16: 16
          On the Tiger and on the Panther were completely different guns. Or I'm wrong?

          Well, of course they are different! On the tiger 88 mm KwK-36 L / 56. It is often called the best tank gun of the Second World War. On the Panther KwK 42 caliber 75 mm.
  13. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 17 2014 10: 59
    Yes, damn a fun little article.
    The Russian infantry, in a tricky way, maneuvered around the tanks, hiding, now being and seizing the moment, in order to put a bunch of grenades or a bottle of gasoline on the lid of the engine compartment.
    Old Russian fun. laughing
    Thanks for the humor.
  14. nalim
    nalim April 17 2014 11: 07
    Cool! Neighing to tears. Especially in the place where the tiger turned the tower ... he imagined how the tankers were shitty, they are not astronauts.
  15. LOKY
    LOKY April 17 2014 11: 07
    FINE !!!!! )))))
  16. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 17 2014 11: 09
    I found a little info.

    "" "
    Apparently, the first part of the Red Army, which used the captured Tigers, was the 28th Guards Tank Brigade (39th Army, Belorussian Front). On December 27, 1943, during the Tigers attack of the 507th battalion near the village of Sinyavki, one of the vehicles got stuck in a crater and was abandoned by the crew. Tankers of the 28th Guards Tank Brigade managed to pull out the Tiger and bring it to their location. The machine turned out to be perfectly operational, and the brigade command decided to use it in battles (by this time the brigade had only 7 T-34s, 5 T-70s and 1 SU-122). The Tiger crew consisted of six people: the tank commander - Guard Lieutenant Revyakin, the driver-guard - Guard Petty Officer Kilevnik, the gun commander - Guard Petty Officer Ilashevsky, the commander of the tower - Guard Petty Officer Kodikov, the gunner-gunner - Guard Sergeant Akulov. According to the team’s documents, “the crew mastered it within two days. The crosses were painted over, instead of them two stars were painted on the tower and they wrote "Tiger". The trophy tank held its first battle on January 6, 1944, when, together with one T-34 and one T-70 (called the Falcon), burst into the village of Sinyavki and, after digging in the vehicles, held this settlement for two days, enabling our infantry to gain a foothold on the reached line.

    Later, the 28th Guards Tank Brigade captured another Tiger (the authors do not have information about where and when this happened), as as of July 27, 1944 it had 47 tanks in its composition: 32 T-34, 13 T-70, 4 SU-122, 4 SU-76 and 2 Pz. Kpfw. VI "Tiger". This technique successfully participated in Operation Bagration, expelling the former owners of the Soviet Tigers from the territory of Belarus. As of October 6, 1944, the 28th Guards Tank Brigade had: T-34 tanks - 65, PzKpfw VI Tiger tanks - 1.

  17. Hort
    Hort April 17 2014 11: 12
    old topic, but fun to read again. There is also about "Sherman" and someone else. Cycle - "Tales of Tanks"
  18. horoh
    horoh April 17 2014 11: 21
    Okay, cool article !!!
  19. Stas57
    Stas57 April 17 2014 11: 33
    but I’m not funny from this slaughter
    I am sad when I look at the giggles on the topic, and at the same time I know about the fear of tigers and how much he drank our soldier's blood ...
    and yes, "what, lol, gee, fly away, watch to the end"
    1. Committee
      Committee April 17 2014 11: 42
      Quote: Stas57
      i'm not funny from this dupe
      and this is not an "original" view, distorted, twisted facts. Well, what to want, an article from almost the 90s.
    2. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker April 17 2014 15: 58
      Quote: Stas57
      I feel sad when I look at the giggles

      Stas, hi! hi
      How are the books, all sold?
      1. Stas57
        Stas57 April 21 2014 21: 33
        not all)
  20. 0255
    0255 April 17 2014 11: 35
    The article is great, but I have a question whether this episode is real:
    So, for example, once six Tigers 101 of the heavy tank battalion under the command of SS Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann destroyed three hundred Soviet tanks in half a day, which was approximately twice as large as the existing Red Army tank fleet in this section of the front. Not satisfied with this, the next day they destroyed another two hundred Soviet tanks, and only a sudden attack by thousands of Soviet tanks made the heroes retreat.

    I understand that there are exaggerations of the Germans about the losses of Soviet troops, but not to the same degree - like they destroyed 6 of our tanks with 300 "Tigers".
  21. Grenz
    Grenz April 17 2014 11: 36
    The article, of course, is cool.
    But when I saw him full-size in the tank museum (Kubinka), then believe me, he caused respect. It was evident that the engineers tried to create a decent weapon.
    And the number 100 on the tank confirms that it was a serious opponent.
    Its size is also impressive.
    Just for a moment imagine yourself in a trench against this enemy.
    And our fathers and grandfathers won, and this monster was driven. I wish we had the same spirit.
    It is rightly said: "Thank you grandfather for the great Victory."
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv April 17 2014 11: 46
      Quote: grenz
      Just for a moment imagine yourself in a trench against this enemy.
      And our fathers and grandfathers won, and this monster was driven. I wish we had the same spirit.
      It is rightly said: "Thank you grandfather for the great Victory."

      Alexander -
  22. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 April 17 2014 11: 40
    then I'll finish reading. once, at work, after all. but the mood seems to have improved. in the evening at the "historic battle" I will avenge my grandfathers a couple of times to consolidate positive emotions.
    1. 0255
      0255 April 17 2014 13: 00
      Quote: tolyasik0577
      then I'll finish reading. once, at work, after all. but the mood seems to have improved. in the evening at the "historic battle" I will avenge my grandfathers a couple of times to consolidate positive emotions.

      Do you participate in the CBT tanks in War Thunder?
      1. kazssr
        kazssr April 20 2014 13: 17
  23. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 17 2014 11: 40
    On solid ground, and even in a disguised position, his optics was excellent - it was a serious opponent ...
  24. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 17 2014 11: 48
    Quote: 0255
    The article is great, but I have a question whether this episode is real:
    So, for example, once six Tigers 101 of the heavy tank battalion under the command of SS Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann destroyed three hundred Soviet tanks in half a day, which was approximately twice as large as the existing Red Army tank fleet in this section of the front. Not satisfied with this, the next day they destroyed another two hundred Soviet tanks, and only a sudden attack by thousands of Soviet tanks made the heroes retreat.

    I understand that there are exaggerations of the Germans about the losses of Soviet troops, but not to the same degree - like they destroyed 6 of our tanks with 300 "Tigers".

    at 300, this is propaganda, but Michael Wittmann, like the best ace tanker of the Second World War, is it real or not, but here is what data Wiki gives.

    Michael Wittmann (German: Michael Wittmann, less often spelling Wittmann, Wittmann or Wittmann) - German tank-ace of the Second World War, SS Hauptsturmfuhrer. One of the most successful tank aces of World War II (according to some reports, it destroyed 138 tanks and self-propelled guns).

    Born April 22, 1914 in Bavaria in a peasant family of Johann and Ursula Wittmann. Since 1934 he served in the Wehrmacht, in November 1935 he was awarded the rank of corporal. Since November 1, 1936 - in the SS troops, personal number - 311623. Participated in operations against Poland, France, Greece. During the invasion of the USSR, he commanded a platoon of assault guns, participated in the battle on the Kursk Bulge.

    Since the spring of 1944 - in Normandy. Here Wittmann became famous in the famous battle at Ville-Bocage on June 13, 1944, where both Wittmann's skill and technical superiority of the Tiger tank over the Allied vehicles were clearly manifested. Within 15 minutes, he destroyed 222 tanks, 205 anti-tank guns and 11 armored personnel carriers on his Tiger No. 2 (at which he moved at the last minute due to engine failure in his Tiger No. 13) [source not specified 430 days] completely defeating the intelligence of the 7th British armored division (the so-called “desert rats”, which caused much trouble even to Rommel himself and who became famous in Africa). Due to Wittmann’s actions, the British breakthrough was liquidated.
    Michael Wittmann with his crew in the north of France (May 1944).

    The commander of the 2nd company of the 101st SS heavy tank battalion (at that time was subordinate to the 1st SS tank division "Leibstandart SS Adolf Hitler") Michael Wittmann died on August 8, 1944 between the settlements of Saint-Enjan-de-Craménius and Sento in the vicinity of Caen.,_%D0%9C%

    But here it is possible the same postscripts as in the case of Hartmann. xs - Gebels did not eat his "bread" for nothing !!! For example, the same wiki.

    Erich Alfred Hartmann (German Erich Alfred Hartmann; born April 19, 1922; died September 20, 1993) is a German ace pilot, considered the most effective fighter pilot in the history of aviation. Callsign "Karaya 1". During World War II, he flew 1525 sorties, scoring 352 air victories (of which 345 over Soviet aircraft) in 825 air battles.

    but our military historians have already written so many materials repeatedly that it is propaganda, postscripts and distortion of real events ....
    1. 0255
      0255 April 17 2014 13: 03
      But many of our people believe in Western sources and write all kinds of ***** on the forums on the topic "the barbaric T-34 took only the number of German awesome brilliant Tigers."
      1. Hort
        Hort April 17 2014 13: 13
        Well, basically they did. For we had more corny tanks.
        We went on board and in the stern and hollowed the Tigers. 34 didn’t hit him in the forehead, but our Tiger could hit our own at long distances due to its powerful gun
    2. Day 11
      Day 11 April 17 2014 15: 24
      With Wittmann, everything is clear - the Nazi was "burned out." And everyone knows about this?
    3. zennon
      zennon April 17 2014 15: 30
      The author of this moronic article reminds me of a jackal yapping at a dead lion. If you want to get a real idea of ​​the events, do not stoop to idiots and the magazine "Crocodile".
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 April 17 2014 15: 36
        I agree with you Zennon. I read this crap 7-8 years ago. The car was really very powerful. Yes, expensive to manufacture. Well, Adolf relied on "advanced" instead of mass and cheapness
      2. Kars
        Kars April 17 2014 15: 40
        )))))))) C'mon, it's humorous to become, not analytic, and the basic facts are absolutely true. Like for example the destruction of the first tigers near Mgoy.

        and asss - bills from overpriced, and overpriced decently.
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker April 17 2014 15: 43
          Quote: Kars
          and asss - bills from overpriced, and overpriced decently.

          Greetings, Kars!
          Glad to see you. I thought that I had completely forgotten ... laughing
          1. Kars
            Kars April 17 2014 15: 57
            Well, why I forgot if the topic that interests me then I'm here.
            1. Alexander Romanov
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              1. Kars
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                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                Where is Akim, h

                I am outside the scope of articles and VO did not communicate with him.
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                a hundred years you were gone

                Well, humanitarian aid clamped me down.
                And we already pay 10 000 for Mos
                1. stalkerwalker
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                  Quote: Kars
                  And we already pay 10 000 for Mos

                  Well tapericha you will heal ... laughing
                  1. Kars
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                    et yes (((((((((((((
                    1. Alexander Romanov
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                      Quote: Kars
                      et yes (((((((((((((

                      I'm going to Ukraine, I’ll earn extra money laughing
                      1. Kars
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                        Strange I thought everything was so good in you in Russia?
                        And what do you earn by surrendering to Kolomoiskrm?
                      2. Alexander Romanov
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                        Quote: Kars
                        And what do you earn by surrendering to Kolomoiskrm?

                        And then, first I give up, then I run away, then I give up again and in a month of such a business I will become a millionaire laughing
                      3. Kars
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                        Quote: Alexander Romanov
                        then run away

                        )) Gooddini?
                      4. sssla
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                        Quote: Kars
                        )) Gooddini?

  25. Day 11
    Day 11 April 17 2014 16: 31
    Great Kars! The topic is like a balm for your soul))). By the way, you have a photo of the "Tigers" captured by our and participating in the battles of the Red Army with all the attributes due (stars, tact numbers). A good book (Maxim Kolomiets, Ilya Moshchansky) -Not read?
    1. Kars
      Kars April 17 2014 16: 38
      Quote: Den 11
      Theme to you as a balm for the soul))

      yes, especially against the background of realities

      Quote: Den 11
      photo "Tigers"

      somehow it didn’t come across. unfortunately in the Red Army was straining with the cameras.
      my grandfather fought for half a year on 150 mm sau, as I understand it now on Hummel

      Quote: Den 11
      .Good book

      I have such an option
      tiger unfortunately hand-drawn
  26. bakhshiyan rachik
    bakhshiyan rachik 17 February 2017 18: 22
    this is what cartridges in the air served to the hartman
  • pts-m
    pts-m April 29 2014 18: 51
    it’s really an article with great humor. only and apparently there is only this film about the victory over the British who just boasted and flaunted that they know how to fight. and where is the film about the fact that the Germans defeated the same amount of armored vehicles on the eastern front.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev April 17 2014 12: 10
    once, six Tigers 101 heavy tank battalions under the command of SS Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann destroyed three hundred Soviet tanks in half a day, which was about twice as large as the existing Red Army tank fleet in this section of the front. Not satisfied with this, the next day they destroyed another two hundred Soviet tanks, and only a sudden attack by thousands of Soviet tanks made the heroes retreat.

    And the West, as before, lied about the Second World War, and now it is lying about Ukraine.
  • nemez
    nemez April 17 2014 12: 17
    laughing great story.
  • Hort
    Hort April 17 2014 13: 17
    And by the way, under Prokhorovka Rotmistrov ditched his corps due to the fact that he ordered to attack German positions in the forehead, and even at the exit of the ravine. As a result, the Germans remained purely technically Prokhorov’s field, although of course they lost the battle as a whole.
    It seems like even Stalin personally damned Rotmistrov for such a strategy that he put so much technology and people
  • 1812 1945
    1812 1945 April 17 2014 13: 41
    Perfectly! Thanks to the author! Interesting in content. And the style ... The regular comedians have a rest! Nur ... "Grandpa Mueller" was only in the movies. Heinrich Müller, SS-Gruppenführer, Leiter der Abteilung 4, Reichssicherheitsdienst war nicht der Großvater. Im Jahr 1945 wurde er von nur 45 Jahren.
  • pensioner
    pensioner April 17 2014 15: 22
    Quote: Aleks tv
    The tiger is a good and serious tank.
    Yes, he is with his difficulties and troubles, but like a combat vehicle - GOOD. It is worth recognizing.

    In Baryatinsky's book, the Tiger is called an ideal killing machine, and to the question: "Which tank would be the best in WW2, he answered something like this:" Imagine an IS-2 with an 8,8cm KwK - 36 cannon. Can you imagine? Well, in general, that's all! "
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv April 17 2014 15: 53
      Quote: retired
      The tiger is called the perfect killing machine,

      Good day, Yuri.

      Well ... that is, that is.
      It was a serious enemy.
      1. pensioner
        pensioner April 17 2014 19: 06
        Good evening Alexey! hi
        Not in the subject (the Tiger will wait ...), but bursting with impressions and boasting a little. We have just returned from a concert of the "Holiday" children's orchestra of folk instruments. The concert was at the Ural Palace of Culture. Orchestra from School of Arts # 2. My son works there as a guitar teacher. These guys all over Europe give concerts. A-FI-GET !!!
        1. Aleks tv
          Aleks tv April 19 2014 03: 42
          Quote: retired
          The concert was in DC Ural.

          good good good
          Yuri - drinks
      2. pensioner
        pensioner April 17 2014 19: 16
        And about the Tiger, here's what else I know. I have a good friend - at fifty dollars early. department. We have not seen each other for a long time, but this is understandable: he has a lot of work now and he is rarely in Yekaterinburg ...
        So that's it. He collects everything that he once said, wrote L. Gorlitsky. So Lev Izrailevich said that the Tiger is a dead-end branch in tank building. The complexity and high cost in its manufacture did not lead to an overwhelming superiority in combat qualities over the armored vehicles of the allies. Plus an excellent target for aviation. He said that it would be better for the Germans after the Curse arc instead of 1 Tiger 2-3 "Artshturm" (our so called Stug-3) or 3-4 "Wasps" (our so called Hetzer) did.
        It seems now everything on the topic recourse
  • Yozhik
    Yozhik April 17 2014 16: 20
    The article is a huge plus. I haven’t seen such a funny story of the creation of the Tiger :)
  • Bakht
    Bakht April 17 2014 16: 36
    The article is old. It is written with humor. But seriously, the Tiger was a formidable machine. Although Mantoifel considered Panther to be the best German car. Actually in battle, the Tiger, using excellent optics and an excellent gun, shot the T-34 from a distance of one and a half to two kilometers. That became the cause of tiger fear. T-34 crews were simply afraid to go into battle in the open.

    In the battle of Kursk

    Hausser reacted almost instantly: deployed the assault guns division of the Leibstandart division and called in aircraft. By the way, at that time the Tiger of Unterscharführer Studegger from the 13th heavy company was being repaired on the Teterevino farm. The brave SSman brought his Pz. VI to the outskirts and entered the battle with the 26th Tank Brigade, knocking out, according to the representation on the Knight's Cross, 16 “thirty-fours”.

    True or not, it's hard to say. But the losses of the T-34 near Kursk were such that Rotmistrov miraculously escaped the tribunal.
  • BCO 82-84
    BCO 82-84 April 17 2014 16: 37
    Thank you for the interesting presentation of the history of the TIGER!
  • Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 18 2014 15: 16
    Wittmann or Kurt Knispel, here is a real hero tanker - ZINOVY KOLOBANOV.

    Voyskovitsky battle
    The crew of the KV-1 tank in battle on August 20, 1941 near the state farm (manor) of the Troops in the now Krasnogvardeisky Gatchinsky district of the Leningrad Region: tank commander - senior lieutenant Kolobanov Zinovy ​​Grigoryevich, gun commander senior sergeant Andrei Mikhailovich Usov [2], senior chief driver Nikolai Nikolai Ivanovich Nikiforov [5], junior driver-mechanic Red Army soldier Nikolai Feoktistovich Rodnikov and gunner-radio operator senior sergeant Pavel Ivanovich Kiselkov [4] [13].

    The commander of the 3rd tank company of the 1st tank battalion, senior lieutenant Z. G. Kolobanov, was called to the division commander, General V.I. Baranov, from whom he personally received orders to cover the three roads leading to Krasnogvardeisk (now the city of Gatchina) from Luga , Volosovo and Kingisepp (via Tallinn Highway) [13]: “Block them and stand to death!”

    On the same day, a company of Z. G. Kolobanov of five KV-1 tanks advanced towards the advancing enemy. It was important not to miss the German tanks, so two armor-piercing shells and a minimum number of high-explosive fragmentation shells were loaded into each tank [13].
    A variant of the reconstruction of the battle plan KV-1 of senior lieutenant Z. G. Kolobanov with a German tank column in August 1941

    According to the research of O. Skvortsov, events developed as follows. Having assessed the likely routes of movement of the German troops, Z. G. Kolobanov sent two tanks to the Luga road, two to Kingisepp, and he himself took up a position on the coastal road. The place for the tank ambush was chosen in such a way as to cover two possible directions at once: the enemy could go on the road to Marienburg on the road from Vojskovits, or on the road from Syaskelovo. Therefore, the tank trench for the heavy tank KV-1 No. 864 of the senior lieutenant Z. G. Kolobanov was set up just 300 meters opposite the T-shaped intersection (“Landmark No. 2”) with such a calculation as to fire “head-on” if the tanks will go on the first route. On both sides of the road there was a swampy meadow, which made it difficult for German armored vehicles to maneuver.

    The next day, August 20, 1941, in the afternoon, the crews of Lieutenant M. I. Evdokimenko and Junior Lieutenant I. A. Degtyar were the first to meet a German tank convoy on the Luga Highway, having chalked up five tanks and three enemy armored personnel carriers. Then, at about 14:00 p.m., after the air reconnaissance on the coastal road to the Voyskovitsa state farm ended unsuccessfully, the German scout-motorcyclists followed, whom Z. G. Kolobanov’s crew freely passed, waiting for the main enemy forces to arrive. Light tanks moved in the convoy [7] (presumably Pz.Kpfw.35 (t)) [22] of the German 6th Panzer Division [21] (other sources also referred to as 1st [23] [24] or 8th [25] tank divisions).
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv April 19 2014 02: 15
      Quote: Kornilovist
      Voyskovitsky battle

      Alexander, this battle is Tactics.
      There were many such FIGHTS with ... Capital letter.

      Honor and Praise to the Men in headsets - a real MAZUT.
  • Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 18 2014 15: 17
    Read more.

    After waiting until the head tank of the convoy caught up with two birches on the road (“Landmark No. 1”), Z. G. Kolobanov ordered: “Landmark is the first, from the head, direct shot under the cross, armor-piercing - fire!” After the first shots of gun commander Usov A.M., a former professional artillery instructor, a participant in the war in Poland and Finland, three leading German tanks caught fire, blocking the road. Usov then transferred the fire to the tail, and then to the center of the column ("Landmark No. 2"), thereby depriving the enemy of the opportunity to retreat back or towards Voiskovits. A crush formed on the road: cars, continuing to move, ran into each other, drove into ditches and fell into a swamp. The ammunition began to break in the burning tanks. Apparently, only a few German tankers tried to return fire. For 30 minutes of the battle, the crew of Z. G. Kolobanov knocked out all 22 tanks in the convoy. Of the double ammunition, 98 armor-piercing shots were spent [21].

    After the battle on KV-1 Z. G. Kolobanov counted more than a hundred hits (in various sources the number of dents on the armor of the tank Z. G. Kolobanov is different: 135 [25], 147 or 156 [13]).

    Thus, as a result of the crew of senior lieutenant Z. G. Kolobanov, 22 German tanks were shot down, and in total his company chalked up 43 enemy tanks (including the crew of junior lieutenant F. Sergeyev - 8; junior lieutenant V. I. Lastochkin - 4; junior lieutenant I.A. Degtyar - 4; lieutenant M.I. Evdokimenko - 5). In addition, personally the battalion commander I. B. Spiller burned two tanks. On the same day, a company was destroyed: one passenger car, artillery battery, up to two infantry companies, and one enemy motorcyclist was captured
  • Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 18 2014 15: 18
    1. Kars
      Kars April 18 2014 15: 28
      Well, honestly speaking, Kolobanov is not an undoubtedly excellent soldier. But this could be expected in 1941 from most Soviet tankmen who fought on several hundred KV-1, but why such episodes are rare, the question is very interesting.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker April 18 2014 15: 31
        Quote: Kars
        Well, honestly speaking, Koloban is no doubt an excellent soldier. But this could be expected in 1941 from most Soviet tankmen who fought on several hundred KV-1s, but why such episodes are rare is a very interesting question.

        Do not hold back the initiative (... go and fight ...). The tank was ambushed.
        A similar case is described under the town of Rassenay, a little earlier.
        But it all ended with an air strike ...
  • Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 18 2014 15: 37
    We have specialists in the wartime state of 22 tanks, how much is it in one battle?

    And for 43 tanks, one passenger car, an artillery battery, up to two infantry companies, and one enemy motorcyclist was taken prisoner., How much is the wartime state?
  • Russian jacket
    Russian jacket April 19 2014 06: 05
    I read it with interest. funny fiction. hi
  • kasatka
    kasatka 29 May 2015 12: 51
    I believe that for those years when he appeared (December 1942, the North-Western Front, 6 units as experimental vehicles) he appeared ahead of time. Somewhere, from the 50s ..
  • Bondik05
    Bondik05 17 February 2017 10: 03
    The overall impression is not very. There were a lot of haemorrhages from the Tigers. There was even such a term tiger fear when our tankers left their tank when they met it, that was the only chance to survive. And about the first tanks, generally Hochma is not clear. Germany was forbidden to create weapons, including tanks. Therefore, the Germans invented and tested the "tractor." Sarcasm about anti-aircraft guns is also unnecessary, just remember T 34-85. Well, actually, don’t find it boring.