Military Review

Who deprives the homeland residents of the Southeast?

How quickly time has gone! Just a week ago, we only anticipated the visit of the prime minister to the rebellious Donbass region, and how many things have happened since then. History rushing hurricane, sweeping away on the way small slivers and even heavy boulders.

So Yatsenyuk flew to Donetsk. The peacemaker, with an olive branch in his beak, he came out to the people, and there was a revelation to the people. Arseny was intelligent, kind and, as far as possible, nice, even if you put the wounds, he promised everything, as if he took himself as an adviser to the legendary Boris. Then Hang Filatov. Sulil referendum, which is not under the law, elections for local governors, not provided for by the constitution, language law, which is pathetic, shallow and meaningless, but which is promised not to touch, thank you, sir. The olive branch turned out to be a dry thistle, the people were not impressed by the Russian speech of the forever-inflated prime minister, and Arseny Petrovich did not dare to go to the rebels.
The people of Donbass are generally very responsive to affection, very trusting and have always wanted to live in the country amicably, calmly and on equal footing with the rest of the Ukrainians. Perhaps we don’t read Kobzar here for the night, we don’t wear beautiful embroidered shirts for holidays, we don’t go to church in the whole village on Sundays, but we love our homeland better than others. Without anguish, tantrums and hypocritical demonstrative actions. And when revolutionaries in Kiev overthrew the damned evil regime, many here scratched their turnips and thought - maybe, really, we don’t understand something in dignity, honor and freedom, and, perhaps, now the palace of justice, equality and fraternity will open before us. Especially equality and fraternity. Damn him, with Yanukovych, he really was a poor president, so maybe they, those who fervently believe in the correctness of the chosen path, will lead us?

However, the brigade that came to power did not travel to us. Unless the Right Sector implanted into power at least once a week scared with educational raids. A month passed, another one went, the posts were distributed, we, having chicked, swallowed even the stupid thief Bulatov and the illiterate alimony worker Shvayk in the government. Spiritually speaking speeches, immense plans, the triumph of democracy and freedom. Lonely voices of men about the investigation of sniper executions, about the real circumstances of the "kidnappings" of activists, about new corruption schemes of new fighters against corruption, about strange appointments, about voting with four limbs in the Rada drowned in loud dreams of a new wondrous world.

Even the loss of the blessed Crimea didn’t cause our high authorities to tear their asses from the soft chairs and go talk to the people. Deaf grunt, and then the alarm voice of Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, and Nikolaev were ignored, and those times in social networks and from the parliamentary tribune champions of honor and dignity continued mockingly watering the soviet cattle and slaves with tons of shit.

And only when the Southeast rose, Arseny Petrovich reluctantly moved to Donetsk. They say the curators ordered. The Security Service of Ukraine was already blocked in Lugansk, barricades were built in the capital of Donbass, Kharkiv citizens took the RSA by storm ...

And it turned out that Yatsenyuk was distracted in vain from his urgent matters - to train English, speak at endless meetings and forums, begging for money and sanctions, like a beggar on the porch, and enthusiastically dreaming about the excellent prospects of the economy and the hryvnia exchange rate. The signature cocktail of arrogance and cowardice, which is the essence of Yatsenyuk, revealed itself in all its glory, and the people did not believe the prime minister, despite his Russian and decorative and conciliatory speeches. We are not vindictive here, but now they are very angry, and the memory has always been and remains good. No one has forgotten how the self-proclaimed power acted with the February 21 arrangements. Yes, and round-the-clock rites on all the TV channels on all the channels refresh our memory quite well, not to mention the Nazi antics of politicians like Fahrion directly from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

Worse than Fahrion are only crafty Ukrainian educators from among the kind of liberal democrats, kicking their own fellow citizens from the Left Bank with a facial expression, as if they were forced to eat a couple of live cockroaches just before the ether. And this total hatred, undisguised contempt for fellow citizens, this neglect and exploded the South-East, with which they did not even try to imitate the dialogue. Hundreds of articles every day, boorish invectives in public accounts of social networks, accusations of separatism, fussy ches on all channels on the same temnik, hate speech, supported by appropriate facial expressions.

All this is against the background of the economy falling into the abyss. All the more terrible that all the rhetoric of the Ukrainian state top managers clearly indicates: economic ties with Russia will continue to break even further, including at the behest of foreign curators who have moved from handing out cookies to clicking the whip in front of their dogs. Dogs react in full accordance with the laws discovered by the great Ivan Pavlov ...

For the South-East, the loss of the Russian economic vector is a real disaster. The industry of the region is sharpened under cooperation with the Russian Federation and under its huge market. Breaking economic ties with Russians means total unemployment and poverty. Those who frighten their fellow citizens 90 are, in fact, quite merciful. In 90, many were saved by trips to Poland, Hungary, Turkey with Soviet consumer goods, which houses were bought for a penny, and there they sold for dollars and brought back scarce goods to sell, and they survived. Now nothing like this can be. In 90, the population was not totally armed, and from here the troubles were not expected either. What now awaits the East in terms of the economic experiment begun by the Chigak boy Arseny can be modeled, but scary.

In general, the East did not believe Yatsenyuk. He didn’t believe Turchinov, who swore that he would release protest activists from responsibility. And how was it possible to believe, listening to many hours of marathons with enthusiastic performances of Gritsenko, Lyashko, Nalyvaychenko and servile political scientists on backing vocals? No one thought to put on muzzles with particularly vocal punishers, who, by the way, just say out loud what Yatsenyuk and Turchinov are embarrassed about.

And then what happened happened next. The massive seizure of administrative buildings by the rebels, spontaneous, even without clear leaders, without a well-thought-out plan, protest - from the heart, from despair, from horror. People are ready to defend their rights, despite the silence and lies about them in the Ukrainian media, despite the contempt and calls for reprisals. And this striving for dignity and freedom, which the children of Maidan continue to trump, who are not at all embarrassed by the tragic results of their quasi-revolution, is called a crime against their country. Southeast literally imposed civil war. Look for who benefits from this ...

On rallies and televisions, Lyashko’s hogwash rides, frightening the “separatists” with Egyptian executions, but after just one weighty Pendel in Lugansk, suddenly forgetting the way to the battlefield. Tymoshenko is touring the country, pulling out the electorate from the hands of radical nationalists, distorting them in evil rhetoric. Arsen Facebook Avakov, a passionate and boorish one, sows tons of verbal products on the Internet. It is he, a government official, the overseer of one for all of the law, calling part of his fellow citizens Colorado ... Demands immediate reprisals against Donbass "marginals" and "terrorists" Poroshenko. Extreme ...

All that the insurgent Southeast does is purely technologically - only a mirror and repeatedly softened reflection of the procedures tested on the Maidan. Molotov cocktail, tires, barricades, the seizure of buildings - as they could, and adopted. And this causes a hysterical hatred of those who have just just the same means, only many times more brutal, bolder, more aggressive, committed a coup d'etat. Bashmakov after all did not demolish, in which maydanilis ...

All that the insurgent Southeast is doing meaningfully is also a mirror reflection of the revolution of dignity, of the campaign for its rights. Yes, Donbassians have their own idea of ​​honor and dignity, but be kind enough to be considered. Not for the months you troll these people, accusing them of passivity, servility, bestial obedience?

No, not for that. It is enough to read a couple of articles by maydanovsky publicists to understand that they did not take into account the schidnies.

These articles carry two, in general, simple promises, at first glance, mutually exclusive. At the same time, both are fully described by the formula "green grapes".

So first. Donbass must remain part of unitary Ukraine - an obedient, submissive part, willing to live in a new reality and not blather. Otherwise - the stigma of the separatist. The Donbass itself, by definition, miserable, soviet, stupid, incapable of change, rejects the very idea of ​​freedom. Parasitizing on budget donors Lutsk and Ternopil. Here is a typical text: “I can no longer see the moronic, toothless faces on the streets who are waiting for the coming of Putin, who will take them to himself and give them a pension and, most importantly, work. The work of fools loves as we know. Slaves, natural slaves and cattle! And cattle loves the whip. The East never understood normal words. Only strength and rigidity. Here they are accustomed to fawning on their superiors, to look into his eyes ingratiatingly, to carry "magarychi", to knock on a neighbor, to collect gossip and to obserat behind anyone, even the closest ... "

To dig in the mud is disgusting, but now this eye stumbled over this phrase - “The work of fools loves as we know. Slaves, natural slaves and cattle! ”
Independence trampled 4 full months. All this time, neraby, nebydlo, fools, much of which left the barns and stubble, which was found in a past life, lived on others. Cookies Nuland, borscht grandmothers, hundreds of beggar boxes, arranging Kiev buildings under the dormitory, playing with bits for weaning your favorite. And the fools, in the meantime, as you know, worked, paid taxes. Well, aren't they slaves?

According to experts, dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of fools remained in Kiev, who, having tasted the spirit of freedom, freebies and lawlessness, decided that the capital is the thing for later life, because there is so much money and suckers who can overcome them in the name of revolution . Work? No, not heard. However, this topic is unpopular, Ukrainian non-forecasted journalists are not interested, all forces are aimed at exposing Donbass slaves.

Capable girl writes poems about the fact that the Russians and I will never be brothers. On the Internet, the girl confesses to almost a new Lesia Ukrainka, almost a saint, and the hurray-patriotic hysterics ring in their ears with a high-frequency screech.

I have never read to the address of revolutionary opponents and a tenth of those dirty insults with which our social-registered democratic fighters for freedom of speech and the rights of people collect social networks.

And now, humiliating and despising the Donbass, these people are talking in alarm about the pacification of the territory, about the approximate punishment of the separatists, whose only fault is that they require a referendum on federalization - that is not to be called. Why not to appoint, if everyone is sure that we are a free country, which all its citizens are building on equal terms? Not. Shoot, water napalm, delay, massively plant, well, and the classic - hang. Just to keep.

So you want how? Donbass separately from Donbasstsev? Or do you plan to put the discontented on the chain?

So you decide what you want? Hold at any cost or give a kick? Your comic and at the same time dangerous frenzy, your wild malice only strengthens the simple-minded skidnyakov in their desire to flee from you, to run where they are looking
And the second message is not to be kept, let them roll with a sausage. The apologists of this idea in the preamble completely repeat the first part of the reasoning given above. The Donbass is the shackles on the legs of a bright, clean, beautiful Ukraine, in which democratic Galicia sets the tone, sucking in all the high European ideals. She would have lived in the EU for a long time, if not for the Soviet inert Donbass. Unteachable, hopeless, slave. Naphthalene. Shushval

The “southeastern reserves” of Shushvali turned out to be just as inexhaustible as the “southeast” fear of changing something, learning English, traveling around the world, tritely striving for world standards and eradicating naphthalene nostalgia for the Soviet life of a peaceful slave. writes Lviv publicist Ostap Drozdov and adds - "They," skhidnyakov ", always suited the model: the power is ours, the dreams are yours. On the other, they did not agree. And now they will not agree, because they have to turn on the Internet and form an adequate picture of the world. ”

Ostap once read was interesting. Good syllable, education, style. Now the imperishable hysteria in which he remains seems to be detrimental to his mental, aesthetic and ethical condition. To find out where the largest number of Internet users lives in Ukraine, a couple of clicks are enough. Unless, of course, taking advantage of the author’s high vocabulary, it’s not a blow. And then it will turn out that in the west of Ukraine there are almost one hundred thousand people less than in the east. Ugly lie, Ostap.

Travel abroad? If you study and relax, then there are many more students there. If you clean the other toilets, then yes, here the Galicians will give a hundred points ahead. Oh, how to lie something ugly.

In his new netlenka, Ostap tries to press on the lacrimal glands, mentioning the beating of a pregnant student by the Golden Eagle, which he allegedly observed on the Maidan. This simple information provocation, which had long been exposed and forgotten, took place in Moscow, on Bolotnaya Square, when a pregnant female student was accepted as either a feminine gay, or a long-haired rocker. But our publicist, you see, tears flowed ... To lie, I say, ugly.

And the conclusion is - vali-ka, you, Donbass with the whole East, wherever you look. Let us live and flow into the European family of nations. Galicia is almost there. I just did not understand what kind of authority she had there - they won corruption, paid taxes, like Europeans, do not violate traffic rules, do not litter, do not buy sessions at universities, certificates from officials and positions in the civil service? The questions are, of course, rhetorical, but hallucinatingly free-droolzovym, are we in a free country or where?

So you decide what you want? Hold at any cost or give a kick? Your comic and at the same time dangerous frenzy, your wild rage only strengthens the simple-minded skidnyakov in their desire to flee from you, to run with your eyes looking.

But six months ago, there was no question of this, and such a thought did not arise. You are depriving us of our homeland, evil and arrogant fools.

That you have imposed a civil war on the country, in which there are already victims. It was you who for years pretentiously lied about schidizahidraz in the intervals between the vile little articles about Downbass and the giggles on the air. That you instead of the thief led bloodsuckers. It was you who decided to rape instead of love.

Do we need dictatorship in Ukraine?
You are the separatists.
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  1. bender8282
    bender8282 April 15 2014 20: 36
    for a peaceful militia, an combat-ready army with armor and armed thugs !!! nits, no words ..
    1. jjj
      jjj April 15 2014 20: 40
      So far, everything is incomprehensible. One thing is clear, the Nazis and the West were the first to open fire. Defenders of Donbass do not pedal the situation. Meanwhile, unarmed residents of Kramatorsk went to block the airfield
      1. ya.seliwerstov2013
        ya.seliwerstov2013 April 15 2014 20: 55
        Break the morale of the people
        All this evil could not ....
        1. Predator
          Predator April 15 2014 21: 54
          I am your Galician master
          Are you slaves and go on strike ?!
          As the great Fuhrer taught us,
          We will kill for this!
        2. Tron
          Tron April 15 2014 22: 44
          Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
          Break the morale of the people
          All this evil could not ....

      2. gfs84
        gfs84 April 15 2014 20: 59
        So far, everything is incomprehensible.

        We don't know a lot ... Russia is far from being on the sidelines ... It's just that the front is only "diplomatic" ...

        The UN Security Council may hold meetings on Wednesday with human rights in eastern Ukraine on April 16. This was reported to the agency ITAR-TASS by a source at the headquarters of the United Nations. He specified that the briefing for the Security Council members is going to be held by the assistant to the UN Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Shimonovich. “Tomorrow, Shimonovich’s briefing on human rights in eastern Ukraine was requested,” the source said. Ivan Shimonovich’s report was distributed on Tuesday in Geneva, where he called on Kiev to guarantee the participation of minorities in the political life of Ukraine and warned of the dangers of nationalist rhetoric, the agency said.

        A Croatian who has already recognized that not everything in the SE is shouting as the west ...
        Wait again ...
        The cabinet war is so positional and long ... Alas, alas, alas ...
        But apparently it’s impossible in another way ...
        Apparently we don’t know much ...
      3. Tarpon
        Tarpon April 15 2014 21: 05
        The United States is to blame for everything, all the evil is from there. am
        1. from punk
          from punk April 15 2014 21: 47
          Quote: Tarpon
          The United States is to blame for everything, all the evil is from there.

          you can’t argue with that. and I have a deep conviction. that all this fuss with the supposedly active phase of the operation is connected with provoking Russia to send troops. if they always talk about an external threat and this is not for the internal listener but for the West immediately begin to strangle Russia with sanxia isolation, everything is for this purpose and this is done to promote invasion.
        2. polite people
          polite people April 16 2014 02: 31

          GUYS! What are you waiting for? Attacks? Why are you capturing them ?! We select the people's governor of the region. We send Yanukovych for confirmation. This is the only way he can help so far. Aksyonov in the Crimea, he approved. Only the president has the right to approve governors. Will sign! At the head of the governor, we appoint the main ones in the referendum - finance, organization, printing, rental of premises, caretakers. A legitimate governor takes money from the budget and holds a referendum. Only in case of an attack on the LEGITIMATE governor can Russia help. CONDUCT REFERENDUM. Do not demand a referendum from Kiev. You already decide whether you recognize them or not. If not, then what do you require of them?

          Sincerely, Lyudmila Merkulova
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 16 2014 02: 47
            Quote: polite people
            GUYS! What are you waiting for?

            In the course when they bring the complete works of V.I. Lenin request Bridges Telephone Telegraph ...
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Predator
        Predator April 15 2014 21: 29
        But what is there to understand? Banderlogs urgently need to clean up Donbass for the arrival of tall uncles with the OSCE and say no protests! All for a united Ukraine! And what was the hand of Moscow, they wanted our Fatherland!
      6. mamont5
        mamont5 April 16 2014 06: 10
        Yes, it’s not clear what is going on there.

        "Last Tuesday was marked by the first significant clash between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pro-Russian protesters. Donbass, or rather the vicinity of the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, became the arena of the conflict. There were reports of the dead."
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. Gato
        Gato April 15 2014 21: 49
        Quote: Uncle
        And they said that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. I served as a conscript in Transcarpathia, even under the Soviets, may the Ukrainian brothers forgive me, but are rare. By the way, Vlasov's troops were largely natives of the "zapadenev" joined in 39

        Russians and Ukrainians are really one people. And you, probably, judge by several stones from the senior appeal.
        (as you call) they hate zapadentsev no less than the communists of the Nazis. Because fathers and grandfathers
        fought against the owners of the fathers and grandfathers of Bandera.
        As for the Vlasovites, do not be like the Ukrainian 5th channel. Galitsaev was not even close there.
        1. Gato
          Gato April 15 2014 21: 51
          Quote: Gato

          It was such a dirty word, cut off by a filter. But in vain.
          1. Gato
            Gato April 15 2014 21: 59
            Quote: Gato
            Vlasov troops

            Their cause is not dead. Listen to Novodvorskaya (if you don't feel sick)
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. lg41
        lg41 April 15 2014 21: 55
        Galicians are not Slavs. Galas are genetically close to Scots, Swiss, residents of certain regions of France, Irish, residents of certain regions of Italy.
        1. Freelanser
          Freelanser April 15 2014 22: 17
          Do not fuck nonsense
        2. VNP1958PVN
          VNP1958PVN April 16 2014 02: 44
          UKR they are UKR
        3. Daursky
          Daursky April 16 2014 08: 17
    3. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov April 15 2014 20: 44
      Who is the war .. and who is the mother ..! Now the money will be trampled on "the freedom and power of the Galicians ..) War is so war! Crosses have already been drawn on your forehead with green paint for you and your owners ..!
    4. Tron
      Tron April 15 2014 20: 49
      Quote: bender8282
      nits, no words ..
    5. Androsh
      Androsh April 15 2014 20: 57
      Crimea, just another month as it became ours, history is happening before our eyes .. if God gives and Novorossia will be ours soon.
      1. Simple
        Simple April 15 2014 22: 50
        Quote: Androsh

        The Japanese compared.
    6. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 April 15 2014 21: 11
      I am horrified to expect what will happen there on May 9th.
      1. jjj
        jjj April 15 2014 21: 44
        One thing bothers me: all the seizures of equipment and weapons are mainly carried out by unarmed citizens. Everyone is already used to it somehow. But why the armed groups do not conduct raids on the rear, do not conduct any operations? Sitting in seized buildings is unreasonable. Of course, in order to avert my eyes, we must pretend that there are crowds of people there, and ourselves to act slowly, not to give rest to the enemy
        1. densh
          densh April 15 2014 23: 57
          Quote: jjj
          One thing confuses me: all the seizures of equipment and weapons are mainly carried out by unarmed citizens. Everyone is already used to it somehow.

          And to give these Kiev earhooks a reason to scream loudly that they are only defending themselves and the separatists are to blame for everything? So they are just waiting for this !!! negative
        2. mamont5
          mamont5 April 16 2014 06: 14
          Quote: jjj
          ourselves to act slowly, do not give rest to the enemy

          It would be nice to arrange a sniper terror. Several well-trained sniper groups may well stop this whole horde of law enforcement officers, mercenaries and loyal junta troops.
      2. Simple
        Simple April 15 2014 23: 31
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        I wait with horror what will happen there on May 9

        9 May in Ukraine will be the culmination of events.
        Here, even Germany will include the back.
  2. His
    His April 15 2014 20: 39
    They decided to fight the Russians on their territory. Well, well, we'll see when you will drape.
    1. Cetegg
      Cetegg April 15 2014 20: 44
      Drive troops to the border and issue an ultimatum! Within an hour, the "right sector" is disarmed or ... or...
      1. Daursky
        Daursky April 16 2014 08: 23
        they are just waiting for this !!!
  3. Arh
    Arh April 15 2014 20: 45
    It all boils down to one thing: the junta of monkeys, together with the United States, against the free people of Southeast and Ukraine !!! ***
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 April 15 2014 20: 47
    Blood runs cold in veins. Why do you have to be rot in order to send an army to your people.
    And these "doves of peace", in order to quickly DEAL in a foreign country with civilians, sent their advisers and thugs to "speed up the process", scum.
    And where is the "voice" of Europe? - ... in jo ... e? Why not tame am / e / ditch? And where are the Russian "crooked-DEFENDERS"? Where is THEIR righteous howl? Don't wait! It is not Jews who are killed there, they are already in Israel ... they will wait until the "fuss" ...
    1. MG42
      MG42 April 15 2014 21: 08
      If only the army were already recruited for all Russophobia, since the local police in eastern Ukraine are loyal to protests, punitive battalions are already being created and armed. The right sector also plays its own game, but they drove them from Kharkov, for example, but Dnepropetrovsk, of course, is the rise of nationalism.
      1. Anisim1977
        Anisim1977 April 15 2014 23: 47
        For now it’s clear in black and white who is a rotten little soul !!!
        What adequate person will go to this guard, etc. - only the same moral monster as those who burned villages in Belarus !!!!
        All scum get out !!!
        Yes, Men of New Russia - it is very difficult for you !!!!
        But there is a chance to clean the Earth from shit !!!!
        May the Lord give you strength !!!!!!
        1. densh
          densh April 15 2014 23: 58
          Quote: Anisim1977
          May the Lord give you strength !!!!!!

          Better "polite people" battalion.
  6. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 15 2014 20: 48
    Bandits who came to power in Kiev, and all their actions fit into gang psychology. And the bandit, as everyone knows, should be in prison. In general, nothing is shining for these bandits in their confrontation with the people of the southeast. A complete defeat awaits them.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. kocclissi
    kocclissi April 15 2014 20: 50
    Galychina is also small, but also gamnist!
  9. Grenz
    Grenz April 15 2014 20: 52
    The junta, relying on US approval, will not back down.
    Will go to the last. Of the few ukrov, there will still be a sufficient number of those who do not stop before shooting at people (recall Moscow 1993).
    Moreover, these are real fascists brought up on the traditions of the SS.
    For them, peaceful barriers are only a target (in the American way, "opponents, that is, something inanimate).
    If all the people do not rise (like Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya - “you don’t hang everyone”), then the few self-defense units will crush and barbarously destroy.
    It is necessary for all people to rise to the holy Patriotic war with the enemy under a trident and a striped flag.
  10. zzz
    zzz April 15 2014 20: 54
    [i] So, the first one. Donbass is obliged to remain part of unitary Ukraine - an obedient, humble part, willing to live in a new reality and not speak. Otherwise - the stigma of the separatist. Donbass itself, by definition, is soviet, stupid, incapable of change, rejecting the very idea of ​​freedom. Parasitic on budget donors Lutsk and Ternopol. [/ I]
    [/ I]
    I hope that those who are disobedient, rebellious, who do not agree to live in a new reality and who are all the time accustomed to V.I.A.K.A.T., V.Ya.K.A.T., V.Ya.K.A. ie in RUSSIAN .... rake in to the fullest from the wretched, shovels, stupid Donbass, and will remain forever at the heaps independent and free from any ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. nelav1951
      nelav1951 April 15 2014 21: 51
      Do you even understand what you said?
  11. staryivoin
    staryivoin April 15 2014 20: 57
    Boys only one wish

    1. Himself die - help out a comrade (and a comrade in trouble will help out).
    2. Do not be afraid of death; then you’ll probably beat. Two deaths cannot be, and one cannot be avoided.
    3. Never fight back, but always beat yourself, you cannot defeat the enemy alone.
    4. It’s difficult for you, but it’s not easy for the enemy either (and if you start to beat him, he will become completely unbearable and will rather ask for pardon).
    5. No matter where the enemy appears, you can always get it either with a bullet or with a bayonet. The more convenient, the beat; and to lose one’s head from the fact that the enemy didn’t come from where they expected, but from the side or from the back, would mean to climb into his loop himself.
    6. There is no shift in the battle, there is only support. If you defeat the enemy, then the service will end.
    7. No matter how bad it may be, never despair, hold on while you have strength.
    8. While the battle is going on, help out the healthy, and the wounded will be picked up without you. If you beat the enemy, it will immediately become easier for everyone: both wounded and healthy.
    9. We couldn’t defeat the enemy right away, climb onto him another, third, fourth time, and so on without end, until you defeat him (because he will not leave you alone until he finishes at all),
    10. With good sense, but boldly climb forward (you’ll rather beat the enemy, and soon it will become easier for you).

    Taken: "The Book of the Red Army", 10 commandments - aphorisms from the Book of A.V. Suvorov "The Science of Winning!"
    May God bless you and St. George the Victorious!
    1. jjj
      jjj April 15 2014 22: 26
      Simple and intelligible words. And most importantly - the homespun truth of victory
  12. kondor-espada
    kondor-espada April 15 2014 21: 02
    Now on the live news there was information that NATO is gathering a council to "ensure peace" in Ukraine - which means bringing peacekeepers there. Well, we waited. But what about us?
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov April 15 2014 21: 11
      Quote: kondor-espada
      Now on the live news there was information that NATO is gathering a council to "ensure peace" in Ukraine - which means bringing peacekeepers there. Well, we waited. But what about us?

      Nato hasn’t climbed yet! They don’t like their blood! And we have to wait until the situation gets hot before the preplan and clear front lines appear! Although this is disgusting! I hope that this assault will also end in the air! And our brothers can do it themselves!
    2. olegglin
      olegglin April 15 2014 22: 05
      kondor-espada RU Today, 21: 02
      Now on the live news there was information that NATO is gathering a council to "ensure peace" in Ukraine - which means bringing peacekeepers there. Well, we waited. But what about us?

      Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia ... Have you heard about such unrecognized countries? It seems that Russia does not hiccup from their non-recognition by the "world community"
  13. Strashila
    Strashila April 15 2014 21: 04
    At first sat in confusion ... what wasp stung the proteges of the west ...
    The director of the CIA flew in ... a landing of specialists and not economists, but murderers landed ... but all the "I" was dotted by the message about reverse gas supplies from Europe.
    And the point is not in the possible gas cutoff for Ukraine from Russia ... there is no confidence in the integrity of the Ukrainian gas transportation system ... The substation has already announced the possibility of undermining the pipe ... and not the fact that it will not explode now.
    But the energy sector of Ukraine is not only gas, but also coal from the eastern regions ... and with this it is straining and obvious, the reserves of thermal power plants in the western regions tend to zero ... if the supplier is not important in gas energy ... then TPPs tightly tied to a specific coal deposit.
    Everything indicates that the junta will follow the beaten path of its Nazi teachers ... seizing and suppressing resistance in the territory by sonderkommandy and policemen ... and then the construction of concentration camps to get coal on the mountain ... otherwise they will not get it.
    1. I read the news
      I read the news April 15 2014 21: 42
      What the junta blasted mines?
  14. Stavros
    Stavros April 15 2014 21: 04
    What the hell is Yanukovych sticking out in Rostov. It's time for him to return to Donetsk and raise people against bandits.
  15. C-300
    C-300 April 15 2014 21: 14
  16. MG42
    MG42 April 15 2014 21: 19
    why they deleted my post that troops are now entering Slavyansk, apparently this is not a fake many confirmations from other sources.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 April 15 2014 21: 22
      Quote: MG42
      why they deleted my post that troops are now entering Slavyansk, apparently this is not a fake many confirmations from other sources.

      In the city itself, no one enters ... The army is 2-3 km away from roadblocks.
      1. MG42
        MG42 April 15 2014 21: 26
        Well, they’ll start in the morning, now they are accumulating forces, they won’t storm at night, given the equipment.
      2. free
        free April 15 2014 21: 37
        or maybe we’ll put everyone at once with cancer at the risk of using yao, 100% sow
        1. Little Muck
          Little Muck April 15 2014 21: 40
          Do you offer to apply nuclear weapons in Ukraine? Or the USA?
          Are you adequate?
    2. I_VOIN_I
      I_VOIN_I April 15 2014 21: 55
      On pravosekov similar. National Guard?
      1. MG42
        MG42 April 15 2014 21: 59
        Apparently this is the Dnepropetrovsk landing on the video, the National Guard is now just emerging on the basis of the internal troops, not super-duper battle-worthy, since they were "reinforced" by the gopota from the Maidan, they will be at checkpoints.
  17. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil April 15 2014 21: 21
    At the "right moment" Yanukovych must appear in the "right place" and give the right order as the only legitimate president of Ukraine. After all, it is clear that if the protests in the East are crushed, then real ethnic cleansing will begin there, then NATO "peacekeepers" troops will be brought in there and become Ukraine is in a hotbed of tension, Russophobia and constant headaches of its neighbors, no doubt to the delight of the United States.
  18. Strashila
    Strashila April 15 2014 21: 26
    It is so Western ... it is so American ... to bring freedom and democracy to tanks.
  19. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 15 2014 21: 29
    The situation is not clear .. our journalists are not allowed there .. In case of defeat of the hunters, Kiev will declare as a victory ..
    1. MG42
      MG42 April 15 2014 21: 32
      Disruptions in mobile communications in these regions have already begun, and this is an indirect sign of interference.

      "Indeed, our neighbors in the Donetsk region in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk do not have mobile communications or work with serious interruptions. This usually happens during provocations or special operations," said a source from the coordination council of the Luhansk region, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

      Mobile phones of the militias of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are currently unavailable.
  20. Walk
    Walk April 15 2014 21: 36
    They had to stock up on satellite phones in advance. It is clear that they should have been deprived of cellular communications in the first place.
  21. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 April 15 2014 21: 39
    Who is depriving the homeland? Well, maybe the aliens have landed? Yes, all those who deprived us of the Russian Empire, who wanted to end the USSR, and then could not achieve this by military means, deprived us of all the homeland. And the name im- Anglo-Saxons is an empire of dark lies.
  22. leon17
    leon17 April 15 2014 21: 41
    All this: noise, dust, dirt, a small (so far) hotbed of civil war is being done, nevertheless, in order to obscure the US loss in the Crimea. Mental seizures. Urgent orderlies with straitjackets !!! And sedative injections naturally.
  23. DNR
    DNR April 15 2014 21: 45
    Today, Russian media reported that about 9000 Ukrainian army personnel had already accepted Russian citizenship and remained to serve in the Russian Armed Forces. As I imagine, they had Ukrainian passports. I hope that the Russian competent authorities did not destroy these passports.
    Thus, Russia potentially has 9000 contingents of Ukrainian (according to passport) citizens who are ready to serve their homeland (trained and organized).
    So maybe it's time to serve?
    It will be a decent answer to the "anti-terrorist operation".
  24. Akulina
    Akulina April 15 2014 21: 47
    Yanukovych is an infection. Putin, when he talks about him, already growls with anger. I think they are processing it now, so that it is he, as the ELECTED President, who leads the resistance. Ssyt of course. They will give a dozen diapers, a good kick in the ass, military support and forth with the song.
  25. maxon106
    maxon106 April 15 2014 21: 48
    Someone give the addresses of Ukrainian forums hunt neighing
    1. With Petrovsky
      With Petrovsky April 15 2014 22: 01
      comments are disabled on most sites
    2. MG42
      MG42 April 15 2014 22: 06

      Some news is objective, but in the comments there is a reserve of unlimited Russophobia, mat remat and tro-lo-lo. Registration is required.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  26. Akulina
    Akulina April 15 2014 21: 51
    Quote: maxon106
    Someone give the addresses of Ukrainian forums hunt neighing

    Well, you are the original - I don’t want to laugh like that, but cry. And then rotten tongues to pluck some ...
  27. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 15 2014 22: 03
    It’s easy to read and write comments. Like there now: in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, the morning will show. Let's hope for the best and wait.
    1. densh
      densh April 16 2014 00: 23
      Quote: polkovnik manuch
      .As there now: in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk-

  28. combat66
    combat66 April 15 2014 22: 03
    Quote: maxon106
    Someone give the addresses of Ukrainian forums hunt neighing

    Catch, have a good laugh!
  29. Setrac
    Setrac April 15 2014 22: 06
    Quote: maxon106
    Someone give the addresses of Ukrainian forums hunt neighing
    1. densh
      densh April 16 2014 00: 21
      Quote: Setrac

      Just don’t register, it’ll be banned anyway. wink
  30. andj61
    andj61 April 15 2014 22: 24
    We are one people with the Ukrainians (Orthodox). I myself am Russian (according to my passport) with a Ukrainian surname, whose ancestors have always (at least 400 years old) lived where I live now - on the border of three republics. At the same time, 350-370 years ago, my ancestors fought with the ancestors of today's "Westerners" - Uniats and Poles - Catholics for the right to live on their land, pray according to their own custom, and speak their own language. My ancestors forced the transfer from the peasants into the Cossacks (registered) from the Polish king. I asked my great-grandfather, who was born in the 19th century, what nationality are you, Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian? He replied that we are all Orthodox Russians, and almost every village speaks our language (that's for sure, back in the 70s it was). I believe that the conflict in Ukraine is not a national one (Ukrainians-Russians or Russian-speaking), but a civilizational one - a continuation of the long-standing conflict between the Eurasian East (the successor of Byzantium) and the Catholic West. In the history of Ukraine in schools there is a lot of noise about "kozatsku power". And these Cossacks exterminated Uniates (Greek Catholics) and Catholics. This is evidenced by T.G. Shevchenko in his "Kobzar", which the current Galicians "read at night." This conflict continues to a large extent even now in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Donetsk, Lugansk. But if three and a half centuries ago the army of Zinovy ​​Khmel came to Galicia and Malopolsha, now the troops of Galicia came to Slobozhanshchina. Only in these troops there are a lot of ours. And the only hope is for this.
  31. 311ove
    311ove April 15 2014 22: 37
    Ostap once was interesting to read. Good style, education, style. Now the enduring hysteria in which he resides seems to cause obvious damage to his mental, aesthetic and ethical conditions.
    The classics wrote about this in their time briefly, but succinctly: "Ostap carried ..."
    writes the Lviv journalist Ostap Drozdov
    It's just that the song itself asks ..... "The blackbirds know that they will get n ... s, so the blackbirds do not sleep ....." But seriously, then somehow it really is "ENOUGH TO LIE" !!! !!! am When already these .... they will take on the "mowing" of the Kolyma tundra and other reindeer lichen, including our liberals ... am
  32. anushin10ru
    anushin10ru April 15 2014 23: 08
    I will say this, if a large number of special forces from the Russian Federation did not get to the Donbass, then the affairs of the militias will be bad, they will not last long. Unless, of course, the junta does not cancel the special operation, which is unlikely. Now it would be very convenient to gouge all this army from the air. While standing in tight columns, in places of concentration. It’s not worth feeling sorry for anyone, brave warriors know what they’re doing. They will blame us anyway, so be honest. To send European homosexuals and their masters from Washington to, and whatever happens, take over the whole of Ukraine, then put us in a friendly regime.
  33. Kibl
    Kibl April 15 2014 23: 27
    Not a bit in the mess of the mess. To us in Latvia an American circus came on tour ( US Senator John McCain denies plans to create a new NATO military base in Latvia. He stated this on Tuesday after a meeting with President Andris Berzins.

    McCain stressed that it is necessary to seek sufficiently effective sanctions against Russia. In the 21st century, it is unacceptable to act as President Vladimir Putin, and he must understand that an attack on one of the allies will be an attack on everyone, the senator said.

    "The current sanctions are not effective enough, and we must give Putin a clear signal that we will act together. There will be a response," the senator said. He also pointed out the need to supply Ukraine with military equipment, including body armor and night vision devices.

    When asked how he assessed Russia's argument about protecting compatriots in other countries, the senator replied that "we all want to protect compatriots, but if this is done with the help of military force, a world conflict will begin."

    Senators John Hoven and John Barrasso noted that the United States is constantly looking for new energy partners, since energy is one of the reasons for the functioning of the Putin regime. The development of new energy markets will take time, but this is a doable task, according to American politicians.

    As reported, on April 15 a delegation of American senators led by McCain arrived in Latvia. The delegation also includes Senators John Barrasso and John Howen. As part of their European visit, they visit Norway, Estonia, Lithuania and Moldova.

    In Latvia, senators will also meet with representatives of parliament, the Ministry of Defense, the armed forces and will visit the Adazi military base.)
    1. Simple
      Simple April 16 2014 00: 01
      Quote: KIBL
      McCain stressed that it is necessary to seek sufficiently effective sanctions against Russia.

      NATO can join in three cases:
      . When attacking one of the NATO member countries (in our case, it disappears).
      . If a UN mandate is issued for the introduction of NATO troops (at least Russia will block)
      . They can even without a UN mandate (war in Iraq) ((with the intervention of Russia it is quite possible).
      In my opinion, it won’t reach the direct entry of Russian troops; there is something in reserve.

      At the moment, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk must(and the Donetsk People’s Republic to support the cause) the defense is their home.

      They will not fire cannons at homes with civilians, even the right sector.

      Thugs will clean up with PS - you know what to do with them.
  34. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 16 2014 02: 47
    It’s interesting how much all these tornados cost the United States? Probably the 6th billion is running out?
  35. Lesogon
    Lesogon April 16 2014 02: 51
    Even just in the exercises on residential buildings, rockets were shot, and here the whole CTO ..... So, unfortunately, there will be both cannons and turntables.
  36. Semenov
    Semenov April 16 2014 04: 21
    The rupture of economic ties with Russia will lead to a sharp impoverishment of the industrial Southeast. Then all the miners will come out of the mines and we will have 3-4 friendly new ARs, in the future, donor regions of the Russian Federation (20% of Ukraine’s GDP). I think it’s a matter of time, on May 9, the hryvnia is already 13, to pay for housing in a new way, debts for gas, illegitimate power ...
  37. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 16 2014 06: 00
    Come on there. Remember what panic in the forum was before the referendum in Crimea. So the tanks rumble and planes with helicopters fly ... And as a result? And here it will be like that. Local fighters will buy back or exchange all fuel and ammunition for equipment for food with alcohol, maybe they will remove more details from the equipment. And that’s all over. The main battles are in the diplomatic and economic fields. And the military is purely a consolidation of the result.
  38. GRune
    GRune April 16 2014 09: 00
    I think that they will not deter the Southeast, only if the population is greatly reduced ... But these bastards can go for mass killings.
  39. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 16 2014 11: 27
    Actually, now it is best to raise some of the Russian troops on alert and put them on the borders of Donbass in full combat readiness. Especially the Airborne Forces and Special Forces. Announce this as a routine exercise. This will immediately diminish the ardor in Kiev and Washington, and those who have come to "pacify" will reduce the belligerence. Moreover, all these "figures" should not forget the words of the President of the Russian Federation that he considers them as war criminals.