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Our grandfathers glorious victories or how many times Russia fought


According to the chronology of wars, posted on the website "Military история Russia ", it is known that for the period from the 9th to the beginning of the 21st century, our country took part in more than 70 wars and other various local armed conflicts.

Other sources indicate that Russia fought much more often, for example, the well-known Russian general Kuropatkin in his memorandum to the tsar in 1900 wrote: “that in previous 200 years, Russia was at war for 128 years and had 72 of the world. From 128 years of war - 5 years fell on defensive wars and 123 on aggressive ones. "

I.A. Ilyin "About Russia": "Solov'ev counts from 1240 to 1462 (for 222) two hundred wars and invasions. From the fourteenth century to the twentieth (for 525 years) Sukhotin counts 329 years of war. Russia has won two thirds of its life . "

Alexander III, "Peacemaker", said that Russia for its 1000 summer history, did not fight, only with him. This is not entirely true, even under the rule of this sovereign, they fought:

Clashes with Afghanistan 1885 in the Kushka region.

Thus, according to the chronology of wars, only the Old Russian state for the period from 862 to 1054. took part in five different major campaigns and wars:

Byzantine campaigns - IX-X century.

Hiking Svyatoslav - IX.

Campaigns of Vladimir Svyatoslavovich and Yaroslav the Wise X-XI century.

Fight against nomads - X-XI century.

The rout of the Khazar Khaganate - 985

During the period of fragmentation, the Russian principalities also continued to fight; it is known that from 1054 to 1547. Russian princes took part in 16-ti various major military campaigns, battles, defensive and offensive wars.

Battle of the Nemiga River 1067

Battle of Stugna 1093

Bitka on the river Kalka 1223

Neva battle 1240

Battle of 1242

Hiking to Batuia Russia 1237-1257

Battle on the river Irpin 1321

Kulikovo battle 1380

The overthrow of the Golden Horde yoke 1439-1480.

Border War 1487-1494

The Russian-Swedish war 1495-1497

Russian-Livonian-Lithuanian War 1500-1503

Russian-Lithuanian War 1507-1508

Russian-Lithuanian War 1512-1522

The conquest of Central Asia, the beginning of the XVI century.-1839

Starodubskaya war 1534-1537's.

During the Russian centralized state in the period from 1547 and until the formation of the Russian Empire, up to 1721g. Russia participated in 6-ti major wars, the figure seems small at first glance, but it was the most difficult period in the history of the Russian state since the Mongol invasion.

It is during this period from 1598 to 1613. in the so-called “time of troubles”, the Russian state fought for its independence, the wars of this period were extremely protracted and bloody.

The Russian-Swedish war 1554-1557

Livonian War 1558-1583

Crimean campaign on Moscow 1571

Molodinsk battle 1572

Time of Troubles 1598-1613

Great Northern War 1700-1721

However, Russia waged the greatest number of wars at the time when the Russian Empire became, when a lot of neighboring territories and peoples joined the country, in connection with which Russia constantly entered into conflicts with its numerous and militant neighbors.
In total for this imperial period, our country took part in almost 30-ti various major wars, military campaigns and other armed conflicts, one of the wars was worldwide (World War I), the same number includes the suppression of various armed insurrections and uprisings.

Separately, this list contains the well-known Caucasian War, which with breaks and truces passes from one century to another.

Persian War 1722-1723

Swedish War 1788-1790

Turkish war 1736-1739's.

The Second Turkish War 1787-1791

War of the Polish Succession 1733-1735

Second Polish

In the Soviet period, Russia took part in the 12 wars, one of which was worldwide (World War II) and various other armed conflicts.

Modern Russia already managed to take part in the 3 wars on the threshold of the 21 century.

Who more often than other countries and peoples were our opponents on the battlefield?

In the 17-18 centuries, Russia fought most of all with Sweden, with this country Russia converged on the battlefields almost 8 times, the last war ended in 1809, when, after losing its province of Finland, the Swedes no longer fought against Russia.

The next country that fought most against Russia was Turkey. In the period from 18 to 19, Russian troops fought against the Turkish army in almost 7 wars, mostly always successfully. And only one war ended unsuccessfully, this is Prut's campaign of Peter I.

Last time, 8 times Russia fought against Turkey already at the beginning of the 20 century, the first world war in the southern Caucasus.

Quite a lot Russia fought against Poland.

From history it is known that, beginning almost from the 16 century, Russia and Poland fought against each other in several different wars and other armed conflicts with some interruptions.

What is interesting is that if in the 16 century the Russians fought the liberation war against the Poles, then in the 19 century the Poles were already fighting against the tsarist government for their independence, this is when they launched two major armed uprisings, which was not easily suppressed by the Russian army.

The Poles also had quite decent successes in the fight against Russia, this is when in 1920. “Red Bonaparte” overestimated its capabilities and underestimated the enemy, as a result, Soviet Russia received a shameful defeat.

The last time Russia and Poland confronted each other in 1939g. during the "liberation campaign" of the Red Army. As a result of the campaign, all the conquests of the Poles according to the 1920 results of the year were eliminated.

The most formidable opponent of the Russian army on the battlefields was, of course, the German (Prussian) army. With the Germans, the Russians fought on a large scale three times.

But if in the 18 century during the seven-year war, even not very gifted Russian military leaders crushed the Prusaks, in the 20 century, the Russian and Germans fought to die in two world wars, in which the fate of all humanity was really decided.

There were other respectable opponents of Russia and Russia converged with France four times on the battlefields, the most famous of which were three wars, it was 1805 -1807.g. war, famous for the shame of Austerlitz, Patriotic 1812 of the year, but of course Crimea Eastern war.
Four times Japan fought against us, in 1904-1905gg. they managed to defeat the tsarist army, and at the sea they even won a brilliant victory, but the Japanese could not successfully fight against the Red Army in the future.

If in the border conflict at Lake Hassan, samurai and the Red Army fought as equals, then at Khalkhin Gol and further in Manchuria in 1945. they suffered utter defeat. Japanese diplomats still do not leave efforts to smooth the shame of their army with a kind of peace treaty in exchange for the lost islands.

The neighbors of the Japanese - the Chinese, too, were our opponents; from history there are three armed conflicts between Russia and this country; this is when Russian troops participated in the suppression of the so-called “boxing uprising” in 1900, in 1929. the armed conflict in the Khabarovsk region, during which Blucher’s troops forced the entire Chinese grouping of troops to flee, but of course the events in Damansky and at Zhalanashkol.

There were other opponents of Russia, for example, against a small country like Hungary, the Russians fought four times, two of them in 1848 and in 1956. suppressed rebellion.

And in the period from 1914 to 1916. they fought already on the margins of the First World War and once the Hungarians came to Russia themselves as invaders as part of the German Wehrmacht.

More than three times Russia fought with Lithuania, mostly in the 16 century.

Twice the Finns fought against us, in the winter war 1940. and in the second world.

Once the British (the Crimean War), the Austrians (in the First World War), the Romanians and the Italians (in the Second World War) fought against our country. These countries were officially at war with Russia.

There were also numerous secret wars, the rendering of fraternal international assistance in Spain, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Angola, Korea, etc.
There is no America anywhere on this list, the eternal enemy of Russia in the 20 century, and this is not surprising, since this country has been in hot wars, that is, Russia has never officially fought, except once, when the Americans took part in the intervention and civil war. Of Russia in 1919-1920gg. in the Far East.

For the last time, Russia fought in 2008 against Georgia and God forbid that this war be the last for our country.

PS In this topic, I propose to lay out the facts about the feats of arms of our warriors. Well, about the "exploits" of foreign soldiers write the same here.
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  1. svetlomor
    svetlomor April 12 2014 07: 46
    The main thing is that in most of these wars we won.
    1. xan
      xan April 12 2014 08: 55
      Quote: svetlomor
      The main thing is that in most of these wars we won.

      That's for sure. Clausewitz once said: "The military leader is the fate of the state." If they were losing, they would not be Russia.
      And now, even with bad power, as in the first Chechen one, there is someone to fight for Russia, and this is largely a consequence of the military history of our country.
    2. Reddragon
      Reddragon April 12 2014 11: 52
      Quote: svetlomor
      The main thing is that in most of these wars we won

      And not only won, but achieved tremendous success.
      1. Login_Off
        Login_Off April 12 2014 14: 06
        If Russia could not defend its rights, would it have such large territories ???
        Statistics statistics, how many fought, how much they lost, how much they won, why they lost, why they won .... You can argue as much as you like, even write dissertations!
        BUT JUST ON YOUR FINGERS EXPLAIN how you can preserve such colossal territories for so many centuries !!! What, say "yes it just got it"? Yes figs there!

        Where is the empire of the Greeks? Where is the empire of the Romans? Where is the empire of Macedon? Where is the empire of Genghis Khan? Where are the English colonies? It turns out to be little to win, it is necessary to HOLD it, and Russia has been doing this for centuries!
        1. Pilat2009
          Pilat2009 April 12 2014 18: 48
          Quote: Login_Off
          Where are the English colonies?

          and where is the USSR? where are the territories of tsarist Russia?
          The process of collapse of Russia is slowly going on - the population is steadily decreasing and diluting
        2. The comment was deleted.
          1. inkass_98
            inkass_98 April 13 2014 19: 17
            Quote: -Barbar-
            Poles who have lost their Empire.

            The Polish Empire is something new in historical science. Where was she and what kind of peoples did she enter?
            1. Vladimir73
              Vladimir73 April 13 2014 20: 45
              Quote: inkass_98
              inkass_98 SU Today, 19:17 ↑ New

              Quote: -Barbar-
              Poles who have lost their Empire.

              The Polish Empire is something new in historical science. Where was she and what kind of peoples did she enter?

              So it seems as Pilsudsky tried to build ...
    3. Arthur 775
      Arthur 775 April 12 2014 21: 11
      the funniest thing is that with such a thousand-year-old full-fledged history, our state is constantly trying to learn how to live (and it happens with them) all sorts of Anglo-Saxon pi-s. And our b-manual is constantly stepping on this rake.

      Vladimir Vladimirovich seems to be on the right track!
  2. Apostle
    Apostle April 12 2014 08: 56
    Great people! World Peace in general.
  3. Turkir
    Turkir April 12 2014 09: 06
    But weren't the Americans in Murmansk in 1919? Only in the Far East?
    1. sterx20072
      sterx20072 April 12 2014 10: 22
      Both in Murmansk and in Arkhangelsk, and everywhere they became famous as bandits and punishers, thousands of people did not protect Russians for people, at least they robbed everything they could.
      1. omsbon
        omsbon April 12 2014 13: 18
        Quote: sterx20072
        Both in Murmansk and in Arkhangelsk, and everywhere they became famous as bandits and punishers, thousands of people did not protect Russians for people, at least they robbed everything they could.

        This does not surprise anyone.
        Pindo-owl warrior boldly attacks the unarmed enemy, bravely pisses on the killed, but quickly subsides and retreats when he sees the force!
        1. Kurkin
          Kurkin April 13 2014 14: 01
          Right In the Second World War, they, along with Tommy and frogmen, robbed Lyuli of robots from the Germans, had it not been for the USSR (Russian warrior people), then the Germans would have thrown them into the strait and antlatika. Yes, and the Vietnamese with the Chinese and Koreans, with our support, were not sickly so the Lyuli weighed
    2. Vladimir73
      Vladimir73 April 13 2014 20: 47
      Quote: Turkir
      But weren't the Americans in Murmansk in 1919? Only in the Far East?

      In Arkhangelsk, it seems, and the British noted ...
  4. Slotxnumx
    Slotxnumx April 12 2014 09: 20
    So I’m saying ... rockets, rockets ... the main thing for us is to go at arm's length. We have enough experience for everyone! laughing
  5. homosum20
    homosum20 April 12 2014 09: 22
    "... and God forbid that this war is the last for our country ..."
    Yes tipun to your tongue! Yes, so that you live on one salary!
    The last war - this war, after which there is no country, does not exist.
    And as long as Russia stands, it will and will have both wealth and neighbors, those who wish to appropriate these wealth. And in our world order, only one way to resolve issues is considered final and undeniable - the results of the war.
    So think about how the war may be the last. Rave.
    In addition, defensive wars and attack wars are indistinguishable from each other. Tell me, in 2008 we attacked Georgia or defended ourselves from NATO expansion (which swore to the marked not to expand)? And in the Crimea - attacked or not. And what about the future pacification of Ukraine? (And we will not get away from this - otherwise it will "pacify" NATO. Do we need it?)
    In addition, war is the engine of science, the stimulus of the economy, and a moral filter for society (I think that during the war, questions with nasral, makarevich, honk and other husks would be evaluated on the first day after the occurrence).
    And about the danger of death - the number of deaths for all the years of the war in Afghanistan from the USSR is 15 people. Wounded - almost 031 thousand wounded, shell-shocked, injured. Source - Wikipedia.
    At the same time, in 2012, 27 died in road accidents in Russia. 991 people were injured. Source - Wikipedia.
    As you can see, living in a non-belligerent territory is much more dangerous than fighting in Afghanistan. At least, the losses for 1 year of peaceful life only from road accidents (and the risks are still darkness) are significantly greater than for all years of the Afghan war.
    It is also necessary to consider - if we are not at war with an external enemy, we are at war with ourselves, with each other. A heart attack (stroke) is killed no less reliably than a bullet. And there is no way to hide from them.
    In general, A.fftor sent some garbage.
      SPAAARTAAA April 12 2014 09: 37
      This phrase also strained me with the last war. There will always be those whom need or greed will make you fight. And it is rightly said that the last war for the state is its collapse. The Punic war for Carthage, the war with the Ottomans for Byzantium, the war of the Indians of America with the Europeans and examples in history are many such recent wars.
      1. chehywed
        chehywed April 12 2014 10: 42
        Quote: homosum20
        The last war - this war, after which there is no country, does not exist

        Quote: SPAAARTAAA
        This phrase also strained me with the last war.

        Well, pounced. Maybe the author meant that the neighbors (and not only) had no idea to fight with Russia?
    2. xan
      xan April 12 2014 15: 14
      Quote: homosum20
      And in our world order, only one way to resolve issues is considered final and undeniable - the results of the war.
      So think about how the war may be the last. Rave.

      Like the ancients did: "Only that has a price, for which it was paid in blood."
      "The most serious foundation of the state is the lives of citizens, given for its independence. The more lives are given, the stronger the foundation."
    3. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank April 13 2014 20: 22
      With such victims in an accident, it is necessary to sob, not boast. This is our savagery, and our medicine is just a nightmare.
      1. Predator
        Predator April 14 2014 21: 32
        Well, let's say the accident is not from savagery, but rudeness. And the money was ruined by medicine!
      2. nachfin
        nachfin April 14 2014 22: 14
        At the expense of an accident - for sure!
      3. nachfin
        nachfin April 14 2014 22: 14
        At the expense of an accident - for sure!
  6. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 April 12 2014 09: 32
    from the Don.
    At the base, everyone received .... lei, but the Americans do not. And they are making a lot of effort to get it!
    1. Black
      Black April 12 2014 19: 30
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      but the Americans are not

      Excuse me, but Vietnam? And Afghanistan, what, pacified?
  7. Admiral 013
    Admiral 013 April 12 2014 09: 33
    The British, too, do not particularly like to remember Crimean. In addition to the capture of Sevastopol (which by the way the French first entered), the British have a shameful defeat in Kamchatka (and even left their banner there).
    1. 1253
      1253 April 12 2014 23: 02
      Nu-nu, the Crimean War, Russia blew to dust. Moreover, the army, supplied exclusively by sea.
      1. nachfin
        nachfin April 14 2014 22: 20
        Well, not so much in the dust - it seems that at the peace conference after the signing of the treaty one of the diplomats exclaimed - And where is the loser here? Russia has preserved Crimea ...
        But as for the supply by sea - then (yes, in many respects even now) it was a plus, not a minus, if it was possible to supply by sea. After all, there were no railways and highways. And what's the difference in the end - just to supply!
        I advise you to find on the network a film by Parfenov about the Crimean War.
  8. cobalt
    cobalt April 12 2014 09: 40
    That's how they spoke about our soldiers.
    1. Tadeuchi Sakurai, Japanese lieutenant, participant in the assault on Port Arthur:
    “... Despite all our bitterness against the Russians, we still acknowledge their courage and courage, and their stubborn defense for 58 hours deserves deep respect and praise ...
    Among those killed in the trenches, we found one Russian soldier with a bandaged head: obviously already wounded in the head, after the bandaging, he again joined the ranks of his comrades and continued to fight until a new bullet put him to death ... "
    2. German participant in the fighting on the Eastern Front, World War I:
    “... for several hours, the entire front line of the Russians was under fire from our heavy artillery. The trenches were simply plowed and razed to the ground, it seemed that there were no more living there. But now our infantry went on the attack. And suddenly the Russian positions come to life: here and there the characteristic shots of Russian rifles are heard. And now the figures in gray overcoats are shown everywhere - the Russians went up in a quick counterattack ... Our infantry, in indecision, slows down the pace of the attack ... There is a signal to leave ... "
    3. Franz Halder, Colonel General, Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces, World War II:
    “Information from the front confirms that Russians are fighting to the last man everywhere ... It is striking that when seizing artillery batteries, etc. few are surrendered. Some Russians fight until they are killed, others flee, throw off uniform uniforms and try to get out of the encirclement under the guise of peasants. ”
    “It should be noted the persistence of individual Russian units in battle. There have been cases when the pillbox garrisons blew themselves up with the pillboxes, not wanting to surrender. ”
    4. Ludwig von Kleist, Field Marshal, World War II:
    “From the very beginning, the Russians showed themselves to be first-class warriors, and our success in the first months of the war was simply explained by better preparation. Having gained combat experience, they became first-class soldiers. They fought with exceptional stubbornness, had amazing endurance ... "
    5. Erich von Manstein, Field Marshal, World War II:
    “It often happened that the Soviet soldiers raised their hands to show that they were surrendering to us, and after our infantrymen approached them, they again resorted to arms; or the wounded man feigned death, and then fired at our soldiers from the rear. ”
    6. Gunther Blumentrit, General, Chief of Staff of the 4th Army, World War II:
    “The behavior of the Russian troops even in the first battles was in striking contrast to the behavior of the Poles and Western allies in defeat. Even surrounded by the Russians continued stubborn battles. Where there were no roads, the Russians in most cases remained unattainable. They always tried to break through to the east ... Our Russian environment was rarely successful. ”
    In 1816, a few time before the invasion of Kabarda, Shamil turned to the murids: "I would give everyone, as many as you are, for one of the regiments, of which the Russian Crown-bearer has so many, - with only one detachment of Russian soldiers, the whole world would be at my feet and all people bowed before the one Allah. "
    8. Frederick the Great:
    It’s not enough to kill a Russian soldier, he also needs to be knocked down.
  9. sv68
    sv68 April 12 2014 09: 41
    we are peaceful people, if we get very angry, the whole world will become Russian
    1. dustycat
      dustycat April 12 2014 14: 07
      Here in PACE, one yellowish-black rhyme told about the Russians, but for some reason he hushed up the last words.
      "The Russian man is very good. He will give you tea, he will warm you up, but he will cut you down if you steal a spoon."
      Only this was not Astafiev said, but a certain character Petrovich.
      Therefore, it is not worthwhile to rub spoons - especially among the wretched - in the presence of Russians.
    2. Bodrov
      Bodrov April 23 2014 14: 32
      Whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword.
  10. predator.3
    predator.3 April 12 2014 10: 04
    Somehow leafing through a book about wars, I drew attention to such a pattern that Russia necessarily fought in the 1st quarter of every century!
  11. taseka
    taseka April 12 2014 10: 43
    Respect to the author, for interesting information!
  12. Alexandr0id
    Alexandr0id April 12 2014 10: 54
    It seems to me that it is really impossible to calculate how many times exactly and how many years Russia has fought, because it is often not clear what to consider war and what not to consider. a war in Chechnya is a war or counter-terrorist operation, standing on an eel is a war without a clash or what, the Kulikovo battle is an uprising or war, and then the Razin and Pugachev uprisings are what? can every Crimean raid be considered a war, or just some separate ones? clash in Daman and similar skirmishes where to relate?
  13. Nikolaevich
    Nikolaevich April 12 2014 11: 00
    Alexander 3 is the only ruler with whom Russia did not fight at all. In his reign, 9 Russian soldiers died, and then because of the English provocation. So we will always fight
  14. KOSMOS
    KOSMOS April 12 2014 11: 11
    The history of the world is the history of wars ... And the Rosiches have always been glorious wars.
  15. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich April 12 2014 11: 46
    html # .U0juyZ8r_-s
    Well, at least. Also about the Zolotarevsky fortification and the battle there is good to remember.
  16. wot
    wot April 12 2014 11: 58
    yes, the poor History of RUSSIA has been rewritten so many times that it is no longer understandable whether it was or wasn’t
    1. xan
      xan April 12 2014 15: 48
      Quote: wot
      yes, the poor History of RUSSIA has been rewritten so many times that it is no longer understandable whether it was or wasn’t

      There are people who are not able to draw conclusions from the information that cannot be falsified. Many geopolitical opponents of Russia were the superpowers of their time and ceased to be, because their interests intersected with the Russians - Poland, Sweden, Turkey. Some even now have weight, although it is hardly possible to compare their military potential with the Russian - France, Germany, Japan, which managed not to enter into a direct confrontation, but sly England. Well, in general, to be an enemy of Russia must be earned. I read one comment on the news: "it seems that abroad there is an informal club of respected countries, united by one motto - whoever did not receive fouls from Russia is not a kid." Kersnovsky wrote at one time: "every time any army wanted to become the first on earth, it met the cheerful Russian regiments, and became the second."
      Similar articles and pathos comments to them seem to be narcissism and crap. But at the same time, a simple knowledge of the valor of ancestors helps to decide in difficult times a bold act, and this is no longer khukh-mukhra. It is important for the military to know that the blood of ancestors invincible for centuries flows in it, and our opponents do not have such an advantage.
  17. Nikich
    Nikich April 12 2014 12: 39
    Russian soldiers have always been the best. And if Russia was losing, then later it still fought back.
  18. TBM
    TBM April 12 2014 12: 45
    And why the author does not indicate who unleashed these wars.
  19. dustycat
    dustycat April 12 2014 13: 38
    "Once the British fought against our country (Crimean War),"

    Well, let's say this.

    This was the first and not the last time that the British openly opposed Russia with their own cannon fodder.
    The second time was in 1918-1920.
    In all other cases, they were the ones who stood behind all the wars against Russia since the 9th century. All Turkish, all Polish wars, Prussian and both world wars in the 20th century.
    World War 1807-1813 was also a product of British politics.

    Although the Yankees clearly risked to get out against Russia only once - when the state was exhausted by the civil war, in fact, they stood with the British for the Russo-Japanese, Boxer Rebellion (they first fired it up and then got it, as a result Russia had to put things in order) , Polish uprising of the 19th century and two Turkish attacks. When only by ourselves, and when on a heap with England and France.

    Anglo-Saxons do not like Russia, oh they do not like ...
    1. Alexandr0id
      Alexandr0id April 12 2014 16: 33
      In all other cases, they were the ones who stood behind all the wars against Russia since the 9th century. All Turkish, all Polish wars, Prussian and both world wars in the 20th century.

      absolutely mind for reason. What is Russia in the 9th century? Askold with deer and Rurik with sineus and truvor? and what are the English? the newly formed kingdom of England, which was then attacked by the Danes and Normans for several centuries, as well as the local Celts from Scotland and Wales, until the 15th century the British essentially did not crawl further than their islands.
      British influence and interference in European politics began to increase from the end of the 18th century, not earlier.
      1. Irokez
        Irokez April 12 2014 20: 03
        You want to say that Russia or the Slavs did not exist with their history before the 9th century?
        The history of ancient Rus is simply kept silent and destroyed at the first opportunity. Writing was even before our era in the form of traits, cuts, verbs, runes and so on. The runes of Scandinavia and the Celts - come from the Russians. So much for Cyril and Mythodius (a census of history and no fraud).
      2. dvina71
        dvina71 April 12 2014 22: 05
        The British consider themselves the heirs of the Great Roman Empire .. Consider. This issue was very significant until the 20th century. And even Hitler used the symbolism of VRI.
        Third ROM - Russia. By right of blood. For the British, we are barbarians. Because our ancestors lived by robbing BPI. And they graciously served her.
  20. Dovmont
    Dovmont April 12 2014 19: 06
    I can add to the above. Russian historian Kostomarov in the XIX century calculated that for 1000 years, from 876 to 1876, only 150 years were peaceful in Russia.
  21. Brother
    Brother April 12 2014 19: 43
    For the last time, Russia fought in 2008 against Georgia and God forbid that this war be the last for our country.

    Sorry but this Utopia. Russia has fought and won all its life, and since 2008 it has taken and stopped fighting, how is it? An author from the future?
    Not Russia starts wars - Russia ends them.
    Christ gave to Russia absolute power, and not just.
  22. Irokez
    Irokez April 12 2014 19: 55
    And here is another most important victory.

    "The Great Race was returning from Dravidia (Ancient India), after the First x'Aryan campaign. The Rasichi walked for a long time past the rare villages that met in Arimia. So Rasichi called the country of the dark-skinned (compared to the representatives of the Great Race), Ancient China. Great Glory was about this country, and the Gods have been to the country of the Celestial Empire.This is the figurative name of their country, to this day, is used by the inhabitants of China.

    The ruler of China decided to start a predatory, predatory war against the Great Race. The Great Dragon was defeated in this war and, this event was immortalized in ancient history. The White Horseman (God the Knight), striking with a spear of the Dragon (ancient snake). Currently, this plot is known as George the Victorious, striking with a spear of the Dragon (snake).

    In the oldest written monument of the Slavs Avesta, the battle of Prince Asur from Ahriman was described. The Avesta was written in runes on 12000 cowhides. Alexander the Great burned her when she fell into his hands. A further goal of Macedon, blood Slav, but the enemy of the Slavs on education (his teacher was Greek Aristotle), was the conquest of India, for the destruction of the Indian Vedas.

    On the Day of the Autumn Equinox, Ahriman (ruler of Arimia) and Asur (As - God living on Earth, Ur - inhabited, blessed Earth) - Bright Prince of the land of the Holy Race, concluded a peace treaty between the warring powers, the Great Dragon (Ahriman) and the Great Race ( Asura). Since that time, the chronology from the Creation of the World in the Star Temple appeared (the name of the year according to Chislobog's Circle). Old Believers - Ynglings celebrated Summer 7510 from this event (S.M.Z.H.). "
    After that, the Great Wall of China was built by the hands of the Chinese as the border between the two countries and the loopholes aside China.
    That's because Macedonian is a bastard (although Aristotle tried). At one time, the Macedonian Slavs were allowed to pump when he climbed on the Slavs, but he came to his senses in time.
  23. I think so
    I think so April 12 2014 20: 18
    How insulting ... so many victories ... and ALL WASTE WAS AWARDED by two (Yeltsin and Gorbachev) ... True, until the final collapse of Russian civilization, Russia will rule several even greater kov ... but the essence of this will not change ... But there is hope that the RELIABLE COMES (like Stalin) and raises the Russian people to another battle with the enemy and defeats her ... but, doubtfully ...
    1. Irokez
      Irokez April 12 2014 21: 20
      Quote: I think so
      but doubtfully

      You have no doubt, you just believe, for faith, like thoughts, performs a material action in time. Sooner or later, all ideas come to pass, if another group of people does not have anti-thoughts on your ideas. The more like-minded people, the faster and stronger the plan comes true.
    2. dvina71
      dvina71 April 12 2014 22: 35
      This issue must be treated philosophically. According to classical historical science, the state of the northern (namely northern) Slavs, who later received the name - Rus, is more than 1.5 thousand years. During this time, many empires took off and collapsed .. not without our help))), and the Russian empire is still alive.
      The thing is probably that it is precisely the fact that we are northern that saves us from complete collapse during the period of the weakening of the empire. Accustomed to live and survive in a team. No other way.
      Well, actually the fall cannot forever go on ... here and the road starts up again, for the Russian empire.
      Why do I insist on the word - "northern" .. except that it is historically true ..
      So still look. What southerners with their country - Ukraine, did ..
  24. Spike
    Spike April 12 2014 23: 57
    We won, won and we will win !!!
    1. Irokez
      Irokez April 13 2014 00: 14
      Quote: Thorn
      We won, won and we will win !!!

      Olympics and Crimea show this.
  25. April 13 2014 00: 14
    Sucked from a finger. we fought much more often and more successfully.
  26. Ragoz
    Ragoz April 13 2014 01: 32
    Find (if possible) the book "Childhood in Solombala", I do not remember the author - I read it as a child. It describes the island of Mudyug near Arkhangelsk, where the Americans set up a prison-concentration camp in which thousands of Russian people were tortured and killed during the civil war. stop wassat
  27. Janus
    Janus April 13 2014 08: 15
    This is the memory of the naglitsy.
  28. Vladimir73
    Vladimir73 April 13 2014 21: 29
    Question to this article:
    The peoples of the world, when will you calm down and stop climbing the Slavs with war?
  29. EvgenSuslov
    EvgenSuslov April 14 2014 10: 10
    Quote: Vladimir73
    Question to this article:
    The peoples of the world, when will you calm down and stop climbing the Slavs with war?

    Yes, never. Their inflamed mind cannot come to terms with what the Russians are. They don’t even understand why they should fight against us, it’s in the blood. Ask any Russophobe why you definitely dislike Russians. No one will be able to give reasonably weighty arguments. And the fact that we won in more wars only incites great hatred towards us.
    A simple example. An ordinary house lives, it’s not shaky, it doesn’t live happily. But there is one neighbor, everything is different from him. And the apartment is the most, and everything in it is. But then he took it himself, did not consult with anyone! And the family is not that big, but cheerful and friendly. And he himself is cheerful and affable, he will meet anyone, treat him, warm him. And if one of the neighbors is going to rage, he can make a fist. And no offense, so in a neighborly way. And he doesn’t notice that the neighbors are offended, because it’s like we live in the same house. And so from pokon centuries. And the envy of the black neighbors began to gnaw. And even great-great-great-grandfathers. And as the ancestors did not try to spoil, everything did not work to put the arrogant neighbor on his knees. And now the neighbors cannot think of anything else. They have only one goal, to lime their neighbor, to make him understand how bad it is for everyone else to live when there is one among them.
    This is of course a very lyrical digression, but in my opinion, as a whole, it reflects the situation around Russia.
  30. valday
    valday April 14 2014 11: 23
    It’s easier to say when Russia did not fight! Sorry on me getting used to the war
  31. nachfin
    nachfin April 14 2014 22: 37
    Speaking of America. During the American Civil War of 1861-1865, the Russian fleet seemed to play an important role, although for some reason they did not tell us about this at school. Maybe someone will tell a source where to read? Thanks in advance!
  32. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 18 July 2014 23: 30
    It is a pity that England did not fall under the distribution. Or maybe she got in if she always tries and tried to harm Russia with the wrong hands!