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Obama as a "new historian"

Obama as a "new historian"Barack Hussein Obama, sitting on a throne in the White House for a second term, recently made another historical opening. We have no doubt that in the near future it will be recorded in American school history textbooks. And then do not let the young citizens of the United States take offense after failing at some world scientific and humanitarian olympiads! .. Young citizens will have to make complaints not to the judges, but to B. H. Obama.

During the time of this president, the worst in American history (so many Americans believe, who voted for Obama in 2012 just to avoid electing a lover of Romney warships), the United States has reached the last point of dullness. Half of young Americans do not know how to show New York on the contour map, and about a quarter think that the sun revolves around the earth. A few percent believe that the planet is ruled by reptiles.

The rulers of this country are worthy elects of their people.

Obama's predecessor in the Oval Office, George W. Bush, a great connoisseur of geography, could not find on the world map Iraq, with whom he waged war.

Obama himself recently told the public stories about the "Polish concentration camps." In the issue of concentration camps, Obama is badly incorrigible. A few years ago, he confused Auschwitz with Buchenwald, just as he mixed his great-uncle with great-uncle.

This “new historian” called South Dakota at a rally in front of its citizens Iowa.

Obama remembers little at all. We do not know what is to blame: either the president drinks too much honey beer, which he brews right in the White House, or he drinks too little.

As part of the second election campaign, Mr. Obama loved snacking in public. You know, the image of a simple guy ... In June, he ate spicy pork ribs in a barbecue sauce with a side dish of vegetables and rice at Kenny's BBQ on Capitol Hill in Washington. Meal with the president was divided by two military and two hairdressers. The five-year-old American food-hungry has dropped off from Kenny's BBQ, forgetting about the 55 dollars bill and 58 cents, not to mention the tips. I had to barbecue administration to call the White House and demand money for ribs and sauce.

Before the election of 2008, Obama said that in the US there are 57 states. And in February 2009, the new president told Congress that the car was an American invention. He explained to congressmen that it was necessary to support the domestic auto industry, and said that “the nation that invented the car cannot remain without it”. Meanwhile, some congressmen recalled the names of Daimler and Maybach, and even suggested that these two were not Americans.

Barack Hussein could have looked at the Internet. Or reference books, in the encyclopedia. Doubt - check. Or did American “exclusivity” interfere? Did Americans invent everything? And they discovered planet Earth? And he could learn better, read more books. Too busy as president? But he said about 57 states before this very employment ...

The leader of the American people makes one historical discovery after another. The other day did another.

Speaking in Brussels, B. Kh. Stated: “Kosovo left Serbia only after a referendum was organized there, not outside the framework of international law, but in careful cooperation with the UN and its neighbors Kosovo”.

The trouble is that there was no referendum there “in careful interaction with the UN and Kosovo’s neighbors.” Back in 1991, a self-styled “republic” was proclaimed there and a fake referendum was held, which was not authorized even among the Albanian community. In the 2008 year, when the Albanian authorities of the province declared independence from Serbia and the creation of the same “Republic of Kosovo”, no plebiscite was held. True, later, in February 2012, a referendum on the recognition of the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo was held - but only in North Kosovo, where Serbs live predominantly. The question was put to that referendum: “Do you recognize the authorities of the so-called Republic of Kosovo?” 99,74% of those who voted answered “no”. West (recall Obama) the outcome of this plebiscite did not recognize.

And if B.Kh. spoke about this referendum, then he should immediately declare the “Republic of Kosovo” an illegal and illegitimate entity. In this case, the general Western opinion about the "illegality" and "illegitimacy" of the referendum in the Crimea would acquire at least some kind of legal basis.

The astonished Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the American connoisseur of history in a special letter on his website. Russian diplomats, who have a better memory than Obama, reminded him that there was no referendum in Kosovo, and even "even more coordinated with the international community." And the White House speechwriters had to write an excuse.

The Russian press published the following translation of the excuse that appeared: “In Kosovo, our president had in mind the unique situation in which independence was the result of many years of exhaustive negotiations and interaction with the leading role of the international community.”

Obviously, the “leading role of the international community” (that is, the USA) completely replaced the referendum, that is, the will of local residents. So what is the "Kosovo precedent"! And we, the Russians, naively believed that it could be applied to the Crimea!

The site made an exemplary review of the failures of B.H. Obama. This material, mainly based on the book 150, the reasons why Barack Obama is the worst president in history, perfectly complements the portrait of the “new historian”.

Best-selling authors are Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan. They write: "The current inhabitant of the Oval Office is more incompetent and disastrous for the interests of the United States than the most useless of the farmers in Georgia."

Obama ruined the country's economy, sponsoring the Arab Spring and coups in different countries. Obama made it so that "the debt curve rushed somewhere into space." Taxpayers' money under B.Kh. went on dubious adventures. 184 million dollars was spent on the organization of Kiev "Maidan". 192 million. Obama transferred to the Palestinian rebels. Huge amounts were received by the Syrian and Libyan fighters. Handing out money for coups, Obama often ignored Congress.

This president introduced the practice of total informing. Since August 2009, Obama supporters have been obliged to provide the president’s administration with “e-mails and videos”, “rumors”, “letters” and notes (!) Of “random conversations” of anti-state content.

What about Snowden's revelations? And the nightmarish plans of the State Revenue Service for knocking out tax arrears? Attacks of gays and lesbians on traditional family values? And censorship in the media?

“Obama is the most incompetent president after Jimmy Carter,” said Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. - Recent events have shown that Obama lost a sense of reality. Obviously, we need a strong America, but he claims a reduction in our armed forces, but he brags about the increase in spending on food stamps. ”

The famous Senator John McCain also spoke out. According to him, "Obama is not a scoundrel, but just a fool."

Analysts laid out Obama's behavior on the shelves. He says one thing and does the opposite:

“Let's say, by signing a plan for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, he immediately increases the size of the American contingent.

By abolishing imprisonment without trial, he expands the use of combat drones against persons suspected of involvement in terrorism.

Declaring the maximum openness of the administration, he meets with the press less often than the last six of his predecessors.

Speaking for strict observance of constitutional civil liberties, he authorizes the development of new spyware programs for the NSA to interfere with the privacy of millions of citizens. Etc.".

We are on our own to add to the list the cold war with Russia instead of the declared “reset”.

No, this is Mr. President not schizophrenia. This is a weakness. Faint-heartedness, often with a complete lack of understanding of the situation. Hence the inability to make a decision. Apparently, Obama is neither fish nor meat. And he is empty in the head. So we get: words closely, but thoughts are spacious ... (Nekrasov did not mean that, but we mean that.)

Site analysts cite the opinion of one professor of psychology. Drew Westen notes that "the destructive gestures of compromise have become the hallmark of the Obama presidency." All because of, perhaps, the lack of political experience of this president. B. Kh. “Achieved very modest success: before he decided to run for president, he never led a business and did not work in the executive branch. He made an unremarkable career as a law professor, without writing anything other than autobiography, for 12 years working at the University of Chicago, and in representative bodies he preferred to shy away from difficult questions, often without voting either “yes” or “no.”

And columnist Peter Vener, who worked in the administrations of the three presidents, believes that B.H. Obama is “unusually dogmatic, immune to other people's evidence and for the most part unable to correct his views in accordance with the circumstances. Therefore, when his worldview is faced with reality, he often falls into a stupor. Instead of an adequate reaction, he creates his own illusion. ”

As a result, we add to this, we have something like a Martian president. He knows little about the Earth, and of that he remembers almost nothing. Often doing the opposite of what he proclaims, and disclosing to the whole world nonsense, composed by some unenlightened speech writer, this Martian, instead of admitting mistakes and apologies, continues to insist on his own blunders and stupidities.

Former Ambassador McFaul (a type very close to Obama in spirit) was not worth all his short career in Moscow to be surprised at “anti-Americanism”, but he had to sit with Obama in the Oval Office for a beer jug ​​and make a list of two columns: “Said” and “Made ". Maybe after the eighth glass both would be able to understand that “anti-Americanism” is the most common answer to “exclusivity”, and the “leading role of the international community” is not the same as a referendum.
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  1. I do not care
    I do not care April 3 2014 08: 06
    In short, America is the world's smithy of exceptional .., and therefore
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB April 3 2014 17: 12
      It’s just that Barak got into an unsuccessful time ... where Volodya acts, there is nothing else for the other to do!)
  2. morpogr
    morpogr April 3 2014 08: 10
    All the same, candidates for the presidency of the ege in history and geography must be introduced as mandatory.
    1. smile
      smile April 3 2014 15: 18
      And you are cruel :))) Do you want to leave the United States without presidents? :)))

      By the way, we are mocking the Americans here, we consider them ignorant ... That's our lie! The earth is really ruled by reptilians! Infa 100% - One of my acquaintances was told about this by a small green crocodile who had flown in after the long New Year holidays, saying that the acquaintance had now risen to the rank of "almost a real American". :))) The crocodile complained that if there was still and a homosexual - it would be completely real, and one could go to the US Embassy for citizenship ... :))) But even Belka decided that this was too much and it would be better to remain an ordinary alcoholic ... and it is impossible to drink so much .. . :)))
      1. 0255
        0255 April 3 2014 16: 56
        and among us Slavs there are people who seriously believe that reptilians rule us wassat They still had to fly to our planet on December 21, 2012 laughing But - bummer, nothing happened that day, and I really wanted to look at them laughing
        1. smile
          smile April 3 2014 17: 25
          Mdya ... probably - crap - it's contagious. :)))
          And the fact that they didn’t see the flying crocodiles ... well, maybe they just didn’t drink enough? :))) Careful It is necessary to prepare for such events, more carefully ... :)))
          1. 0255
            0255 April 3 2014 18: 21
            Quote: smile

            And the fact that they didn’t see the flying crocodiles ... well, maybe they just didn’t drink enough? :))) Careful It is necessary to prepare for such events, more carefully ... :)))

            I don’t need to be included in the ranks of those who believe in this nonsense! What, you can’t joke?
            The fact is that we also have those who believe in them
            1. smile
              smile April 3 2014 19: 08
              I will now swear at you with bad words! :))) Do I really look like an add-on who would seriously think about what you believed in UTB? :))) (if it looks like - please, silently keep silent, okay? :))))
              What, a bunch of my emoticons did not notice? :)))
              Or is it your humor? :))) Just in case, the second + :)))
              All more than me a man without a sense of humor will not be considered? :)))
              1. 0255
                0255 April 3 2014 19: 36
                Quote: smile

                Or is it your humor? :))) Just in case, the second + :)))
                All more than me a man without a sense of humor will not be considered? :)))

                I will not drinks Okay, joke and that's enough wink
        2. Valter1364
          Valter1364 April 3 2014 19: 31
          They don’t need to fly in, they are already here in the Obama administration. laughing
        3. allexx83
          allexx83 April 3 2014 22: 02
          we have something like a martian president
          Or maybe a reptiloid?))))))))))
      2. Alex 241
        Alex 241 April 3 2014 18: 30
        Volodya, good afternoon. I will add: Even among Obama’s environment, a reptiloid was noticed laughing
        1. smile
          smile April 3 2014 19: 12
          Alex 241
          Hello Sasha!
          Yeah ... :))) Someone doubted that all kinds of amphibian frog reptiles clearly rule American politics :))) Well, humans cannot be such animals. :)))
          1. 0255
            0255 April 3 2014 19: 40
            And now I'm ready to believe that aliens are among us laughing
            That's who nominated Darth Vader for the presidency in Ukraine laughing
      3. April 3 2014 23: 25
        Quote: smile
        Are you cruel :))) Do you want to leave the USA without presidents?

        Or maybe then only Russians can be US presidents? smile

        So in vain in the article they scold Obama. He will also read, be offended, and resign as president. But with him we would still be able to attach a valuable thread to Russia ...
        1. smile
          smile April 4 2014 00: 07

          Fair remark. :))) Personally, I was upset when the Brave Mishchiko ceased to be president - the new one is still an American puppet, only smarter ... Our relations with the Georgians from this are strong, in general, because they have not improved :))) Alas, among the Georgian establishment are dominated by those who value loyalty to the patron more important than the interests of the country ...... And this is not good for them or us ....
      4. Buran
        Buran April 4 2014 12: 20
        Nah, crocodiles are drug addicts from the 101 apartment, and we are mostly with good old devils, under the guidance of Squirrel wassat
  3. brelok
    brelok April 3 2014 08: 20
    I wonder who is behind them? Every new president is dumber than the previous one! After all, it’s not casual, stupid and stupid to manage much easier ....
    1. zao74
      zao74 April 3 2014 12: 09
      And I will answer you. Sometimes in the evenings, Khuseinovich locks himself in his office, takes out a bubble of vodka, a cucumber, a Hero of Russia star (secretly handed over to VVP) from his personal safe, grunts a "hundred" and after eating a cucumber writes a new speech, whispering: "This is for the USSR. laughing
      1. Val_y
        Val_y April 3 2014 16: 10
        Yeah and his call sign is "Tanned" laughing soldier
  4. desant_doktor
    desant_doktor April 3 2014 08: 28
    Damn, you look at it all involuntarily, you start to suspect, or maybe the aliens in America in their human guise control America? what
    1. Turkir
      Turkir April 3 2014 12: 28
      Very similar to that.
      Paul Craig Roberts: If the Russians do not wake up, they will become history!
      More details:
  5. Flinky
    Flinky April 3 2014 08: 29
    It's just that the owners are closing the project "Country of Democracy," because they are useless - they have made colonies, it's time and honor to know. It is clear that it is better to do this so that even the temptation does not arise to repeat the creation of such a state. So they put the fool in the white house.
    By the way, in Polish the "white house" is a euphemism for the word "toilet". What is it for?
    1. smile
      smile April 3 2014 15: 22
      :))) And this is the Polish answer to the fact that in the USA, Poles are for some reason considered a symbol of stupidity, and jokes are written about them like those that we had about the Chukchi - only angry and mocking. :)))
      1. Zymran
        Zymran April 3 2014 16: 19
        By the way, in England there are the same jokes about the Belgians. Appreciate the humor of Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot - Chukchi detective. smile
        1. smile
          smile April 3 2014 17: 28
          :))) Did not know. :)))
          But the fact that for some reason the Belgians do not like the Old Europeans I know. But why. they couldn’t explain to me that they’re so bad at the bottom, except that, well, they’re such svvviny. :))) The French told. :)))
          1. thrower
            thrower April 3 2014 22: 50
            Belgium - Art education, became independent in the 1830 year. Before that, it was either French or Dutch. Maybe because of this?
            1. smile
              smile April 4 2014 00: 19
              The devil knows them ... There is something in this ... but why then did not the Belgians together love all the KFOR forces? The Americans were despised, the Germans were wary ... and the Belgians simply did not like? Even the Germans loved them no less than the French, and personally .... Probably, this is such a terrible European secret. :)))) Although they were all there talking about each other, such things told us that involuntarily the question creeps in, that they weaved about us ... :)))
              1. thrower
                thrower April 4 2014 07: 34
                As far as I remember, Belgium was created to divide France and Holland, stupidly taking a piece from each country.
                All military conflicts in Europe - the fate of Belgium to fight 2 of the day, then be captured, while behaving like big, even claimed to be a colony.
  6. k1995
    k1995 April 3 2014 08: 38
    I'm not a racist, but maybe there is a reason?
    1. dark_65
      dark_65 April 3 2014 09: 17
      I kind of too .. but call the super duper leader .. from Africa to other places ... the thing is the mentality of the race.
      1. smile
        smile April 3 2014 15: 49
        I do not agree. The misfortune of Africans is in the mentality that has developed in many respects under the influence of white colonizers. Africa was bloodless in the most literal sense, at a time when slavery was actively practiced, only leaders remained in power, who themselves began to exist through the capture and sale of their compatriots to the white masters. For centuries they lived in a semi-slave state. hence the mentality.

        I had to face in my professional activities with the Cubans, some of whom were blacks. Amazing intellectually developed guys. By the way, some of them fought in Africa and, being black, spoke of blacks in such a racist spirit that I was amazed. :)))

        Regarding racism, the very indicator is an example of the last native Tasmanian.
        The Tasmanians were very different from us - much more blacks. Enlightened mariners hunted them like animals and ate them. By the way, compare the British with the Nazis - the actions are absolutely identical - genocide - but even the Nazis did not get to eat their victims !!!!
        In 1830, the "white gentlemen" staged a large-scale operation to finally resolve the Tasmanian issue. The operation was called the Black War. In the course of the operation, all Tasmanians to the last person were completely destroyed. Until the last. But the last one. or rather, the last one remained. During a grandiose binge about the final solution of the Tasmanian issue, civilized Europeans noticed that a dozen children from about 3 to 10 years old were hiding in the hollow of a tree. Of course, the children were immediately killed. They left only one girl, about 5-7 years old, and presented her on a chain as a gift to the governor of the colony of New South Wales.
        The girl's name was Lala Rook. Remember this name. Nevertheless, the governor turned out to be a man and did not keep the child on the chain with which the girl was presented to him, but began to educate her along with his many daughters. And then he adopted. Lala turned out to be much more talented than the white daughters of the governor, who were often flogged for stupidity - one of them, for example, could not even learn to read and write. Together with her new family, Lala moved to the UK, I don’t remember exactly, but in my opinion she wrote. She never married, she died childless. The Tasmanian issue was resolved finally and irrevocably.
        There are her pictures, we must pay tribute - according to our criteria, she’s ugly ... but, probably, no one stirs the tongue to say. that she is subhuman ....
        So this is ... be careful with racism. Personally, I like savages with spears more. than white Anglo-Saxons or no less white fascists ...
        1. smile
          smile April 3 2014 20: 43
          I will add, having written this comment, I hammered the sources into a search engine and found that most of the links go to Medinsky. This is so, the last time I really read about her at Medinsky's, but I learned about Lala Ruk go Truganini long before Medinsky - I think I came across her photographs in some of our magazines, like "Around the World" or "Science and Life ", perhaps in some kind of monograph.
          The girl was really talented, especially in mathematics.
          They express doubts in tyrnet - they say that not everyone was killed. Perhaps she is not the last — just those whom the enlightened Europioids saw — died.
    2. Ejik_026
      Ejik_026 April 3 2014 10: 33
      And what do you want from a black-footed monkey? It’s good that even bread came from the palm tree.
      And if in addition to jokes, then
      "every nation has such a ruler, which this nation then has." ©
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara April 3 2014 11: 03
        From the palm tree then tears. But he still eats bananas in tons ... From the change of "place of residence" does not dwell in the brain, does not decrease ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
  7. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 3 2014 08: 40
    Yes, all the rags in their time from Europe drove into the current states. Worthy descendants of their ancestors!
  8. Predator-74
    Predator-74 April 3 2014 08: 57
    Why did you attack Barak, let him sit on the throne - it’s better for us when such a body sits at the helm of the USA.
    Personally, I am for him !!!
    1. thrower
      thrower April 3 2014 22: 53
      This body can start a war, just not understanding the consequences.
  9. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 3 2014 09: 09
    I think the problem is not even in Obama himself, the whole nation is degenerating.
    1. Gorinich
      Gorinich April 3 2014 11: 12
      And was she this nation? There are Americans of Irish descent, there are Chinese or Jewish, there are African Americans. But was there a nation?
    2. Turkir
      Turkir April 3 2014 11: 16
      Yes, you are right -
      Take a look.
    3. asar
      asar April 3 2014 11: 50
      their entire population has become stupid, not a nation! Since any nation has its own centuries-old history, culture, memory! And what they have - a short piece of history! But Obama is really, perhaps, the most stupid president of his country! wassat
  10. Ilja 22
    Ilja 22 April 3 2014 09: 10
    Yes, really ... Circus, along with clowns) The future is with America))
    but we do not have an enviable picture, the level of education is small in comparison with previous generations, until now we are reaping the benefits of those scientists and engineers, and all this again is the harmful effect of these abnormal star-striped ..
  11. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob April 3 2014 09: 11
    I liked this photo.
    1. I do not care
      I do not care April 3 2014 20: 21
      judging by the expansion of the cheekbones, a powerful chin and good teeth, a prominent British.
  12. svskor80
    svskor80 April 3 2014 09: 30
    About 57 states of course annealed. The only reason that after this person can be elected for the presidency is that most Americans apparently themselves do not know how many states they have. But my opinion is the most stupid all the same, George W. Bush Jr. - he turned even cooler in history and geography, but the truth is that Obama still has time for a breakthrough.
    1. thrower
      thrower April 3 2014 22: 54
      We will not allow terriers to rule the world (c) George W. Bush
  13. mountain
    mountain April 3 2014 09: 48
    We are growing real land about the seas, and the United States virtual, dreamers, damn it.
  14. Auralski
    Auralski April 3 2014 09: 50
    Come on you! He is a worthy successor to the business ... of Bush Jr.!
  15. ilyich
    ilyich April 3 2014 09: 52
    I don’t understand why we are so happy with McCain’s statements that Obama is “just a purak”. why are we so happy with Republican claims that "we need a strong America, but he says he is cutting our military, but brags about an increase in food stamp spending"
    do we need a strong america? increase their sun?
    for me - a very good president, just a sweetheart.
    there would be more presidents "neither fish, nor meat" - and without a strong hand they will bend faster.
    we need to praise Obama and support - and all of you are sinister :)
    1. thrower
      thrower April 4 2014 07: 36
      Because it is better to have business with people who understand the consequences of their actions. That is, with adequate. Bush, of course, was a ridiculous president, but Condoleezza Rice skillfully controlled US foreign policy under him.
  16. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
    Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. April 3 2014 10: 02
    What a people, such and rulers!
  17. mamont5
    mamont5 April 3 2014 10: 03
    "Obama's predecessor in the Oval Office, George W. Bush, a great expert on geography, could not find Iraq, with which he was at war, on the world map."
    That's right, straight from the classic:
    "Mrs. Prostakova (to Pravdin). What, father, did you call science?"
    Pravdin. Geography.
    Ms. Prostakova (Mitrofanu). Do you hear, George.
    Mitrofan. What the hell! Oh my God! They stuck with a knife to the throat ...
    Pravdin. Description of the land.
    Ms. Prostakova (Starodum). And why would this serve on the first occasion?
    Starodum. In the first case, it would also be good if it happened to go, so you know where you are going.
    Ms. Prostakova. Oh, my father! Yes, cabbies, then what? This is their business. This is not a noble science either. Nobleman just tell me: take me there - they will take me wherever you please. "
    D.Fonvizin "Minor"

    "Obviously, the" leading role of the international community "(that is, the United States) has completely replaced the referendum, that is, the expression of the will of local residents. So this is what the" Kosovo precedent "is!"
    The role of the international community was in the NATO bombing. And in the Crimea there were no bombings. That bad luck then!

    "The famous Senator John McCain also spoke out. In his opinion," Obama is not a scoundrel at all, but simply. "
    Like most American politicians, including McCain himself.
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 April 3 2014 14: 48
      Quote: mamont5
      Like most American politicians, including McCain himself.

      but it seems to me that McCain is not, but a scoundrel
  18. Klim2011
    Klim2011 April 3 2014 10: 25
    In the end, add to this, we have something like a Martian president.
    author +100
    For those who have not watched I recommend John Carpentor's film "They Live" about the USA
  19. Oleg Prophetic
    Oleg Prophetic April 3 2014 10: 35
    America really was once a strong state, but when the USSR disappeared, they finally fell apart, and here they are reaping.
  20. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 3 2014 10: 42
    Barack Huseynovich well done! Keep it up. the main thing is that our education does not slide to its level, which is where everything is rapidly going. One thing is good - the current school system is starting to focus on self-training, there is a chance for parents to send the children in the right direction. Woe in another - how then to pass the exam? I myself came across this problem, getting acquainted with the questions and answers of such tests - the correct answer is often the one chosen by the author and compiler of these tests. Therefore, I am a supporter of the Soviet system.
    And about Omeryka:
  21. Dezinto
    Dezinto April 3 2014 11: 37
    Half of young Americans can’t show New York on a contour map, and about a quarter think that the Sun revolves around the Earth. A few percent believe that reptiles rule the planet.
  22. Turkir
    Turkir April 3 2014 11: 47
    American impudence replaces their education.
    For information to our history buffs, Mr. G. Vernadsky, American the historian profusely quoted by Gumilev was a Normanist. This "historian" is advertised in Russia and his books are still published in huge editions in Russia. Gimbutas is also advertised, American of Lithuanian origin and in the annotations to her books, she is presented as a "major expert" on the Slavs. Both "historians" are not only outdated long ago and their works are full of not only mistakes, but also outright lies. And books, such "historians" are a dime a dozen.
    And the works of the anti-Normanist, an amateur historian, directly pointing to a juggling of facts or ignorance of the subject, have the same Vernadsky, S.Ya. Paramonova (Forest), ridiculed.
    I will cite S. Ya. Paramonov about "Vlesovyi kniga", addressed to his "critics", which characterizes his approach to history: "Let's admit. that "Vlesov's book" is falsification, but it must be PROVED".
    It has long been clear to me that "slipping" us books whose authors take Norman positions is a strategy of the West. I assure you that there are enough "liberals from history" among our historians.
  23. sv68
    sv68 April 3 2014 11: 51
    America needs to introduce a monarchy and Obama to be emperor for life. Let them sip idiocy in full
  24. KOMA
    KOMA April 3 2014 12: 13
    In his youth, Obama smoked a lot of dope, now hemp takes it abruptly!
    GHOST_AAA April 3 2014 12: 17
    Columnist Peter Venus, who has worked in the administrations of the three presidents, believes that B. Kh. Obama is “unusually dogmatic, immune to other people's evidence, and for the most part unable to correct his views in accordance with the circumstances. PTherefore, when his worldview is faced with reality, he often falls into a stupor. Instead of an adequate reaction, he creates his own illusion. ”

    1. Turkir
      Turkir April 3 2014 12: 21
      O'bama is dangerous primarily for the United States.
      Very dangerous. He has an inferiority complex.
  26. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn April 3 2014 13: 59
    we don’t like this historian
  27. Marrla
    Marrla April 3 2014 14: 24
    I begin to doubt the reasonableness of some of our ancestors. Those who believed that convicts were more profitable to send to the development of new territories, and not to hard labor. The result of this gene selection is mopped up by descendants :(
    1. smile
      smile April 3 2014 16: 00
      Yes, Valentina, from the garbage something rarely turns out to be something to mold, except for garbage. Even if it is the scum of society. :)))
  28. tokin1959
    tokin1959 April 3 2014 14: 28
    From the palm tree then tears. But he still eats bananas in tons ... From the change of "place of residence" does not dwell in the brain, does not decrease ...

    - as you can see in this "photo" from the palm tree he has not yet tears)))))
  29. Stasi
    Stasi April 3 2014 14: 34
    If you believe the prediction of Vanga, according to which "the black president will be the last, there will be no presidents after him," then everything points to Obama. The United States as such is not a single country. Southerners don't like northerners. They pay them in the same coin. Blacks don't like whites, whites don't like blacks and Latinos. Interethnic and religious contradictions between the Americans are great, and there can be no talk of any single American people. All these contradictions, coupled with blatant ignorance, are fertile ground for information and psychological warfare against the Americans. They can weave any nonsense and they will take it on faith. The time has come for us to launch an information-psychological war against the United States, aimed at the degradation and disintegration of the United States.
  30. DMB-78
    DMB-78 April 3 2014 14: 53
    here we are laughing at not a scoundrel, but a fool, but in vain. he has nuclear weapons in his hands and who knows what might come to his mind
  31. homosum20
    homosum20 April 3 2014 18: 14
    After reading this, I asked myself one question: why was he made president?
    No, not voters, but those who make (or kill) US presidents.
    Interesting, right?
  32. siberalt
    siberalt April 3 2014 18: 19
    By and large, an article for trolling the US president. Yes, we can all joke. But do not stoop to pettiness, it also humiliates us. Not in the Orthodox way. It is sinful to laugh at the wretched and sickly. We will be generous, brothers and sisters! Amen. crying
  33. demoniac1666
    demoniac1666 April 3 2014 19: 01
    Quote: DMB-78
    here we are laughing at not a scoundrel, but a fool, but in vain. he has nuclear weapons in his hands and who knows what might come to his mind

    The monkey has a nuclear club, yeah, well, times request , What will be next?
  34. uzer 13
    uzer 13 April 3 2014 21: 15
    ... men, mother m-- her, fled to Europe
    cut through the window with axes.
    Some hut, squinting slightly, lonely
    remained to stand on the Maidan ...
  35. PATTIY
    PATTIY April 3 2014 22: 33
    Barakushka looked especially stupid with a speech - to replace Russian gas in the EU with his own.
    They are there at all, consider anything. So that pragmatic Germans offer this.
    What a big, big pig his assistants put, including from Kosovo.
    All these tantrums with punishments and sanctions are like -
    "take your toys and don’t go to my pot"
  36. Mikola-78
    Mikola-78 April 3 2014 23: 28
    The sun, sand, palm trees, Obama ...
  37. Akimichs
    Akimichs April 4 2014 06: 31
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  38. Buran
    Buran April 4 2014 12: 24

    Welcome dear !!!
  39. iConst
    iConst April 4 2014 17: 35
    We are on our own to add to the list the cold war with Russia instead of the declared “reset”.

    In general, it turned out symbolically - instead of the word "RELOAD", they wrote "RELOAD" on the box under the button.
    As they looked into the water. Or cooked dirty tricks in advance?
  40. Alexey Ch.
    Alexey Ch. April 4 2014 18: 03
    A wonderful, wonderful president! God give him health: no matter what, all of Russia plus ... maybe a recruited one? Well, here Gorbi was recruited, but is this one already recruited by us? Boris Huseynovich Obamov some)))
  41. Russian_German
    Russian_German April 5 2014 00: 02
    Let's face it. Otherwise, you all look like schoolchildren mocking one student. By the way, it was not Obama who gave Alaska, it was not Obama who gave the lands conquered and drenched in the blood of Russian people, the lands of the modern South-East "Ukraine". Obama did not give Crimea to Ukraine. Obama didn’t let Finland float freely. Obama did not sign the Belovezhskaya agreements. Obama did not spend millions, and maybe billions during the Soviet era, on all sorts of foreign communist parties, which sold us at the first opportunity. Obama did not turn his back on Cuba in the 1990s. Obama was not overfulfilling and cutting our strategic and tactical missiles. It was not Obama who gave the accumulated strategic raw materials plutonium to the United States, and it was not Obama who gave all the documents on the SURA complex, and so on.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir April 5 2014 00: 13
      You are not Russian, you are not German. So, violet in the hole.
  42. Aydin
    Aydin April 5 2014 06: 54
    I wonder how the palm affects the intelligence of a person ?, it is noticed, where only palm trees do not grow exceptionally smart people.
  43. gercog
    gercog April 6 2014 11: 18
    and name at least one adequate Yankee president after Kennedy, although he had his own quirks but nevertheless. Soon elections in the states and there is no particular choice