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China demonstrates its political power to the world

China demonstrates its political power to the worldChina has shown its increased power to the world twice in a few days. Beijing has accused the United States, in response to its accusations, of human rights violations. Then, he refused offers from Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, and the Republic of South Africa to make the yuan a freely convertible currency, a “reserve currency.”

It all started with the fact that in early April a US State Department report came out, where China was harshly criticized for violating human rights. Such reports in the US come out regularly, but if earlier Beijing protested for interfering in internal affairs and that’s it, now he has released a similar report. April 11 Chinese media published a report of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China "The situation of human rights in the United States in 2010 year."

It says;

- that “accusing other states of violating human rights, Washington closes its eyes to the glaring situation in this area in its own country. The US government grossly violates civil and political rights, violates the private life of citizens. ”

- Chinese analysts noted that the special services of the United States constantly violate the rights of ordinary Americans and do not respect their right to privacy. Electronic espionage is conducted behind them, all mail (including electronic one) is scanned, messages, letters are copied and are often withdrawn. On average, up to 20% of US residents suffer from such espionage per year.

- The report noted that the trend towards global control over ordinary Americans, from year to year, is only increasing "from bad to worse."

- it is absolutely rightly noted that all the "democracy" of the States is based on money.

- The gross violations of human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan, which resulted in numerous civilian casualties, are indicated.

This report is a real challenge to Washington, because before that the United States considered itself to be a measure of the state of human rights across the globe. “The Light of Democracy,” according to the Chinese report, is one of the most totalitarian states in stories of humanity. Beijing challenged US dominance in the world, and in a rather sarcastic manner.

China and other BRIC countries

At the April meeting of the BRICS, which was held on the Chinese island of Hainan, Beijing was made an offer to make its monetary unit - hard currency. This would provide an alternative to a wobbling dollar system. But, Beijing refused, the question arises - why? After all, it seems only that Beijing defied Washington, it is possible to deliver a second blow.

Apparently, the answer is that the Chinese elite is very pragmatic. The transition of the yuan to a freely convertible position is currently not beneficial to Beijing. China is currently largely "factory" of the United States, its economic growth is associated with the dollar system. The threat of a “second wave” of crisis is on the agenda; the Chinese elite do not want to risk it, you can wait. By becoming the world's reserve currency, the yuan will be exposed to the risk of an attack by financial speculators.

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  1. Petrol
    Petrol April 15 2011 11: 25
    hehe ... Smiy gorynych spreads his wings it's time to look from west to east to pay ....
  2. datur
    datur April 15 2011 13: 16
    Well done narrow-film!
  3. gopyr
    gopyr April 15 2011 13: 55
    Yes, narrow-film health is not enough, compete forces with the West. All that they produce decent belongs to the West, and their development is complete — removed — no personal freedom, they plow for a cup of rice, and more they don’t even need money. Once the West curtail their production and stop buying their guano, they again, as before, go back to the Middle Ages.
  4. turnip
    turnip April 15 2011 14: 24
    I had a little contact with the Han people (this is their real name). They are certainly working hard, but fucking dumb. They have absolutely no creative mentality. when they talk about the successes of Chinese science and industry, I say to myself: well, well
  5. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 15 2011 16: 07
    gopyr - well, you bent "As soon as the West curtail its production and stop buying their guano, they will return to the Middle Ages again, as before" ... the Chinese have full-fledged closed production facilities on their territory, i.e. they don't have a screwdriver production. RETRACT THE FACTORY WITH A FULL CYCLE, and I'll see.

    turnip - we work with China ... there are dumb and on show-offs and hard workers and big-headed - EVERYTHING AS OURS. The current erysipelas is different and the smell is specific, but not from everyone.
  6. datur
    datur April 15 2011 16: 11
    viktor_uiI agree. And about the creative, how creative, persistent, hardworking, patient-bastards. And they will not be able to do it themselves, they are the masters. Our shit-democrats can only haul and ruin their own things, cut loot and look into the west’s mouth -fatters1
  7. turnip
    turnip April 15 2011 16: 34
    for Victor and Datura-to be creative and hardworking are completely different things (no offense)
  8. figwam
    figwam April 15 2011 17: 11
    Hooray, even though China drenched pendosov, for their world chaos.
  9. Engineer
    Engineer April 15 2011 17: 44
    And you read how many Chinese people study at universities around the world for state money. And they will be strictly asked there what they learned. So that they drive production, not just hard work, but also brains.

    Only I know a few people who work under contract in Sino-Western companies (very smart guys who started with a research institute, and not with the disc trade in Gorbushka). Do you think their projects and developments are going to Russian factories ???
  10. datur
    datur April 15 2011 19: 04
    turnip, I know the difference between creativity and hard work. In China, there is something else.
  11. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 15 2011 19: 29
    turnip - and you measure their creativity by what signs ??? Creating your own Godson 3 processor for a supercomputer is a tech creative?
    But we can creatively saw babosy, each time the latest development.
  12. turnip
    turnip April 15 2011 20: 51
    I’ll try to explain well. As in the glorious Japanese city of Osaka, the three of us went to a bar to sit. We met two young Americans working under a contract (computer engineers) when we hinted at high Japanese technologies, they first laughed, and then with some kind of anger explained how they steal and then pass them off as their high-tech developments. I was interested in this topic, upon arrival home I asked what is in open sources. Honestly speaking about these "tigers", my opinion has changed. The Japanese, the Koreans, and the Chinese are hardworking, stubborn in achieving their goal, but they are not CREATORS. Ask how sony and others created the VCR, that's why I say creativity and hard work are different things. I do not insist on my opinion smile ps. By the way, google the recent scandal in China with the plagiarism of professors. pss.Victor, have you seen HOW and WHAT is the processor assembled from? And I have not seen and cannot say that it is a purely CHINESE project
  13. Escander
    Escander April 15 2011 21: 31
  14. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 16 2011 06: 08
    turnip is a good answer, a hammer ... but the world's first PC concept was invented and embodied in iron by a learned uncle from the USSR - creatively ... but we use foreign toys ...
    THE INVENTION OF THE NEW PRODUCT IS "A", but further I think the most difficult stage is to bring this NEW PRODUCT to the mass ordinary user and at the same time it will no longer resemble the original product. Well, all our contribution is at the level of creating PROTOTYPES. And I, and all of us, want to have this at home, and not in a museum, the collection of an oligophrenic oligarch (I like the phrase), or pull it all out of the closed bins of the homeland, because a high-ranking bastard once decided that our people did not need it ... Those. after "A" we must say "B" and "C" and only after that we will have progress in everything and everyone.
    And the creation of a proc in "METAL", sales with stolen ideas requires the creation of a complete technological chain. The Chinese have it and they have already gained technological independence in this direction, but here we have: they gave money for INNOVATION, they gave it, they built production, we BUILD ... time has passed ... WHERE IS THE PRODUCTION? NO! AND WHY ? BUT THE MONEY IS OUT!
  15. turnip
    turnip April 16 2011 13: 53
    what you wrote is another problem and it concerns our reality, but something sucks in my stomach (as in the 91st) a change is coming. maybe someone will have to answer where the money went
  16. I'm sitting
    I'm sitting April 16 2011 18: 08
    Turnip. The Chinese from the market is not China yet. The villagers usually sit there. Better flip through a couple of scientific journals and figure out how many Chinese surnames there and how many Russians. I think that after that the hope of throwing felt boots at the "stupid" Han people will disappear and you, next time will try and write what you understand. And we will be glad for you.
  17. Engineer
    Engineer April 16 2011 20: 43
    I read on the site about China.
    "Chinese tank Type 99 - one of the three best in the world in terms of combat potential" in 2010 was an article.

    At the parade of 1999, only 18 tanks were shown, in recent years more than 100 vehicles have been produced.
    Now these modern vehicles are armed only with elite PLA units deployed in the Beijing and Shenyang military districts.

    It is interesting against whom these districts are aimed ???
  18. Escander
    Escander April 16 2011 23: 02
    The Shenyang Military District was against ZabVO, and the Beijing - its reserve.
    Currently, we have nothing to oppose them (unfortunately).
  19. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 17 2011 14: 35
    Eskander - and they won’t be opposed to anything, They’ll just use tactical vigor, and yes, on their territory ... well, the Siberians will die in the flesh to Sakhalin ... the bullshit, because its cat wept . Well, we, the best part of Russia such as the Urals will sit out. Well, we can fly a few pairs of Su-34s directly from the Moscow region and solve these pair of districts in a couple of calls, but they’ll send a SELF-SUFFICIENT BRIGADE for finishing.
    All of the above applies exclusively to those who, through hard work, brought the army to this state.

    turnip - they won’t answer, because, as the current starts to smell fried, they immediately molt to England with stolen dough, and the state only spreads its arms and is able to shake its head.
  20. datur
    datur April 17 2011 14: 41
    in vain they have already shown us \ indicators. by the way, the wife pinned.
  21. His
    His April 18 2011 21: 40
    If you are so enthusiastic about the Chinese, you will soon have to write comments in hieroglyphs, moreover, Chinese
  22. Forward
    Forward April 20 2011 06: 00

    If you wish, you can get it over the hill. Both in London and in Zurich. And everything will be returned as cute. For example, I know very effective methods.