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Learn the history, gentlemen! And read fiction

Now everyone is concerned about the difficult situation in Ukraine. All on their lips stamp-stamp "zapadentsy."

I just want to define my position: I am for common sense, a real assessment of events and a normal life. My parents: mother - from Dnipropetrovsk region, father - from Bukovina. My Motherland and Alma Mater are the same as those of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Shortly before the collapse of the Union, I married a Moskal and have been living in Russia for 27 for years. At home, in Chernivtsi, I visit every year and I know well and see how it lives there. My children were born in Russia, and Father Petro baptized them in Bukovina in the local Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Who am I? Ukrainian? Russian? Zapadenka? My heart cannot be divided into parts, like the Soviet Union. I support everyone.

Many of us (and even the leaders of the Right Sector) were born in the USSR. And in Soviet textbooks on stories the accession of the western regions of Ukraine to the Soviet Union was written briefly, formally and impersonal: “To prevent the fascist occupation, September 17 1939. Soviet troops entered the territory of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus, and 28 June 1940. The Red Army occupied the Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia. ”

The history of Western Ukraine, like any locality, is multifaceted, interesting and instructive. I offer several lessons of history on the example of Northern Bukovina, the current Chernivtsi region.

History lesson №1

In this lesson, many did not understand anything ...

We will not go far, but at the end of the nineteenth century the territory of the modern Chernivtsi region belonged to three states at once: Austria-Hungary (Chernivtsi, Vizhnitsky district, ...), Royal Romania (Gertsayevsky district, ...) and the Russian Empire (Khotyn district, ...). At the junction of the three borders was a small town Novoselytsya. Sholem Aleichem wrote that there is one rooster singing for three states. The population in those parts was extremely colorful and multinational: Ukrainians, Romanians, Jews, Moldovans, Russians ...

Chernivtsi at the beginning of the twentieth century was compared to a ship whose crew was Austrian, the passengers were Jews, and the attendants were Ukrainians. In the cities, the Jewish population comprised up to half of the inhabitants; in the villages, the majority were in the hands of Ukrainians, Ruthenians and Romanians. Interestingly, but on the Austrian ethnographic map of the year 1910, there are no Ukrainians in Bukovina. But there are Rusyns and Lipovans (Russian Old Believers).

In 1918-1919. as a result of the First World War and the collapse of two powerful empires, the Austro-Hungarian and Russian, almost the entire territory of the Chernivtsi region was invaded by Romania. Began mass romanization of the population.

28 June 1940 of the year - the establishment of Soviet power and the accession of Northern Bukovina to Ukraine.

5 July 1941, Hitler presents Northern Bukovina to his ally - Romania. The restoration of the Romanian occupation regime is accompanied by repression aimed at families that have collaborated with the Soviets. Began the Jewish pogroms. True, the Romanian occupation was a plus - the horrors of war did not so strongly affect these places. The consequence of the frequent change of power was that so far many families are divided and live on different sides of the border.

29 March 1944, the Soviet army liberates Chernivtsi region from the invaders and the Romanian occupation. Northern Bukovina is again becoming part of Ukraine.

December 26 The USSR Supreme Council 1991 adopted a declaration on the termination of the existence of the USSR. Ukraine has become an independent state.

What is the conclusion? Over the course of only 70 years, the Bukovina nationality has changed 6 times! It turns out that three generations of residents of the Chernivtsi region constantly lived in an era of change. And do not forget - at the time of the collapse of the Union, all indigenous people from Bukovina older than 47 were born “before the Soviet regime”!

The time for change does not pass without a trace - it necessarily affects the mentality of the nation. And here is the most important lesson that the people of Northern Bukovina received in the twentieth century: in any situation, you need to hope only for yourself!

By the way, in 70, stagnant and prosperous years, it was the residents of these places who were distinguished by an indestructible commercial stance and the ability to make their home family business, despite the policy of the CPSU. Western Ukraine has always been different from Eastern - the villages were richer, bigger houses, spontaneous markets appeared everywhere along the road, where you could buy home-grown agricultural products and crafts.

History lesson №2

This history lesson was “missed” by many ...

In 1887, the number of Bukovina residents reached over 627 thousand people, whereas at the time of joining Austria in 1774, the population was only 75 thousand people.

Ninefold population growth over 100 years does not pass without a trace. Since the region was always agricultural, from 60's. XIX century of work and land was sorely missed (this is what the famous story “Earth” by Bukovynian writer Olga Kobylyanskaya narrates about this).

The first mass emigration consisted mostly of villagers. They moved to other countries in search of work and free land. In 1877, the first Bukovinian immigrants landed in the United States; in 1890, in Argentina, Brazil and Canada, they traveled to Australia and New Zealand.

In total from 70-80-ies of the XIX century. until the end of the 30-ies of XX century. from Bukovina emigrated to various sources from 50 to 225 thousand people.

Saving themselves and their families from hunger and poverty, they left for work. Some, having earned extra money, returned to their native lands, others forever remained in a foreign land. Even in Soviet times, in 60-70-ies. The twentieth century, many residents of these places maintained relationships with relatives from across the ocean, some received an inheritance from relatives who died in Canada.

In 1986, at the Interclub of Chernivtsi University, we received a Canadian delegation of descendants of immigrants. They brought national clothes of the nineteenth-century sample, spoke a language more similar to Old Slavonic than Ukrainian, played banduras and sang unfamiliar sad songs about foreign land and a distant homeland.

The ability to independently survive in all conditions of the inhabitants of these places is in the blood. And when in the 90s of the twentieth century in the post-Soviet space everything collapsed, and unemployment again hung over the region, a new wave of labor emigration from Bukovina began.

It was the residents of Western Ukraine who were the first to open the “window to Europe” and began to leave for work en masse. Men - mostly on hard physical work, women more often became housekeepers and nurses (they are especially in demand in Italy - the good is that Moldovan and Italian are similar). Like 150 years ago - without knowing either the language or the traditions, often in an illegal situation - people survive as they can. According to the UN, in 2010, 8 million Ukrainians went abroad to earn money. And in the summer season their number increases to 10-12 million.

Everybody leaves: milkmaids, doctors, workers, teachers. Often, even the most unskilled work abroad is better paid than at home. Many leave families, burning bridges - in 2004, only in Portugal, the Ukrainians officially brought 15 to thousands of children. Most likely, they will not return from there.

According to the international public organization “Quarter Hvil”, which unites the “workers” who left Ukraine since the beginning of the 90-s, everyone who has left on average monthly sends 200-300 euros to the family’s current expenses. According to the Ukrainian Analytical Center, during the first half of 2012 of the year, 3,412 billion dollars were received through official banking channels from Ukrainian guest workers through official banking channels. And if you add "non-bank" transfers, then the approximate amount they bring to the country during the year is 19,5 billion dollars.

It so happened that men are in demand mainly at a young age - physical labor is exhausting. And female carers prefer older. In the Chernivtsi region there are entire villages in which half of the children live without one or two parents - villages of old people and children. This is a real humanitarian catastrophe - the actual orphanhood of children with living parents, who have been abroad for years and replace parenting with material well-being. The “lost” generation has already grown up, living in a vacuum of normal family communication and accustomed to seeing only remittances in parents. Family foundations are crumbling - returning home for many becomes more of an ordeal than leaving. The consequences of this Ukraine will still have to feel and rethink.

Unfortunately, the country's history lesson about labor emigration of the XIX-XX centuries was also absent. Leonid Kuchma lost the confidence of “zapadentsev” after his words that only prostitutes were leaving Ukraine for work - he dishonored all women from 20 to 65 years forced to support their families.

History lesson №3

Another history lesson that everyone forgot at once ...

The Soviet government, established in 1944, was engaged not only in propaganda, agitation and collectivization. She has done a lot for the life of Bukovina. Machine-building and chemical enterprises, a network of large instrument-making plants, and science were actively developed.

In 1816, the population of Chernivtsi was 5,5 thousand, in 1880 - 45,6 thousand, in 1925 - 95 thousand, in 1959 - 152 thousand, and in 1989 - already 256,6 thousand

Knowing about the labor emigration of Bukovina in the 19th and 20th centuries, and realizing that people need work for a normal life, in 60-ies the Soviet government in Chernivtsi specially organized high-tech modern production of semiconductor materials.

An entire cluster of research laboratories for the study of semiconductor materials and the growth of polarized crystals was created on the basis of the Chernivtsi University. For 30 years many dissertations were defended, many of them were classified as "Secret". Five faculties - physical, engineering-optical, general technical, mathematical, chemical - produced specialists for this industry.

In Chernivtsi, there was a branch of the Special Design and Technology Bureau of the Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Chernivtsi Machine-Building Plant has been operating since 1945, in the 1968 year, the USSR Ministry of Electronic Industry founded Kalibr JSC, and Rhythm Design Bureau, the brainchild of the USSR Ministry of Defense. The list goes on: the Quartz, Graviton plants, ... They provided jobs and fed tens of thousands of families. The population of nearby villages worked in production. High-precision products from Chernivtsi were in demand not only in the USSR, they were exported all over the world. Factories built houses for their workers, kindergartens, motels, clinics.

After the collapse of the Union of a free and independent Ukraine, all this became “suddenly” unnecessary, and unemployment, which many had forgotten in Soviet times, again came to Bukovina.

The destruction of the real sector of the economy, the curtailment of production, the rupture of established commercial and industrial relations, the destruction of a huge number of jobs, meager wages — all this led to the fact that Kalinovsky Bazaar, one of the largest wholesale and retail markets, became the largest operating “enterprise” of Chernivtsi Ukraine. How many Bukovinians did he help to survive in the new era of change? And how much he broke the professional life and dreams of a career? No one will answer these questions.

History lesson №4

Learn, learn and learn! - who said this is bad?

Under Austro-Hungary, German was the main language of instruction in schools. There were few schools, and only children of noble and rich parents could study there.

When the Romanians began to learn Romanian. The son of a wealthy peasant could be accepted to the gymnasium, but only if he was recorded by a Romanian. Thus, the government increased the number of the Romanian population - and some changed their names to the Romanian mood for the sake of educating children.

The Soviet government really took up the universal education. In fact, for the first time in the history of the Bukovina region, children began to learn children in Ukrainian in schools. Since the population here is multinational, then the schools opened different. For example, in Novoselitsa with a population of 9 thousand people were 3 high schools: with Ukrainian, Russian and Moldovan language of instruction. And everyone could learn in their own language.

Since the teachers who speak Ukrainian were sorely lacking, in 50-60. to Bukovina sent on the target distribution of graduates of pedagogical and pedagogical schools from all over Ukraine. This is exactly how my mother, a graduate of Krivoy Rog Pedagogical Institute, got into Chernivtsi region.

There were not enough teachers for Moldovan schools. Here too the Soviet government quickly solved the problem. On the basis of the Chernivtsi University in 50-s, special Moldovan branches are opened, which are external, for the year 3 they train teachers. Specialties have chosen related: historical-philological, physical and mathematical, chemical and biological. By the middle of 60, the personnel issue in Bukovina’s schools was resolved. And at the university there were three departments of philology: Ukrainian, Russian and Moldavian.

Chernivtsi University was opened in 1875 year. During the years of Soviet power, lectures at Chernivtsi University were given in both Ukrainian and Russian — it all depended on which language was native to the teacher. And students could take exams in their own language. And never, I repeat, NEVER on this basis there were problems, and not underestimated. The teachers, knowing that students take notes of lectures, simultaneously translating them into their own language, always accentuated the translation of terms. My friend and classmate, who came to study in Chernivtsi from the Crimea, understood Ukrainian, but did not speak - and finished her studies with a “red” diploma.

Since everyone at my home spoke both Russian and Ukrainian (and my dad also Moldovan: the training at the Romanian school affected), I personally did not even notice what language was spoken around me. Many also easily switched from Russian to Ukrainian and vice versa, and this was normal. And if the answer to a question asked in one language was answered with another, then it didn’t hurt anyone, it’s just convenient for the interlocutor. By the way, I graduated from school with the Ukrainian language of instruction, and I defended my diploma in Russian. And today, after many years, arriving home, I easily and with pleasure turn to my native Ukrainian language. And I speak it much cleaner than some presidents and prime ministers of Ukraine.

How much state (popular!) Money has been spent in modern Ukraine, not to improve people's lives, but to duplicate "Russian-speaking" old Soviet and new Russian films. On the subtitles, which cause a feeling of awkwardness and shame for the power that you too want to separate yourself from the country in which they were born? The skills that people don’t need die off, without decrees and prohibitions - but the state looks decent and democratic in such situations. And the necessary knowledge survive, no matter what.

By the way, in all countries where post-Soviet tourists appear, the locals are happy to learn Russian - without orders and coercions, of their own accord. Good tips are the best incentive in applied philology.

The purity of the native language is a noble cause, exciting every nation. In one form or another, this issue is raised in different countries. For more than 50 years, economists and mathematicians of Ukraine spoke “percent”, and in 90's, remembered the native analogue "vidsotok". This can be understood and explained by the desire for self-identity. But when too much Russian “helicopter” and “map” change to the original Ukrainian “gelicopter” and “map”, for some reason it is immediately recalled that the “percentage” sounds the same in Russian.

All this resembles a banal marital divorce: with the smashing of dishes, throwing out photographs, maiden name, spite of time, and neighbors beggars, buying cheaply became “suddenly” unnecessary jointly acquired property. But children remain, and we cannot escape from common affairs, memories and traditions.

History lesson №5.

Learning is never too late, especially when learning the right.

It so happened that in the post-Soviet space, everyone diligently tries to forget and not see the good in the union past, and they are trying to replace it with what they saw behind the “knoll”. So here and there, after Europe, we are striving to legalize same-sex marriage after Europe. There are many other "nice" civilized examples.

And I think, why not take an example from other European traditions? All Western Europe lives in tourism - and not bad lives! Western Ukraine boasts no less interesting cities with magnificent architecture, powerful fortresses, historical monuments, ski and summer resorts, sanatoriums with healing waters ... All this was known and in demand since the times of the USSR. Lviv, Khotyn fortress, Truskavets are brands that do not require large advertising in the post-Soviet space.

But it is naive to hope that streams of tourists from the European Union will flood Ukraine — they have such good in bulk. Moreover, it is much easier to raise prices to the world level than to arrange the same service and conditions. But the inhabitants of Russia would gladly go to where Schengen and knowledge of foreign languages ​​are not yet needed. It is time for our new independent economists with MBA to understand long ago: nothing strengthens the overall friendship and independent economy like good pay. But, as they say in the East: if you want to open a shop - learn to smile.

And finally, the lesson of literature - in one of the works of the Strugatskys the irreconcilable, bloody war of the two countries is mentioned. And then it turns out that they were a single state for a long time. In genius fiction, almost all works are prophetic. It is in our power to ensure that this story does not become a reality.
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  1. konvalval
    konvalval 28 March 2014 18: 17
    The tragedy is that this audience does not know and does not want to know any story. What is in their brains can be knocked out, relatively speaking, only with a fist.
    1. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU 28 March 2014 18: 32
      Now I am already more than half a year in Bukovina. Therefore, I can appeal to the author, who, using Bukovina’s example, makes a comparison of Western Ukraine. Not very correct.

      Of the pluses of Bukovina, there are an order of magnitude less Natsiks here than in Galicia, but of the minus, it is a high level of Euro-romanticism. Everyone is obsessed with the word "Euro". Even in the regional center where I am, there is only one taxi service, and it is called "Eurotaxi".

      As the author noted, the inhabitants of Bukovina have been migrating across Europe in search of earnings for several centuries, with the exception of the Soviet period, where there was internal migration. As a result, they form an inferior concept of "state". This cannot even be corrected by a school, where in the lesson of economic geography they must literally explain on the fingers that no package from Italy and a money transfer from Portugal can fund hospitals, kindergartens, schools and social security. And this illusion will collapse when either Europe or Ukraine itself collapses. While I am typing these lines, I look out the window, where I see luxurious two-story houses with euro-roofs and a fence, in the East of Ukraine, only middle-ranking officials have them, at least. If we compare the regional center of the city of Primorsk, Zaporizhzhya region, and where I am now, then in my native land, where engines for aircraft and helicopters are assembled, where 6 nuclear units, where Zaporizhstal are, are homeless people.

      In the evenings, in the regional center of Bukovina, local "silver youth" (children of those parents who settled well in Poland, Italy, etc.) ride on expensive motorcycles and mopeds with a maximum engine capacity on broken roads. Almost no one has 50 cubic meters, like the barefoot Zaporozhians, who took a moped on credit. Those who are over 22 are dissected on used foreign cars not older than 10 years.

      And try to explain to them that the agreement on association with the EU is harmful for the economy of Ukraine !!!
      1. sergey72
        sergey72 28 March 2014 19: 03
        [quote = Nevsky_ZU] And try to explain to them that the association agreement with the EU is harmful to the Ukrainian economy !!! [/ quote A little off topic ... A team of Kyrgyz diggers and a team of Ukrainian concrete workers are working on the reconstruction of one of the workshops. fitters ... When the turmoil began, they ran around, they lamented - war, how are we now, where are we now! To which the Kirghiz answered them, "you don't understand your happiness .... Russia will take you to itself, give citizenship - you will heal like people and no FMS and the police will break down before you ... "They envy in general ... These are our grimaces of interethnic relations ... what
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 28 March 2014 19: 33
        Quote: Nevsky_ZU
        And try to explain to them that the agreement on association with the EU is harmful for the economy of Ukraine !!!

        These kids using used equipment at someone else's expense are not Ukraine, but a tiny piece of it. Their 5-10 thousand guest workers Europe will survive, and survive the Ukrainian millions? No. So what the fuck do there! But these Bukovynians should be educated by the state through training, so that an understanding of what and how comes. Only after the USSR, our states think more and more about oligarchs, alas.
        1. max702
          max702 28 March 2014 20: 17
          It is much easier to provide a dozen oligarchs with all that is possible than 10 million of the population’s most necessary at a minimum, and the state is trying for oligarchs ..
      3. NDR-791
        NDR-791 28 March 2014 21: 00
        The article is definitely a plus. At least for a reminder of the history of the issue. But there is a question for the author:
        You remember about the Rusyns, but you associate yourself only in the context of modern events. Do you know how the future junction of the three borders was "catholicized"? So now the same thing is happening, but not under the banner of the cross, but under the banner of the dollar. You are a happy person, the mentality of several social formations is close to you, but what will you do when an analogue of Sasha Bilyo comes to you? Will he come because he wanted to? In any case, the conversation here is not about our unity, it does not raise doubts, but about the fight against nationalism, which does not disdain neither borders, nor nationalities, nor religions.
    2. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 29 March 2014 06: 24
      in short, all white, fluffy, as much as a tear struck .. touched by the phrase "but the inhabitants of Russia would love to go there" I laugh at this nonsense.
  2. bddrus
    bddrus 28 March 2014 18: 21
    I don’t know what kind of cliché “zapadentsy” is - but this word, as “Bendery”, has long been heard from my grandmother who lived in the Dnipropetrovsk region
  3. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 28 March 2014 18: 22
    . And then it turns out that for a long time they were one whole state. In brilliant science fiction writers, almost all works are prophetic. It is in our power to ensure that this story does not become a reality
    So this is the question, where are the adequate people from Ukraine? And those who are in power now don’t need us, they need psychiatrists. It’s a pity that ordinary people have to go through all this.
  4. Oml
    Oml 28 March 2014 18: 22
    "She opened her eyes." Now we wake up to love especially the right wing.
  5. Vadim12
    Vadim12 28 March 2014 18: 25
    They will reach chaos, following the example of Somalia, they will quickly remember how well they lived under the Soviets.
  6. Igarr
    Igarr 28 March 2014 18: 28
    I know the polemic site.
    And who reads it in Ukraine? Those with brains still human?
    Thank you Alla Bidyuk.
    I would vote for you.
  7. Oml
    Oml 28 March 2014 18: 28
    Better yet, learn the history of Russia if you "have" to live here.
  8. wulf66
    wulf66 28 March 2014 18: 29
    History lessons are good only for those who WANT TO LEARN !!! And if people from birth put in their brains "absolutely correct" anti-Russian truth ... About the fact that they are good, try to tell people whom this mr ... s is now pressing on a national basis. It's too late to learn, alas, now you have to hit, it hurts, on the head.
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 28 March 2014 20: 29
      Quote: wulf66
      It’s too late to teach, alas, now it is necessary to hit, it hurts, on the head.

      After reading these words I remembered one episode from the film about V. I. Lenin, I don't remember the name already. The bottom line is that Lenin sits, listens to "Apassionata", then says: "Wonderful, inhuman music. Listening to it I want to cry and pat everyone on the head, but It is impossible. Now we have to hit on the heads and beat them cruelly, otherwise we (the revolution) will end. "
  9. lambert
    lambert 28 March 2014 18: 29
    I love comrades. who write how adventurous and independent we were under the USSR.

    Forgetting how much the USSR invested in this.

    At the same time, they forget how one friend opened his mouth and everyone's eyes opened. They began to shout that they were throwing their goods all over the west and in the Union they had one prison. They must be exclusively independent.

    Drove to independence and were surprised to learn that nobody needs them.

    Well, something like this is the story of the independence and state sovereignty of the former republics of the USSR ....
  10. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 28 March 2014 18: 32
    I like multinational countries and regions. I remember when the 88 child moved to Ukraine, and even to the Bulgarian village, I was completely delighted with new friends, words and sentences, dishes.
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 29 March 2014 06: 32
      and now you are at the age of your diet .. and you have no friends, suggestions other than " gilyaku" too?
  11. Grenz
    Grenz 28 March 2014 18: 34
    Yes, we agree that science fiction does not become a reality and an irreconcilable enmity unfolds.
    I read all the lessons - useful and informative.
    We understand that a lot of different people live in the West of Ukraine, with different traditions and different histories.
    But here I did not find one lesson. A lesson in the education of hatred and the formation of a fascist worldview.
    A lesson at school, after which all the schoolchildren in the yard jump and shout loudly: "He who does not jump is m ...", or chanting at the stadium: "M ... knives!"
    I would like to hear and understand how it turns out that monuments to the defenders of fascism fall at the feet of juvenile delinquents, temples are desecrated.
    1. sleepy
      sleepy 28 March 2014 21: 44
      Quote: grenz
      "But I didn't find one lesson. The lesson of raising hatred and the formation of a fascist worldview. A lesson at school, after which all schoolchildren
      in the yard I jump and shout loudly: "Who does not jump - that m ...", or chanting
      at the stadium: "M ... knives!" I wish I could hear and understand how this happens,
      that monuments to defenders from fascism fall at the feet of juvenile criminals, churches are desecrated. "

      Surely there were such lessons, only there were no shootings at such lessons.

      But there is a film on the Internet on this subject.
      The background is like this - in Israel, the teacher was asked how the Germans became such obedient tools in the hands of Nazism. Then the teacher in two weeks made students out of the students who were ready for anything for the sake of the idea of ​​their Leader. The teacher was embarrassed by such a willingness to obey and explained to everyone that it was an experiment.
      The children had a shock, nervous breakdowns - after all, they had been taught from childhood that Nazism was unacceptable, and here they themselves readily accepted the basic tenets of Nazism.

      ...There is no national movement!
      Did you think that you are special, the best?
      Better than others not in this room ???
      You traded your Freedom for Luxury,
      The luxury of feeling special !!!
      You accepted the Leader’s desire instead of your own beliefs!

      Do you think this is a walk from which you can return at any moment?
      Here is your Leader - pointing to the speaker of Hitler and the youth fanatically greeting his Fuhrer.
      You asked how the Germans could not know anything? When were millions killed?
      History repeats itself and you all want to renounce what happened to you
      in "WAVE".
      Ask yourself what you are doing, and do not blindly follow the Leader !!! "
      Only 45 minutes to understand the simplicity of zombies.

      Movie reviews.
  12. buzer
    buzer 28 March 2014 18: 34
    As if those who steers the Maidan do not know the story. They all know very well. If they didn’t know history, they would not be able to fool people’s heads. And they themselves are stuck in history ...
  13. Sergg
    Sergg 28 March 2014 18: 38
    But here I did not find one lesson. A lesson in the education of hatred and the formation of a fascist worldview.

    These lessons are presented by the media, which are charged by the United States to incite ethnic hatred and intolerance for each other. We in Russia were more fortunate, although our brains thirsted for profit and pleasure screwed us no less powerfully.
    1. sleepy
      sleepy 28 March 2014 22: 01
      Quote: Sergg
      “These lessons are being taught by the media, which is charged with the United States to incite ethnic hatred and intolerance towards each other.
      We are more fortunate in Russia, although our brains are our thirst for profit
      and the pleasure was screwed in no less powerfully. "

      These lessons are taught to children from childhood. The enemy must be known in person.

      If the child laughs at this, then the zombie process is already running.
      "A dangerous mystery of cartoons."

      "About American cartoons - very interesting!"

      "TV programming for the slave behavior of children."

      "Portrait of a woman in the cartoon Patoruzito Patoruzito.
      Sexualization of children in modern culture
      mysteries of cartoons. A dangerous mystery of cartoons. "
      ZjVrcNRKKKQ & v = OMJC5MNl8sM
  14. Zeus
    Zeus 28 March 2014 18: 39
    Ukrainians are Russians, as Croats are Serbs. Separated using the same methods. The meaning of Ukraine is the weakening of Russia, as the meaning of Croatia is the weakening of Serbia.
  15. be0560
    be0560 28 March 2014 18: 39
    I understood about the lessons. But who will draw the conclusions? Right sector? I doubt it. Everything is inadequate there, especially Yarosh. Turchinov with Tymoshenko? Hardly. Their hobby lies and sophistry. Juvenile stupid people who smash the building of the Ukrainian Council and rob trains? Who! And what is such a power that cannot protect itself? Or should Russia draw conclusions? No, really. Understand first in your shit yourself. The people of Ukraine will have enough strength for this. It's time to stop whining and start already doing something.
    1. RONIN-HS
      RONIN-HS 28 March 2014 21: 34
      Quote: be0560
      Understand your shit first

      I put you a plus, but I can not agree with this.
      First, nobody canceled EXTERNAL EXPANSION. When a nation (ethnos) weakens its external expansion, pressure FROM OUTSIDE increases in this region. Through ideology, economy, culture, and as an extreme manifestation - occupation.
      The article is so remarkable because it gives an analytical assessment that it was under the RUSSIAN (Soviet) government that the maximum population growth and socio-economic development of Bukovina was.
      Moreover, NOTE, this was the case throughout the USSR. A new historical community was created - the SOVIET PEOPLE. But then we all didn’t understand L.I. Brezhnev, well-fed life and security — the insatiable demon of consumption was relaxing, too, and began to cripple the souls. And then they started to hold and not start literally in everything. Do not dare, do not take chances. Do not leave, do not earn. And with this it is even more difficult, where is this line, that is all - that's enough! Earned, now - develop, learn and create good.
      The ideologists of socialism fell asleep and were the first to copy the West. This was the beginning of the end.
      Well, then it’s easier. As soon as they began to separate themselves from the imperial (Soviet - Russian), they began to share and share like amoebas ... and so on to infinity. So we will destroy the great heritage and liberate territories for other countries. If we don’t think it over. hi
  16. Dimkin
    Dimkin 28 March 2014 18: 45
    I read only the first paragraph, the so-called lesson number 1, and got sick of reading further. Some .... I can’t even find the words what it is, to the author, so that you don’t have to consider the history of Kievan Rus then ???? Or the collapse of Kievan Rus and the Tatar-Mongol yoke, it will also instructively come out.
    1. voliador
      voliador 28 March 2014 22: 49
      You’re sitting in London, so sit, don’t blather. Without snotty we’ll understand.
      1. Dimkin
        Dimkin 29 March 2014 07: 54
        My dear, I would advise you not to yap, and for a start it would not be bad to just look at the profile, this is firstly. Secondly, it’s stupid to jump on those milestones of history that can now be presented in the right light for yourself, even if you display it completely, I never saw a one-sided medal on two sides of a medal.
  17. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 28 March 2014 18: 46
    it was the inhabitants of these places that stood out with an indestructible commercial streak and the ability to do their home family business, regardless of the policies of the CPSU. Western Ukraine has always been different from Eastern - the villages were richer, bigger houses

    Yeah. For 23 years they have shown a "commercial streak", even cry, even laugh.
    As the Soviet government stopped feeding them, the whole gloss flew off with them in an instant.

    It was the inhabitants of Western Ukraine who were the first to open the “window to Europe” and began to leave in large numbers to earn money. Men - mainly for hard physical work, women more often became housekeepers and carers

    Rather, "lying", excuse the cynicism. Because of the lack of any qualifications and unwillingness to study, men who are "Westerners" are used only in auxiliary jobs.

    The Soviet government, established in 1944, was engaged not only in propaganda, agitation and collectivization. She has done a lot for the life of Bukovina. Machine-building and chemical enterprises, a network of large instrument-making plants, and science were actively developed.

    Recently I heard from an Orthodox maydaun that we specifically bought (through the oligarchs) and ruined everything that they created with such difficulty.

    Z.Y. Ukraine, as history shows, is a diagnosis. It is not treated. How is Bobrov doing?
    Well, what will you do ... No matter how you let go of this nenko, it’s necessary - from * boot. Though do not let out the gate.
  18. delfinN
    delfinN 28 March 2014 18: 47
    I came to the fortune teller to find out my future. The fortune-teller laid out her cards and said to him: "I see! That all the leaders of Maydan are greeted by people. Everyone is waving flags, balloons, everyone is shouting" Hurray !!! " y c e n y x asks the fortuneteller: "And who of us shakes hands with the jubilant people?" To which the fortuneteller replies: "Nobody ... the tombs will be boarded up"
  19. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 28 March 2014 18: 47
    Your proverb-pans fight ..... just do not you have pans yet, Pokémon came to power on the slogans "down with her." They forgot that for 23 years you have been living independently, but in general, the outskirts are the outskirts / Ukraine / Moscow ruled you all your life, and you gave power into your own hands, you are not doing shit, you are just looking for the guilty.
  20. Svetovod
    Svetovod 28 March 2014 18: 48
    Why perceive the Maidan Shobla as illiterate or confused poor things?
    DO NOT MAKE scum from a person with any textbooks.
    DO NOT MAKE any textbooks from scum of a person.
    Today in Kiev they indulge in the theme "Ukraine vs Russia"They are indulging. They need movement. At least some. And any reason to play off the masses of people. And the masses sit in front of the news screens and do not blow their heads. MOBILIZATION-on !!!and they sit and watch. They shout Rusakov on knives-on !!! And the majority sits and does not even think of going to beat the Russian brothers.
    So the author of the topic understands "WHAT IS FROM WHERE and WHERE?". The answer is simple - The reason for all movements is MONEY. Neither the history and power of the oligarchs; nor "differences of opinion"; nor the desire of the people to find "freedom" and profit.
    Yanukovych would calmly steal for himself today and steal / sell and sell. And the Maidans would sit home and cook, if not for the crisis in Europe and the United States. Local idiots move from there, from there they set fire to the Bikford cord. This is not a local undertaking.
    Europe - profit, idiots - promises, Maydanuty - slogans, children - ice cream, women - flowers.
  21. made13
    made13 28 March 2014 18: 50
    The article is not bad, compassionate. In the end, it is only not clear why the author threatens Russia? And stealthily - they say in our power ... Stop! And what are the forces of Bukovynians? I understand that they don’t care if anyone lives on the basis of the text of lesson 1. Then what does Russia have to do with it, and who is this article for?
    There is an attempt to plunge into the reader's subconscious the blame for the collapse of Ukraine.
  22. combat66
    combat66 28 March 2014 18: 52
    You can't knock anything out of anyone with your fist! This is not from this opera "Beats means loves". The more we sausage them, the more they will hate us.
    Any Bandera education - only to the surgeon. The whole mattress litter - in a coma! And for the unconscious and sympathetic - a long distance therapy.
    But, in any case, all to the doctor!
  23. Trofimov Andrey
    Trofimov Andrey 28 March 2014 18: 57
    Conclusion N1: Only under Soviet rule was a systematic approach to the development of the region ensured, taking into account the welfare of the population.
    Conclusion N2: For 23 years of independence, everything is about, and returned to status as part of Austria-Hungary, i.e. migration and labor migration.
    Conclusion N3: The region is able to live only with external management, and let them decide which management (see P1,2) themselves, not only decide, but also do ...
  24. mamont5
    mamont5 28 March 2014 19: 14
    Yes, now they don’t know history or interpret it in their own way. But with fantasy they are very good, but fantasy is all unscientific.
  25. Siberian19
    Siberian19 28 March 2014 19: 16
  26. Angry reader
    Angry reader 28 March 2014 19: 32
    .... Well, everything is calm now, Bukovina will now have justice and sanity ..)
  27. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 28 March 2014 19: 36
    A very robust approach, not dressed in background or shell, true thoughts. And the article is from a woman. Well, I repeat again: when there are no men, a woman gets up in the ranks!
    Thanks for the article. hi
    Threat. Faithful observation: Learn history, study history, dig history. It is not as straightforward as it is presented, it is a huge layer of "fantasy". Learn History!
  28. nod739
    nod739 28 March 2014 19: 41
    As if everything was going to Truskavets in the 90s - my friends called me .. but I didn’t go, I feel that I’ll not go to this life anymore. Yes, and they stopped calling - on the other hand, blame me on that that our brain washed our GDP cleanly, we are slaves here and they are doing fine ...
  29. lexe
    lexe 28 March 2014 21: 01
    Obama asks his assistants-What is there in Russia? ... on the Internet ... are Russians still laughing?
    -Yes sir. Their PR managers decided to derive the Oryol trotters, a new method, sir.
    Fiends ... Where did the infa come from?
    - PR agency "Aki Koni". lol
    KAPITANUS 28 March 2014 23: 53
    That would be normal! Sadness-sorrow is oppressed by the Slavs! In the United States there are many contradictions as they hold back Negroes, Latinos and others. They think they have more prepared ground for hostility .... but they live in peace for now.
  31. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis 28 March 2014 23: 56
    Lesson number 0, which Ukrainophiles slept-walked-unnoticed and now do not want to remember
    The genocide of 100 thousand Russians in western Ukraine.

    If somewhere Bukovina is sane and somehow responsible, then this does not do any weather in western Ukraine.
  32. Aljavad
    Aljavad 29 March 2014 02: 23
    The article is written from the heart. Smart, caring woman!
    One can feel her resentment for the impartial comments addressed to the "zapadentsev".
    Here multilingual people can ask in Moldavian, and answer in Russian. And on the other hand, within the framework of one language, it is possible to put different meanings in the same word.
    The word "zapadentsy" often has a political meaning not ethnographic - "people professing aggressive Ukrainian nationalism." In the southern and eastern regions, there are also such, but the mass is in the west. And there is nothing personal. Statistics.
    Yes. The population of Bukovina has a very difficult historical fate and a peculiar historical experience: just a little - a bag on the shoulder and a foreign land, to seek a better share. And thoughts do not arise to change the situation at home.
    And my main conclusion from all these lessons is Ukraine - a territory where not a single nation or state has developed.
    Bandera - perverted, poisoned by Nazism
    , an attempt to force the introduction of national identity.
    If another national idea was born within the borders of the former USSR, then it didn’t work out for battle.
    And what do we have?
    Those who only care about money. Some are sitting on the principle "my house is on the edge", others - for money - will support any Maidan with any slogans.
    And those who have an IDEA, a false, vicious idea of ​​national superiority (Adam was a Ukrainian and played on the move). They are the only organized force capable of imposing their will and power on the "silent majority," whose hut is on the edge.
    Sure, there are others, but they are negligible and so far they do not make the weather.
    In our global world, any "independence" is illusory, and such "non-states" automatically become a battlefield not even for superpowers, but simply for neighbors, and any party or movement is recruited in the interests of large players.
    Their activity is paid, turning into professional revolutionaries not only leaders, but also ordinary Maidan workers. Thus, these people are withdrawn from the national economy, and the national economy is pumped up with unearned money.
    Nationalists are extremely destructive even without it. They are not capable and not intended for creation.
    As a result - even when the outside forces finish sorting things out - Ukraine will remain a "battlefield" with crowds of professional Maidan fighters, who suddenly stopped being paid.
    Bukavinians and others will no longer be able to sit out in the "hut on the edge."
    Sorry for them all ...
    But, as it is sung in the pestne: "... do not hide the catlet in your pocket and do not draw new underdeveloped countries on the map ...."
  33. Nasrat
    Nasrat 29 March 2014 02: 32
    Nothing new. Western regions worked for themselves, Eastern regions throughout Ukraine. Now the inhabitants of the East are being poured with mud, they want to cut and shoot, but the main thing is that they continue to work for the whole of Ukraine, which, as it turned out, is not theirs at all, but of the Ukrainians who will live in Europe, and let the East work for them .... ............................ HOW DO YOU SPEAK THERE? UKRAINE IS ONE! I'm afraid no one will convince me of this, not even by arrests. And I'm not afraid of prison, I have been living in it for 23 years.
  34. Zomanus
    Zomanus 29 March 2014 03: 06
    Interesting article. It is clear that Bukovina and others like them are free. Where people have not so much a homeland as a place where they can throw things, children and go to earn money. True, as one friend said, they earn money for themselves, and not for the country. And then either put them on tax, or cut them tasks and deadlines, and that residents would collect money for these tasks.
  35. w2000
    w2000 29 March 2014 03: 49
    “According to the UN, in 2010, 8 million Ukrainians went abroad to work. And in the summer season, their number increases to 10-12 million. Everyone leaves: milkmaids, doctors, workers, teachers. Often even the most unskilled work abroad is paid better than at home. Many leave with families, burning bridges - in 2004, Ukrainians officially took 15 thousand children to Portugal alone. Most likely, they will never return from there. "

    This very clearly characterizes the mentality of the Kokl people. Anything will be sold for soldering, both Motherland and mother. A nation of slaves, traitors and prostitutes. How many Ukrainians knew - this has always been confirmed. Even many residents of eastern Ukraine, who are essentially Russian, picked up this infection.
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 29 March 2014 06: 39
      my plus to you is completely in solidarity!
  36. sanek0207
    sanek0207 29 March 2014 06: 09
    I read it. Nothing new! We all know perfectly well, because we used to go to schools, etc., but I think that those who used to shout, “her knives!”, And those who are now repeating this, and to a greater extent those who silently looks at these fascists, - "YOU DO NOT BROTHER TO ME ....!" ... Silent observation of an outrage is a crime in itself! so that history is not necessary to teach, she will teach anyone you want, only sometimes it is too late !!!!!