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Should we be afraid of confrontation with the West?

Should we be afraid of confrontation with the West?

If we take a segment of ours stories over the last hundred years, it will become clear: we have almost always been in “strange” relations with the West. It should be noted here that by the West I mean Anglo-Saxon civilization. Relations with Germany were simpler: we fought with her, put up with it and fought again. The Germans are simple people, almost the same as we are, only pedantic.

Well, the relationship with the Anglo-Saxons was much more complicated. Probably to match their nature. Here I want to clarify again that my remark relates to the ruling elite of foggy Albion and the true rulers behind the host of the White House. So, when we were in allied relations with them or simply in “good relations”, “incomprehensible” disasters always happened in a “strange” way with Russia.

In the First World War we were with them allies in the Entente. And we "suddenly" had the same Maidan, as in the present Kiev, only on an All-Russian scale. How they helped us then and then, you can read from Nikolai Starikov - very curious facts leads.

After the First World War, we were in a confrontation with them, and immediately went very heavy, with a falling out of the hernia, with the way of industrialization that was shaking with overstrain with their feet. To survive. It’s not yet clear to anyone to stand up - relations with pre-Hitler Germany were then very good.

In World War II, we again became allies. After Hitler attacked us in 1941 year. And they, fighting with him from 1939 of the year, to 1944 of the year, “saved up” forces in order to “fall upon” Hitler's Germany right at the time when we smashed this Germany into its territory.

No, well, they helped us with lend-lease supplies. For the gold. They even stinted with their principles and accepted the gold mined in violation of all human rights by political prisoners in the Kolyma. Probably, it was extremely hard for them to step over their principles and accept this gold, but they accepted it. And they showed everyone what it means to help them understand. If your neighbor (not by the night, be told) burns down the house in winter, and you, as an abnormal person, give him a brand new sheepskin coat, it will be wrong. Not politically correct. But if you sell it to him (you can loan it), this is it - you are their person, and you can stop reading this article.

Once again I want to emphasize that the peoples of Western countries are one thing, and their rulers are completely different. And I am sure that all the people of the former Soviet Union treat with great respect those soldiers who fought with Hitlerism, those sailors from England, the USA, Canada, distant New Zealand and Australia and other countries that drowned in the waters of the northern seas, that they died from wounds and burns and are now in the military cemeteries of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Honor them and glory. And eternal memory.

But after all, at a time when these heroes were dying, someone (perhaps even rubbing their hands) was putting gold in their safes. And traded with Hitler.

After the war, the West suddenly remembered that we were not so tolerant, and declared a cold war to us. Confrontation again. Again we had to pull in and launch the first satellite first, and then the man into space. Well, the bomb they steal. How else? To live with wolves ...

And at the end of the last century, we became friends and allies with them again. And the country again rolled into the abyss. As in 1917.

There is, of course, a category of citizens who believe that in 1990, we had a triumph of democracy and there was unlimited freedom of enterprise. There are such. But I personally see this category only on TV, although I do not live in a vacuum. And the latest events in the country show that this public is small, hypocritical and exists on dark revenues. These people see allies in the West (it is very doubtful, however, that the West considers them allies, not agents of influence).

Most citizens choose confrontation. The West has brought its policy towards Russia to such an extent that we feel with the spinal cord a threat emanating from friendship with the West.

You can also note that the West (Anglo-Saxons) is a great master of arranging his tricks not only with Russia, but also with the rest of his loyal allies. For example, the creation of the same EU and the transition to the euro. One of the most active skirmishers of this grandiose post-war operation was the United Kingdom. She actively participated in the creation, expansion and introduction of the single currency practically throughout the entire territory of Western and Central Europe. And she stayed with its national currency. What is it? Disbelief in their offspring? Oh yeah, the famous English conservatism! .. Heard. Parliament in wigs, aristocratic tuxedos with neatly darned holes, file-o-shred, etc., etc. How does the recently adopted law on same-sex marriage fit into this conservatism? Or has this institute long been characteristic of English conservatism? Riddle. Here, without the "Higher Sociology", perhaps, you will not understand.

The latest events in Ukraine have also shown how Britain is true to its allied duty. Suffice it to recall that on February 21 a treaty with Yanukovych was signed by the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland. Normal position. Whatever offspring degenerates from this treaty, the UK remains on the sidelines. And let France, Germany and Poland remain fools or heroes.

By the way, about Poland - the main masochist of Europe. Nobody needs to explain that any more or less sane government of any of the countries of Africa, Asia, America or Europe is interested in bordering on friendly states. Any sane. Only not Polish. Throughout the history of their statehood, almost all Polish governments traditionally went to confrontation with us. And traditionally fled under the protection of London. And London traditionally and safely betrayed them, using only as a bargaining chip. Even the “enemy” Stalin gave Poland in territorial terms more than their “friend” Churchill. However, the Polish government treated their people in the same way as their London patrons. Betrayed.

Another small digression. If we apply the Kosovo precedent to post-war Poland and Czechoslovakia, then they also had to be bombed for the mass (and often bloody) deportation of the Germans. Well, yes, these facts prosperous Europe safely forgotten.

It turns out that the gentlemen of the Anglo-Saxons betrayed everyone and always. Notwithstanding any agreements and arrangements. They differ from our tsarist, Soviet and Russian governments in that their governments always piously honored international obligations. Often at the expense of their own interests. And the West kept its obligations only as long as they are profitable for them.

So, to sum up, it turns out that confrontation with the West for us is the lesser of two evils. Yes, it is difficult, yes, it is difficult, but we remain who we are, and do not turn into a faceless and even asexual mass of the European community.

But we must proceed from the realities of the modern world order and build on the events taking place in the world today. Confrontation is still not the best choice. We must not forget that in the West there is a fairly large part of society that does not want to be faceless and sexless Europeans. I hope they will come to the leadership of their countries.

What to do, until they came to power?

I'm not a big fan of Lenin. Rather the opposite. But you have to give him his due - he was a pragmatist. And one of his slogans is more suitable for current relations between Russia and the West than ever. “Neither peace nor war!” And let them have a “roof off” there from our silence.

So nothing terrible will happen if our president misses a couple of meetings with representatives of patrons of obscure sex minorities. In the end, it is necessary to respect the possible disgust of our president (to shake hands with these representatives ...) And then, you see, normal people will come to politics, with whom it is not a sin to greet.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 27 March 2014 08: 15
    Russia is obliged to pursue a purely Pragmatic policy in its interests, and if this requires a bit of conflict with the West, then the worse for the West ...
    1. smel
      smel 27 March 2014 09: 51
      Do not worry much about the lost relationship, - NEVER IN HISTORY, RUSSIA HAVE BEEN LOVE, NEVER HAVE BEEN NEUTRAL. ONLY WITH HATE AND DANGER! So we will not suffer in the future.
      1. Very old
        Very old 27 March 2014 11: 11
        Right, smel.
        The confrontation never broke off

        And if in the days of el-Tsinism the West rejoiced in victory (pyrrhic!) ...

        Lord don't deprive them of the remnants of the mind
        1. Rus2012
          Rus2012 27 March 2014 11: 55
          Quote: Very old
          Lord don't deprive them of the remnants of the mind

          ...nothing! Reality is sobering.
          You need to make them pay in rubles or gold -
          America asks Russia not to close her space
          The US will pay Russia $ 70.7 million for every Soyuz missile flight the US needs, Fox News reported. This happened against the backdrop of statements by US President Barack Obama about plans to toughen sanctions against the Russian Federation for its actions in Ukraine and Crimea.

          While politicians argue about the fight against the Russian Federation, NASA claims that the policy "does not affect" the "long-term relationship" with Roscosmos - neither in terms of the withdrawal of US satellites and the delivery of American cargo, nor in the ISS project, nor in the plans for powered flights
          (cited in part)

          From the editor of Polit online: Sanctions, say? But if the Russian Federation refuses to work with NASA (despite the fact that the volume of private launches does not provide the American space program even by a quarter) - for the USA, in fact, the window in space will close. Moreover, all (!) Rocket engines on all of NASA’s own civilian carriers are designed and made in KB them. Khrunicheva. So, thinking about sanctions or threatening them with the USA, one should not forget that one really wrong move - and America can only nostalize about space for the next 10 years,

          Actually, it has long been noticed: if you pound yourself on the chest with a heel for a long time, those around you will start throwing coins at the cap and applaud, considering the event as a circus attraction.

          Source -
      2. wulf66
        wulf66 27 March 2014 11: 30
        "It's bad to have an Englishman as an enemy
        But even worse - to have him as a friend ... "

        General A.E. Vandam
        Russian volunteer
        Member of the Boer War.
    2. StolzSS
      StolzSS 27 March 2014 22: 16
      Yes, in general, you need to walk around the rink to the west and burn them in the flame of a civil war ...
  2. mamont5
    mamont5 27 March 2014 08: 18
    May the West fear confrontation with us!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Rus2012
      Rus2012 27 March 2014 11: 00
      Quote: mamont5
      Do not worry much about lost relationships

      Should we be afraid of confrontation with the West?

      NOT! We are going east! Let the west run after us with his pants full of holes ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Aryan
        Aryan 27 March 2014 12: 50
        One of the most active skirmishers of this grand post-war operation was Britain. She actively participated in the creation, expansion and introduction of a single currency practically throughout the territory of Western and Central Europe. But she herself remained with her national currency.

        here recently flashed in the news,
        The UK will launch the most secure coin in the world in 2017, the local Treasury said. This is a one-pound metal banknote. They decided to issue it, as the old coin, which appeared more than 30 years ago, is increasingly faked.
        According to the British Treasury, now there are 45 million fake one-pound coins in circulation, which is about 3% of their total number. The new coin is faceted, it will be made of two-color metals using innovative protective technologies. On the front side, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is traditionally depicted, and the image of the reverse will be determined by the results of the competition
        Read more:

        which means that oh how not soon they are going to switch to evra hi
        Euro substitution? what
  3. Keeper
    Keeper 27 March 2014 08: 21
    The whole horror is that the West acts like a bloodsucker - without chopping off its head - sucks little by little and methodically!
    It’s difficult to deal with this, since it will be necessary for thieves to create thieves laws! So it’s not acceptable for ordinary people!
    Here either completely fence off the "Russian-Chinese wall", or force the whole world to shudder and settle from aplomb!
    One option is to make the ruble convertible through monetization interspersed with drag. metals! That is - so that it is really supported by the country's gold reserves!
    Thus we can kneel the whole world ...
    Is it worth it ?!
    Apparently the time has not come yet .... a strong bear is caught - has not yet woken up)))
    1. Weniamin
      Weniamin 27 March 2014 08: 49
      like a bloodsucker - without chopping off his head - sucks little by little and methodically

      I usually tick backside with something caustic smear and it falls off.
      1. skeptic
        skeptic 27 March 2014 09: 41
        Quote: Weniamin
        I usually tick backside with something caustic smear and it falls off.

        Is it like blocking all the accounts of NGOs in Russia (it would be ideal to create a reservation for all these amateur propagandists of the Western way of life), the transfer from dollar to ruble in calculations for oil and gas? Restoring machine tools and the development of self-sufficient agricultural?

        I AM FOR !!!!!!!!!!
        1. Native grandfather
          Native grandfather 27 March 2014 10: 19
          Quote: skeptic
          Is it like blocking all the accounts of NGOs in Russia (it would be ideal to create a reservation for all these amateur propagandists of the Western way of life), the transfer from dollar to ruble in calculations for oil and gas? Restoring machine tools and the development of self-sufficient agricultural?

          I AM FOR !!!!!!!!!!

          Forgot to add light industry.
      2. Vasyan1971
        Vasyan1971 27 March 2014 21: 15
        I'm afraid this ass is hardened by same-sex marriage. And in the light of "sadomaso" burning grease is only welcome. After all, this is still LUBRICATION ... So here we have to invent something else.
  4. Name
    Name 27 March 2014 08: 21
    In short, Russia should keep the Anglo-Saxons at a strike distance. It will be more beneficial for us.
    1. Flinky
      Flinky 27 March 2014 09: 06
      And better at a nuclear strike distance. For complete, so to speak, certainty. Naglosaksa must be destroyed.
      1. Sunjar
        Sunjar 27 March 2014 09: 47
        Do not worry, comrades. Akurat, after the accident in the Gulf of Mexico at the British petroleum oil producing station, an astronomical amount of oil spilled into the Ocean (by the way, the main fighters for nature didn’t shine there especially), and as many scientists say, this is slowly, and from a historical point of view, quickly warming the United States, England, and in many ways Europe’s warm Gulf Stream is cooling and generally stopping. Pay attention to unrealistically abnormal frosts both in the USA and in Europe. The same New York has frozen and icy for many years. Perhaps some scientists are still right. And do not drive bullshit, as it sometimes seems.

        In view of this, they themselves freeze there and rest. By the way, here they are eager for the Middle East. Partly, therefore, I am afraid.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  5. Lk17619
    Lk17619 27 March 2014 08: 26
    And in Britain there is no chance of any volcano? You can get there the second Pompeii and the world will breathe easier ...
    1. skeptic
      skeptic 27 March 2014 09: 43
      Quote: Lk17619
      And in Britain there is no chance of any volcano? You can get there the second Pompeii and the world will breathe easier ...

      Nooo. Better just Atlantis. What would then be a long, long search and not be able to find.
  6. Barakuda
    Barakuda 27 March 2014 08: 27
    "In the First World War, we were allies with them in the Entente"
    Of course, Europe (especially France) pissed that it would remain alone with Germany, and Rasputin begged the tsar not to join the war, for which he was killed. We did not need her. You look, and there would be no revolution.
  7. darksoul
    darksoul 27 March 2014 08: 29
    Just be careful not to go to the forest. But then it was impossible to look at this bespredel ogdeldelogo west it was impossible to come to our fence, so what? thought to take out a drink
  8. sscha
    sscha 27 March 2014 08: 30
    Pancake! And now I think: "Putin is holding a pause. Again. How many" roofs "have moved from the West?" laughing hi
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 27 March 2014 09: 39
      Quote: sscha
      "Putin is holding a pause. Again. How many rooftops have the West moved?"

      The famous MKHAT pauses have always greatly impressed the audience of the West! lol
  9. wasps
    wasps 27 March 2014 08: 30
    article plus ... certainly!
  10. zzz
    zzz 27 March 2014 08: 32
    The main enemy of Russia is the Anglo-Saxons with its queen - Masons, with a crown on their heads.
    1. ddmm09
      ddmm09 27 March 2014 08: 40
      Until we swarm England with zvizdyuley all this backstage squabble will continue from century to century. But in reality they are behind the scenes of the Anglo-Saxons - from Israel who, all troubles - are their work.
    2. inkass_98
      inkass_98 27 March 2014 10: 54
      I never tire of quoting one of our main "friends" - Lord Palmerston (19th century): "How hard it is to live in the world when no one is at war with Russia." That's their whole centuries-old policy towards Russia.
  11. Afinogen
    Afinogen 27 March 2014 08: 42
    Our cause is just.
  12. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 27 March 2014 08: 48
    Article +, succinctly and to the point. At the expense of the confrontation with the West, so lately, we have been fighting for them. Russia will never be the same as it was before. Enough to obey, and Europe itself is suffocating. In Germany, Turks, in France come from Africa, etc. There will not be and will not be that Europe, as well as Ukraine ... Sadly, but true! IMHO.
  13. polly
    polly 27 March 2014 09: 02
    "Most citizens choose confrontation."Well, there's really nowhere to go. Because if you are not a moral monster and do not like vile hypocrisy, then you have no other choice but to join this majority!
  14. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 27 March 2014 09: 02
    "How does the recently adopted law on same-sex marriage fit into this conservatism? Or has this institution been characteristic of British conservatism for a long time? .."
    Not "long ago", but "initially" ... have you ever read about their aristocratic "schools for boys"? They just "came out of the shadows".
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 27 March 2014 14: 27
      Quote: Dragon-y
      "How does the recently adopted law on same-sex marriage fit into this conservatism?"

      Yesterday I heard on the radio that in Britain, Sharia law was adopted for judicial proceedings in relations between Muslims.
  15. Gagarin
    Gagarin 27 March 2014 09: 06
    I will join the comments.
    (the chuuu point is overloaded for me)
    1. nikkor
      nikkor 27 March 2014 20: 05
      better overload than underload, the article is excellent.
  16. Flinky
    Flinky 27 March 2014 09: 08
    Better confrontation than "friendship" of the last 20 years.
  17. Good_Taxist
    Good_Taxist 27 March 2014 09: 15
    Quote: Keeper
    The whole horror is that the West acts like a bloodsucker - without chopping off its head - sucks little by little and methodically!

    Rather, the attitude of the West to the “non-West” is characterized by the history of animals in the Danish kingdom (zoo), the same principle of “natural selection” was applied to the “non-Aryans” by fascist Germany.
  18. Michael KG
    Michael KG 27 March 2014 09: 17
    I fully support the opinion of the author of the article, war is war, but in any case, you need to be on the side of the truth. And more lies give rise to an even greater lie, which ultimately simply sinks the one who gave birth to this lie.
  19. Ilja 22
    Ilja 22 27 March 2014 09: 18
    These cowardly hypocrites always need to be kept in fear, otherwise they will do things like they didn’t do it once! They smile all over their huge mouth and cross their fingers behind their backs
  20. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 27 March 2014 09: 27
    from the Don.
    I hope that the behavior of GDP will coincide with the opinion of users of this site! laughing
    1. nikkor
      nikkor 27 March 2014 20: 07
      from Kiev
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      I hope that the behavior of GDP will coincide with the opinion of users of this site!
  21. andrey682006
    andrey682006 27 March 2014 09: 29
    I am not a big fan of Lenin. Rather, the opposite. But we must give him his due - he was a pragmatist. And one of his slogans is more suitable than ever for the current relations between Russia and the West. “Neither peace nor war!” And let their "roof go down" from our silence there.

    Lenin? "No peace, no war" - said Trotsky.
  22. Gvozdovsky
    Gvozdovsky 27 March 2014 09: 45
    Great article! Naglosaksa all the time striving to destroy Russia as a power. By any means, at any opportunity. In light of this, I consider it most important to bring as much reliable information to our fellow citizens as possible, especially in our history. Knowledge of the history of their homeland gives a person an understanding of the essence of events in the past, present, and allows you to go in the right direction in the future. It is necessary to fight the attempts of our enemies to slander the history of Russia, our history. Block any attempts to stuff false information. Truth must always withstand lies. It is necessary to purge the liberal-selling public from all spheres of education so that they cannot shit in the grave of our young generation. Nikolay Starikov, one of the leaders of the Air Defense Party, mentioned by the author, is moving in this direction. A true patriot, politician and writer - his books help to understand all the intricacies of politics, economics, history. Recommend.
  23. RONIN-HS
    RONIN-HS 27 March 2014 09: 48
    Quote: vespe
    article plus ... certainly!

    I do not agree that "definitely" ... No.
    The author calmly projects the concepts of the 21 century into the past and makes generalizations on very separate facts.
    First, on the eve of WW-II, there was no concept of "tolerance" - there was a confrontation between two political systems (communism - capitalism) and the seizure of territories of weaker countries. All contradictions in the 30s were resolved by war, this was a common practice (the war in Abyssinia, Greece, the same war in Spain, Korea and China).
    Secondly, every political or military event has hundreds of reasons and hidden planned and actually received goals (results). Which are hidden one after another like nesting dolls, so getting to the bottom of the truth is almost a hopeless matter. Until now, England has not yet opened all the military archives.
    Thirdly, one should not so easily discount the mentality of the peoples, they say, the rulers are bad, and the people are white and fluffy. My father-in-law during WW-II was in captivity in the mines of Lorraine, four escapes, all unsuccessful. The Poles and French surrendered the fugitives, and the Germans fed them. And he said that after the liberation of the camp by the allies, the most "proud" were precisely the British, and it was the soldiers, the rank and file. The fact that "The Englishwoman crap" does not require proof. But the author never gave an assessment of why one should not fear confrontation. Did he persuade himself ...?
    One thing to remember - WE COLLECT YOUR LAND AND OUR PEOPLE. And we poh.end.hokhu who have any opinions, and whom we should be wary of. We protect our - born to crawl - LEAVE THE TAKEOFF !!! good
  24. pensioner
    pensioner 27 March 2014 09: 55
    Should we be afraid of confrontation with the West?
    Fear is definitely worth it. But you cannot be afraid !! By fear, I mean a thorough analysis of the possible negative consequences for the Russian economy that may arise as a result of confrontation.
  25. parusnik
    parusnik 27 March 2014 10: 12
    “Neither peace nor war!” This is L.D. Trotsky ..
  26. igorra
    igorra 27 March 2014 10: 21
    Put a minus, the author struggled, struggled, to say that the Jews have truly ruled London since the 17th century, did not dare, it seems very politically correct. See who owns the oldest banks in Europe. And the Military Honor in my opinion remained only with the Russian Army.
    1. Sars
      Sars 27 March 2014 11: 07
      Absolutely right! Who is Anglo-Saxon with us? Obama Dad is a Negro, mom is a Jew.
      In England, there are no Anglo-Saxons in power. And in America, in France or in Switzerland, all the more so.
    2. Sars
      Sars 27 March 2014 11: 07
      Absolutely right! Who is Anglo-Saxon with us? Obama Dad is a Negro, mom is a Jew.
      In England, there are no Anglo-Saxons in power. And in America, in France or in Switzerland, all the more so.
  27. gsg955
    gsg955 27 March 2014 11: 36
    Anglo-Saxons also rule Washington typography.
  28. 1536
    1536 27 March 2014 11: 36
    Let's remember the story.
    This is what happened in the Crimea in the 4th century. "On October 1853, 1, Turkey declared war on Russia. In turn, Russia on November 1853, XNUMX declared war on Turkey.
    England and France, closely monitoring military events and not wanting to allow the strengthening and domination of Russia in the Black Sea, on February 28 1854 concluded a military alliance with Turkey against Russia. 1 March March, Russia was presented with an ultimatum on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Danube principalities. Having received a negative answer, England and France declared war on Russia on March 15.
    The military operations in 1854 began with sabotage of the English fleet in the Baltic, in the White Sea, in the Pacific Ocean and the preparation of an assault in the Crimea.
    On September 12, 1854, an Anglo-French army of 62 thousand people with 134 guns landed in the Crimea, near Evpatoria - Sak, and took the direction of Sevastopol. "
    As the German philosopher Hegel said, "history repeats itself twice." The time is different, but the actions of our "partners" as a whole have always been the same. With the stubbornness of donkeys they burst and burst in one place - in the Crimea and the Caucasus. After the Crimean War, the reforms of Tsar Alexander II were carried out, serfdom was abolished. By the 1870s, Russia had become the strongest state in Europe. And already in the XNUMXth century. Russia's dependence on the "Western countries" was much greater than it is now, and the people had less strength and knowledge. But they survived. I'm not for war, God forbid! But the West must not let down its sanctions. We have to answer, work ahead of the curve. I am sure that only political will is needed for this. The overwhelmed coalition led by an African American must be stopped.
  29. Janus
    Janus 27 March 2014 11: 40
    It will be so beautiful ...
  30. VeteranS
    VeteranS 27 March 2014 11: 41
    Anglo-Saxons (USA + Great Britain) have always played speckled cards on the world stage, this is a world-wide cheater, one of the most polite and most important people in our country caught them by the hand in Ukraine .. because there is so much stench from Bardak Obama and the European Union ... who wants to admit that you are a crook and a thief.
    The obvious truth is behind us, and even our friends not overseas and in Europe, but just reasonable people, already recognize this.
    God save Russia and Holy Russia!
  31. Selevc
    Selevc 27 March 2014 12: 11
    The West constantly hits the vulnerable points of Russia and Russia until recently was silent ... Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia and now Crimea - this is all as Bzezhinsky once said "The soft underbelly of Russia" ... By the way, the paradox of the last 20 years - even obvious enemies about us speak more truth than the so-called "own media" ... Then a logical question arises - And who are our own?

    A very curious situation developed in Georgia ... At one time, a man flew there - an obvious Western puppet and he did not even hide it ... At one time, his overseas friends-mentors "came" to power ... During two presidential terms this man did not really remember anything - except for the nervous chewing of his own tie and some medieval Russophobic slogans !!! Then, without even finishing his second presidential term, he again fled to America - where he now lives ...
    If there are people from the Caucasus on the site, explain to me: Is it so in the Caucasus? Is Saakashvili Georgian or American? Or maybe he is already a Bandera? :)))
  32. Stinger
    Stinger 27 March 2014 12: 19
    And what to fear? We didn’t get out of the confrontation.
  33. falcon
    falcon 27 March 2014 12: 23
    Article +. The only thing, the phrase "No war, no peace" sounds like this: "No war, no peace,
    and disband the army! "And it belongs to Lev Davidovich Trotsky (Bronstein) on the issue
    the conclusion of a separate peace with Germany in 1918. IN AND. Lenin just demanded a peace
    at any cost.
  34. La xnumx
    La xnumx 27 March 2014 12: 25
    Anglo-Saxons - a cancerous tumor of the planet.
  35. The comment was deleted.
  36. igor-pchelkin
    igor-pchelkin 27 March 2014 13: 23
    Friends, who is behind the Anglo-Saxons? Read the Torah and its Christian counterpart - the Old Testament. The Anglo-Saxons behave as it is written in the Torah. And whose Torah is the book? Right. And who is behind the Jews? God. And who is this? And Jesus told us - who. "Your Father is the Devil." That's who you need to wet!
  37. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 27 March 2014 13: 24
    The author is right about the Anglo-Saxons. They always wove intrigues against Russia, no matter what the regime was. As one of the members of the forum noted, Jews are to blame for many troubles. Of course, the descendants of the Levites tried a lot, but the Anglo-Saxons have it at the genetic level since ancient times, not only to the Russians, but also to the Slavs in general (everyone knows the last example of cruelty to Yugoslavia). Therefore, such a frenzied reaction in the Crimea from the United States (not only for the fact that they took away "prrrelest", but the Russians are generally to blame angry )
    The author is wrong when he ascribed to Lenin the slogan: "no peace, no war." This is Trotsky's slogan, and Lenin's: "Peace at any cost!" I think if you have a negative attitude towards the communists, then you should at least know why, and not pay tribute to the fashion declared by the militant liberals. And the rest of the article plus, the logic is true.
  38. Cossacks
    Cossacks 27 March 2014 13: 27
    I read the article with great pleasure, there’s nothing to add, except it parses the curiosity about the orientation of the set cons. Although I have some idea, but I will not offend.
  39. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 27 March 2014 13: 57
    For all the dirty tricks, for all the evil created by England over the centuries, we had to put these islands under water for a long time. Yes, we are so angry and bloodthirsty, don’t bother us more whole.
  40. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 27 March 2014 14: 03
    I completely agree with the opinion of the author. A normal article giving a general outline of the relationship of limes, the Yankees and others like them in relation to Russia.
  41. ken
    ken 27 March 2014 14: 19
    Is there any fear of confrontation with the West? So she always was, just until recently, she was veiled, but now the west is showing its true face. More similar to a pack of jackals led by a lion, but as you know a stronger lion replaces the leader of the pack
  42. serge
    serge 27 March 2014 14: 43
    You looked east for hundreds of years
    Digging and melting our pearls
    And you, mocking, counted only the term,
    When to train cannon vents!

    (Alexander Blok)
  43. Zomanus
    Zomanus 27 March 2014 15: 38
    Until recently (in historical terms) Russia was a kind of Slopock. Yes, we are a strong country, we are a developed country. We are an honest and fair country. But with us it was constantly played with marked cards. Always. And we paid the debts in full. Resources or people. And now we have learned to force to follow the rules. And they learned to play as masterly. We do it not with shells and missiles, but with policies and treaties. And this Izuit practice needs to be expanded and deepened. Yes, missiles, planes and tanks are still at the ready. But the game is at the diplomacy level.
  44. mainu
    mainu 28 March 2014 01: 29
    The author with all the power of his pen attacked the Anglo-Saxons, moreover, dumping the Angles, the Saxons, the Americans and the British into a heap. Although, based on historical experience, we should not even come close to our "brothers-Slavs" who only betrayed us. But we fought directly with the British only in the era of Disraeli, whose nationality should not be mentioned by nightfall and also because of the Crimea.
    In Antwerp, my neighbor, an Englishman, speaking of the Russians, said: "They were heroes," meaning the Great Patriotic War.