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Your training manual is outdated

Your training manual is outdated

The ideological Internet battles around Ukraine did not begin yesterday. They have their history and its dynamics. Watching how the nonrossia homunculus grows year after year can be a very exciting sight. Not once or twice he recalled Stanislav Lem's Thirteenth Journey of Yon the Quiet. But, as a person who has been studying the phenomenon of svidomism for quite a long time, I must warn you: you should get pleasure in high rubber boots and gas masks. Sometimes there is such an amber ... Sort of intellectual diggery, you know.

Without going into unnecessary details, I will note that the ideological struggle around Ukraine went through the following stages: 1) ideological discussions; 2) ideological stamps; 3) trolling; 4) attacking whoops; 5) screech of frustration. That is, from year to year discussions on Ukrainian websites consistently reduce the intellectual component in favor of an uncontrolled release of emotions. Ask how this can be? Very simple.

Freedom fighters - pravdoruby with Galitsayschiny - fighting not with specific people, but with some kind of virtual image created by the Cunning Enemy. This is the image of the ideal enemy. And the ideal enemy is this: he is stupid, cowardly, not educated, lacking initiative, prone to suicide, wakes up and falls asleep with the name of Putin on his lips. He stole from his neighbors territory, history, industry, space, religion, science, language, writing and culture, in short - everything. He even villainously changed his genetic code from Finnish to Slavic by decree of Peter 1 in 1721. Such an insignificant and worthless enemy is doomed to defeat.

Ideologically and morally, the Treacherous Enemy has long been destroyed. The fact that we see the last 300 years is agony, and Russia itself will inevitably fall into gangster enclaves in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. However, there may be options. One of my favorite prophets last fall once again shifted the forecast from 2015 to 2017.

In short, the enemy of separatist Ukraine got obviously weak. Svidomity all say so. And what intellectual discussions can be with such an insignificant enemy? The depth of the discussions is drastically reduced by the fact that the young generation of independent “ukrovs” is entering the warpath, catastrophically losing in intelligence and erudition to their fathers, who received a totalitarian education in the USSR.

If you start reading books, then there will be no special time for skirmishes on the Internet. On the other hand, deep knowledge is not only unnecessary for quarrels, they are even harmful.

And here on the agenda come homework, brief in content, but capacious in meaning - a sort of cheat sheet on a given topic. I will not describe anything, the topic is well known to all. Experienced Internet fighters are well aware that, using a set of clichés, it is impossible in principle to lose the intellectual discussion, because in such a discussion there is no intelligence.

In those cases when certain cliches become too widespread and take possession of the masses, we can no longer talk about folk art. This is the purposeful activity of specially trained citizens in fooling the population. And this, in turn, implies a certain methodology and, accordingly, the presence of guidelines for agitators-propagandists, not sufficiently savvy to compile coherent texts.

In those cases when it is possible to dissolve such an exposer of imperialism into an abstract exchange of opinions, while using the inconvenient ideas of Ukrainians for facts from history, geography and economics, the discussion usually turns off and the common phrase goes: “Your training manual is outdated”.
After these words, the Russian Soul-Eater is considered humiliated morally and destroyed intellectually, his despicable essence is exposed, and the place of work (KGB) is revealed.

That is, an independent disputant a priori assumes that the opponent does not use his own knowledge gained over many years, but uses pre-prepared text written by Natemost himself.

I have repeatedly tried to find out what is this outstanding training manual such and where it can be seen at least one eye? And in general, what is it? Most often, in response, I receive contempt silence. And sometimes they arrogantly advise - ask your chief.

I asked my wife, but she does not know anything about the manuals.

The question is, why is the pravdorub so sure of the availability of the manuals for Russians? Isn’t it because he himself has such a training manual in his hands and doesn’t imagine that someone can give reasoned thoughts just like that, impromptu?

The words about the manuals would probably have remained a brilliant polemical trick, laying on both shoulder blades of any Russian, envious of Ukrainian freedom and democracy, but some time ago, vigilant comrades found something and presented it to the general public.

Very, very good training manual, taken from a very, very reliable source. It is absolutely universal for both Ukraine and the Russian progressive public. A good manual has only one flaw. It is not written for us, and we are unlikely to use it. But I still suggest to read. Many will easily recognize the arguments with which agents of the Forces of Good constantly operate.

Explanations on the situation in Ukraine (March 4 2014)

Statement: The opposition has violated the agreement concluded with Yanukovych 21 February.

Answer: within the framework of this agreement, the Rada adopted a law on the return of Ukraine to the Constitution of 2004. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych had 24 hours to sign this law, after which the protesters had to release a number of government buildings and take other steps to reduce tensions. Instead of signing, Yanukovych left Kiev and disappeared. It was Yanukovych who failed to comply with the February 21 agreement. The party of Yanukovych also went further, voting for the law to remove him from office and approving the new government.

Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN Power: "It was Yanukovych who violated the terms of this agreement, having left Kiev, and then Ukraine."

The statement: the government of Ukraine is illegitimate or does not represent the people of Ukraine.

Answer: The new government was approved by the Ukrainian parliament (Rada) 371 with votes in favor, that is, by an overwhelming majority, with the support of all political parties, with the exception of the communists. Even the Yanukovych Party of Regions voted for the new government literally in a few days after its disappearance. Although the Party of Regions is not represented in the current government, it was a political decision and it does not indicate a lack of support for government policies. In fact, almost all laws passed by parliament after Yanukovych’s departure enjoy the support of the majority of the Party of Regions.

Affirmation: Rada is under the influence of extremists or terrorists.

Answer: Rada is the most representative institution of power in Ukraine, and recent laws were passed by an overwhelming majority, including from representatives of Eastern Ukraine.

Adoption: on the streets of Kiev is dangerous.

Answer: since the security forces were allotted ten days ago and a new government was approved, calm was established in Kiev. According to the Ukrainian press and other media, there is no surge of crime, looting and settling of accounts with political opponents in the city.

The statement: in Ukraine there is a humanitarian crisis, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia and seeking asylum.

Answer: we do not see any evidence of this. The best way to prevent such a crisis is to stop all provocative actions and allow observers into the region to monitor the situation and reduce tensions.

The State Border Service of Ukraine: “The migration of Ukrainians remains at about the same level as it was a week ago, two years ago, and three years ago” ( -rossiyu-net-pogranichniki.html).

Adoption: ethnic Russian is in danger.

Answer: there are no confirmed reports that any of the ethnic Russians are threatened; there are only statements about this in the Russian press and on Russian state television. From the very beginning, the new Ukrainian government has made peace a priority and reconciliation a priority. And about. President Turchinov refused to sign a law restricting the use of the Russian language at the regional level. The United States and other countries, including those from the EU, welcomed this approach of the Ukrainian government.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Power: “There is no evidence that ethnic Russians are in danger. On the contrary, the new Ukrainian government pays priority attention to reconciliation in the country and the participation of all political forces in its life. President Turchinov - Acting President - clearly stated his rejection of any restrictions on the use of the Russian language. ”

Under Secretary Nuland: “The OSCE has the tools to resolve any legitimate concerns about local security, respect for minority rights and preparing for a democratic transition to free and fair elections.”

Zhanbolat Usenov, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan: “Kazakhstan calls on all parties to abandon options that imply the use of force and to exert maximum political efforts to resolve the crisis through negotiations.”

Statement: Russian bases are under threat.

Answer: Russian military facilities were and remain safe, and the new Ukrainian authorities pledged to abide by all applicable international agreements, including those relating to Russian bases.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Power: “The main question is whether the recent change of government in Ukraine poses a danger to Russia's legitimate interests to such an extent that it justifies its military intervention, the seizure of public institutions and the deployment of military ultimatums to parts of the Ukrainian army. The answer is of course not. ”

Statement: Kiev is trying to destabilize the Crimea.

Answer: on the contrary, it was the Russian military who were withdrawn from their places of deployment in order to seize the authorities and infrastructure of the Crimea. The government of Ukraine, in contrast, acts with restraint and seeks dialogue. The authorities in Kiev immediately decided to send to the Crimea the acting head. Defense Minister to defuse the situation. Later, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Petro Poroshenko, who had arrived from Kiev, was not allowed into the building of the Crimean Rada for negotiations.

The statement: there were mass attacks on churches in Eastern Ukraine.

Answer: we see no evidence of this. All religious leaders of Ukraine, including representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, spoke in support of the new political power, calling for national unity and healing.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Power: “There is no evidence, for example, that churches in Eastern Ukraine are being or are being attacked; such charges are not substantiated. ”

Eight Ukrainian churches and religious organizations appealed for peace and against foreign aggression; their letter is posted on the website of the Institute for Religious Freedom of Ukraine: In it, they "call on the Russian authorities to stop the aggression against Ukraine and immediately withdraw the Russian troops from the Ukrainian land." This letter was signed by representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic churches, other Christian denominations, as well as Jewish and Muslim religions.

Statement: Crimean Prime Minister called on Russia to intervene.

Answer: international law does not provide for the use of force in response to the call of regional authorities. In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, only the Ukrainian Rada can allow the presence of foreign troops on the territory of Ukraine. Sergei Aksenov’s appeal to President Putin to ensure “peace and tranquility” in the Crimea was a cynical gesture leading to destabilization.

Statement: Russia acts in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship between Ukraine and the Russian Federation 1997 of the year.

Answer: The 1997 Agreement of the Year requires Russia to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The military actions of Russia in Ukraine are a clear violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Under Secretary Nuland: “We believe that Russia's actions in Ukraine are [..] a violation of its obligations undertaken in Helsinki, as well as its duties as a UN member.”

The leaders of the G-7 countries: Russia's military actions are "a violation of Russia's obligations in accordance with the UN Charter and its agreement with Ukraine on the 1997 military bases of the year."

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Qin Gang: “We respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” (

PS The only request. Clicking on the plus or minus, think: do you rate my article or “their” training manual?
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  1. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 17 March 2014 09: 32
    It is enough to go to the Censor and feel yourself among Svidomo wassat They invent news for themselves, discuss it themselves and absolutely everyone considers themselves at the forefront with m ... mi
    From there:
    Unfinished scoops! They want to join
    Russian garbage dump - Novodvorskaya. VIDEO 24784 383
    01: 07Today the fate of the EU sanctions against Russia will be decided
    14726 206
    00: 46Thousands of people in London marched against
    Putin's aggression. PHOTO 11583 177
    00: 40The status of Crimea can be determined in The Hague, -
    US Federal Judge 19411

    Here the classics can help:

    "X ... the cold will remain x ... trash
    Though you let him in Europe
    Where to act with the mind,
    He only annoys f * ck.

    And that is why in Russia
    Bequeathed as much by Monomakh:
    "Contact God forbid!
    With three - g (w) id, x ... crap and lyakhom. "

    Insidious (g) id, although blind;
    Puffy Lyakh - worse than bl ** and,
    X ... the hall - eat bread with you,
    And then shit in your soup "(c).

    "Khokhly" T.G. Shevchenko 1851

    After bringing this argument banyat immediately wassat
    1. I do not care
      I do not care 17 March 2014 09: 36
      Quote: tumbleweed
      They make up news for themselves, discuss it themselves
      1. asar
        asar 17 March 2014 10: 18
        well, just BEAUTY wassat !!!
      2. vinc
        vinc 17 March 2014 10: 42
        Gadia Petrovich Khrenova
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Samaritan
      Samaritan 17 March 2014 09: 41
      Just returned from the echo ... The accession of the Crimea is very bad, we will each pay out of pocket for their happiness!
      ... Here's a training manual ...
      I would kill the goats !!!
      1. asar
        asar 17 March 2014 10: 22
        Crimea - initially - the territory of RUSSIA !!! But the echo in the Russian space is not heard! awww! awww! no echo! See from his stupidity stalled! AUU !!! he is not here!!! laughing
        1. Andrey78
          Andrey78 17 March 2014 11: 14
          "Lieutenant Rzhevsky came out on the porch in the morning and said:
          - What a beauty !!!
          And the echo in response is mother-mother-mother "
          and on "Echo of Moscow"
      2. Duke
        Duke 17 March 2014 10: 36
        We have common happiness with Crimea!
      3. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 17 March 2014 12: 04
        I agree with you I go as in the trash
      4. avg
        avg 17 March 2014 12: 55
        Quote: Samaritan
        Joining the Crimea is very bad, we will each pay out of pocket for their happiness!

        Of course it's a shame. Only Uncle Sam gave a little to his pocket, and here to help Crimeans. This is unbearable ... crying
      5. 2front
        2front 17 March 2014 13: 03
        The accession of the Crimea is very bad? Don’t tell me funny !!! they also put it to him)) PPC is simple .. You will pay a lot from your pocket?
    3. m262
      m262 17 March 2014 10: 44
      Thanks for the verses, the classic looked into the water hi
    4. Vedmed_23
      Vedmed_23 17 March 2014 12: 17
      I went to Censor, Pichal, the site of real banderlogs.
    5. Angro Magno
      17 March 2014 18: 50
      Quote: tumbleweed
      After bringing this argument banyat immediately

      They are also immediately banned for the phrase: "Satisfied with hysteria of puppies."
  2. ZU-23
    ZU-23 17 March 2014 09: 36
    As someone said the other day from politicians that in essence then America could be considered not independent, since they wanted independence from England, especially since they were in general a colony of England.
    1. asar
      asar 17 March 2014 10: 25
      and from amers want "otpochkovatsya" and Texas and California !!! here it will be a laugh! and if they send a message to the council of the federation of the Russian Federation - we want, they say, to you! what will washington do ?! and a mess of bangs ?!
      1. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis 17 March 2014 12: 10
        To Russia or not, they can take advantage of the Crimean precedent.
  3. Gagarin
    Gagarin 17 March 2014 09: 36
    Sorry, but the article seemed too abstruse.
  4. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 17 March 2014 09: 37
    Advice to the author of the article: show your position more clearly. Do not show "their manual" in the bulk of your text, otherwise it (this manual) goes like your opinion. Then you will not need to write:
    PS The only request. Clicking on the plus or minus, think: do you rate my article or “their” training manual?
  5. mabuta
    mabuta 17 March 2014 09: 40
    There’s a video in YouTube on how youngsters are taught to wage a blogging war for money. But it’s really outdated. Immunity appeared on these venal dead ends in our society.http: //
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 17 March 2014 09: 40
    I can push such methodologies as much as my imagination allows (and on any topic) ... but in general this is all informational garbage that has nothing to do with real politics.
    1. Alexanderrr
      Alexanderrr 17 March 2014 12: 20
      Quote: The same Lech
      I can push such methodologies as much as my imagination allows (and on any topic) ... but in general this is all informational garbage that has nothing to do with real politics.

      In fact of the matter. About that and the speech in the article
  7. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 17 March 2014 09: 41
    I ask one zombie right-wing maydaun if they tried to work with the goal of raising their standard of living. The answer killed: you bought and ruined everything through your oligarchs to annoy us.)
    1. Egor-dis
      Egor-dis 17 March 2014 12: 17
      Believe it or not, I asked almost the same question: "Why, instead of working across Europe, did they not raise their own production and local economy?" The answer was: "It's not your k.a-ts.a-pskoe business where we work, go to the plant to your Akhmetov for a penny to work"
  8. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 17 March 2014 09: 42
    In my opinion: There is too much emphasis on Western and pro-Western trolling. For a long time there are all the dots above the "I" in this issue, "who, how, why and why" !!! Why "eh once again" endure it? There is a strong impression about the other side of this question, which is served under a "truly light sauce".
    1. Kizhich
      Kizhich 17 March 2014 12: 05
      Good afternoon! You know, to some extent I agree with you! You know, it seems to me that for us, the participants of this forum, this is obvious, but unfortunately, mostly we are over 30, and why? Because they were brought up by the old ideology (in a good way!), There are well-established views and experience in life! BUT! Let's take a look at our young and growing generation! And now, let's pay attention that on the other side there is exactly the same, intoxicated young generation, and its emphasis is on the young! Unfortunately, remember, we rarely listened to parents and elders! What am I for! Returning to the theme I have been hackneyed of creating a special propaganda body (call what you want a ministry, agency, etc.)! The state SHOULD have such a policy and, fortunately, it has already been realized, but unfortunately it is not enough, and so far, in my opinion, it is somehow chaotic! Example, Kiselev! Yes, well done, how many howling Svidomites has risen! But, unfortunately, most of the younger generation do not watch his programs! And for this, the so-called "manuals" are needed in the networks, where it would be clear, maybe in pictures, comics, etc., and the position of the state and propaganda was conveyed, and was not a private product, which I think the author wanted to convey ! A plus for him!
  9. Good
    Good 17 March 2014 09: 43
    Appreciated the article, not the manual. The "hot" guys from Western Ukraine did not come up with an enemy in the person of the Russians, who are blamed for all their failures. If they got shit, the Russians are to blame, there is nothing - the Russians are to blame ... In 1992, they said that Ukraine was a breadbasket and fed the entire Soviet Union, and after a couple of decades they accused that the Russians were to blame for the fact that this was not so.
    1. Kuvabatake
      Kuvabatake 17 March 2014 10: 44
      It is not a matter of the mind, but of a desire to work. How well you just lie and slaves you impose ...
  10. Iron Mike
    Iron Mike 17 March 2014 09: 45
    Now the Russia-Nerossia confrontation has become a global issue. We have practically no allies, except perhaps the Serb brothers and a little sympathy in the world. The West, as you know, needs only one thing from Russia - that it does not exist. And, as this does not sound pathetic, if the Russians in Russia do not unite, then everything is a khan. We need, brothers, to stop barking at all nonsense, only this is what our enemies need. After all, their task is to drive a wedge between the Russians, divide them, undermine Russia, and then destroy them. Ukraine is only the beginning. God forbid!
    1. sssla
      sssla 17 March 2014 10: 30
      Quote: Iron Mike
      We have practically no allies, except the Serb brothers

      Cool! laughing I laugh and cry but not from the Serbs, but you are "smart" Only they and nobody else! Oh, how are the Russians themselves in the CIS countries already on the sidelines? Oh yes, they didn’t come in your opinion- and few sympathizers in the worldNude Nude)
      1. Iron Mike
        Iron Mike 17 March 2014 12: 04
        This does not concern you; I had in mind the Russians. And YOU bark further.
        1. sssla
          sssla 17 March 2014 22: 25
          Quote: Iron Mike
          It doesn’t concern you. I had in mind Russian

          Misha Zolotse, I’m just Russian overseas)))
          Quote: Iron Mike
          And YOU bark further.
          Well, for this I will tell you personally that I respect the dogs because they are loyal to their member of the pack, even if it is a human. So it’s better to bark according to you than to rush your inner slops in the form of opuses about Ukrainians and ukrov All the best inexpensive "our" friend) )))))
      2. The comment was deleted.
  11. major071
    major071 17 March 2014 09: 45
    I put the article a plus. Very interesting manual, thanks to the author. But even without it, on Ukrainian sites, you can safely refute all sorts of speculations of Western trolls. The main thing is calmness and calmness again, but of course you still have to be literate and understand reality. Arguments are unbreakable, they can only scream and curse, to which one can calmly say: what, they say, there is nothing to say ?! "True, all this ends with a ban, but what moral satisfaction! the most important thing is RIGHT! wink
  12. NOMADE
    NOMADE 17 March 2014 09: 49
    I saw somewhere, a manual in a more "expanded form")) I wonder how much they sell their homeland?
    In China, there is a service, but it is on the side of the state, which is engaged in work in support of the interests of the state, both within the Internet space of China and beyond. They were nicknamed "50 cent troops" because the cost of 1 message is 50 cents.
    1. Angro Magno
      17 March 2014 18: 52
      Quote: NOMADE
      I saw somewhere, a manual in a more "expanded form"))

      This is the whole training manual. Downloaded entirely from the site of the American Embassy. See link.
  13. svp67
    svp67 17 March 2014 10: 06
  14. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 17 March 2014 10: 09
    Less to medical students and other nonsense. One thing is enough for me - snipers shooting indiscriminately at all and five billion American papers invested by America itself in Ukrainian democracy. And it’s better for Europeans to shut up about some kind of democracy and freedom. Because it already begins to enrage.
    And as for the training manuals: America and the United Kingdom have committed themselves not to use in any cases sanctions against Belarus when it renounces nuclear weapons. What do we see? We refused nuclear weapons, and they imposed sanctions on us above the roof. Morality? NEVER BELIEVE A FALSE BLUE ... M from Europe and the USA. NEVER!
    Forward Russia, crush this scum everywhere and always, because if not us them, then they us soldier
  15. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 17 March 2014 10: 15
    Probably SCIENTIFIC! And STUDENTS are still learning - there is enough material.
  16. Slavkovich
    Slavkovich 17 March 2014 10: 15
    For all their manuals and other crap there is a killer question: AND WHAT? It is checked that the matrix breaks completely, they forget about all their workpieces, or they banyat or switch to a language that is understandable to everyone.
  17. Stinger
    Stinger 17 March 2014 10: 21
    We had a similar experience. To all the uncomfortable questions of the opposition, one answer is "This is Surkov's propaganda"
  18. Old Cynic
    Old Cynic 17 March 2014 10: 25
    Domestic Ukraine, the will was shuffled ...
    Before us, in panoe, Share turned.
    Silently please us from Rosіy, like grow on Sontsy,
    Tіlki harі galіtsііskі looming in vіkontsi.

    Soul th tylo vidamo for Eurocredit ...
    Tilki pennies, so wait, pick up the bandits.

    Stanmo, brother, with cancer all the way to the European Union,
    Having cooked quietly, that p_dmivshi goose ...
    Do not beat my nikoli ni Donbas, nima Krima,
    Ta i i Kharkiv, i Odessa passed by.


    But the inveterate, pratsya schira is a veil-morgan ...
    Oh, that Europe was given to us - shlondra otsya drana!
    Oh, they didn’t hear the father’s eyes that evening,
    Not a kohanka took us to Europe, not a kohanka!


    Put it to them, I give. The new anthem of Ukraine.
  19. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 17 March 2014 10: 28
    1. Egor-dis
      Egor-dis 17 March 2014 12: 27
      Blood froze, alley
      On a stubborn lip.
      Hemingway Beard
      She fumbled in the crowd.

      The sun was slowly setting
      Above the cathedral in the distance.
      And the torsida diverged
      Forgetting the bull.
      Only a tourist is a brother from Pskov,
      Seen, the master of wet affairs -
      Suddenly he said: “Life is harsh ...
      Well, don’t bull - and you will be whole! ”

      Timur Shaov - Bullfight in Barcelona - Lyrics, listen to online
    2. polly
      polly 17 March 2014 12: 58
      Ashton is recognizable even with his mouth closed ... laughing
  20. TS3sta3
    TS3sta3 17 March 2014 10: 55
    The statement: there were mass attacks on churches in Eastern Ukraine.

    Answer: we do not see any evidence of this.

    This is not an answer. Here is the answer:

  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. SPLV
    SPLV 17 March 2014 11: 20

    Consonant with the Sodomites. Great find. Soon it will be possible to compile a dictionary of new words and expressions of the Russian language on the site. wink
  23. ed65b
    ed65b 17 March 2014 11: 35
    This is not a training manual, this is a conversation with the deaf. In life, everything is much more prosaic Svidomity do not refer to the abstruse speeches and statements of the United States and are happy. they are all easier. swearing mos.kali and all.
    1. Egor-dis
      Egor-dis 17 March 2014 12: 32
      Manuals have a place to be. They just exist for trolls of different levels. From the most stupid - these, just orcs, even read and write with difficulty, because they are trolling with demotivators alone. To quite serious, referring to the normative of Ukrainian and international law. Some of them even spit in Ukrainian.
  24. Weniamin
    Weniamin 17 March 2014 12: 05
    Oh, such a beautiful grenade! Insert it into the ass by the maydancers
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 17 March 2014 13: 26
      Quote: Weniamin
      Oh, such a beautiful grenade! Insert it into the ass by the maydancers

      What are we doing here on the site, saying TRUTH about what is happening. And I hope not unsuccessfully ...
  25. Alexanderrr
    Alexanderrr 17 March 2014 12: 17
    Quote: vladimirZ
    Advice to the author of the article: show your position more clearly. Do not show "their manual" in the bulk of your text, otherwise it (this manual) goes like your opinion. Then you will not need to write:
    PS The only request. Clicking on the plus or minus, think: do you rate my article or “their” training manual?

    A serious article is written with a fair amount of irony. Still clear!
  26. tokin1959
    tokin1959 17 March 2014 13: 19
    - Now how Obama will hush and the Way will calm down!
    - No.
    - Uuuuuuuuuu ...
    - Now, as the Americans impose sanctions, they will solve their own bureaucrats by Putin.
    - No.
    - Uuuuuuuuu ...
    - Right now, how the ruble gets fucked and Way with a bare backside will ask for alms.
    - No.
    - Oooo ...
    - Right now, as the American aircraft carrier is introduced and Putya will cry.
    - No.
    - Uuuuuuuu ...
    “Well, at least not an aircraft carrier.” Although the destroyer. Destroyers they are definitely scared ....
    - No.
    - Uuuuuu .....
    - Right now, Ukrainians will hit. Bandera hundreds will go to Crimea and Putin’s green men will run.
    - No.
    - Uuuuuu .....
    - Right now, Crimea will turn off water and light and Crimea itself will rebel against the Way.
    - No.
    - Oooo ...
    - Right now they will build a mosque for the Tatars, they will introduce multinationalism and to hell with you, and not the Russian Crimea.
    - No.
    - Oooo ...
    - Well, Caucasians, Caucasians will definitely come. Caucasians must come and build all. Green flags have already been seen in Crimea.
    - No.
    - Oooo ...
    “Well, at least let the plague hit them all.” Although the plague, Siberian pox for every fucking Putin's padded jacket from Raska ....
    - No.
    - Oooo ...
  27. fleks
    fleks 17 March 2014 14: 18
    specifically according to the training manual - someone would explain in detail what the answers were false - at first glance, the answers are streamlined and decent - the author should have given refuting facts and not presented this as an obvious lie
  28. ilya_82
    ilya_82 17 March 2014 16: 05
    Quote: fleks
    in detail, someone would explain what the answers are false - at first glance, the answers are streamlined and decent - the author should have given refuting facts and not presented this as an obvious lie

    so this is the essence of trolling, when black is presented as white and chat starts a discussion. then sensible people write: attention, troll, do not give in to provocation