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The book "Soldaten" dispels the myth of the nobility of an ordinary German soldier


In Germany, a book entitled “Soldaten” (“Soldiers”) is published, in which are presented excerpts of conversations of German prisoners of war recorded by the British special services.

The record was kept in a temporary prison camp that was located in Trent Park in north London. In the hope of obtaining important information, British intelligence agencies recorded some 13 000 conversations, the printout of which occupied the 150 000 pages. As a result, quite shocking conversations of German soldiers about how they killed defenseless people were recorded.

Here, for example, is an excerpt from a conversation between three Luftwaffe pilots: “I was over Ashford. There was a meeting on the market square - a lot of people, speeches, and stuff like that. They did not even have time to run up! It was so great! ”

The interviewer did not lag behind: “We attacked Eastbourne on a low-level flight. There was a big house where the ball was held. Many women in evening wear and orchestra. At first we just flew by. Then they turned around, and that's when I poddal them! Old man, THIS was great! ”

Here comes the third: “In the squadron I had a reputation as a professional sadist. I knocked everything down: buses, a civilian train in Folkestone ... I shot every cyclist. ”

It should be noted that similar sadism was demonstrated in general by the most ordinary Germans (however, one should not forget that the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, was the patrimony of Goering, the patented sadist; most likely, his personnel officers also selected them).

Here is another example, recalls one of the pilots who took part in the attack on Poland in 1939: “I had to destroy the station, but eight of the sixteen bombs hit the houses. I didn't like it at all. On the third day I didn’t care, but on the fourth day I started to like it. It was good before breakfast to hunt in the fields with a machine gun on the soldiers ... "

German historians Harald Welzer and Sonke Naytsel, who prepared the book for publication, found these records collecting archival materials about the underwater war. In addition to the stories of German pilots, the memories of German submariners and soldiers and officers from other units of the Third Reich also fell into their hands. Here is another passage - about the desire with which the soldiers of the Wehrmacht took part in the Holocaust: “An invitation came from the SS to shoot at Jews. Our whole company took guns and guns and killed them. Everyone could choose a goal to their liking. ”

For the sake of justice, it’s worth saying that there are others in the book stories. For example, about how a senior Wehrmacht officer with anger attacked a young lieutenant, who enthusiastically told about the rape of a Russian woman, who was then thrown with grenades. But such cases are more likely an exception to the rule. In general, the coming book dispels the myth of the nobility of an ordinary German, a simple soldier, not a member of the Hitler party, who for one reason or another was forced to go to the front.

Certainly the book coming out will cause in Germany, in whose public opinion the point of view of the Wehrmacht soldier was affirmed, like a wide resonance to the innocent victim of the Hitler regime. Although for many it will not become a German revelation. For example, in 1995, several experts organized a traveling exhibition on the role of the regular army in the Holocaust, but under a hail of accusations of falsifying history, they were forced to abandon the idea of ​​permanent exposure.

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  1. Vasya
    Vasya April 8 2011 12: 02
    As soon as I read the word "Holocaust", everything fell into place ... again the Jews are trolls. They spin their rotten myth with all their might.
    1. Alex
      Alex 7 May 2011 05: 18
      “We attacked Eastbourne on a low-level flight. There was a big house in which the ball was held. Many women in evening dresses and orchestra.
      ....... he saw everything through the walls and the roof .... clearly he was a batman ......
    2. Klibanophoros
      Klibanophoros 23 May 2012 23: 04
      It’s better to tell something like this to people whose relatives were killed in Babi Yar ... There were not only Jews, they were probably even a minority, mostly Russians, Ukrainians, Gypsies, prisoners of war ... Though the number on the head is comic ...
  2. Kolya
    Kolya April 8 2011 12: 12
    what kind of nobility can be discussed in wartime, the enemy is the enemy. yes, and if I were offered to shoot Jews, I do not think that I would refuse and then regretted what I had done.
  3. turnip
    turnip April 8 2011 13: 13
    a la ger com a la ger
  4. Brother
    Brother April 8 2011 16: 58
    In my opinion, there is nothing surprising in these data. As history shows, it is the unprincipled philistine majority that manifests itself in the war in the most inhuman way. Now quite non-partisan pilots fly over Libya, but I think they are not very worried about the bombs of civilians flying past their targets. After all, the life of a person from the third world is a real trifle compared to the life of a consumer of Western goods, put at the helm of an airplane.
    About the lohocost. After all, the subversives of the Holocaust myth argue that there was no systematic "final solution to the Jewish question" in the form of the extermination of Jews, but there were quite massive killings of Jews by, firstly, local nationalists (Balts, Ukrainians), and secondly, by the most ordinary German military.
  5. Alexander
    Alexander April 8 2011 17: 41
    Let's shoot the Jews before breakfast !! oh, happy time was !!!
  6. Petrol
    Petrol April 8 2011 18: 57
    I won’t argue who, what, and so on ... in 1943, at the age of five, my father tried to drown a Romanian in Kerch in a barrel of water, and some German non-profit saved him and his father saw how the Tatars finished off with wands the wounded and exhausted soldiers of the Red Army whom they got from adzhimushkaysky quarries ...
    APASUS April 8 2011 19: 07
    A normal video was posted on WikiLeaks, as a crowd of people standing on the sidelines was flashed from a helicopter, and then it was finished off individually.
    And not what and sleep peacefully!
    After Vietnam, nearly 100000 former American soldiers strangled in a noose over 20 years.
  8. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar April 8 2011 19: 15
    Should a war or cataclysm happen, the most heinous acts will be on the part of mostly ordinary inhabitants who simply exist. It happens. A simple gopnik, who has a core, a character can become a hero, but just a person, in peacetime, just like an existing one, is more likely to become a villain.
  9. Brother
    Brother April 8 2011 19: 23
    My mother, aged 7-8, was in the occupied territory in the Krasnodar Territory, I remember a lot of things. She also notes that Romanians behaved worse than Germans. The Germans were looking for the Communist families to shoot, about the search and executions of the Jews, my mother did not hear anything then. Everyone knew that she was from a communist family, but no one betrayed her.
  10. Soldat
    Soldat April 8 2011 21: 44
    This is not prafda. Mi, the pre-European German soldier brought sphobod from the bolshiks.
  11. Pribalt
    Pribalt April 8 2011 22: 42
    I come from the border with East Prussia. I listened to the conversation "how it was." There was "muter kinder bum bum raus nach wald", there was also "mother take the children and get out of the court into the forest, it will be hot here for now." "Nord Ost, Domodedov and Hamas" behind the backs of women and children. And how does the tongue stand up for Gaddafi, which tanks are hidden from the plane in the schools of the city of Misarat? SAND ... the lame German came to his mother and said that he had earned money in the Eastern Front the estate that he will live here, and the Lithuanians will not work on him. Uncle objected, so the "lame" started shooting at the teenager, ate ran away. For altercations and disputes, the Germans were shot on the spot. They argued with the Russians, drank and fought a massacre. The soldiers themselves pointed with their fingers at the informers whom they could not drink and chat with. The political instructor tried to rape my aunt, she complained, they shot half a trunk. But for the speech there was hell. The Red Army women took revenge. They raped everyone, from youngsters to toothless old women. that the German women took their children to horn and showed "drang nach Litauen". Go and simple petitions, the world is not without good people. Thousands and thousands of German children wandered and begged. Many were sheltered, whom they adopted. Only the GDR authorities took the surviving children ... after all, the Germans all know this , they remember ... I had a few conversations with the Germans about this ... they remember, they are waiting.
  12. APASUS
    APASUS April 8 2011 23: 28
    Talking! Talked with the Germans from Germany about the war.
    Well, at least honestly signed up!
  13. huginn
    huginn April 9 2011 11: 45
    The Germans never talk about this, especially with the Balts!
  14. Pribalt
    Pribalt April 9 2011 22: 12
    Yes? Even from the Wafen SS of Riga? Yes, the Germans keep quiet. How can you tell a German that "ich bien Ost Preusen grence-Instebburg, Gumbinen, Stalupenen" - the ice starts to melt. When you tell them how my parents saved children in 1945-46, In the European Parliament and in all, only the Balts dare the communists' crimes to equate the Nazis, and these liberals recall the bread of our Doragov Leonid Ilyich. How many scandals were there when at conferences ours proposed to arrange a second Nuremberg, for drowning 25 fugitives from Klaipeda, when They opened artillery fire on the ice. It is known who the divisional commander was, what the commander gave the order. WHY was THIS CRIMINAL, before the German people, not hung? Like vipers in a frying pan, all these Margelovs, Nikonovs and Zatulin ... To the delight of the Germans.
  15. Smolensky
    Smolensky April 10 2011 09: 13
    Baltic mouth your vows and wash your blood. What you did in Belarksi and the Smolensk region is known to all of Russia. They burned villages and disturbed civilians. You must pay the Russian Federation money for the genocide.
  16. datur
    datur April 10 2011 14: 35
    Enlightened Europe. And the Baltic states - deleted - that is characteristic of everything !!!
  17. LEKHA
    LEKHA April 10 2011 18: 51
    Pribalt, we must remind the Baltic states how the red Latvian arrows of the Russians were killed in the civil war, they committed atrocities worse than the Gestapo

  18. Pekinese
    Pekinese April 23 2011 22: 42
    On more objective information about what is called the Holocaust. German soldiers spoke little about him, because in reality there were few such cases. More was more - the murders of Russians
    It turns out,
  19. Jew
    Jew April 27 2011 12: 25
    Shura and Kolya! Come to Chelyabinsk. We have here animals such as you have quite a few. We will not spread you, we will give you to the zoo.
  20. Joker
    Joker April 27 2011 12: 43
    - in order to sit and dregs to write a lot of mind is not necessary, the resume is worthless.
  21. gmajor
    gmajor 9 September 2011 09: 17
    Remember what the Anglo-Saxons did with Dresden.
  22. gendarm
    gendarm 12 October 2011 12: 45
    Do not forget about the strongest propaganda in Germany. Traditional German anti-Semitism, multiplied by superhumanity, plus the promise of material prosperity for each soldier after the war, is not a complete list of terms, which are prerequisites for the brutality of not only the SS troops and police units, both German and foreign regular and volunteer units. Most of the German soldiers (both workers and peasants) believed that as a result of a quick victorious war they would improve their financial situation and get out of poverty resulting from the defeat of Germany in the First World War and the Versailles Peace. Therefore, as they say, you can understand everything - you can not forgive.