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"Shvabe" released a sight with internal alignment

"Shvabe" released a sight with internal alignment

The company "Shvabe - Defense and Protection", announced the launch in the sale of its new sight interchangeable increase (CSP). A special feature of the sight is internal adjustment and fixed magnification. The design allows you to instantly switch between single and quadruple zoom.

The sight has two fixed positions, which are switched by a special lever on the left side of the device. Using a single magnification is convenient to use on a driven hunt. If you need to make an accurate shot, or a shot at a distance, the sight can instantly be switched to a fourfold zoom mode.

Features new sight:

- instantaneous multiplicity switching

- quick-release steel clamps with locking

- mesh backlight

- large removal of the exit pupil

- durable aluminum casing, tightness

Constructive difference from the known analogues is the internal alignment of the sight, the mechanism of which is completely hidden from adverse factors, such as dirt, rain and sand. Also, the sight is protected from accidental opening with additional clips.

The company "Shvabe - Defense and Protection" is part of the holding "Shvabe". The enterprise has been producing hunting sights for both day and night hunting for many years. Several generations of our hunters choose the company's products for its reliability and accuracy.

Holding "Shvabe" unites the main domestic enterprises of the optical-electronic industry. The holding includes 64 organizations, including research, production and production associations, design bureaus, state optical institutes and enterprises. It develops and manufactures high-tech optical-electronic systems and complexes for military and civil purposes, optical materials, medical equipment, energy-saving lighting equipment. Included in Rostec State Corporation.
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  1. St Petrov
    St Petrov 13 March 2014 15: 45
    Schwabe brand presentation - стратегия холдинга

    Very worthy of everything.

    This is not for you! (with)
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 16 March 2014 06: 33
      Who has already used real weapons, explain, is there really any sense in a single increase? If there were 1.4x and 4x, or 2x and 4x, maybe 6x, but why 1x?
  2. Siberian19
    Siberian19 13 March 2014 15: 55
    for the army doing something interesting like that?
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 13 March 2014 15: 58
      Well, not for rescuers in the water park laughing

      And now there is a very thin line after 15 years of the Caucasus between the riot police, the FSB of the Central Command and the army special forces, it seems to me (!). Guys shoulder to shoulder trampled enemies in normal ammunition and with normal trunks, often covering each other together in special operations.

      After such a ten-year CTO, our Ministry of Internal Affairs will be able to reach Lisbon without loss. laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
    Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 13 March 2014 16: 12
    Would buy for myself, but probably still expensive?
  4. mountain
    mountain 13 March 2014 16: 19
    Everything suits, except for the name, but I think I'll get used to it over time.
    1. Homo
      Homo 13 March 2014 17: 47
      This is Schwabe:
      1. mountain
        mountain 13 March 2014 18: 18
        Ah, this is my personal opinion. Got it?
        1. Homo
          Homo 13 March 2014 18: 37
          No, I didn’t. I gave a link to historical information about the origin of the Russian optical company, and to me minus. For what? Yes, and like Brudershaft, we didn’t like to go to you!
          1. mountain
            mountain 13 March 2014 18: 42
            I know for a long time, but I’m not used to the name. There are also some problems, wise guy! Spend intelligence in kindergarten and carefully read and less emotions.
            1. Ptah
              Ptah 13 March 2014 18: 46
              Quote: mountain
              Spend intelligence in kindergarten and carefully read and less emotions.
              Boys! Well, do not swear from scratch. You are not hot Estonian guys ...
              Quote: Homo
              but to me minus

              To whom it is so important, you want to throw on "plus signs" if possible ...
      2. biglow
        biglow 13 March 2014 18: 55
        Quote: Homo
        This is Schwabe:

        thanks for the link about the name of the company, but for a long time everything was clear now.
  5. Vtel
    Vtel 13 March 2014 16: 22
    Shvabe Holding unites the main domestic enterprises of the optoelectronic industry. Included in the Rostec State Corporation.

    And I want to hear the Russian word! Aw!
    1. predator.3
      predator.3 13 March 2014 16: 27
      Quote: Vtel
      And I want to hear the Russian word! Aw!
      At first, I also thought that German technology.
      Swabia, seem this area in southern Germany?
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 13 March 2014 16: 40
        the founder was called that. He was a Russian German and his name was Fedor Schwabe
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Vtel
        Vtel 13 March 2014 16: 43
        Judging by the tags, the same question is, who are the owners of the shares of our military potential - in one word "Chub and Huck". All military and civil goods should belong to the people forming our country - Russia. At this stage ... ???
      4. Ptah
        Ptah 13 March 2014 18: 39
        More precisely, the southwestern regions. In Germany, the lands of Baden-Württemberg and western Bavaria are attributed. Also some territories of neighboring states. North Switzerland, Alsace in France. Those. resettlement of the Alemans before the arrival of the East Francs.
        In general, the "term" "Schwaben" has many meanings, and among different peoples. They are often called ALL Germans (including Russians).
        In the eastern lands of Germany, annexed after 91, this is often the name of "Westerners" if they want to point to their "capitalist past". The meaning is very similar to our "damned bourgeois". the shade is dismissively offensive ...
        Sie sind ein echter Schwabenn - You're just a grabber and ...
    2. Dazdranagon
      Dazdranagon 13 March 2014 16: 41
      Quote: Vtel
      And I want to hear the Russian word! Aw!
      - The holding received the name "Schwabe" in honor of Fedor Schwabe - the founder of one of the holding enterprises (s). hi
  6. IRBIS
    IRBIS 13 March 2014 16: 44
    And what is the relationship of this crap to "internal alignment"? I was about to read about a wondrous miracle - about a sight in which something tricky allows you to align the sight, moreover, "internal". However, we are talking about a sight in which "The mechanism is completely hidden from adverse factors such as dirt, rain and sand." Question: And how does rain, dirt and sand affect the adjustment bolts? And why should they hide inside?
    Panking increase - it still did not go far, as an achievement, and "internal alignment" from the category "on a fig goat accordion." It seems to me that this article is an ordinary advertisement ...
  7. Gagarin
    Gagarin 13 March 2014 16: 47
    At the first modernization, immediately change the name!
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 13 March 2014 17: 29
      And why didn’t you please Fedor Shvabe, the founder of the optical industry in Russia? request

      In 1941, plant number 217 (former F. Schwabe workshops), together with 10 thousand workers, engineers and employees and their families, was transferred to the Urals, in Sverdlovsk. So the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant was born ...
  8. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 13 March 2014 17: 22
    Yeah, mark the aiming bar in arshins and tables in miles
  9. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 13 March 2014 17: 32
    And when does he press the trigger? Or again you yourself need to think? smile laughing
  10. kocclissi
    kocclissi 13 March 2014 17: 38
    The development of optical devices is good!
  11. Saburo
    Saburo 13 March 2014 17: 55
    I don’t know how it really is, but I rarely saw modern optics in our troops, and even domestic ones. I hope now the situation will be corrected.

    That's the topic, I found such photos on the Japanese forum.

    1. Saburo
      Saburo 13 March 2014 18: 02
      Sight on the machine gun of a Russian fighter in the Crimea.

      The Japanese immediately began to speculate, they say, not just because Abe meets with Putin so often.
      1. fzr1000
        fzr1000 13 March 2014 18: 08
        The cut of the eyes of the "polite person" in the photo is almost Japanese. Sure, of course.
        1. Ptah
          Ptah 13 March 2014 18: 41
          Maybe a Kalmyk or a Buryat hunter. They also meet very "polite" ...
  12. uzer 13
    uzer 13 14 March 2014 03: 02
    I have not seen any optics with such a brand on sale. Mostly they sell Pilad and Lepers at affordable prices from 2.5 to 8 thousand rubles and also army PSO and similar ones. Lupold and night sights can no longer afford, somewhere around 20-30 thousand .This is in hunting stores. But in some places Chinese sights of Taxco and other manufacturers are sold at a price much cheaper, from 1do3tys.r. with adjustable magnification and different aiming nets, usually a mildot and a crossbow. On many, the net is highlighted, you can choose a color, and there can also be a red glowing dot as an aim mark-adjustable brightness. Now Pilad is also made in the same pattern. It looks like Chinese sights are well made, Norinko’s production is widely used in the Chinese army. There are different opinions about their strength. On forums of air rifle lovers, they scold them and say that glasses fly out quickly. However, on piston pneumatics, a piston strike can be very difficult. They praise Lupold, they just buy it, it seems, for mother’s money. You can kill a crow in a cheaper way.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Novosibirsk
    Novosibirsk 14 March 2014 09: 14
    Hello, dear participants in the discussion.
    It's nice that the news has a response.
    In fact:
    1. The heading on the internal reconciliation is incorrect, the interpretation of the original manufacturer’s news is incorrect.
    2. On reconciliation - the essence of the mention that it is internal in this scope in that it refers to the famous Canadian counterpart Elcan SpecterDR 1 and 4 krata, in which the alignment is external, which under certain operating conditions is a minus, such as dirt, sand, water - all this requires a more careful attitude to the alignment unit.
    3. The sight is designed for rifled and smoothbore weapons.
    4. It is produced by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, and recently the plant was renamed Schwab - Defense and Defense. Our products are familiar to the overwhelming number of hunters and shooters - PSO, Rakurs-A, PU3,5x22, PO4x24, 1PN93, PN23.
    5. A short video about this sight -
    Sincerely, Elovenko, Oil Refinery