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Why Ukraine Novorossia?


The statement that the only definition of Ukraine is negative - “Ukraine is not Russia” - has long become a commonplace. But after all, that was the original task set by the Austrian project pioneers - to reformat the pro-Russian Rusyns of Galicia consistently into “Nerossiyu”. To the credit of the designers, however, it should be noted that the Austrians needed only “Non-Russia” - the task of “Moskal on knives” was not set at that time, the transformation of “Non-Russia” into “Anti-Russia” is the merit of the next Polish and German owners. At the same time, of course, the Austrians did not feel any need for a positive self-determination of the constructed “Nerossia” - it only had to become one of the minor building structures for the planned reformatting of the twin Austro-Hungary into the triune Austro-Hungarian-Slavia. But even to transform the pro-Russian Galicia into a relatively peaceful "Non-Russia", incredible efforts had to be made. In particular, it is almost universal to destroy the Ruthenian intelligentsia and replace it with a dozen semi-educated renegades — the first generation of Ukrainizers.

However, the following owners simply turned “Nerossiyu” into “Anti-Russia”.

In general, the fate of Galicia is a tragedy that has no historical analogs. Something similar is described only in fantasy waste paper - elves who fell into the hands of the Black Lord and after many years of torment turned into orcs by him.

Today's Galicia is formed by interwar Poland and Nazi Germany. And this is exactly "Anti-Russia". UNA-UNSO units participated in all wars and local conflicts of the 90-s: Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Yugoslavia, Chechnya ... There were no state interests of Ukraine in any of these conflicts. As the “Ukrainians” did not have any historical ties either with the Azerbaijanis, or with the Georgians, or with the Chechens, or with the Croats, or with the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzogovina. The Galicians had only one motive to participate in all of the above wars - Russian volunteers fought on the opposite side. The desire to fight against the Russians anywhere in the world is the only task stitched in the program of today's Galician. Yes, knowledge of history allows us to understand that it is not so much their fault as their misfortune. But rabies is also not the fault, but the misfortune of infected animals. This does not negate the need to protect oneself from danger.

Galicians in today's izvod - suicide bombers. The only task realized by them is impossible due to the incommensurability of forces. But they do not even try to abandon it and try to work out a positive program of independent creative existence without a constant search for the possibility of a new conflict with Russia. They do not want or are fundamentally incapable - while it is difficult to say ... Here we are not talking about good and evil. It is only about life and death. People who do not have positive values, who cannot formulate the meaning of their existence and the existence of their state without mentioning the name of the “enemy” - do not just want to kill. They themselves do not want to live. They have no program for life. They serve death in the truest sense of the word.

Therefore, one should not be surprised at the speech of Dmitry Korchinsky and the idea of ​​the “Ukrainian Taliban.” Nothing new. Just Galicia.

However, the last 23 of the year Galicians exist within the stillborn “Ukrainian state”, enjoying the rights of a privileged minority. It is necessary to understand a very important detail of the processes occurring in Ukraine. Ethnically, today's Ukraine is not twofold, but tripartite. The first part - Galicians and Volhynians (both sides are ignored for the time being). The second is the Little Russians of the center and northwest. And the third - Russian New Russia.

Twenty-year linguistic and educational terror against Novorossia is not just a whim of Russophobic "Ukrainians." This is the only effective mechanism of Ukrainian ethnogenesis. Only having united against the “citizens of the third grade” - the Russians of New Russia, the Galicians and Volhynians, together with the Little Russians, are fused into “Ukrainians”. If tomorrow “Ukraine” loses Novorossia, the spring of ethnogenesis will burst. Without the "third-rate" Russian Galicians will have nothing left, as with all the ardor to take up the complete Ukrainization of the "second-rate" Little Russians.

It will not last long - sooner or later (rather, very early) it will generate not only Makhnovshchina throughout the center and north-west, but tearful requests of Little Russians back to Russia. Yes, and the differences between Galicia and Volyn also emerge to the surface ...

There is nothing new in this. The process is quite traditional. Suffice it to recall that the culminating - but still not completed - Georgian ethnogenesis stopped after the loss of Abkhazia. Only in the process of the colonization of Abkhazia, the Mengrels and Svans - the last tribes not fully integrated into a single ethnic group - became “just Georgians”. Now the process is interrupted, and it is difficult to say whether it will continue in the foreseeable future.
"Ukrainizers" all understand this perfectly. It is precisely this - and by no means “insane, unthinking Russophobia” that explains the terror against Novorossia. And it is precisely this that explains the categorical unwillingness to let go of Novorossia — despite all the seeming costs of staying under one state roof of such heterogeneous parts. And to stand against the attempts of federalization they are forced by the same considerations. Federalization with clearly defined guarantees for Novorossia stops anti-Russian terror — and thus, despite the preserved “territorial integrity,” stops ethnogenesis and starts the mechanism of turning the territory of historical Ukraine into boundless Guliai Pole.

However, all these considerations lead to very disturbing conclusions. The chance that fell today is most likely the last chance for Novorossia. If today the Russian authorities do not end the situation, Novorossia, as an ethnic entity, will disappear within one and a half to two decades.

Today there are many calls and appeals of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine (mostly Kievans) in the network - “nobody depresses me, nobody forbids me to speak Russian, I don’t need to save me from anyone, leave my Ukraine alone!” The writer’s appeal caused the greatest response Andrei Valentinov (Shmalko). At the same time, none of the authors thought it necessary to say a word about dozens of killed by thugs from the Maidan. This circumstance alone completely devalues ​​them. But it's not that.

In the remarkable novel “The Knife”, Serbian writer Vuk Draskovic describes in detail the process of ethnic rebirth. The process of turning a Serb into a Bosnian "Muslim". The boy was taken to the Janissaries at a fairly conscious age - years in 10. After forty years, an elderly Muslim returns to his homeland, having made a good military career. He builds a rich farm near his native village, builds a mosque - but also builds a rich Orthodox church in his native Serb village. Generations pass. The farm grows into a Muslim village. Serbs and Muslims - more and more distant relatives - remember, however, about their relationship, they visit each other, celebrate holidays together ... But the sixth generation of relatives, when the opportunity arises - the German occupation - takes knives and goes to cut the Serb village . And the shocked Serbs hear before their death from their six-, seven-family brothers: “We have always hated you!” But Draskovic describes the traditional process. Leisurely. Almost "natural." We are dealing with a high-tech process of high-speed growing broiler.

Russian readers who followed the work of Ukrainian science fiction writers: Marina and Sergey Dyachenko (now becoming “Dyachenkas”), Andrey Valentinov, Olga Chigirinskaya — if they so wished, could notice how their worldview changed over the course of one and a half decades. Dyachenk during this time managed to go all the way, all six generations. Valentinov’s appeal was written by a representative of the third or fourth generation. Cut it is not ready yet. But this is just a matter of time ...

But the militants of the Right Sector, who are beginning to speak in camera in broken Ukrainian, but quickly get lost in their native Russian — these are also people who have run all their way through six generations in fifteen or twenty years. True, unlike "Dyachenok", consistent and not wagging his backside. Already took a knife in hand. "Onizhedeti". Yesterday's Russian children. Today's Janissaries.

This is again not so much their fault as their misfortune. The first appeal, flashed on the network a week ago (I did not remember the author, unfortunately), began with the phrase: “Until now, I was embarrassed that I live in Ukraine, but I don’t speak Ukrainian ...” The process of rebirth is running. A person is embarrassed that he speaks his native language, which is spoken by at least half of his fellow citizens.

Is the Romansh-speaking Swiss awkward, not knowing either German or French? Permanent, not for a day, continuous pressure can be sustained only in one case - if you are mobilized in advance. If you know that the enemy is pushing you. Russian New Russia and historical Ukraine were not mobilized. They saw in people who carried out linguistic (then still linguistic) terror not enemies, but citizens, who need to be understood, agree with something, argue with something, seek a compromise ... And to seek a compromise with an uncompromising enemy means to doom yourself to kill. And this defeat begins, this rebirth from the fact that you are “embarrassed”, that you speak your native language. And those yesterday’s Russian children from the Right Sector are children who passed the most uncritical age at the merciless pressure of Irina Fanarion: “If Olena becomes Alena, then she should pack her bags and leave for Muscovy. Masha is not our form. Let him go where Masha lives. We have to be Marichka. Petya must also leave here if he does not become Petrik. Mykolku never call Kolya, Gannusya Annushka, and Natalochka Natasha. ”

These - it would seem the most radical - can still be saved. "Onizhedeti" - in many ways really children. They went for simplicity, clarity and power. To understand that this simplicity is the simplicity of death, they are not yet able. But to show that the power that attracted them is only apparent strength, dissipating in the dawn rays, as evil spirits should be - and the wraith will subside ... And then - work for psychologists and deprogrammers. As with people saved from a totalitarian sect.

If today Novorossia is handed over, everything will end very soon. The Nazis who came to power will no longer confine themselves to language terror. The real terror will begin - judging by today's reports from Donetsk, it has already begun. The most active, strong, able to organize resistance will be physically destroyed. The rest - digest.

Another 15-20 years - and ethnogenesis will end. On the eastern border of Russia there will be a single fifty-million state governed by a Papuan-simple, murderous and suicidal ideology: "Moskal - on knives!"

Few will not seem to anyone. Neither us, nor them, nor Europe, nor the States.

Nobody leaves hurt.
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  1. Sma11
    Sma11 7 March 2014 12: 47
    Irina Fanarion pressure: “If Olena becomes Alena, then she needs to pack her bags and leave for Muscovy. Masha is not our form. Let him go to where Masha lives. She should be Marichka here. Petya, too, must leave here if he does not become Petrik. Never call Kolya Kolya, Gannus - Annushka, and Natalya - Natasha. ”

    Widap this video. After this, the arms reach out .... no, not to the machine. It is very civilized.

    We love flesh - and its taste, and color,
    And the stuffy, mortal flesh smell ...
    Guilty if we crack your skeleton
    In the heavy, gentle paws?
    We are wide in the wilds and forests
    Before Europe, prigozhey
    Let's part! We will turn to you
    His Asian mug!
    We will not move when the ferocious Hun
    In the pockets of corpses will fumble,
    Burn the city, and drive the herd into the church,
    And fry white brothers meat! ...
    (Alexander Blok "Scythians")
    1. de klermon
      de klermon 7 March 2014 21: 13
      The only way for Yarosh and his gang to fight for the unity of Ukraine is to disarm and surrender to some tribunal that is guaranteed to put them in prison for a long time!
      But where can you find such a tribunal?
      PS Why? That was! According to recent reports, they still lack Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh with Kuban! They know how to work there, feed them, and they (zapadentsy) think all about democracy and freedom, about identity and tolerance ... If not Bandera, then who will think about it?
      1. Max otto
        Max otto 7 March 2014 21: 36
        According to all the laws of the historical genre, these yarosha and the music will be lifted up by the new authorities themselves over time. Any government wants to become civilized and "clean", Hitler also got rid of his old executioners after coming to power. And what is happening there is no different from that scenario of the formation of fascism in Germany. It's just that it is still unknown who is in charge there, so they will be determined and then D-day will come.
        1. zeleznijdorojnik
          zeleznijdorojnik 8 March 2014 14: 20
          Neither we nor the residents of left-bank Ukraine and Novorossia will feel better - they need to be hung up themselves and in a short time, so that honest Russian people do not suffer.
        2. Vladimir 23rus
          Vladimir 23rus 9 March 2014 16: 42
          crystal knives night
      2. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 7 March 2014 21: 38
        Few will not seem to anyone. Neither us, nor them, nor Europe, nor the States.

        I don’t know about the states. As for the other, everything can be. Because they are Russian. An example for us. To always remember: We are Russian, We are Russian.
      3. Karpv
        Karpv 7 March 2014 21: 53
        Little off topic, but Yarosh’s gang is already operating. This is only the beginning, we must stop them while there is still an opportunity. Just published:
        In Kharkov, in one of the apartments of the house on Cosmicheskaya Street, the body of 65-year-old Maria Arturovna Blomerius was found with numerous stab wounds. This was reported in the press service of the GUMVD of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region.
        1. zeleznijdorojnik
          zeleznijdorojnik 8 March 2014 14: 23
          Enlighten the local people - ct it is
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Blackgrifon
        Blackgrifon 8 March 2014 16: 48
        If we recall the history, then the periods when Ukraine fought against Russia and the Moscow state are not uncommon. Even after 1654, the Ukrainian Cossacks betrayed Russian wars. And during the invasion of Charles 12, despite the brutal treatment of the local population (the real genocide, which Karl 12’s entourage enthusiastically describe in his memoirs and diaries), Mazepa and a group of traitors went over to the side of the enemy. The captured Russian soldiers could not count on merciful treatment - the Swedes brutally destroyed the prisoners, but their fellow believers were still tortured and tortured. It is for this that Peter I destroyed the Zaporizhzhya Sich, betraying his people and his faith.
        After the collapse of the USSR, it was the Ukrainian fascists who killed our children in local wars and in Chechnya, and in the Five-Day War, it was the Ukrainian military specialists who controlled the air defense systems.
        But at the same time, when the threat of annihilation arose over the Ukrainian people, he turned to Russia. A vivid example is the appeal of the Cossacks to the tsar during the Liberation War against the Poles led by B. Khmelnitsky. Many Ukrainians fought with the enemies of Russia on the fronts of WWII and WWII. Many remained in Russia and honestly performed their duty after the fall of the USSR.
        Ukraine will not become an absolutely hostile country for Russia - if we do not wash our hands, it will not be 20 years before the Ukrainians again face the dilemma: to disappear or turn to Russia for help.
    2. 120352
      120352 7 March 2014 22: 49
      You're right. Matches are needed here. And a bonfire. We will have to return to the practice of burning witches, although in Orthodoxy it never was.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. PSih2097
        PSih2097 8 March 2014 02: 53
        Quote: 120352
        You're right. Matches are needed here. And a bonfire. We will have to return to the practice of burning witches, although in Orthodoxy it never was.

        Bottles with cop above the roof ... instead of matches, and pour madame sugar syrup ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 7 March 2014 21: 04
    Why Ukraine Novorossia?
    It’s clear, but why is Novorossia Ukraine necessary?
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 7 March 2014 21: 47
      Quote: svp67
      It’s clear, but why is Novorossia Ukraine necessary?

      Relations between Ukraine and Novorosia are exhaustively described by the old idiom about a suitcase without a handle - “it’s uncomfortable to carry, but it’s a pity to leave” ...
      1. nnz226
        nnz226 8 March 2014 13: 51
        Far from it! It is in New Russia that all the operating (so far!) Enterprises are located that feed the Zapadenskaya Bandera trash! If Novorossia leaves Ukraine, they will simply die of hunger (the zapadenskie regions have been subsidized since the beginning of Independence), they no longer have time for marches with filthy cries of "glory to Ukraine!" will have to plow in their gardens! To feed ...
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 7 March 2014 21: 04
    Why Ukraine Novorossia?

    the answer is simple, but because they are in a different way ... not needed by the backdoors. here is Moldova (what is this?), and without transdniestria absolutely different shackles. and if production brought with itself (this is about Moldova), there would be a different conversation.
    Py.Sy. I hope MY brothers are already at Father’s wing
  4. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 7 March 2014 21: 10
    For some reason, the author does not mention that a significant contribution to the Ukraine-non-Russia was made under the USSR. Before the revolution, there was no Ukrainian nation like the Ukrainian people. There were provinces with their own local Little Russian flavor. After the revolution, the borders of Ukraine were drawn, the capital was appointed, history was invented, the language was administratively introduced and formed. The national intelligentsia and nomenclature have been raised. In general, "ukrinets" nationality was actually created under the USSR, like most of the "nations" with which there are now problems. Unfortunately, the national question is one of Stalin's most serious mistakes. I hope now these lessons will be taken into account. Any internal borders, especially on a national basis, are 100% nationalism and the collapse of the country in the future. The division should be strictly administrative, for ease of administration, no autonomy and dilution of nationalities. Nationalities at the local level as a folk tradition. As in America, the Irish want to parade once a year - for God's sake, but there are no autonomous Irish republics in the states, and as soon as they appear, the states will end soon.
    1. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 32
      I don’t quite agree with you! Any good undertaking or business can be fucked up! The same thing happened with nationalities and territories! The beautiful principle of respect for every nation and nationality was invested in the USSR - they had their own government, representation and territory! But if someone’s heads, no matter where, the thought comes that one nation is more national than the rest, then nothing will help, there are many examples around the world
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 7 March 2014 22: 02
        I do not want to argue with you, but it is precisely because of the borders carried out during the USSR that now one part of the Russians who are inside them is trying to join the rest of Russia with blood and losses. Fleeing from another part of the polished Russians who were explained that they were a special people called Ukrainians, and mostly explained during the USSR. As you know, all good intentions always lead to hell, which we observe.
        1. Thompson
          Thompson 7 March 2014 22: 40
          The border was not invented by the USSR. And she was not the first to violate them - the history of the planet earth! Okay, the USSR collapsed. But - you three months ago could suggest that such a thing will happen in Ukraine? Here it is ...
          Everyone goes to hell his own way, someone being fooled by .., and someone luring with good intentions! But this is not a reason to abandon such a concept and action- GOOD INTENTIONS! I think further there is no need for educational program! hi
          1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
            Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 7 March 2014 23: 54
            This could have happened earlier - if Yanek had not described for the first time and agreed to the third election. But then it could have been different, since there would have been no years of Yushchenko’s reign with his active anti-Russian policy.
          2. chunga-changa
            chunga-changa 8 March 2014 01: 38
            The borders of Ukraine as a separate republic were officially drawn under the USSR, before that there wasn’t such a word - Ukrainian. It was Little Russian and Novorossiysk provinces. It was hard not to understand what it would happen sooner or later in Ukraine, but nobody expected it to happen right now. By the way, it’s not clear why, whole institutes and intelligence work but to no avail. Thank you for your confused educational program on the basis of good intentions, I hope to quickly forget it.
            1. Pushkar
              Pushkar 8 March 2014 13: 40
              Quote: chunga-changa
              By the way, it’s not clear why, whole institutes and intelligence work but to no avail.
              And you look at the ambassadors of Russia to Ukraine - first the great orator Chernomyrdin, then to this day, Zurabov, who has ruined everything. Such are the "professionals".
    2. AV 587
      AV 587 7 March 2014 21: 34
      Udmurtia? Bashkortostan? Tatarstan? Jewish Autonomous Region?
    3. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 36
      The example with the states is not correct; not one of the nations and nationalities living there has centuries-old roots, hence there is no division according to the national attribute, and even more so according to the territorial one. And those who have, you know where! Here is an example
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 7 March 2014 22: 16
        Here, too, I do not agree, how old is the Irish nation? Maybe Italians do not have traditions of national identity or building a national state, or maybe there are no places for their compact residence in America?
        America as a state was officially recognized 231 years ago. already we can talk about a long history. And the principle is one country - one nation, did not arise by itself, it is a conscious position laid down at the foundation of the state. The only exception, as you have already noticed, is the reservation of the Indians, in whom nationalism was suppressed and will be suppressed by any means, without ceremony. And this is also not just done. Strong states, one way or another, include various elements and somehow lead them to a certain middle one, dictating their will. Weak states that do not impose general rules for all within themselves crystallize and are divided into elementary units according to various criteria.
        1. Thompson
          Thompson 7 March 2014 22: 48
          There is a state of the USA, but there is no nationality, an American, and an American is not a nationality. And all nationalities living in the USA have never had such large-scale territories that would allow them to make them a territorial unit on a national basis. And those that they had used it and are called ... see Map of the states of North and South America.
          hi Do not confuse the concept!
          1. chunga-changa
            chunga-changa 8 March 2014 01: 45
            Quote: Thompson
            and American is not a nationality
            Read or listen to the speech of any American politician, just say "American people". Or your favorite movie "the people of America against xxx" Try to translate the word "people" in any translator, you will be very surprised. I will make for you "people - people, people, population, residents, nationemployees "
            All of this translates to "American people" or "People of America". Although even purely logically, your statement is not clear, the country is America, but there are no American people in it. And who then lives there?
            Somehow I began to doubt that you own the question.
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Thompson
              Thompson 11 March 2014 09: 29
              Nuu dear, why replace the concepts? Poke in my text where I said THAT IS NOT AMERICAN THE PEOPLE?
              The Russian language is rich enough to express thoughts clearly.
              I expressed them, there is no NATION or PEOPLE Americans. There are people, people.
              And now, according to your speculations, tell me the nationality of the American people?
    4. EvilLion
      EvilLion 7 March 2014 23: 00
      Under the king, too, they suffered crap, for example, they gave something to Finland. As a result, Novorossiya turned out to be a time bomb for the Square, I predict that the rebellion in the South-East will destroy all of Ukraine. X) As someone here wrote, "Stalin annexed it so that Ukraine would not have to head off to secede."
      As a resident of Tatarstan, I would gladly liquidate this republic, especially since the rep. status allows you to create different idiotic ministries that duplicate existing ones.
      1. Thompson
        Thompson 7 March 2014 23: 11
        They only affect parasites in the non-productive sphere.
        1. AVV
          AVV 8 March 2014 00: 00
          No matter how much the West puffs up, they will have to face the fascist lads, the Kosovo Albanians will see them as flowers !!! Well, that’s what they need !!! Only the southeastern regions are worthless !!! People ask on the Street themselves Russia, but they are not given !!! True, in order to confront the West, they need such people's governors as in Donetsk, and Kiev spread rot, but the miners have always been a revolutionary force, otherwise they will have to plow on the Banderlogs, and they will be supervisors, like the Germans in the Jewish geto! !!
    5. Revolver
      Revolver 8 March 2014 01: 38
      Quote: chunga-changa
      Unfortunately, the national question is one of Stalin’s most serious mistakes.

      Not at all. Stalin was against national-territorial division and the union state, he believed that the state should be united. But Lenin insisted, even stuck it to Stalin in some kind of "epoch-making and fundamental" work (Lenin did not write others, for that he was the founder).
      And when Stalin consolidated power, it was already too late to change anything, all the more to go against the "precepts of Ilyich." All that was left for Stalin was to make the existing system workable and stable. Which he did. This was enough for more than 30 years after Stalin's death, and then the bomb planted by Lenin exploded - to this day it rings in my ears.
  5. 311ove
    311ove 7 March 2014 21: 15
    Article plus is unambiguous. Only now, anyway, the question I have is itching, where did people like Farion come from ???? This is not even a grandfather / grandmother of 70-80 years old .... It was even a communist !!! I was not, somehow "dodging", not exactly against it, somehow simply "like-mindedness", party meetings, etc. did not inspire! Although, of course, he was a Komsomol member, "according to tradition" and secretary for some time in the unit ... laughing But these Farion's ideas somehow do not fit in my head ..... What should I eat or smoke in order to be so "modified" Damn, the movie "Aliens" is straight ... In the course of the fight, it is necessary to take from there am
    1. matross
      matross 7 March 2014 21: 46
      Quote: 311ove
      But in my head these Pharionov ideas somehow do not fit.

      Try mentally exchanging Farion for some Ivanova, Masha for Madina, Misha for Mahmud, and the country for Russia. This will lie in the head much more convenient. Only no offense, I do not justify it, just to the fact that nationalism, as the simplest form of worldview, finds a response quite quickly. This is used to get the maximum result in the shortest time.
      1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
        Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 8 March 2014 00: 09
        The example is not correct. When a person who does not know the language of the indigenous population, does not know the customs and mores comes to the originally Russian and Russian-speaking territory and he and his children are forced to learn and use both, it is simply impossible to live otherwise. There are no problems with names at all, the main thing is to learn how to pronounce sometimes unusual names for our hearing. We are generally quite tolerant of other nationalities and their names. Moldovans live in my neighborhood, Armenians own the store, and Dagestanis trade in the market. So what? It doesn’t create any problems either for me or for them, although conflicts sometimes occurred in the same Soviet Army during military service, but, as a rule, not at the initiative of the Russians. I had to visit both Karabakh and Chechnya, but I haven’t changed my attitude towards the same people from the Caucasus. If a person is good, then nationality, and religion, doesn’t matter at all. Here is clearly the influence of more than one generation of enemies of Russia and the whole Russian, for the time being successfully disguised as friends , and now showing their bestial nature.
        1. matross
          matross 8 March 2014 15: 12
          Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
          The example is not correct

          You just did not understand what it was brought to. Judging by what arguments you cited below. The elderberry garden, and the uncle in Kiev. hi
  6. Arkan
    Arkan 7 March 2014 21: 16
    The weak-willed have an unenviable fate.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 7 March 2014 21: 19
    The author is right! ++++
    I repeat once again, who may not have read ...

    The schools will again study the history of the OUN-UPA
    The new Minister of Education is ready to allow the use of history textbooks published in Lviv for grades 10-11 with a detailed description of the activities of the OUN-UPA, which Tabachnik did not allow for use.
    Teachers believe that banning textbooks is no good. “On the contrary, more literature allows children to understand different points of view, and teaches them to analyze,” said Sergey Berendeyev, deputy head of the Young Teachers Society of Kiev, history teacher at Lyceum N157.
    The new Minister of Education and Science Sergey Kvit intends to accelerate the adoption of the law on higher education, expanding the autonomy of universities and the powers of student self-government. By the beginning of the new introductory campaign at the Ministry of Education, they will reduce the rating score of the school certificate from 200 to 12 points and allow students to cross-enter.
    Sergey Kvit said that he does not plan to reduce the number of universities and unite them, as his predecessor Dmitry Tabachnik did.
    By the beginning of the new introductory campaign at the Ministry of Education, they will reduce the rating score of the school certificate from 200 to 12 points. Now, upon admission to a university, a student’s competitive score is summed up from a school certificate score, points obtained on an external independent evaluation (UPE), as well as additional points for olympiads and passing preparatory courses at the university. “Earlier, the average mark of the certificate was translated into a 200-point one, and now the average mark will be formed on a 12-point scale, according to which marks are given in the school. Thus, upon admission, the share of the UPE score will increase, ”explained Inna Sovsun, First Deputy Minister of Education.
    The department will also allow applicants cross-entry: having received a bachelor's level, students will be able to enter the magistracy in another specialization, for example, after finance - for marketing, after history - for political science. Previous Minister Dmitry Tabachnik banned this rule.
    The new heads of the ministry promised to hold public hearings on the feasibility of home and governing preschool education, reports Komersant-Ukraine.
    I know this director of the lyceum !!! At the parent meeting, he immediately said: "We live in such a time that only the strong can be successful! We will raise wolves from your children who will break into the first places!" It is in his lyceum that children from the first grade are hammered: "If you live in Ukraine, then you are Ukrainian" That's it! We have no other nationalities in Kiev !!!
    Now it’s clear why SO HATE TOBACCO?
    As for Farion - even in BP they already say that it could not be included in the commission on education and on the development of a new law on languages. I would not be surprised if the idea to translate the Ukrainian language from the Cyrillic alphabet into the Latin alphabet belongs to her. By the way, for some reason, the name Irina, who is also not Ukrainian, does not bother her! But Masha should leave for Muscovy !!!! am
    1. TRex
      TRex 7 March 2014 21: 38
      Gubarev is charged with an attempt to seize power, an encroachment on the constitutional order and the seizure of state buildings. The charges were brought by people who had already seized power, encroached on the constitutional order and seized state buildings. This is definitely not a madhouse - is it Ukraine?
      1. Thompson
        Thompson 7 March 2014 22: 53
        what I'm afraid these two words will soon become synonymous! negative
  8. fimusito
    fimusito 7 March 2014 21: 21
    Horror. How low Ukraine fell. GDP is already less than that of Tunisia. Even Albania! Even less than Iran, which is already 100 years old under international sanctions! And this data is before the Maidan. What will happen in 2014?
    There is only one answer: it will be less than that of Swaziland. Swaziland !!! And this is not a joke - there are only 3 positions left.
    If someone had suggested this in 1990, he would have been considered crazy.
    1. 120352
      120352 7 March 2014 23: 06
      After secession from the USSR, Ukraine was exclusively engaged in producing slander against our country and. first of all, she invented herself, because until 1918 there was no Ukraine (“I created Ukraine.” - General Hoffman, 1918), the “occupation” of Ukraine by Russia, although it was one country, the Holodomor that Russia allegedly staged against Ukraine, although all over Russia at that time people were dying of hunger - this was the price for industrialization. And many, many other nonsense. It took so much time and effort that it only left them to steal and destroy the economy left by the USSR, which at that time was quite competitive. And the result of righteous labors is in the table! Mongolia, the poorest country at one time, turned out to be much richer than Ukraine. It remains only to reap the fruits of independence.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 7 March 2014 21: 22
    Well and still, sorry for the replay, but it really hurts I like it !!! Unexpectedly discovered in the Internet ...
    In 2010, Kharkov astrologer Elena Maximova painted a rather gloomy picture of the future of the country. In her opinion, Ukraine in its current form will cease to exist in 2013. The astrologer, whose forecast three years ago was reprinted by almost all the media in Ukraine, said that the state of Ukraine within its current borders would last only 22 years and eight months, then a split would ensue. Such areas as Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Crimea and the Black Sea region are most likely to be part of Russia, although they will retain autonomy. The new territorial unit, according to Maximova, will receive a new name. The rest of the regions will remain Ukraine. The state will have a new president - a man who at the time of writing the forecast (2010) did not occupy key positions in politics.
    Personally, I am FOR. Though it will be clear where to move! laughing
    1. gfs84
      gfs84 7 March 2014 21: 48
      I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I remember it (the girls read at work before the New Year):

      In 2014, USA America will make its biggest mistake, Russia will rise ...
      I do not pretend to be accurate, but the general sense is)))
      1. 120352
        120352 7 March 2014 23: 10
        Something similar foreshadowed, by the way, and Wang, and Nostradamus, and other soothsayers.
    2. small
      small 7 March 2014 23: 10
      There is a video on the network, how Oleg Tsarev went out to the Maydanuts alone, laid out on the shelves that they were wrong, what fascism was and did not let them into the house. Although in the background, on the roof of his house, there were people with weapons. But still, residents of Ukraine pay attention to this politician. He clearly has "steel balls" and the correct position. If Russia acts as "those people on the roof" i.e. would support Tsarev, then he will succeed.
      1. DMB-78
        DMB-78 8 March 2014 04: 11
        Quote: small
        There is a video on the network, as Oleg Tsarev went out alone to the Maidan, laid out on the shelves that they were wrong, what fascism was and didn’t let him into the house

    3. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 7 March 2014 23: 35
      Just move to Crimea, to Yalta. Now it will be possible to do this even with a profit. Chekhov and Pugovkin have not in vain chosen Yalta.
  10. Gardamir
    Gardamir 7 March 2014 21: 26
    Also, one of the Slavic tribes, having begun to spell Latin words, having adopted the Latin faith, has turned into Poland, which hates Russians. A little later, another Slavic people introduced Germanism into their words and entered the Catholic faith, forgetting their gods. After all, their Perkunas is the same as our Perun.
    Now we are also losing the Dnieper Russians, who are told that they are Ukrainians. Changed faith. Breaking the tongue. There are already offers to switch to the Latin alphabet.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 7 March 2014 22: 02
      Quote: Gardamir
      Now we are also losing the Dnieper Russians, who are told that they are Ukrainians. Changed faith. Breaking the tongue. There are already offers to switch to the Latin alphabet.

      Interesting yes? What is now called the outskirts - the Ukraine, used to be called a little differently, previously the outlying territories were called the foreground, and you will erase the logs of figs.
      1. Setrac
        Setrac 7 March 2014 22: 12
        Pay attention to the word Germans. Now it is generally accepted that this is a person who does not speak the word - Slavic speech - dumb. However, we call Germans only Deutsche, although besides them there are still many peoples who do not own the word Rus.
        In fact, a German - a mute - is a person LOST "the ability to speak. That is, once the Germans also owned the word of the Rus, but then they lost, became numb, or became numb.
        1. varmint
          varmint 8 March 2014 02: 07
          Germans called in Russia all or almost all foreigners as far as I am familiar with the history
    2. 120352
      120352 7 March 2014 23: 27
      The reason for Poland's hatred of us is its envy. And all the sad transformations among the Slavs are a manifestation of the "transitional age". As Elder Philotheus said, Moscow is the third Rome, and there will be no fourth. Russia squandered for a long time what was collected by our ancestors for millennia. But there is a time to throw stones and there is a time to collect stones. The Russian world will certainly revive in a new, more developed quality. The main thing is that the responsible persons do not do stupid things.
      The Balkans will be back soon. And Ukraine invented after them. The European Union will soon go bankrupt: Germany alone will not pull Europe, and a frustrated America will cease to subsidize it. The reason for disappointment is that it was not possible to break Russia, and for that the EU was created. A poor and hungry Europe will reach Russia, but our arable land, not polluted by chemistry, is our strategic reserve. Enough to feed everyone who behaves well.
      America will crumble into separate states. This process has already been identified. The leaders of the Western Hemisphere will be Latin American countries.
      However, the rest later.
      1. Oleg77
        Oleg77 8 March 2014 00: 48
        What kind of grass do you smoke ??? Your fantasy is violent however !!!! lol
        1. duchy
          duchy 8 March 2014 16: 20
          It really turns out that way. Watch the news and events carefully. ESSENCE US policy The rest of the world. Now there are timid publications and analyzes of foreign media about US policies and actions. Note, "began to appear", the further the more.
  11. saag
    saag 7 March 2014 21: 27
    Quote: Egoza
    Such areas as Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Crimea and the Black Sea are most likely to be part of Russia

    Dreams, dreams, reality can be much more prosaic
  12. Santor
    Santor 7 March 2014 21: 27
    Just a gorgeous article, neither add nor trim.
  13. Mih
    Mih 7 March 2014 21: 29
    Dyachenko is a big bastard, my former commander of a scientific platoon, I still remember him as a complete Ukrainian.
  14. Trofimov Andrey
    Trofimov Andrey 7 March 2014 21: 31
    Forgive me Ukrainians, but there is something strange and flawed in the essence of this state. With the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine probably got the tidbit. A well-developed manufacturing industry and a deeper degree of processing, including a fairly technological one, aircraft construction and aircraft manufacturing.
    Natural resources from coal to uranium ores and considerable hydrocarbon reserves on the shelf. Energy four or five nuclear power plants. Metallurgical, shipbuilding and other industries. Resort and tourist attractive territories.
    Agriculture, one chernozem of what is worth. Water resources Dnieper, mouth of the Danube.
    I got the most probably the best piece of the Soviet Army. In a specific ratio per capita or per unit of territory, none of the newly formed republics was in such an advantageous position.
    If we compare the number of events critical for the state, then everything is also in order. So in Russia 1991-1993 putsch-1995 first anti-terrorist-terrorist attacks-1998 default-2000 second anti-terrorist-2008 Coercion of the Saak attacks. Ukraine -1991 and the Orange Revolution. That is, in terms of events, Ukraine had more comfortable conditions.
    There is none of this, everything has died. Starting reserve pros..n.
    What's the matter?? It’s like in a famous joke about Tolyatti, in which no one buys a plant, they get a Zhiguli-place cursed, and Ukraine how many attempts to build statehood failed — a place-cursed.
    In the actions and speeches of all Ukrainian leaders from Yarosh to Klitschko, in spite of his sporting achievements, some kind of inferiority creeps in, complexes that sit deep in everyone’s brains.
    Why so I don’t understand, such a benevolent country and in full ...
    1. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 43
      Technique in the hands of a pithecanthropus is a piece of scrap metal!
      So it is with Ukraine ....
    2. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 43
      Technique in the hands of a pithecanthropus is a piece of scrap metal!
      So it is with Ukraine ....
  15. Cristall
    Cristall 7 March 2014 21: 32
    Farion was specially included there - she is a success when you need to fight the Russian language at all levels. If earlier such "fighters" could not cope with either administrative or public or educational ones, then they give carte blanche for free terrorism. When banned, everything is possible. Well, more precisely, verbally nothing but documentary you can not in any way become "Marichka".
    this bitch will take revenge now ... we didn’t love her angrily and did not hesitate to tell her about it. Now she is on horseback and will take revenge.
    Of course, I had a logical question - why the commission does not have a single specialist in Russian and others (the same Hungarian or Romanian)
    and some nationalists and Lviv? Well, where did the Nazis come from? Logic is Russian - it means hostile. And if there’s a woman - this enemy’s just hatedly the enemy will become - against whom she fights hysterically.
    1. Trofimov Andrey
      Trofimov Andrey 7 March 2014 21: 55
      They have no logic. They have complexes of inferiority and all-consuming envy, which occupy the entire time of existence, not allowing them to engage in creative work. Why this was born in the brains of Ukraine I would very much like to discuss with colleagues in the forum ..
    2. 222222
      222222 7 March 2014 21: 59
      from Odessa, the professor of Odessa University, specializing in Russian, and the deputy of the city council, Kosmin, who heads the commission on the Russian language in the city council, will work in Kiev as a language commission.
      but. the question is different, earlier the law of Ukraine on regional languages ​​was adopted at the initiative of the Party of Regions and in the light of their promise to make the 2nd state .. Russian language is known to almost the entire population of Ukraine and consider native 15 million citizens of Ukraine. What are feints? -Etim law Party of Regions deftly threw 15 million Russian, making them a minority nat .. .Prodelki Party of Regions, the courts in Ukrainian, Ukrainian documentation, annotations to drugs as the Ukrainian ... Pity the poor old -pensionerov Only 2 - state, and not any regional for the Russian language. No Makar will violate the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine ...
    3. corn
      corn 7 March 2014 22: 08
      There is a Polish proverb: There is no worse pan than pan from slaves.
      1. Trofimov Andrey
        Trofimov Andrey 7 March 2014 22: 16
        Ukrainians have never been slaves either in Russia or in the USSR; examples of this are excessive. Why is such a degradation?
        1. corn
          corn 7 March 2014 23: 17
          Trofimov Andrey
          Servants are in any nation and the Russians too, but there is no nation (and cannot be) consisting of serfs. And there is no degradation of Ukrainians, this statement looks like humiliation.
    4. corn
      corn 7 March 2014 23: 32
      Since the language question has been raised here

      Even if you know fifteen foreign languages, you still need Russian. You never know: drop or drop something heavy on your leg.
  16. pensioner
    pensioner 7 March 2014 21: 34
    Right now, according to RBC, one wise guy from the HSE proves that Russia is not needed from the economic point of view! From the bastard!
    1. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 44
      His point of view is not important to us either! wink
    2. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 21: 44
      His point of view is not important to us either! wink
    3. Max otto
      Max otto 7 March 2014 21: 49
      Well, he says it right, from the point of view of the dough. After all, he only cares about loot, and any HSE teaches how to extract this loot - i.e. buy cheaper, catch the wind and sell more. Alas, these are the laws of the American economy, the emergence of new promising resources and costly projects, and especially humanitarian projects there are not considered. Therefore, one should not expect anything good from them (HSE graduates). Such should work in their direction to be deputies and be silent in a rag.
      1. wax
        wax 7 March 2014 22: 32
        HSE - Higher School of Exploiters, Fifth Column of the West in Economics.
    4. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 7 March 2014 23: 47
      The most interesting thing is that it is Russia’s HSE that is not needed from all points of view. Actually, many in such positions as these HSE professors lie in Russia's geopolitical and strategic interests.
    5. DMB-78
      DMB-78 8 March 2014 04: 25
      Quote: retired
      From an economic point of view, Russia does not need Crimea!

      the fifth column can be found in any state
  17. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 7 March 2014 21: 50
    Well done Armen. I have been writing about this for more than a year ..
  18. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 7 March 2014 21: 57
    Quote: Andrey Trofimov

    Why so I don’t understand, such a benevolent country and in full ...

    This is the root of the question.
    The answer is quite simple.
    If society is not aimed at solving great problems, if giant pyramids are not being built, if the fastest and deepest submarines are not being created, if they do not seek to fly to Mars and even further, ... so if there are no great tasks, people are energetic and talented find energy output to talents and energy in possible areas of activity.
    The simplest thing is to buzz - criticism, debate, fights, .... banditry, the mafia ...

    When the USSR collapsed, Ukraine had a unique chance to become one of the most developed countries in the world, right down to the status of a nuclear and space power.
    But someone did not need this.
    They sold machines at the price of scrap metal, lost industry ...
    Those who did this, for some reason thought that it was they who were talented and creative.
    It turned out wrong.
    Finding themselves without work and, naturally, without money, the people of Ukraine began to buzz ....
    1. Trofimov Andrey
      Trofimov Andrey 7 March 2014 22: 08
      Totally agree with you. But just the same, I can’t understand something, rather put up with the fact that leaders, patriots do not come out among the 40-50 million people, in general, name them as you like, able to manage adequately
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 7 March 2014 22: 57
        Quote: Trofimov Andrey
        But just the same, I can’t understand something, rather put up with the fact that leaders, patriots do not come out among the 40-50 million people, in general, name them as you like, able to manage adequately

        We are already 46 million !!! And at the dawn of "independence" there were 52 !!!
        And you discard from the current number of children and the elderly - so divide 46 by three (at least), divide the result again by three (conventionally, 1 part - memory and 2 parts - VU), most of them WORK in VU !!! So we have. Although the current events have already nominated a number of leaders. So "it's not over yet!" hi
        1. Trofimov Andrey
          Trofimov Andrey 7 March 2014 23: 05
          I'd like you to be all right!
        2. Sergey S.
          Sergey S. 8 March 2014 10: 47
          Plus for optimism at the last line.
      2. Sergey S.
        Sergey S. 8 March 2014 10: 45
        This is a tragedy. that there are no bright leaders.
        But there are smart leaders.

        Today's trouble is that after 23 years of bourgeois power, the level of education of youth fell below the plinth.
        Nobody listens to smart old people.
        But the fans ’speeches are understandable and effective.

        Ukraine should have introduced a moratorium on any political actions for 6-8 years.
        And allocate money for school education.
        Moreover, all politics, including history and literature, should be removed from programs.
        Leave math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography ...
        Kids would have grown up, humanitarian aid would have been reinforced in families and on the streets, and with a developed logical apparatus they would easily have considered what needs to be done to simply save the people from extinction.
        It was in this case that the nationalists were trampled first, then they would have trampled corrupt officials, then thieves and bandits ...

        But this is a fairy tale. Education to the people? This is not to bourgeois power.
  19. siberalt
    siberalt 7 March 2014 22: 05
    To the author for the article plus.
    Departure (it’s also Hetmanism or Banderaism) is there to find the owner and to own it. 300 years slides, but really want to try again. Persistent however laughing
  20. VikVik741
    VikVik741 7 March 2014 22: 05
    The new government already does not hesitate to abduct. They broke into Gubarev's apartment, like, they arrested him, and immediately to Kiev. This bespectacled scum Taruta, posing in front of the television cameras, says that the police have been ordered to suppress demonstrations in the most severe way, and it looks like Musar was saluted! We met "Berkut" from Kiev as heroes, shouted "Berkut" at rallies, and now, what? musar turned out to be musar? Well, well, it will backfire. The only hope now lies in Russia. Donbass has already been betrayed so many times, is it really that now we will not be torn apart?
    1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 8 March 2014 00: 33
      There is no longer a golden eagle in Ukraine. It is a territorial militia looking in the mouth or even where the governor is.
  21. Coffee_time
    Coffee_time 7 March 2014 22: 09
    Quote: Sergey S.
    They sold machines at the price of scrap metal, lost industry ...

    Yes, the Balts, having joined the EU, have lost everything that was built and adjusted in the Union. Ukrainians are not a rich people anyway, but now, God forbid, they will become homeless. Sorry for ordinary people
  22. Leshka
    Leshka 7 March 2014 22: 12
  23. Egoza
    Egoza 7 March 2014 22: 14
    Another small touch to the "Galicians" ...
    Activists of Maidan Lvov thwarted the performance of the new prosecutor of the Lviv region, Vladimir Gural. The performance was planned at 13:00 at the Palace of Railwaymen. Several hundred protesters gathered here. Representatives of the "Right Sector" and the Afghans took the new prosecutor of Lviv out of the building and said that he would not be a prosecutor here. None of the representatives of the prosecutor's office prevented this. As the head of the Afghan hundreds Igor Shepa noted, Gural was appointed contrary to the promises of the authorities that any candidacy of a government official would be agreed with the society. “Now Gural has gone through lustration. We just threw it away - and that’s it, ”Shepa said.
    According to him, Gural's nickname is "Ten", because "no one approached him for less than 10 thousand dollars." Activists promise a similar fate to every uncoordinated prosecutor. The main requirements for the new prosecutor of the Lviv region were called "professionalism, decency and loyalty to the people."
    Yesterday, a well-known Lviv journalist-criminalist, editor-in-chief of the Ratusha newspaper Nikolai Savelyev made a call to picket the prosecutor's presentation: “It was this gentleman who was a weighty link in many corruption schemes in the regional prosecutor’s office, and for this he was called the“ gray cardinal ”. At first I thought that the new government did not finish it and appointed him to this position by mistake, out of haste. But today they confirmed to me that an "envelope competition" took place in the Prosecutor General's Office! And it was Vladimir Gural's envelope that most of all interested those responsible for this appointment. " “Bring tires, home-made posters and Molotov cocktails with you! .. We will not allow ourselves to be discredited! Because this is Lviv! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to those who died for us to live differently, humanly ... "- he wrote on Facebook.
    We will note that appointed Gural to a post of the prosecutor of Lviv region the new public prosecutor-svobodovets Oleg Makhnitsky. At the same time, Governor Irina Sekh assures that the candidacy was not agreed with her.
    That seems to be correct, ("conscientiously") but the methods! And so it will be with everyone who does not like something! Language, opinion, nationality ... That's the trouble!
    1. wax
      wax 7 March 2014 22: 48
      Methods and conscience are interconnected.
  24. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 7 March 2014 22: 14
    The article on the topic of events, CORRECT, "+" -unambiguously, I would very much like it to be carefully read by EVERYONE in Ukraine!
    1. not main
      not main 7 March 2014 22: 49
      The problem is that in Ukraine they read completely different articles!
  25. polite people
    polite people 7 March 2014 22: 30
    The author is just fine. After all, there are really smart and impartial people. Fine.
  26. kelevra
    kelevra 7 March 2014 22: 30
    In general, the case has been written, but the prospects for Ukraine in terms of the population, the economy, and the army, and even more so industry, are very vague. The state, as such, does not exist, there will be fragmentation, chaos, terror. The top will perish with loot, ordinary people will go "brother to brother." This is not very desirable, Ukraine is a very lively country, in order for it to flourish, you need to root out about the Nazis at the root! Separate unnecessary western territories from the east, there is still nothing there, only idlers. Let Poland bother with them .To adjust life in the East and make friends with neighbors, then there is a chance to preserve and revive the former glory of Ukraine.
  27. Santor
    Santor 7 March 2014 22: 37
    Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov puts everything in its place, arranges all the events on the shelves, and answers questions we have not even asked. Be patient and listen.

  28. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 7 March 2014 22: 54
    With the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the problems with the disintegration of Ukraine will not diminish. Now the difference in the cultological ... worldview perception of the world between the population living in the Southeastern regions and in the Western regions has reached a genetic level .... They ... whatever hopes we pin on diplomatic negotiations, cannot be overcome in the foreseeable period of the life of one -two generations! And at the core is material well-being. The standard of living of the people in the Western regions of Ukraine ... in comparison with neighboring Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, not to mention Germany, etc. even farther west and ... even in comparison with the Eastern regions, many regions of Russia (Kuban, Don, Voronezh Belgorod and others) are very striking. And this difference only grew under the Democrats. That could not but cause murmur, indignation ... discontent ... The anti-Russian soldiers of psychological wars in these conditions began to successfully pour salt on the not healing wound of the people's suffering. There was only one thing to counter this - to ensure a high standard of living. This required a lot of money to create jobs and make it possible to earn a decent living. But this money has already been "privatized" by both our ... and Ukrainian "privatizers" ... and the people are left with nothing. But with a constant buzz about how they will be good without "her"! Here's where the distortion of the genic code of the Western Slavs kindred to us comes from. I saw it with my own eyes ... until 2006 I served in the Carpathian region, Transcarpathia, lived in these regions ... traveled on business ... My best friends remained there ... But if the son of a Soviet internationalist officer, he the grandson of the former head of the KGB district, he is also a graduate of one of the most prestigious military university ... now he calls us creatures ... encroaching on poor Ukraine ... what to say about others ... There will be NO reconciliation! And our task is to help carry out these re-pipelines as soon as possible to ensure that all NOVOROSSIA can return to Russia. Yes!!! It will hurt! But fewer people will suffer. And the world will "settle down" faster ... there will be no decay ... like in a peat bog.
    1. Thompson
      Thompson 7 March 2014 23: 09
      Also I think so. It’s better now and with little blood than to bathe in it later. And so it will be if that. Alas
  29. Navy7981
    Navy7981 7 March 2014 23: 02
    The article is terrible in its perspective. And I don’t want to believe in it, but it’s better to overtake than not to finish it. May not consider the Zapadents as final enemies, then expect anything from them! And do not believe it until their actions prove the opposite.
  30. uizik
    uizik 7 March 2014 23: 37
    For the past 20 years, people have been zombified, instilled in them hatred of the Russians. They wanted to mold a single nation, with a single and indivisible language, but they got fascists and rabid nationalists in sheep's clothing. Add to this a low standard of living. Young people are not able to realize themselves and at the same time the authorities blame their northern neighbor for everything. This abscess must be urgently opened until it is so painful. Procrastination threatens gangrene and then there will be more blood. This is well understood by the so-called government of Ukraine, oligarchs and radicals with fascists.
    1. Manul
      Manul 8 March 2014 14: 50
      Quote: uizik
      For the past 20 years, people have been zombified, instilled in them hatred of the Russians

      This has been done for the past 100 years.
  31. Arh
    Arh 8 March 2014 00: 05
    I think that New Russia should be part of the Russian Federation !!!
  32. Aragorn
    Aragorn 8 March 2014 01: 16
    The brain was washed over the years, plus a bunch of all kinds of religious sects of an American style. My father is a military pensioner (born in 1942), a Russian from Volokolamsk, and now he insists that he does not want to live in Russia.
    Although, after my request (electronically) to provide me and my family (large families, all preschoolers from 5 months to 6 years) with the opportunity to obtain citizenship, or leave for some state resettlement program (if I manage to break into the car to Crimea), the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Simferopol sent me an answer:

    If your situation is really so dangerous and unpredictable, we suggest you contact:
    1. HEMR. Ban Ki-Moon UN Secretary-General United Nation HeadQuarters New York, NY 10017, USA FAX: +1 (212) 9634879
    Dear Mr. Secret-General,
    HELP US! and further it is better in English, but you can state the essence of the trouble in Russian or Ukrainian: robbery, arson, looting, confiscation of property, violence (it is advisable to attach a confirmation: photo, video).
    2. Ms. Navanethem Pillay UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Palais des Nation CH-1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland, FAX: +4122 917-90-22, Email: [email protected]
    Dear Ms High Commissioner,
    HELP US, and further it is better in English, but you can state the essence of the trouble in Russian or Ukrainian: robberies, arson, looting, confiscation of property, violence (it is advisable to attach a confirmation: photo, video).

    I had to contact Simferopol (by e-mail), because in Kiev, it is impossible to contact the Russian Consulate, plus immediately light up the family of self-defense, which oversees the embassy.

    What do we have? Beautiful words at the level of Russian statesmen, in practice, nothing has changed ...
    1. KOH
      KOH 8 March 2014 20: 27
      First, cross over to Crimea, and then documents ... so it’s safer for you and for your family ...
  33. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 8 March 2014 01: 32
    Hello everyone! Now I was on a Ukrainian site I entered through Yandex, they write such things there, horror and only, at Yanyka’s heart attack, Lukashenko condemns Russia, and the gay position is white and fluffy, well, in general people are fooled and in full and here's the news too from there.

    In the Sevastopol
    the occupiers
    military unit
    In Sevastopol, Russian
    invaders storm the Ukrainian
    military unit A2355. About it
    the assistant on duty reports
    According to his words, Russian
    military army KamAZ
    broke through the gates of the military unit,
    captured a nearby house, and
    now break through to
    command post.
    At the moment, the number
    Russian military is unknown.
    On the territory of the unit are
    about 100 Ukrainian military.
    Military unit A-2355
    located in Sevastopol in
    Yukharina beam.
    Reminder Minister of Defense
    RF claims that in Crimea
    There are no Russian troops. Mission
    OSCE to the occupied
    the territory is not allowed.
  34. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 8 March 2014 01: 52
    Here is still from there, their opinions.

    Sort: by date
    07.03.2014/21/58, 124199:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    What an ambiguous material. WITH
    when did the UN become
    peacekeepers? and they won’t go
    on this. Bark away
    please, but no specific cases
    will be. And what are the Tatars so worried about?
    Or is there anything to worry about? Crimea
    in very poor condition
    desolation, roads, just horror and
    etc. For so many years
    independence .... only
    sucked money from Ukraine.
    Everyone didn’t give a damn, but now
    are worried.
    07.03.2014/21/56, 124198:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Why Crimea wants to Russia:
    Related to speaker of Crimea
    Konstantinov construction company
    owe more than 1 billion UAH to banks -
    Perhaps the comment contains
    Invalid information. is he
    will be published after
    07.03.2014/18/52, 124156:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Crimea awaits Abkhazian
    scenario. Military pensioners of the Russian Federation -
    unnecessary Putin biomaterial
    even them on the peninsula
    most. And how this year
    holiday season will be held in
    Crimea-Putin doesn’t care what
    landlords do not
    will see a single vacationer
    Khokhla, probably it's just
    a fairy tale.Just let's soberly
    look at the charms of such
    new life and we will not be like a bum
    Vasya screaming to Russia URA - cry
    it is necessary from stupidity and moronity!
    07.03.2014/17/39, 124143:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    What’s all over the Crimea? let's
    specifically in every city of Crimea
    referendum in every village
    Dante Alighieri
    07.03.2014/16/18, 124121:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    It's time to introduce peacekeepers
    otherwise the appetite of Mr.
    Putin, or maybe he wants Crimea
    to present to your new spouse?
    07.03.2014/16/03, 124117:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Damn and are not afraid that they will be announced
    07.03.2014/15/56, 124114:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Separate - Worse [censored]
    Native Crimean
    07.03.2014/14/32, 124071:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Crimea- Russia Cheers !!!!!!
    07.03.2014/14/14, 124061:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    that's the joke that against
    Russia in Crimea-1-2% including
    Jamilev. which cellar under
    myself all the money is turkish and not
    wants to climb off this stack.
    07.03.2014/14/03, 124055:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Yes, you already leave on the streets! Yes
    you are in a crowd trampling on the occupants!
    Take an example from the Maidan. After
    students were beaten
    to the streets of mom, dad, granny,
    grandfathers and there were more of them
    million! And it was they who stood
    under the bullets! But they won!
    While you sit home and
    complaining - nobody will hear you!
    07.03.2014/14/17, 124064:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    Well, is that normal when
    even if 1 million decided in 47
    million? maybe more
    it was democratic to
    referendum? that would be
    the real will of the whole people!
    07.03.2014/15/58, 124116:XNUMX # XNUMX answer
    so the referendum is not across
    Ukraine passes, but only in
  35. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 8 March 2014 04: 36
    Most of all kills the sayings of a large number of people who say, do not touch Ukraine, they will figure it out themselves, they have a revolution! And when these Yaroshi and Tyagniboki begin to cut your brothers and sisters, looking at you with lust, -You will try to sit out in the underground or garage? With hope for uncle you will not live !!!
  36. DMB-78
    DMB-78 8 March 2014 05: 10
    Crimea does not give up
  37. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 8 March 2014 11: 37
    Quote: VNP1958PVN
    And when these Yaroshi and Tyagniboki begin to cut your brothers and sisters, looking at you with lust, -You will try to sit out in the underground or garage?

    The only lesson in history is that no lessons are learned from history ...
    I don’t remember who said these brilliant words.

    But that's not the point.
    A real man cannot pass by when they offend the weak.
    This is the first.
    If you run into a strong bandit, you can’t give up anyway. With a shield or on a shield! This motto of the Spartans is best suited to understanding what Russian means.
    The third.
    Democracy ... damn it. Men fail their eyes, they despise weapons, hang out with their own kind at night, smart talk about money and clothes.
    This world must disappear on our earth. It would be nice to wait for the extinction itself, but in view of the military threat, the fifth column must be neutralized in advance.
    For we are responsible for Russian women and children.
  38. Mikuduk
    Mikuduk 8 March 2014 11: 43
    Quote: VNP1958PVN
    Most of all kills the sayings of a large number of people who say, do not touch Ukraine, they will figure it out themselves, they have a revolution! And when these Yaroshi and Tyagniboki begin to cut your brothers and sisters, looking at you with lust, -You will try to sit out in the underground or garage? With hope for uncle you will not live !!!

    I will say more, if some can still be "corrected", then the radicals must be destroyed physically, whatever the liberals say here. Otherwise, it will get worse and worse, it’s still a mess there, but soon bandit groups and sabotage squads will begin to seep to the territory of Russia, I'm afraid very soon ...
  39. polite people
    polite people 8 March 2014 13: 02

    Frogs feel uncomfortable
    The government is popular
    And it seemed to them not at all noble
    Without service and free will live.
    To grieve,
    They began to ask the gods of the King.
    Though listening to all nonsense to the gods would not be akin to
    On this, however, once Zeus listened to them:
    He gave them a king. A king from heaven flies toward them with a noise,
    And so tightly he cracked the kingdom,
    What walked the boggy state?
    From all the frogs legs
    Who in time, where who could,
    And in a whisper to the King they marveled at the cells.
    And it is true that the Tsar was marvelously given to them:
    Not fussy, not helical,
    Powerful, silent and important;
    By kinship, the growth of a giant,
    Well, look, it's a miracle!
    One thing in the king was only bad:
    This king was an aspen block.
    At first, honoring his person above,
    Nobody dares to approach the subjects:
    They look at him with fear, and then
    Sneakily, from afar, through calamus and sedge;
    But since there is no miracle in the world,
    To which the light would not look
    Then they first rested from fear,
    Then they crawled to the King with devotion;
    First, before the King, face down;
    And to those who dare, let them sit sideways to him:
    Let me try to sit next to him;
    And to those who are still foolish,
    They sit back at the tsar.
    The king endures everything by his grace.
    After a while, look who wants to,
    He jumps on him.
    In three days, life bored with such a King.
    Frogs are new petition,
    To them Jupiter in their marsh power
    He truly gave the King glory!
    Praying to their warm prayers,
    Jupiter sent them to the kingdom of Crane.
    This king is not a blockhead, he has a completely different mind:
    He does not like to pamper his people;
    He eats the guilty: but at his trial
    There is no one right;
    But he’s
    What breakfast, lunch, dinner, then violence.
    On the inhabitants of the swamps
    The black year is coming.
    In Frogs every day a great flaw.
    From morning till night, their king walks around the kingdom
    And everyone he meets
    Immediately condemn and swallow.
    Here is the forest, and croaking and groaning,
    To them Jupiter again
    He granted king the new;
    That their current King swallows them like flies;
    What even they can’t (no matter how terrible!)
    No nose, no croaking safe;
    What, finally, their king sickened them of droughts.
    "Why didn't you know how to live happily before?
    not for me, crazy, - a voice told them from heaven, -
    There was no peace from you?
    Have you made a noise about the King to me?
    Was the king given to you? - so he was too quiet:
    You rebelled in your puddle
    Another one was given to you - so this one is too dashing:
    Live with him so that you don't feel worse! "

    how do you like the Maidan crane with their henchmen from the EU and the USA
  40. Neophyte
    Neophyte 8 March 2014 13: 16
    Not all is lost! Ukraine is plunging into wild poverty, judging by the accepted
    demands from the IMF. There will be a powerful riot of the population, hungry people will go
    and on machines. False patriots of the current government in Ukraine will sober up and
    sweep away the power of Bandera.
  41. Pushkar
    Pushkar 8 March 2014 13: 51
    Hungry people will go to work for pennies in the geyrop. Already tested in the Baltic states.
  42. tundra
    tundra 8 March 2014 14: 06
    Twenty-year language and educational terror against New Russia is not just a whim of Russophobic “Ukrainians”. This is the only effective mechanism of Ukrainian ethnogenesis. Only by uniting against “third-class citizens” - Russians of New Russia, Galicians and Volhynians, along with Little Russians, are fused into “Ukrainians” ............... Galychians, Volhynians .... gentry and others. And so, they let loose the zats. Well, now it’s very difficult to put them in a stall. This is where it is seen, hard workers from mines and factories, obeyed smoked pig farmers? They’re a penny’s day, and let them eat grass! Eco-friendly clean.
  43. Ruslan
    Ruslan 8 March 2014 14: 33
    Why Ukraine Novorossia? so that there was someone sitting on the neck !!! after all, the most profitable lands can sail away !!!
  44. QWERTY
    QWERTY 8 March 2014 17: 46
    I agree with the author, he well developed my guess that it is not for nothing that the anthems of Ukraine and Poland begin with the words "Has not yet died in Ukraine" and has not yet disappeared Plska "precisely with the words of denial of the death of their countries, which, apparently, should happen. But it will happen sooner or later.
  45. pan_nor
    pan_nor 8 March 2014 18: 00
    comrades, but how do you like this opinion:
    Odessa historian: It will be easy for us to kill each other!
    Good, good Slavic brothers!
  46. homosum20
    homosum20 8 March 2014 18: 48
    Nitsche, there were many. We are here. Where are they?
  47. kalczuk
    kalczuk 8 March 2014 19: 21
    Ukraine divided between Russia Poland Hungary Romania.
    Poland, Russia Great Slavic Union.
  48. wow
    wow 8 March 2014 19: 44
    In a word, "... Carthage must be destroyed ...!"
  49. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 8 March 2014 19: 45
    Quote: kalczuk
    Ukraine divided between Russia Poland Hungary Romania.
    Poland, Russia Great Slavic Union.

    And the Finns, Romanians, Moldavians and Greeks Orthodox ...
  50. Ayman75
    Ayman75 8 March 2014 20: 51
    Look at the map, as Crimea reaches out and greets Kuban.