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"Crimea is associated with Russia." The historian believes that the peninsula has a historical right to independence.

"Crimea is associated with Russia." The historian believes that the peninsula has a historical right to independence.“Ukraine is a“ sick person. ” At one time, Turkey was called the “sick man of Europe”. As a result, the Ottoman state collapsed as a result, ”historian Dmitry Volodikhin told the newspaper VIEW. In his opinion, the right of the newly formed “revolutionary” Ukrainian state to the Crimea is not so obvious.

The referendum on the status and powers of the Crimean autonomy will be held at the appointed time - March 30, assured on Tuesday Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov. Earlier, Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov suggested that the plebiscite would pass even earlier. So far, the question on the referendum is formulated as follows: "The Autonomous Republic of Crimea has state independence and is part of Ukraine on the basis of treaties and agreements (yes or no)."

On the eve of the head of the self-proclaimed government of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, following a meeting with the head of the British Foreign Ministry, William Hague, said: Crimea will remain part of Ukraine. "Nobody will give anyone the Crimea," Yatsenyuk promised.
But it should be noted that throughout its many thousands of years stories Crimea often had state independence (in various forms and under different names). The peninsula was inhabited and ruled by various nations - from Scythians, Greeks, and ready to the Genoese and Tatars of the Golden Horde. From the XV century in the Crimea and the Northern Black Sea region ruled the Crimean Khanate - a vassal of the Ottoman Empire. According to the results of the Russian-Turkish war 1768 – 1774, the Kuchuk-Kaynardzhsky world was signed with the Ottomans, according to which Crimea was recognized as independent from any outside authority, although unofficially it came under the tutelage of Russia. And 8 April 1783, Catherine II issued a manifesto on the annexation of the Crimea to Russia.

Within the borders of Ukraine, the peninsula has only been in the 1954 year (as a gift from the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev of the Ukrainian SSR), and as part of an independent Ukrainian state, and even less since 1991.

The current status of the peninsula will determine the Crimeans themselves. As a TV source in the autonomy government told NTV on the eve, the Crimean electoral commission will use the experience of preparing for similar referendums in Scotland and Catalonia.

“In general, I believe that only citizens living in a particular territory, in conditions of freedom of expression, can and should determine their future in safety,” President Vladimir Putin stressed on Tuesday. The head of state stressed that Russia is not considering the issue of joining the Crimea. As for Ukraine, as Putin noted, “it’s hard not to agree with experts who believe that a new state is emerging on this territory, and we have not signed any documents with this state”.

About the country with which the Crimea is more connected, how justified are the claims on it from the side of the new Ukrainian state, and the possibility of self-determination of the Crimeans in an interview with the VIEW Vzglyad told the historian and writer, doctor of historical sciences, associate professor of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University Dmitry Volodikhin.

VIEW: Dmitry Mikhailovich, is it possible to say that the Crimea and the present-day Southern Ukraine (what was called Novorossia) has historically been much more closely connected with Russia - since the 18th century, and not with Ukraine-Little Russia itself?

Dmitry Volodikhin: It can be said without any reservations that Crimea is much more historically and culturally connected with Russia than with Ukraine. The obvious question, and there is nothing to doubt, in my opinion.

Ukraine for all its previous history had two periods of its own statehood. The first period is the so-called hetman (17th century - early 18th century). Hetmanate - the territory controlled by the hetmans of the Zaporozhian Army, arose after the rebellion of Bogdan Khmelnytsky (which began in the 1648 year). In 1654, after the Pereiaslav Council, the protectorate of the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was adopted. In 1764, under Catherine II, the rank of hetman of the Zaporozhian Army was canceled. Subsequently, the entire territory of present-day Ukraine, except Galicia and Bukovina, was incorporated into the Russian Empire. And, I emphasize, the Crimea has never been a member of the hetman.

The second, brief period of the historical existence of Ukrainian statehood dates back to the times of the Civil War of 1918 – 1920. But none of the state formations that the current Ukraine can claim for continuity (neither the Ukrainian People’s Republic at the time of the Central Rada and the Directory, nor the Ukrainian power of Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky) even formally included Crimea.

When, after the Civil War, approximately the current borders formed the territory that constituted the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the peninsula also did not become part of it. Crimea (which was an autonomous republic in 1920 – 1946, and then was transformed into a region) was subordinate to the RSFSR. As you know, the peninsula became part of the Ukrainian SSR in an artificial way - thanks to the voluntaristic decision of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, who in February 1954 transferred Crimea to Soviet Ukraine.

There is nothing to add to this. The connection of Ukraine and the Crimea is a phenomenon of modern history, one might even say, ultra-longest.

VIEW: In 1990-e years, the question was repeatedly raised that Sevastopol was not legally transferred to Ukraine and could have returned to Russia. Is it so?

D.V.: It really is. Sevastopol was not transferred to Ukraine when Khrushchev "presented" the Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR. The fact is that in 1948, by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, Sevastopol was separated from the Crimea region and declared a city of republican subordination. So, in the 1954 year, only the Crimean region was transferred to Ukraine de jure, but not Sevastopol.

But the city was given away by one stroke of the pen in the 1990's. The so-called “Big Treaty” was signed - the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation of 1997, which secured the post-Soviet borders between Russia and Ukraine. The return of Sevastopol is not particularly advertised. Apparently, in that state chaos, in which the former territory of the USSR was, it was difficult to allocate time for “fussing” with a small land of Sevastopol. Only a very high-quality political elite would be capable of such a fuss. But the political elite 1990-x does not hold water. She apparently simply did not know what to do with Sevastopol, and therefore easily and thoughtlessly gave it to him.

VIEW: Is it possible now, in the conditions of the actual collapse of the Ukrainian statehood, to change the status of the Crimea and other territories - say, according to the results of referendums? We all know about Kosovo. What are the historical precedents of the internationally recognized exit from one state territory in Europe?

D.V.: It is quite possible. And what's more, that would be fair. We see that Ukraine is a “sick person”. So - “a sick man of Europe” - several centuries ago they called Turkey. As a result, the Ottoman state collapsed as it was known, because it could not cope with national and religious problems on its territory, and new states were formed.

Ukraine also can not cope with national and religious issues on its territory. This state is hard hurt. Because of this, a benefit for its population, in my opinion, would be the withdrawal of some territories from the authority of the modern Ukrainian government.
From my point of view, it would be possible to return Sevastopol to Russia and provide Crimea and a number of territories north of the Crimea: Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa - independence. As for the eastern territories of Ukraine: Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov, these regions could be granted broad autonomy rights, and Ukraine itself could be given the status of a federative state. This, in my opinion, would be the most reasonable way out of this situation.

VIEW: Ukrainian nationalists draw a parallel between the current situation in the Crimea and the Anschluss of Austria, Germany. How would you comment on such statements?

D.V.: In the statements of the Russian government, the idea that the Crimea should be attached (Anschluss is the accession) to the Russian Federation was not voiced anywhere.

Now, in my opinion, we are talking about two ways out of the crisis: Crimea will either receive extremely broad autonomy, or acquire the status of an independent state. I believe that both ways would be worthy, but since the ability of the Ukrainian political elite of our time to cope with national and religious issues and even just bring order to their economy is not visible, for Crimea it will be quieter independent existence, that is, the status of a sovereign state.
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 7 March 2014 19: 01
    nothing to make excuses for. especially in front of whom? ... decided-do. but doubt ... then again there will be cries of deceit.
    1. zanoza
      zanoza 7 March 2014 19: 26
      "Sevastopol + Crimea + Russia"
      Who would argue with this in Russia!
      The West, in spite of us, together and in unison, will deny everything and oppose what we now see.
      And that our "comrades" in the CIS, CU, SCO and other unions are silent then? what request
      Where is this member of the Union State?
      They want to keep silent, stand aside as with South Ossetia and Abkhazia?
      1. andron352
        andron352 7 March 2014 19: 33
        Russia has two allies - its army and navy
      2. andrei332809
        andrei332809 7 March 2014 20: 52
        Quote: zanoza
        And what about our "comrades" in the CIS,

        expect ... who is "stubborn"? Russia or zadopodus? ... I bet on us. no matter how we are depicted as dependence on all sorts of quotes, technologies and other ratings, I think we will survive. but when their pensioners literally freeze, then tady .... although ... again, Moscow is to blame, froze the European "hkheroev" request
      3. GSH-18
        GSH-18 7 March 2014 22: 48
        Quote: "By national and religious issues and even just to put things in order in their economy, then for the Crimea will be calmer independent existence, that is, the status of a sovereign state."
        ================================================== ==============
        SHNYAGA! There is no other word. Independent Crimea amers and banderlog not only once! Crimea should become a part of Russia (and in fact it has already become one), only in this case there will come peace, tranquility and confidence in the future.
      4. Monk
        Monk 8 March 2014 00: 37
        that you stuck to them, everything has its time, and besides, RUSSIA is strong without them
  2. gfs84
    gfs84 7 March 2014 19: 04
    And this is how Russia and Moscow voted:

    Participants in a rally in support of Crimea on Vasilyevsky Spusk in Moscow adopted a resolution in which they demanded that the Russian leadership support the decision of the Crimean parliament to join Russia. The live broadcast from the rally was conducted by the Rossiya 24 television channel.

    After the referendum, Putin, I think, will have all the trump cards in his hands ....
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 7 March 2014 19: 19
      Quote: gfs84
      Broadcast from the rally was conducted by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

      let's not be like all sienans and foxes. demontration in Moscow is not Russia. if you look at it from a different angle, then the rain will show sooooooo ... but I will. The idea of ​​consolidation is sought. than not an idea, OUR BYUT !!! we are all consolidated (call for a word). so it also corresponds to us - do not give offense to the weak
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 7 March 2014 19: 24
      Like it or not, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a conflict in the post-Soviet space. Those. a conflict between the Slavic peoples, which, in any case, is at the mercy of the United States (though it is not the peoples who conflict, but the elites who head them).
      And a referendum is the most correct solution of this conflict possible, the will of the people is the most democracy, so the United States will wash with its own snot. angry
      If only Churov had guessed not to send to Crimea, otherwise it would ruin everything!
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 7 March 2014 20: 58
        Quote: S_mirnov
        A referendum is the right decision

        and let's think about the HEAD (in no way did I want to offend or offend you). if the observer "from me" is one result, "from you" is the opposite. and any result that hits the pockets of Western companies will be declared falsified.
        A PRIORI
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 7 March 2014 23: 29
          Quote: andrei332809
          if the observer "from me" is one result, "from you" is the opposite. and any result that hits the pockets of Western companies will be declared falsified.

          And here the dog is buried! You can falsify everything except real people who are ready to go out and defend their interests and their choice. And the bought handful of mercenaries will dissolve without a trace (even slippers will not remain) in the national wave!
          Well, Yanukovych bought himself voters, but there were messes and where are they those voters bought? And immediately it becomes clear about the legitimacy of those elections!
          And "for the Motherland, For Stalin" The entire Soviet people voted during the Second World War! So much for the difference!
          1. andrei332809
            andrei332809 7 March 2014 23: 56
            Quote: S_mirnov
            except for real people who are ready to go out

            well again ... who will come out? freeloaders who, from their impunity, fall into euphoria. a normal person WORKS, he has no time. but WHEN the men come out, this "electorate" with bats will scatter. so the "opinion of the people" is practically a changeable constant (I know, it sounds like a paradox)
            do not hold evil. I think so
            1. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov 8 March 2014 00: 11
              Quote: andrei332809
              well again ... who will come out? freeloaders who from their impunity fall into euphoria.

              These individuals will run away as soon as they smell fried!

              Quote: andrei332809
              normal person WORKS, he has no time.

              back to the question why once, watch a movie, think request
              Quote: andrei332809
              but WHEN the men come out, this "electorate" with bats will scatter. so the "opinion of the people" is practically a changeable constant (I know, it sounds like a paradox)

              I agree, you just need to understand that the most powerful force in the country is its citizens! And to enslave the citizens of the country (and not the leadership) a lot of forces are needed (in Vietnam, the United States did not have so much strength).
              Quote: andrei332809
              do not hold evil. I think so

              I never hold the grudge against those who think. hi
              Be healthy!
              1. andrei332809
                andrei332809 8 March 2014 00: 15
                Quote: S_mirnov
                be healthy

                have a nice one you too hi
                and about the masses ... very large inertia. however much Marxism-Leninism taught us, the role of the Leader is very important.
    3. 7 March 2014 21: 50
      You are Moscow and not Russia, although I am in favor of this issue.
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 7 March 2014 22: 36
        You are Moscow and not Russia

        kill the bastard! so I have not been insulted yet-called Moscow angry
  3. skifd
    skifd 7 March 2014 19: 04
    The "Junta" clings to Crimea most likely because NATO has already sold it for bases. In advance.
    1. kgbers
      kgbers 7 March 2014 19: 41
      And that is quite possible. For example, Kolomoisky could easily stir up such a topic - to breed his own NATO suckers on the headstock.
    2. rasputin17
      rasputin17 7 March 2014 19: 46
      And identity too !!! For the pleasure of recognizing their false legitimacy as jackals, it requires a fee !!! And these ghouls squander everything and all of Ukraine for the sake of their masters !! In fact, now there is a systematic destruction of the Slavic state by prostitutes for the money of the Anglo-Saxons !! The whole culture and nation is destroyed, and this is done for the benefit of shit democracy and tolerant values ​​!! And this is just a step to the scaffold on which they want to drive Russia !!
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 7 March 2014 21: 10
        Quote: rasputin17
        And identity too !!! 3

        naty dyraki, but not fun. no matter how different rasmussons roam, none of this state-owned company RISKS ...
  4. ZU-23
    ZU-23 7 March 2014 19: 10
    2200000 ballots will be printed on a referendum in Crimea, about which replenishment of healthy foreheads in Russia laughing
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir 7 March 2014 19: 16
    Russia-Russia-USSR treacherously collapsed in 1991. This is all one. Therefore, the annexation of Crimea, only the return of one of the parts. Therefore, we must not prove anything to anyone.
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 7 March 2014 19: 37
      We paid for this even during the war with the Ottoman Empire, and paid with blood !! Not for this, Tsar Peter the Great was building a Russian fleet and his followers would cut open windows to all corners of the world so that his descendants would cover them with green toilet paper !!!
  6. koley7
    koley7 7 March 2014 19: 19
    In the forecasts of events, the article is old
  7. His
    His 7 March 2014 19: 20
    Download and read the book by I.V. Pykhalov. "The Great Slandered War", 2009 Thanks to the author for the work.
  8. Gagarin
    Gagarin 7 March 2014 19: 22
    Finally, an appropriate article with a full historical layout!
    Thanks to the author!
  9. psychologist
    psychologist 7 March 2014 19: 25
    still connected !!! it’s not for nothing that our soldiers and ordinary people shed their blood there! Do not step the Nazis on the land of our ancestors !!
  10. Rork
    Rork 7 March 2014 19: 25
    No person in this world is smaller, scum, and more rude than a katskap.
    Born in a Nazi country, nourished by the propaganda of Nazism, this katsap will never become a Man.
    His country has no friends — either lackeys or enemies.
    His country can only threaten, humiliate and kill.
    And for the preservation of this status by Russia, an ordinary katcap is ready to sacrifice his own life, the lives of his parents and children, the quality of life of his own people.
    Verily: katsap are animals. Fierce, bloodthirsty, but ... mortal.
    1. skifd
      skifd 7 March 2014 19: 31
      Quote: Rork
      Born in a Nazi country, nourished by the propaganda of Nazism, this katsap will never become a Man.

      You, about yourself ?
      Where are you from, deprived ??
      Yes, I forgot, such as you -"animals. Fierce, bloodthirsty, but ... mortal."
    2. avt
      avt 7 March 2014 19: 53
      Quote: Rork
      Verily: katsap are animals. Fierce, bloodthirsty, but ... mortal.

      laughing Ragulek looked in the mirror and freaked out from his Bandera mug and with screams - “It can't be!” With tears he ran to knock on the keyboard that he was not in the mirror with a crooked mug from anger, well, a supporter of the Geyvrop choice cannot have such a mug , only for straight people - Muscovites. Do not forget to wash your doves before accepting “European values.” At the same time, until I forgot my letter, read what your Banderas finished, live and every time you take something sweet in your mouth, in the sense of candy , remember Pavel Sudoplatov and cross yourself with both hands that is still alive.
    3. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 7 March 2014 19: 54
      Rork you're right we are a beast when we see the Nazis.
      If you manage to hide in the west, you will survive. Do not have time your family will fade away as it should have been 70 years ago.
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 7 March 2014 20: 06
        Russia get up Rorka ban laughing
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. Klim2011
      Klim2011 7 March 2014 20: 03
      For 20 years of independence, the country was ruined, the USSR’s inheritance was profiled, and it showed complete inability to create a State.
      Poles you 300 years integrated wassat , Austro Hungarians about a hundred years old, Hitler really is much less.
      I personally wish you re-integration lol
      Ukraine has never been independent in history and never will be. This world is divided between the Great Powers.
      Like a radioactive element, Ukraine has come to a half-life in twenty years. Physics however ...
    5. A1L9E4K9S
      A1L9E4K9S 7 March 2014 20: 04
      Zonov cock
    6. super-vitek
      super-vitek 7 March 2014 20: 21
      Please tell me Ukrainian, but do you know who they are, I’m a Nazi face, sir!? These are ethnic Ukrainians living in border areas who speak a special dialect !!! So that’s why you write nonsense of a snotty youngster, at least, but how the maximum is just a crazy person! It’s necessary to be treated, no one denies about mortals, well, so your hand rises only to the unarmed! And on the battlefield, such as you are just MEAT !!!
    7. Shkiper
      Shkiper 7 March 2014 21: 42
      Some Westernist ukro-fascist Rork for his exemplary Euro standards hysteria quite earned ice cream from the American ambassador. He already has a bun from the State Department woman Victoria Nuland. And with the Germans in 1941, with such data, he could become the main police officer at the gallows for civilians, and under Yushchenko, the hero of Ukraine.
    8. corn
      corn 7 March 2014 23: 06

      Not Rork, but PORK.
      God forgive me (although I am not a believer), I even got bored
  11. rasputin17
    rasputin17 7 March 2014 19: 30
    "ONE BLOOD, ONE FATE" Are there other options ?? On a land where every meter is shed with the blood of our fathers and grandfathers, Bandera cattle, and even more so NATO jackals, will not happen !!! We would rather sink the sixth fleet in the Black Sea than let the aggressors trample our holy land !!!
  12. individual
    individual 7 March 2014 19: 54
    Since 1783, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, 231 years passed so that Crimea again turned to Russia!
  13. Oksana
    Oksana 7 March 2014 20: 04
    It is necessary to install the "katsapylam" breathalyzers in front of the monitor. Aha-sleep over write on, where the comment will be more adequate! lol
  14. Orik
    Orik 7 March 2014 20: 06
    The right is good, but the right of the strong is even better. laughing
  15. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 7 March 2014 20: 11
    I didn’t even read in a pack. I can’t understand - how long our moral territories will divide between themselves, border borders, change state systems, set nations against each other, and as usual, they will get away with it. It's amazing that everyone knows that they bought everyone.
    How much can you endure this ??? They are already sitting in everyone's stoves. When will we just live humanly ???, normal. No, no strength to endure anymore ... Zadolbali.
  16. Egoza
    Egoza 7 March 2014 20: 19
    Tsarev: Simple Tatars want the annexation of Crimea to Russia
    Oleg Tsarev, MP from the Party of Regions, said that ordinary Tatars want Crimea to join Russia. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. “I am now in the Crimea. Having talked with the Crimean Tatars, I want to dispel the rumors prevailing in Ukraine - most of those with whom I spoke support the unification of Crimea with Russia. The motives are clear - high pensions and salaries, new opportunities for the development of the Crimean economy. I’m talking about simple Tatars now, ”said Tsarev.
    The people's deputy also explained why the chairman of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov opposed the unity of Crimea and Russia. "Tops", in particular, Refat Chubarov, advocate the preservation of Crimea as part of Ukraine. This is clear. They have long and firmly entered the Ukrainian elite, are closely connected with the West. The same Chubarov is the usual "grant-eater", dependent on foreign sponsors. It’s not necessary to transfer his position to all Crimean Tatars, ”wrote Tsarev.
  17. kgbers
    kgbers 7 March 2014 20: 21
    Crimea, Bandera, now certainly - not to be seen. God will grant and we will free all of Ukraine from them. As the saying goes: "what the fathers did not finish -..."
  18. Barakuda
    Barakuda 7 March 2014 20: 22
    But it’s interesting .. Everything will go according to plan, Crimea will achieve independence. Then what, the "fleet" will begin to divide the Crimea with Ukraine? And Kiev will pay rent to Crimea? It would be cool ...
  19. ehomenkov
    ehomenkov 7 March 2014 20: 29
    After reading the article - I thought - common truths - who needs it? Now I think - it is necessary1 NO ONE OF HISTORY DOESN'T KNOW - 20 YEARS OVER YEARS - Nobody remembered about IT (HISTORY) ... and they wrote for GRAND what anyone wanted ... here - and we read the comments of Maydanut - what has grown - then has grown ...
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 7 March 2014 20: 38
      Quote: ehomenkov
      I thought - common truths - who needs it?

      It is necessary! It is necessary! Vaughn now on TV "news" is playing "People in Crimea are protesting against the Russian occupation. They have come to the monument to T.G. Shevchenko ..."
  20. Navy7981
    Navy7981 7 March 2014 20: 36
    "Yushchenko has declared himself a personal enemy of Putin", what a horror !!! This is the end.

    The guy in my opinion imagines himself to be that. In 41 - 45, too, everything was so declared personal enemies, for example, Marinescu. Do not pull Yushchenko. No. He was a pug, pug remained and if no one casts his voice, no one will remember. They will not forget, but will not remember.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 7 March 2014 20: 43
      Quote: Navy7981
      "Yushchenko has declared himself a personal enemy of Putin", what a horror !!! This is the end.

      Swims fine! I would take an example from my "beloved Gritsenko" (in which the American Ambassador presented diplomas to the graduates of the SBU Academy) am

      Gritsenko said that Russian citizens should be prohibited from leaving the country
      People's Deputy Anatoly Gritsenko proposed to Ukraine's partners "to lock Russia up." He wrote about this on his Facebook. In particular, Gritsenko spoke about his plan to "stop Russia's aggression." “It is necessary to destroy unity by acting on all three sides of the triangle. Counteract the Russian "army" by military means. To strike at the Russian "power" and its bearers, including with personal sanctions, levers of political and economic blockade. And do not forget about the Russian "people", by their silence encouraging the war against our country, ”wrote Gritsenko.
      In this regard, he proposed to Ukraine's foreign partners "to lock Russia up." “So that none of the citizens of the Russian Federation can travel outside their country - neither on vacation, nor to study or work abroad, nor on tours, concerts, football matches, nor for business lunches, conferences or signing contracts, nor on your own villas, yachts, steamers, on your own planes! How long? Until the Russian "people", especially its active and wealthy stratum, stop the war of Russia against Ukraine! How will he do it? Let him think. After all, we have just shown how you can overthrow a presumptuous dictator. However, I do not insist, look for your way ... But the Russian "people", calling themselves friendly and even fraternal, cannot and should not feel comfortable, when the Ukrainian people suffer and do not sleep at night, " - said Gritsenko.
      Apparently Gritsenko between himself and all the people put a sign = !!!! Or is he talking about the whole BP? :wassat:
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 7 March 2014 20: 53
        Quote: Egoza

        With coming you, beloved and respected Elena love
      2. Tersky
        Tersky 7 March 2014 22: 09
        Quote: Egoza
        Gritsenko said that Russian citizens should be prohibited from leaving the country

        belay Oh how ... !! But Gritsenko did not think that Russia itself would come for its citizens, moreover, in a visa-free regime laughing
  21. Barakuda
    Barakuda 7 March 2014 20: 49
    Quote: Egoza
    In this regard, he invited the foreign partners of Ukraine to "close Russia on the castle."

    In Ukraine, why have we already started selling such "grass"? Or Farion treated her ... by borrowing from Angela Merkel ..
  22. Shkiper
    Shkiper 7 March 2014 21: 17
    Only no illusions are needed about the possible observance of the "broad autonomy" of Crimea by the Maydanut Euro-Bandera authorities in Kiev on the model of 1992. The only salvation from the threatening genocide from the Westerners and a chance for physical survival and a normal life for Russians in Crimea is the reunification of the peninsula with Russia, of which it has always been if it were not for the historical meanness of the Russian-family Bolsheviks in 1954 and in the 1920s, who invented the republic Ukraine, which has never been in the Russian Empire. Russia with Crimea !!! (The liberal swamp does not count. It is, as always, with the Americans and Eurostays against Russia.)
  23. konvalval
    konvalval 7 March 2014 21: 48
    Yes, Crimea has nothing to do with Russia. Crimea is simply nothing more than Russia. It must be clearly understood by all.
  24. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 7 March 2014 22: 07
    Quote: Navy7981
    "Yushchenko has declared himself a personal enemy of Putin"

    And what is not the Antichrist? At least it would be more honest (although what honesty it is), and there would be more PR, to which the West is very committed.
    However, the watered corpse still "smacks" in the trash ...
  25. Barakuda
    Barakuda 7 March 2014 22: 35
    "Yushchenko has declared himself a personal enemy of Putin"

    Putin's logical chain of reasoning -
    - Yushchenko, something familiar .. I remember bees loved ..
    - So ... bees ... bees in May actively collect honey ..
    - May, May ... May bug!
    - The chafer beetle eats everything except corn
    - Corn .. May beetle - Khrushchev in Ukrainian .. I remembered!
    - Khrushchev! Crimea gave the infection!

    Sorry, I just came up with it myself.
  26. zennon
    zennon 8 March 2014 00: 50
    About a year ago I wrote on the forum that Russia will definitely return Crimea! What started is horror! Even people of the same views with me wrote that this is not possible. He said, arguing, no, it didn’t really seem like it! And from another country it was rushing: " Well, sho, gobbled up ?! No, ours, Ukrainian! ".Well, where are you there?! Bite?! That's it for you !!! Guys, I live in Moscow BALAKLAVSKY prospectus! Rate. I have long given myself the word to go to the Crimea only when it is part of Russia! I’ll go. I have never drank wine with such their grammar. And now I will drink it for sure! And I urge all men to buy Crimean wines, support our of people!URA
  27. muks
    muks 8 March 2014 01: 48
    The clamor about the "brotherly Ukrainian people" is not a plus - taking into account the abolition of political officials in the Armed Forces. For twenty years, this "brotherly people" has been doing nothing but begging in Europe and America (looking for HATERS RUSSIA there), selling, stealing, cheating and cheating. ANY OPPORTUNITY - IF THERE IS A BENEFIT! At all levels! Ukrainian prostitutes not only in Europe - where are they not? It is obvious that all Ukrainians who have infiltrated power are not statesmen who think about the "welfare of the people", but they are looters. They do not even hide their desire to rob their fellow tribesmen - without choosing the means. The biography of Yanukovych alone is worthy of ... consideration by the Board of the Military Field Court! What has changed after the change of the Ukrainian management code? Obviously, there are significantly more criminals! And CRIMEA, Kiev criminals ALWAYS WAS AND WILL BE RUSSIAN! WE, in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, have no criminals in the government and administration of the PRESIDENT. Maybe they will, then, but now it's not up to that! Currently, the overwhelming majority of the PRESIDENT's employees and for RUSSIA have career officers, and it seems that everything is accidental, but at the right time! And there is still a lot of "surprising" to contemplate and the barracks, and Obama and the entire euro ... Actually, the European created the "Decline of Europe". Oswald Spengler, I recommend!