Allied landings in Normandy

The Norman operation, or Operation Overlord, was a strategic Allied operation to land troops in France, which began early in the morning of 6 on June 1944 of the year and ended on 31 of August of 1944, after which the Allies crossed the River Seine, liberated Paris and continued to advance to the French-German border.

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  1. Kudryashov Philip
    26 July 2010 01: 05
    The hearts of veterans are a worldwide asset. A unique archive of memory in which lively feelings of the war era and the true truth about it are stored. This truth is a direct covenant to posterity, and not to listen to it - it means so to the end and not understand the Great Lessons of the Great War.
    In the film "Allies. By faith and truth!" The Second World War is shown through the eyes of its participants - veterans from England, USA, France, Germany and Russia. Unique newsreel footage (which has never been seen in Russia!), Combined with the stories of the heroes of the film and their personal assessment of what was happening, as well as the music of the war years, create a reliable image on the screen that is melting before the eyes of the era of great upheavals. Shocks that are worthy of the Great Memory.

    The premiere of the film will take place at the Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad on September 2, 2010.

    Film director Sergei Zaitsev, artistic director of the Russian Way film studio.
  2. kov
    30 September 2012 23: 25
    and tank battles in Normandy