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West suffers Russia with "international" isolation

Western leaders have found something to their liking: to practice how to behave with countries that have, let's say, their own, different from the western and pro-Western, point of view. In particular, on the situation in Ukraine. For obvious reasons, the main focus on finding a “hard answer” is placed on the Russian Federation. We will try to deal in more detail with the measures that our “partners” are going to take in our (Russian) attitude.

To begin with, I would like to point out a state that is “concerned” in such a way that it “cannot eat” - if to paraphrase a hero of a remarkable Soviet film a little. This, as the absolute majority of readers guessed, is, of course, the most democratic, the most humane, the brightest and smelling exclusively of violets, the state of the world - the United States of America ...

The other day, US Secretary of State Mr. Kerry made a sizzling critic of the Russian position on the situation in Ukraine. Kerry noted that the United States and "some other countries" (we guess which ones) are determined to isolate Russia in the international arena due to the possibility for the Russian President, the Federation Council, to use Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.

All the foreign ministers with whom I spoke yesterday, including representatives of the G8 countries, have a common view on the situation: they are going to isolate Russia and not deal with it as usual
, - expressed the chief diplomat of the United States.

After such a statement, Mr. Kerry would like to ask him when, for the last time, he even glimpsed his progressive democratic view of the globe? Which country is Kerry and other "representatives" going to isolate "internationally"? Russia? With Burundi or Ivory Coast is not an hour confused (forgive the people of Burundi and Cote d'Ivoire). Russia is like not only within the Garden Ring ...

In this regard, for the US Secretary of State and other “insulators” I would like to provide a small geographical reference: the total length of the border of the Russian Federation (according to the Frontier Service) is 60900 km. With China alone, more than 4200 km ... “Isolator” did not grow.

However, the United States is determined ... The same John Kerry threatens:

Russia may lose the G8 summit in Sochi. If the situation does not change, it is possible that this country will even be excluded from G8.

Immediately after the statement by Mr. Kerry, information came from other representatives of G8 that they, they say, all of them suspend their preparations for the G8 summit in Sochi, which is scheduled for the summer. So, on a visit to Putin, having expressed his principled “fi”, representatives of such states as the USA, Germany, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy will not deign to go (and this state is still doing something in the G8 - maybe or pens paint ...) and Japan.

So, so, so ... The Russians are offended by this demarche ... Well, we will not be able to contemplate in Sochi such democratic lights as Barack Obama or Canadian Prime Minister Harper (and there is such ...). What a tragedy, however ...

True, by agreeing not to prepare for the summit, representatives of far from all the G8 countries expressed their determination to exclude Russia from G8. One of those countries that declared the need to maintain a direct dialogue with Russia was Germany. Whether it was after Putin and Merkel talked on the phone, or if the high-ranking German politicians still have more gray matter in the skull boxes and, accordingly, more pragmatics than some (will not show a finger ...) others. In general, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke out about the Kerry proposal impartially. He stated that he saw no reason to exclude the Russian Federation from G8, presenting his arguments:

I rather belong to those who say that G8 is the only format in which we, the representatives of the West, can still speak with Russia without intermediaries. And should we really sacrifice this format?

Probably, Steinmeier took such a position, which does not fit Washington, for the reason that he, as the Russian proverb says, has a stigma in a cannon. After all, it was Steinmeier who was one of the “guarantors” of the February 25 agreement from 2014 between Viktor Yanukovych and representatives of the so-called Ukrainian opposition. As everyone knows, the guarantors of Steinmeier and his two colleagues (representatives of France and Poland) did not come out. And if it did not, then the German Foreign Minister, in fact, is one of those who actually condoned the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. Well, if Harr Steinmeier realizes this, then we can consider it a step forward from his side. But will the position of the head of the German Foreign Ministry be heard in the rest of the Six? ..

Although on the other hand - and what is, in fact, G8? Have you ever resolved important issues in this organization, did you take into account, say, Russian interests? Sorry, but the phrase “The Big Eight” does not cause anything other than irony, if only because it has Italy, not China, for example, if it has Japan, but not India or Brazil ... So, that today's G8 is a peculiar concentrate of pro-American geopolitics, which, by a misunderstanding, is diluted by Russia. But if the guys there are “well concentrated” - to the level of vigorous acetic essence, then whether Russia needs to marinate with them, persistently “add as friends” to this narrow circle of impassable debtors (the national debt of Japan alone today is more than 12 trillion (!) dollars)? .. A question from the category of rhetorical.

But, let's continue about the measures. One of the measures that should happen to this, is again expressed by Mr. Kerry. Not otherwise, all night in his notebook, breaking pencils, made notes.

So, the next measure against Russia from Mr. Kerry personally. According to him, citizens of Russia who are going to come to the US in the near future or, attention, to Europe, may be denied visas. We remind you that this seems to be said not like the Supreme Pharaoh of All Europe and America, but the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a single state. In this regard, the question arises: do the words of John Kerry mean that decisions on issuing or not issuing visas to the European Union are made to Russian citizens in the United States of America, or under the “sensitive guidance” of the diplomatic services of this state? The world, of course, guessed that the European Union did not know what independent politics was, but so clearly ...

By the way, on the ban on entry and other demarches. The US side refused to receive visas to representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor, who were supposed to arrive in the US to discuss work in the WTO (in particular, on the possible accession to Kazakhstan of the WTO). Considering the “bright future” that can be expected when joining the World Trade Organization, most news the delegates from the Rosselkhoznadzor were probably delighted about Kazakhstan being banned from entering America ... The Americans thought it would make Astana indignant - they say, “Russian militarism” does not allow honest Kazakhs to join the WTO humanly, but honest Kazakhs responded much more restrained ... The Kazakh delegation, by the way, was admitted to the United States. And now, her (the Kazakh delegation) representatives think - maybe in vain we were “let in”, maybe before it is too late - well, this is her WTO ...

In general, the isolation is mind-blowing, nothing to say.

By the way, in this regard, it would be important for the Russian Foreign Ministry to mention all those Russian citizens to whom the US Embassy is going to issue visas without any problems - there is reason to think. Especially, given that the average Russian in the United States is hardly going.

Other “our” partners, hot Finnish guys, for example, represented by Finnish Defense Minister Carl Haglund, decided to apply their sanctions against Russia. Mr. Haglund, O Mother of God, TAKEN and POSTPONED the trip to St. Petersburg, where he was to meet with Sergei Shoigu! Here is a demarche, so a demarche ... The main Finnish military man explained his “postponement” with the situation in Crimea. And how after that exist St. Petersburg people? The northern capital was waiting, you know, getting ready ...

New Zealand also decided to isolate Russia. The question is heard: “where is it?”

So the New Zealand government will suspend negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement on a free trade zone with Russia. In this regard, it is interesting to look at the person who in general thought up to conclude such an agreement with the NC. A closer just no one to conclude? For reference: the distance from Moscow to Wellington (the capital of New Zealand) in a straight line is more than 15 thousand kilometers. Another would be the signing of the border treaty refused, pranksters ...

Well, and the “world community” is threatening to boycott the Paralympic Games, recall its ambassadors from Russia (Lithuania and Canada have already withdrawn), freeze accounts in Western banks and other “horrors”. In this regard, the question-proposal to our authorities: maybe, after all, we will reformat the contents of the Reserve Fund, removing about 100 billion dollars from the "use" of the banking system of Europe and the USA? Wow, how will these systems be “delighted” ... Is there enough political will in Russia itself? ..

The Iranian ambassador to Russia, Ihdi Sanai, expressed support for the Russian Federation regarding the moves being taken by the West and said that it is hardly necessary to fear for a country like Russia:

It seems that the psychological impact of sanctions and the pressure of the United States and the West on economic institutions exceeds the sanctions themselves. I urge the Russian trade and economic institutions to increase their work with Iran.

Chinese edition "People's Daily" (in fact, the main press organ of the Chinese Communist Party, expressing the position of official Beijing) writes that the United States was finally bogged down with arguments about its sanctions "in the Cold War worldview."

From the article:

The complexity of the current system of international relations lies in changing the balance of the real strength of large countries; international rules have entered a period of regulation. Thus, the states of the world should renew mutual understanding about each other, abandon inert thinking, take advantage of opportunities in order to create a space for cooperation. The existing problems between the West and Russia can be solved only by relying on concrete cooperation and trust.

It is necessary to abandon the ideological shackles of the Cold War, the only way to reduce the force of unnecessary resistance, improving international relations.

A British company British Petroleum, according to its management, lost only 1 a billion dollars in just one day of “international sanctions” against Russia due to falling Rosneft prices ... Analyst Andrew Neff says this:

The deterioration of Russia's relations with the West puts British Petroleum and Exxon in an extremely difficult position. They are waiting for a relatively difficult period, but they are unlikely to leave the Russian market.

Who said anything about the international isolation of Russia? ..
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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 4 March 2014 08: 58
    West suffers Russia with "international" isolation
    Something like this!
    1. invisibility
      invisibility 4 March 2014 09: 18
      As an option, withdraw from the START restriction treaties, send the WTO to ..., remove restrictions on the supply of arms, etc. There is no retreat, Moscow is behind. And this is not pathos.
      1. Canep
        Canep 4 March 2014 09: 49
        If they could isolate Russia, without serious consequences for themselves, then they would do so in August 2008. Isolation of Russia is a bluff. But Putin has not yet turned all the levers, only the most obvious ones, made it clear that he will do everything for Ukraine, and as far as it needs to, and he has the embargoes of America.
        1. Name
          Name 4 March 2014 09: 56
          Quote: Canep
          Isolation of Russia is a bluff.

          So we don’t remember about China, and these are not small interests in the Crimea, inclusive ... And as a result:“The Chinese side expressed understanding of the analysis presented by Russia of the causes of the deep political crisis in Ukraine, the role played by external forces in supporting EuroMaidan, as well as the consequences of its actual failure to fulfill the agreements on the Agreement on the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine of February 21 from .g. ”, the message says.
          1. elmi
            elmi 4 March 2014 10: 14
            Quote: Canep
            If they could isolate Russia, without serious consequences for themselves, then they would do so in August 2008. Isolation of Russia is a bluff. But Putin has not yet turned all the levers, only the most obvious ones, made it clear that he will do everything for Ukraine, and as far as it needs to, and he has the embargoes of America.

            I agree with the West and am happy to introduce all possible sanctions, but we cannot, because in return we can withdraw from many agreements, start deliveries of X-NUMX to Iran and Syria, and possibly Iskander. And then if they use all their sanctions capabilities now, then what they what will they do if in response to these actions we introduce troops and annex Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, and southeast Ukraine to Russia? what will they then answer if they have already used everything? so that they may hold some sanctions, especially the gas valve on our side)))
            1. Mature naturalist
              Mature naturalist 4 March 2014 12: 28
              Putin Advisor (Glazyev): Russia will refuse the dollar in case of sanctions against it

          2. Viktor100
            Viktor100 4 March 2014 23: 01
            Trump card does not immediately spread. Former casino employee.
        2. Papakiko
          Papakiko 4 March 2014 10: 18
          Quote: Canep
          If they could isolate Russia, without serious consequences for themselves, then they would do so in August 2008.

          Then they were not ready for such a turn of events and were on the eve of action. Now they had prepared and were counting on such a development of the "outskirts" question.
          They will introduce sanctions like "Jackson-broom", "Magnitsky list".
          All "lards" of gold and foreign exchange reserves, the accounts of the Aligarhs will be "frozen". The property of the aligarchs and officials will be nationalized.
          Include all resources and all possible leverage.
          They also have nothing to lose.
          Either they will pacify the BEAR or all the others will follow the BEAR and the collapse of the "golden lard" is not far off.
          1. demon184
            demon184 4 March 2014 11: 19
            If they freeze our reserves, then I think other countries that keep their stub funds in the USA and may begin to withdraw their money from the USA will think about it and this is the collapse of the dollar era.
          2. CALL.
            CALL. 4 March 2014 14: 49
            Who is threatening Russia?

        3. mirag2
          mirag2 4 March 2014 10: 27
          Well, in 2008 they didn’t threaten us like that.
          It is so?
          Or am I mistaken? -Correct then, I will be glad, because I understand that the situation is no worse than in 2008, otherwise I think that it is much worse.
          1. Viktor100
            Viktor100 4 March 2014 23: 22
            In any fight, the one for whom the truth wins (Film "Brother"). And the one who has the spirit, and this is definitely not the United States.
        4. Roman Skomorokhov
          Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 11: 17
          By the way, they still forgot about the little little aspect - who will now be transporting the ISS to the ISS? Well, we can also block the United States in space ...
          1. Papakiko
            Papakiko 4 March 2014 12: 31
            Quote: Banshee
            By the way, they still forgot about the little little aspect - who will now be transporting the ISS to the ISS? Well, we can also block the United States in space ...

            They simply launch the printing press and stimulate the rapid construction of new media. They have devastation 90s NOT!
            Paste paper into the furnace of the economy, slap a hell of a bunch of AUGs and various waffles. Developing countries and countries of the 3rd world will be driven into deprisnyak. Thus, they deprive the last hope of a bright future for all Aboriginal people.
            And what is our space blockade for them?
            Now, if we, with the push of a button, have dropped everything that flies there from orbit, HERE it would be +
            1. Wedmak
              Wedmak 4 March 2014 13: 29
              And what is our space blockade for them?

              The fact that they do not and for the next 5 years there will be no passenger ship for flight on the ISS. They rivet money quickly, but with new ships this will not work. These are very complex units and if the United States wants to take risks and carry its astronauts on hastily tailored ships ... well ... on the way.
            2. Viktor100
              Viktor100 4 March 2014 23: 26
              If we keep thinking about the fact that “all of a sudden ... there ... something .., we will be in the category of a banana republic. Analysts, diplomats and very serious weapons are the factor of victory.
          2. blizart
            blizart 4 March 2014 21: 21
            But we must not forget that the United States is preparing multiple breakthrough things in manned space exploration. There are materials on the site. And in general, the "shabby" sentiments prevail among the majority of the public, which again forgets that the US Army has gained tremendous combat experience over the past decades, this is an important component of the army's combat capability. And of course America is still civilizationally attractive for a significant number of people, including in Russia, for ... hockey players, for example
        5. kghostya
          kghostya 4 March 2014 19: 53
          For which Ukraine? Didn't someone ask for help?
      2. skullcap
        skullcap 4 March 2014 13: 21
        I want to draw the attention of the members of the forum to the fact that, unscrupulously and brazenly, all political representatives of the “civilized community” are lying about the situation in Ukraine. A bunch of nurtured neo-fascists are given out for the Ukrainian people, they are trying to present their crimes with lawful actions, and lawful actions of the defended lawfully elected government as a crime. At the same time, the blood that people shed according to their instructions is being dumped onto the defending side.
        In this slanting top ten, both the American president, and the English prime minister and a bunch of smaller vassals. And it became clear that all of them - without exception - are complete villains.
        It is time for all of us to understand that under the real - totalitarian - democratic regime, it is the selection of such outcasts, essentially criminals, to power. And think about a return from democracy to the Soviet democracy.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 4 March 2014 14: 05
        Quote: invisible
        As an option, withdraw from the START restriction treaties, send the WTO to ..., remove restrictions on the supply of arms, etc. There is no retreat, Moscow is behind. And this is not pathos.

        The time is right. Now it would be just to withdraw from the START treaty ... our people will come up with interesting ideas or not ...
      5. AVV
        AVV 4 March 2014 21: 23
        Quote: invisible
        As an option, withdraw from the START restriction treaties, send the WTO to ..., remove restrictions on the supply of arms, etc. There is no retreat, Moscow is behind. And this is not pathos.

        Stop the USA from selling RD-33 rocket engines, stop the delivery of American astronauts to the ISS, ban the import of all food products from the USA !!! Let's see who will lose more here ???
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Shick
      Shick 4 March 2014 09: 59
      You shouldn’t be so, gentlemen. Article minus, a set of emotional pearls. Facts and analytics are zero. The banking sector alone will lose about 60 billion dollars, in addition, the capitalization of Russian companies is falling, this is without taking into account the fact that the top Russian enterprises are credited by international organizations (Lukoil, for example).
      1. IRBIS
        IRBIS 4 March 2014 10: 23
        Quote: Shick
        The banking sector alone will lose about 60 billion dollars, in addition, the capitalization of Russian companies is falling, this does not take into account the fact that the top Russian enterprises are credited by international organizations (Lukoil, for example).

        Well then, let's open the bread rolls and look at the lenders with oil eyes! Let's be in the position of a prostitute to save the banking sector at the cost of selling the independence of our foreign policy!
        If Russia "lies down" now, it will be very difficult to get up later. And to solve our problems (which we ourselves have created) by betrayal, to put it mildly, is not ethical.
        1. mirag2
          mirag2 4 March 2014 10: 31
          The ruble will pull back, for economic prerequisites for his fall-NO. And we found oil before the horseradish (464bn barrels), and we invest in foreign deposits, and gas production was increased, etc. etc.
          Here is a million percent - that the ruble is now being brought down to us by the "political will of the West."
          You were not surprised that as soon as Yanukovych’s maidan was demolished, GRYVNA began to STRENGTHEN.
          Why not?
          If you put a pro-Russian person in the president of Ukraine, it’s not that the hryvnia will be strengthened, but in general there will be a complete and unconditional default!
      2. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 4 March 2014 10: 38
        and I personally to the banking sector of our bankers, as it is purely. I don’t have hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of rubles there. Received a pension and is free. In the states and for nothing I will not go, visas to Europe? Do not tell, there are fewer of our tourists, less profit from the same Italians. Throughout the history of Russia, our men lived without foreigners and no one died without it, and they always need something from us, but for some reason they don’t want to pay, they strive for free
        1. Roman Skomorokhov
          Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 10: 49
          Quote: mirag2
          You were not surprised that as soon as Yanukovych’s maidan was demolished, GRYVNA began to STRENGTHEN.

          Yes, but at first it fell below nowhere. And she went up as soon as they said that England would dump the dough.

          Quote: sso-250659
          our men lived without foreign countries and no one died

          I agree, this is not fatal. Moreover, now it will be possible to roll up in Sochi, they say - no worse now.)))
        2. avia12005
          avia12005 5 March 2014 11: 56
          Well, I just really want to say something like this - BABAMA, GO WHERE THERE ... Russia wanted to chuck at you. It is better for states to catch aliens near Jupiter. laughing
        3. avia12005
          avia12005 5 March 2014 11: 56
          Well, I just really want to say something like this - BABAMA, GO WHERE THERE ... Russia wanted to chuck at you. It is better for states to catch aliens near Jupiter. laughing
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Janis SU
        Janis SU 4 March 2014 14: 46
        And do you propose to raise the paws before the nasty and so filth? Are you aware that even with us, in Latvia, 58% of Ukrainians are on the right (or rather, in disempowered status) of non-second-class citizens? And this is the EU country, which announced the support of the Ukrainian people (Bandera and other similar cattle), which, along with the rest of the stars in the United States, screeches about democracy and other mutoten. It is a matter of honor for Russia itself - whether it has taken place as a truly independent and self-sufficient state or whether it should nevertheless turn into our likeness of reluctant mongrels in front of the Master. This is an elementary question - to be a People or a people, a State or a certain territorial unit under an actual protectorate.
      5. fzr1000
        fzr1000 4 March 2014 19: 09
        I grieve with the banking sector. I'll go open a bottle of XO.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Defender
      Defender 4 March 2014 12: 45
      Frightened the hedgehog ... oh! laughing We’ll do well without the West! China supports us, India, Iran and other non-Western Soviet allies. This only has to spur our industrialization and agricultural revival!
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 4 March 2014 13: 58
        as my grandmother (her kingdom of heaven) said, for three hundred years the poppy was not born, but there was no famine ....
      2. cumastra1
        cumastra1 4 March 2014 13: 58
        as my grandmother (her kingdom of heaven) said, for three hundred years the poppy was not born, but there was no famine ....
      3. Zabvo
        Zabvo 4 March 2014 18: 44
        Yes Yes Yes!!! I wanted to write about the same thing. This is stupidly show off of the West if, that China will give us all their electronics (washing machines, tellys, etc.), one hell they do everything there. Actually, this already casts great doubt on our isolation. Then China is the main importer of oil in the WORLD !!! In a word, Western countries are digging a hole as an alternative to the BRICS countries ...
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 4 March 2014 09: 02
    Russia should go to meet them ... get out of the WTO, and begin to dictate the terms of trade relations. The year showed no better, dreams did not come true ... SHARE WTO !!!
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 4 March 2014 13: 17
      I would rather impose sanctions, I want to see how their stock markets are covered with a copper basin ...
  3. from punk
    from punk 4 March 2014 09: 06
    Russia is dangerous by the meagerness of its needs
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 10: 52
      Cool as he said!
      1. screw cutter
        screw cutter 4 March 2014 13: 10
        Russia is dangerous by the meagerness of its needs.

        Otto von Bismarck
        Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the decomposition of the main power of Russia, which is based on millions of Russians ... These latter, even if they are dismembered by international treatises, are just as quickly reconnected with each other as particles of a cut piece of mercury ...
  4. Name
    Name 4 March 2014 09: 07
    Well, about isolation, this is EXCEPTIONAL STUPIDITY, THIS IS CARRY "got excited" .. Where are they without Russia.
  5. Eugeniy_369k
    Eugeniy_369k 4 March 2014 09: 08
    Scare us what to paint the sky laughing laughing laughing .
    On "Grant" I will change, she eats little gasoline, and she has not lost her skills in communicating with keys wink .
    PS Our isolation will hit Western companies as well.
    1. bes513
      bes513 4 March 2014 10: 43
      The other day I’m taking it to a salon in Belgorod .. So you're not alone.
      1. Zabvo
        Zabvo 4 March 2014 22: 36
        And by the way, the Japs thought where the used car industry will be sold now?))) wassat Romanov, have you already bought Mark "X" for yourself? wink
      2. Zabvo
        Zabvo 4 March 2014 22: 36
        And by the way, the Japs thought where the used car industry will be sold now?))) wassat Romanov, have you already bought Mark "X" for yourself? wink
    2. Name
      Name 4 March 2014 11: 55
      Quote: Eugeniy_369k
      Our isolation will hit Western companies as well.

      Of course, the Anglo-Saxons can isolate themselves from Russia, and not Russia from the world, and with clearly bad consequences for themselves!
    3. rozowik
      rozowik 4 March 2014 21: 45
      C'mon, don’t exaggerate, it’s been half a year since the grant has been awarded, the hood opens only to look at the oil ... The car is quite good
  6. mitya24
    mitya24 4 March 2014 09: 12
    At this rate, the Big Eight will soon become the Little Seven ... and then the Six.
  7. domokl
    domokl 4 March 2014 09: 15
    Damn .. sorry for the plus one hundred times, but one is fixed laughing Well done Alexey. Everything on the shelves, as in a pharmacy.
    For Russia, the opinion of China is more important than microbes from the EU. Who feeds the EU? Germany. And they know how to count money there. And all these things are nothing for them except ordinary soap bubbles. In general, it reminds me of hitting China ... Well everyone laughed ... Politicians quickly spoke out that they were misunderstood, not translated so and that’s all ...
  8. Ilja 22
    Ilja 22 4 March 2014 09: 16
    it can even be beneficial for us, I would like the foreign contributions of our moneybags to be diminished to be reduced, all this will affect ordinary mortals who already see everything not through pink glasses ..
    1. demon184
      demon184 4 March 2014 11: 27
      Yes, they can start investing in their economy and not reproach potential friends-parasites of the planet.
  9. siberalt
    siberalt 4 March 2014 09: 16
    Something "guys - partners" are completely lost. We can only benefit from this. The more insanity, the deeper they get stuck. And by and large, the world has reached the point where everything needs to be changed. The crisis of the world system and the crisis in the minds. Russia has its own way.
  10. waisson
    waisson 4 March 2014 09: 17
    it reminds me of a fable Elephant and Pug only an elephant is Russia and Pug is the whole west with amers and if Americans can do without us, but Europe sits on our needle and they’re near
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 4 March 2014 13: 22
      Putin asked them "Are you going to heat the wood with wood?" As he looked into the water ... winked
  11. ZU-23
    ZU-23 4 March 2014 09: 18
    Something reminds any film about vampires when they are brought out into the world, they start to burn and die, because they are afraid of Sochi like hell, and Sochi also had a prayer service before the Olympics according to all church canons.
  12. Same lech
    Same lech 4 March 2014 09: 19
    The West is furious because everything did not go according to plan with the seizure of power by Bendera in UKRAINE.

    Forces stepped into the business which no super duper computers can calculate.
  13. AlexA
    AlexA 4 March 2014 09: 20
    Isolation is to a large extent dangerous for the Russian "elite". But for most of the Russian people, threats to the elite are like a threat from a Finnish minister. Perhaps we will survive. But, on the other hand, - in principle, it is not necessary to shake things up. Food prices will affect many.
    It seems reasonable to use the results of the night session of the UN Security Council. There they demanded "to return Russian troops to their places of permanent deployment." Yes! The self-defense forces in Crimea have co-organized, the government of the autonomy is acting reasonably and decisively. In principle, IMHO - you can really place a group of polite people with weapons and in uniforms without identification marks on the territory of the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol. Under the control of international observers. And the UN requirement is fulfilled, and the necessary forces are within 2 hours on armor to any point on the peninsula. And the quota of 25 personnel is far from being chosen.
    And do not escalate anything.
  14. Stinger
    Stinger 4 March 2014 09: 20
    Raging. Didn't work with Ukraine. The set is old. America rushes with "sanctions", singers are cautious. Pull up slightly. And G8 - so one less booze. Who would explain what is the use of it. To listen to the next sermons?
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 10: 54
      Quote: Stinger
      Who would explain what good it is.

      Yes, almost none. This is really a political booze. At best, protocols of intent. Anyway, then everything is executed separately by contracts.
  15. major071
    major071 4 March 2014 09: 22
    Jim carrey insulated scares
    It threatens that the summit will not pass
    Doesn't understand that playing with fire
    And his opinion is not us .....
    And they will continue to tear
    Threatening the embargo and war
    That they themselves can remain in isolation
    With his political bastard
    1. delfinN
      delfinN 4 March 2014 18: 45
      No matter how hard Kerry would push, Putin still has 10 cm more, and "TIME" will confirm.
      1. delfinN
        delfinN 4 March 2014 18: 47
        not mine
        Three mu @ il in January On the Maidan by the moon, Howling like jackals,
        They ask for outside help. The snow-white ass of Europe, Licking to clean, Ask
        they pray: “Help, we are yours, we are ours!” We are the people and Ukraine as a gift to you
        give it back! And when everything calms down, We will quietly run away! Do not walk in lackeys
        scary, because they pay us for it! I'm for euro, damn it, currency, Soul to the devil
        selling! In lackeys it is calmer, With the euro you can not suffer, And what will happen to
        Ukraine, We sneeze and do not care! ” Three mu @ il in January On Independence Square
        moon Have handed Nenko Ukraine For currency, for UE!
  16. Stinger
    Stinger 4 March 2014 09: 23
    Raging. Didn't work with Ukraine. The set is old. America rushes about "sanctions", singers are cautious. Pull up slightly. And G8 - so one less booze. Who would explain what is the use of it. To listen to the next sermons? By the way, this former seven has long isolated itself from the rest of the world and we have nothing to do there.
  17. parusnik
    parusnik 4 March 2014 09: 26
    C'mon ... Turks will refuse Russian tourists, Egypt will close its borders .. And on the other hand, they will lead less food muck .. and suddenly the government will finally turn to face its producer .. and not everything in the West will be bought ..
  18. Bort radist
    Bort radist 4 March 2014 09: 26
    We only lack their sanctions to strengthen local producers.
  19. Horn
    Horn 4 March 2014 09: 26
    Isolate Russia? Well, we ... there are many, in general, us!
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 10: 56
      Yeah, even let China isolate. In general, world rzhaka will be.
      Something reminds an old parable about the emperor who ordered to carve the sea. The result will be approximately the same.
  20. Bigriver
    Bigriver 4 March 2014 09: 28
    Oh, and it will be hard for the West to save the "face" laughing Again their society will rinse the shit of their politicians.
    Their life does not teach anything. Lunatics dolb ... e.
  21. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 4 March 2014 09: 29
    Once again, I am convinced that the reaction of all these liberals clearly indicates the correctness of the actions of the leadership of the Russian Federation. The more the squeal - the more correct the decision! We would still have to coordinate everything with Belarus and act together. Then it would be possible to resolve the issue not only in Ukraine, but also in Pridnestrovie. Then, the Euro-liberalists really get bogged down.
  22. vezunchik
    vezunchik 4 March 2014 09: 30
    if ours ... are afraid to close the border and remove the dollar, then geyevropa will do it. Thank you for your help !!!
    as if the people didn’t surrender again ...
  23. Jarilo
    Jarilo 4 March 2014 09: 34
    Well, let your ears frostbitten. Without glamor, we will definitely live, but with them the plaster will sprinkle.
  24. Prometey
    Prometey 4 March 2014 09: 34
    I think that the economic sanctions of the United States and their closest Canadian friends will be incredibly happy in Latin America, which will have fewer competitors in the supply of frozen meat to the Russian market. And it is also interesting, for example, will Poland be ready to give up its economic interests in favor of "democratic" principles, or will they quietly push their pork through the Belarusians?
    1. mpa945
      mpa945 4 March 2014 11: 26
      We already need to answer symmetrically. The ban on the import of goods from Przekia. Baltic States, ... and further down the list (of those who checked in) And if so, then I have Lenovo computers, I have introduced sanctions a long time ago.
  25. Stas57
    Stas57 4 March 2014 09: 34
    for the last day I have met at least 5 articles in the British, French and American press, saying no ordinary snot-yells
    and competent analytics
    so with all the cries, I hope that everything will be fine, as an acceptable option - the Ukrainian Federation.

    for example
    Former US Ambassador to Moscow: America is not entitled to give lectures on sovereignty to others
  26. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 4 March 2014 09: 35
    EU nominated Russia
    ultimatum in Ukraine
    3 March 2014, 23: 55
    EU Foreign Ministers held
    in Brussels an emergency meeting,
    dedicated to the situation
    in Ukraine. Accusing Russia
    in exacerbating the crisis in the Crimea,
    European diplomats
    put forward an ultimatum to Moscow:
    if until March 6 she
    will not take steps to
    “De-escalation of the situation
    on the peninsula ”then there will be
    punished. First thing
    proposed to collapse
    simplification negotiations
    visa regime between the Russian Federation
    and the EU
    The European Union threatened Russia
    sanctions in case of
    “Continued escalation
    in Crimea". The situation in Ukraine
    EU foreign ministers
    discussed on Monday
    at an unscheduled meeting
    in Brussels. Following the meeting
    they put forward Russia
    ultimatum: before emergency
    EU summit scheduled
    on Thursday, Moscow should
    take steps to
    “Termination of military
    activity ”in Crimea - in another
    in case she faces sanctions.
    Firstly, it is
    on curtailing negotiations
    visa liberalization
    regime between the Russian Federation and the EU. On the
    at the moment the parties are
    dialogue in two directions -
    visa facilitation
    formalities and complete cancellation
    visas However, it is worth noting
    that talks on both tracks
    started to skid yet
    before the appearance between Moscow
    and Brussels disagreements
    regarding the situation in Kiev.
    Collapse Dialog
    visa liberalization
    regime will hit the plans of the Russian Federation -
    in Moscow hoped for progress
    at least one
    of directions already this year.
    Secondly, the EU threatens Russia
    suspension of negotiations
    by signing a new base
    Partnership agreement
    and collaboration. Without basic
    cooperation agreements of the Russian Federation
    and the EU have been living since 2008. Former
    1994 agreement (entered into
    in force in 1997) acted
    ten years and by 2007,
    According to the parties,
    hopelessly out of date. RF and EU
    hoped to quickly develop
    new document in return
    former, however, the process is
    and the case was interrupted due
    unforeseen circumstances -
    trade war with Poland,
    political disagreement
    with Lithuania and general cooling
    relations with the EU due to war
    in South Ossetia.
    The last hurdle
    the adoption of the agreement became
    protracted negotiations
    on Russia's entry
    to World Trade
    organization. But also after
    Russia's entry into the WTO process
    did not budge. The EU has become
    insist on making
    in the agreement of a number of paragraphs,
    not covered by agreements
    RF with the WTO (we are talking about trade
    competition law
    and public procurement mode). Moscow is
    accused Brussels that he
    "Wants everything at once." Lately
    EU time showed much greater
    in intensifying negotiations
    on this topic than Russian
    side. So it’s rather a “goal
    into their gates. "
    About additional measures
    which the EU can resort to,
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
    on Monday night should
    had to tell him German
    colleague Frank Walter
    Steinmeier (immediately after the meeting
    German Foreign Minister in Brussels
    flew to Geneva, where on that
    moment was mr
    Lavrov). Tuesday or wednesday
    head of Russian diplomacy
    will discuss the situation in Ukraine
    with the EU Foreign Minister
    Katherine Ashton (meeting will be held
    in Madrid).
    March 3 leaders of member countries
    "Group of Seven" (G7) - Canada,
    France, Italy, Germany,
    Japan, UK
    and the USA - condemned Moscow for
    “Apparent violation
    sovereignty and territorial
    integrity of Ukraine ”,
    pausing preparation
    to participate in the upcoming summit
    in Sochi.
    PS I’d like to say, oh scary how it became, we are afraid, afraid.
    Yes, you would all go N *** Y.
    1. Horst78
      Horst78 4 March 2014 10: 38
      Yes and ... th on their threats. let the saliva rub off, the empty-headed people understand that they have REAL REBELLION POPULAR MOVES, so I click the fuck ... m empty.
  27. Known who
    Known who 4 March 2014 09: 36
    And let's abandon the dollar as the main reserve currency, especially since private banks print it (see the Fed section on Wikipedia) and switch to Bitcoin or, in memory of Gaddafi, to the Golden Dinar (which caused the Arab spring) and then let’s see where all the arrogance goes from the states and western Europe.
    1. kare
      kare 4 March 2014 10: 43
      Bitcoin is nonsense. Anything that cannot be touched with your hands cannot be the equivalent of values. It's enough to imagine that the WWW has suddenly disappeared. We don't need a golden dinar either. Your ruble is well secured. You just need to destroy the "fifth column", morally and where necessary, physically. And throw your strength into your foreign market. "greenery" is used as wallpaper in public outhouses.
    2. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 10: 59
      And the ruble does not roll?
      Well, or yuan, as a fallback.
  28. muginov2015
    muginov2015 4 March 2014 09: 38
    But I am very interested, but where is the word of our "guiding and guiding"
    our dear vovsebochkizatchki, the party of NON-crooks NEvorov; some do not act as a "united front" indignant and stigmatizing, stuck under the rug, or Pts KO tightened up from the threat of arrest for foreign accounts, or are they waiting for something?
  29. Russki
    Russki 4 March 2014 09: 41
    What kind of isolation are we talking about? We isolate them ourselves, we close the valve to Europe and let them heat with wood. We persuade China to demand that America pay off its debt on bonds and their economy is out. Electronics is all from China, almost all foreign cars are assembled from us. Products? So I’ll manage without broccoli and any grass, my chicken is enough. The money of the Oligarchs will be frozen, so they took out their assets before this mess, well, whoever didn’t have time to side us like that, we’ll also be glad. I can remind them that in Libya they killed 40.000 inhabitants?
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 4 March 2014 11: 00
      Quote: Russki
      We persuade China to demand that America pay off its debt on bonds and their economy is out.

      Do not have to persuade. Sami honored. laughing
  30. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 4 March 2014 09: 44
    Pentagon: US freezes
    military ties with Russia over
    events in Ukraine
    4 March 2014, 5: 02
    WASHINGTON, March 4. / ITAR
    TASS. US freeze
    military ties with Russia over
    events in Ukraine. About it
    it is said in common
    March 3 Pentagon statement
    “In the light of recent events
    in Ukraine we suspend
    all military contacts between the USA
    and Russia, ”says
    in the document.
    It is worth recalling: 1
    March US Secretary of Defense Chuck
    Hagel announced that Washington
    intends to settle contradictions
    with Moscow in Ukrainian
    issue diplomatically.
    “We are trying to act,
    keeping the spotlight
    diplomacy. It is proper
    responsible approach, ”said
    Pentagon chef in an interview
    CBS channel.
    Hagel walked away from a direct answer
    to the question of what measures
    can take washington
    if saved by him
    disagreements with Moscow
    on the situation in Ukraine. "We have
    many options like
    from any other country, ”said
    he specifying what the US is doing
    bet on diplomacy.
    However, the head of the American
    military department expressed
    opinion that may develop
    “Very dangerous situation” if
    events in Ukraine "will continue
    develop provocative
    way. "
    well, it has come true, now without these overseas cocks we’ll live and their geyropa and geishtats have already become impudent, you fucking Washington gays and your comrades-in-arms, you are all same-sex!
  31. Bigriver
    Bigriver 4 March 2014 09: 46
    I have no such question in my head.
    Well, how, having a psychological, personal profile-portrait of Putin, they could think that we merge and remain silent, looking at this mess?
    It seems that they don’t calculate a damn at all, moving at a course set even 15 years ago.
  32. igor-pchelkin
    igor-pchelkin 4 March 2014 09: 52
    Well, Barack didn’t come to the Sochi Olympics - the air is cleaner. Well, the West will stop selling food to us (at first it is hard to believe, and then not at all) - we will have less GMOs. Well, the USA will stop military cooperation with Russia - oh, horror! Well, they will not let someone out of America from our patriots there - and so what? Friends - all this is a blunt bluff and clumsy show-offs! What can the Kiev authorities do with the rebellious east of Ukraine? NOTHING! What can the Americans really REAL do with Russian politics in Ukraine? NOTHING! If we ourselves do not drive out !!!!
    1. Che Guevara
      Che Guevara 4 March 2014 15: 28
      Quote: igor-pchelkin
      Well, Barack didn’t come to the Sochi Olympics - the air is cleaner. Well, the West will stop selling food to us (at first it is hard to believe, and then not at all) - we will have less GMOs. Well, the USA will stop military cooperation with Russia - oh, horror! Well, they will not let someone out of America from our patriots there - and so what? Friends - all this is a blunt bluff and clumsy show-offs! What can the Kiev authorities do with the rebellious east of Ukraine? NOTHING! What can the Americans really REAL do with Russian politics in Ukraine? NOTHING! If we ourselves do not drive out !!!!

      I agree 100%, but our oligarchs can rebel, and this is a problem, + all deputies have real estate and grandmothers can also be sold to Americans, in general, there are problems. We don’t care if we have Belarusian potatoes, but the oligarchs?
  33. godun
    godun 4 March 2014 09: 52
    "A dog that barks does not bite." It is very similar to an attempt, as the thieves say, to take on a show-off ... The West and the United States are well aware that they can also have serious problems because of their own actions, only to what extent they themselves are ready, in the current situation, for these problems. Most likely, there will be an attempt to influence our moneybags, who have considerable wealth abroad, so to speak, "in the camp of enemies," and calls in this direction are already being heard.
  34. shinobi
    shinobi 4 March 2014 09: 53
    We ponder on the topic of asset freezing from the standpoint of the layman's psychology:

    So suppose I have 1 billion. You have a bank. It's all so cool. But I know that this bank can freeze any of its depositors' accounts at the request of the government. Will I carry my money to this bank? I think the answer is obvious . The bank seems to me the identity of happiness will not increase from this.

    PSAll these cries of economic and trade sanctions will remain so. Anology from the world of animals, the harmless the dog, the more noise it creates.
    1. Horst78
      Horst78 4 March 2014 10: 42
      Quote: shinobi
      But I know that this bank can freeze any of the accounts of its depositors at the first request of the government.

      According to the history of Cyprus, everyone has long ago got into the "safety" of deposits in the west. Our oligarchs are oligarchs because they themselves know how to ... t know that their graduates of Harvard need to learn current.
  35. darksoul
    darksoul 4 March 2014 09: 53
    are frightened, and it turns out .... stocks of Russian companies fall to 17%, the ruble is getting more expensive. Well, explain to me economists tries ... am I getting attached to these dirty currencies? we are a self-sufficient state ... why should we be equal to this green paper?
  36. Wedmak
    Wedmak 4 March 2014 09: 53
    Listen, why are Westerners so afraid of Sochi? No vibes of truth were revealed anywhere in the foothills? Or have there no integrity emissions on the coast? And then, after all, the negligent G8 envoys will burn up and Putin will remain at the ashes ... the scandal will turn out ... ugly somehow. laughing
  37. muhomor
    muhomor 4 March 2014 09: 55
    Yes, it was already, it was! In August 2008, there were also cries about isolation, "all as one" to help Georgia, stop the aggressor, apply sanctions, etc. The question is different. There are now two main lines of action for Russia:
    1 The broadest autonomy of Crimea
    2 Implementation of agreements of 21.02.14
    If Russia achieves this, then there is gunpowder in the flasks, and the berries ....
    Then it becomes clear, the era of the dictates of the West has exhausted itself
  38. Wiruz
    Wiruz 4 March 2014 09: 57
    Absolutely useless comment, I just decided to cheer everyone up
  39. Kirzhak
    Kirzhak 4 March 2014 09: 57
    Do not come to Sochi - our easier. Don’t feed these parasites!
  40. amigo1969
    amigo1969 4 March 2014 09: 58
    The screams of Western politicians are nothing more than screams !!! Foreign companies / investors have been fruitfully working in Russia for a long time, earning quite a decent profit, incomparable with Europe and America. Take only one auto industry: sales of new cars are growing only in Russia and China (I speak competently). Western business is very pragmatic. For the sake of some kind of Ukraine (which not everyone can show on the map), they will not wind down their projects, close factories and enterprises. And the fact that the ruble is "storming" is banal speculative mega-operations of Western and our bankers !!! In a week, everyone will calm down, soon there will be a tourist season in Europe and a show of new collections in Milan. Without our tourists, Italy and Spain will join the gypsies and go homeless throughout Europe laughing
  41. Hort
    Hort 4 March 2014 09: 59
    New Zealand also decided to isolate Russia.
    the hobbits have revolted! Another dragon will be set on us ...
  42. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 4 March 2014 10: 00
    Here colleagues have repeatedly laid out Pushkin's poems on the topic of what the Anglo-Saxons and other "whites" should do. It makes no sense to repost.
    It’s not their business at all - let them put things in order in their homes — the Slavs themselves will figure it out in the Russian House.
    The thing is that the policy of sanctions is quite applicable to them themselves. Interestingly, they somehow posed this question for themselves? ..
    It is impossible to pull on the whole world exclusively American-English patterns. Confirmation of this: events in Egypt, Syria, etc. (The Afghan problem, unreconciled Iraq, the fever of the regime in Turkey).
  43. Ejik_026
    Ejik_026 4 March 2014 10: 02
    The people that I read alone:
    Western leaders
    like "Western Пleaders "?
  44. ajhevxfyby
    ajhevxfyby 4 March 2014 10: 03
    Question to the predictor:
    - How much will a hamburger in Washington cost in 15 years?
    - 20 rubles!

    1. alone
      alone 4 March 2014 20: 57
      And in Moscow now, how much is a hamburger, if not a secret))
  45. oracul
    oracul 4 March 2014 10: 08
    Nothing new actually happened. You can't wash a black dog to white - folk wisdom, as always, is 100% right. Any adequate person should remember that the greatest folly would be to assume that it is possible to convince with the words of an inveterate scumbag, which is the United States along with a crowd of its satellites, among which our "good" neighbor Finland is also noticed. This is also about the question of the next groaning, for example, about the loss of the information war in Ukraine. And how was it conceived to win in it, if Russia is simply not allowed into not only the Western pseudo-demacratic media with any information or explanation that does not fit into their matrix, but in the same Ukraine they are jammed as they can. You need to know your history and remember that the Crimean War of 1853-1856. was fought against Russia by England, France, Turkey and Italy, which had been forced into this company. So the words about the unceasing aggression for a thousand years (in any of its manifestations) against Russia is not paranoia, but just a statement of historical facts, that you want peace - get ready for war. As they say, God save me from such friends, and I myself will get rid of enemies.
    1. Hort
      Hort 5 March 2014 08: 08
      Black dog can not be washed to white
      Obama needs to post this proverb on Twitter. Interestingly, offended or not?))
  46. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 4 March 2014 10: 08
    But it seems to me that the point is what.
    Obama and his administration have lost, for obvious reasons, all the points and percentages of confidence in their population.
    Like a drowning man grabbing a straw, they are trying to switch the population to foreign policy.
    Their hysteria regarding the huge state. debt and actually impending default and caused these chewing snot.
    Look. After all, Russia has not even brought a single regiment or brigade into Ukraine, but acts only in units from the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and Kerry is already howling: Occupation, 19th century. Pi ... t to world peace. The Russians are coming (apparently seen enough videos about Crimea and the "Russians are coming" on YouTube impressed him with mi-8, mi-35 and mi-24 filmed on the phone). Aaaaaa. Urgently and urgently isolate, quickly and quickly ban all visas. Immediately, I said, immediately the European Union stand at attention. Listen to battle order from Washington:
    1. Do not issue visas to Europe - let them feel how unbearable it is to live without trips to Europe-Latky, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany-France.
    2. Break military ties. Let them - like their ships, when the solarium ends, hang out at our shores and eat raw fish. We will not refuel them and will not swim to them ourselves. Ish cho! Give Crimea to the invaders.
    3. Agricultural workers from Russia are not allowed. Let them themselves lose crops without our "technologies".
    4. Russian accounts to freeze. Let them print their wooden ones and depreciate them, but we will not be paid.
    Then Putin will sing, here the Russians will kneel down and pray.

    Do not be like that. Drive banerovtsev and destroy! Without looking back at NATO and the states to bring in cases of troops in Ukraine. Yarosh at the stake, the controlling clique of the leadership of Kiev - in prison.
    We are barbarians, you yourself brought us up for 20 years, get it.
  47. Alex toll
    Alex toll 4 March 2014 10: 15
    Russia is the only country in the world that, at least on the perimeter, close everything we have from Milk to Uranus))))) Strictly fill us. For example, an Automobile plant of some sort — well, let's say Ford — they closed the cash flows, the plant was actually selected with equipment, etc., and we’ll order everything we’ll need from friends in China)))) they learned how to copy well !!! And one more moment I vote for healthy eating on this Fuck MacDonaldzzzzz !!!!! I think everyone will survive without burgers and cola, oh - yes iPhones, iPods also go in the forest - The late Steve was a creator, and now Samsung has come forward 6th iPhone will be even worse 5 .......
  48. runway
    runway 4 March 2014 10: 15
    If our industry and agriculture could fully meet the needs of our country and our allies, then we could shout that we should isolate them to one place ....
    If our Armed Forces were ready to repel external aggression, then it would be possible to ignore the cries from behind the hill ...
    But what the authors of numerous articles on this site warned for so long and in detail, began to take on distinct forms.
    For such a case, we need the combat-ready Armed Forces, our own industry and our own agriculture. But do those who recently deliberately destroyed it all understand this? And if you understood, then for whom did you work?
    1. little man
      little man 4 March 2014 11: 15
      All right. Now the moment of truth has come.
      Shout Isolation? - then we are doing everything right.
      Agriculture will have a chance to revive. And the military, you see, it will work as it should.
  49. DPN
    DPN 4 March 2014 10: 19
    What kind of isolation can we talk about, the largest country and under normal government it can be self-sufficient, without bananas we will live. China is still supporting, so whoever just needs to be sent to the Russian member. They flew into space without them.
    The United States does not know what they are doing, it was in 1941 they stayed overseas, in which case today does not work. So they’ll fly and stop. Only liberals can give us a shit, to nail them like lice.
  50. Diviz
    Diviz 4 March 2014 10: 20
    Until the thunder strikes the man does not cross himself. We are waiting for apophis and freezing of the golf stream, 20 years are left.
    1. Power
      Power 4 March 2014 23: 16
      We can help the Gulf Stream by showing the long-awaited Russian winter.