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Gaddafi suppressed the officer coup in Tripoli

Gaddafi suppressed the officer coup in TripoliThe Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reports that an exchange of fire took place at the residence of Muammar Gaddafi on April 1.

The residence is surrounded by the Bab el-Azizya barracks. In the barracks lives top leaders of the country with their families. At the end of last week, one of the top officials of the Gaddafi government, Foreign Minister Musa Kusa, fled to Britain. Musa, until recently, was the head of the Libyan intelligence.

The minister is placed in a secret apartment of British intelligence in the south-west of Britain. It is assumed that he merges the British critical information. The minister’s family, however, remained in Bab el-Azizya. An attempt by the Kusa family and several other Libyan dignitaries to escape was over by an exchange of fire. The fugitives are taken into custody. This is the official version, confirmed by supporters of Gaddafi, who said that "some of the inhabitants of Bab al-Azizya tried to leave the territory without a permit and were stopped by force."

Asharq Al-Awsat, however, with reference to "own sources," argues that we are talking about an "officer putsch, which was immediately and mercilessly crushed."
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  1. Sergio
    Sergio April 4 2011 12: 32
    One can only guess how many officials and dignitaries we have, like Mus Kus. And what will they do if aggression is committed against Russia, similar to that unleashed against Libya. sad
  2. Fedor
    Fedor April 4 2011 18: 52
    This means that their families must also be taken hostage and treated with them, in the case of betrayal, in accordance with the laws of the war.