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Ammunition storage

Ammunition storage

Often you have to deal with negative the news about the fact that an explosion occurred at the landfill during the disposal of ammunition or during unloading. Such explosions can not only lead to tangible economic consequences (it also happens that whole arsenals burn out, causing damage to numerous buildings in the district), but also to losses among military personnel. Only in the last 2-3 years, fires in warehouses and explosions at landfills during the disposal and loading of ammunition took several lives and led to billions in losses for the Ministry of Defense.
After each of these cases, special commissions are set up, whose task is to investigate the tragedy, identifying the causes and determining the perpetrators. In some cases, the findings of the commission are as follows: failure to comply with the safety standards of the personnel of the military unit that conducted the disposal process. Sometimes the commission comes to the conclusion that the ammunition is not properly stored: wooden boxesShells and other ammunition are often stored in the open air, open to all winds and precipitation, while they must be stored in special rooms at a certain temperature. After several years of such storage of shells or cartridges, they have to be sent for recycling, which requires special equipment. After all, the projectile, which has already begun to be exposed to corrosion, is a subject of increased danger also because its warhead can detonate from the slightest mechanical or thermal effect.
Before the implementation of the procedure for the disposal of ammunition, not all soldiers undergo the necessary instructions. Many, when they go to a training ground for the first time, carry matches, lighters and cigarettes. And it's not just about the rank and file. In a few tragic cases of recent times, it was possible to establish the guilt of the representatives of the commanding staff, who not only did not check the soldiers before leaving those on the ground, but also almost completely neglected the safety standards already at the initial stage of working with ammunition. The soldiers were not even told how to lay the shells in boxes to reduce the risk of an explosion. Such criminal negligence in some cases led to tragic consequences.
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  1. Leader
    Leader 18 February 2014 12: 44
    The article is news for the kids, and here the adults communicate.
    What are the last 2-3 years? - these warehouses have been exploding for 25 years, and everything can’t be cleaned up and only those who died are to blame ...
    "The warhead can detonate from the slightest mechanical or thermal effect" - are you serious? just the same "from the slightest"? Rave!
    And do not blame the conscripts! If they bring matches and cigarettes with them to the site, then the officers are to blame. What do you want from a modern village boy who has been "shaved into the army? He has no mind, no sense of responsibility."
    In everything that happens in a military unit, the unit commander is always to blame! That's what he was given to - epaulettes, position and power. Incidentally, the commander receives ha-ha money for fulfilling the tasks assigned to him by post.
    Do not match - on a demobilization! Do not pull - quit yourself!
    And then everyone wants to be colonels, but they are in no hurry to answer for the entrusted unit.
    At least one shot himself? - Right now! No nobles, tea!

    And all the higher staff rats are to blame, who with their endless checks have already killed any military unit. The staff divorced - like cockroaches. Nobody is responsible for anything, they just check! Are they without eyes? They don’t see what is happening on the site? And where are the officers - managers of the work? Or did the conscripts themselves go and start to drag?
    The brainless children of workers and peasants, the so-called "soldiers" who have just been pulled out of the gateway, have taken away a bottle of beer - they are responsible for everything!
    Well, let now only lieutenants and majors overload ammunition - if this is so responsible and scary (they can "detonate from the slightest mechanical or thermal effect"!)
    Article of a modern journalist-scraper.
  2. Dimsan
    Dimsan 18 February 2014 20: 11
    Partly agree with the article and with the comment! For half a year, it was in an ammunition depot in the Orenburg region, in the infamous Koltubank, 14 km (who knows he will understand) exploded a couple of years ago. And the blame for the explosions lies with everyone, from soldiers to generals! The fact that ammunition was stacked in piles on the street is the norm, we put them in - came to the site where there was a mountain of garbage and dismantled everything bit by bit, put it in boxes and built new stacks. Before us, no one has done this since the collapse of the USSR. By the way, then the soldiers did not do this, but worked as civilians (thanks to this, many settlements lived), there was also an ammunition repair shop and a container warehouse. By the way, new boxes were brought to us from the furniture factory))) Thanks to the work of civilian personnel, there were fewer incidents (they always were, but on a smaller scale). the staff is permanent, trained. And there were a lot of different techniques, and we had it, but everything in the park stood rusted, because loaders were drowning in the sand, all had to be done with their hands.
    What about conscripts, of course, we loaded and unloaded ammunition extremely irresponsibly. And they fell from cars, and from trucks, and from stacks, but did not explode (this is by the way about detonation from the slightest impact). After all, shells were created for fools of conscripts, and they travel without fuses, and are stored without them, and try to blow up the throttles as you blow them up. What about smoking, then of course everything happened, and smoked nearby, and burned gunpowder (here is ours, how can anyone keep track of it).
    Of course, the officers are to blame, they should watch what and how, and instruct, and explain, etc., etc. And at the top they should allocate money for warehouses - from salary for equipment, and roads for the same equipment, and ending with storage rooms, and tents, and boxes. Well, and of course you need to return the civilian staff to the warehouses. NOT ONLY TO PROTECT THEM IN BECAUSE, BUT DRAW AND LOAD AND STORE THEY SHOULD BE UNDER THE CLEAR MANAGEMENT OF THE COMMANDERS!
    But it's all money money money !!!
    So the fault of everyone is present. And if you say about conscripts that they can’t be trusted, they can’t shoot and shoot, the shells are the same, they suddenly explode when it’s unnecessary.
    By the way, I wanted to say one more thing about corrosion, there in warehouses for the first time I saw how metal on a shell turns into white flour, that was a surprise ...
  3. And Us Rat
    And Us Rat 19 February 2014 17: 34
    Ammunition storage

    Not properly


  4. igorspb
    igorspb 19 February 2014 23: 15
    What did the author want to say? What ammunition should be stored properly? Deep thought.....
  5. Pavellio
    Pavellio 3 March 2014 12: 29
    And for me, it’s theft that’s hidden. Maybe. smile
  6. Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer 26 March 2014 02: 44
    Another important point is that ammunition should not be disposed of.
    Why not use them until the end of the shelf life and the soldiers doctrine and
    The warehouse manager is calmer.