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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev, 29 March 2011


Awesome military operation in Libya to protect civilians by complicity in the civil war deserves the name "Dura in the Desert". That is, the most amazing thing about this operation is its deep strategic meaninglessness.

Italy’s “Stamp” quotes former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Dow Zackheim’s opinion about the Libyan rebels: “There are many. We don’t know who they are, what they want, or how they act. We are conducting a military operation to help an ally we don’t know. And it puts us at great risk. "

However! .. That is, it is obvious that this operation has no intelligible goal. Not to consider as such the elimination of the villain Gaddafi, who literally on the eve was considered to be not even a villain at all, but an inspiring example of a repentant sinner. Attempts to find some geopolitical and geo-economic motives — control over Libyan oil there — seem to be completely out of thin air. They already controlled her wonderfully. It is significant that the shotrs of this idiocy are not the Americans, but the French president Sarkozy, fussing about his falling ratings.

"France has completely lost its position in the zone of its historical influence. Everything ended with the arrival of Sarkozy. Some mistakes were made before, but Sarkozy made a complete coup," says political analyst Thierry Meyssan.

By the way, if the case is not limited to air raids, no one will be surprised that in the end it is France that will have to pay for the enthusiasm of Sarkozy. With the blood of your Foreign Legion, naturally. In the meantime, the military action itself is being maintained in the best traditions of the new NATO standards.

This is a clear demonstration of the "three B" principle: unpunished shooting of an unarmed opponent from a safe distance. Nostalgia for a brilliant Yugoslav experience. Very similar to psychiatric sublimation in the light of a sluggish nightmare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What are they, the Crusaders! Those risked their lives. There is nothing more vulgar and immoral than complicity in someone else's civil war. If anyone thinks that the coalition is fighting for democracy. In Libya? Here in Bahrain — a model of democracy, by the way: absolute monarchy — the Saudi troops introduced the revolving Shiite majority — also, by the way, the beacon of democracy. And, you will be surprised! - nobody bombs Bahrain. And even - Saudi Arabia. What is really there! Tehran and Damascus are not bombed, although I would really like to. Because the main fault of Gaddafi is that he is defenseless against modern tools of democratization.

The wave of protest that swept the Arab world revealed new Western tactics in an attempt to retain elusive control over the strategically most important region. Time to write off your former appointee before he is violently overthrown and lead an uncontrollable process in the hope of taking control of it. The wines of the Libyan leader are that he allowed the West to doubt his ability to control the situation.

Gaddafi was written off and buried by mistake. Well, do not dig it back. Too small question to sacrifice your reputation. Regarding specifically the Libyan perspectives. The best option is a second Kosovo. The gangster regime, outwardly loyal to its patrons, to whom it solely owes its existence. That in broken-down, mixed Libya is quite problematic. Too many french need. Much simpler - this is the second Somalia with the endless pirate lawlessness of the 20 years already. And from where even the American commandos hurried to carry off their legs. That is, the final victory of the civilian population over all known forms of tyranny.
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    His 30 March 2011 20: 27
    Well said. If he were still heard by Westerners, but they would not hear him. There is its own democracy