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America. In strength and weakness

Doctor of Law (USA), Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, Editor-in-Chief of the Constitutional Gazette Journal Alexander N. DOMRIN about the Achilles Heel of the United States, the Law on Democracy in Russia and features of American society.

"TOMORROW". The current economic crisis is moving relentlessly. The United States, he also does not pass by. How much does it affect the US and is dangerous for them?

Alexander DOMRIN. When we talk about the American crisis, for us, of course, of most interest is: how will it affect our country? Regardless of who will be in power in Russia: Democrats, Communists, Tsar, Yeltsin - Russia will always remain the main enemy for the US government. Mitt Romney, as the representative of the Republicans, who in this sense are much more outspoken and not as hypocritical as the Democrats in the person of Obama or Clinton, frankly said: Russia is the geopolitical opponent No. XXUMX.

Honestly, I was a supporter of Romney: I wanted such an obvious and obvious enemy as he, to win in America, and thus we would be mobilized. But it was not Romney who won, Obama won - the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Putin saw him right from the start. Some other representatives of our so-called "elite" still do not understand anything. For them, it is still - the light in the window.

But why should we in Russia be concerned about this issue? The economy in the world is so dependent on the dollar that the collapse of the economy in America, like a tsunami, will go around the globe more than once. When the Soviet Union collapsed, this blast wave did not exist, because very few people depended on the Soviet Union, with the exception of the Soviet republics and the socialist countries. And since we are now all dependent on the dollar - this needs to be taken for granted - we would least of all want the crisis in America to become a catastrophe. Not because we think so well about America and so care about American citizens, but because of our own sense of preservation.

In detail, this is such a kind of national American fun, when Republicans do not want to support the next budget of their opponents - the Democrats. And this time, they have very good reasons for that, because everything depends on the program of “affordable medical care” known as Obamacare. What is this about? About 45 million US citizens do not have health insurance. Some of these Americans are really in a difficult situation when they cannot afford to buy such insurance, but, to a large extent, Obamacare is a continuation of the social support system, the welfare system of American poor citizens.

This is where Republicans start asking questions. Do you know what percentage of black kids in America are born out of wedlock? 72%. That is, out of four children, three are born out of wedlock. Why? Very simple. Instead of working, getting married, I'd rather add 5-12 children and sit on this Welfare system, she will provide me, and I will receive my food stamps - food stamps. And the Republicans are wondering: if they are sitting on the neck of the national welfare system, on Welfare, is someone still paying for it? Republicans are proposing to support farmers (at first there was a drought, and last year there was a flood - Mississippi spilled, and farmers did not harvest their corn crop).

When Obama is accused of being a socialist, to a large extent this accusation is fair. What is socialism? This is when there is a question about the equality of all, regardless of whether you are a slacker, a drunkard or a hard worker. Now Obama also raises the question of immigration reform, and then millions and millions of illegal Aliens - this is what we know as illegal immigrants, guest workers, will also be planted on the social system. Their children will be taught, and provide them with some kind of minimum wealth. Wonderful! It all sounds good, and who will pay for it? And again, white Republicans are beginning to raise this question.

The crisis in the United States is triggered by the problems of the United States and, to a large extent, by their current President Barack Obama. The crisis is not resolved - it is only postponed. Until October 17, however, there would be a default or no default. In the meantime, it is delayed until February. I think that now it will also be postponed for some long time. But the last thing we need to gloat about is because with our dependence on the dollar and on oil prices, we least need America to suffer a financial catastrophe.

"TOMORROW". We all know America as a superpower. Tell us please, where is her “Achilles heel”?

Alexander DOMRIN. I’ve been to America almost 60 times, and during these trips I visited many states and taught at ten American universities. I saw America not from the window of the embassy limousine.

Among the things that I really do not like in America. The first, and from my point of view, this is their biggest problem - it is, oddly enough, political correctness, unwillingness to offend the so-called minorities. The second is the lack of opportunity or desire to face the truth. The third is a somewhat idealistic view of one’s own country, one’s own stories, own people. The following is the reluctance to see the problems of American society. "America über alles"! America is above all.

All these problems, the same characteristic of the old Europe, which is on the one hand a museum, on the other - a cemetery. Nothing depends on Europe. But America is still a living, young organism: do not forget that America, as a white American civilization, is a little more than 200 years old. We can say that it is still a young man.

When do they refuse to call problems by their proper names? When even the term "ghetto" is no longer used in America, they call this problem inner cities - the problem of inner cities or the inner part of cities. Or when there is no real equality of all before the law. If you are a white woman, and a woman is also an oppressed minority, if you are a lesbian, if you are Jewish, then you are in such a wonderful position that compared to you, the most discriminated part of American society is white men of working age.

An absolutely wonderful example is Elena Kagan. She was the dean of the Harvard Law School, and right after that, Barack Obama nominated her as a judge for the US Supreme Court. These are three big advantages for a politically correct American in one bottle: a woman, a lesbian, a Jew. How nice! This is what I most dislike about the fact that infuriates my healthy, intelligent, honest American students.

Tell you one of my favorite American jokes? The US Congress passed a law according to which, of the eight white pawns on the chessboard, two must be black and one blue!

For the past two years I have been teaching at a very good university in Oklahoma. Absolutely wonderful place: it is south, therefore there are no “politically correct” flirtations with illegal immigrants - (hence the support of the authorities of the state of Arizona, who are building a wall on the border with Mexico), therefore they support the death penalty, against abortion and for traditional family values.

Why did I feel at home in Oklahoma? Because I could talk to them and not censor myself. In New York, this is much more difficult. Tell five or ten New Yorkers that you like Wagner's operas, and I guarantee that at least one of them will consider you a Nazi, since Wagner was Hitler's favorite composer.

So, from my point of view, political correctness is something that is absolutely intolerable for a normal, healthy Russian person in America.

"TOMORROW". But, on the other hand, you say that the southern states are not so politically correct, and young people in large cities often do not support the idea of ​​American exclusivity. So it turns out, is there still hope?

Alexander DOMRIN. It's true. I travel to America with lectures and almost twenty years of experience is really the case when you are dealing with healthy, young, not yet zombie American guys. And maybe, because I am still Russian, and not local, many students are more outspoken with me than with their own American teachers.

Indeed, there were situations when one of my friends went to Palestine to defend the rights of Palestinians against the settlers in the occupied territories. And we are still talking about an American. Imagine, not some kind of “Russian anti-Semite”, but a simple American student. Moreover, since Palestine cannot be reached straight from America, he traveled there through Greece.

Healthy, honest, young, smart, American students with unobstructed brains still have a completely normal reaction of rejection from the State Department, from Washington, from the Washington Regional Committee. To a large extent, as in Russia: Russia lives alone, and the Kremlin lives somewhat differently. When teaching, I, of course, try to be very careful, without any pressure, violence. I always remember that I am Russian and that I am a citizen of Russia. If you come from Russia, you cannot immediately start blaming American students for saying that you are violating international law. You climbed into Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9 / 11. One must be very careful not to offend in the first place and, thus, not to cause rejection.

But when you teach international law and during the semester on 3-4, once a week you study its norms with the guys, and then you show Madeleine Albright saying: “Why should America use force? Because we are America ”... And the questions arise - what about the UN Charter? when can you use force? when you were attacked, or when there is a threat of attack, or is there a collective security system? And nowhere is there such that we use force, because “we are America”, “we are an irreplaceable nation”. (indispensable nation). Simply take the phrase and start to disassemble it. Well, you are an irreplaceable nation. Then she continues: "We stand high, we look far away." Just like from some children's fairy tale "I sit high, I look far." What it is? And when the feeling of one’s own nation, as exceptional, takes on forms similar to the Third Reich, where there is Sonderweg, the highest race, and the rest of Untermensch - “subhuman” - this is, of course, completely unacceptable.

When you hear such speeches from Albright's mouth, I would like to ask her: when your Jewish family Korbelov (maiden name Albright) fled from Czechoslovakia occupied by Hitler's Germany, who considered Jews to be “subhuman,” this is understandable. And when, having become the US Secretary of State, you felt yourself as a “superior race,” what is your attitude to this?

I was in America in March 2003, when the intervention in Iraq began. I remember some crazy Americans went out with banners, or wrote their slogans on car numbers: “Nation under God”.

Over the course of the 100-150 years, isolationism was the main principle of American foreign policy - it was he who created the great American superpower. This is the period when America does not climb into the European wars, hides from European conflicts across the oceans, because it has its underbelly - South America. 1823's Monroe Doctrine of the Year: South America is our underbelly, this is our backyard, you please, Europeans, don’t meddle here, this is ours.

Interventionism is characteristic of American civilization only since Franklin Roosevelt, who dragged America into the Second World War. This is a historical fact. Roosevelt had information about the upcoming Pearl Harbor bombing, but did not expect the bombing to turn into a catastrophe. I thought that some 2-3 kamikazes would arrive, a couple of American planes would be broken up, maybe some ship would be rammed. Roosevelt needed to drag America into World War II. The system of interventionism is now characteristic of any American president, be it a Republican or a Democrat. And this is another big “Achilles heel” that will ultimately undermine America.

"TOMORROW". And how is America strong?

Alexander DOMRIN. With all my critical attitude to American politics, to the American government, I have great respect for the great American people. To a large extent, of course, the naive people, the people who in the twentieth century allowed their alien civilians to be “hijacked” by various powerful — including ethnic — lobbies, largely defining US domestic and foreign policy.

You look at these great roads, these great cities! This is a nation of healthy hard workers. This is an amazing combination of the great civilizational achievements of mankind and great nature!

I love to communicate with students and even farmers. We go to visit each other. I find it very interesting and good with them - with people “from the plow”, much more interesting than with American professors.

"TOMORROW". Since the second half of the 20th century, the United States has been pursuing an aggressive foreign policy, expressed, among other things, in the expansion of "democracy" and other American values. All this requires enormous costs from the state. Is there any other strategy in the American establishment? Is there any information about this?

Alexander DOMRIN. I wrote a lot about it. In particular, on the American Law on Democracy in Russia. In general, very few people know about this law both in Russia and in America. Once again I emphasize - the law is American, but it is called “On Democracy in Russia”.

He was adopted at a meeting of the Lower House of the US Congress in December 2001 of the year and was sent to the Senate for consideration, where it was studied and edited for more than seven months. In the end, after the signing of President X. Bush in October 2002, the law came into force.

This law is very curious, because such bills are rarely considered in the US Congress. In fact, it is a continuation of the famous 1992 Law of the Year “On Freedom for Russia and New Eurasian Democracies and in Support of Open Markets” and, when adopted, summed up the 10-year “democratic” regime in Russia, setting new goals and objectives for foreign policy US in the Russian direction.

The law, for example, openly states that the United States and the money of the American government are behind every fifth of approximately 300 of thousands of public associations registered at that time by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. That is, for every 2100 people of the Russian population - one “public” organization created and funded by Washington. Funny is not it?

Also in this law, “the success of democracy in Russia” is declared the subject of the “national security” of the United States, and states the need to develop a long-term and flexible strategy aimed at strengthening Russian society’s support for democracy and a market economy.

Here is the most typical example of how to interfere in the internal affairs of another country, in violation of the laws of this country. After all, the financing by foreigners of our political parties or political figures is simply prohibited by Russian law, just as it is prohibited by American law. But only under this law every year, our so-called liberal opposition receives 50 millions of dollars from the American embassy. The last time I spoke at a conference in New Orleans, I raised this question: what is it? The concept of sovereignty will somehow be observed? and the notion of non-interference in internal affairs? But while the Americans are not yet ready to abandon the policy of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. While they do not consider money to stop funding the opposition. From my point of view, this is extremely flawed.

Education in America is very expensive, especially legal. When a student finishes Law School and owes a bank about 100 thousands of dollars in tuition, this is normal. And he wants to finish university as soon as possible, to start working, to receive a salary and to pay back the loan to the bank. Therefore, when I start talking to my American students about this law, their eyes are filled with indignation: “While we are paying for our studies and in debt like silks, our State Department boobies rush millions of dollars to support the so-called opposition in Russia or somewhere else ?! ”Are thinking ...

"TOMORROW". It is known that for a long time the Americans considered Russians strange, evil, “not quite human.” Is this inadequate perception of Russia and Russian people somehow changed now?

Alexander DOMRIN. Blame American propaganda. And this propaganda was much more sophisticated than the Soviet one, because our propaganda is Pravda newspaper, Knowledge society and other nonsense — propaganda that you didn’t believe, which was completely natural. The percentage of dissidents who disagree, or simply doubt, is always more in Russia than in America. This is a defensive reaction of the body: if everyone sings the same song, why would it? Maybe we do not understand something?

When I just started teaching in 1994, people came and signed up for classes, either those who had no idea what he wanted to do in life, or those who were particularly interested in Russia, the Soviet Union. But, of course, they went to classes to a greater degree to look at such a “dancing bear”, who seemed to speak both in English, and white, and listens to music, as we do, but at the same time Russian. Cool dude, kind of like no horns, no tail.

And in recent years, the interest of American students - employment in Russia. Imagine?

"TOMORROW". Why do they need it?

Alexander DOMRIN. At zero I taught at two universities in Michigan, once a great industrial state. Michigan is Henry Ford, General Motors. So it was a long time. And now Michigan is a depressed state. The great city of Detroit is bankrupt. Crime is monstrous, I was attacked on the third day after my arrival in Detroit. Law students, after graduating from Law School, leave for Indiana, Illinois or New York to look for work there, because there is none in Michigan.

And in Russia is booming. We are, if I am not mistaken, the fifth largest amount of gold and foreign currency reserves in the world. Compared with the years of Yeltsin, when Russia was a doormat at the door, a banana republic, authority and strength are being restored - look at Putin’s foreign policy initiatives. Russia is no longer dying out. And the right, jurisprudence is an exact and universal science. If you are a competent, talented lawyer, you will always find a job - in London, Moscow or Shanghai.
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  1. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 5 February 2014 06: 27
    because our propaganda is the Pravda newspaper, the Knowledge society, and other nonsense — propaganda that you did not believe was completely natural.

    To whom does the author address these words?
    Was the "perfect natural" for whom, for a gang of dissidents?
    In the USSR, people still believed the newspaper Pravda!
    1. Civil
      Civil 5 February 2014 06: 31
      "We would have your problems" (c)
      1. Cherdak
        Cherdak 5 February 2014 13: 05
        Quote: Civil
        "We would have your problems" (c)

        It is known that for a long time Americans considered Russians strange, evil, "not really people."

        Necha blame the mirror ...
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 5 February 2014 06: 36
      Well, yes, you can agree, in the USSR, apart from a handful of "advanced" ones, and listeners of voices, others believed, and as soon as the listeners of the "voices" began to influence their environment (and they were "intelligentsia" and could influence), the plague of dissidence began to become fashionable. and crawled, devouring the foundations of the morality of our society like rust.
      It’s good that now the market for dissidents and their ilk is no longer shooting.
      And it causes only laughter, and a reaction: "thank you, don't have enough ...."
      In Ukraine, this campaign hasn’t been eaten yet ...
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 February 2014 07: 20
      Quote: Ivan Tarasov
      In the USSR, people still believed the newspaper Pravda!

      I did not believe her, simply because I did not read it. I read the murzilka laughing
      when your Jewish Korbelov family (maiden name Albright) fled from Czechoslovakia, occupied by Nazi Germany, who considered the Jews "subhuman" - this is understandable. And when, becoming the US Secretary of State, you felt like a "higher race", how to relate to it
      No matter whoever holds the post of US Secretary of State, warriors will be unleashed. There would be new bombings who would not become the US President. It is not in the personalities and nationalities, but rather in the brains of the people who vote for these morons.
      And in recent years, the interest of American students - employment in Russia. Imagine?
      What can I say, the world is changing its polarity towards Russia hi
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 5 February 2014 07: 42
        How does it relate?
        Yes, the situation has changed, power has appeared, power has appeared, and the true face has opened ...
      2. aksakal
        aksakal 5 February 2014 08: 03
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        rather in the brains of the people who vote for these morons

        “If only, if only ... Greetings.” Yes, it seems to me that in America, elections are a complete formality, a ritual necessarily performed to deceive the population. The choice has long been made by a narrow circle of people called the financial kings of the planet, about whom the author of the Sabbath carefully and so politically correct (and himself as if dislikes political correctness, while observing it -))) hints: allowed to “hijack” its great civilization to aliens represented by various powerful ones - including ETHNIC - lobby - and therefore, in terms of whatever personality comes to the USA, there will be bombings, you are right, but in terms of the fact that it is the fault of ordinary mortal voters - I will not agree with you here. I see these ETHNIC faults here, it’s their choice, they put and remove presidents and secretaries of state in the USA, and if the president turned out to be dumb and rested on his idea - John. F. Kennedy.
        If there is an opportunity to beat these "ethnic" people without beating ordinary Americans, it is necessary to use this for humane reasons. But I am a realist and I understand - for all my loyalty to ordinary Americans, about whom the author of SABJ writes with undisguised sympathy, alas, in order to get to these financial kings, from whose excessive greed all the troubles on Earth, these ordinary Americans will have to be in large numbers. .. well, you get the idea. They were not lucky - they were chosen as human shields. At the wrong time and at the wrong hour.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 5 February 2014 08: 23
          Quote: aksakal
          Yes, it seems to me that in America, elections are a complete formality

          Hi Aksakal! Do not dare to dirty the ideals of democracy. Elections in the USA, the most democratic elections in the world in USA laughing
          Quote: aksakal
          and if the president was stupid and rested on his idea - John. F. Kennedy.

          Then quickly choose a new bully
          Quote: aksakal
          They were not lucky - they were chosen as a human shield. At the wrong time and at the wrong time.

          They themselves choose them standing in line at the vote, no matter how farce these elections are. They themselves stood up in a human shield, but this is their choice hi
          1. DMB-78
            DMB-78 5 February 2014 09: 01
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            .They themselves stood in a human shield, but this is their choice

            and no observers from laughing
        2. mirag2
          mirag2 5 February 2014 08: 27
          I absolutely agree with you - I still can’t understand how Obama overpowered Congress ...
          Now their economies have gone to growth — home production, oil, shale gas (albeit a fiction, but it has worked so far) —has success in the domestic economy helps to balance it — Bernanke led the topic to the rich, this is for this part of the population +, - and the poor promised a medical insurance ...
          And these lobbies, as soon as the bazaar entered into a treaty with Iran, they immediately pomped that Obama went to prostitute for cocaine, because he wanted coke, but there was no money ...
    4. DMB-78
      DMB-78 5 February 2014 08: 52
      Quote: Ivan Tarasov
      In the USSR, people still believed the newspaper Pravda!

      and said: in the truth no news, in the news no truth
    5. 222222
      222222 5 February 2014 10: 00
      Ivan Tarasov RU Today, 06: 27
      In the USSR, the people believed in the newspaper Pravda! "
      True, I did NOT read Pravda, but believed ...
    6. alone
      alone 5 February 2014 19: 23
      Quote: Ivan Tarasov
      In the USSR, people still believed the newspaper Pravda!

      Just at the beginning of the 90s, the slogan6 "Truth, where is your Truth") was very popular.
  2. Vasek
    Vasek 5 February 2014 06: 57
    Israel, a black man rides on a bus and reads a Hebrew newspaper. An old Jew leans over to him and asks:
    -Listen, you sho little sho you negro ?!
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 5 February 2014 08: 10
      Sorry, I’ll tell you about a possibly not very politically correct joke:
      A Jew lives with his family, works with an Arab courier, his wife is a drug addict, and his daughter is engaged in prostitution, almost for free, for a cigarette ...
      All life to fall, even giur * re-go ...
      He went to the rabbi, complained about his life:
      -Rabi Shmuel-what should I do? I live according to Kitsur Shurkhan Arukh * - and everything is bad ...
      The rabbi tells him:
      - Go home, write on the sign - "It won't always be this way" - and hang it on the door.
      The poor thing did so ...
      Hop! A little time has passed - and everything has changed - I have left to work for an Arab, now I am selling dirt from the Dead Sea to Russia, and Arabs get it, pack it, and so on.
      My wife stopped drinking ...
      The daughter began to take money for her services, everything improved, he went again to the rabbi:
      Rebbe Shmuel, everything has improved, thank you!
      And the rabbi answers:
      Go and read the sign!

      * Giyur-procedure of joining the Jewish people.

      * Kitsur Shurkhan Aruhu-code of laws of the Jewish way of life.
      ps-like there is no anti-Semitism here? So? Holocaust-did not deny and nothing from the "working definition of anti-Semitism" is not here.
      1. Arhj
        Arhj 5 February 2014 09: 17
        I will continue the topic of jokes.
        "In the USA, during the segregation period, a drunken black man wandered into the front of the bus (" only for whites "). They immediately start beating him. The back of the passenger compartment (" only for colored people ") stands up for their own. Mass brawls begin.
        The driver stops the bus and yells, "Stop the rampage. Take your seats. There are no whites or blacks here. You are all green, only light greens are driving in the front, and dark greens are driving in the back."
      2. aksakal
        aksakal 5 February 2014 20: 19
        Quote: mirag2
        ps-like there is no anti-Semitism here? So? Holocaust-did not deny and nothing from the "working definition of anti-Semitism" is not here.

        - Yes, no, it's too late, there is no need to pretend now! Agents of the Neviot physical elimination department from the Mossad have already left for your soul. And there is no reason to tell such jokes! wassat
      3. The comment was deleted.
  3. makarov
    makarov 5 February 2014 07: 08
    "Regardless of who is in power in Russia: democrats, communists, the tsar, Yeltsin - Russia will always remain the main enemy for the US government .."

    Yes, without an "enemy", a straight path to nowhere. - The purpose of life is lost! Therefore, there is no need to be surprised.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 5 February 2014 07: 54
      Well, yes.
      An enemy needs a strong country only when it needs to be distracted from internal problems.
      And in our country, on the contrary, internal destabilization is due to the activity of external ill-wishers.
      -It is true that they are already deeply rooted inside us, and they have grown tentacles into the economy so much that you squeeze it, withdraw the money, and arrange some other kind of trick.
      The sabotage, which by the way is obviously being liberal by the liberals regarding our domestic production, and the small, medium-sized business, well, it will not stretch our economy.
      He is weak for this.
      This is just an attempt to switch the vector of priorities in the economy to the side that is not necessary for us — a waste of time and money!
      It’s the same as the new Chubais reform — complete privatization, and then whoever pays will steer our entire industry — and it will only be raw materials, dependent on other blocs (EU).
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. alexng
      alexng 5 February 2014 08: 03
      Yes, probably it is necessary, even if for some time it is necessary to tighten the belt, to throw this "louse" off the body of the world economy and politics. Otherwise, it turns out that We ourselves must take care of this inflated dollar, so as not to get scratched. It turns out, like Shedrin-Saltykov's "The Wise Gudgeon" - "lived and trembled, died, trembled."
      It's time to throw that yoke down. Enough to endure these vile antics of these parasites.
      1. Walk
        Walk 5 February 2014 11: 22
        Unfortunately, in order to abandon the dollar as a world currency now, Russia needs to fully provide itself with all goods and resources. In principle, I do not see anything impossible in this, but this process is not fast, unfortunately. In my (unprofessional) view, it is necessary not to invest in other people's funds, but to develop production in the country, purchase factories and factories, send workers and engineers to study in countries with developed production.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. alexng
          alexng 5 February 2014 16: 28
          Investing in other people's funds is a geopolitics and without it it is impossible to take a step in a positive direction for the economy of any state. We do not live on a desert island. And the base point of reference should not be transferred back to gold, as it was before, and not to the cost of oil.
          I will explain: now the whole world economy, due to the insecurity of the candy wrapper, is tied to the price of oil-dollar, i.e. it’s such a surveying marker.
    4. 222222
      222222 5 February 2014 10: 53
      political map of the future world according to European imagination .. May 2038 and July 2100 (Global warming by 2100,) ..

      and here are the main ones
      in which there will be movement of peoples and states ..
  4. stayer
    stayer 5 February 2014 08: 26
    With regard to propaganda, we did not stand next to the Americans. The article even wrote that they saw the Russian almost with horns and a tail. This is how you need to wind up your people, so that such an image develops? And this image is not in units, in millions of ordinary Americans. Common sense is out of the question.
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 5 February 2014 09: 06
      Quote: stayer
      The article even wrote that they saw the Russian almost with horns and a tail. This is how you need to wind up your people, so that such an image develops? And this image is not in units, in millions are simple

      .... Ukrainians. all one to one. ideology for export.
  5. user
    user 5 February 2014 09: 05
    This article is one of the few that tries to look at Russia soberly and at an angle, let's say not so aggressive, like what to take from these Papuans. Which by the way is very rare at present (meaning in the Western media).
  6. Horst78
    Horst78 5 February 2014 09: 20
    I have great respect for the great American people. To a large extent, of course, the naive people, the people who in the XNUMXth century allowed “to steal” their great civilization to newcomers, represented by various powerful - including ethnic - lobbies, which largely determine US domestic and foreign policy.
    I agree. Power in America now belongs to a handful of "Chosen" (maybe Barack owned them under "Exceptional"?). In World War II, honest farmers fought and died, and now there are criminals, drug addicts, gays, etc. therefore, they lack the concept of "Rule of battle".
    It is a pity but America as a country of "Great Opportunities" kirdyk. The hard workers were crushed, and all sorts of Zuckerbergers and Brins do not produce anything and live in a virtual world. I remembered the series "Jericho" when Bonnie Rind's boyfriend said "They turn on the Internet and we can all order" - fool
  7. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 5 February 2014 09: 23
    There is no national ideology, we don’t know how to do propaganda (we didn’t know how!), We don’t want to learn, we take from the West what we give, not what we need. It comes to the point that we are ashamed of our history! We don’t do upbringing of youth, or pretend that we are doing it. And, Americans believe in themselves, their strengths and capabilities, consider themselves a nation! So what do you want ?! We have raised a whole class of pro-Western villains and are trying to say that it is too early to discount us as an Empire.
    1. Walk
      Walk 5 February 2014 12: 02
      All this was destroyed under Gorbachev and Yeltsin by the liberals, who are still trying to destroy the country. Now, it seems, something is moving for the better, but very slowly. And it is necessary to educate youth not only at school, but also in the family. It is necessary to create military-patriotic societies, to return NVP to schools. And do not spare money for it.
  8. Stinger
    Stinger 5 February 2014 09: 41
    The strength and weakness of America is in America, and the strength and weakness of Russia is in Russia. And in the wrong hands always seems fatter. And so it will be, even if all the professors of the University of Pennsylvania do it in their pants.
  9. Vedmed_23
    Vedmed_23 5 February 2014 10: 03
    This is where Republicans begin to ask questions. Do you know what percentage of black children are born in America who are born out of wedlock? 72% That is, out of four children, three are born out of wedlock. Why? Very simple. Instead of working, getting married, I'd rather give birth to 5-12 children and sit on this Welfare system, it will provide me, and I will receive my food stamps - food stamps. And the Republicans are wondering: if they are sitting on the neck of the national security system, on Welfare, does anyone still pay for it?

    The rest of the world pays as usual, such rules of shit democracy, everyone pays the USA.
  10. tank64rus
    tank64rus 5 February 2014 10: 48
    How many foreign agents do we have to clean up already?
  11. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 5 February 2014 11: 25
    political correctness))) i.e. you can’t shout in New York - AAAAAA fagot surrounds ... So I don’t impose ANYONE of my view of the world, faith, nor my attitude to pederasty, and it’s not clear - if you’re a dove, why shout about it? Not only that, the West is imposing them on us, but such people are really in the grip of power (((, how can ..... command the Russian peasants? Obviously, the deadlock version of influencing us as well as Islam, is it really stupid there?
    The article is good, but it will not ruin and displace me from the foundations of the genetic (from the USSR) hostility (I do not write hatred for some reason))) a terrible word) to the United States and everything that lives there except animals and birds.
    I am pleased to hear the news about the collapse of the United States as such!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. sinukvl
    sinukvl 5 February 2014 14: 15
    Scythians A.A. Block

    Panmongolism! Though the name is wild
    But it caresses our ears ...
    Vladimir Solovyov

    Millions are you. Us - darkness, and darkness, and darkness.
    Try, fight with us!
    Yes, Scythians - we are! Yes, Asians - we -
    With slanted and greedy eyes!
    For you - centuries, for us - a single hour.
    We are like obedient slaves
    They held a shield between two hostile races -
    Mongols and Europe!
    Century, century your old horn forged
    And drowned out the thunder of an avalanche
    And a wild fairy tale was a failure for you
    And Lisbon and Messina!
    You have looked east for hundreds of years,
    Digging and melting our pearls
    And you, mocking, counted only the term,
    When to train cannon vents!
    Here - the time has come. Wings are beating trouble
    And every day resentment multiplies,
    And the day will come - there will be no trace
    From your Paestums, maybe!
    Oh, the old world! Until you perish,
    While you languish with sweet flour,
    Stop, wise as Oedipus,
    Before the Sphinx with an ancient mystery! ..
    Russia - Sphinx. Rejoicing and mourning
    And bleeding black blood,
    She looks, looks, looks at you,
    And with hatred, and with love! ..
    Yes, to love as much as our blood loves,
    None of you have loved for a long time!
    Forgot you, that in the world there is love,
    Which burns and kills!
    We love everything - and the heat of cold numbers,
    And the gift of divine visions,
    Everything is clear to us - and a sharp Gallic meaning,
    And the gloomy German genius ...
    We remember everything - hell streets of Paris,
    And the Venetian coolness,
    Lemon groves are a distant fragrance,
    And Cologne smoky bulks ...
    We love the flesh - both its taste and color,
    And the stuffy, mortal flesh smell ...
    Guilty if we crack your skeleton
    In the heavy, gentle paws?
    We used to get used to the bridle
    Playing horses zealous,
    Breaking horses with heavy sacra
    And pacify the slaves of the obstinate ...
    Come to us! From the horrors of war
    Come into peaceful embrace!
    Before it's too late - the old scabbard sword
    Comrades! We will become - brothers!
    And if not, we have nothing to lose,
    And we are not above treachery!
    Centuries, centuries - you will be cursed
    Sick, later offspring!
    We are wide in the wilds and forests
    Before Europe, prigozhey
    Let's part! We will turn to you
    His Asian mug!
    Go all, go to the Urals!
    We clear the place of battle
    Steel machines, where the integral breathes,
    With the Mongolian wild horde!
    But we ourselves - from now on - are not your shield,
    From now on, we will not join the battle ourselves!
    We'll see how the mortal battle is boiling,
    With your narrow eyes!
    Do not budge when the fierce Hun
    In the pockets of corpses will fumble,
    Burn the city, and drive the herd into the church,
    And fry the meat of white brothers! ..
    For the last time - come to your senses, old world!
    On the fraternal feast of work and peace,
    For the last time - on a bright fraternal feast
    Cries the barbaric lyre!
    January 30 1918
  13. Unknown
    Unknown 5 February 2014 18: 37
    And let's better throw off the whole world and "CLOSE" the USA to hell! am am am wink