Military Review

Leningrad 1944 / St. Petersburg 2014. Operation January Thunder


Ropsha 1944 / 2013 Soviet fighters at the Ropsha Palace.
Ropsha was liberated from the Nazis on January 19 of the year 1944.
20 January 1944 of the year in the area of ​​Ropsha was a meeting of the troops of the Leningrad Front, advancing from the Oranienbaum springboard and from the Pulkovo heights.

Peterhof 1944 / 2012 Soviet cavalry division in the Lower Park.
Peterhof was released 19 January 1944g.

Pushkin 1944 / 2013. Fight for the station Aleksandrovskaya.

Pushkin and Pavlovsk were liberated from the fascist occupation of January 24 1944.

Pushkin 1944 / 2013 The scouts at the Catherine Palace.

Pushkin 1944 / 2013 Soviet infantry bursts into the territory of the Catherine Palace.

Gatchina 1944 / 2013 Soviet artillery at the Gatchina Palace.
Gatchina released 26 January 1944 of the year.

Leningrad 1944 / St. Petersburg 2013. A column of prisoners of the Nazis on Moskovsky Prospect.
Leningrad is completely freed from the blockade of January 27 1944.
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  1. 311ove
    311ove 30 January 2014 09: 02
    Photos directly impressed, talentedly made hi , and the last with Raiffeisen, made me think .... soldier
  2. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 30 January 2014 09: 41
    Thanks to the author, you need more of these photos, and make posters near them! great impression!
  3. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 30 January 2014 10: 16
    Impressive! Sorry for the little photo ..
  4. avt
    avt 30 January 2014 11: 37
    good Strongly! Great photo series. so history books in the Patriotic War of 1941-1945 should be drawn up.
  5. speron
    speron 30 January 2014 13: 04
    Work, take the soul. I remember there were similar ones in Volgograd-Stalingrad. And the official scum on Victory Day hangs a photo with the Americans ....
  6. Sanamana
    Sanamana 30 January 2014 18: 08
    Looking at such photos you understand that the war was not so long ago. In today's school, history classes would have to take apart such photos as a class.
  7. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 30 January 2014 23: 19
    It’s a very interesting idea, and rightly so, it will be more clear for children what war is, especially for those who live in those parts.
    We worked as a locksmith, a war veteran, unfortunately, had already forgotten his name. So he was in besieged Leningrad, still a kid of 18 years old. He was lucky, he didn’t even get wounded in battles. So he told me how, on some river, it seems near the city of Oranienbaum (you tell me), like spring, the Germans seized the western bank like winter, ours knocked the Germans out on the ice. The West Bank was covered with an impossible number of corpses, our corpses. In winter, there was nowhere to hide from bullets, they were hiding behind mountains of corpses, they recognized someone by sight, who was still there yesterday, and now defended their comrades-in-arms with their bodies ... The hunger was no less terrible than the bullets. There was simply nothing to eat. Several of his guys agreed, and in the 40-degree frost, having managed to ask the commander for time off, they found grub on the "road of life" and this is how: the Germans bombed, and, of course, some cars went under the ice. At the polynya, the driver sat, if he survived. His fate was clear - a penal battalion. The boys found this and agreed - we take the flour to the surface - and one bag is ours. Obviously, he gladly agreed. The boys took turns undressing and natling. They pulled it out, somehow warmed up, I don't understand myself, and dragged the flour to the front line, to the unit. The flour did not soak all of it, only a little that touched the bag. This is how the famine was saved. Here's a blockade story.
  8. RPD
    RPD 31 January 2014 00: 53
    such collages are incredible power
  9. Olegmog
    Olegmog 1 February 2014 16: 50
    Photos are good, such to school for history lessons.
    The guys are much more interesting.
  10. nemec55
    nemec55 3 February 2014 09: 56
    HUGE THANKS TO THE AUTHOR. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soldier