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Russia needs Russian foreign and global politics

Russia needs Russian foreign and global politicsMoscow once again “buckled” before the United States and the “world community” - a decree was signed on the entry of the Russian Federation into the sanctions regime against Libya.

In addition, Medvedev signed a document according to which the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his closest associates are now denied entry into the territory of the Russian Federation. This decree was signed by the President of March 14 in connection with the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1970 of February 26 of 2011.

But Gaddafi does what any reasonable leader of the country would do in his place - suppresses the military rebellion, the speech of the separatists who are leading the country to collapse. Moreover, he does it quite skillfully and without resorting to unnecessary violence. So, heavy weapons weren’t introduced into the battle - TanksMLRS; The Air Force does not sweep a bunch of rebels off the highway. His troops methodically and gradually squeeze out the rebels without destroying them, freeing the city outside the city.

Moscow did not have to trail in the “tail” of the Western world, but to pursue its policy — external and global. To recognize for Gaddafi the right to solve the internal problems of his country, to send, like many other powers, a couple of ships to attend. To continue the supply of weapons to Gaddafi, in such a situation, he would have bought, for example, air defense weapons. We have, in addition to contracts for armament, there are other interests - projects of the Russian Railways for the construction of the railway network, the interests of Lukoil. In addition, a few days ago, Gaddafi made a very good offer to Russia, the PRC and India to remove all Western companies from the Libyan market, letting in the companies of these 3 powers, so that we could get at least a third of considerable Libyan oil production, further squeezing the throat Europe in terms of their energy security.

Why are the interests of the United States, London and Paris in Moscow above the interests of Russia, Russian companies and the people as a whole, that “the hens do not peck at money” ?! Maybe it’s time for the president to admit that we are vassals of the West, then we need to dissolve the Foreign Ministry, why spend the money, but rather the Kremlin administration to retire from Russia.

The government of the Russian Federation should be engaged in expressing the Will of the Russian People outside our state, defending their interests, and not giving up positions developed by centuries.

The Russian Federation had to put before the UN Security Council the issue of the inadmissibility of military intervention in the affairs of Libya, having earned respect in the world for its position, to restore relations with Iran. To pursue a policy, in its own interests, and not in the interests of the mythical "world community", in the world respect only the strong, not the "sycophants".

In relation to statesmen in this situation, Stalin raised the following question - “Are you a fool or an enemy ?!”
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  1. atamura
    atamura 17 March 2011 07: 44
    I completely agree! How much you can lick your ass Pindos, a feeling that our president - a good copy of Gorbach - this is not good end! Well done Chinese, said they would continue to cooperate with Libya
  2. fantast
    fantast 17 March 2011 09: 45
    yes, the president of a great country bends and licks the ass amerikosy, boasts donated (or received as a bribe - depending on how you look at it) iPhone, and advertises tweeter. Although his predecessor, Gorbachev, also advertised pizza :-)
  3. adsf
    adsf 17 March 2011 11: 16
    Or a Fool or an enemy
  4. turnip
    turnip 17 March 2011 13: 13
    can I shoot at the medical center? Well, one by one, well, I want to, well, please.
  5. Michael
    Michael 17 March 2011 14: 47
    Again these political-chess games, BUT if you play according to the prompts, then (see the movie - Gentlemen of Fortune) .....
  6. dominion
    dominion 17 March 2011 15: 41
    Puten-bastard the most stupid brow moved to the presidency. Both under the ass to kick out of power.
  7. Artyom
    Artyom 17 March 2011 17: 11
    When they all die there. This medvaputstvo got.
  8. Sprut
    Sprut 17 March 2011 17: 22
    All our power - bribe takers and thieves, to watch and hear disgusting their decrees, which are aimed exclusively in their interests and to strip ordinary mortals. Unfortunately, none of them thinks about their country and the people living in it !!! His personal interests come first. I think the time will come and we will kick both the Yankees and the Britons. Well, you steal, but for people do something good, otherwise it will end badly someday ... Patience is not unlimited.
  9. Owl
    Owl 17 March 2011 21: 48
    Traitors and enemies rule the state
  10. East
    East 17 March 2011 23: 17
    On April 17, 2008, Russia wrote off Libya's debt of $ 4,5 billion in exchange for a multi-billion dollar contract for Russian companies ... That is, Gaddafi threw us without looking ... Or are we the last suckers in this world ??? And after that to defend such a Libyan "friend"? These are the medveputy who refused to help the Libyan scammer of my people !!! True traitors, because the cattle want to change the ruler who had money, but did not pay my Motherland ...