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Amnesty for non-tied: warm December on 2013

On the eve, the President submitted to the State Duma a bill on amnesty, which is going to coincide with the 20 anniversary of the Russian Constitution. This became known from the press service of the head of state. Beforehand, Vladimir Putin held consultations with Vladimir Lukin (Human Rights Ombudsman) and Mikhail Fedotov (head of the HRC).

Amnesty for non-tied: warm December on 2013

As a result, they came to an agreement that the amnesty should concern only those citizens who are convicted of, if I may say so, non-violent articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Mikhail Fedotov noted that those who committed crimes without entailing irreversible consequences could be amnestied. At the same time, the head of the Human Rights Council proposed this version of the situation in order to understand who can be amnestied:

If people had a fight and one eye was knocked out to another - these are serious bodily injuries, the new eye will not grow. And, of course, in this case, the amnesty should not be distributed. In the event that they put bruises to each other, yes, amnesty, it should be extended to such cases, because these bruises have long been healed.

In turn, the president noted that the amnesty will apply only to those convicts who have not committed serious crimes and did not use violence against law enforcement agencies (government officials).
Vladimir Putin on the upcoming amnesty:

She (amnesty) should emphasize the humanism of our state, but in no case should lead to relapse and not encourage new crimes, giving anyone the impression that it is possible to commit a crime, an offense today, and tomorrow to expect forgiveness from States and you can create anything.

The draft “jubilee-constitutional” amnesty gave the experts a reason to talk about completely different scales of amnesty. Some people are sure that in the near future no more than 10 of thousands of convicts may be amnestied, others are inclined to see completely different numbers - up to 100 of thousands of people. Such a range of opinions can be explained by the fact that it is still not completely clear how clearly the state humanism mentioned by the president will be underlined, and how many convicts will be considered as not committing serious crimes, including attacks on government officials.

The full version of the bill on amnesty, dedicated to the 20 anniversary of the Constitution, can be found, for example, on page Party, which is one of the initiators of the bill - the Liberal Democratic Party. Only in this case it is necessary to take into account that this bill was proposed as early as August of the current year, and since then, as they say, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Therefore, one should not expect that the amnesty will be held according to the version proposed by the liberal democrats, as they say, to every comma.

After discussing the possibility of an amnesty for persons who were not convicted under articles related to serious crimes, the version of who could soon be released was showered. In the first place, which, in principle, one could have expected, they started talking about a possible exit from the places of imprisonment of the main “beacons” of what has been called democracy. This, of course, "prisoners of the Marsh business" and representatives of the group Pussy Riot.

However, after some analytical calculations, the same gentlemen, who had already seen a string of “bogs” returning to their usual life, were forced to take their words back. The fact is that the president knowingly made a note that the amnesty will not affect those who have taken violent actions against the law enforcement agencies. Indeed, if you “scroll the tape” back, you can see that the main purpose of the speeches of the “swamp” protesters was precisely a provocation against the police officers. Many people remember the cases of pieces of asphalt flying in law enforcement officers, strikes with metal rods on the heads of policemen, who had previously been removed helmets, and everything like that. The protesters themselves willingly laid out their videos on the Web, hoping to get the ovations of the “democrats”. Applause from the main ideologues, sponsors of the protests and their supporters received, but along with them and the evidence base against themselves. The irony of fate, but it is these frames today that are the link that is unlikely to allow all, without exception, "Bolotnaya Prisoners" to be on this side of the grid.

But the vociferous (in all respects) girls from PR can more fully change the bunk to home beds. Under the amnesty, they seem to be suitable (well, if, of course, there are no personnel on which some Tolokonnikov bites the policeman by the finger during the arrest ...). And in this case, an interesting effect may manifest itself: thanks to the PR and compassionate sponsors of the "punk band", God forgive me, the girls will clearly become claim to the title of such new martyrs of the "regime". They are claiming him even now (they won over Oscar), but after the release of the amnesty, new trills will begin - about how they, “weak” and “vulnerable”, strengthened in their struggle with the authorities in “the dungeons of the regime ”, And are ready to make a new democratic torch. The hyperliberal approving hubbub will rise - do not go to the fortuneteller ... Weeks of two or three violent orgasms of the “democratic” editions are provided ... What's next? Well, then either new sponsorship projects in the same style, or an accident ... And the chances of 50 on 50.

Such a figure as Mikhail Khodorkovsky can be included in the amnesty. In 2005, Khodorkovsky was convicted of fraud and other economic crimes. In the so-called “second Khodorkovsky case”, the ex-head of Yukos and his associate Platon Lebedev were convicted in 2010 of the year under articles 160 and 174 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Assignment and waste” and “Legalization (laundering)” acquired by other persons in a criminal way ", respectively). It is interesting here that after all appeals and appeals, the term of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev was reduced, and even if there is no amnesty for them (which is unlikely), both will be released next year (Lebedev - in May, Khodorkovsky - in August).

However, a possible amnesty for Khodorkovsky, Lebedev, PR, or “bogs” is, of course, interesting, but the situation with state and near-state embezzlers looks like a lot more interesting - corrupt officials, which cause special resonance, which is called here and now. First of all, this is the case of Oboronservis. Obviously, Dmitry Mityaev, the acting director of the Mira company, who was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison last summer, will be released. Much more vague is the case with other defendants. Theoretically, the amnesty could fall, for example, Sergey Khursevich - the former head of Oboronservis. But the snag is that Khursevich was not convicted. A criminal case was initiated against him, but there was no final court decision on this case. The updated draft of the amnesty states that a person can be released from criminal prosecution if he admits his guilt. Khurssevich does not admit his guilt, but, as in an interview with Interfax, a certain law enforcement source informs, the former head of Oboronservis has already been informed that he can go free if he admits guilt. Now everything depends on Hursevich himself.

It turns out that for exactly the same reasons, such citizens as, for example, Anatoly Serdyukov and Yevgeny Vasilyeva, may also get amnesty. Another question is: do they need it? .. Then, too, they will have to admit their guilt, and this is a precedent, as they say, “a stain for the rest of my life.” It can be assumed that these subjects will not recognize their guilt exactly, but will wait for the court to fully justify it. And after all, there is an opinion that they can wait ... And, considering what article the same Serdyukov is accused of today, and the fact that, according to some information, they are not going to change the article about negligence to a more rigid one in his regard, ex-minister blame and not at all. The case with the construction of the road to “Zhitniy” is a long-standing one, and the deadline has already expired - in general, time heals without any amnesty ...
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  1. saag
    saag 6 December 2013 08: 01
    We will look, especially towards Serdyukov and Vasilyeva, if this happens it will be very significant
    1. makarov
      makarov 6 December 2013 08: 06
      Duck probably under them wretched and done.

      To my angelic power
      two pure angel wings;
      but if grandmother had fuy,
      she would be a grandfather.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 6 December 2013 08: 58
        Quote: makarov
        Duck probably under them wretched and done.

        Oh Russia, vote do not vote ....
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 6 December 2013 22: 27
      Quote: saag
      We will look, especially towards Serdyukov and Vasilyeva, if this happens it will be very significant

      Vasilieva’s article will be decent, but Serdyuk just fits into this amnesty.
  2. Starshina wmf
    Starshina wmf 6 December 2013 08: 20
    Especially for stools and his women did.
  3. JonnyT
    JonnyT 6 December 2013 08: 46
    Well now .......... a stool and his woman bought an amnesty for stolen goods
  4. saag
    saag 6 December 2013 08: 48
    if you consider that those who do not share badly end up, yes
    1. Airman
      Airman 6 December 2013 09: 17
      Quote: saag
      if you consider that those who do not share badly end up, yes

      These two shared well, and therefore the "otmazchik" is still behind them, otherwise they would have been in prison for a long time. And this is their "suspended" state, a signal to others, I want - I will punish, I want - I will have mercy.
  5. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 6 December 2013 09: 15
    "Vanguyu": stooltkin will be convicted of negligence and immediately amnestied.
    Figs with him with this thief, I do not understand why there is such a practice as the amnesty of convicts. Let's admit it humanely to the offender and possibly contributes to their correction (I doubt that this is possible), but what is humane for the offender inevitably discriminates against the victim. It seems to me that it is possible to amnesty not just "not grave" ones, but those for whom the victim will also vouch.
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 6 December 2013 10: 18
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      "Vanguyu": stooltkin will be convicted of negligence and immediately amnestied.

      Unlike Mr. Volodin ( hi ) "Vesti" agree with you:
      “But those convicted and undergoing part 1 of Article 293 (“ Negligence ”) will be amnestied. In particular, Anatoly Serdyukov, who became a suspect in the case of abuse of funds by the Ministry of Defense during the construction of the Zhitnoye recreation center. The investigation estimates the damage from these actions at 56 million rubles. The opportunity to retrain the amnesty case remains with Evgenia Vasilyeva, the defendant in the Oboronservis case. The investigators estimate the total amount of damage caused to the state in this case at four billion rubles. " Source:

      And I agree with the idea of ​​"amnesty" -
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      and those for whom he will also vouch
      , though ANYONE. Who can I ask after ...
  6. saag
    saag 6 December 2013 09: 20
    Quote: Фкенщь13
    Taburetkina will be convicted of negligence and amnestied immediately.

    Well, it just begs, even if they condemn, then according to parole in the first year, more precisely after it
  7. Sasha Major
    Sasha Major 6 December 2013 09: 28
    this hour is likely to be convicted demonstratively, it hurts a lot of people to worry. After a month they will release it in a quiet one and they will become respectable citizens !!!)))
  8. Civil
    Civil 6 December 2013 09: 47
    No one will release Hodor :-)
  9. dmb
    dmb 6 December 2013 11: 07
    I remember an old anecdote, when a corn man fell on a chicken coop in Zhmerinka, but the pilot still survived: "Yaka is a country, and there are terrorist attacks." For whom this Constitution was written, that is amnesty. It’s just in vain that the author believes that “spots on the biography” will not allow the amnestied to take a proper position in society. We have the Head of the subject and the deputies from him, active members of gangs in the past, and nothing. You can remember another governor in the Far East, and only mayors-members of organized crime groups, like uncut dogs. So we have a country of equal opportunities, and I would not be surprised if in the near future the next anti-corruption agency is headed by effective managers Seryukov and Vasilyeva.
  10. sashka
    sashka 6 December 2013 11: 08
    I didn't expect anything else. Everything under Serdyukov and Co. "pulls up"
  11. saag
    saag 6 December 2013 11: 14
    Quote: Sasha Major
    most likely they will convict significantly, it hurts a lot of people to worry. After a month they will release them into a quiet one and they will become respectable citizens !!!)))

    "To freedom with a clear conscience", Fedya Bondarchuk will shoot a remake of "Start to Life" :-)
  12. Vladimir65
    Vladimir65 6 December 2013 12: 26
    This amnesty is harmful in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Constitution. The constitution is not so hot anyway, and given the amnesty it is not clear who and for what merits it will lose even more. We have without any amnesty a large number of people evade responsibility in a criminal state. So will we celebrate Amnesty Day or Constitution Day?
  13. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 6 December 2013 12: 35
    If the amnesty touches all these "Pusek", "swamp", defendants of "Oboronservis", Khodorkovsky and others convicted in "high-profile" cases, then it will be THEIR VICTORY, the triumph of the libesral, thieves' trash, which will again raise a wave of libesral indignation and vilification of the Russian authorities! To avoid this, the law on amnesty for this and subsequent ones should stipulate the impossibility of amnesty for such "loud", significant crimes that have agitated the public!
  14. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 6 December 2013 20: 20
    Now Vasiliev, Taburetkina and Co. will be let down under the amnesty.
  15. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 6 December 2013 20: 22
    which will again raise a wave of libless indignation and vilification of the Russian government!
    yes the power itself is smeared, however. "Skolkovo innovators", "stool-gate", etc.
  16. mountain
    mountain 6 December 2013 23: 00
    Yes, it is a pity that the stool will fall under ammisty, and maybe the Internet? One thing pleases that if it weren’t for him that our army would rot, and aunt Shaigu steers. Maybe this is the case. true.
  17. alone
    alone 7 December 2013 00: 45
    stole a thief-recidivist on a bottle, not subject to amnesty!
    stole a billion from the treasury-negligence, you can’t sit, an amnesty is just around the corner!
    1. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
      R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 7 December 2013 07: 09
      He stole a bottle. It’s hard for a man, he’s stolen. And it’s not hard to pull billions. This is the reason for you. request
  18. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 7 December 2013 07: 49
    The spot for the rest of my life is so-so for a stool and others like him. Shame doesn’t eat eye smoke. Well, in the extreme it will say that it is camouflage. But if you take away everything that it was picked up, it will be more terrible and sensitive. And planting is not even necessary.
  19. washi
    washi 7 December 2013 10: 55
    In addition to pleading guilty, damages are also required.
    How many are Serdyukov and Khodorkovsky counted there?