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Japan before and after the tragedy

In Japan, the final death toll and victims of the earthquake and tsunami has not yet been established. The authorities continue to calculate the damage. Meanwhile, new satellite photos of localities are appearing on the Internet, where you can clearly see how they looked from space before and after the impact of the elements. The mountains of building wreckage, earth, and clay, which were caused by a tidal wave, are striking.

Most of the coastal areas hit by a tsunami has turned into a swamp. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that this is a mixture of semi-heated cars and what used to be residential buildings. Everywhere in the disaster zone, people are looking for the missing, although it is a miracle to survive the disaster.

According to official data, now the list of victims of the earthquake and tsunami - 1217 people, a thousand more are missing. Unfortunately, these numbers will grow - search and rescue operations are underway in the affected regions. As stated last Sunday, the head of the police of Miyagi Prefecture, the death toll there could reach ten thousand. The city of Sendai, the administrative center of the region, suffered the most, and about a million people lived in it. There, water washed away a residential area and an international airport. Giant tsunami waves also caused serious damage in Iwate, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba and Fukushima prefectures, where the wave swept five kilometers into the coast.

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  1. Filin
    Filin 14 March 2011 14: 52
    A terrible tragedy, condolences ...
    But in the long run this gives us a big plus ..
    Now, the thoughts and efforts of the Japanese will be aimed at solving internal problems, not external ones .. That will give (hopefully) 3-5 years for us to rearm the units in the Far East ..
  2. dominion
    dominion 14 March 2011 16: 40
    Yes, there are definitely two or three years; now it is necessary to strengthen the bridgeheads in the Kuril Islands as much as possible.
  3. Sirius
    Sirius 14 March 2011 19: 38
    Of course, one must take advantage of the pause in the militarization of Japan. But this tragedy will unite the Japanese as a nation. And in two or three years they will be psychologically stronger than before the earthquake.
  4. His
    His 14 March 2011 20: 22
    The Japanese are a strong people in general. I think that they will survive. The nation will unite even more. Our Christian help is correct. And how the samurai will react to it, time will tell.
  5. unit669
    unit669 15 March 2011 16: 24
    I sympathize with the people of Japan. No matter how difficult our relations with them are in politics, we should help them. Although gas, coal and lifeguards. The people are hardworking and brave these Japanese. And they deserve a better share.
  6. Vova
    Vova April 9 2011 16: 23
    wassat I hope It's gonna be allright!!
  7. beech
    beech 5 February 2012 15: 07
    we must use this pause !!! but it seems to me that the Japanese will only yap, but they won’t get involved in the war, because we have nuclear weapons !!!
  8. ArTeM90
    ArTeM90 24 January 2013 13: 03
    This is so ...