Military Review

Secrets of forgotten victories. The tragedy of the Russian miracle


In 1963, the design bureau of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi began designing a unique aircraft under the secret code "100". Chief Designer "weave", as it was called the developers, was appointed an outstanding aircraft designer Naum Semenovich Chernyakov.
After 6 years, "weaving" was ready for flight tests. It was a truly fantastic machine - cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. Abroad, "weave" was called "Russian miracle" and the plane of the twenty-first century. And today in the third millennium there is no aircraft with similar characteristics in the world. Unfortunately, after 10 successful flights, this project was closed.


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  1. MaxArt
    MaxArt April 21 2011 22: 44
    The undercover struggle did its job, and Tupolev simply crushed the "hundred" ... alas, this car was really a miracle ...
  2. deoman
    deoman 5 June 2011 16: 44
    The sad face of this beautiful bird.
  3. Vrangel
    Vrangel 1 February 2012 17: 37
    Naum Semenovich Chernyakov - a body and talent, such a guy was brought to a heart attack in the beginning, then they were killed.