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Who broke euromaidan?

Euromaidan died, but no one noticed. A small party appeared in the center of Kiev, which in the evenings turns into a rave-party with warming of the frozen parts of the body near the barrels with crackling firewood from the supermarket. This invention of European and American homeless people was very useful to the participants of the pro-European movement. The Facebook generation is hanging out on a narrow patch between a giant Christmas tree being built and some kind of stall houses. Muffled up in the flags of Ukraine, periodically run in the subway to bask. There is much more activity on the Net than on Independence. Yes, even on the day of the Vilnius summit.

Thanks to the Tajik from the UE, as well as to all the "protestors" who, in their cozy hostages, crap all the politicians and decided to become special. Departization of Maidan led to the appearance of a kind of real chat on the square. Ninety percent of the time goes into debating about who can perform on stage and who can't. They sent away Yuriy Lutsenko and Vitali Klitschko. The Fascists from Freedom were offended and left themselves. Now there is a lively discussion in the forums: “they pissed off the Maidan”, “they are all frozen there, they don’t know anything”, “superprints from the Kremlin work against the protesters, they came up with the idea of ​​translating the Maidan into a non-partisan format”.

Let us explain right away: no pros worked because of their complete absence. This is a myth designed to sweeten the bitter pill of defeat a bit. Euromaidan broke down for a number of absolutely objective reasons. Firstly, the three opposition clowns so convincingly portrayed a parody of an alternative to the authorities, which caused a natural feeling of complete rejection of the mainstream protesting mass. Their retarded faces and the same speeches, an overt desire to use social energy to promote their own election campaign have repelled any desire to stand in the cold for them.

Secondly, the strongest post-injury trauma. This refers to the 2004 events of the year with the harmonious transformation of maydanschikov into used condoms named after Viktor Yushchenko. The natural fear that ordinary crooks and adventurers, as always, take advantage of the “Euro-revolution” fruits, led to the collapse of the party Maidan in the European Square and the extinction of the “united” Euromaidan in the center of Kiev.

Third, Yulia Vladimirovna played a role, calling for a new generation to make way. It is quite clear that the victim of the totalitarian junta could not allow such a vigorous process to take place without her. The same is necessary: ​​three idiots with might and main unwind on the European Square, and it means that it lies in the chamber itself and no one even pays attention to it!

Fourth, it was not without the coordinator of the distribution of American grants Oleg Rybachuk. For the third year in a row, he has been fruitfully developing up to ten million dollars annually to unwind the “network political marketing” scheme. The idea is as follows: traditional party structures have exhausted themselves. They all focus on the leader, are hierarchical, perform only two tasks: they lead incomprehensible people to the parliament and act as a support group for the presidential elections. Then the deputies outbid, presidential candidates enter into separate agreements, in general, behave like ordinary political shit. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a civil society that will generate new leaders of public, more precisely, network opinion. Then the totalitarian junta will face universal resistance and it will no longer be possible to squeeze Oleg Borisovich in a dark corner and break it over a bald, brightly shiny skull. For the role of network opinion leaders, Borisovich charged slaves from the Pritula stable, who, strictly speaking, brought this plan to life at the stage of euromaidan.

The traditional scheme of the "orange uprising" lasted no more than five days. The key points of this technology are the establishment of tents and the constant expectation of dispersal of Maidan by security forces. All the PR support of the party headquarters was directed precisely to this. They will find provocateurs, they will tear the SBU’s car, then they will start throwing smoke bombs. And party leaders at this time are in the midst of the people, beautiful photos and beautiful sketches are made on the theme “Arseny, like a lion, fighting“ Berkut ”. Someone is detained, someone breaks hands and a finger, someone runs with a broken head. All the new masses of people excited by such injustice, pull up in the center of the square. Galicia supplies cheap and ideologically correct Raguli, willing to spend the whole winter in the center of Kiev for a small fee. In the doorways are hundreds of buses with Russian special forces. Everyone is excited. Here ran Snitsarchuk with a concubine. She is looking for a place of concentration of "titushki" to engage with them in a decisive and uncompromising battle to the last gum of underwear. And Sodel’s cohabitant carefully documents and removes all this. Familiar picture? This is how events developed. But then something went wrong. Rybachuk’s plan worked, and a whole series of speakers began to push through the idea of ​​de-party, a new force, pure politics. Vladimir Ilyich called such thoughts "intellectual shit", "opportunism" and for some reason "Young Hegelianism." And he proved that with a small handful of sailors you can make a very big show.

Opposition leaders did not expect that bydlomass, which until recently had meekly followed their activists, periodically expressing enthusiasm for powerful opposition leaders, would send them away. At the same time, the authorities did not even do anything to develop the idea of ​​departization. With me, one consultant was looking for a figure who would voice the idea of ​​holding a Maidan without flags. But then it turned out that the process was in full swing. Inflexible Colonel Anatoly Gritsenko ominously drove all the oppo-trash from the Maidan. Then he came to the square and was horrified: the fighters are unshaven, the perimeter is not guarded, there is no guard on the nightstand, no one agrees with the cops. He quickly organized everything, he was sent, and that was it.

Let me remind you that on November 27, in accordance with the “resolution of the insurgent people”, an extraordinary session of the Rada was to take place, during which, under the enthusiastic roar of the crowd, the deputies were obliged to vote either impeachment or European package. Not one bitch yesterday even talked about it. There was only a touching presentation in front of the AP: a thousand of students taxied with a cloth on which there were signatures for European integration. Everything was painted with flowers and some badges. The column chastely stopped in front of the police cordon and conveyed this message to Fedorovich. They would give teddy bears.

"Euro-revolution" has been reduced to a conflict between students and the leadership of universities about whether to go or not to go to the uprising. Closer to the session, anxious parents will arrive and set brains on their revolutionary children who are too expensive for them.
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  1. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 November 2013 05: 58 New
    How these Maidans "gather", I know not by hearsay - swindlers of all stripes are resting! Activists and "partaigenosse" participate in the Maidan, only for the time they are on the platform and the distribution of thirty pieces of silver. At the same time, the main activity is reduced to continuous consultations, the implementation of instructions from advisers and consultants, whose faces say under whose flag and in what "office they serve".
    1. Orel
      Orel 29 November 2013 06: 12 New
      Who broke euromaidan?

      You can't break something that didn't really exist ... The money ran out, the Maidan ended, and most of the Euromaidanuts finally returned to the desks of educational institutions, but the unemployed go to the labor exchange or look for ads again: "activists are needed, pay is piecework" ...
      1. bomg.77
        bomg.77 29 November 2013 06: 16 New
        Quote: Orel
        You can’t break something that especially didn’t exist ..
        Lies cannot last long!
        1. Orel
          Orel 29 November 2013 06: 17 New
          Lies cannot last long!

          It’s only a pity that this does not apply to the USA ...
          1. bomg.77
            bomg.77 29 November 2013 06: 29 New
            Quote: Orel
            It’s only a pity that this does not apply to the USA ...
            Yes, and let them live in a lie ... only they do not climb to us.
          2. alone
            alone 29 November 2013 17: 28 New
            Quote: Orel
            It’s only a pity that this does not apply to the USA ...

            You say so, as if, apart from America, everyone lives in truth. Just open your eyes and look around. In the entire post-Soviet space, the whole society is under a hood of lies. It’s enough to watch TV channels.
            1. alone
              alone 29 November 2013 23: 18 New
              judging by the minus, it turns out we all live in countries where the absolute everything is arranged on the truth wassat and the media, AI TV broadcast one truth and nothing but the truth.

              P.S. The truth was not even published in the Pravda newspaper. laughing
          3. RDS-1
            RDS-1 6 December 2013 16: 02 New
            Big lies last longer, but fall louder than that closet.
      2. Orik
        Orik 29 November 2013 09: 35 New
        Quote: Orel
        The money ran out, the Maidan ended, and most of the Euro-Maidan people finally returned for school desks, but the unemployed on the labor exchange ...

        You should not look so one-sidedly. Indeed, the article clearly states that the majority on the Maidan sent everyone. Our capitalism is not sweet, but given the specifics of Ukraine and they are even worse. We cannot show them an example, we have the same capitalist scumbags, corruption, clans, they just have it worse.
      3. avt
        avt 29 November 2013 10: 30 New
        Quote: Orel
        . Money is over, Maidan is over,

        Yes, your truth. This time they decided to save on Maydanutyh. The nickname was publicized by writing his speeches in the Aglitz language against the backdrop of the masses of madanut and is good.
    2. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 29 November 2013 07: 07 New
      Quote: VadimSt
      crooks of all stripes have a rest!

      Just the same they work tirelessly ..... language!
    3. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 29 November 2013 07: 39 New
      I hope that the time machine in Ukraine has turned off and it will go ahead, get out of the damned "90s"!
      And maydanschiki-LET SIT!
      Their families will have a day off.
      "That do not boast, godfather, my pri. Lesson on the Maidan, she will not freeze, she might at least be imprisoned ..."
    4. mirag2
      mirag2 29 November 2013 07: 43 New
      But this is clearly a repetition of the past, with the Gorbachev-Yeltsin reforms that lead to the abyss ...
    5. mirag2
      mirag2 29 November 2013 07: 47 New
      Europeans are cunning and now, when they have problems in the economy, they see a way to solve them in the robbery of Ukraine.
    6. mirag2
      mirag2 29 November 2013 09: 54 New
      Yes, everything is like the White House in Moscow in 91g.
      I was there, of which of course I repented, and already in 92 I repented,
      All one to one, top to top.
      psBut I can’t forgive myself for this anyway, so goof ...
      one or more than one comforts me then I went down, and talking about it is as difficult and shameful for me as probably a hidden fagot to admit to his orientation. fool crying
  2. vadson
    vadson 29 November 2013 06: 06 New
    as they say - you need to drink for it (EuroMaidan), but we do not mind! (Topvar readers) :)
    1. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 29 November 2013 07: 44 New
      By itself!
      We - for health, Maidan - for peace!
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 29 November 2013 08: 11 New
        In Russian - a still life, even for health, even for peace!
      2. Vasyan1971
        Vasyan1971 30 November 2013 12: 56 New
        And where is the fat ?!
  3. siberko
    siberko 29 November 2013 06: 06 New
    so it was clear that these revolutionaries would not succeed ... in general, this Caudle of "Eurolezoblyuds" who chuck at their state and people ... just to warm up themselves, so that Yulenka can starve until scurvy starts and the scythe falls off .. ...
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 29 November 2013 06: 15 New
    The people of UKRAINE laughed heartily and became wiser, and ALREADY NOT BEEN ABOUT THE CHEAP POPULISTIAN ORGANIC SLOGAN.
  5. makarov
    makarov 29 November 2013 06: 17 New
    I have a friend, and he is already 90 years old, in the family circle we call him Sergeevich. As a youngster, he was taken to Germany for forced labor, tried to escape, was caught and sentenced to imprisonment in a concentration camp. I got to Mathausen, where, by the way, there was General Karbyshev. Sergeevich survived, released the Americans, immediately despite the persuasion to stay, he moved "home." In the Soviet zone, their group was given one certificate for the entire group and they went. Sergeevich did not go far, after about 200 kilometers they stumbled upon a detachment, and he was asked, "Why are you a year old?", In a concentration camp he turned 18, and he was exhausted by torture and medical experience, suffering from dystrophy, was drafted into the Army and sent to the Far East ... Five years later he returned home, and all his life he was periodically reminded that he "worked for the Germans." Sergeevich has 65 years of experience. At the elections in 2004. Sergeevich told me: - You cannot vote for the "orange plague", you need to vote for the Party of Regions! To my words that they are bandits, a convincing answer sounded: - Bandits! But these are OUR bandits !. At the 2010 elections, Sergeevich argued that he had been fed up with false promises from the Party of thieves and bandits who robbed the country and people, and that he needed to vote for the communists. Now Sergeevich says in confusion: - But the communists are not the same, they "sang" with the party of thieves and bandits and together rob the country, And who to vote for now ??? ... but it doesn't matter, I’m probably going to die soon.
    1. Orel
      Orel 29 November 2013 07: 11 New
      And for whom now to vote ??? ... but by the way it doesn’t matter, I probably will die soon.

      This is very sad ... But we have such a harsh reality ...
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 29 November 2013 07: 42 New
      Yes, the situation is terrible - throw it everywhere, a wedge is everywhere.
      But you still have to do something, don’t give up? First and foremost, you can’t join the EU, all that remains is to sell and run away, the country will fall apart and become a colony with human resources, like Bulgaria.
      Nevertheless, it is necessary to disown the EU, and then act somehow in the elections.
      Young people should catch up, but not the Nazis (because they will give everything to plunder Poland and Lithuania), the Easterners, who see Ukraine as independent from foreign robbers.
      All the same, their robbers are better than strangers. Probably.
      Although, in fact, stating in kind is very difficult ....
      1. tungus
        tungus 29 November 2013 09: 34 New
        Quote: mirag2
        All the same, their robbers are better than strangers. Probably.

        What's better? They will rob and merge the loot of a stranger for nothing.
        This is what surprises me in Ukraine: everything is there, and the government and the so-called opposition are engaged in one-sharing of the remaining resources. With complete disregard for the future of the country. One gets the feeling that there is no future. The goal is to grab as much as possible here and now, and then the grass does not grow.
        This cannot be done by people who connect their lives with Ukraine. Only temporary workers do this, realizing that there is little time and will soon need to tick, and therefore everything needs to be sold quickly now.
        We had it in the nineties, but we still had people who didn’t let everything drain completely. Now they are also stealing from us, and a lot, but still a large part of the ruling elite still connects their future with Russia, but because it does it for the country. Through the ass-but does.
        But in Ukraine, no. There are no statists, only hucksters. I do not understand why? Is that a mentality? So the people then live the same Russian ... Or just a piece torn off from the whole can never become a whole and just slowly decays?
        Apparently, all the same, Russia can exist only as an empire-a single and indivisible. Divided into parts, she will not survive. It will decompose and die out. Ukraine, a separate part of the Russian Empire, is a good example.
    3. 10kAzAk01
      10kAzAk01 29 November 2013 09: 25 New
      And for whom now to vote ??? ... but by the way it doesn’t matter, I probably will die soon.

      It is regrettable what will remain for the next generations .........
    4. DimychDV
      DimychDV 29 November 2013 09: 35 New
      An example reminiscent of the fate of your Sergeyich took place with the son of the famous traveler V.K. Arsenyev: in 1919 he was drafted by the Kolchak forces in Khabarovsk to the White Army, he served in Ussuriysk, in the 20th, his artillery regiment became part of the NRA of the Far East Buffer, in April, the Japanese staged a coup, executed S. Lazo, Sibirtsev and others there, and Will Arsenyev in Ussuriysk was taken out for execution three times with some activists (he stuttered for the rest of his life). The Chekists did not forgive him for this appeal: from the 3rd year they were expelled from the university, in the 39th they sent the foreman-forester from Primorye to Siberia. During the war, he was commissioned for health, but went to the front as a volunteer, was an officer in anti-tank artillery, and in the 44th he was written off to the rear for a serious wound. But the front did not help him either; he was once again exiled - to Altai. Children in the war survived only through the labors of his mother - the first wife of V.K. Arsenyev. And only in the 58th year, as a result of the posthumous efforts of Fadeev, they brought home a hundred thousand at night (!) - fees for his father’s books, said that a mistake had been made. V.V. Arsenyev did not stay in exile for a day, he left for Nakhodka. A house was built here, from here he went to the shooting of the film Dersu Uzala, his mother and wife are buried here. True, after his wife’s funeral, he went to Siberia, spent the rest of his days with his beloved woman. Of the three children, one - Yuri - went to the Donbass and there his tracks were lost. A year ago, one of his youngest sons, Igor, died at 74, and Vadim Vladimirovich is still alive. In 2006, he received a certificate from the FSB that ARSENIEVS BEFORE THE HOMELAND ARE MORE GUILTED.
      Arsenyev Vladimir Klavdievich was "lucky" to die in 1930 - otherwise, after the assassination of Kirov or in 37, he would have been simply spanked as a former Tsarist intelligence officer of the General Staff. In 1938, his second wife, the daughter of the tsarist general Solovyov, who supervised the construction of the Vladivostok fortress, was shot. And their daughter was planted. She managed to transfer her father's personal archive to the Society for the Study of the Amur Region. She wandered around the camps, died in 1970. Today, scientists have only reached the Arsenyevsky archive. The Udege in his working dictionaries find words long forgotten by them. If it were not for the class struggle, the world glory of the Russian Livingston would have awaited him.
      But with all this, the Arsenyevs did not leave either to America or to Germany (and they called many times). Here is their homeland, here is their heart.
  6. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 29 November 2013 06: 19 New
    Indeed, what is happening in Ukraine? Either at a run in the EU, or with their "backs" on them. I do not know why, but I really do not want to see Ukraine in the EU, and not because life in Ukraine will become worse (no one knows this yet or not). Yesterday I watched the news about Ukraine and involuntarily the idea of ​​dividing Ukraine came to mind. Really close up the square.
    1. alexng
      alexng 29 November 2013 08: 04 New
      It may sound blasphemous, but it would be better if the western part of Ukraine separated and went into a geyropa itself, and all this chatter would cease immediately and everyone would breathe a sigh of relief. Already tired of watching this theater of the absurd at the most I do not want. IHMO.
    2. PPL
      PPL 29 November 2013 08: 18 New
      The idea is not bad, especially since there are precedents.
      In 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Each country began to develop in its own way (although both are moving in the same direction). A small Slovak minority lives in the Czech Republic; in Slovakia, a small Hungarian minority. Both the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia are part of both the EU and NATO.
  7. KOH
    KOH 29 November 2013 06: 20 New
    About moronic faces, the full truth ... the face of an aunt from Latvia is just what it costs ...)))) laughing
    1. AlexxxNik
      AlexxxNik 29 November 2013 07: 53 New
      Quote: CON
      aunty's face from Latvia

      it seems to me alone? this is Madeleine Albright's sister, if not herself
  8. siberko
    siberko 29 November 2013 06: 21 New
    Quote: sasha.28blaga
    Really close up an independent.
    everything goes to this, Ukraine is two states in one
    MIKHAN 29 November 2013 06: 22 New
    Maidowns ran out of breath .. Here and okay! It's time to restore the country ..
  10. Bigriver
    Bigriver 29 November 2013 06: 22 New
    We will "select" Ukraine.
  11. Revolver
    Revolver 29 November 2013 06: 31 New
    The weather failed, otherwise their sextremists from FEMEN would have warmed up. But it’s clear from such a cold that you won’t shake your naked tits for a long time. wassat
  12. rerbi
    rerbi 29 November 2013 06: 38 New
    "Arseny, like a lion" amused ... as they say - a herd of rams under the control of a lion should be more afraid than a flock of lions led by rams ... this also applies to our regime fighters ... wink
    1. makarov
      makarov 29 November 2013 09: 32 New
      SW Yuri.
      Without a bluff, but that avatar under your nickname in Japan has a slightly different meaning, with such a gesture public women invoke customers. What if Japanese workers enter the site (?), And what do they think ??
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 30 November 2013 01: 34 New
        Quote: makarov
        that avatar that is under your nickname
        True, it is better to use the middle finger - it is international. Or are there places where it means something completely different? wassat
  13. siberko
    siberko 29 November 2013 06: 38 New
    it is difficult to imagine what kind of pressure Yanukovych is subjected to from all sides, if he is still a patriot and not a "corrupt skin", he must do everything to unite Ukraine and Russia, because how many relatives do Russians have in Ukraine and Ukrainians have in Russia, and what is this West ( endangered countries, gays and lesbians, and all this scum climbs into Ukraine), Ukraine for them is a raw material appendage, you think they think about Ukrainians, - NO! Only Russia thinks about Ukrainians, because only in Russia almost every family has relatives from Ukraine
  14. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 29 November 2013 07: 19 New
    If I interspersed some epithets in the commentary, which is in the article, then I would be moderated. And here you are.
    But in fact ... yesterday, on "Russia 24-live", there was a report about the essence of the Maydauns, how Maydauns are recruited for a specific loot. No politics, just "business", which is politics in its current form.
    As the brother said in the movie "Brother2": "Here" ...
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 29 November 2013 07: 55 New
      What I said ... moderated by removing the word u_ody from the phrase brother from the Movie "Brother2" that I wanted to cite.
      And in the article, there’s not such a thing ...
  15. Horst78
    Horst78 29 November 2013 08: 08 New
    The text made fun, but the essence upset. When will politics become honest? (so, dreaming)
  16. Lyapis
    Lyapis 29 November 2013 08: 13 New
    Thank you to the Tajik from UP, as well as to all the protivsikham

    Comrades, please explain the meaning of this quote. Is this some kind of Ukrainian meme, what does it mean?
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 29 November 2013 08: 19 New
      Yes, by God, laughter through tears: a Tajik from "UP", "protivsikha".
      Honestly, the article is written in a very vivid and emotionally actual literary masterpiece.
    2. PPL
      PPL 29 November 2013 08: 29 New
      Comrades, please explain the meaning of this quote.

      UE is the Ukrainian Pravda online publication covering political events in Ukraine. Alena Pritula is a Ukrainian journalist, co-founder, editor-in-chief and owner.
      The late Gongadze (a Ukrainian journalist of Georgian descent, founder and first editor-in-chief of the online publication Ukrainian Truth) dreamed of making a sports section on the UP and cutting down big bucks on it. However, Alena realized that sport is not what suits her. It is much more useful and, most importantly, more profitable to write about boobs and transvestites. The main requirement: more pictures. Gradually, the tabloid style became the basis of the editorial policy of UP. As a result, the two main site aftors - Tajik and Long - began to specialize in these topics.
      1. Lyapis
        Lyapis 29 November 2013 09: 05 New
        Thank you for the clarification. hi
  17. Ulysses
    Ulysses 29 November 2013 08: 14 New
    The circus is not broken yet.
    The clowns just left for Vilnius to improve their professional skills.
    So the performance died down for a while.
  18. morpogr
    morpogr 29 November 2013 09: 01 New
    In Vilnius, the clowns went for a fee and a new batch of cash, otherwise the salary for the protesters was over.
  19. svp67
    svp67 29 November 2013 09: 30 New
    Euromaidan died, but no one noticed
    Yes, he did not die, but this whole "get-together" "moved" to Vilnius ... "to hang out" there. However, it is too expensive for ordinary citizens and even more so for students. And from this it becomes clear that SOMEONE rich is behind their backs ...
  20. Astronomer
    Astronomer 29 November 2013 09: 32 New
    I nihto tsei muydan not a llama ... Thank God! Few appeared muydanutikh Ukrainians. The dope didn’t get into the dowry.
  21. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 29 November 2013 11: 24 New
    Guys! Not everything is so bad that it becomes good. On the Maidan. Reference. Maidans united. Why? Moshny movement of youth. students for their future without any political forces and symbols. The opposition, sensing in them a real strength (not paid) and a goal, turned their banners and went over to them.
    The Maidan is not small, no matter how many would like to see a bunch of homeless people around a fire in a barrel. The many thousands of students marches have passed and are taking place throughout Ukraine. An allyud chain will be organized from Kiev to the border (nearest) with Slovakia. Buses from all cities with young people to the Maidan, the authorities in the face of corrupt garbage, intercept and under any pretext, do not let them through. But today is the Sabbath of the regionals. they are carrying a lot of paid full-time mandainers and, worst of all, militants "titushki" accompanied and guarded by the police. The authorities are planning a violent clash, as a dress rehearsal, before the elections in 2015. To imprison Yanukovych for a second term on the basis of power gangster concepts (which they will raise into law). Ukraine is rising not for the EU, but against the bandit lawlessness of the pakhanat, headed by Ham (he chased the twice unconvicted, three times not under investigation professor who seized the throne in a crappy way "fuck it, scam.") The EU will wait. will be too late. This cancer is devouring Ukraine. We will live until Monday. All the blame lies with the brainless, impudent politics and short-sightedness of Yanukovych’s government. (He’s not a politician. Urka is in the law. By inertia he lives, “but personally I’ll have ".) The main thing is to prevent bloodshed. Modern history shows. The defenders of democracy will immediately rush on earth, from heaven and sea, to restore order, peace and democratic values. And the struggle for peace will be such that there will be no stone unturned.
  22. Gronsky
    Gronsky 29 November 2013 12: 10 New
    Aunt from Lithuania, of course, showed unheard-of rudeness! The second official of a foreign state comes to Ukraine and participates in an anti-government rally. Come on, would be silent in a rag, so she also pushed the speech. Where is their "European" upbringing, mentality and respect for the laws of a sovereign state? Or is Ukraine not considered as such in their eyes?
    And where is the note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, followed by the expulsion of an aunt from Ukraine? Or does the level of professionalism of officials of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry not imply awareness in such matters?
    A striking example of the attitude of "Europeans" to Ukraine. For their laws (albeit pederastic).
    For strangers, there are no rules and moral restrictions, only the principle of their own expediency.
    And there Ukraine sought to join / associate. Better in shit, they say to the money.
  23. biglow
    biglow 29 November 2013 18: 15 New
    Yulia squeezed money for the revolution, and therefore she will continue to sit in the hospital until he is healed ...
  24. biglow
    biglow 29 November 2013 18: 15 New
    Yulia squeezed money for the revolution, and therefore she will continue to sit in the hospital until he is healed ...
  25. Cristall
    Cristall 30 November 2013 17: 08 New
    I routinely read that our (in Odessa) crowd was dispersed (in the story by almost artillery) and an army of 120 fighters only 24 people .. There will probably be a new joke on this subject. Regarding Kiev - I am sitting on Skype with a young Kiev resident (we are busy with 3D modeling) - I ask how he supported the Maidan. The answer is with warm tea at the computer. However, he is already a supporter of mutually beneficial cooperation with both parties without entry. Already good.
    2004 will not be. Thank you, well fed. Then I, too, was seduced, was young, stupid. Although there was no one to choose from, I succumbed to the general impulse that some were happy. Like to prevent the arrival of bandyukovich. But then what came ... still hiccups.
    Threat weather does not favor them. Kholodryga something abruptly came from the north lol
  26. Cristall
    Cristall 30 November 2013 17: 08 New
    I routinely read that our (in Odessa) crowd was dispersed (in the story by almost artillery) and an army of 120 fighters only 24 people .. There will probably be a new joke on this subject. Regarding Kiev - I am sitting on Skype with a young Kiev resident (we are busy with 3D modeling) - I ask how he supported the Maidan. The answer is with warm tea at the computer. However, he is already a supporter of mutually beneficial cooperation with both parties without entry. Already good.
    2004 will not be. Thank you, well fed. Then I, too, was seduced, was young, stupid. Although there was no one to choose from, I succumbed to the general impulse that some were happy. Like to prevent the arrival of bandyukovich. But then what came ... still hiccups.
  27. biglow
    biglow 30 November 2013 17: 14 New
    Last night, riot police from eastern Ukraine came off on Bendera in full, So easily and simply ended the Maidan ...
  28. biglow
    biglow 30 November 2013 17: 14 New
    Last night, riot police from eastern Ukraine came off on Bendera in full, So easily and simply ended the Maidan ...