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World War I: the war that everyone lost

Senseless and merciless - words about Russian rebellion. But these words still fit at least one event. it World War I, documentary details of the course of which can be found on the website of the First World War Journals. Here are collected unique publications that will tell about what our country lived during the terrible war.

Since Russia’s departure from the PRC, much has been done in our country, if not all, so that each succeeding generation knew less and less about the war. Soviet textbooks and tutorials on stories they persistently called that imperialist war, somewhat defining the very fact that ordinary Russian soldiers shed blood on it. After the collapse of the USSR, information about that war began to be filled with various publications, but it didn’t get much coverage of the heroic feats of the Russian army in the PRC.
Only in recent years - before the 100-anniversary of the beginning of the First World War - in our country began to pay more attention to its course, causes and consequences. Will help you find important documentary evidence of World War I. list of magazines 1914-1918's. on the site
The war is an imperialist war, a war for ambition, a war in which the monarchs did not particularly care about how many soldiers their army would lose tomorrow — 100 people or 10 thousand people. The total military losses in the war for more than 4, amounted to more than 9,9 million people. Russian and British soldiers, Turks and Bulgarians, Serbs and Italians, French and Americans perished. By 1917, not only European and Asian states, but also the countries of North and South America managed to enter the war. Cuba, Uruguay, Panama, Brazil, Nicaragua, Haiti and many other states took part in the war.
Not a lot of attention was paid to that war in our country also for the reason that Russia, being one of the main opponents of Germany, actually became the losing party along with Germany itself. In this connection, for the first time in history, the “main law of wars” of the new history, formulated in Europe, was violated. This law looked like this: in any major war, either Germany or Russia will be among the winners. As it turned out, there can be exceptions in any rule, and there was no Russian flag among the flags of the winning states in the PRC. The flag of Honduras, for example, was, and the flag of Russia was not. The reasons are well known to many: Russia’s withdrawal from the war after the revolution that turned the country around and made it go on completely different rails.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 26 November 2013 11: 02
    World War I: the war that everyone lost
    - I do not agree. The USA won it for sure, on all counts ...
  2. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 26 November 2013 12: 01
    Why all. It was won by the one who organized it, England. Two leading powers on the continent, Germany and Russia, were defeated.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. yehat
      yehat 25 December 2013 12: 10
      it’s not worth it to reduce everything to England.
      To a large extent, the French were also led to the First World War, part of the Russian aristocracy, the American government and, of course, Germany, or rather part of the idiots from Germany who did not understand that the world was much more useful. Even Japan had some influence on the events, as it indirectly influenced the alignment of forces.
  3. khmer
    khmer 26 November 2013 12: 14
    it’s hard to agree with what Britain won, no matter how much you read Starikov.
    The states, yes, won, but it’s unlikely that they planned so well until 1914,
    just managed to assess the situation on time, for which they are a definite plus.
    Russia, unfortunately, showed itself far from the best way, a little better,
    than in Japanese, but in general, from a purely military point of view, the results are miserable -
    the general traditional heroism of the soldiers, the victories of Yudenich and Brusilov (alas, purely tactical)
    and all? there’s nothing to be particularly proud of.
  4. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 26 November 2013 17: 00
    The arrogant Saxons won the war. Given the subversive role of British intelligence within Russia, they intended such a result - to eliminate their most powerful opponents, Russia and Germany. God forbid us to have such allies as England and the United States.
  5. Gato
    Gato 26 November 2013 19: 51
    It seems to me that 1MB and 2MB (and for Russia also civilian) are, by and large, the battles of one big World War, according to the results of which you can determine two winners who became superpowers in the late 40s.
    And they began to fight among themselves. But it was already another war.
  6. individual
    individual 26 November 2013 22: 20
    Russia the First World War was categorically not needed.
    They dragged Russia into the Anglo-Saxons and reaped dividends from it with success.
    Offended and humiliated Germany recouped on these dividends with an animal grin killed more than 54 million people in the world, 90 million were injured, 28 million of whom became disabled.
    For comparison, in the First World War, about 10 million people died directly from hostilities, about 20 million died due to the consequences of the war.
  7. nikkon09
    nikkon09 27 November 2013 00: 49
    And if you say so, they want to eliminate our country as a competitor then it turns out we lost the battle but we still haven't lost the war ... But the war continues ... gentlemen or comrades. A man with a capital letter is OUR and I believe that as a source of income that we will never accept their ideology, and the Anglo-Saxons, too, will not give up slavery. ETERNAL WAR ....