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The first flight of the Italian UAV P.1HH HammerHead

The first flight of the Italian UAV P.1HH HammerHead

UAV P.1HH Hammer Head

14 November 2013 of the Italian Air Force Base Trapani in Sicily made the first flight of an unmanned aircraft Piaggio P.1HH DEMO - a prototype demonstrator developed by the Italian company Piaggio Aero Industries UAV long duration of flight (MALE class) P.1HH HammerHead. As a platform for this UAV, the famous twin-engine turboprop P.180 Avanti II administrative aircraft manufactured by Piaggio is made according to the "duck" scheme with pushing screws. During the test flight P.1HH DEMO was controlled from the ground control station.

Administrative turboprop aircraft P.180 Avanti II

UAV Piaggio P.1HH HammerHead is created from 2011 year on a program supported by the Italian Air Force. In fact, the development of this system began after the United States in 2011 refused to supply Italy with weapons systems for the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper UAVs. In the summer of 2013, the Italian Air Force announced its intention to acquire the 10 UAV P.1HH HammerHead with their operational readiness in 2016-2017. Tests of a full-fledged prototype UAV P.1HH HammerHead should be started at the end of 2014.

The control system of the unmanned complex P.1HH HammerHead was developed by Selex ES (part of the Finmeccanica group). The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66B turboprop engines. Piaggio claims that the UAV will be capable of operating at an altitude of about 45 thousand feet and have a flight duration of up to 16 hours, while flying at a very low loitering speed of 135 knots. At the same time, the maximum speed reaches 395 knots, making it the fastest known MALE class UAV in the world. The device is capable of carrying a variety of target load, and in the future - and guided weapons weighing up to 500 kg. In fact, the P.1HH HammerHead, if this system is fine-tuned, is likely to become the first full-fledged MALE-class UAV developed in Europe.

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  1. Alikovo
    Alikovo 25 November 2013 07: 19
    in the west, the drones cult works.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 25 November 2013 21: 42
      Quote: Alikovo
      in the west, the drones cult works.

      Until our parents start paying $ 1 mil for the death of a soldier, it’s easier for a soldier to send death packs than to buy unmanned systems
  2. Edward72
    Edward72 25 November 2013 07: 22
    Let them build, if only our in this direction make up faster.
  3. TAIM
    TAIM 25 November 2013 07: 23
    already and pasta shock UAV. when we get something like that.
  4. makarov
    makarov 25 November 2013 07: 47
    Indeed, some kind of own, non-classical approach to the design solution, is somewhat abstraction
  5. saag
    saag 25 November 2013 08: 00
    Yes, they just took a ready-made proven platform and made an unmanned aerial vehicle, why not take the Yak-130 and make a UAV based on it, it’s a very good plane
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 25 November 2013 11: 25
      Dear much drone will be. Yak 130 and for uts it is a little expensive, but you want to make a UAV out of it.
  6. ZU-23
    ZU-23 25 November 2013 08: 35
    This is all the circle of the modeller constructor, we need hyper-rockets and hyperplanes.
  7. Archikah
    Archikah 25 November 2013 09: 18
    UAV - the future of aviation. Aircraft 6 generation 1/2 drone. And on the 7th, because nor what kind of person can stand, neither overloads, nor service time. It’s foolish to say something as a counterweight. And although Shoigu called for speeding up the creation of our systems as much as possible, but things are still there. And Mr. Poghosyan is only assimilating the funds and attaches his relatives from sunny Armenia to Sukhoi Corporation. May God grant him health.
    1. alone
      alone 25 November 2013 19: 25
      until they punish those who appropriated 5 billion, such as developing Russian blp and did nothing, it will be so!
    2. StolzSS
      StolzSS 25 November 2013 19: 25
      What are you talking about what overload ??? For maneuvers with overloads of more than 9, there are rockets. You need to understand the logic of air war. Reb and missile defense and missile defense displace aviation from the battlefield. A drone, by definition, must be deshovy in order to lose. UAVs are building pasta for naval patrolling and supporting their aircraft industry. We need drones for various more global things due to the somewhat larger Arctic water area requiring supervision.
      You first look through the textbooks at your leisure on the organization of air defense of a land theater and on the features of a sea theater in terms of air defense. Your views on drones will change radically, I guarantee you! hi