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Ministry of Defense restores ownership of objects sold under Anatolia Serdyukov


The Ministry of Defense is regaining real estate sold under the ex-minister of Anatoly Serdyukov. As it became known to “Kommersant”, last week OJSC “Main Directorate of Arrangement of Troops” (GUOV) received ownership of four objects that were previously under the jurisdiction of LLC “Theorem”. The company, founded by the head of the company Stroyimpuls and a personal friend of Mr. Serdyukov Sergey Amelin, acquired them in 2011-2012 through advances issued to a construction company for execution of orders of the Ministry of Defense.

The sale of military assets was discovered during the verification of the fulfillment of the terms of the existing contracts for the construction of GUOV facilities. In the course of the audit that began in March of this year, one of the initiators of which was the renewed board of directors of the company, it turned out that the GUOV had debts in the amount of 6,42 billion rubles, which was the result of the actions of Stroyimpuls. So, being one of the largest subcontractors (more than sixty contracts for the construction of more than a hundred objects of the Ministry of Defense were transferred to it), it provided loans to third parties for the purchase of real estate owned by Oboronservis. Note that similar conclusions were reached by the auditors of the Accounts Chamber, which carried out a comprehensive audit of the use of funds for the development of the infrastructure of the armed forces from 2011 of the year (see Kommersant from November 13).

The third person was Teorema LLC, founded by the owner of Stroyimpuls, Sergei Amelin, and Anatoly Serdyukov’s personal friend (he died of heart failure in January of this year). It should be noted that the main military investigative department of the TFR showed interest in the activities of the head of the company, considering him at least as a witness to the frauds with real estate in the structures of Oboronservis.

During the internal audit, it became clear that during the 2011-2012 years, the Theorem became the owner of four objects previously owned by the Ministry of Defense: these are building complexes in Moscow on Smolensky Boulevard, Bolshoi Predtechensky Lane, Kosygin Street, and a plot of land in the village near Moscow Arkhangelsk (see map). It should be noted that among them were the objects of the Obolonstroy subholding - the old building of the GUOV and the 31 State Design Institute for Special Construction (as reported by 29 in March to Kommersant, the shares of the latter have already been returned to the state at the request of the TFR). All these objects were acquired by “Theorem” for 2,7 billion rubles, which the company received as a loan from Stroyimpuls.

Since Mr. Amelin did not have a will, a trustee in the person of the former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Anna Markova, was appointed to manage his inheritance in January 2013. After the Ministry of Defense announced its intention to return the objects that had been sold out earlier, GUOV entered into an agreement with Stroyimpulse on the assignment of rights to claim loans. On account of previously issued "Stroyimpulsu" 2,7 billion rubles. GUOV acquired real estate "Theorems". According to "Kommersant", this deal was made on July 5, but GUOV had to seek its implementation through the court. Officially, the deal was closed last week. From this point on, the ownership of these objects was again transferred to the military department in the person of the only developer - GUOV. According to Kommersant, the assets received will be added to the company's business activities: their sale is not planned in the near future.

Total Stroyimpulsu was transferred advances in the amount of 17,2 billion rubles., Unrealized ones remained 10,2 billion rubles. To date, GUOV has made a return of advances worth more than 1,8 billion rubles from Stroyimpulse, and billion rubles on 1,5. The company has submitted acts of performance. “Interacting in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, we were able to solve the most problematic financial issues related to Stroyimpulz,” said new general director of Oboronstroy Timur Ivanov yesterday to Kommersant. “We will continue to work on the return of funds and assets.” According to him, to exclude such incidents in the future, the company will check the mandatory availability of a bank guarantee for the advance, the economic security service will be entrusted with a preliminary analysis of all participants submitting applications for GUOV competitions, and the total amount of all advances issued will be no more than 30%.

Ministry of Defense restores ownership of objects sold under Anatolia Serdyukov
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  1. SEM
    SEM 18 November 2013 10: 00
    The new Minister of Defense must again collect all the stones. Well, it may not be so bad, although you will not return time, but we need it now ...
    1. experienced
      experienced 18 November 2013 10: 06
      And Serdyukov is now starting to look at what can be sold at a new place of work ... Someone will soon have a titanic work to return to the facilities of the Federal Research and Testing Center for Engineeringwassat
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 18 November 2013 10: 34
        It's like "one company digs a trench and the other digs in its tracks." So Serdyuk wassat
        1. APES
          APES 18 November 2013 11: 15
          Quote: klimpopov
          This is both ........... and Serdyuk

          maybe, but I like the other version more:

          thought for a long time, thought that a stool was more useless, but came to the conclusion that it can serve as a great bad example ....
      2. APES
        APES 18 November 2013 10: 37
        Quote: seasoned
        now begins to look at what can be sold at a new place of work

        It is terrible to stand for our mechanical engineering, in particular for our pride, AvtoVAZ, which, unlike any foreign breeders, in its entire history has never called off its cars!

        But seriously, then:
        Yesterday in the news, VVP argued that the mayor of Astrakhan is an exception, the majority are decent, honest, and most importantly, great "effective" professionals.
        It became embarrassing, but I wanted to ask about the stool for him .........
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 18 November 2013 11: 16
          Quote: APES
          AvtoVAZ, which unlike any foreign breeders, in its entire history has never called off its cars!

          it’s you who got excited, only in the spring grants with viburnum were withdrawn due to problems with the ABS.
          1. APES
            APES 18 November 2013 12: 18
            Quote: Mikado
            only in spring grants with viburnum were withdrawn

            felt, then soon arrival .........
        2. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 18 November 2013 13: 29
          Quote: APES
          AvtoVAZ, which unlike any foreign breeders, in its entire history has never called off its cars!

          Hi, Andryukha. hi Our VAZ is no longer ours, French. We master the screwdriver assembly. And the article drew attention to this
          Sergei Amelin, a personal friend of Anatoly Serdyukov (died in January of this year from heart failure).
          Nor did he leave a will. Either they clean it up, or this is the last Chinese warning to anyone.
          1. APES
            APES 18 November 2013 13: 42
            Good afternoon! hi

            Quote: Ingvar 72
            Or clean

            I even heard about a truck that someone accidentally moved .....

            everything is tough, you will not say anything ...
          2. APES
            APES 18 November 2013 13: 45
            Quote: Ingvar 72
            VAZ is no longer ours, French

            It is the French who think so, they still don’t know - that place is enchanted laughing
        3. DMB87
          DMB87 18 November 2013 15: 48
          So ask -, awkwardness and disappear.
      3. Armata
        Armata 18 November 2013 11: 08
        Quote: seasoned
        Someone will soon have a titanic work to return the objects of the Federal Research Testing Center for Engineering
        Unfortunately not only him. At present, all engineering ministries are subordinate to this center indirectly. But the ministries themselves are subordinate to all enterprises in this field.
      4. morpex
        morpex 18 November 2013 11: 44
        Quote: seasoned
        Someone will soon have a titanic work to return objects

        After all this foul-smelling story with Serdyukov, do you still continue to believe in some semblance of justice? And how do you imagine this, I mean the return of the sold, in the conditions of today's prevailing realities?
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 November 2013 10: 09
      Quote: SEM
      The new Minister of Defense and must again collect all the stones

      Yeah, he will. He is not used to it.

      1998 - EMERCOM concludes a loan agreement with Bank Menatep for 63,5 billion rubles and receives this money, of which only 7 billion was spent on emergency prevention. The remaining 56,5 billion went to spending on a mysteriously sounding article in the budget of the Ministry of Emergencies - “the content and development of the system”.
      1998 - 500 thousand dollars were allocated by the Ministry of Emergencies to the magazine Civil Protection, published by the Russian company Ewenta. The expenses were incurred under the budget line item of the Ministry of Emergencies under the title “purchase of imported equipment”.
      1999 - an audit of the Accounts Chamber showed that out of 34,5 billion rubles allocated by the Ministry of Emergencies for construction, repair and design work, more than 2,5 billion rubles are elementary postscripts. By the way, after the end of the fiscal year, the Ministry of Emergency Situations did not pay more than 10 billion rubles to the builders for the already constructed facilities and materials it paid for. It should be noted that the audit by the Accounts Chamber of the Ministry of Emergencies was selective, that is, auditors checked only 10 construction sites (among which, incidentally, the Siberian Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergencies in Krasnoyarsk - ed.), Which is 12,2% of all costs of the Ministry of Emergencies this expense item. So the amount of losses, and for 10 objects it is 2,5 billion rubles, can safely be multiplied by seven.
      You may ask, what did the former Minister of Emergencies Ministry Shoigu have to do with this? No, no. In addition, he led this very ministry from the day it was founded.
      1. experienced
        experienced 18 November 2013 10: 13
        Quote: Vadivak
        Yeah, he will. He is not used to it.

        But a good family man and daughter, how he raised, such a career ... winked
        After graduating from the psychology department of Moscow State University, Yulia Shoigu first worked as a psychologist at the Center for Emergency Psychological Aid of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and a few years later she headed it.

        Probably by the order of the pope was appointed. In Soviet times, relatives were forbidden to work in subordination, but now ...
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 18 November 2013 10: 19
          Quote: seasoned
          But a good family man and daughter out there raised, such a career ..

          Tuva rules.

          The President of the Republic of Tuva Oorzhak (until 2007), a hereditary Tyvan shaman, in his election program told voters that over the years of his reign, the republic has taken a lot of decisive steps towards prosperity and stability. Now the republic ranks first in terms of fertility among the regions of the Siberian Federal District.

          The question “What else are you doing?” categorically rejected as incorrect.
          1. experienced
            experienced 18 November 2013 10: 22
            Quote: Vadivak
            The question “What else are you doing?” categorically rejected as incorrect.

            Bugaga, Vadim is 5 with "+" wassat
        2. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
          In Soviet times, relatives in the subordination were forbidden to work, and now ...

          And now forbidden
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 18 November 2013 10: 15
      The third party was Teorema LLC, founded by the owner of Stroyimpuls, Sergei Amelin, a personal friend of Anatoly Serdyukov (he died in January of this year from heart failure)
      A friend turned out to be dangerous for Serdyukov, so he leaned against a pine tree, and here we sit and thinks that there are no witnesses against Serdyukov.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 18 November 2013 10: 02
    Hmm, in the industry where this furniture maker (engineering) is currently working, a similar procedure also seems to be ahead, given the sad experience of his hectic activities.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 18 November 2013 10: 12
      Well, the "prejava" is shining for him, than it is necessary to pay off.
  3. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 18 November 2013 10: 20
    All. The show is over. Played a little justice and law enforcement, and again put everything in its place ...
    Sometimes I get the impression that the country is not headed by the president, but by a certain camarilla led by Zubkov (father-in-law of Anatoly Serdyukov). And the president is so, for a look. For excuses. So that a talking head flickering on the face that is familiar on the face ...
  4. moremansf
    moremansf 18 November 2013 10: 30
    He returned everything, so well done ... or maybe he shared it ... so they took it back to work !!! We played a movie for the people about the fight against corruption !!! As in a song from a famous children's film: - "You will lie to him with three boxes and do whatever you want with him !!!" Fox Alice and cat Basilio.
    1. alone
      alone 18 November 2013 21: 48
      Quote: moremansf
      He returned everything, so well done ... or maybe he shared ... so they took him back to work !!! P

      Do you think he appropriated everything alone? if that were so, he would sooner have also died from heart failure.
  5. makarov
    makarov 18 November 2013 10: 30
    Well, now the reason for Serdyukovich's next takeoff is clear. Will be "rehabilitated" with an exclamation with anguish: "Everything was stolen before US !!!"
  6. Chervonets
    Chervonets 18 November 2013 10: 36
    And as always - there are no perpetrators ...
    Serdyukov is a naive child whom everyone has deceived ...
    Vasilieva is a kind fairy, who is led to a slander and which has gained everything by overwork even before Serdyukov ...

    Did the property sell itself?
    Outsourcing in gold bathed himself ???
    Or Smetanina is a mafia monster in sheep's clothing.
    It is time.

    And two, it is that even if Serdyuk finds legal quotes sewn with white thread to excuse him with economic articles, the latter should still be judged - for the betrayal of the Motherland.

    You steal in construction, in industry (where he was safely "transferred"), etc., but not in the defense industry or in the armed forces.

    And then I optimized ...
    I wanted to leave 6-7 military airfields (large true) throughout the country !!!
    Where is it seen ?????????? The stupidity of this decision is also visible to the first-grader. And this person is put to steer in the industry ?????? The one who puts it is either a traitor or an even greater ancephalus than Serdyukov.
    I was still surprised to see how the army was being smashed, how it was being reduced. BEGINNING from the most combat-ready units.
    Divisions were reduced to brigades (under the pretext of transferring to constant combat readiness), and then only one battalion was left in combat readiness. And there was a certain number of divisions - there was a certain number of battalions ....
    Interestingly, Stalin would have won the war if he had not 200 divisions, but 2 battalions against the Nazis ???
    Farther. Let us recall how Serdyukov cut the state defense order all the years without signing contracts under all sorts of pretexts. We lost several years for a number of years the fulfillment of the state defense order was at a scanty level (the military-industrial complex did not roll back chtoli ???). Only in the last year of Serdyukov's military-industrial complex received normal contracts, after Putin stood (in fact, it was, the news showed) behind Serdyukov's back, when signing documents, and he with a twisted face and with a face "okay, yours took" paper.

    Eh. There is not enough upstairs independent of no one who is not, would not lead. And I would observe justice ...
  7. Lissyara
    Lissyara 18 November 2013 10: 37
    A little off topic, but close to that. I remember exactly that I didn’t drink yesterday. And my head doesn’t hurt today.
    With reprint on TVC.
    "Vasilyeva denied rumors about her 13-room apartment"
    Former employee of the Ministry of Defense Evgenia Vasilyeva, accused in the high-profile case of Oboronservis, said that her duties as head of the department of property relations of the defense department did not include making decisions on the alienation of real estate. She also denied rumors about her 13-room apartment.

    As the former official explained to the Vedomosti newspaper, all transactions of Oboronservis were checked by the Registration Chamber and almost all by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. According to her, in relation to all agreements, decisions were made at the level of shareholders and the board of directors.

    Vasilyeva said that as part of the investigation of the case, three women were imprisoned for no reason: Ekaterina Smetanova, Dinara Bilyalova and Irina Yegorova. "I am sure that neither Smetanova nor Bilyalova gave any evidence against me. This is the same myth as the paintings allegedly stolen by me from the Museum of the Ministry of Defense, like a 13-room apartment in Molochny Lane, offshore accounts," Vasilyeva said. She clarified that in her apartment in Molochny Lane, where she is serving house arrest, there are only four rooms with a total living area of ​​118 square meters.

    Regarding the possibility of concluding a deal with the investigation, the defendant in the Oboronservis case said that she was ready to testify that she "did not commit any illegal actions" and that ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov did not give her "any illegal instructions".

    In October last year, five criminal cases were opened on the facts of fraud in transactions with real estate, land and shares owned by Oboronservis. In this regard, several high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Defense, including Anatoly Serdyukov, lost their posts. Reported damage of more than 4 billion rubles.

    Earlier, three persons involved in the Oboronservice case - the former general director of the Mira company Dinara Bilyalova, the former director of the Oboronstroy OJSC Larisa Yegorina and the ex-head of the Expert legal center Ekaterina Smetanova - signed an agreement on cooperation with the military prosecutor's office, and her punishment will be mitigated ... Cases in relation to them were separated into separate proceedings.
    People, who do they take us for?
    1. alone
      alone 18 November 2013 21: 51
      Quote: LiSSyara
      "Vasilyeva denied rumors about her 13-room apartment"

      she has a 12 room mansion wassat
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 19 November 2013 07: 06
        I was in Dairy. The mansion can be set up, but only after the work of the Tu-22М3 regiment. Neat and not carpeted)
  8. mountain
    mountain 18 November 2013 10: 54
    Everything that happens testifies to only one thing. Civil servants are doing everything to distract the population from the problems associated with theft, corruption and their participation in the sharing of state and national funds. And to all this mess there is no end and edge. It does not fit in my head what damage this one has brought to its state. What else will happen? The death penalty is easy for him, REST.
  9. Tanysh
    Tanysh 18 November 2013 10: 55
    Calmly, calmly - They had us and they will again have us I suggest listening to Timur Shaov's song "Nashaborba" may Timur forgive me for using his work, but it hurts too much
  10. major071
    major071 18 November 2013 11: 09
    All this, of course, is good that they began to return, but again you need to spend money on this procedure, i.e. to take from the already allocated Defense Forces to the development of the army. Of course, I don’t know how much will get out there, but all the same, the money will come from the budget of the Moscow Region. Thus, it can be said that Taburetkin not only stole millions as the Minister of Defense, but also laid the foundation for the non-core spending of money of the Moscow Region in advance.
  11. VADEL
    VADEL 18 November 2013 11: 12
    It’s like shooting. They shot at, and then forward to collect cancer sleeves. soldier
  12. Lissyara
    Lissyara 18 November 2013 11: 13
    I usually don't look at the "zombie box", but I indulge in the news. Let's assess the situation over the last two weeks. Mayors, vice-mayors, and other bureaucrats are imprisoned ... We look at the amount of stuffed (taken), on average, fluctuate from 500 thousand re to a dozen lyams. They put the crooks behind the "cross on the guard watch" :-)
    In the beloved MO, perlie billions. What do we have? House arrest in 13 room apartment with all amenities (well, they expropriated a piece of gold, paintings, antiques, etc.). But dear! 13-room apartment in the center of the capital is clearly not like a camera in Butyrka or Sailor silence.
    The impression is that for a couple of years this business will be pardoned and closed. And the note, in recent times, they no longer find anything stolen in the Moscow Region.
    And so we are fighting corruption.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 18 November 2013 12: 33
      Quote: LiSSyara
      A 13-room apartment in the center of the capital is clearly not like a camera in Butyrka or Sailor silence.

      Well, what size should the rooms be if the area of ​​that apartment does not exceed 200 m ^ 2, have you ever thought about it?
  13. Oskar
    Oskar 18 November 2013 11: 49
    It's a pity there is no recovery point in politics, as in Windows. Rolled back and order!
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 18 November 2013 12: 03
    Ministry of Defense restores ownership of objects sold under Anatolia Serdyukov
    Still, someone would restore justice in relation to himself ... Since the time of the story with vouchers, I do not recall such a disregard for public opinion.
  15. bubla5
    bubla5 18 November 2013 12: 27
    Well, where do we have the GRU and the special services, but they don’t have a hell, otherwise they would have strangled both the heart and these bitches
    1. APES
      APES 18 November 2013 14: 08
      Quote: bubla5
      Well, where are we GRU

      defeated the KGB-FSB
    2. yurii p
      yurii p 18 November 2013 18: 11
      I can tell you where the special services are located, in particular the FSB, look at the moment of truth for last Monday, everything shows how the FSB colonels work tirelessly.
  16. yurii p
    yurii p 18 November 2013 18: 08
    "The Ministry of Defense is restoring property rights to the objects sold under Anatoly Serdyukov" .... all this is good, but when will ALL the persons involved in this case be rewarded according to their deserts? their innocence to the scams, and this bloated minister was found a warm place, which suggests that the wheel of justice is greased, apparently the "monster" has returned under the wing of his father-in-law Zubkov, although in fact this "monster" should warm the prison bunks together with his own " battalion. "
    1. alone
      alone 18 November 2013 21: 52
      wait and hope! but never in the case!
  17. Egen
    Egen 19 November 2013 08: 45
    But what about the laws? In the end, all of these resells were probably bought by someone _good_. We wouldn’t buy it ourselves - you need to pump money from the outside. IMHO. And then he will be taken away from him now. And he, the buyer, and nothing to do with it, he bought with legitimate goals. As with us, I wanted to - took it away? Spit on the laws? Once again, I don’t think that comrades should be such fools, frank frauds were bent, most likely legally a mosquito of the nose there will not undermine it.