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Unusual thinking, or the Case was on guard (part of 3)

I want to tell one more history and, perhaps, finish the guard theme. Besides, I rarely had to go to this outfit, maybe 25 times. Not like some "guard wolves" - every other day for a belt. And the topic has become boring.

So. The outfit came to an end, and almost all the fighters were sitting in a smoking-room, waiting for the car on duty with the shift. The guard went without "aerials", the soldiers honestly defended the outfit, everyone wanted to have dinner and sleep. Especially since the morning, after the guard, the company officer allowed him to sleep until the 8 hours.

The idyll was broken by a problem with the gate lock upon entering the 5 post. The duty on this post consisted in patrolling between two fences - the inner (which was closed and sealed for the night) and the outer (opened by the guard when changing the shift). During the next round, the lock was jammed, and until the end of the dress no one could do anything with it. We phoned to the company, reported the problem to the commander, he sent the foreman to the market for a new castle. The purchase was transferred through a duty car with a new composition of the guard.

But then came the "Ural" with a dress, and they gave me a new castle. I went to the gate, on the move removing the packaging. The lock turned out to be anti-breakdown. Well, you know, such a cube of steel with a slot for the ears, and a massive rod inserted into it. I stood at the Bati in the garage, it was thought that it was difficult to cut it, inconvenient. Well done foreman, he didn’t shake, he bought a thing, not Chinese shit. I began to attach the castle to the gate and here - oppa, nezhdanochka. The lock rod was thicker than the holes welded by electric welding in the ears of the gate.

Time was running out. I grabbed the first soldier, gave him a file taken from the Ural, drove a file, handed a lock for a fitting and sent it to solve the problem. Satisfied with my promptness, I reported to the Narkara about the incident and the measures taken by me. He silently nodded and took longer to surrender attire. It remained to wait. I got tea and talked with a fellow countryman from Lugansk, a scum from a new guard. Elapsed 15 minutes, in the window it was clear that the fighter with the file is working hard, not filonit. Another tea, another 15 minutes, the fighter was working. We went out for a smoke. In the smoking room sat the entire composition of the old guard, including the Nachkar, and shouted over the fence to drive the slow-moving soldier with a file.

Well, finally, the work was finished and the warrior trotted to us. He handed over the keys and the file to me and, taking his machine gun, out of breath, complained to his comrades:

- Fu, blah, for * fought. The metal is solid, so also the file is round given. They were uncomfortable to grind.

The meaning of what was said reached me only after five steps:

- Wait, warrior, and what did you grind there? I asked loudly.

There was a second pause. And then it came to everyone. The laughter of the guard broke the silence of the evening forest. Violating the rules and the charter, all rushed to watch the result of the work of the unfortunate fitter.

And there was something to see. FOR HALF-HAS, HE DECLINED A ROUND MONEYBOARD WITH A THIRD CALCINATED ROLLER LOCK. The castle now hung beautifully in the pristine ears of the gate.

After 3 of the year, being on business in those places, I saw a familiar castle and smiled again.

The moral, which I derived from the whole history, was voiced by standing at the gate with the ill-fated castle, nachkar K .: “Sergeant, the combat mission must be set clearly, clearly and unequivocally. It is necessary to take into account the extraordinary thinking of some individuals. ”
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  1. michasoci
    michasoci 20 November 2013 14: 59 New
    interesting, but who’s a nationality fighter? I don’t want to offend anyone, but in our part it came to the point that we sharpened (sharpened) the tracks on the caterpillar with a file, and mostly not Russian
  2. ISO
    ISO 21 November 2013 09: 24 New
    And also a file, preferably round is indispensable when you bring the final shine to the reinforcement immediately before pouring the foundation with concrete!
  3. Evgeniy1
    Evgeniy1 21 November 2013 15: 19 New
    What just do not sharpen, and anchors including
  4. proletarian
    proletarian 20 July 2014 23: 24 New
    read all three vitally.
  5. Gunner
    Gunner 5 August 2015 18: 11 New
    Everything is fine. It is necessary to set the task more clearly.