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Guarding the threat

Guarding the threat The advocates of separatism showed up.

When a PhD from the HSE calls upon to give our Arctic under international jurisdiction, a columnist for the liberal “Echo” prepares the listener for “worthlessness” of the collapse of the country along the Ural ridge, and “the main opposition blogger” yells “enough to feed the Caucasus!” - it’s time to take action.
It would be surprising if in a country with sovereignty, no one would have thought about a timely and adequate response to the growing threat. Therefore, the draft law on the introduction of criminal responsibility for the propaganda of separatism and the undermining of the territorial integrity of Russia has become more than expected. The initiative was initiated by United Russia deputies Anton Romanov and Yevgeny Fyodorov, as well as a member of the Just Russia faction Mikhail Yemelyanov.

The deputies proposed to introduce in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation a new article “Promotion of separatism”, which provides for punishment for the corresponding violation in the form of imprisonment for a term from 3 to 6 years. Production and demonstration of promotional and informational print and video materials of the separatist persuasion are proposed to be punished with prison sentences from 5 to 7 years, and public expression of sympathies for separatist movements - up to 3 years.

If the same actions were committed using official position or the media and information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet, the term of imprisonment will be from 10 to 20 years.

In the explanatory note to the draft law, the authors point out that “without adopting changes and new articles in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative offenses, it is difficult to stop separatism”.

Argumentation: "Ideas of separatism are spread in our country by both citizens and organizations with the support and funding of foreign states." The authors of the legislative initiative propose to suppress the ideology of separatism not abstractly, but to track all possible forms of its manifestation “in the vastness of the media, TV, the Internet, pseudoscientific seminars and symposia, culturalhistorical events and exhibitions, when duplicating books ”.

As emphasized by lawmakers, Russia in this matter is far behind the advanced "democratic countries." There, persons engaged in separatist activities, in particular, propaganda, can be held criminally liable.

Actually, this could put an end to, wishing the State Duma and the Federation Council to adopt the proposed law as soon as possible. After all, even a person far from politics is clear: the unity of Russia is the most important condition not only for its successful development, but for its physical existence.

It would seem that society should support the initiative unanimously, regardless of the ideological group and other preferences. But it was not there!

Moreover, the “opposition point of view” appeared at lightning speed. And not just appeared, but became a wide public domain. On the same day, when deputies made a bill, the first news “Yandex” becomes the following: “Lawyers: punishment for a call for separatism is contrary to freedom of speech.” In turn, “Yandex” took information from the site of one of the leading and, as it were, state news agencies.

It turns out that there is some RAPS (Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information). And here it is “on fresh tracks” literally rushed to interview lawyers. The respondents "were critical of the parliamentary initiative to introduce criminal liability for calls for separatism, considering it an encroachment on freedom of speech and believing that such a rule would be applied more to fight the opposition."

Such hitherto little-known in wide circles “stars” of the Russian legal profession, such as Stalin’s lawyer Gurevich, analyst of one of the human rights associations Ramil Akhmetgaliyev, and also some lawyer Alexey Kasatkin, doubted and criticized. He outlined his position with the following passage: “Dear State Duma deputies forget about the provisions of Article 5 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, according to which the peoples in the Russian Federation are recognized equal rights and the right to self-determination.”

Before us are almost not hiding themselves advocates of separatism. They understand by political opposition those forces that preach separatism. They are ready for their own interpretation of the articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The same article 5.

By the way, in the original, it sounds like this: “The federative structure of the Russian Federation is based on its state integrity, unity of the system of state power, delimitation of competences and powers between the state authorities of the Russian Federation and the state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, equality and self-determination of peoples in the Russian Federation It is clear that in the basic law, black and white indicates the main priority for the already self-determined peoples of Russia - state integrity.

At the same time, it is very strange not only that there are forces in the society with separatist sentiments. After reading several articles of the same deputy Fedorov, you can get some information about the possible nature of the occurrence of such forces.

More puzzling and even provocative is the attitude to the question from a number of employees of significant media structures, providing a platform for replicating these moods as widely as possible. It seems that separatism, as one of the most effective means of “painful” impact on the Russian Federation, is listed as “most valuable” and will be “defended” at any price.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 12 November 2013 07: 35
    The deputies proposed introducing a new article in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Propaganda of separatism”,

    A law is needed - at least in order to calm such people as GOZMAN, SVANIDZE, NOVODVORSKAYA, KASPAROV and other brethren of preachers of the ideas of the destruction of the Russian people and our state.
    But I am afraid that it will not be adopted since the Duma has a decent number of people whose well-being rests on the current state of things and they will in every way oppose this.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 12 November 2013 08: 01
      I would add imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6 years, from 10 to 20 years, with resettlement to sparsely populated regions of Russia.
      1. APES
        APES 12 November 2013 09: 19
        Quote: Igor39
        I would add with

        Russia needs a new shipping channel, for example:

        1. Igor39
          Igor39 12 November 2013 14: 12
          Yes, in Siberia and the Far East there is something to do smile
      2. Lyokha79
        Lyokha79 12 November 2013 11: 13
        Let me complement you. Sparsely populated areas of the Arctic.
        But seriously, then these ghouls are tired of the order. With regret, I recall the old days, when for such statements they beat, in the square, with a whip, they cut their tongues and sent them on a walking tour to Siberia.
        The law is needed, like air, so that everyone who yells slogans - "Russia is for the Russians", "Stop feeding the Caucasus", or comes up with proposals to tear off pieces from Russia, finally shut up. They thrust their filthy tongues into their causal place, sat quietly and did not croak.
        1. edge
          edge 12 November 2013 13: 36
          Quote: Lyokha79
          or advocates tearing pieces from Russia, finally shut up. Put their filthy tongues in their causal place

          on the contrary, these must be identified to track sources and nipped in the bud .... tough
          1. Bekzat
            Bekzat 13 November 2013 14: 56
            Greetings to all, maybe I am mistaken, but it seems to me that Stalin fought this "movement" extremely tough, and by the way no one reproached him, not Churchill, nor Roosevelt, and other Westerners. Of course, it may be too much with camps, but I think it would be good to build another railway branch to the extreme points of Siberia.
      3. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 12 November 2013 14: 28
        Confiscation of all property and funds, including cowards. Then deprivation of citizenship and expulsion. People are not satisfied with "this country". They are so opposed that they question its territorial integrity. It will be quite fair to deprive them completely of everything that the country has given them, and then send them to seek happiness where they are definitely better off. This is also very merciful, since only its open enemies encroach on the territory of the country, and they must be killed! Declare war and destroy without pity ...
      4. bolonenkov
        bolonenkov 12 November 2013 21: 11
        Quote: Igor39
        with resettlement in sparsely populated regions of Russia.

        I heard BAM want to upgrade, and Yakunin is going to build a piece of iron to the Bering Strait, so that working hands are needed)))
    2. aksakal
      aksakal 12 November 2013 08: 25
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      But I am afraid that it will not be adopted since the Duma has a decent number of people whose well-being rests on the current state of things and they will in every way oppose this.

      - These are those who need to be calmed down in criminal liability.
      Amen is still jarring when they interview some star, she seems to be even a patriot and loves Russia, and this star immediately says in an interview, "and I gave birth in Miami, the level of medicine there is different and nobody cares!" So, on the way, she lowered the Russian doctors to the full for nothing, and the money earned on the love of the Russian people, she let the American doctors down and did not forget to advertise them in the Russian media! In the States themselves, for giving birth to a thread of Jolie in a Moscow clinic, this Jolie would be subjected to such obstruction! And all this orgy would be paid by American doctors, who are accustomed to making money on plastic surgeries and dental services for these stars, not the smallest amounts.
      I did not cite this example in order to introduce all this administratively! Putin was somehow asked why he allows this lie and does not shatter it with the help of Russian state-owned media. And he replied that since Soviet times, it has already become a tradition not to trust state media. And he does not want to step on the same rake for the state media, let people believe in the private media and themselves are convinced of their deceit. There is common sense in these words of Putin!
      I suggest simply increasing the efficiency of the relevant sections of the courts and working out the relevant laws more thoroughly. I mean laws in terms of protecting honor and dignity, as well as laws in terms of unfair advertising and other things. Indeed, for every bias or lie, or unfounded advertising of a Western competitor, there is always someone in Russia hurt by this. In the given example - Russian obstetricians, their honor is undeservedly hurt by the campaign. 99% of Russian women give birth in Russia with the help of these doctors for not the highest salary, with health everything is in order, and less than 1% give birth in Miami and in the course of business completely omit Russian doctors, and these poor debts do not have any tools in return. economically (here is a mate, meaning "to hit") in response, and so that that star went out forever in the Russian sky and no longer lit up. Experience is - Serduchku "disappeared" from the screens. It's time to teach you decency towards RUSSIAN PROFESSIONALS. And the last example of a "star" is an interview with Laysan Utyasheva, who gave birth from Pavel Volya. I did not expect such a spit towards Russian doctors.
      Then, in addition to the proposed administrative and criminal measures, the Russians will also have the tools of economic coercion to patriotism.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 12 November 2013 08: 28
        A whip for Khodorkovsky and people like him and a carrot for everyone else is a well-known technique.
      2. Canep
        Canep 12 November 2013 08: 31
        Quote: aksakal
        and I gave birth in Miami, there the level of medicine is different

        They give birth in the United States and Britain so that children can then claim their citizenship by birth.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 12 November 2013 09: 19
          Quote: Canep
          They give birth in the United States and Britain so that children can then claim their citizenship by birth

          - to hell with them, let them give birth wherever they want! He gave birth and keep silent in a rag, where he gave birth and why he gave birth to it, for what such a far-reaching goal. And then - he gave birth in order for the child to apply for citizenship, and along the way he omitted the Russian doctors. And plus below the baseboard, this public figure omits the value of Russian citizenship. In general, you just need a tool.
          And as for SABZH - if you delve into the Criminal Code, I am sure that there are already articles, any of all those who said for the collapse of Russia can be attracted. You just need to make the existing articles work, maybe in some way supplement and modify, why introduce new ones? Everything is already there, take it and attract it. And besides the criminal ones, I will supplement the SABJ with the requirement to introduce economic sanctions. That professor at the Higher School of Economics should not only have been called a "jerk", as Putin did, there should have been a raid on this HSE in the form of tax mask shows - after all, I am sure that the HSE's accounting department is not innocent, there are certainly tax violations. A huge fine, the rector kicks out this professor from the Higher School of Economics and to all the other "professors stupidly, with blows on the table, popularly explains where and in what, in what kind of slippers he sees their" personal opinions, provided by Western grants! " they should not be afraid to hire. They should not be afraid only of housing and communal services for the position of a courtyard - let him work there after all that has been said. There, a doctor hid Einstein's brain for several days of science, received invaluable information about how the brain of a genius differs from the brain of an ordinary chel - so that doctor was recently even recently kicked out of the janitors under pressure from the American administration - how many years have passed since the time of the jamb ! And he did not work as a doctor at the moment when all this was discovered! And why then an article in the Criminal Code, when you have developed such an economical tough tools? But you are white and fluffy in the world, you do not have an article in the Criminal Code for this and for this, and the fact that those who say this are dying of starvation is just economic sanctions, not criminal ones!
      3. dark_65
        dark_65 13 November 2013 05: 00
        A typical example of "stars" is an academic like Yasin (Higher School of Economics), and the host Shelest (gave birth in America.
    3. DEfindER
      DEfindER 12 November 2013 10: 51
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      A law is needed - at least in order to calm such people as GOZMAN, SVANIDZE, NOVODVORSKAYA, KASPAROV and other brethren of preachers of the ideas of the destruction of the Russian people and our state.

      I agree, but I believe that the people themselves must come to understand the destructiveness of separatism and not only under the pressure of the law, and see all the inconsistency of the separatist statements, to understand that unity is better for the motherland than vice versa. The law should be, but it should act only on public figures with a large audience, and not all at once, otherwise the liberals will immediately yell that we are forbidden to tell the truth, which means that the country is forcibly kept from collapse, such as a prison of nations, etc.
    4. Xroft
      Xroft 12 November 2013 10: 58
      In our country, there are many laws, the question is how to comply with them, and the responsibility of law enforcement agencies that should monitor this, but there are big problems with it .... while people like Vasiliev are free to make sense of these laws? structural work is needed ... the investigative committee only scratches the tongue in the person of Markov, the prosecutor’s office always ruins things, and so here’s what needs to be changed.
      1. olviko
        olviko 12 November 2013 11: 45
        "The severity of Russian laws is compensated by the non-obligation of their implementation," or "In Russia, there is a salvation from the bad measures taken by the government: bad execution." What will the new laws give, if the old ones are not fulfilled - Serdyukov is quietly walking free, although all the laws for his planting seem to be there. Until the system is changed, it will be so.
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 12 November 2013 07: 36
    Well, yes, lately, all kinds of screamers have intensified. probably it’s time for them not to give hands, but for teeth. but I wonder how much you can earn by shouting that the Kuril Islands need japam, and the Arctic is a global reserve? and you can also earn a prize-shouting that the Ural Range is also a global pantry. "there are people who are greedy for someone else's good"
  3. Canep
    Canep 12 November 2013 07: 36
    It was high time to do it. In the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan:
    Article 170. Calls for the forcible overthrow or amendment of the constitutional order or forcible violation of the unity of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    1. Public calls for a violent seizure of power, forcible retention of power, undermining the security of the state or forcibly changing the constitutional system, as well as forcibly violating the integrity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the unity of its territory, as well as the distribution for this purpose of materials of such content -

    shall be punished by a fine in the amount of from three hundred to one thousand monthly calculation indices (from 600000 to 2000000 tenge approx. Minesweeper) or imprisonment for up to five years.

    2. The same actions committed using the media or an organized group, -

    shall be punished by a fine in the amount of from one to five thousand monthly calculation indices or by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

    The National Academy of Sciences has foreseen all this for a long time, and in Russia the lawmakers have lagged behind (it is probably more interesting to cut the oil ship).
    1. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 12 November 2013 13: 16
      The respondents “criticized the deputy’s initiative to criminalize calls for separatism, considering it an encroachment on freedom of speech and believing that such a rule would be applied more to fight the opposition.”

      If the opposition calls for separatism, then what kind of opposition is it, this is the 5th column and the real enemy. By voting, it will be seen who is who. The normal opposition wants to come to power in their country and manage it in any case (bad or another question is good). Who will vote against can already be planted.
  4. sergey261180
    sergey261180 12 November 2013 07: 38
    And here
    “Stop feeding the Caucasus!”
  5. Valery Neonov
    12 November 2013 07: 44
    What the hell is freedom of speech, under this phrase liberals mean permissiveness in speeches. And this is unacceptable. hi
    MIKHAN 12 November 2013 07: 52
    separatism as one of the most effective means of “painful” influence on the Russian Federation, is included in the category of “most valuable” and will be “defended” at any cost.
    That’s the whole point! In the West, this phenomenon is tough and the media are in control (if you believe Snowden) And an article should appear in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation as in Kazakhstan, at least it’s not necessary to invent anything, and then it will be too late. Everybody starts to rock the boat again ...
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 12 November 2013 10: 28
      Quote: MIKHAN
      That’s the whole point! In the West, this phenomenon is tough and the media control their own (according to Snowden)

      Yes, I posted it above - there are a lot of economic instruments + the institute of loser, when the label "loser" is 10 times worse than the label "served" or even the label "communist" or "terrorist". This is a kind of analogue of the Indian "untouchable" caste in the West. Someone said something in the media against his own West, well, something that the authorities did not like and caused a public outcry - it is enough to turn on economic instruments and that person literally falls into the caste of untouchables, the so-called. "losers". All. He seems to be physically, he was not even imprisoned - and at the same time he disappeared in the literal sense of the word. For example - but before the example I will note that the Zionists worked very closely with the Western public, and therefore only anti-Zionist and anti-Holocaust statements cause public resonance in the West, so that the French-German-Belgians have forgotten about themselves and are only concerned about the welfare of the Jews. Everything else, even the anti-French statements, even the statements of the nationalist Le Pen and his no less charismatic daughter do not cause any resonance. No, after all, Jews are admirable, well done! Okay, off topic, back to our rams.
      So here. where is the favorite of fashionistas Gagliano? How his women adored! Where is he now? He is not there! But he does not sit, he was not executed. And somewhere the stevedore driver Galliano works, a loser and untouchable. And all just for the fact that the drunkards could not restrain himself in some bar, he said something there. And that's it - they DESTROYED him, they didn’t even look at the women!
      And I don't understand why the Russians should go their own way here and introduce a physical "mochilovo", when there is an equally cruel instrument - an economic one + the creation of the most lame caste, where should all these HSE professors and Kasparovs and Nemtsovs be sent? WHAT FOR? What's stopping you from creating this?
      And with the introduction of criminality, the Westerners can get the same instrument of information warfare that South Korea received against North Korea. Look there again, creepy photos with evidence of "reprisals for watching TV shows!" It is clear that Russia does not want to be put on such a display in the form of a monster similar to the DPRK. But there is no longer the strength to leave all this orgy unpunished. So why haven't economic instruments of reprisal been created yet? Not enough brains? Is it the Russians?
    2. Ihrek
      Ihrek 12 November 2013 10: 31
      And you need to start with politicians who gain political points on this, blaming almost the entire people of the North Caucasus. Sponsors of terrorism are only happy with such politicians. Because their goal is to rock the boat.
  7. Hort
    Hort 12 November 2013 07: 57
    as long as the federal structure is spelled out in the Constitution, the danger of separatism will remain. Because federalism is already a tendency towards separatism.
  8. vlad0
    vlad0 12 November 2013 08: 03
    "When the candidate of sciences from the Higher School of Economics calls for the transfer of our Arctic under international jurisdiction, the observer of the liberal Echo prepares the listener for the" nothing terrible "of the collapse of the country along the Ural ridge ...."

    This is not the first time that HSE professors issue such statements that run counter to the interests of the Russian people. One can only guess what is in the minds of thousands of HSE students, and what awaits Russia in the future with such specialists. am
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 12 November 2013 10: 35
      Quote: vlad0
      ... This is not the first time that HSE teachers have issued such statements that run counter to the interests of the Russian people ...

      Yes, he is an agent of influence, who has been trained in the West for 15 years.
      His task is to throw in a topic from within the state, so that Eham and other "Rains" have something to discuss. And they will regularly "warm" it.
      HSE is also an interesting office repeat
      The "school" was created by the liberal bloc of government in 1992. The goal is to establish a conveyor belt for the mass production of “ideologically seasoned” liberal cadres.

      Article by Mikhail DELYAGIN Bastion of Liberal Virtues:
  9. Alikovo
    Alikovo 12 November 2013 08: 12
    those who shout about the need for the collapse of Russia should be sent to the far north.
  10. Sterlya
    Sterlya 12 November 2013 08: 16
    Yes, we know these "candidates of sciences" are the conductors of Naglosak ideas. brains are aimed only at how to fill our pockets with state department money. this is not only tough. on the brain must be given. to lose this ability too
  11. mak210
    mak210 12 November 2013 08: 21
    Quote: vlad0
    One can only guess what is in the minds of thousands of HSE students, and what awaits Russia in the future with such specialists. am

    Everything is fine: take oaks, release linden. We are led by economists 20 years ago explaining the benefits of the political economy of socialism, werewolves, in a word. It’s just that under no circumstances should economist lawyers stand, we all see the results of their activities. Empty, brainless iPhones.

    The article is probably necessary, only the Criminal Code as a result of such activities of the so-called lawyers are already so skewed that they give less for the murder than for turning over the dry closet on Bolotnaya Square. Something is wrong with them.
  12. alekseyal
    alekseyal 12 November 2013 08: 27
    Our bill against separatists caused a storm of emotions

    The history of Russia shows that external forces have never succeeded in defeating our country. Losses of territories, deaths of millions of people during the time of troubles always occurred due to the activity of internal forces. Therefore, separatists and separatism are one of the main threats to Russian statehood.

    We cannot look indifferently at the ongoing subversive activities against the integrity of Russia. On November 8, 2013, a bill prepared by air defense lawyers was introduced to the State Duma.

    Its name is simple "On Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses." The essence of the law, on the contrary, is extremely serious: to put the separatists in prison. Reliably and for a long time. Up to 20 years.

    It is no coincidence that the howl to heaven of “midfielders of human rights” rose on the same day.

    Read more
  13. kind
    kind 12 November 2013 09: 04
    Quote: Igor39
    , I would also add resettlement to the sparsely populated regions of Russia.

    And forever.
  14. ZU-23
    ZU-23 12 November 2013 09: 09
    In the 90s everyone thought how to eat from the hands of the oligarch and no opposition was visible, but now every well-fed game is ready to squeak to the state.
  15. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 12 November 2013 09: 23
    Enough to endure this unbridled bastard, they will pass the law or not, and measures must be taken urgently! But for a start, it would be nice to nationalize all the TV channels and the leading media, and their propaganda of anti-Russian activity might be the reason. Stop fooling the people!
    1. Criceta
      Criceta 12 November 2013 11: 48
      Yeah, you still nationalize the Internet to complete the picture of the enslavement of the world to the end wink
  16. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 12 November 2013 09: 31
    Speaking about separatism in Russia, it should be considered in two dimensions: as a threat of the country's disintegration and as a factor of its weakening in geopolitical confrontation, which can have an independent significance for the opponents of our country. Russia's disintegration can occur if external interests are interested in it. sources of disintegration processes. In the medium term, it is in the interests of the United States and other states to support separatism in Russia to certain extent, since its disintegration can lead to an uncontrolled spread of nuclear weapons. It can be assumed that the outbreak of separatism in a particular region of Russia can be used by NATO and the EU to justify the "Peacekeeping" forces, which, as the experience of Yugoslavia testifies, represent a means of establishing new political realities. Separatism as a factor in weakening Russia, apparently, will be actively used by Russia's geopolitical rivals in order to prevent its rebirth as a great power. This area of ​​activity of external disintegrators seems to be the main one at the present time. ("Hunting for Russia. Our enemies and" friends "in the XXI century" Yuri Romanchenko)

    A law against separatism must be passed. There have already appeared in the west "exclamations" to sever the Kaliningrad region in favor of Germany and Poland, the northern Caucasus and Tatarstan in favor of Ankara, the secession of Tuva, Buryatia, Kalmykia, the Far Eastern islands of Japan at the behest of the USA, to Eastern Siberia, fulfilling the "precepts of Mao", China , and the Arctic has long appeared "hunters. All these" separatist sentiments "are generously paid through our fifth column (including the" advocates of separatism ") by the West, led by the United States. Precisely, to knock out any ground from under the feet of" external privatizers ", the law must be passed without any reservations
  17. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 12 November 2013 11: 00
    <<< The respondents (lawyers) "were critical of the parliamentary initiative to introduce criminal liability for incitement to separatism, considering it an infringement on freedom of speech and believing that such a norm would be applied more to fight the opposition." ..... the "opposition point of view" appeared with lightning speed. It seems that separatism, as one of the most effective means of "painful" influence on the Russian Federation, is included in the category of "most valuable" and will be "defended" at any cost. >>>
    And so well settled all sorts of "echoes", "voices" and other offices and agents of the 5th column, hiding behind a "peculiar" understanding of freedom of speech imposed on Russia by Western crap, in fact, meaning rampant permissiveness, which is not in any of " advanced "democracies, except for sexually concerned LGBT people." The homegrown, corrupt trash and its patrons and sponsors in the West, realizing that the serene existence of the 5th Column is under threat, fidgeted. Better late than never! Finally, it seems that the authorities have realized that it is impossible to allow any corrupt evil spirits to openly conduct anti-Russian propaganda, hiding behind "freedom of speech"! I would like to hope that this draft law will not be the last "blow" against the agents and accomplices of the rabid Russophobes of the Western gamecracy who have firmly settled in Russia!
  18. RusTatar
    RusTatar 12 November 2013 11: 01
    Do you want to feed the Caucasus? Sit down for 20 years ...
  19. mithridate
    mithridate 12 November 2013 13: 09
    fifth column fulfills its salary
  20. wolfhunter2035
    wolfhunter2035 12 November 2013 13: 52
    Yes, you need to shoot such freaks!
  21. kaktus
    kaktus 12 November 2013 16: 55
    A balanced domestic policy is needed - the economy, the social sphere, the prevention and elimination of emergencies, then "among the masses" there will be no separatist sentiments. And no one will listen to these ... windbongs - who, in figs, needs them? IMHO smile
  22. alone
    alone 12 November 2013 19: 26
    you can’t support separatists in other states at the state level and fight against them in your own state. I think the authorities need to decide on these issues. There is no other way.